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Easta %ong.
The golden sun climbs up the sky,
The shadows flee away,
Ohl weary heart, forget to sigh:
God sends the Easter Day!
Long was that night, chill was the air,
And grief o'er brooded long.
Yet is the new world white and fair,
Uplift thine Easter song!
The cross that bowed thee with its weight
By strength of prayer is stirred.
Till it shall bear thee soon or late,
As wings upbear the bird.
The life that thrills from star to star,
And beats in leaf and stem,
Is wider than the heavens are.
And blesses thee from them.
Wert thou cast down,wert thou dismayed,
Dear Child of One above.
Behold the earth in light arrayed;
The light of deathless love.
Ohl listen to the word that wakes
In every budding flower,
And take the bread the Master breaks,
In His triumphant hour.
For those who hear, and hearing yearn,
The King hath secrets sweet:
Their hearts within them thrilland burn.
They wait His coming feet.
Then swift the sun climbs up the skyl
The shadows flee away!
Ohl weary heart, forget to sigh,
God sends the Easter Day!
aiter usle / tf
old tradition, when
the Roman soldiers
came to the Garden
of Gethsemane
Christ hid under the
olive trees until, the
treacherous plover
cried out "Buvick!"
"Buvick!" "He ls
But if a Judas
among the birds be
trayed the Master of
men, in this hour of
need, other faithful feathered folk min
istered to him at the darker moment
of Calvary. Then it was that the
voice of the pitying turtle .ove grew
so plaintive that never has it re
gained its lost happy notes:. Not only
did the swallow perch on the cross and
twitter tender words of consolation,
but also in its small, sweet way al
leviated the sufferer's pain by pulling
out a spine from the crown of thorns.
And the stork flying over 'the cross
loitered on the wing to call down:
"Stryk!"' "Stryk!" - "Strengthen!"
Wonderful Passion Flower.
In the passion flower the reverent
I agliiation has discovered not a
cross alone, but also the pillar of
scourging, the nails, thl crown of
thorns, and even Spots to mark the
five wounds of the crucified body.
The Spaniard will tell you that the
aspen 'trembles because that was the
wood of the cross. However this may
be, there is a delightful old legend
concerning the tree out of which the
oros. was made.
Aged Adam, weary of toil and sin
and eager for death, sent to the angel
guarding the Tree of Lite to beg a
boon. The messenger brought back
the welcome promise that Adam should
die in three days, and the added gift
of three small seeds which were mys.
teriously to be placed under the 'dead
man's tongue before burial.
From these seeds, the quaint narra.
tve. continuet, sprang three saplings
that later united, three in one, sym.
bol of the Trinity. With this mirac
t;lous tree Moses and David each
' wrought many wonders. But King
Solomon, his whole heart set upon the
bilding of the temple, had the tree
r. at down, Intending it for a magnifi
cent beam. Strive as the workmen
V,- -would, however, nowhere would the
beam ft, and, cast aside, it was later
uied as a bridge , across a near-by
s, stream. When the queen of Sheba
. 'made her notable visit she refused to
tread upon this bridge; Instead, she
knelt and worshiped, and having con
i 8ted to Solomon a vision she had
concerning It, the king at once or
tiered the sacred wood ncased in gold
. and sliver, and reverently hung over
'the door of the temple. Suubsequent.
i< iBy Right, the Hare Should Be Assootl
ated with the season.
The rabbit, which has long been as
; 0oe0ated with Easter festivities, s all
is m stake, and the aninlal that appears
'a:' our Baster pictures and done in
sumtitr in the windows of the contec
jiloian should really be a hare, in.
itiid 'of a ambbit. The hbare has tfrom
Stime mlasezorial been ethe symbol of
the oon, and' as the moon decides
,tfh e ti of aster, It Is quite proper
iatnlatral that the hare should be
-4 iate4 with this season. In Ger
y elaster hare Is almost as ha
a personage as St. Nlcholae,
St habits Imeuwhat resemble
o ch eloved saint . On
hfe #slr white hare
o all cildren who
bides In all sorts
a4of qt ggs when ther
ly, Abijah, son of Rehoboam, covet
ing the precious setting, had it taken
down, and after appropriating the
metal had the wood buried deep in the
earth-so deep, in fact, that a well
was dug over it, the famous Pool of
Bethesda, the tree of mercy at the
bottom giving healing qualities to the
waters. Finally, as the time appoint
ed approached, the tree rose and float
ed on the surface, and the Jews took it
and made it into the cross upon which
the Christ was crucified.
Wood of the Cross.
As some claim the aspen was the
wood of the cross, others select the
weeping willow for the tree upon
which Judas hanged himself.
