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The Lower Coast G(azetie._
VOLUMEI II. I' )IN'TE-A-IA-IIA III;, IA., SATI' Il1)AY, JULY n , 1;,911. .IiEI I 29.
~Thxc I and Gat
r ~ ý' ý".}:
^: ." ,P' Y
S : "« t , ' . ' " ·
:· ·'R ' . ;} ' _
ý., 3 .
", <. > ý 2 . ^ '. n.ý .' f''- ; sý
~ ~~. I~'/ ` w,;:caý"ýYa- ^, _ G·'i'= :ý1ci Y "ý°'a _ cj
dear 1 ',1) as it has been in .\ri
Zuni, n here tie, lippinI is don' h
earlier than in other sectins of
Arizona h1:,o the b arliest cli ifr it:
hic t it this year. lThe lip is isi:al
ly at its hiight in Salt i vr lo ver
and in oIther sections of tit, territory
alout ith, midil, o F ruary, wh.
as this y.iwar1 tihe u-l,'e p r all .-Ihn "
atd (on th. it way back to the Lhils -;
F".ln:aruy "2. The floc!:s winter d .i
vwtll, buit owing to the1 (c)hld weathr'
the grass on the ran.ges on)tint u(l1!
dry, and as a result the dual ity 4f the t
%o l)1 was illrpiwvetl, while the output
was curtailed. So p1ronoulnced 4 was
this shortage In the clip that instrad
of the influx of several hundred thou
sand of sheepI into tit' cli pping co(n
ter of the Salt Rtiver valley, the nfum- t
lers ((could be counted by the thou
sFndil. t
The clipping began this year ablout I
the tenth of January, antl by the mid- t
dle of I'Feblruary was finished at ('ave'
Crelk, M.arinette, ibear 'sley, ilot
Springs Junction, Congress Junction1
and \Ved(,n. Machines were uised at
all ther clipping centers with the enx
Cepltion of \\'edn and Congress .lJune
tion, where the shearing was done by t
hand. Shearing in the north was la
ter, but even there far ahead of thet
usual season. Conditions were about
the same in IMohave county, the clit -
ping (centr for that district being
In former 'ears it was custonmary
for the shtlp mer, to drive their i
flecKs from Mohave county to the Salt I
River valley for the liauhing and
shearing season, using the forest
ranges running north and south for
forage along the route both north and
south. tBut the new forest rt'giltiions
now prohibit this use of the govern
ni-nt reserves; the sheep ilen have
been unable to get their flocks through, I
especially through the Verde valley,
so that the movement south was aban
doned this season.
In addition to the restrictions placed
upon the forest reserves, the valleys
that in former years were green, ow
ing to the cold, dry weather and the
consequent lack of rains, this year
were not green enough to support the
moving flocks. The result of this is
that those flocks which were moved
south, for lack of grazing in the cen
tral Arizona valleys, had to hasten
back north, where the lambing proved
disastrous, not only to the lamhkins
but to the ewes as well. For this
reason 70 per cent. of the sheep shorn
in Arizona for 1910 had the clipping
dlone in Yavnlapa county, midway be
tween the valley and northern ranges,
this being the lowest altitude obtain
able where there was the combina
tion of clipping facilities, nearby ship
ping points and fair ranges. By the
1same token it is no0w lredlctedl th::t
thn lamb crop for tht year will not
exceetd 40 per cent. of what it should
be, or would be under more favorable
Thie largest shearing point in Yapaval I
county this year was at Cordes, where
between 13,o;00 and 1-10,000 pounds of
wool was clipped. The clip at King
mnan ran to 60,000 head, and the gov
ernment replorts credit Arizona with
an average yield of fleece weighing
.C(.5 pounds per sheep, which would
bring 4he yield up to more than 300,
000 pounds. Owing to the conditions re
ferred to in the foregoing, the clip in
the northern part of Arizona will be
later than usual this year. because the
owners of the flocks prefer to await
a late clip rather than risk the loss
of the lambs.
Pirices for wool in Arizona this year
rant;ed around thle prices of last
-ear. Agents paid on the ground bie
tween 20 and 22 cents for the clip
of 30 ,per cent. of the sheepn shorn in
Sb - lttr l:riothie 's, rtIpr.IIt- , ii ' v:t i.,, i<
ho i it' t i ll oin 1 t Ii V"( i 0 F
tit 11,'t t it \t'i . k ;rt f t ' : i .' i stT ' : ,
S:.- , , ; i l i \\ i t 'r , -ld r . it l ; it rt. ' 1' It
:i t l i r .l Ioti thl , iIa (Is !l.osI t of
Ih se t lal' r.'rs ar M li;tle ians oi
l;t' tt raisini ini .\l r ,I ( t:i ln 1 o lre tivea
profitable, and thls year's -,. ic, , t i i,
,y thet,, illrtl of the ,t., otntr. Othle high
,st .fv r ri cot lai ti . kil made air, It rt
dsiglntinlt on sifs d o, f Y or l'l rdc,eivei c50
'Ito' s p r li tind, a, this w as lthli for
thle lr:i s, known as Nth ,. 2. Tthi-: nii le i
wsiS ::tlt a thrm de il t , Nta:ional i,' -
hair (;re',,,,rs' ati.s intiIn ,,'g. I izi, I
,'I<, ntly itI o ''l,,w 1ti in toi tht+ \wo ;l \
aln xperlien T I"t T prve5 d 'ir;l'iti hls an
..: ,t", I:at. \ rthl'- tlou . in o t nto, , :i l
,and net iear in t is o l te i at .\ri
z:ona Ii l wi.
