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To Unkown Delinquent Tax Pay
ers of the Parish of
In conformity with section 52 of Act
10 of the constitution of 1900. you are
hereby notified that the taxes, State,
'gish and levee on the following as
sessed and described properties for the
year 1908, are now due ar:d unpaid un
less same is paid within the twenty
days I shall proceed to advertise the
said properties for sale for the amount
of taxes and penalties due, as the law
Brown. C. F. Jr. estate assessment $200
State tax $1, Parish tax $1.20, levee
tax $2.00, acreage tax $2,1+0, Plaque
mines Pari.sh East Bank tax $2.00,
acreage tax $11.90, interest $2.85, A
certain tract of land on the left bank
of Mississippi River and designated
as two arpents front by seventeen ar
pents depth, bounded above by lands of
Mrs. M. Buras and below by lands o!
W House
Burnett, Norton Mrs. assessment
$1100, state tax $5.50, Parish tax $6.60,
Levee tax $11.00, acreage tax $5.00,
Plaquemines Parish East Bank Levee
tax $11.00, acreage tax $26.25, interest
and costs $6.45. A certain track of lana
on the Left Bank of the Mississippi
and designated as five arpents front by
fifteen arpenýs in depth bouuded above
by lands of A. E. Scott and below b3
lands of J. E. McDonald.
Fowler John W. assessment $320,
state tax $1'60, parish tax $1.92, levee
tax $3.20, interest and costs $1.78. A
certain tract of land on the left bank
of the Mississippi River and designated
nated as 320 acres N 1-2 of section 4,
Township 16, South Range 15 E.
Moran, James Estate, assessment $700
state tax $3.50, parish tax $4.20, levee
tax $7.00, acreage tax $2, interest and
costs $2.58. A certain tract of land on
the left bank of the Mississippi River
and designated as two prpents front by
forty arpents in depth, bounded above
by lands of Mrs S A Butler and lands of
Mrs. S Glorioso.
Moran, James Estate, assessment
$50, state tax 25c, parish tax 30c, levee
tax 50c'acreage $1, interest and costs
$1.41. A certasn tract of land and the
left bank of the Mississippi River and
designated as Section 17, Township 19,
South Range 17 E.
Morrison James E. Dr., assessment
$160, sta:e tax 8oc, parish tax 96e levee
tax $1.60, interest and costs $1.51. A
certain tract of land on the Left Bank
of the Mississippi River and designated
as 160 SW 1-4, Township 16, South
Range 15 E.
Noble, V. A., assessment $490, state
tax $245, parish tax $294, levee tax
$4.90, interests and costs $2.0T. A cer
tain tract of land on the Left .Bank of
the Mississippi River and designated as
490 acres all of section 21, Township 15,
South Range 15 $.
Ogden, Joseph, assessment $2560,
qtlet tax $12.80, parish tax, $15.36, le
vee tai $25,0, idterests and costs $5.55.
A eertain tr4ac of land on the left bank
of t4le ississippi River and designated
pie0 acres, ,jetionas.5, 9, 17 and 18.
Township 16, South Range, 15 E.
Pierce; J. B. assessment $1620, state
tax $8,10, parish tax $9.72, levee tax
$16.20, interests and costs $3.97. A cer
talJ tractofland.on the left bank of
Oh Mississippi River and designated as
1620xacres, Sections 5, 6 and 7. Town
*hip 10 South Range 16 E.
Schaule, Henry Mrs. assessment $330
state tax $1.05, parish tax $1.98, levee
tx, $830, acreage tax 50e, interest and
I.::.Costs $1.8 A certain tract of land on
the right bank of the Mississippi River
and deauignaed as one half of one ar
pent,i front by 40 arpents in depth.
md above by lands of Mrs T. Bar
:j s uad below by lands of Mrs. B.
Thompson; G. C, asswsment $5050,
stge tax 204$85, pariah tax P80,34 levee
tax $6050, interest aud.costa (678. A
certain tract of land on the left bank
p: f the Misslsippi River and designated
as a6 crs all of section 1, 2, 1, 12,
lpind 14, elnseou sld 25. Townships
lO South Rang. 1tE.
