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Lower coast gazette. (Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.) 1909-1925, February 19, 1910, Image 1

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The Lower Coast Gazette.
ulnn nnuannn --n nn n uu nnn u nnn nl • nmuua n  u ut nu nmnnm mm na m n mmnmunm a m n mun m m Uam m mm m uno• muun|nnm , a , -,,  .....,.. ..-- - - - - - - ,, -
Silver Aiinnvers-'rv Will Prove a Nota
ir. EveNit :n IH.story of This;
rv'vi.vng Iasttti:tutio.
u i,.' ',. . .. " !r i- :- ,I, I - 'I r I ' h
1 :ID iti :.I -lk el -: r\, 11'- 111 '1 1,ii- i
."'i" 1, ', . i.i ;I :ll, :i p 'i ' . . Il,' :Iii
tr' ",, lw i. h wi 'tI,, i I t I h l I .li h I l ''tl !'
? t',le . tn , t WIO " "ht. in'' !' \r spl' ;n i ts'
tni tr f -t' ci0 ( ' 7tli ;'l 1' s '-r t i' s llwI1 , whi'ir
if1 1to het. 5 ' ite+I" 'illii th'e 1,s',t t tr\1 t 'h1
r,11 ,l'.', tI Y,. h1.1'rt\- :I 1 l" ci "nth a,,
c' lo nt l c, l il : I r: h t,.i llr '.rl't'll el'+! .l,.,,i ll
n otl:,io, ',er nr", tf ha t vi l r .
lThe m ee-tin f the t,,sii , '- -, tiE'
of t .'" t(',!'" and n, I, "h,,r ,1et1;i ; pt'rt:tit:irt-i
no th. .of thr:ein, I lsa it i :m n,i, ther
lito I : s'1 ! ti-i:l i ' I' l 'rt i l,ior eitl, f1l i
, :';1 "-. ;il.! \ ,.;1,', t,.,l .1u '!,, . :,,,,1 I;, 1 '1h i, '"
ties will ', I ' itel a i, t , cx i, t lsl ' to h
:'"oTruck 'Itr 'owers :tOgani t ,ze. '
ipr s .rd ,t f '; ir.' l ,,i iut thi lt hi : tiinor ;
w ere's' ' . t. t \ ,- tr:l ,' nti t, 11' ' \ .' p
Thew, , fasso itiollili n t at th I ml;ll :itl
noon with o'clck. Proflsinr I. T. Tier
It:, 10. ' h l l , hiut in gon
oeralt of unh'StterInivr thit ht, celivrnre
ni.t i wlld oen truckint which nrousIill
disin l undtlar iy im rnin , tlhe th, invr
the f PrnofS n ,o ilolwere p: :, Professort i n
irt and horith on in ck :r,l'win, for
sttom noted sneaker. On M,,nlday there
will rkt, aIlrssire the f imn oerning, reAl
unions t in in the afternoon and fn open
air reiC ption (,n iNormal Hrill Mlida
night, at which several national char
aneers will ,heli\,er addresses apTr,p'ri
ate to the opinsion. That g:uvlrn:te. It',
mrneme r of tsie St uprenl en.il h, the
membetionrs of the logi a e ,f te ther
high state , ffhi:,ls an1 , s,0htol authori,
ties will it' invited a,,,11 expected to he
c'roawley. --The Acadia Parish Truck
Growers' Association was organized
here undee'r th a.usplies ,of the ('rowh y
boartld of Iraidek. rAb.out thirty firni'r
were present.
The associ ation will meet at the city
hall in firowley every Saturday after
noon at : o'nlock. DProfessor If. T. Tie
houtr f the State University delivered
an address on trucking which arous.ed
enthusiasm. Addresses weri e delivered
lhv Professor Oiuer rantind Professor
Jenkins of the Louisian rit e etxpleri
int ssation. ProIfessor Tielthnt, who
is ant authorlity on truck growing for
arket, advised the farmers of Aadia the
ptarish toin enlage lin tihe glOWiseg of vtg
etahles for shipment to market. l, ex
pressed the opinion that ade quite drain
ingp en be srecret anr amplean rtansorr
tation facilities. Twelve of the farm
erll.h present agrnd to plh ant twe acres
estinated that fully fifty news will h' a
arhietole in this iomeiniate vicinity for
slillen t in tl e spri ng. ('A c,'res.: ,rid
,ualrot. Thre truck T irnwers' ack of .a
tivn hfe thabe thlert ofu the rhbanks an,
nd ithl int rsw o we nek the lat rmbars.