There is an old legend as sinister
as the fatalistic Dedipus myth that
claims that before the birth of Judas
his mother dreamed that her child
would murder his father and betray
his God for mloney. To prevent this
tragedy, the babe wa3 put in a chest
and cast upon the sea, but was rescued
and adopted by a king.
According to tradition, Pontius Pi.
late as well as Judas committed sui
cide, for upon his return to Rome so
indignant was the emperor over the
governor's actions while in Jerusa
lem that he east him into prison, a
humiliation too great for so weak a
spirit to bear.
Weird is the legend told concerning
the restless, tormented ghost of him
who could wash his hands but not his
conscience of offense.
The body of the suicide was first
cast into the Tiber, but so turbulent
were the storms that immediately fol
lowed that it was taken out of the
river, carried to Gaul, and thrown into
the Rhone. Tempests were the in
stant result. Again the body was re
moved, this time to Lake Geneva. The
same disasters in its train. Once
more an attempt was made to over
come the evil. Surely, in a far-away
mountain lakb locked in the center of
the Alps even the spirit of a Pilate
could do no harm. Vain hope. There
arose storms of wind and rain so great
in fury that flocks and herds were
drowned, trees torn up by the roots,
and happy-hearted homes washed away
to death and destruction.
Quieting Troubled Spirit.
Then at the call of the emergency
came the man of the hour to answer
it. Alone- he went to the lake, and
with the sole weapons of a scholar's
knowledge and magic battled with the
spirit until it signified an agreement to
remain at peace if only it might have
one day of freedom during the year.
The storms ceased, but long after
ward whoever went fo Pilate's lake on
a Good Friday saw an awful specter
clothed in a red toga upon a rock above
the water, "the grim, ghostly figure of
him who saw no ill yet permitted it."
ho is not a German to express an
Opinion as to where they really come
from. A rabbit is not a hare, although
they are cousins. There is one marked
difference between them. The baby
rabbit, as all know who keep these lit
tle animals as pets, comes into the
world blind and helpless, while the
baby hare has its eyes open from the
beginning, and is soon able to take
care of itself. It has been believed
that the bare never closes its eyes,
and that is one reason why it is chosen
as the symbol of the moon, which al
ways has its eyes open and sees every.
thing that goes on at night.
Easter Dawn.
Awake. O earth! the rose of dawn
Flames softly over Olivet.
The night of pain and death has gone,
,The air Is full of fragrauce drawn
'romn blossomrs of the thorn, dew-wet,
A lro, O earth! awake and greet
The day and all it brings to thee
Love's crowning triumph, full, coe
Awake and arg with rapture sweet
Thy song_ of Immortality I
Awkke. 0 earth! the rose of dawn
FPlame astftly over Olivet.
A:· :~ b
Minute Indicator 20 Feet Long an
Pair Weighs 1,7. Pounds.
New York.-One the building of th
Self-Winding Clock Company, at Gran
and Willoughby avenues, Brooklyi
just now are to be seen the large.
bands that have ever been made for
clock. They are destined for the to'
er of the Metropolitan Life buildini
They are now being tested.
Fourteen feet from the center pi
to the tip is the length of the minut
hand, and there is six feet of counter
poise, making a hand 20 feet over al
Hands for Clock on New York Tower
The hour hand is 11 feet long. In ma
king a sweep around the circle the
minute hand passes three stories o
the building.
These hands are made of manganese
bronze a;d are of bridge truss con
struction. They weigh more than 1,701
pounds. Over the hands there is .
covering of wire glass which will al
low of illumination. .Through eaci
hand there are 24 inch electrical tubes
in pairs. When the hands are illumi
nated it is estimated that it will be
possible on a clear night to tell the
time they mark at a distance of 24
miles. They will be about 400 feel
above ground level.
There is to be a clock on each of the
four sides of the tower. There will be
a 7,000-pound bell, with a hammer
weighing 170 pounds and four smallet
bells to strikethe Westminster chimes,
Three months have been spent in the
construction of hands, and four sets
are necessary. The clocks will be opF
erated by electricity.
Gabriella Zapolska, Playwright, At
tracting Attention in Europe.
Although her name is unknown in
the United States, Gabrielle Zapolska,
"the Polish Pinero," is just now at
tracting wide attention in RuSsia, Aus.
tria and Germany because of her abit
ity as a playwright.
She has the happy faculty of draw
Ing with unerring pen the characters
one is constantly meeting in the
streets-one's friends and neighbors
and chance acquaintances.
