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TFhe Lower Coast GaZette.
VOLU ME, . . .. . . . . . , , , , [email protected] 1r CT'r I " , .IEw STRENGTH FOR WOMEN'S
Baton R
LA t l nent stat
U .fiiiIW IAS J lislied at
tor a ser
CONTRACT LET FOR NEW $57,000 throughot
CONRT HOUSE. Rod rivet
Three Thousand Acres of Cane to Be futiolhcd
tion, and
Cultivated on Penitentiary Farms. United S
Sure. Til
i stitutltfS
Board of Education Meets March 17to month ol
Make School Book Contracts. ottan, tl
Assessment of Timber Lands Made at Baton
$5 Per Acre. tiers of
for a co
Plauchevil'e.--J. D. Jeansoune, a Orlean
farmer of upper U'houpigne, near the purr
Hickory states that he intends to de- to the e
crease the cotton acreage on his farm and wor
this year from 6G) to 7T) per cent and sible bel
plant Irish potatoes. connecti
The -
Melville.-The warehouse of C'. C. nessee,
Johnson, one of the leading merchants lina, Ge
of this place, was destroyed by fire. sissippi,
The origin of the fire is a mystery, Virginia
as the building was isolated and no vited to
one had been in or around it for sev- point d
eral hours. bor unit
-- and wt
Alexandria.-E. L. Morgan of Winn- out the
field is here to make arrangements for
the erection of the big stave factory
of the Dalton-Clark Company. The
rates for shipping out the produce from i
of the mill have been satisfactorily A. Sarr
adjusted with the railroads. This was State E
the matter that held back the erection increas
of the mill. lands
Crowley.-A mass meeting has been
called by the president of the Cro*- as fIe
ley Board of Trade to be held at the by the
city hall for the purpose of ascertain-f ev
ing what can be done by the citizens accepts
of Crowley and vicinity toward secur- acre bi
ing the location here of .the rice ex- had ri
periment station authorized by last lands
General Assembly. No appropriation ion of
was made for the station, but it 'is ment
understood that appropriations now amous
available for experiment stations are quite
sufficient to provide for the mainten
ance of a station, and it 1s expected have 1
that the community securing the sta- tion a
tlon will provide a site and part of
the funds neceksary for the erection Jeni
of the buildings. of th
Baton Rouge.-The state peniten- and lN
ttary will have planted nearly 3,000 Natiol
seres of cane for next season, and will also (
Increase this amount a thousand acres partm
for the following yeAr. The board has was c
Mont wound its planting on. all rice
".i'e o the. pl'tations. The last of
the'work will be done this week. The adds(
board of control 'will have 1,500 acres
in cane under cultivation on Hope Carle
plantation, 1,200 under cultivation at secur
Oakley, and 300 under cultivation on have
Angola. On Hope the seaspn has not five
been entirely favorable tb planting, perm
Sfor the reason that the drought has ed.
' been too prolonged ; there, and some
cane planted this year has been lost asces
th, rough this fact. The 300 acres be
planted on Angola this year will be exprt
used entirely at the end of the sea- the I
' son for replanting. 1, wl
k Will
Baton Rouge.-Except in those par
i::: ishes where electio are to be held Br
the registrars of voters are complain- selet
r g of the slow progress that they of t
. 'are maltking in the registering of vo- ado
-. , terts, Under the laws of the 1906 leg- d
S Islature there must be a complete the
). ,new registration of all voters. Wheth- the
oer they have registered in the past agre
' tlAkes no difference. The registrars Gov
ii: point out that if the voters put off tenc
S. egistering until the sixty days be ther
fore the election that it will be a difB- afte
Scult task to register them all. Theret
i.. s some work involved in the regis- the
I".' tettring of a voter. A blank must first Ta
Sbe filled out in which the exact data boa
. regarding birth and place of residence boo
must be given, and this must be sworn con
. to along with the party affiliation. The gral
Sdat*t a s transcribed to the registration frs
.bookL. thiu
Whiteeatle.-'lhe Board of Direct- e
o ors of the White Castle Oil and Gas
P panmy held a meeting here and ap
: otiated L. J. Clay, P. L. Viallon and pot
 Simo, n Levy as a committee to receive t
blItds for a drilling outfit and pipes,
also bids from oil drillers. A charter
tIso now in the hands of a printer and tio
:,te ompuy-expects to be in opera