w Eig Lanm d Deals Rcorded. te t
frnn,.--'w,, hig land h",'s werOe
fh, bor rnCn., herc CaenI twin s,,i aan
mnlade bdv the gair clta nting, ('oan,
lilmitedl. The larer ofr the two sale i
wprs that of Inut ,teoi I l h ati,, ares,
r ain s 1 , I I .4 1 u .r .s o f h a nl a n d t h e 9
onsidc ration was .Gneit prohe ir it to tal
gf a relittle atove $ s 0,0tri. (o this plan
tatlion i f trbarli the fr. set cuntr
res n in this part of the agiltist ate. r
lithi. lh Linwrik plae, which was the
propesty of the Bonair Planting Com
pany. limited. Thi. pl('e dr ntain ca
a m1.4i acreog and it was sold ar $i perit
Will Drain Ten Thousand Acres.e
groems.s-The large ofe500 excavat
inf a eo nal from the Prairie drainage en
district into Bayou Terrwhanno is near- e
inrf the fatter strean, being within s
prisig about ten thousand aores,fs a
thousands of acres of lnd.
A Would Celebrate Old Victory.
P i !.ouTre. In :n ,, tinn
AL R ,u~ , " , i : ,' .' th,' ,' n
 ', '
' Whipping Pest for Tramps.
! i 1 ' Ir ill,. "l'hi " ila,', h:s h,',l infP , t
r ',' ,I"!h r: t'ti s tor t ih !:t. twt I ie 11ths.
IhI tow n ,,t :lli'Ils- h: v"" :arr,' .'il th, 1
,t , +.,.. hi, :0 tel+ ntitll n w\:I. ,;tlh',i 1., a.ih.ke
I;I '.1)"1'. I:1',I ll e1 n, \ I l l'r 1str! +"! ; li,': r
ths , ii,' t. 11h Se o u . to h,, l,'I, 't i l bIy
h l ' ot t i , ':lin r Itl, I In litli . lh . 1,' (in
11 1t''1-" , 1 , :r.i't 1 i t ' , 1 1 1 1 it ,,to7
SWhl ni hill 9.1. :nid. ill , ll-t
It ; lllt'i , Itw II:1 V It , h t (I I't .' ;i:il tii
ti'Sr' ,l i , ,t in .,.:e' ' l a i rn il i:r sl;t I t t o
' Rolli g. is  " it 'i , t e cut in lTh lf, lnt il
srtel that th(v i"tie v ll lrather ta ll k i'I
k ith"l tro'. ht it Wil' g i lt i' m l ine alft
in hi v , ilr Tlrr' will ter. mii wh itt ven
tit i: titntn 'lI'Ie farmersareal letin
lothe town imit. 'r t ile  tho l t tif tense
i'ltinenion. What acreage will ite
n l tntel v ill be tliorough ll' rlltivate l,
uty inh the rIsilt that it is epction.111 tht
l 'u lare ais grop will. t i rai t ti half, i m -r
I,:hredl 1In whuit s w a s rlced last tr. I
19 1 tier: wl il rQ ,lntiln in the a,.rr+.
.l The f armer s .a t e(h poor tl,,et , ri.k i
int ahielt n-l. uh of tlir grnti nae hato then
ai're, thati they hlve all practically s , f
0 feidel tb w cut th e clabout ican helf
this :rnye n htr. o germiwill te ' th bettl r
aimltivd i nt . Tlite farmers titoh leancl trin t
how ta fi'ht the weevil. They are for
lowini thiL year the nlethod of oitense
phinted w ill st abe te forou ll lt vat.
with the result that it i, i expete tli attIe
I as large ia crop will t raised this yearrlc.
r i vn half the a 'reage is was r eised last
uyear. The farmeris are now ,t w trk in
r broken. 'tntlle er the li,, cultiiril ni s
Sl('itio ia, lwh tich i th ll only a stein to aro
ni fyi hil hr tithe"'inlltt" n can h ie
Sgrown in spite of the weevil, th pnt.
