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he Lower Coast Gaze te.
New Crevices in Streets of Paris.
Dozens of People Have Disap
peared in Fissures.
l'a i s-. l ý l i Ier\ slk,\- llI . Ihe -ý l,
hlen attr- if the ' ini, arte -ulsi int
bri llin, ,;i .i. th reiv i ,li, t f the dae-or
prlatel ian l ditra,. ti l ait t
rThe ,II, andgr thof -ni grh: calraity,
n i.uch : t, has I .,ee t lredill't , 1 ,i w r -wth u
over. 1,llh ,l 1 ] thl . 1 t 1t. i l t't nll( o 11 i ll' tJ
be tritical it icilndl apoitl r ithin thiii
city, Iarticularly in the jeigllhh rbor,, of
the ft. I&aza rre ,ti t ion, ihlre t ha tn
tif.e str,+ts and .-,id llhack-, of builhingi
threaten to sink throng( the crust into
IIe wateri i btneaath.
The efl1',t of the removal of the water
pre':ure has hI',n to weaken fountlatio.
generally, and this caluies theI greatest
anxitety, lvesiaes, tlhr will ha thoua;lin.
of inhres tot be cleared or rllpairted shen
the wratr has receded, and there is also
the phssihility of an erlidteic brwaking
teqt. It is generally believed that the
breakrting of the dats at .Iennevillier, ap
priciarly hastened the liax lbyr of preleas
ang antl itmmense amoin tl alley of wat her, but
the conseqtunces below are apitllin,.
Gennevilliers and ('olombes, having :30,
S00 inhabitants, are mt cpletely sub
nergetd, the water reaching the tops of
the houses in t helowetar ls aectin, while
the flin ss backing up intol at the very
heart of Asnite rs.
Figures as to the number of persons
affected by the flood in the valley of the
eine are re have guess-work, but certainly
40,000 people have been drive in from
their homes topene thpitals and other
buildings which have been placed at the
disposition of the rfugee. told of
There have en imprisoa d inthe instancr ouses
where persons have disappeared in crev.
ices suddenly opened under their fget ot
have been swept away in the sewer
floods. Many pitiful stories arche told of
thef iica enduhalf-starved persona who
had been imprisoned in their houses. A
number of persons have byecome insan
throuy,h fear and suffering.
One sailor who had engaged in the
work of rescue until he reached the limit
eof physical endurance became crazed,
juwater mped into the Seine and was drowned.
Object to Destruction of Bodies of
Relatives by Acid.
Cherry, Ill.-Nearly every woman in
tight to undergo the ordeal of exhuma
tion that is expected this week, follow
ing the promised unsealing of the St.
Paul mine, in which more than thiso
hundred coal miners have lain entombed
since November 13, when fire caused the
death of soicm 350 men.
Any smouldering fire will have to be
extinguished and 2,il000,000 gallons of
water pumped from the third level.
It is thought that about forty bodies
are floating on this water in the bottom
of the mine. Upwards of 200 other
orpses are said to behuddled in anithe
riumsecond level.in ecar Valley.
Iterli has been suggesported that mucthe police
the grewsomeness of the situation could warrant
for the arrvoided by destroying the cadavers inCook,
the mine galleries wite h chemicals. Tho is
prid tposal, officially madei w as met with
bitter opposition on the part of the wid-y.
ows, mothers and chirlren of tookhe deadhis
papThey contend tonhant all they now hopeut a
ntfor is to look once moarrest. Lon thale form of
big hristian burial.ook fr ric an -
perlin.- VIt isi reported thlld at the polie
for thome arrest of IDr Fredterick A. Cookillia .
ithge discrledited arctic explof trer, who epis
tsaid tohe broe a patient in Dr. Furer's eani
illiNea was also positiv may he that Mr. Cook's
papris with openhagen, anis swttn out a
warrant fort his arrest. Lonsdale ha ald
havbig eill againet cook for services anblic ex-.