din a few days. Several experlen;
ed drillers haveoalready visited this
goled.. atfd claim there is every sign ri
:- .and ladieatlon of oil, and are conti- th
t that a field of considerable pro
- tiuo esg be developed. The White i
C 1stleOl ad (-as Company is capi
r$e00,000 and $10,000 has al
"/ ly ibeen suebscribed to begin work.h
q ..· C ne~ e;--The Cheneyville High
·ebono b\tlling was totall detroyed
y re here. . Th re blaze caught be
twr~ the cellain and roof from a de
tes.ti.ve 'taoe Se in ad was too far ad
Svanced te dontrol when discdvered by
/Mrs..a.L D. Lewis, one of the high a
bo teachers. Through the heroicb
Sb the mpils and facalty the
-lookls. and bokmcase were
saved, AII of the ocupants were out
on remes and no one was in
 FOrtMately a new higli school
mfl ngdern structure, costing
S at .jut been completed; .and
feay for occupancy in a few
• - Last year several cars
poi'tatoes were shipped tron 1
th Northere mErkets, .aid
by the parte received the
Baton Rouge.-A boll weevil experi
ment station will probably be estab
lished at Vidalia, La., by the United
States government, as a result iof the
recent visit of Dr. W. R. Dodson, di
rector of state experiment stations, to
Washington. Dr. Dodson has arranged
tor a series of institutes to be ield
throughout the Mississippi and the
Red river bottom lands. Two of the
lecturers for these institutes will be
furnishedt by the state experiment sta
tion, and two by Dr. Kr.ipp of the
United States Department of Agric ul
tur'e. The exnosures of the institute
conductors will be met by the United
States government, and the farmers'
institutes will be held during the
o month of March. The lecturers will
talk diversification, early planting of
cotton, the growing of corn, etc.
at Baton Rouge, La.-Gov. J. Y. San
d(ers of Louisiana has issued a call
for a convention to be held in New
a Orleans. on March 29, 30 and 31: for
ar the purpose of taking action looking
e- to the establishment of uniform child
n and woman labor laws, and the pos
sd sible betterment of conditions in this
connection throughout the South.
The governors of Kentucky, Ten
C nessee, North Carolina, South Caro
ts lina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mis
re. sissi'pp, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma,
ry, Virginia and Missouri have been in
no vited to attend in person and to ap
ev- point delegates from the various la
bor unions, manufacturing enterprises
and woman's organisationz through
nn- out their respective states.
for o
'h Mansfield.-As no appeal was taken
Ie, from the recent decision of Judge Don
rly A. Sarrelle, in which he held that the REQ
was State Board of Equalization could not
ion increase the assessment on timber
lands owned by a number of non
resident taxpayers from $5 per acre,
en as fixed by the assessors and approved Washi
the by the police jury, acting as a board assert
ain- of reviewers, the tax collector has harder I
tens accepted their taxes on the $5 per ritory.
cur- acre basis. The board of equalization enue ag
ex- had raised the assessment on these partmer
last lands from $5 to $12, and the decis- of $150
tion ion of the court reduced the assess- or $23,(
t is ment roll for De Soto parish to the increast
nOW amount of $400,000, which will cut bureau
are quite a figure in parish finances, as on ace
ted both the police jury and school board
have made their budgets in anticipa
It of tion of this revenue. It coni
tion Jennings.-Prof. W. R. Dodson, priatior
of the Louisiana Experiment Station, the list
iten- and M. A. Carleton, Cerealist of the the So
3,000 National. Agricultural Department; distille
will also C. E. Chambliss, of the same de
icres partment, are in the city. A meeting $350
Ihas was called to discuss the matter of a
n. all rice experimental station here. .,Prof. Thiso
t of Dodson set forth the purposes and
The advantages of 'the station. Prof
Hope Carleton stated that in order to
)a at secure the station the people would onil a
in on have to furnish from sixty to seventy
,s not five acres of land and also whatever The
iting, permanent improvements were requir- oral e
t has ed. A committee was appointed to tion c
some ascertain if the necessary funds can than
cres be secured. They are at work and ThL
ill be express themselves as confident that consti
sea- the money can be raised before March canal.