Tysonalacin e anti Peter Robinson,
smuolut $100, stte 'tax 80c, parish
tax 9 e, ·interest and (oeta $1.89. A
".u4at a' t ofland on the left bank
r e Miie s~sulsippt River and designated
s :: 1*O-1 mcres, radiating section 10,
::` o Inl hiI21, South Range 19 E.
:: U .Unhown, assessment $500, state ta
50 paish tax $I8, interests and costs
Ilitb Wi~ta trrct of of land on
'- ft bankly of the 'Idisisslppi River
ipddssl nated ~a 1599O100acres, radi
res of Rice Land
P. ... . . .....
B i Co., 339 Carondelet St.
Ssw r : ea*t "air, Loulana..
Cumber an Comneotions.
A .
~,,·4 PEUQA AV
4r AL;Ii9t, IA.
Unknown, assessment $500, state
tax $2.50; parish tax, $3, intererest and
costs $1.69. A certain tract of land on
the left bank of the Mississidpi River
aud designated as section 10, Township
20, South Range 18 E.
Sheriff and Ex-Officio Tax Collector
Parish of P'iac emines.
F'cub 20-27, Mch 6,
State of Louisiana, Parish of Pla
By virtue of and in obedience to an
order of sa!e to me directed by the
Board of Commissioners for the Grand
Prairie Levee District, in and for the
Parish of Plaquemines, dated September;
17, 1905, and affirmed October 12, 1908,'
and in conformity with Act 215 of 1908,
I have advertised and will proceed to
sell at pubiic auction at the Court
House at Pointe a la Hache, on Satur
day, March 27th 1909 at the hour of 11
o'clock a. mt. the following described
T. 18 S R 15 E.. all of sec 1 320 acres
.. .. .. 2 300 "
" 11 600
" " 12 350 "
T. 18 S R 16 E. all lands rear of River
Lots, except fractional S. 1-2 Sec. 34, S
W. 1-4 Sed. 35, and all Sec. 16.
T. 18 SR. 17 E. all of Sec. 5 640 acres
.. . . 6 640 "
." . . 7 640 "
8 640
." . " 12 640 "
" 6 " 13 640 "
4 " " " 18 640 "
. " . 20 640 "
." 21 640
." . " 25 640
" " " 26 640 "
.. .. 29 640
.. . '" 30 640
" " " 31 640 "
.. " " 32 640 "
66" " 85 640 "
" t " 36 640 "
T. 19 SR. 18 E all of Sec 17 640 "
" " " 18 640 "
.. .' 19 640 "
" " " 20 640 "
T. 19 SR. 16 E.--all lands in rear of
River Lots between North and East
boundaries, except section 16 and ex
cept the entry of Jules Lapene for N.
W. 1-4 and E. 1-2 Sec. 2. and all frac
tions Section 3 containing 880 acres
All lands as near of river
lots embraced in said town
ships except section 16. 9600.
F. 19 SR18 E all offract'l Sec 7 42.37 A
N 1-2 of " 18 319.12"
Lot 1 of " 17 32.- "
S 1-2 of and S 1-2 of N. 1-2
section 26 451.48 "
E 1-2 of S W 1-4, SW 1-4 of
SW1-4, E1-2 of NE1-4S
W 1-4 of N E 1-4 and the SE
1-4 of section 27, 400 Acres
E1-2 of NE 1-4 SW 1-4 of
NF 1-4 5, 1- of S W 1-4, S
W 1-4 oi SW 1.4 and 8 18.4
Section 33 388 Acres
all of Sec 34 640
" .. 35 252.44 "
T. 19 SR 19 E
E 1-2 and S W 1-4 ".29 480 "
SE 1.4 of E 1-4 "'30 40 "
SE 1-4 of NW 1-4,.NE 1-4 and'
and S 1-2 all of section 31 520 "
all of section 32 640 "
Terms of sale cash, not less than
Twenty (25c) cents per acre, in lots of
not over One Huudred and sixty. (160)
acres, the purchaser to assume any ex
pense incident to surveying or locating
the property purchased, the vendor
parting with its right, title and inter
eat in and to the property avertised and
sold, as the same has been .acquired
from the State of Louisiana, the sale to
be made without warranty or restitu
tion of the purchase price.