i' t ci ti l of ti ' Stiat' ''i':i'i's the grast ,
S wrult eingoh to germiint, the sfl
1 ared te wether ws pnnlaceh advane'I tr;
nike .%"isa", al iais tl a hi te frost. a
Miss Morri As O rtit' intormal ItAlumn.
eMisi itne eis, wslarr itte r irwlaniized
of the LainSi ho llsthptr-ovritit Leigtes,i
't rrivt ,,l in i the apitit ('itv ret ently i
and ,eliverefi tutalk to alt th i sbe
fril thap NolIte Normal ,ettl \int'li sr
csutira, which het l c r ina etin i to ar
ornge fr thie eytertainhement of ithe nor
ri l t riathi: n in na t ~tr gii e il'inei
rthe ill:tleh t it hro the si Te athr' o.
s wite t e i rttni io e t t t t
R its i r, anri ill of li ris orrial' eork
eill iae cnuparise, frohere she lornized
sver.l slh.lM iotprovemgont h beoe.
\riohin Uh e r n t x tw thlys .he wi!l l,:ve -
ion ii w:i h ui t he " lrha y stanh o t lhe
"xs f un it b ahin rldl I,ottisian tr t hi
convicts have hict cnrollfth l in the Vla.
ntrwill prisotly go inut aii ns ton rih
swervl the ir ters ainvit bten lisl
chargned t n.
The hlie of nrters of th sii T.e or.l
Romnge, asld acollege of prMiss orris'll e workit s
will be h onnletr d from here inof the hair th
of rteen hundred te ouiiana state ni
serived their terms and been disth
waSherman as int of thege President.
s the Life of General Wnllin T. Shtr.
theman as a college president wof ill ste writ
ten l Walter in . aleming ofallt thke chair
rmof history of the Louthisiana Statie Uni
war, was p Tresident of the lolisiant
rtatn University, 't that time knownrtl
as thern's Louisiana Semina. ee wa ag
nthe first presidenti t rls of th e insti ti~1i,
'rand it, retigned Slirns its heal to takl utie
was Ilirti. There has een litle
I'lior sullgar plantation deals, inrilving d
$4,.t0.0), uere co isuninitaeti at Napo
To Expand Protective Organization.
Ate'rording to letters rcerive(l in the ie
city the Louisiana State iocietv for the k
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. with ka
headlquarters in New Orleans, after is
nitny years of succeesfui effort in ear- '
rying out its work in that c'ity. will mi
take un the work of a statewide organi. ott
zation of the cause and establish munt
bran.ches of the organization in differ. .,'
ent towns of the state. It is hop,'d to 'ir
establish a society in every town in the maun
state, an an organizer hac been appoint. nal
ed to do this work.
'I I
2 ,, "
'r p'5 / '
-- '- i ý 7 ., :
ti Cotnn Covrdb h mria o m ne iksi 86
F_ - . .
____A _g...- _n_>
, w~~-- .-.., '
What the South Pole Expedition May Find on Its Visit to the Ant-Aro
tic Continent Discovered by the American Commander Wilkes in 1836.
B ILL CARRYING $42,355,276 IS
Projects Already Under Improvement
Aggregate $252,017,400--0ther
on Projects Carry $87,548,600.
en Wa;hingtoi, 1). C.---\lateri' ay proj
' ei'ct thr l'.. .lt the ct(loutry, at the coat
.. $4'...5. t. , ot % hich $7.2'0;. t:0 is for
i colntioniig coltraetac are approved fur
io in the river a ud halrbor; apllropriation
bill, \\hich was reported to the house
Friday by the coa:llzitteer on rivers and
n Thel $7,000,000 outside tlihe cash up
n- priopriation is for expenditures which
In niav' hereafter he made under the con
e- tinuing contracts system. '1 he bill is
'1 theore'ticallv an annual budget, although
s- no regrular ri ers and harbors bill has
w beenl reported bilnce! that apprloved on
e- March 2, 1907.
If All the proj'cti already under iul
' lprovi\-ent aggregate $?.52,017,4.00, in
I eluding the liaissiippi river from Cairo
to the head of the passes. There are
'' further projects favorably reported by
1 the engineers, but not yet adopted by
I'oligress, almounltilug to $t7,548,600, or a
it total of $33i,36(i,000, including the proj
ects provided for under the present bill,
which would leave $297,000,000 yet in
Sncted upon, if congress adopts the pres
ent melasure.