1, when the authorities at Washington appro
Will decide an to the location. carrie
e par- propr
held Baton Rouge.-March 17 has been There
plain- selected as the date for the meeting howe
hey of the State Board of Education to ond I
S- adopt the school books to be uised in and
pet the public schools of Louisiana for ized
Theth- the next four years. This date was Th
Spast agreed upon at a conference between be it
strars Governor Sanders and State Superin- Pan
it off tendent Hdrris. The board will, from
YS be- therefore, meet as early as possible
a dim- after Governor Sanders returns from
Therethe inauguration of President-elect
tfir s Taft. The committee from the state
tt data board continued its hearing of school Cott
idence book agents. The hearings will be
sworn concluded Friday. The committee will N
n. The grade all of the books submitted into ly
tration frst, second and third class, and in I
this shape will report to the state busi
i bbect- ard, but will make no specific rec
nda ommeddations to the State Board ofrp
and p Education. This committee is com
in and posed of Superintendent Harris, Insti- me
o eeve tute Conductor Allemen and High
ie School Visitor Weber. res
charter Grand Cane.-D airles in this sec- the
tion are becoming more numerous app
opera- and 'more profltable. Stonewall, which We
perienc is near here, has about twenty and bet
they are all doing well. These dai
rg ries ship more pure Jersey butter dic
than any other point in north Louis- pi
ibleDo- lana. About three years ago J. M. ev
White Rogers established a dairy here and th
aa- stocked it with full-blood registered is
h rs Jerseys. He said that his profits bu
have exceeded his expectations and tal
that he, would continue to improve cer
le High and enlarge his dairy. Last minth th
be received by express ,n additional str
fght be- blood registered Jersey bull, this
n a de- being the finest and most expensive
v ar ad animal ever brought to Grand Cane. T
eedb This bull's father sold for $10,000
high and his mother for $10,200. W.B.
leroic Milner has recently moved from IllI al
ult y the nots to this parish and has establish- t
s erer ed a dairy and stock farm in addi- tl
we tion to his regular farm, which is
four miles west of here. Mr. Milner
ghchool is making handsome profits on his
Cti dairy and also on his stock. Last si
Saf year a colt he raised took the first
in a f prise at the colt exhibition here. l
ble authority that Isadore Hessinger
reral ars of New Orleans has purchased the
ped otdh propeirty of the Rose Hill Sugar Com
kets, slid pany, Ltd.,'on Bayou Vermillion, four
e eved the miles ratbh of Abbevllle, and that he a
" i douled will immediately take tcharge of the
hvve' a- "p'perty and operate it. The landse
- ':h benlong to the-plant, amounting ,to
 a eL et hundred acres, have been ten- i
St ,u~ for iht yehr, and it is the ,
rr intenton qF the new purchaser to
the cane raised on these
~ di, ma woi as other gene surround
13~t :ha the gre~tin, to be manufactutred
1ae0H' I refaery. The plant
nest it the state hAiM
t! 2'J
- 3.·
, , it
Cw~tP oNS * A,.L --
LuS A 5001i L C
e n1
a- -
,r;~ -~ lva "·
en Journal.
ie nU
Prohibition Has Increased Work of South
Revenue Department.
Washington.-Ilnternal revenue officers Wasi
assert that their work is being made Civil «
harder by the increase of prohibition ter- the So
ritory. C. W. Trowbridge, chief of rev- and co
enue agents of the treasury in the de- as now
partment, in asking for an appropriation as stal
of $150,000 for the coming fiscal year, battles
or $25,000 more than last year, said the will bE
increased appropriation asked by the and a
bureau for the coming year was largely United
on account of the prohibition sections. more i
At present there are about fifty of the officer
revenue agents under Mr. Trowbridge. Three
If congress allows the increased appro- and a
priation, about twelve will be added to the 11
the list. These men are largely through Doyle
e the South, making raids on moonshine souri;
distilleries. ing ti
g $350,000,000 APPROPRIATED I aho
a Nelso
This Is the Amount Carried by the Pantl
d Sundry Civil Bill. Fre
Washington.-The house committee a in
Ld on appropriations reported the sundry tl
. civil appropriation bill on Friday. ids]
sr The bill, the largest of all the gen- phi
r- eral supply bills, carries an appropria- in
to tion of $137,022,007, or $26,000,000 less Cain,
n than the estimates. thal
id The largest item in the bill is for the
at construction of work on the Panama sey,
oh canal. For this purpose $33,638,000 is man
Dn appropriated, or $4,000,000 more than is
carried in the current sundry civil ap- I
propriation bill for that expenditure.
n There will be a deficiency this year,
to however, of about $5,000,000. The sec
I ond largest item is $19,574,514 for rivers
and harbors construction work author- W
rae ized by law. tee
The amount of bonds authorized to has
en be issued for the construction of the rese
n- Panama canal is increased by the bill of
1i, from $130,000,000 to $160,000,000. stre
ool Cotton Goods Show Marked Increase vell
be in Demand. tio
will New York.-R. G. Dun & Co.'s week- ord
to ly review of trade says: do.