Murray Hill
March ;, the Field, Vegatable
and Flower Garden.
Steckler'; Garden Manual for the
r Southern States gives the following in
structions for March plantings.
In the field sow sorghum, kaffair
corn, dhouro, Milo maize and Teosinte
for green feed, also lespedeza and all
varieties of clovor and grass seed for
hay and grazing. Irish and sweet pota
toes should be planted, as well as field
corn and broom corn, cow peas, Can
ada field peas,soja snd velvet beans.
In the vegatable garden it is time to
sow beets, raddish, early cabbage, kohl
rabi, all varieties of lettuce, spinach,
mustard, carrots, Swiss chard, leeks,
celery for cutting, parsley, roquette,
cress and chervil and towards the end of
the month endive.Bush and pole beans
may be planted and towards the end of
the month Limnia beans. Squash, cucum
qers, melons and okra should also be
planted, waiting till the end of the
okra, Peas may still be planted and
tomatoes, eggplant and peppers shouki
be set out and seed sown for a later
crop. Sweet corn should be planted.
In the flower garden sow balsam,
-zinnia, amaranthus, tornia, bahlia,
cockscomb, cosmos, portulacca. hrow
allia and sunflowers. Plant all bulbs as
directed for January. Set out chrysan
themums for fall blooming.
The GAZETTE having received sever
al inquiries from citizens of this parish
concirning the trapping of muskrat,
3 We furnish the law on the protection
of Fur bearing animals, Act 79 of 1906.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Gener
al Assembly of the State'of Louisiana,
That it shall be unlawful in this State
r to catch, trap or kill, or to pursue with
intent to catch or kill, between the
first day of March and the 15th day of
November in any year, any otter, beav
er, mink, raccoon or oppossum.
Section 2. Be it further enacted, etc,,
That any person or persons violating
the above provisions shall be deemed
guilty of a misdemeanor and shall on
conviction thereof be fined not less
than $10 nor more than $100, or impris
oned in the parish jail for not less than
ten days, nor more than ninety days,
or both at the discretion of the court,
for each offense; provided, this shall
not apply to farmers or others, killing
minks, coons or opossums about their
premises or cultivated lands to prevent
Section 3, Be it further enacted,, etc.
That any person reporting to any of
ficer, authorized under the laws of this
State, to institute a prosecution, any
violators of this Act, shall receive as a
reward for such report one half the
fine levied and collected from the per
son so reported, and the remainder of
such fine shall go to the public school
fund of the parish in which the offense
was committed,
f There is no law forbidding the trap
t ping or killing of muskrats. We are of
_ the opinion that the destruction of the
muskrat should be encouraged, in order
" to prevent the vast amount of depreda
tion which they are doing to our lands
and our farmers. The Police Jury of
this parish has passed an ordinance pro
tecting the alligator on that account
being an enemy to the muskrat. We say
to the trapper of muskrat. Keep up
your good work, and as long as there
remains a vestige of the muskrat,
"Let us have his hide:"
River News
The great ball announced in our last
issue to occur at Manuel Oscar Buras'
on Mardi Gras night was pulled off in
grand style despite the bad weather.
Mi. Buras' new\boat, the Standard
was utiliked by Mr. Buras in bringing
the guests of the occassion all the way
from Bures to Port pads, the guests
were all greatly delighted and didn't
"'go home till morning."
The school teachers from far
'down the river parts are reported to
all have gone to New Orleans to meet
Rex and his retinue.
Hon. Simon Leopold, who is always
a hustler and now directing the closure
of the Baptiste Collette Gap, reports
that the work will be completed within
Sten days. The opening in the river
f bank has done much injury to the oys
termen in that section and its closure
Sis welcomed by them.
; We are glad to say that the orange
r groves of the parish generally have not
been appreciably injured by the recent
freezes and we have now every promise
1 of an abundent orange crop this year.
SThe success of the reinforced cement
revetment used to protect the levees
built by the U. S. Engineers in a few
Splaces on the Lower Coast is leading to
its more general use here and we shall
hope for many miles of it within a few
SMore Plaquemine Enterprise.