T at hisol 'ent n, , i 'draie i o n itll.sn f 4
S 1i:1; ( t: i ntlld , !t l payin- i ,1 :r
jt.I an t d (i+ h1 a ly r ise; on h i tat it, in- 1
;rs d of l a., t ingfo the h ll, ki th:,s on thir
Ib The 1'ethtly .rl a :it ri tton t he to1
oin thit ansa ith the ild arkt ltr $ . an
the hu:ndtet. 'th territory has many ir
F lit :ol ailid noiuntait slco ote s, (logs which
afford a naten ral haf- iteds t for the ln
1ora glie n't. and the are out itok is tgiat
ithis loranh of the dstorik i poin in Ari-to
Z(lna will ('( tinullltl,) Ti) grow hi i nim ;i'
(O kill off the warm liandate In thiod
territory, animls that hae into the gnard
e agaikt nst n very izonearly season, witih givs ointd out
Ithat ats a rddecenioal de nt" in Tomb
d stone,r parts capital of th Cochisntry.e coshint
n. int of laths was nade fnsl oulated
d pSalt inver farones by J. A. Pitts of ani-sh
t Fork as of rily as March 1. This id outn
snnullyiint Consisted of four double a'in
loads of spring lambs, which were sent
to Kanssity.This t h e firstbob cats,
atte,t evrlobos, mad iunt Arizona to beahirs
th othat oti ighat they mntligt arrive into
Kansas ('ity before EDougla. hile hise
. shipment was made i thoe nat. Thle of
an ex.periment It priv',,d pirq tbali e,,
and next year it is probable that .\rts- t
zona lakimbs wer kill find ready early salebob
Pheain Kansant Fighty st Barnyards. Fowls,
t I rmbs s in old were rated on Pit' farml
1 and fod on hay raised on his farnm, in
re had of gIeaving the itlankis onl the
r 'angts.
I The sh+pherds in Arizona have to
Scotrnd wth the wild anfrontedals to an
g- sixtuationt that n is necesary inos
e any other ungart of the country. a Fore
1, protection against coyotes, dog; which
are often half-breeds between the col
th lie and the coyote are used with great
success. The forest de, artnd t and
d the local o things dstrbu poison to wander
kill off the coyotes and this method
has proved effectual in many cases.
in eAs an nstance of the number of
br wild animals that have to be guarded
e against in Arizona It Is pointed out
t that at a recent "hide day" in Tomb
stone, the capital of Cochise cod nty
frzzle. which is the most densely populated
n phcousnty n the teritory bounties were
id paid in one day on 50 pelts of ant-s
, tals of prey. About $S.000 is paid out
s annually by Cochise county for boun
n ties on the pelts of coyotes, bob cats,
- and the skunkheas. t may alo beciteds
in Ga corral owned by Charles Sands in
Pheasant Fights Barnyard Fowws.
in Iolis News.
AI! C:ivl War Veterans Hono' ably
D,sci arged From Unilo' Ser'ice
E ,t led to Draw Pensa,'ns.
,. 1 :-. ,,,. :, . , I. ' ,'; !'.. !.:,; ,'":
_ i". :, .I 1 '. I 1.. . n , . -,h :1 ,11; 1 .'"
• "! :.0' 1 I :1 : t' r , t'
1;,. .';i 7y ; .! ; ,"
I , T ;II I r f , i . tI
" 'V , ' ':I'.. ;i _n 1 f!i I )t:b l n itll o l, r
" l1 ';t " : t-t
a -- 1 4 ,!, 4'l . U'! ,i(.' 14 1' 1:'' ;I1r'' ? 'h)r ' for
.11;, 1,. 1 ' '. i1a l hirh Matt' thei'P t?1
, ',, I I"' -".,1 ..tr
l'heo arl ;1' t 1 w11 ' t of *si'T,'!'d I l
ni 'l l ,' r1i1 W:!: f r Ih ,e . ''lr thatt e
i''+ ' ie a Sli e : 11,, . l ', v .h , tih'Ie w' R t' A
I.,'. " V j~m 21' -4 Ii' ;:! 1t' c) er on In
11 r' 11 - , .4 : '. .n i ti 1': t ,tal
,"i^ t11 al 4,1. 4 'I, . III:4 to .'4 , €l!:';' and ill
I ' ',ii] r t ; I4:.4 . c01] 4i)i' "r-' l l, :lh r A
. 4irt ' da s ;4:'\l , 1' 1.i! t' i '' ,] lily ti
His Place.