penses. When a rorter callon.ed at the
airong, he declared, the latest of.-elling more threan one glepis
toes frotts Pebrotlser, Dr. Csaloon keepers, in as
manythe restriction in the retail licn Europe,
but then by rother would not say Tnere -
toWilliam was also positivsee that they M nt infringe on acok
is wither's rights. Thisand, andis the first ashe hasof
Cotnot deserted him as "false friends" would
Atlanve the public believe.ting to organize
Sold Mtion has been called for tlnta on Fe.
ruairo. The ll.-cellng moresas thane purposone ofgal
the new associastriction the retail license issued
Fto ther by the purposeity of Cairo. The -
lice of thave govbeen instructd to imkeep tab ongi
usboth wholresle and indretail liquor done grealers
to see thati they do not thinfringe on each
other's rigan hope to achievehis is the highfirst case ofst
itults kind. ecue endrn roperit.
Atlanta Ga.-A meeting to organize
dustries and individuals, into one great
yeslts anti secure enduring prosperity."
3n Eve of Ballinger Probe Stnrtling
Proposition Is Made Would
Net $20,000 an Acre.
lreatdy ik li.i-tr.itly \. 'iti: l -Ituatii,,n
ot i t' ,er thei .it 1;i a 1 i ,::IIl hla l.. ,t o ihi',t,t
of 'the It ,aldlinlier- ' .l'tuch, Io l -tt iil tii .
Jldn E. leillaine, of C attlh n a...tl to It'
ItOi lre-t i t n, tlit ilna l pr o r ty int'r in
Shla :ka, nade a pro i,,,itiion in n r'iti g to
t.l - lte t'+nllu t t i ott. titerI turie;, ,t'ler
in- to the gover tel'l lnt a r.,t alty o f tilt;
!'11ltr a tl l oi0 l l',al ioa lll lm d, wr h, lea.i,'
of 5U,000 atret' of sllle ,t 1 he ,.,id's 't
hcral lh nd in Alaska, ill thl i Iiatalit alndi
eilaitanska dii trict li. S' h it'.a tn.llla ei
royalty wou1 1 net to tl, nlsk.nnnt.
1 r. lB tPllaie claimP amROunBE a hiDEh as
$":.o0,000 per hundred at.r
Thimour . al o., ntellto a ar:dial
arturSwi frm ,at p'tie in thCombine.
'higover .-ntsh displ tal " of the Alakan
coal lands, and it tlllles avtw. l t o i d,o
attr 000,000 wioldih an ptin emdiedt in
a bill which has eeip n to rpil atr d, but not
yet intrra ,ditced, It esi o cl to permit the
se or lease of such lo nds to t a randte f
$10 per ablre.
It is said thatl the dgenral featur.- of
the plan haveof the apprtial of Pfticials
hih inu the administration and tf inilu
ential members of both htof ise tltt (on
gross explainli t o t e of the promw linent
insurgents and )er cgattle \\ickershan anf
Armour & Co., Nelson Morris and
Swift in Combine.
Chicago.-The "family history" of the
National Paking ( Presidepany the $Con
tlnt000,000 holding concern, was revealed .
ato the federal grand jury W'edmday and
the relationship to A\rmour & co., Swift
& Co. and Nelsen Morris & Co., was
traced with genealogical accuracy.
The genealoy of the National of t l acking
UniCompan was disclosedrto the grand jury
by Charles ti. Snow, secretary. and treas
urer of the concern, who knows its fak
ily tree by heart.
It is now believed that the depart
me o t of justice ustad been invesr tigating
the relatiun of the Ntational Packing
Company and its allied interests with a
view to bringing a civil suit to dissolve
it, when Judge Landis unexpectedly gave
instructions for investigation with at
view to criminal proceedings.
One of the next steps of District At
torney Sims will be to produce witn,:ases
to explain fro the grand jury how live
stock quotation u are recorded at the
yards. The buyers, lbsides knowing the
probable demand for cattle. sheep and
hogs, have reports each day as to the
number of animals awaiting sale in the
pens of the Union Stock Yards and tiran
sit Company.