The steampaceket boat, El Rito, mqde
her maiden trip in the Lower Coast trade
on Thursday of this week. Captain
Charles Straud was seen on the bridge
and we understandhe is to have full
command. Doc Shuppert- the well
known river man is to have charge of
the books and clerical force and the new
venture starts out under faiorabled aus
The new boat is about 100 feet long
by 30 feet beam and contains comfort
able quarters for passengers and fine
large freight room. The motive power
is got with 150 H. P. Fairbanks Morse
gasoline engine. The enterprise has be
hind it some of. our most active and able
merchants, truck growers and oyster
men and promises to be a success from
the ,beginning. Notwithstanding this
new venture we believe there will be
a good b sjness for all, and we must
standby our old friends while we wel
come the new,
Give not vain hope a willing ear,
Nor ovei idle fancy brood:
To wise thought give your care,
* Lest despair be thy bitter food.
Think well before you act,
Think twice before you speak;
The sooneq you grasp this fact,,
Sooaer wsil peace you seek.
Shobld friends you forsake
Or ideals be irudely shattered,
Let not bitter thoughts awake;
Still have faith-all's n6t flattered.
Remember, e'en though our way,
_Ihs etrewn with malya thorn,.
T rb are roses in lifes spray
Whiceh 1ill greet.tes era the morn.
Let. our faith i.emain unaiken.
Hope sfistain us oe'r Night's wave;
Then, in time,we shall awaken
In tthemo rn thatwe now crave,.
Tihen; whl wif car fS peast regrets,
N.~ sighand tears and pattiece
~~ :I·$o t lethe
Official Directory.
Representative 1st Congressional Dis
trict--Generfal Albert Estopinal, St.
Bernard Po
Senators Fourth Senatorial District--
Hon Adam Estopinal. St Bernard p O of
Hon S V Guillotte, New Orleans at
Parish Representative-- Hon Simon th
14 Leopold, Phoenix P 0 hi
Twenty-ninth Judicial District- Hon fo
R Emmet Hingle, Judge, rointe-a-la of
Hache P. O. of
District Attorney-Hon. N. H. Nu-! is
nez, 407 Morris Bldg. New Orleans. 'ta
F. C. Meyers, Pointe a la Hache, dE
A. P. Alberti, Pointe a la Hache, Pi
Clerk of Court. ni
Marc Cognevich, Assessor. Nairn P. ,l,
Dr. H. L, Ballowe, Coroner Buras'n
p.0. of
Joseph Savoie, Treasurer, Nero, P.O. th
Dr. V. O. Schayot, Health Officer, h,
Pointe a la Hache.
JURY. si
Julius Strack, First ward, English cc
Turn P. O. cc
Adrian Leopold, Second ward, Phoe- it;
nix, P. 0.
E. A. Schayot, Third ward, Pointe a !at
la Hache' iul
. Thomas Brophy, Fourth ward, Nep- fo
tune, P. O.
rJoe Bernard, Fifth ward, Venice, P. ac
C.Grabert, Sixth ward. Jesuit's Bend
P. O.
Roselius Perez, Seventh ward Jesuit's
Bend P, O.
Dave Withan, Eighth ward, Diamondi i
P. O.
Frank Giordano, Ninth ward, Home 0
Place P. O. s
J. B. Fasterling, President, Tenth ill
Sward, Buras, P. . of
J. B. Babington, First ward, English
Turn P. O. at
Wm. Dymond, President, Second to
I ward, Belair P. 0. fr
Jules Savoie, Third ward, Nero, P.O. ?i
F.M. McLaughlin, Fourth ward, Pilot
t Town P. O. 0s
Miegs Childress, Fifth ward, Triumph a
P. O. pi
Louis Jeanfreau, Sixth ward, Jesuit's
s Bend, P. O. m
F. J Giordano, Seventh ward,Jesuit's 1'1
s Bend P, O. r
B V. Treadaway, Eighth ward, City Price of
- P.O. n
f N. B. Cannon, Ninth ward, Happy- at
1 Jack P. 0.
B W. H. Chauvin, Tenth ward, Narnm b
P.O. P
Edwin C. Kohn, Parish Superinten- ul
f dent Public Schools. P'te a la Hache. ti
of the PEACE. pt
s Julius Strack, First ward, English gi
E Turn P. O,
D Henry Meyer, Second ward Bertrand- P
t ville, P. O. m
V Adrain Leopold, Second ward, Phoe- of
p nix P. 0.
e John B. Hingle Third ward, Pointe a
la Hache.