In Improvements in the structure of
fate business is much more pronounced than wa
Ireo improvement in the activity of business. to
m- While financial and political develop- Ir
msti- ments, both in Europe and the United fro
igh States, are distinctly better, the prog- mn
ress toward the eagerly expected re- pr'
vival of trade is slow, and especially in an
sec- the iron, copper and coal trade, is dis- Re
rous appointing. Cotton goods are firm.
hich Woolen goods are chiefly active in the fel
and better grades of fancy worsted. w0
dai- Continued firmness of raw material in- di
atter dicates little likelihood of a revision of
ouls- prices in cotton goods and some lines
M. even show a tendency to advance, al
and though trade generally is quiet. There ca
red is no resumption in the export demand, vi
rofits but the fact that China has already al
and taken 50,000 bales since the first of De- h
wove cember, as against 80,000 bales during
ianth the entire year of 1908, materially ¶
lonal strengthening this branch of the market.
ane. Takes 35 Minutes for .Senate to Appro- ii
10,000 priate $160,000,000. d
. B' Washington.-Thirty-five minutes was r
S1111- all the time required for the passage by I t
adsh- the senate Friday of the bill carrying a
ohdl the appropriation of $160,000,000 for I
lner the payment of pensions for the next I
his fiscal year. An amendment was adopted I
Last striking out the house provision for one
first instead of eighteen pension agents and
leaving eighteen agents as now fixed by
d the Forbids C.. 0. D. Traffic.
, TWalshngton.-The Humphreys amend
at he ment to the penal code, which/was adopt
ofted by the house, has been sent to confer
ag to ence. This amendment provides that all
n tea- intoxicating liquors which are entered as
as the articles of interstate commerce must be
er to plainly marked so as to show the name
oud of the consigitee and the kind and quan
tired tity of their contents, and -must be de:
plat. livtdd outy to the bona -d consigne.
Ie A It also forbids al4' Q . D.Jbusiness in
storroating l r ma inetris. 8
South Figures Conspicuously in the Souther
Present Navy.
Washington.-N-ot since before the as
Civil War have officers in the navy froir o the
the Southern States been so numerous nis le g
and conspicuous in responsible position!s aterial
as now. This is manifest in commands mtaen a
a as staffs of the'vessels of the returning og farm
r, battleship fleet which on February ':cordi
we will be greeted with thunders of salutes thore of
e and a review by the president of the ern Stal
y United States. Tennesseans will be er t
s. more in evidence in high command than national
ie officers from any other Southern State 'Total
e. Three Tennesseans command battleships United
- and another one on the repair ship of In 190
to the fleet. They are Capt. Robert lt 170,469,
;h Doyle, commanding the battleship Mis ber an1
ne souri; Capt. Wm. B. Caperton,.eommand cows, o
ing the battleship Maine; Capt. James The
M. Helm, commanding the battleshil Carolin
0 Idaho, and Commander Valentine Ca Keg
Nelson, commandipg the repair shis sciapp
he Panther. and Ts
From Arkansas: Midshipman Edward in fan
Lee .T. Foy, Lieut. Walter B. Tardy, Cap 1900 t
tain of Marines James C. Breckinridge The
Mlidshipman Samuel L. Henderson, Mid animal
en- shipman John L. Dixey. to 190
i- From Mississippi: Ensign John S.e forthe
a Cain, Lieut. John M. Enochs, Midship Thel
man Elmo H. Williams and Cary Wal mals i
the thall Magruder; Ensign Louis D. Caun lIor
ma sey, Ensign Arthur IH. Rice, Midship cows,
isman John G. Latham. co.
ure. Secu
ear, For Permitting Trust to Absorbl
siers Tennessee Coal and Iron. tl
hor- Washington.-The senate subcommit. Lily
tee of the judiciary committee, which text
to has had in consideration the Culberson fair,
the resolution asking whys and wherefores police
bill of Mr. Roosevelt's consent granted the MIiss
street trust to gobble up toe Tennessee of w
Coal and Iron Company, has signed and plant
filed its report. of th
Its "effect is to condemn Mr. Roose this I
ease velt and find him guilty of a usurpa- bride
tion of authority in what premises he beer,
eek- ordered Attorney-General Bonaparte to lund
do. the
e of The presidential excuse was that it TI
than was necessary to permit the steel trust meni
ness. to take over the Tennessee Coal and raids
elop- Iron Company 'to prevent the country uors
nited from being swept by a panic. The com- tion
Po mittee denies the legal right of the havi
p re- president to anticipate panics, and inti of a
Fly in mates, if it does not say it, that Mr. will
s dis- Roosevelt was elected the president, not E
irm. the prophet of the country. To inter the
Sthe fere in the matter, one way or the other; bidi
was to step outside of a president's
al in duty as outside of his right.
S No Lid for Chicago. Fri
:e al- Chicago.-The crusade to close Chi- is o
There cago saloons on Sunday received a se. m
mand, vere setback when the Supreme Court bet
Iready at Springfield handed down a decision ital
of De- holding that it has not the power to as
during compel Mayor Busse to close the sa- Iro
iarket. loons on the first day of the week. art
Favor Children's Bureau.