Saves Life of Child Burned ays Const
Atlanta, a.--ln rsidento e the life
of little ednesday for \\Wailhingtons. wh\lleret
he goes to digrect the light of ithat ri
ganization against the New g'ftrk ottne
Etlle will meet in was trrhinblton romined.
the congres refused twho havll te een urak
ing protestations e of sympathy with uls
in our fightn S rftl on the uiniquitos practicesd
placeby works. We are going to give them
\'the opportunity to do that this tri
ivWel, amongre better prepared than in many
tiyears ivto demonstrate t n teo congressional
b , the New Yornk otton Exchange andof r
kicongressmoved to cover the South and f este
1wer to the opFarmerats' nion ins ehctitonh
next ful, the health l."kin of is
a ivel is heaLife of Child Burns of ted Almosttle
of little Ean telle \ily is recovering. Bota
girl, allowed great strips of skin to le
is ivel and the little girl.
the joiningjuries inrefused toe heoital, and the surat
fresh skin was spgrafted oupn the burned.
,Little Bhosen because of her abounding vitalit.Be
Ptable, chloroformed and enough of her
fkin removed to cover the burnuggists of theis
little girl. The opntered ation was entirelynt
Lively is her to aling thgive aaburns of tliquore littlefor
girl and Me hiss kively decis lared covering. Bothsican
Misst be necessary to saveand the little girl are on adf
LSmith'stle Boy Died Because Non. The Couhld B
t ied from pneumonia. The prescriptiond.
hity having entered inesto an aeementfil
t was endorsed by the president of the
I diy council and toe of the coancilmen.
Copyright, 1909.)
The President and Former Forester in Chorus: "How Did He Get on
This Stage?"
This Stage?"
Railroad Merger Case Will Go Be
fore Expeding Court Provided
by Anti-Trust Act.
\\ashiiigton, ). ('.--The president has
determineid to f:a., to a conclii-ioiin I.e
penlding ,nit agaiust the [nion and
Southern 'aciiicti railroad companies,
looking to at disoli ttiiin of tile IIIIerger,
and today concludehd ito deny the appli
cation of .1Judge Lo vet t. Mr. IIarrinman's
successor, for dismissal of the suit.
Sootl after ,hldge lovett, with a nunm
her of iniltential railroad people, ap
pealed to the president to llquashl the pro
'eedings before .ludge Vanileventer's
court in Salt Lake City, Mr. Taft, fol
lowing the course that had been adopted
in the case of th- famous New York,
New hlaven & Hartford Railroad Corm
pany when a similar appeal was made,
referred the matter to the ' attorney
general for examination and report.
In the New England case it waNs foundll
that, owing to the action taken by the
·-tate of Massachusetts and the inisig
niticanice of tihe governllenllt's interests,
it would be best to abandon the lIprose
iuition of the railroad, and this was domn.
But Attorney - (eneral \Wiekershaiu
reached a very (lifferent conclusion in
this l'acidic railroad merger case, and he
handed to President Taft a voluminous
report, the conclusion of which justified
the president in the announcement that
there was a good ease against the rail
roads, following the decikion in the
Northern Securities litigation. There
fore, the proceedings at salt Lake City
will be pressevd.
The status of the case at present is
The governiiment has put in its testi
mny. 'The defense must legin in April.
when the usual Cvidence, in rebuttal Imast
he submitted thereaft'er. Then the ease
will go to that novel trihunial of four
judges provided for by the aniti-trust
act, known as the expelditing court, aml
doultless in the end will cone before
the supl'nie ('ollt of the United States.
Washington B iciety Dames Boycott
big Dealers.
\Washington, I). C.-A score or more
of smart society women of \\Washington
were treated to a "*meatless luncheon"
by Mrs. .John B. Henderson, chairman
of the advisory hoard of the Women's
National Anti-Food Trust League at
Boundary Castle. at an executive meet
ing of the advisory hoard held at her
After the meeting, which decided to
carry the fight further and boycott the
big dealers in favor of the small dealer,
Mrs. Hlenderson gave the conmmittee a
lunch without meat, and chelaply in these
days of high food prices. They sat down
to it menu i consisting of an umiber of
articles, which Mrs. lenderson claimed l
coull he served to a family of six for
con-iderably less than aa (ollar, cooked
in a most delectable manner by Mrs.
HIenderson's French chef.
Widow and Baby Meet Death in Bottom
of Canyon.