Martial Castiex, Sixthward, Jesuit's
Bend P. O. cE
Clem Lartigue, Seventh ward, Nao- dI
mi P. O.
t Geo. V. Groleau, Eighth ward, Dia- e`
mond P. O. t0
Geo. W. Delesdernier, Fourth ward, to
Burrwood P.o.
Ernest Fellon, Fisth ward, Venice, vi
1 P. o. . ... .s
'Rene Rouiselle, 14inth ward, Happy
SJack, P. O.
Clovis Hingle. Tenth ward., Empire
t tl
For Rent..
STwo hundred and thirty acres L
e of rice -land. In good condition. gi
s Best rice lands in the state, t
r Lower Bohemia: Apply. s
E. Y. James,
Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.
e h b
Apply to
II- -- - --- ----r
11 . Notice
w is hereby given in accordance I
- with Act 17~6 of 1908,that I am ap
plying to the Police Jury of the
ig Parish of Plaquemines for per
~- mission to conduct a barroom at I
e City Price La.
-e d
B. I
le 1
SAll Year Tours
-TO- 1
California Msaico Oregon
See the most interesting
cities in America: the nost
beautiful seer.3ry in all the
Norld; travel on the most
comfortable train in the
United States to
Nsw Y andil Cuba
S on oneo of our SOUTHERN
PACIFIC'S magniftlcent
steamships provided with all
conveniences of a Modern
Hotel, Cuisine unsurpassed.
If you are undeded see
e; any Agent of the Southern
Pacific snd he will plan your
trip; .,/'
"' w Ts FORe itaIRATURE
e F.E. BA'~URSG.P. A.
. New Orleans, Las,
.-' ,...- : "  , . . _ .
BE IT KNoSwN, That on this 12th day i
of the month of December, in the year1
of our Lord one thbfisand nine hundred
and eight and of tlik Independence of t
the United States of America the one
hunlred and thirty-third (1,3rd), be
fore me, Ernest Alberti. Deputy Clerk a
teof Court of the 29th Judicial District
of the State of Louisiana, for the Parl
-Ish of Plaquemines, and ex-officio No-.1
tary Public, and in the presence of the p
witnesses hereinafter named and un- e
dersigned. personally came and ap-a
peared t:he ,everal persons whose,t
names are hereunto subscribed, whoI
declared that, availing themselves of f
the laws of the State of Louisiana and b
of the costitution thereof reh]tive to I'
the organization of corporations, they I
'have agreed and by these presents do e
,agree and bind themselves, as well as -c
such persons as may hereafter- be
come associated with them, to form and
constitute a corporation and body pol
itic in law for the objects and purposes
and under the clauses, conditions, stilt- d
ulations and articles hereinafter set a
'forth and expressed, which they hereby i.
adopt as their charter, to-wit: a
The name and title of this corpora
tion shall be, THE LOWER COAST
GAZETTE CO.. and its domicile J
shall be at Pointe a la Hache,
in the Parish of Plaquemines, State
of Louisiana. Under this corpor
ate name said corporation shall
have the power and authority to exist
and enjoy a succession for the full
term and period of ninety-nine years
from the date hereof. It shall have the
t power and authority to sue and be
sued; to make and use a corporate seal
aand the same to break or alter at
pleasure; to name and appoint such
managers, directors, officers and em
ployes as the interests and convenience
rum for the transaction of business and
of this corporation may require; to.'
make and establish, as well as alter
and amend, from time to time, such
by-laws, rules and regulations for the
proper management, conduct and reg
- ulation of the affairs of said corpora
tion as may be deemed necessary and
proper; to own, hold, receive, lease,
purchase and convey, as well as mort
gage and hypothecate property, real,
personal and mixed; to consolidate or
merge with another corporation, or
own and hold stock therein.