New Orleans, La.-Among the most
Apro- important matters passed upon at Fri.
day's session of the national congress of
a was mothers was the adoption of a resol vi
age by tion approving bills before congress, at
rrying suggested by President Roosevelt, pro- in
0 for viding for a children's bureau in the t
e next federal department of commerce and la- d
sdopted bor.
for one bThat thbe day for orphan asylums had 8(
fts and passed was an expression of sentiment ve
S which apparently, met .with the sympa- it
iged by thy of the majority of the members of tla
the congress.
amend- Rests Well and Stiffers But Littlea
sadopt- a Pain. "
confer- Baltimore, Md--The condition of P
that all Bishop Hoss Thursday was improved, e
eered as and both Dr, Young, who performed the F
mst be operation at:the Johns Hopkins Hospital (
he name on Monday, and the prelate's two sons I
ad quan- aremore thanr pleased. The bishop now i
6 be de rests well, and outside of a few pains
.nsigneie coensequent %o the operation he suffers
ees s in no otb hr ill eif ects. He is now believed 1
'···-.~: II.
J. M. Dickinson Will Succeed Luke
Wright as Secretary of War. DEFENSE
i ~SIDE:
Plhiladellhia, Pa.-P'remithat-elect T[aft
arrived here Sul.day Imor'inl from t in
cimnnati, and with M11rs. Taft who camne Pistol "o
over brnm New York to )join hinm, is the Dead S
guest of Dr. S. Weir Mitihell in his \Val
taut street holme.
Mr. Taft admits he is making headway Nashville
in the selecthion of a secretary of tlh State witni
treasury. bu.*, maintains the place :, not of the def
vet filled. Frankliu Mac\ea-lh and My- procedure
ion T. Iledrick are two of the men uinder Saturday
consideration. With this exevpltio t th ie he murde
Taft cabinet is complete, and when offi- (armack.
cially promulgated shortly before his in- that it re
auguration will be found as follows: the d-fens
Secretary of state, Philander C. Knox pare, and
of Pennsylvania; attorney-general, ;eo. Attorney-t
\V. Wickershami of New York: secretary that some
of war, J1. M. D)ickintion of Tl'ennessee; here by t
secretary of commerce and labor, (Charles offer their
Nagel of Missouri; secretary of the navy, The ita
,eorge von L. Meyer of Massachusetts; fering tes
secretary of the interior. t11. A. Ballinger (airieck
of \Vashington; post master - general, can II. C
Frank H. Wilson of lowa. he heard
.J. M. D)ickinson of Tennessee, who ae- were witl
cepted the war portfolio at the hands of prior to
Mr. Taft, will give up the position of gen- had been
eral solicitor for the Illilnois Central rail- lays the
way system, and a salary of $35,000 a spracy
year, to become a cabinet minister. He The S
is between 54 and 55 years of age, a the dee
native of Mississiplpi, and served three General
months in the Confederate army as a four wit
boyo. . score.
sued a s
he Southern States, According to Crop will be
t Reporter, Progress. By not
Vfro ashington.-The annual crop report aes.
erou of the department of agriculture fur-nae
u nishes gratifying proof in part of the Thle
and, material progress of the United States, tion
ing giving as it does the number and v'alue by imp
y 2 o farm animals on Jan. 1, 1909. Ac
ute cording to this repart-conmpared with pocket
f the those of the last census 1900-the South- tornews
ll b ern States have supplied a remarkable weeks
tha proportion of the inunmmense addition to tied
national wealth thus received.
ate ship Total value of farm animals of the the se
hip United States in 1900 was $2,012,000,000. in the
rt o In 1909-Jan. 1-their value was $4,- counsel
i 170,465,000. The figures stand for nunm- on th
mand ber and value of horses, mules, milch NEG
James cows, other animals and sheep.
es The Southern States-Virginia, North
se Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, (Geor
shgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mis
sissippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana Tusi
dard and Texas-increased their total values Natioi
a in farm animals from $178,162,371 in S. P.
ap i1900 to $1,036,554,000 in 1909. scian
nidge The total increase in the value of farm that
animals in the United States from 1900 vanna
to 1909 was 222 per cent; the increase 2,100
.M for the Southern States was 237 per cent. ureme
ship The average value of these farm ani- have
al mals in the South in 1909 was: air s
CD Hlorses, $43.07; mules, $54.33; milch quent
shipcows, $22.46; other cattle, $15,76; sheep, room
$2. "I
Secure 1,000 Bottles Beer, 8 Barrels Thes
bsorb Whisky, 200 Cases Wine.