'r The total amount required to coniplete
e adopted projects, except thlie dlisi.-ippi
t river. foots up $70,S29,100, and for the
d'lis-issiipi river $17,5(11,650 fromn the
nmouth of the Misoiri ito thie iouthi of
the Oh)lio, $1 t.500,tii00 tlhence to St. Piaul
and $593550 from 1 t. I'auil to .hinneaip
v One Man Aboard French Ship Gen.
Chanzy Saved.
l'alnia. Islan.I of .1hijorca.--Driven
helplh.-.lv froni her touiise in one of
tI.he wildelst ,toirti that ha.; swiit, the
I-reinch'ii ' Tri.; lsat min P Sti':i : ii-iihip ('o11 1I
lpanil'r -te italr ,lierl ia" (haiucnzv e'a-,hiei 1
at full -1'd. in the dead of night, onl
I the treachlerous reef:s ,ear the Illland of
dinolra. and all but one of the 17 souls I
oi boa 'd perished.
The hole survivor is all .\lgeria n ceu-(
toiisl official, Marcel Rodl,, whio \ivas
rttIueld Ibyv a fi.,heriimia aind whlio lies in i
the hospital at 'iudandella, raving, as ia
r',,iilt of the toiltures through which lie a
lhas passed. and ulaldle to give an ac
c'ollit of the disaster.
In the .lhiip's iotinpan tlhere were S7
pa.enigeri's, of whliol 30 were in the lirst
cahini. lThe' crew numberedil 70, It is
not thought any Amieer'icansl were aboard
the liner.
College Is Torn Over Plan to Honor
Southern Heroes.
('amnbridge, hMass.-A- memorial to the I
sons of Harvard who fought and died in ii
the cause of the C'onfederacy is pro- b
posed as a solution of the controversy o
vlwhich has beenll raging amniong thie unde-- f
graduates over the question of allowing,5
the names of the Confederate deadI to be ce
placed in Memorial Ilall at ('nambridge. n
Letters bearing oinl bLtll sides of the ft
question have beenll lprinted in the college a
'laily ne\\spaIer aIld the official organ sl
of the alumni Ihas come out sqularely g
agaiinst the proposition to admiit Confed
o'rate names to the roll of honor in Me- 1)
ioriial Hall. (t
.\As a lleisulre of collipromliset it is now p
u~ggcsted thati a sepanrate nieio'rial to n
ttarvarid's dead Confederate so:is be erect- us
ed either in (amnbridge or south of Ma- w
son and )Dixon's line. ni
Cannot Sell Colored Vinegar.
Little Rock, Ark.-In an opillion hand
ed down by .\ttorney-(leneral Norwood tl
hie holds that it is a \iolation of tile Ar
kansas pure food law to sell vinegar that i
is artilicially colored. He also holds it
a violation of the law for any person to ei
manulfactulme or for any persoln to sell or 1'
offer for sale aniy vinegar nllade from llb
materiials. espllecially chosen to ilmllpart a at
i.liir and ta.ste similar to that of eider lii
\vinegar unless the package is distinctly ea
mnarkdl by Ia label wlhiih states the true fo
naturi' of the article.
at Taft May Not Be Able to Participate
in Reception, But Will
Speak at Banquet.
\\',ashington.-1'residcent 'ait has been
given full details ,t the plans that have
been formulated for the recep'tion to be
Stendlered former l President Icocsev\lt on
or his arrival in New York harbor somen
IIk time between June 13 anil :2. Col. John
se A. Stewart. president of the New York
II State League of Relpublican C(lulbs, and
representative of the Republican Club of
New York ('ity,. diocussed the matter
with the president for half an hour or
n 1more, and told him that the committee
i3 which would be placed in charge of the
'1 celebration would u1nd.ubltedly extend
later a formhl invitation for hiin to be
il presenlt.
There is doubt as to whether I'resi
l. dent Taft will be able to participate, but
. it seems likely that he will. Col. Stew
0 art said the idea was·o have the steamer
r onl which Mr. Roos\evelt arrives met down
the bay by a fleet of yachts and harlbor
craft, and that there will bIe a land p1r
a iade of some sort. The plan for l'resi
. dent Taft's participation is to haIve hIill
1, present iln New York ('ity so that fMr.