All citations and other legal pro
cesses shall be served upon the presi
dent of said corporation, or, in the
event of his absence or disability, on
the vice-president, and in the case of
the absence of both the president and
vice-president, upon thle secretary of
said corporatio.n
The objects and purposes for which
this corporation is established and the
Snature of the business to be carried on
by it are declared to be the printing
and publishing of a newppappr, dgvQted
to the agricultural and other interests
of the Lower Coast and of the State of
5 Louisiana; toconduct and carry on a
general newspaper business, with all
things connected therewith, and by the
sale of such newspapers and other
printed matter published by said Com
pany, to disseminate news and all mat
ters of general infoimation.
SThe capital stock bf said corporation
has been and is hereby fixed at the sum
of Twenty-five Thousand ($25,000.00)
Dollars, to be divided into or represent
ed by twenty-five hundred shares of
ten dollars each; said stock shall be
paid for in cash as it may be called
* In by the Board of Directors, ard the
calls for said cash payment shall not
exceed fifty per cent. the first year axd
Snot exceed fifty per cent. during the
second year. Said calls for said cash
payments shall not exceed five per cent.
per month during the first year and
"not exceed five per cent. per month
during subsequent years. until the
whole subscription shall have been
e paid.
SAll the corporate powers of said cor
t poration shall be vested in and exer
cised by a Board of Directors to be
composed of nine stockholders. Said
Boalrd of Directors shall be elected an
nually on the first Saturday in May,
beginning in the year 1910. All such
Selections shall be by ballot and shall
be conducted at the office of said cor
poration, under the superintendence of
two commissioners to be appointed by
the -Board of Directors, and of which
qlection ten. days' previous notice shall
be given in a newspaper published in
the Parish of Plaquemines. Each share
of stock shall be entitled to one vote,
to be cast by its owner, either in person
or by proxy, and a majority in the
amount of the outstanding stock of
said corporation shall be requisite to
elect, A failure to clect directors on
the day above specified shall %hot dis
solve the corporation, but the then
directors- shall cause another election
to be held withir thirty days, of which
ten days' previous notice shall be given
in a newspaper published in said. Par
ish of Plaquemines. Vacancies occur
ring in said Board shall be filled by
the remaining directors and any direct
or of the said Board who may be .ab
sent from the Sta·te at the time of meet
ings of said Board of Directors shall
have thh right to appoint another stock
holder as his proxy to sit and act in
the. place of such absent member for
the time being an4 such proxy shall
jhave and4 exercie all the .powea~r nd
" - --.. . -
iinluiiities of siich la slnt. diri rors.
Flive directors shall constitutll a qulo
the Board of Directors at their first
meeting following each annual election
shall elect one of their number to be !:
president and another to be vice-preos-':
ident, and they shall also elect a sccre
tary. Said Board of Dircctors. may ap
point from time to time, and dismi.s at
pleasure. such officers, clerks and
agents and other employC s that they 7
may deem necessary ,for. the business
andtl urposes of said corporation. Said
Board of Directors shall also have full
power and authority to borrow money, .9:
exeeute mortgages, issue notes orI bonis. :
and generally do all things pertlinelt,
to the objects and Iurposv:s of said comr
poration, as also to issu5e and deliver
full paid shares of stock or bonds, or7:
obligations of said corporation at not
less than par \'alue in paymm~nt for
laibor done, or mooney hotrrowed, or prol.
erty or rights actually received by said 7
Whenever this corporation may he 7t
dissolved, either by limitation or from i:
any other cause, its affairs shall be
liquidated by three stoc(kholders, to be ;:
.appointed at a general meeting of the 11
stockholders to be convened for such
purpose, after thirty days' previous ,
notice shall have been given by adver
tisement in a newspaper published in S:
the Pari-h of Plaquemines and a ma- ;1:
jority in amount of the outstanding'
capital stcck of said corporation shall
be requisite to elect. Said commission
erns shall remain in office until the af
fairs of said corporation shall have been 4:
fully settled and liquidated and in e-ase
of the death of one or more of said
commissioners, the vacancies shall be s
filled by election by the surviving 7
commissioners. 9:
This Act of Incorporation may be
modified, changed or altered, or said
corporation may be dissolved with the 7:
assent of three-fourths of the stock rel)- 1
esented by any general meeting of the I
stockholders convened for such purpose,
after thirty days' previous notice shall
have been given in a newspaper pub
lished In said Parish of Plaquemines.