Atlanta, Ga.-The wedding of Miss tin
mmit Lily Cohen and Samuel Loeb, fixed for of s
ttwhich Tuesday night, will be a "dry" af- enor
fair, owing to the activity of the Atlanta cuo
reforee police in enforcing the prohibition law.
ed the Miss Cohen and Mr. Loeb are memliers
eessee of wealthy Jewish families, and it is
planned to make their nuptials the event
of the season in Hebrew social circles. To
this end Morris Cohen, the father of the
usurpa' bride-to-be, ordered a thousand bottles of
ises le beer, three barrels of whisky and two was
prte to hundred cases of wine, to be served at
the wedding feast.
that it The police heard of the large ship- wam
e trust ment of drinkables consigned to Cohen, o
al and raided the storage place, seized the liq- tiol
cu ors and carted them to the police sta- aw
The corn tion. Cohen was arrested charged with me
nt having the liquors on hand for purpose
nd of sale. Cohen gave bond in $2,000 and
tat Mr will bring suit to recover the liquors.
it, not Even Judge Broyles, who will pass on ei
o inter- the seizure of the liquors, is one of those ag
te other bidden to the feast.
a rsident'e b - __.-- ___- - - so<
Minister in Trouble.
Reedsburg, Wis.-Because Rev. A. E. n(
Friederi'eh, formerly a resident of Mad- be
se Chi- ison and a graduate of the University of oi
id a se- Wisconsin, refereed a basket ball contest fc
me Court between time Madison and Reedsburg mil
decision itary company, he may lose his position St
pwer to as pastor of the Methodist Church at of
e ethe sa. Ironton, Wis. The church board is up in o
eek . arms, but Friederich says he will referee. li
the most Activities of Recent Campaign Too Much h
on at Fri- of a Strain.
u cogress of Chicago.-Adlai E. Stevenson, former
a resolu- viee.president of the United States, is ill
congress, at his houie in Bloomington, Ill., accord
avelt, prin ing to reports received. The activities of
a in the the recent campaign in which he was
re and la- defeated by his Republican rival for the
,llums had governorship is said to have proved a se
sentiment vere strain on his 74 years, and he has,
the sympa- it is stated, visibly weakened during the
members of last few weeks,
Asks Taylor's Pardon.
DAGER. Louisville, Ky.-Kentucky's most vex
uut Little ations political and penal problem has
thrust up its head again with a petition
ndition of presented to Gov. Willsdn by Caleb Pow
improved, ers for the pardoning of former tlov. W.
roormed the S. Taylor, former Secretary of State
ins HHospital Charles Finley and John L. Powers. The
c's two sons paper was signed by 15,000 citizens of
bishop now Kentucky, regardless of party,
affew pains Powers, who is himself a former see
nhhe suffers retary of state of Kentucky, was freed
now believed by Willson's pardoning prerogative some
months ago. \
S -I How to M
. bearing dov
SPistol Holster Found in Pockst of
Dead Senator's Overcoat---Who
1. Placed It There. ' -.
y oNash ille. 'oenu.-.\hence cf some,
II tate witnr"5s". and a cde-ire In l part
it of the defenlse t ;arrangei' it: plan of
3 procedure causetd an adijourt' t until
er Saturday in the (Cooper-Shlarp trial for lieve I wo
lie the I uirdelr of former Senator l . VW.s sy says Mrs. I
S(';au'ack. The State first annmuleI poor, h suff
1"' that it rested its eastc in chief. \\'hen leadaches,
muy E'E's, a
the defense asked until Saturday to pre- dizzy I w
o0 pare. anti the continuance was granted, thing for
i'" attorneyv-t;eneral .Metar anniounced weak and
ry that soni missiniig witesises' wou s be over to but
;here by that time, and that lie would get around
clS offer their testimony. Doan's IMie
T' T'li State has satisfied itself with of- the first, a
ts; fering testimony to prove that Senator cally well
e'r 'arn:ack was slain 1by Robin .1. and l)un- Sold by
al', can B. Cooper, that Joihn Sharp. -hen Foster-Mil'
he heard the shots, knew what they
ac- were without looking around, and that
Sof prior to the killing several conferences Unkind II
Zi- had been held. This, the State contends, pri
lays the foundation for proof of con
Sa spiracy. A dishe
The State stops here and waits for for liquor
P, a the defense to offer its case. Attorney- "speak et
bree General MeCarn has subpoenaed sixty- himself a
sa four witnesses, and has used scarcely a he owlisl
score. The others will be held in reserve Suddenly
(SE for rebuttal. The defense has not is. lapsed in
sued a sununons, but says its witnesses moment I
wrop will be present without court process. A hurective
By not issuing subpoenas it prevents the few c
State from knowing its witnesses' head in
fur-names. "Oh, I
the The only incident of Thursday's tes- come out
ates, timony was the State's attempt to prove Preser
atlue by implication that the pistol holster smoking
Ac- found in the dead senator's overcoat blinked
with pocket was put there by one of the at- "Hel
outh- torneys for the defense, when, a few "What's
kable weeks ago he went to the morgue and slumber
)n to tried on the overcoat. Two witnesses mYer
testified it was not in the pocket when ained,
f the the senator was killed. It was found pl tow,
0,000. in the pocket by Gen. Washington of
s $4, counsel for the defense, when he tried
num.- on the overcoat.