This remarkable woman is 45, ha
dark hair and eyes and a short nose,
the nostrils of which are too wide for
comeliness; a somewhat tired face and
a slight figure. In her plays she lays
bare the weakness and the strength
of human nature with wonderful truth
and detail. All her t's are crossed and
irll her i's dotted. She married young
and was divorced in a short time.
After that she began to write.
"1 never write about people I do
not know and never draw a scene that
is not, except for the dramatic ele.
ment brought out by the plot, quite
commonplace," she said in telling ofi
her methods. "I always choose an
every-day subject from middle or low
er-middle class life, and strive to keep
my imagination subservient to reason,
for it is in our ordinary life that real
tragedy and comedy are to be found."
"Do you think you will like the new
administration better than its prede
'Well," answered the man who
takes everything with terrible earnest.
ness, "I don't know just how much im
portance td attach to these stories
about Taft banquets. I'd rather play
tennis and ride a horse than eat alli
gator steaks." .
Used to It.
"I suppose you are glad to have younr
husband at home with you again."
"Yes--I suppose so, but he has been
living in sleeping cars for so long that
new he is home he can't sleep any.
where but under the bed."
It's easy enough to recognize the
symptoms of poor paint, after it has
been on awhile-after its inherent
a tendency to crack and peel and scale
c and blister, etc., has developed into
trouble. You know these paint "dis
1 eases" usually indicate adulteration
or substitution in the paint materials.
v. And you know the only remedy is re
A little knowledge of paint and
r painting requirements, and how to
E made sure of the purity and quality
, of materials, would prevent all trou
ble, and save the big extra expense of
re-painting; just as a proper knowl
edge of simple health-laws, and ob
servance of them, prevents sickness.
A complete painting guide, includ
ing a book' of color schemes, specifi
cations for all kinds of painting work,
and an instrument for detecting adul
teration in paint materials, with di
rections for using it, can be had free
by writing National Lead Co.,, 1902
Trinity Bldg., New York, and asking
for Houseowner's Painting Outfit
No. 49.
A very simple guide in the pur
chase of white lead (the only sure
and safe paint material) is the fa
mous "Dutch Boy Painter" trademark;
that trademark is an absolute guaran
tee of purity and quality.
Butler-Pardon this interruption,
but there is a deputation of unem
ployed waiting for you at the door.
His Excellency-Tell the people to
go home quietly. (Drains a glass of
champagne.) People in this world can
get on very well without work--at
least I find it so.
Child a Mass of Dreadful Sore, Itch.
ing, Irritating Humor for 2 Months
-Little Sufferer in Terrible Plight.
Disease Cured by Cuticura.
"My six year old daughter had the
dreadful disease called hives for two
months. She became affected by play
ing with children who had it. By
scratching she caused large sores
which were irritating. Her body was
a complete sore but it was worse on
her arms and back. We employed a
physician who left medicine but it did
not help her and I tried several reme
dies but without avail. Seeing the
Cuticura Remedies advertised, I
thought I would try them. I gave her
a hot bath daily with Cuticura Soap
and anointed her body with Cuticura
Ointment. The first treatment re
lieved the itching and in a short time
the disease disappeared. Mrs. George
L. Fridhoff, Warren, Mich., June 30
and July 13, 1908."
Potter Drug & Chcm. Corp., Sole Props., Bostoe,
Why She Shut Down.
"A charming gentleman, about four
years old, used to pass my house every
day on his way to kindergarten," said
a lady, "and in course of time I made
his acquaintance and gave a penny to
him each morning when we parted.
"Eventually his mother requested
me not to give any more money to
him. The next morning I did not pre
sent the usual penny. He did not seem
to notice the omission. The succeed
ing day, when the penny was not
given to him he said nothing. But on
the morning of the third day, when the
penny was not forthcoming, he sidled
up to me and whispered: 'What's the
matter. Ain't your husband working?'"
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell
and completely derange the whole system when
entering It through the mucous surfaces. Such
articles should never be used except on preserlp
tions ftrom reputable physeians, as the damage they
wlt do la ten old to the good you can pOsibly de
rive from them. Hall's Catarrb Cure, manufactured
by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mer
eury, and is taken lnternally, asetlng directly upon
the blood anad mueous surfaces of the system. In
buying Hall's Catarrh Cur e be sre you get ti
genulne. It is taken Internally and made In Tole4N
Ohio. by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.
Sold by Drugista. Price, 7e0. per bottle.
Tke Hal's Family Pills for constipation.
Other Men's Wives.
"What a pretty party this is," she
said, as she looked around the beauti
ful room at the pretty women sitting
on the long divans against the wall.
"And these are your wives? Aren't
they sweet? Isn't it lovely?"
"Yes," he admitted, "but you ought
to have been at our party last month
when we had a lot of other fellows'
wives. It was a whole lot lovelier."