Such changes as may be made in ref
erence to the capital stock of said cor
paration s-hall be in accordance with
the laws of the State upon this subject.
No stockholder shall ever be held
liable for contracts or faults of srid
corporation in any further sum than t
the unpaid balance due on the shares
of stock owned by him, nor shall any
mere informality in organization have
the effect of rendering this charter null,
nor cf exposing a stoclkhohler to any
lability beyond the amount due on his
Until the first election to be held
under this charter on the first Satur-(
day in May, 1910, the following named
persons, or stockholders, shalj constii
ute the fi~rt foard of Directors, witi
all the powers hereinabdve enunierated,
and 6hall continue in office until their
successors shall havq been elected, vIz:
F. C. Mevers. S. Leopold, Ben Michel,
John Dymond Jr; Joseph Cosse, Marec
Coghevich, Joseph Savoie, Dr. V. O.
Schayot and Joseph Hingle with the
aforesaid F. C. Mevers, as president
and Simon Leopold as vice-president.
Thus done and passed, in my office at
Pointe-a-La-Hatche, on the day and in
the month and year herein written, in I
the presence of Messieurs L. T. Fonte
nelle and Gustave Favret, competent
witnessess, who hereunto sigh their
names, together with the said appear
ers and me, Notary, after due reading
of the whole, the said appearers declar
ing they placed afiter their signatures
the number of shares of stock sub
I scribed for by them and they likewise
B adopt this as their stock subscription
a list.
L. T. Fontenelle,
Gustave Fayret.
Dy. Clerk of Court and
Dy. Ex-Oficio, Not. Pub.
SA true copy of the original on file and
of record in my office and recorded in
Book 2, Folio 409 of Mortgoges of this
a Parish on December 12, 1908.
Dy. Clerk and Dy. Ex
rDfficio Recorder,
For Sale.
e Some of tJe finest lands "r
3, State, on the Right Bank of the
n Mississippi River a few miles be
e low the City of New, Orleans,
,t within hauling distance of the
o French Market, and constituting
a the upper end of Belle Chasse
Sand the lower end of the St. Ann
SPlantations, in the Parish of
n Plaquemines.
h These lands 'are splendidly ad
a dapted to Truck Farming or
r- Orange Growing and will be sold
r. in lots of one arpent or more
front by forty arpents in depth.
For Particulars Addrss
, Myrtle Grove - Postoffice,
r or 311 Godchaux Bldg.,
Time Schedule
I Depart Arrive
R:00 p. i. N. Y. amti' N O .Limited 7:55 p. m.
9:K) pm. in. c. n. Baul Flurldlt Expre 7:15 a. m
:05a.m. in 'nC nat'i., ~irao and
New Yo k Express 8::35 p. m.
(;:) a. m. Montgomery Accomtnlation 6:45 p. m
'Iulf ('oat Unmi'ed
.15, p. in Daily Except Sunday 8:50 a. m.
5115 p. "u. N. 0.. Mobile Acccom 11:50 a. m.
7:J a. im. Sunday Excursion 9:.5 p. m.
T lerninal Station, Canal S'reet.
7:30 p. m. Cin. and New York 9:05 a. m.
9:241. a. m. Cincinnat i 8:35 p. in m,
7.)30 p.m. St. Luis 8:35 p. inm.
6:414 a. in Mrid. annd In. PtD. Dily 4:30 p. m
4:501 p. mi. Meridian Local Dail -- -
-I Hattiesburt Locdl )aily 8:24 a. m.
Sunday ExcI'tiun.
7:25 a. an. Lumbxrton and ln. Pus. 7:30 p. m.
9:15 a. inm. "The imited." Chicago. St.
,ouis, Louisville. and ('incin
nati .. . . 8115 a. m.
7:10 p. m. Fast Mail. Chicago St. Louis
and Louisville and Cincinnati 10.55 a. ra
5:30: a. i. Local Mail 6:40 p. it.
4:30 p' m. Northern Express 8:50 a. in.
2:5 p. im. McComb Accommodation 9:50 a. m:
7t14 a. m. Vicksburg Express 5:30 p. tn.
1:15 p. .. Baton Rouge A .'cogi . 9.40 a. m.