I. Roosevelt may call upon himnt. The day's
. eliebration will end with a big Ian1quet
at whikch Presidetnt Taft and former PIres
ident Iloosevelt will be the principal
i speakers.
f -
H1 Hale Bill Passed by Senate-House
Will Concur.
Wa'.hlli ngton.--Proo: stion to the high
rank of rear admiral ais one of the hon
ors to be bestowed upon C(ommander
Robert E. Peary, '. S. N., for hi. achieve
.uent in di-covering the north pole, re
c.ived1 the illndorsement of t he sellatte oil
ii1\\'enday. The I lale biill adding Peary's
name to the list of rear admliralls in the
:navy and proviuing hii iimmediate( retire
mIet with the highelt pay received by
,oº:e of that rank, was favorably reported
1- .l t'he coI('1 ittee oiln oaval affairs and
was plassecd alinot innuediately without
Sdeblate or co t (. llt'llt.
1. sitlihdr mieasure loffered in the 'olie
h by Relpresentatile \Allen of Maine was
foillowed to the navy deplarlltment by)
('-hh'irain l, Foss oif the llVvy committee,
who ;thtdl that he expected it would be
iprov'd by the depiartmienlt aud thlit lie
I would tihen urge its paI;sage by the hioiiuse
its ittilg I'recognllitionl of the 'worlk of Coini
-liande"r 'Peary.
House Broken Into and Gruesome t
Find by Neighbors.
Cleveland, O.-John .Janowski and his I
comely young Polish bride, found mur- I
dered in their beds Wednesday, died in T
satisfaction of a debt of $610. This is c
the story told the police in a statement t
which they say was made to them by r
(;eorge Boscardo, 29 years old. lie had
lent the money to Mrs. .ianowski, accord- a
ing to this statement, to secure her love,
but had found himself unable to realize d
on the investment. Angry because of his t
failure to get his money back, the police I
say Boscardo tells of waiting for the i
couple to return to their home Sunday c
night, of again demandinlg the lmoney and o
failing to get it, killed the womanl with o
a sci-tion of gas pilpe. T'lh 11nlll, as tilhe
story is told, scunllc bedl after a strug- 4
For three nights a1II1 three days the a
blItlie's lay inll the 11(u,1 while BIoseardo a
co('oll" c(ontinlled his emnllp!,,lnt it at o
founldry. The door of tlhe' Ilote. on Wed- a
nlesday was broken in 1:11 denilind of tihe ic
nieiglbors alnd thle .IUlnowskis were foundl n
where tllhey haad fallen. The pipe was a
near ,y. t
Government Jobs Go Begging.
Washington.-Despite tilhe general idea
that government jo,:s are hlard to obtain, G
Uncle Sam just nowi is having difficulty
in finding men to till tllheml. The civil
.ervice comnmission is finding it espe- p
cially dlifficult to get m(ni stenogi'aplhers..
J'hl'l'er are pIhnty of womllen e 'anilidates,
but thie conlillssionl W;intlts 11e1l. The ex
aminations have been )ariled dlown to the
limit in the ihopie oi gettting nrce, appili. i0
cants. but still there is a dearth of lmen ii
for the places, which pay wl1l ant d of
fer good opportunities foi" promoltiond. t
People Should Havo Voce in Deter
mininng this Sys:.am orf I:at
lug Liquor TraUiac.
lIII io ,. 1 1. a 1 `
i ,. -i i. \,',,- ', . - I,,,' ,
tl - 1u m i-ii ,i ti m i it ,1, .I , i ,'i 1.,.r
nld I1' ll. ll. r. l '11yti ,- Ill' ill 1 ,I, t i.. il i ii
li 'l l',r -t' t t d,'it h , ; d thI 1,' n ,'i
is ju'it :i- Iltain.