For Headache Try Hicks' Capudine.
Whether from Colds, Heat; Stomach or
Nervous troubles, the aches are speedily
relieved by Capudine. It's Liquid-pleas
ant to take-Effects immediately. 10, 25
and 50c at Drug Stores.
When a woman goes away on a visit
for a few days, never ask her why she
takes so many clothes with her, for
how else could she show her friends
that she has them?
Thousands of country people know that
in time of sudden mishap or accident
Hamlins Wizard Oil is the best substi
tute for the family doctor. That is why
it is so often found upon the shelf.
He who is false to duty breaks a
thread in the loom, and will find the
flaw when he may have forgotten the
cause.--H. Ward Beecher.
"Brown's Bronchlal Troches" give relief
in Bronchial and Lung Troubles. A sim
ple remedy. 25 cents a box. Samples sent
ree by John I. Brown & Son, Boston,Masa
The assistance we get is seldom sat
isfactory. The best way is not' to
need it.
h gntoure or BD W. .GRoy. Usd the World
over to ture a Cold in One Dal. po.
It is what it is "cracked up to be," if
it is ice.
SBeoau of thOse ugly, grizzly, gray haire. Use "LA CREOLE" HAIR RIETORER.O PRICE, SI.00, retail.
One of the Important Duties of Physicians and
the Well-Informed of the World
is to learn as to the relative standing and reliability of the leading manufactur
ers of medicinal agents, as the most eminent physicians are the most careful as to
the uniform quality and perfect purity of remedies prescribed by them, and it is well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed generally that the California Fig Syrup
Co., by reason of its correct methods and perfect equipment and the ethical character of
its product,has attained to the high standing in scientific and commercial circles which
is accorded to successful and reliable houses only, and, therefore, that the name of the
Company has become a guarantee of the excellence of its remedy.
appeal to the Well-Informed in every walk of life and are essential to permanent suc
cess and creditable standing, therefore we wish to call the attention of all who would
enjoy good health, with its blessings, to the fact that it involves the question of right
living with all the term implies. With proper knowledge of what is best each hour
of recreation, of enjoyment, of contemplation and of effort may be made to contribute
to that end and the use of medicines dispensed with genealily to great advantage, Iut
as in many instances a simple, wholesome remedy may be invaluable if taken at the
proper time, the California Fig Syrup Co. feels that it is alike important to present
truthfully the subject and to supply the one perfect laxative remedy which has won
the appoval of physicians and the world-wide acceptance of the \Vell-Informetd,lecause
of the excellence of the combination, known to all, and the original method of manufac
ture, which is known to the California Fig Syrup Co. only.
This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of
Syrup of Figs-and has attained to world-wide acceptance as the most excellent of
family laxatives, and as its pure laxative principles, obtained from Senna, are well
known to physicians and the Well-Informed of the world to be the best of natural
laxatives, we have adopted the more elaborate name of-Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
Senna-as more fully descriptive of the remedy, but doubtless it will always be
called for by the shorter name of Syrup of Figs-and to get its beneficial effects always
note, when purchasing, the full name of the Company - California Fig Syrup Co.
plainly printed on the front of every package, whether you simply call for--Syrup of
Figs-or by the full name-Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna-as-Syrup of Figs and
Elixir of Senna-is the one laxative remedy manufactured by the California Fig Syrup
Co. and the same heretofore known by the name-Syrup of Figs-which has given
satisfaction to millions. The genuine is for sale by all leading druggists throughout
the United States, in original packages of one size only, the regular price of which
is fifty cents per bottle.
Every bottle is sold under the general guarantee of the Company, filed with the
Secretary of Agriculture, at Washington, D. C., that the remedy is not adulterated or
misbranded within the meaning of the Food and Drugs Act, June 3oth, Igo6.
ADDRESSES San Francisco, Cal. ,INORPOanD
Louisville, Ky. U S. A. New York, N. Y.
London, England.
These New Towns in the
Northwest All Need Men
Hundreds of new towns are springing up all over
the Pacific Northwest.
The big, easy fortunes being made from fruit,
farming and stock-raising, are making these towns
grow fast. They all need men who know trades
they need you, whether you have money to invest
or not.
Never, in the history of America, has the man
who works with his hands had such a chance to
make money, as is offered in the west today.
You Are Losing Money Every
Day You Stay in the East
You would not stay another day in the worn-out East,
if you knew even half the truth about the great Pacific
Families, who went there penniless 5 years ago, are
spending this winter in California. They bought good
land at low prices-paid for it gradually-today are
Opportunities, are greater now than ever, because
the country is more developed.