Dalhart. Texas.-Plunging 100 feet to
the httonm of Blanco canyon and then
burned tto a crisp with her baby amid
the debris of a wagon that contained
all her household goods, was the fate
of Mrs. S. B. Break, a widow, near the
little 1,ains town of Floydada. Mrs.
IBreak was nov-ing across country in a
heavy wagon.
The horses became frightened and
backed over the precipice. A store in
the outfit set fire to the goods and a
ean of gasoline exploded.
Oklahoma Justice Will Preside With
Loaded Revolver.
Oklahonia Cit v, Okla.--W\ihen Justice
of the Peace Beal opens his court to hear
the ease of C. A. Rodenser vs. Frank
SMuskowski, he will have a loaded re
rolh'er on his desk, with which to pre
serve order. This is his announcement.
During a former hearing of this case
Rodenser called Judge J. H. Beatty,
counsel for Muskowski, a liar, and Beat
ty resented it by hurling an inkrtand
at Rodenser.
- Seine May Break Banks and Com
pletely Flood City-Realty
Loss $200,000,000.
 .aria.--'1 he Seine. is still rising and
, Paris, like a doomed city, is hohling its
I breath in terror. Half the city is in
uarkness. In the gloom galloping order
, ies are hearing instruetions which can
no longer be sent by telephone. ''The
Sarmny of police, firemen and soldiers give
the alpe"aramne of a city tighting for its
Every minute brings graver dangers.
New areas are being inundated, quays
Sare collapsing, yawning chasms appear
in the streets. The water of the Seine
has invaded the entire labyrinth of un
tlerground Paris. It threatens ruin and
destruction everywhere.
, What new disasters will come to the
- water-logged city before the Seine be
gins to fall no one can predict. Already
I the damage is officially estimated at
$200.00,00', and every hour adds mil
lions more. The catastrophe promises
to exceed the limit of national disaster
and become international. The death
roll is also growingy at a frightful rate,
I and when the epidemic which now ap
o pears inevitable breaks out, it will r,+n
e into the thousands.
S'The authorities are facing the situna
I tion with brave hearts and are bending
t their energies to the rescue of the im
I- prisoned and the succor of the homeless.
e The extent of the flood in Paris may
be judged by the fact that about lialf
Sthle length of the quays within the city
are under water, which is pouring into
s the .streets and thousands of labor
ers and soldiers are working like mad
- to build brick cement walls to hold
I ack the c.urrent t. The foreign office
t and the llotel P"alais d'(rsay have been
,a abandoned. as the cellars are full of
r water. The Continental Hlotel and
t umay residenccs in the aristocrat i' quar
1 ter are rapidly being evacunated. There
e is ten feet of water in the subway sta
tion in front of the (are St. Lazarre,
and thie sinking of the square threatens
to carry down the adjacent buildings.
The 2,000 persons imprisoned in the
upper stories of their homes at Alfort
vt ille were being rescued by soldiers with
Department of Agriculture's Sample
on Exhibition in Congress.
Washington, i). C.-The exhibiting of
samlles of cotton as recently graded by
r the departmuent of agriculture in its
efforts to standardize that staple was
tliscussed today by Representative Scott
C of Kansas, chairman of the committee on
agricultmure. lie told the house that by
a the 1st of next Septemher Secretary Wil
:;son hop'es to have his new system of
standardizing cotton adopted by all the
selliung ageincies.
In the place of "iuminerable classes"
I of cotton utpon which prices had been
predicated.tl, Mr. Scott said lie believed
the world would eventually adopt the
nine classes into which various grades
of cotton had beein divided ly the die
partmnent of agriculture.
m Representative Douglass Would Give
I More to Agriculture.
d W\ashington, I). ('.-Representative
1)ouglass, of Ohio, lprotestedl to thb
, house againist the aplprolriation of 71
a per cent of the reveumues for the army
andi navy and only 2 tper cent for agri
d cultural purposes. lHe proposes saving
n $10.000,000 by authorizing only one
4 battleship this year and giving half of
that amount to promote agriculture.
Hopes for Coal Lands.