'The ', -tatm'1 en t i part1 is a. t,,.,,\il\ :
-1 i il i nll t;li t\ ,f t .i,,itl'l .lllllll l, ;i ' l ,l '
lhi tillr. t\\ diI ' ctiiilt thei riih t 'l i i. IIAr
ililcts th li tile iidt io tiliie wiich liul
-hi I 111ti :,hi ` il l ; i - llli l lllllt'i ., IX tiill.
or .tatii , :Ill1 it fi llo\ , 1 t0 the i11ii1,
i of lh i l t l i ti all t t'l ri. .l 1it I ,i i!lp iie
i l, 11 1 ,l l 1 IIn ' " 1.:t he tr ill , t hi i-, :nI
thir ,, thi-il :I 1i'l +,r I' 1111 - , for \t a t
'e ' ixtyi-fit l Wouna on Bodyj,'ti i I.'
i lrol d tolil l y )' roT .o d li he t ,i.it' o, i , iai\
thi ,i iit Ili''r i 'liitl, I i ii t at I 'tc 't-lt itt, I i lt
;I11' iiiin It' 1';ii. of ilthe l iitr ,l d ,ii . , i,
all r thiln,
Thi' 1),) un1 .ratih' 1 ar' y" I t' Porty n ilf i,,;'
ito a tt ias ii tit, i tuilthl i tc eoi if I lir i, r
intdel 100 a i. olli hal Ihlte illr r,ili
t' i m ni hil tiith th el li-ihi . I'I 'h artl'' :iii ' an
(1 listrit'elr 4 rrill-adr tha t l li'ldior
irateire't have ori't iganized , ' ia.aiin-I tht'
holle i d t111 e t ilyt : agof i.i t 'g it-ixl'r vir
it ll cut tlll i i l ll'il. ,,
Sixty-five Wounds on Body of 14
e fac Year Old Girl. t
br)elaunl, itla.--Follh ing the .in.ling -f
the horribhit utilhatrtd hbdy ol f 14-l-rar.
old M\ary 'Tl'ddril, at th'e homeir of her If
ther at 'ia1 woodt Iri il Jlaint.hrt tt, iia I
year-old whitr hbty, wa\ arr i'st t . Ite
was ilut. lndiate'y tt iritid \away i " iti theI
,itizen. iin .Tart'h tof the iluit le re
SAdditional i artiitlarsi recIeki f llw
i- ing the iiarrest ar't horril r in htail.
n bicl o t, lthich til girl thwas ridintg. wa
found 100 yards front where her body
it s di ltcrll 'ti'tit i nleL, indicating thit her as
tailellt hald sit rggled with htr' for thie
ditante after knockint g o i he ito trit ha r
wheitel. In the body of thre girl -ixt -lti e
knife wounds were counlttri, fla ;a
litera lly cut to pie.,s. l
n That llthe girl had been lieaten iao tl
the faher hiforil, being tatllbbed. the
bi i i oe, ilicatt d. th
The shriti' ecuired blo dhounitl :ilnd
folulr'e a trail ito thre o ane grove of'
\ Villiani \iVi o l-eo , where Ytoullng ihtnt
o ehttl \aii' euphut yd. After ,inr t'fl ii
r. titgi the tiht l al ot t (p ingir pi
mnitr, Thile thet lattme ir 'lei.lllii a
antci .i . to len if if iP s tli htt ad itri ,ii f In
thti- r i r se cutio l l to titik e ti-i e t ollIii'. Ci
Albany Trembles at cxtcnt of the
h'tartlthl y fl auehi ii iti dxa' ui t icic' t,,
IC ntlit" meit tl it! i il t . ih ' iiit f th nll ift Iil fli
An Effort Being Made to Change the
[E Existing Law and Make for
"School Home Rules.'
1'.ot , , l > aN I !., 111 + ' '. 11 If, ,
, th'l' 1, r !cilt, ' , ,.,i ' ! , s1 "c i i , i, s t ',
,. hit p(la h ' a \,.II d , , ll p t in , i ci ht. ...
1,0 1 ' : I" , t i: 11 ' i l l l i a' h l, l,' i  , . li. , , ' I f
1';law ;ha1' has  ' eenn' 1 1ii1 tfoit i llh
1 TIhe+e Is grtowiig feelii'( (1 I the1'
t' n 'cii." ;11 I · il t tii s I I`I'r ý.:'.<.!