Ask us on a postal to send you our free book, telling
you all about Oregon, Idaho and Washington. We'll
also tell you what it costs to go there.
E. L. LOMAX C. P. A.,
Omaha, Neb.
Want a Telephone?
If you do you can get it. If you are anxious to get into closer
touch with your friends, with the family doctor, with the store, with the
post office, or with the cotton buyer, you can do it with a telephone
at hand. If you want to make the farm a more livable place, if yout
want to protect your homer you can do it by installing a telephone.
If you will cut out this advertisement, write your name and
address on the margin and mail it to-day to our nearest house,
we will send you at once a copy of our Free Bulletin No. soy on
"How to Build Rural Telephone Lines"
4. . This Bulletin explains clearly how a rural telephone system is built
and operated, and it also contains full information as to costs.
In a Farmer's Mutual Company a few day's labor and a cash
Investment of about $25. per subscriber; will purchase all material
' and build an absolutely standard system.
A Rural Telephone is an investment, not an expense. The
This Book Sent Free telephone which enables you to sell ten bales of cottoRt at 2 cent per
pound more than the traveling buyer offers you, has paid for its en
tire cost. If you have some hay down all ready to go in, it is worth
something to have a telephone with which to call on Neighbor Smith "for a lift" before the storm breaks.
The Rural Telephone pays for itself each year and we have brought the initial cost within the
reach of every farmer. Present prices are especially favorable and thousands of Farmers' Mutual Com
panies are now organizing so as to build their lines this Spring. Write us to-day.
satern Orliteu COC ti N Nohersien wdeates o(Mices
Atlanta Eansas City Boston Philadelphia
The world's oldest and largest tele- Chic o Pittsburg
Cincinnati Pontsmouth phone manufacturer. lThere are over Derer Saint Paul
Dallas Saint Louis 4,coo.oo Western Electric Telephones Los Ageles Salt Lake City
Indiaapol Savannah n use in the United States to-day. New York San Francisco
aral Tepes a specially Omaha Seattle
eE men FoAbdr i d lISerolrt a ot r Uaniyotwe., Onse lOaekaoe eoloe all rsw. They dye in coldwaterbotte tn say other din. Vyra eade
~ pginmWithStI rimpsigeL WS I etl mkdr sb.ooklNt-ItolDs Blech andi Celos. MONROE DRUG 00., OQualy, IlmelMs.
Where Time Halts. For Pink Eye. Eptsootle
"There are some people who never pps DISTEM PER S i Caarthal Fever
;et beyond a certain age," said the
)rass-buttoned man at the railroad sureu-.andsitiv preaventie- no sttr h aae t d o
ded." 1J qut. vefln on the tongue; act s on the .... . d sný dl nd pets the
rates. "The unmarried woman who sonous t rom hemt ld. Cure.mei Tfl~i t he. epand hostn e
lever gets beyond 25 and the child ,aned le, pen remedly. ocd l a tttlf ltet dn.
it. Show toyourruggiut. whowll get it foryou. Free Booklet. "Dte.mpers ,Causm
who travels who never reaches the andures." Spectaligentswated.
ige of five." "P SPONill MEDICAL CO.. .he rl.:l,La 60BSHEN, IN..,, U. S. A.
This Trade-mark
Eliminates AU
in the purchase of
paint materials.
It is an absolute
guarantee of pur.
ity and quality.
For your own
protection, see
that it is on the side of
every keg of white lead
you buy.
11 Tt LIMj ig et
18 Tr ,,ll osilen,, n. Ttv
"I have suffered with piles for thirty.
six years. Oe year ago last April I be
gan taking Cascarets for coustipation. I
the course of a week I noticed the pilie
began to disappear and at the end of lds
weeks they did not trouble me at all.
Cascarets have done wonders for me. I
am entirely cured and feel like a new
man." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken,Weaken or Gripe.
10c,25c, 50c. Never sold fn bulk. Thbegeo.
alne tablet stamped CC C. Guarantsed to
cure or your money back. aU
Absolutely Pure, No Weeds*
Ex. Gov. Hoard of Wisconsin, from 30 aeres
sown to Salzer's loth Century Alfalfa, har
vested within sa weeks after seeding 9asoo.oo
worth of magnificent bay. or at the rate of
over 080.00 per acre. Big seed catalog free: or,
send 100 In stamps for sample of this Alfalfa,
also Billion Dollar Gras, Oats, Wheat, Barley,etc.
easily worth $O.00of any man's money to gel
a start with. Or, send 140 and we add a sampl
farm seed novelty nev0r seen before by you.
SALZER SEED CO., Box W, La Crosse, Wis.

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