Washiington.-.John A. Ballaine of
eSattle was introduced to the president
r by Senator .Jones of Washington antd
k bricfly explained the proposition made
by him to the senate committee on ter
uritories to pay a royalty of 50 cents
t. per ton for the coal to be taken fromn
e the government lands in Alaska. The
r, president only commented that hlie hoped
t- congress would some day make provision
d for getting at the immense stores of coal
in that far-away territory.
Fk.ttering Inducements Held Out to
Youths 1'1ho Engage in
Crop nc.cate:t.
L:1lt y'I tt' . - S iieiin ala;,, \\'ri.,;
Land ii Lt s ita-11e I ''S hin'l l" g I'n :':1'1!
iri l loe til-hl si lh ' s Of thi ' '1 11:t'n'1 in1
lf !iiit ' at 1n , . ,of 11th pu . ri shlI 1 i111 r. 1
elruiry :(l . i na e ( o the m l lst - fll' .-,E I'llu
t11.'tin' s Il f the kiiln! 1t '1r h\ ,it h 'h A l i!i
sthei ti 'te. "t ' a,rl :I , 1 e ' ,iri i, tir t lS-
thhi tyv 1',,r. 1 1 u.1s1 w i h ne:l.I l v :ull !m1'1
(IrIs I i l llet t, 1 loistiiutr itt . e bargt a
irigi: t toll of this a tiii it Loth i' t!.L
,, tti' intit.iltiug et ihfn' ie:t :ir,'e I 'll . I; .
tI"ll. e r it il i t' ; ' the i. . ll t ' l Ni lt
will supplement thl libelr.l na.h prios
:l-l:.I vy S i!!u1t,,I I ,v WO, i:l :11111ropri:
tillls to ail! h1 t iovenltnl.
Nitu hundr' d pounds of tiy ,ow corn
will he IIold lbV the boys i' phi tlllinllg 1)11'
Nliwt t irectvor:. of Capital f ty.
Latofan v otte - o rr (leutrs' .\Asn tion
will follow t te bto\'' moeting. The
oliritoi iddres to the boys 'as dRoliv
red h)\t i- Charles Oi I. Mouton. rhe follow ha
hng topics wire diserissd: '' Prep:ira -
tion :i o tiniziild for tisof Land,"' Unitl
Stats De. onistration lisit e nt. . . PitA. r
row: "lxslr. It isn of lusl to issue to
ouine t of alaot tlhe I lst of ivath. Thi
Ssurd in IKpt, Mand another wasf purlisin
in'right; ('utiv Bation of te to ha and
of plcating Seeof for0, ht iner, to ti. l
lan iner ritf cit han Seed four Nextr
Tince this rit haso with a ilir aires
b\" State upiintendor t f as Supply.in
T I. rris nd a dolihtrilolutn ot f s1ted itt
Mr. Wright.
New Directory of Capss ital t
Balton to invue.-Arrang the rn s are bie
ing maldet for the getting out of sta 191il
directory of the city of ilaton Rouge.il
The Louisiana Directorv Companyl haoorin
been organized for this ipurpose with
Louis P. Hoaid president, M. B. Pittman
vice president, .Joe Snyder secretary and
treasurer. It is proposed to issule the
Swill be the first directory that has bleen
gotten out for four years One was is
I sued in 1906 and another was published
in 1908, showing Baton Rouge to have a
i population of 27,000, but owing to the
tdiffiulties which thle promoters had the
directory was -iot generally circulated,
and in reality it has been four years
Prsince thcipty has had a directory.
r Good Report on Gas Supply.