. hool lhi,' r' , :le. :
h ll o( f oiri n d , 11 (1 11e iititsie in s
cir,.,the ; Iii'th ' a\i1tl ' Il, t il ,a ',t ila',h
tof ahl stihiol tlik iloft the bots.in s that
are- h est siaed dto their a11' I1 other
lli0 imptssiltilhy tit a texi hiuk )om
ila sit h vl'es ing thie otrle n its hac
livities, selt'itive inout' Stits otf too
thast eill earsof .eumr n
's'hoo' is ao ,rins n felin~ oil time
port f linivs in favol ittf 'she homei
the subjelct, as w'ell a t'd t ors, that
l dtc, iaiion exf lel, difuiclre lfor o io
. ,'hte Oiter states lt"ini ing rul.,
seceinis liotinit d at it this Oilc
D'' clht. \lete illis In is t'olltted I
books are rettain ust' as long as
theIy iet the wnrds, o the ithoriers
fand tle ol sils, if ik thaot he ten yitrs.
They are not si upplan ted by tulher
to have l ilore extensive (f a t notes or a -
l o uli ti exhau ie inde th or becauits of
tfor some particular volume.rit in eery
It is believed, thirdly,i that local se
lectlon will make favor more harmony ine
the ida.school system as a whole. nder
the t state uniformity plan, which now
teacher and each pupil is comrelled
to use onare certaidn luook, whether tlog as
fills local re rements or nlet. If tacher I
teac her fnds she is otr getting the
bet work out of hr puplsaned by the use
of aoks book, se feels there is sure to ben
toa reflection on her ability as oran in
strutore Naturallyve, she is indbecignant
at a state comf mission that lace her of a com
It is believed, thirdly, that local se
lection will make for more handicaharm. ony inthe use of
thoos of ol systher own selectione. chosender
from he staer personal experience awhichs to thenow
Sneems of thore ougchildren under herdited, theah
teacher and each pupail is compelled
r servie onshe renders book, whether omunit
fills local the course of the investigtion
ino text book awards, no suspicion thef
best woeberk out of the cpupils by ti n. tuse
of a book, scove feels thered, is suowever, to be
a reflection on her ability as an in
structor. Naturally, she is indignant
at make sertainte commission tradical changt plaes in the ri
underschool book laws of thehandicap. state. ov. of
- Sanders, ex-flofcio nulber and presi
bookdent of the r own selecif education,
romill insert p ersonal experiencssage asto th e lei
lattre, rtcomimiiinendat inns as tn th1w ai
amneeds of the children unde intend t
- nt ii Haris is working (lit a set of rec- P
ommentlatiiiis t hat hithe wt'ill lirent it to
Service shae arenders her community
might be doubly valuable.
Ins ofall the courstate of the invre eqstigatlon
intop text book any w ards, no suspicion of
undue inlluellce has developed against
any ember of the commission.t
tit'e stat e uni formity law in its hes
tent shane.
AsEnough war discovered, however, there
Is a rai dly growin sehanges ntn that
F school book laws of the state. Gov.
Sawrong. oude on a dicmeaned pres andi
just as hado if not a wofse e('tition, n
that it is at resint . Tile statheent is -
freely made by iond nent edicat orsh
thate the only tint g the be o ter is to
tear out tise foindat ons ad erect o an
oentirely new stiiuct ral law; one that
wilhe give communi nities the rcivilr-ge
of sayit lng what they wantd ad hatl
ithey are willing to buy.enlin h
With the statle uniformity law in di
Its present shape, doomed, the section oa
giving preference to Loulslana-wreit n
books, will also go. Thwis mandate has a
several times caused the introduction
of InferIor books in the schools. In
other states, where a similar law i(s in
effect, it has betn charged that books I
uneable llto obtain sale elsewhere, were
pltaced under a local name and itmme- si
diately taken into the school courses.
The discussion of text book aiol rti n
school affairs In Louisian d has aroused th
by the hundreds from teinuators all to
over the United States, making sig- go
gestions fior the solutin of the 1r ti
icone that cifront the shlit. A great
that the dis ocratic ideao of t local gou
Ernent o f s ol affairs inhas again e
periitten. It is t he judgtent ex-o t
paessod in these letters t hivt hotter
and more Shnhdsfl fromleduS are thea
inevitable result of placing sott dis re
cretionary power; in the hands if tle po
teacher and the lo.i, ait'hrit onit
A Scandal. drn )
The guests at the sufittlerin resort ot
are noticeatly pertiiiotied.
'They will east odium upon the sit
hitherto gosd name of tem- thao, they cot
and thoy are su r.(. itf on ¶ rh , thoe
juetinaiy ill cowr;nsdri thnds f the.lIt
stiaer our luliigs and wait ut.il It,',y
are no li(nger mart(d neprsns?'