Geor- Race Has Not Learned Value of
, M Sunlight and Air.
lisiana Tuskegee, Ala.-At the session of the
values National Negro Workers' conference Dr.
371 in S. P. Lloyd, formerly assistant city phy
sician of Savannah, made the statement
f farm that 7,000 negroes in the city of Sa
n 1900 vannah are living in a space of 1,500 by
icrease 2,100 feet square, this by actual meas
ýr cent. urement, whereas every person ought to
'm ani- have from 500 to 1,000 cubic feet of
air space. The health commission fre- Pert
mnilch quently found five persons living in one would
sheep, room eight by twelve feet square. Peal
"In the district in Savannah to which thing
W I refer," hlie said, "at least 400 two-room Fil
houses, whose actual measur:ements are In
6x8 and 8x10 feet, are being erected. Fahre
Barrels These are not houses, but death traps. of the
"e. "We have not succeeded," he cowlmomE
f Miss timued, "in teaching our people the value in rej
ixed for of sunlight and air, the result is the were
dry" af- enormous amount of pneumonia, tube~r- tists
Atlanta culosis and diseases of children." nOW
ion law. - ards.
ud it is -__*_ reai
he es Ati-Saloon League Has Bitter abled
rle. To teWrangle. was
,ottles of Louisville, Ky.-A spirited wrangle re
and two was precipitated in the Anti-Saloon d
erved at League convention at the Coliseum
Thursday afternoon, when a resolution Om
was submitted to send to the legislature chit
Ce of Tennessee congratulations on the a- sch
Sthe liq- tion in passing a State-wide prohibition D
i- law. It was also proposed to send a Mar
ge sitli message of censure to Gov. Patterson it.
r PiPOSe for his refusal to approve the action of like
2,000 and the legislature. 10
State Superintendent West and Presi. mar
uor. dent Beauchamp led a victorious fight and
a to against the measure. No little feeling
was aroused, but the wave of trouble
soon rolled into a condition of placidity.
The committee on legislation recom
eev. A. E. mends that the governor and mayor
t of Mad- be clothed witlh power to remove from
iversity of office the chief of police or other of- pri
all contest ficial not enforcing the law. tro
Isburg mil- A law making posiession' of a United
is position States tax receipt *rima facie evidence Gri
Church at of guilt is also recommended. The rec- fa.
rdris up in ommendations of the committee were cot
'ill referee. heartily concurred in.
LL. Tornado Cuts Wide Path. ret
San Augustine, Tex.-A tornado near at
SToo Much here last night cut a path alout 100 of
former yards'wide apd several miles in length
ion, former through standing timber, uprooting ga
itates, is ill many thousands of dollars worth of w
Ill., accord- pine trees; wrecked a sawmill and scat- it
ctivities of tered luniber over a wide territory.
ih he was About seven miles southeast, tlhe home
ival for the of Bench Russell was wrecked and Rus
proved a se- sell and his children were buried in the a
and he has, debris, escaping with minor injuries. A b
1 during the number of small farm houses are re
S ported wrecked, but no casualties.
's most vex Landis Would Have One Constructed at
problem has West Point. V
th a petition Washington.--Representative Landise
SCaleb Pow- of Indiana, wants a suimner White
mer etlov. W. House constructed for the president. 1
ry of State He has introduced a bill to appropridste
Powers. The $250,000 to erect within the United
itizens of States military reservation at West
rty÷ Point, N. Y., a suitable residence and
Sfo frer se office building as an official summer
y, was freed residence and executive office. The
otgative some building is to be designated "the coun
try White House."
How to Make a Bad Back Better.
Women who suffer with backache,
bearing down pain, dizzy spells, and
that constant feeling
o& i' of dullness and tired
ness, will find hope
in the advice of Mrs.
;Mary Hinson of 21
me Strother St., Mt.
art Sterling, Ky. "Had
S ' I not used Doan's
t i Kidney Pills I be
far lieve I would not be laving to-day,"
\. says Mrs. Hlinson. "My eyesight was
L poor, I suffered with nervous, splitting.