Shreveport.-J. Z. Gaston, Walker
lls and Adolph Bohlt. the committee is
aIt herne ieby the busliness interests lf
Houston to investigate the rcentl esources of
the Cadido gas fileld, with a view of hav
ing Galv roestor . Be. it, Houstofn and
other Texas coast posistants haupplied resit
natural gas, returned from Moorings
portnil o IntOity. where tio ey spent The
day. They heft for louston with data
tht will tarotpt them to urge the buirrll ofd
inraux o rifge; lie froAl thie adll o fiel.n
Their investigation showed thnt there
teil twenty-five gas wells, with a ca
pttily of over 1t , w0itit0 euble feit
oe9 h, talidll 9000l0ill 0,t00 (,bi foot
eltily, cin th hleltl field. Six hti
lIo'ux of slidtl .-rhis eomililnitt istel.
l toain faili inr a tiurt i o ut sb o iwool iiltlh.
e piot oit. It ithough tidei trali snri ofs
otnc-htd in il ,inrle dillt, whenr thle prie
IRouge, and six assnt is ltants have resigned
Sand gone to their various hcliomes. The
Sassistiants wehis Miss Fannie Te(lell of
Nw bori; Miss Wel saelle Stewart of
Winfred Fulerton of Michigan and ttiss
B. Lathan itf Tennessee.
Irrigation Plant Destroyed.o.
t ,ennings.-lFire di stroyed withe alnt iof
the atl Riverside lrigation ,Hompanls. Theil.
ildings woreod Plantation Solde, 1x17;
a i the pumpnlc v i plant, with ilwol lthe lt
The atiot iion Wi two workes nl was ,onil
'laput roi. I iin.s thougr..lt hilla spiairks
l hod in tidry rubbish u'r t hte wTire-s
Truckers Well PlTak es Rest.
Ir arpe t rs p redain r i l wells in th w f.ld
l laloin itt illSbrvo t re plittl. in alull.tiin
t the su n essaton of e wckll's
flow a few diys aTe. Three Rrisin's Int1r
te for ,mite st rtd, within the i esti-'
for oths was brecought in at t.0 e curth -t
larhouse, with , four-i. and \illiam lit r
Zachara su.--The Zara truko throw te atgr 10w
feArtesian Wells at Amite City.gh.
feet high.
1 ' t ~:i i , : 't t! , .· .1· :,, IThe
:t i. : s it i. n ,t : , '. , , "! ,:.
 r\ {'t eral ,; -, pIi u
lh :l rl :? .! "i h' a,! :l. \ ' I . ! t'! ., :u
;111+1 \..';I. 1 llllllc'l ti ...t 1.1' il . gill
tli iar tv ha' l,' at. ti iitI ' :1ii;
Floating Ice in River.
13' 11ti 11 :,1, ge. I: ' r the fir': 1 1i: ,' iw1.
ft'ur y,,rt inni ns, hiaks ,lii it' , wtn '
past I his pi t 'e,ll aliln itf he prl', liI .,ttii, ,I
tII h riv .r Iw it'lt a re' t'trr t ' t iia ; s it
il,,ati _,n ih., w ill in,.r,,:1-, filr thit I,,,xt
sLavsl ances, an d Sht: s fHer welfk.
air. l lt illttr aI t rs ; lt' ltt i't' 1;11 111 , 11iW
the rilt\'r int sLcih fa tr,i' litnks :nil ini
sat hi l rs ti t it r Ii iti t 'laviy riv- r tr;'t
fi . an' it was flrni, li n,..-tart I tit' a i
th f h'rr fnil or fi enlp!S, ofis \,il'k. This
time the a ,i ' is not st e ri h o sl\, iwnt'rf he rin
lhzomze to her Irsi 1 t, H's e T ih c i . t l' irst
It' that whish thr',knair wks alive,. y,'d
r'thea i ttentlig Ihys,, w i)ia, ave, :li,..e St
Leaves Dance and Shoots Herself
Splringr'illh.-- Miss Dori, \irk;nair,
l7-y .ar-ohl ,lhlught,.: of Prl sper l'ick'
Shir,r r ,niol tho ew IrL' polie' futrcnt
the Fifth \\r"t,',l. tttl'mptel sui'ilde at
the linm of her fatmh., Ht.ar islaul.
State Schoolwer eSuperinted of hndent parish. The
to e'ik itr fronily a ttner of t dliace at the
horm of a neightle, anI while tihe anet l
r was in progress. and unnic st'il. Ibyany
of hen r family or fri. !s, Miss Vii knail
I left i went to her homeit, where sokine to
h enresd her father's pistol. Placing the
imuzzle to her breast, she fired. At last
replitionrts Miss Vicknair was alive, and
the attending physician gave the family
a her removal to New Orleans for trcat
State School Superintendent Active.