Sufe'ed 7?e t ]',-AE/iv'd in 7nree
'he Jlnths Thanks to I',-A' U- A4.
c ti
1C '.. I
: .:: FIZER"
C. It. 'IZEl, Mt. terlingKy.,says:
"I have suffered with kidney and
bladder trouble for ten years past.
L'' t ' lMarch I c1( ommlenc'i'd lusing
Peruna and continulted for three monll hs.
e I have nut used it since, nor have I ful1
ina pain."
'f Make the Liver
Do its Duty
aR Nine times in ten when the liver is right te
stomach and bowels are right.
c gnt!y butlinly com.
iel a lazy liver to
Sdo its dty. C ,ARTERS
) Cunr's Conn. ITTL
l tipation, IVER
Indiges. PILLS.
{ tion, m
Headache, and Distress after Eating.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
t- GENUINE must bear signature:
, At Last They've Found a
a CURE for Liver Trouble!
n- A CURE THAT CURES; a liver
y remedy which not only cleanses
and purifies that organ, but ener
gises and vitalizes it without irri
Liver Purifier
And the best cure for constipa
1e tion known.
1. Tell your druggist you want it; say
"t "SIMMON'S" and stick to it. He's
r got it. If he hasn't he'll get it for
you. And it's the one remedy TO
get to get rid of Liver Trouble.
e At All Druggists, Everywhere, 25c, and $1
if A Polish Marriage.
t A polish couple came before a juts.
u. tice of the peace to be married. The
o young man handed himt the marriage
e license and the pair stood up before
S "Join hands," said the justice of the
, peace.
Tl'hey did so, and the justice looked
at the dlocumentl , which authorized him
Sto unite in marriage Zacharewlez
IPerczynski and ol lokowarda ,Julinski.
S ":\hem!" he said. "Zacha-h'i
Ch'm-ski, do you take this woman,"
f "Yes, sir," reslon(,del the young
"'loo-h'm--:ah-ski, do you lake
this man to b1," ,ti.
t "Yes, sir," reldied the woman.
'"Then I l1r'OIioui youI lll1tltan and
I wife," said lhe justice, glad to find
soimtlthing hl. (ouh1l Iprolnounce, "and 1
heal'lrtily congr;latulate you otlh on hav
illng reduced those two :namles to one."
--lippilncott's ,MlagazIne.
Head Bookkeeper Must be Reliable.
The chief bookkeeoor In a large busi
ness house in one of our great W\\'tt
ern cities speaks of the harm coffee
did for him:
"My wife and I drank our first cup
of Postum a little over two years ago,
and we have used it ever since, to the
entire exclusion of tea and coffee. It
happened in this way:
"About three and a half years ago
I had an .ttack of pneumonia, which
left a mmelnto In the shape of dyspep
sia, or rather, to speak more correctly,
neu-,algia o' the stomach. My 'cup of
chec~.r' had always been coffee or tea,
but I became convinced, after a time,
that tLey aggravated mny stomach trou
ble. I happened to mention the mat
ter to miy grocer one day and he sug
gested that I give Postuni a trial.
"Next day it came, buit the cook nmade
the mistak,1 of not boiling it sufficient
ly, and we did not like it much. This
was, however, soon tInnediled, andl now
we like it so rnuch that we will never
change ba~ck. l'ostalt, being a food
bevirago itstead of a drug, has been
the eallns of (llring mly stomuach trou
bie, I virily beulirvi,, for I am a well
:itan today and have used no other
"'My work as euiff bookkleeper in our
Co.'s hranc'h house here is of a very
confinling nituire. IDuring ;mY c'offte
drinking days I was .slbjoert to ltrv
OIusn iss and 'the blhes' 1L; addition to
my sick splells. These ha ,, lift me
sinCr I brgan Usiig Postnul a.lil I ('a!n
coinsc!ent!iously recominmnd it to those
whose won'k confin(s th(Il to lolng
hoI s of sever{ l .. ' iit'ln exrt . 'io 'n."
"There's a Hnon,'
Ioork in pIkgs. lot' the litl- Iook,
"The load to \'W llvill,,."
ir" a,-rzllll, llt, true, and toll of hullalin
IuIa re-|.

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