3:15p. nm. Northern ExprS, 4:10) a. in.
6:30 a. m. Houston Local 5:10 p. inm.
11:55a.m. Sunset Express for La.
Texas and California. . . 6:45 p. m.
3:00 p. m. Lafayette Local 11:10 a. i
i 9:1W p. in. Texas Express S:35 a. m.
8:55 a.m. El Paso and Cal. Express 5:45 p. m.
3:55 p. in. New Roads Iocal 11:55. a, n.
6:30 p. m. Ft. Worth and Hot Spgs. 8:30, . m.
(Formerly N. O.. Fort Jackson and G. 1. R. R.)
8:05 a. m. Sunday Only 7:36 p. m.
8:40 a in. Daily. Except Sunday 7:0) p. mi
1 4:00 p. in. ly. Ex. Sat, anI Sun. 0:45 a. an.
5:31p. nm. Saturday and Sunday 9:45 a. m
5:310 p. . Daily, Except Sunday 8:510 a. m.
8:45 a. m. Sunday 10:05 a. m.
7:1) p. in. Sunday 6:00 p. m.
9::30 a. m. Saturday 4:30 p. in.
4;30 a. in. Jackson 2:10 p. m.
6:50 a. m. Jackson 7:35 p. m
::25 p. m. Jackson 11:15 p. m.
1:18i a. i. Hattiesburi 7:58 a. m
10:07 ain. IHattiesburg 2(1:24 a. m.
7:0)5 p. m. Hattiesburg 6:45 p. m.
7:33 p. im. Hattiesburg 7:18 p. m.
7:30: a. m. Gulfport 11:00 a. m.
11:30 p. m. Gulfport 2:55 p. mn.
1.15 p. mn. Gulfport 10:00 p. m.
Terminal Station Canal Street.
6.55 a. m.) Columbia Jet.. Ioga (6:40 p. m.
.*.:3 p. . . lusa, Franklinton. (10.15 a. m.
.55 a. m. Mandeville. Abita Springs,
Folsotn. Covingtaon 6.40 p. inm.
Eaily. Except Sunday.
1 5.25 p. inm. Maneoville, Abita Springs.
Folsomn. Covington 8.40 a. m.
Sunday Ixcua.lon
8.(5 a. m. Covington. Ablta Springs.
Mandeville 7.40 p. m.
(Carrollton Avenue Station.)
7.00 a. m. . . . . . . . . . . 9.50 p. m.
I - " III I  '
407 Morris Bldg., New Orleans.
District'Attorney for the parishes of
S Plaquemines and St. Bernard.
- Office Hours 10 to 12a.m, PhoneM, 3378
-339 Carondelt Stree-.. New Orileana
Practice in State and Federa Cio ir.
n St. Clair Plantation, English Turn P, O.
! Collections and Other Legal Business
promptly attended to.
137 Carondelet St. Fourth Floor
Take Elevator.
29th Judicial District Court, Par'
ish of Plaquemtines.
Id No. 702.
By virtue of and in obedieuce to an
Sorder of sale to me directed by the Hon
orable, the Twenty-Ninth Judicial Dis,
trict Court in for the Parish of Plaque,
mines, dated the second day of Febru.
Sary 1909, in the above entitled suit, I
have advertised and will proceed to sell
at public auction, at the Court House
Sat Pointe ala Hache. on Saturday the
e 27th day of March 1909, at 11 o'clock
a, m., the following described property
e First. A certain or tract or portion
of land together wi'h all the buildings
and improvements thereon, rights, ways
lf privileges and appurtenances thereto
f belonging or in anywise appertaining,
situated in the Parish of Plaquemines
-on the right bank of the Mississippi
)r River and about 65 miles below the city
Id of New Orlearts, having and measuring
e one half of one arpent front on the said
river by a depth of 40 arpents, bound
ed above by lands of William Hingleand
below by those of Luca Rainodeni, '
Second. All thatportion of land knowvn
as the west 1-2 of section 20, Tow hip
19, S. R, 28 E., Southeastern Distrietr
e, west of the Mississippi River.
Termsof sale: Cash
Sheriff of the Parish of Plequemwies
Feb 20-27, Mchb-6-1~-0-2.

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