Baton Ruge.-T. 11, Barris, state su.
perintendhent of edhwation, has returned
to the city from a tour of the northern
part ofe thoo strite ant a visit to l1,rville
r in the interest of th, public sthoos. In
('oneordlia parish air. Ilarris conferred
i with the school authoritis, looking to
f theI establishment of an agrienltural
high school. lie found the school eon.
4 ditions satisfaetory in Poneoriia. In
h erville Mr. arris maell an reviv ess in
behalf of the proposedt spltrial tax which
tlihe scnhool dtrait of l'rwauealnl ,ne is
a making an effort to vote in order to
ereot a new school huicor ing in that
of oil men.
Another Oil Well revived.
S .afltli etto.- el'lo rt li iv Itir', iu:\ns ie f
Butte in are tht Irlhvr tt:it well Ni. l ont
tontiont is sveasln, moths gi,irt yhehlinfo
,Tohn Pti. aurl iin a lrity of ,il, n,·s ofn
Swater as y't havinG appearl I I. Ativ
,optrations in sev,.ral sp:Irt ,rs of the
lAst encuralitging, acor ling to re ,orts
of oil ,ten.
' Ahlville, whose antivy purhse f
strie r in lari e lots ai v iri:ttri ltel winde lk. t
tention this srrasltn, has purhlll:lsl fr''mtl
John it. s uin a lnri t iif i 2.lr sti,'ks ofin.
• Jadan at 'ill.35 a harrel :il utU. spfcilr.
gr hiuilx in s matri L in lit I sonsio t;' Sin'
the repouisiana t rrit atirtain nail ill in
St.) r are plari 'ul na , i ,,tr'uu, ito
i f(aett, lii New ( lur,,iit htvac ra.an •
it Ii' Ion ,li i' refuntl v n ;  .
A ge.niral mifu 'a in, ,,I' lre rit , liri w
ers of t ' ai s 'i arr' ,l{ p:,an ish, h',i }tu , it
I :lhtd i' th,' gul, , 1i t ur ' f ,r f t', ir arv
11iaIas2 to dv ', wats ni iii,. 'lis' tip:eft
Siiglu to t- blQ ton ii lpa itt tie
struo tion t ,f iilish i " irriei 'tii l, w-,iok.
maThe m ouisi n .,.i.rt" f ,r ih'r i'e
waeh its aniui a moti.-i ii n Nti w tl lns.
.urige o'No ill t hae , r- s t :!, special
Sthe ('alreport thilt crlvain .:s.iti l a hit in
St. Mary 0 ,: i'{rtis 'if n Iiliterf,,ue to
- evade tirt tie.v-ShuHk l'w an, vio
-s tilla ni\ a. trsi ( .ifall tl ix ais Ini. i s int
jhardwai ' sa t ,rae t ,aos. ,lii,.o . Th.. I o hiefi
Wlii moity ,inye ral hi !,:trt t., t, r.
plii~ty in several lpostotive robbleri,.s.
For Bcenfit of Women who
Suffer from Female Ills
Ninneapolis., `Minn.-"I wa-, a great
;iofferer t rtin femIale t:' ,ullies which
c('nsI d a w'k aess
arid lir'ken do"t .I
condition of th.,
system. I read so
'luchtf what lvdia
E. l'inkham's Veg
, ('table ComIipound
had d(,1e for other
suirterinr, women'I I
felt s:re it would
h'help ine. and 1 imust
1 I say it did help me
S' ,, olderflilly. My
pains all left me, I
gre w stronger, anit within three mouths
I was a perfectly well womIIn.
"I1 want this letter tiade public to
show the bernetit Vwomen may derive
from Lydi: E. L 'inkhant's Vegetable
Comlpomund." --Mrs. Jol N (. MhItllAN,
2115 aeco:itd St., North, Minneapolis,
'Thousands of unsolicited and genu
ine testimonials like the above prove
the eficiency of Lydia E. I'inkham's
Vegetable ('ompound, which is made
exclusively from roots and herbs.