Iell headaches, spots would dance before
my eyes, and at times I would be so
pe- dizzy I would have to grasp some
thing for support. My back was so
wed weak and painful I could hardly bend
over to button my shoes and could not
Auld get around without suffering severely.
Doan's Kidney Pills helped me from
1 of- the first, and I continued until practi
ator cally well again."
I)un- Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a boa.
%-hen Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Unkind If Clear Truth Told to Pro
ends, prietor of "Speak Easy."
A disheveled man, much the worse
a for for liquor, staggered out of a Maine
rney- "speak easy" and laboriously propped
mixty- himself against the door. For a while
ely a he owlishly surveyed the passersby.
,serve Suddenly his foot slipped and he col
t is. lapsed in a heap on the sidewalk. A
tses moment later he was snoring.
scess. A hurrying pedestrian paused, re
ts the flectively surveyed the fallen man for
a few seconds, and then poked his
head in the door.
"Oh, Frank!" he called. "Frank,.
's tes- come out here a minute."
prove Presently the proprietor of the joint,
Iroster smoking a fat cigar, emerged. He
'ercoat blinked in the bright sunlight.
the at- "Hello, Hud," he said pleasantly.
a few "What's up?"
ie and Hud jerked his thumb toward the
tnesses slumberer on the sidewalk.
twhen "Yer sign has fallen down," he ex
found plained, and briskly resumed his wall'
tof up town.-Everybody's Magazine.
due of /.
1 of the
mnce Dr.
ity phy- -t.
of Sa
1,600 by
al meas
ought to
feet of
sion fre- Percy-Do You think your father
ig in onle ould object to my marrying you?
re. Pearl-I couldn't say. If he's any
to which thing like me he would.
two-room First Fahrenheit Thermometer.
Ients are In the year 1714,one Daniel Gabriel
erected. Fahrenheit brought to the chancellor
traps. of the University of Halle two there
he cot mometers which agreed so perfectly
the value in registering temperatures that they
It is the were considered marvels. All scien
ia, tuber tists were amazed. His method is
,, now one of the three accepted, stand
ards. Fahrenheit was by birth a
Prussian, but after his fifteenth year
hERNOR he lived a long ,lfe in Amsterdam. His
great skill in working in glass en
I Bitter abled him to carry out his ideas. iHe
was an original thinker, but for com
wrangle mercial /reasons kept secret his meti
Lnti-Saloon odi of manufacture for 18 years. :
Coliseum Margaret Was Logical.
resolution One afternoon I overheard my two
legislature children tqlking about the Sunday
on the ac- school lesson.
prohibition Dick, who was much smaller than
to send a Margaret, believed all she said about
Patterson it. So he asked her what God looked
a action of like, and she quickly answered: "God -
looks like a stalk of corn, because
and Presi. mamma said he had ears on all sides,
ous fight and a stalk of corn is the only thing
rioue feeight I know that has ears on all sides.'"- :
f trouble Delineator.
f placidity. PRIZE FOOD
ion recom- Palatable, Economical, Nourishing.
and mayor
move from A Nebr. woman has outlined the
r other of- prize food in a few words, and that
f rom personal experience. She writes:
of a United "After our long experience with
cie evidence Grape-Nuts, I cannot say enough in its
d. The rec- favor. We have used this food almost
nittee were continually for seven years.
"We sometimes tried other adver
tised breakfast foods but we invariably
Path. returned to Grape-Nuts as the most pal
ornado near atable, economical and nourishing
Sabout 100 of all.
es in length "When I quit tea and coffee and be
uprooting gan to use Postum and Grape-Nuts I
Sworth of was a nervous wreck. I was so ir
till and scat' ritable I could not sleep nights, had
, no interest in life.
sterritory. "After using Grape-Nuts a short time
st, tanle Rusome I began to improve and all these ail
keed nus- r.ients have disappeared and now I am
buried in the a well woman. My two children have
injuries. A been almost raised on Grape-Nuts,
usues are re which they eat th'ree times a day.
ualties. "They are pictures of health and
HOUSE. have iever had the least symptom of
stomach trouble, even through the
onstructed at most severe siege of whooping cough
they could retain Grape-Nuts when all
itive Landis else failed.
nmer nWhite "Grape-Nuts food has saved doctor
he president, bills, and has been, therefore, a most
to appropridte economical food for us."
the eUnited Name given by Postum Co., Battle.
tonat West Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to Well
trsiien c andt ville," in pkgs. "There's a Reason."
iicial summe: E ver rend mthveabe lCtte? A tnew
appears from time to time. Ther
office. The ,e genolne, true, ani fun of humao
ed "the count. Interet.

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