Women who suffer from those dis
tressing ills peculiar to their sex should
not lose sight of these facts or doubt
the ability of Lydia E. l'inkham's
Vegetable Compound to restore their
If you want special advice write
to Mrs. Pinkhamu, at Lynn, Mass.
Shewil treat yourletterasstrictly
confidential. For 20 years she
has been helping sick women in
this way, free of charge. Don't
hesitatoe - write at once.
Fog-Eye's Plaintive Protest.
Fog-Eye Smith of northwest Wyo
ming bore an appalling facade. ilia
style of beauty was a blight. Depend
ing upon his horritic exterior, he was
In the habit of trying to awe newcom
ers. On one occasion, affecting some
displeasure at the manner in which a
pallid stranger watered his liquor, Mr.
Smith announced, frowning, that un
less he detected immediate amend
ment he would send the neophyte
home in a market basket. "'Which I'll
" sure tear you up a whole lot," said
' Fog-Eye. Half an hour later Mr. Smith
' was found groping about on the floor
under the poker table, hunting for his
glass eye, and muttering to himself.
The stranger asked with some evi
dence of impatience what new line of
n sentiments Mr. Smith was now har
" boring. That injured resident, glaring
II malevolently from beneath the furni
ture, replied: "Which I sure do hate a
I man with no sense of humor."
Rather Tall.
"That," said Senator Tillman of an
opponent's argument, "is an amusing
lie smiled.
"In fact," he continued. "it is as
had an exaggeration as the story
about lien Johnson's height. They
said of IHen. you know, lhhe candidate
for sheriff, tihat when he Inadel a stunmp
speech, instetad of getting a stuimp
ready for him to nmiount, Ihey would.
becaus e lie was so tall, dig a hole for
Shimn to stand in."
An Educational Problem.
e Little Margery has just begun to go
Sto the kindergarten, and is filled with
a due sense of the importance of her
studies there and the solemn value or
the attainments that have thus bien
f put within her reach. The other aft
f ernoon, after coling honme froln
Sschool, she remained in a brown study
Sfor a tinie, and then said: ''"Malilna.
f do I know as mutch now as I don't
But Many Drop It.
A young Calif.wife talks about coffee:
"It was hard to drop Mocha and
p Java andt give I'ostimn a trial, but nly
nerves were so shatert(ed lthit I wlas
a nervous wreck and of course that
Snlearlis all kinds of ails.
"At first I thought bicycle ridiint,
v caused it and I gave it up, buit liy ci'in
tliltion renl;ained uanhanged. I didi not
want to acknowledge coffee caused the
t troibl for I was very fond of it. At.
, that timn' a friend cam,' to live with
t us, aind I noticed thatt "ftr lihe had
boen with us a week hlie wo:ild not
drink his coffee any more. I askned hint
the reason. lie replied. 'I lhave niot had
a headache since I left off drinking col
fee, some months ago, till last week,
when I began again, he.re at your table.
I don't see how anyone can like coffee,
anyway, alter drinking I'ostumini!'
"'I said nothine, but at one:' ordered
a package of l'ostiiun. That was five
months ago. and \we have( drank no
coffee sin; , (X:lo ri o(n two (;e 'aSlioIn
whenl we had conlmiany, and the result
each tiwl yas that limy hubita;ind could
not sl:eep, otll lay awake and toi s;ed
and talked half theI night. X'e ,S rce
convinced that coffee caused his silffor
ing, so he ret trnl'ii to 'Po-:i! , (.(lcon
vinced that coffttl was: an i n,:,l. in
stead of a friend, and he is :r ulh:d
1 no llore " !, iV s lll0il.
''I, Imyself, haw, gain'd 8 pounds in
C weight, and rly llorves h:tv" c'as';i.d to
iquiver. It so€'1i1s s( easy niow' to ui it
a coffee that caused oullr hies' ,:hii ::i5
f and take ip Postirurn."
Read the little book., "Th, Rood to
We'llville," in pkgs. ''Th,.r'.'s a feason."
a Ever reuad th- abov' I',te'r? A new
one anlppenr front lA t, time. 'IThey
iar. e genulue, true, and lull of Lusle

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