S l, iwll';rk. ,fa tlay !f r ;1)l t211 llrii. 2alt)o .
lorin' . The l 111avy liner. of the lI." '
, i, ('n . lty jail i. r 1 ,:t' re, d(w11 11 a
- a .d .th.erincg n <..l:s dr.L- (d f" n hi's
ti t' rll. H,« was s.o ,t .in'k '. and 1:'uisld p
i,,,frt' tl,o stro' 1'1 1'o2.(.tloh l, and e
tit fin', "1 fllhw',v t quic('klv1 u
E'th'rin ton c11 11 :t' s,'d that he killed ' p
" W il.;,', l 0 o l1rd. I r,)4 rietor of the o
" " .t~ (',l;la ' r" ;,tl:'u t inI! fornw' r o
chi t" of 1police, in a raild if alle'l ,
; "' ,ak (:1.1 s" in a raiding s"'tllp. L,
\VTin news, fr (1 the hospital that l
li4 ,ar11 ha4 (lited 1+a;i1,'d ovr the city 1
the furi \ t tho ,.4'14) took lefinite form i
];rzo 'Iaite:'i.g r:l: s w' 're 4liret('ted
I' p t1,ii ' (1 r. ,f 1., jail ail' the 14a ' d i
t itie wre Iiw1erhl.w . The doors fell
t after ',atrly an nhu 's atta,.k.E
) W'llo the 1n1(4 V.15 lattering down
thl dor s, E'th,;'ie r .n wa ls in his e,-11.
In 1n1 at,'i~ pt t, ('2r1e mit suiid(i4 e r
sm1 oth1 4:1' ill):; h,'o4! in his ell,Cnt andl
re't fie i)n it. ,Ie wtts caught in time
to prto ii " t f:-,lfd,, t 14ti4,) :
SCondition of Corn 85.4, Near Ten
Year Average. ,
WashingIton. 1D. ('.--The July crop
report of 1h14 0 ,.,.,)!'t trnolut ,f agri
iturl'e .',:)\we the fo !]n ll <n f
,July 1:
('orn area planted Is n114,,0,00
ar('re:I. an linlreast' of 5,.'312,01)0 acres,
or 1.9 per cent., hu 'Ompl'ared with: last
Teh average ('ondition of corn was
of5.1, as 'onmpared with 85.1, the ten
year average.
t Acrage andl com!larisons of condi
ltions on .ly I by Important corn
states incule the following:
States- Acreage. 101o. aver.
Texas ... ....... , 55, 41) 0 2 7(
t Oklahoma ......5. 772, l,' S,2 8S
Georgia ......... 4:22. 4)n, f3 S l
s Tennessee . . . :: 1 .,,04l ) , ,%
Ken tucky . ......, ;;9.' ;  S. S
Alabama .......:.24.4,,~ 94 8-t
Mississippi . ...2:...00 ., S')
North ('arolina...T72,,. ) 0:i .
e Arkansas ......2., 5 ,1 ) S $ S
ie louisiana .....". 4 3, ' ) .ll .)
! South ('arolina..2.i ,'O) 57 l81
11.-Year-Old a Suicide.
Iouisvile. Ky.--Bc(('ause she 'had
been rt'lelrove'd 14y her mnothler for
failure to .ceri'lrn4 som;e haischoldtl diu
li ties, L.aulra lick, an 1l.year-old girl,
shot herself thrIough the heart. The
a girl was in normal health, hut her pa.
STents say she had been unusually s,
're sitive to criticislm oa late.
Icr Here is good news for women who
insist on wearing other people's hair.
t- A Chinese viceroy has ordered that
'e the death penalty be enforced against
lr those who desecrate graves to secure
(d human hair for export.
a Every city employe of the borough
a of Queens, New York, is to be uni
tJ formed. Good idea. Among other
s. things, it will show the ordinary tax.
payer how many individuals it takes
ap to run tlA 'ity and why at times he
has been in the minority on election
iAc.C1 rAL X7ý
I ________ ---f -.
Latin-American Alliance Acainst the Po
United States May Result-Likely
to Be a Remonstrance.
Washineton, D. ('.-That at least
tll' tie, all . perhil, tie, ,of i ('t Ie
tril and South Ameri: nl diplmaits li'
mlll t ca ertio('oe dt i . plrot;st of 0son.t h :
fer 'nc f Allwrieiin state. aI lt ii-iene re
Ayres against the ('entral A erialrl i'ri'
poli'ly of the Uriitcd St::tes is th, ol
possibility beinv g discussed in diplo- at
Il00tit circles Ihi re. TI:
Itiruhors to tlhi effect have been per- on
Sistellnt ol late in elartr's t su:tilly well p,
inlfo'rmed, tandl sine r .plon::ible Latin
Americi an represntatit s alltiitt,,l t
thei.i api;'r-exitnate, truth. tho I.gh notne
\\oubll l),ermlit l!hi self to ha A ot . ,ll l N
IThe rnlIlors hay le" , to li'el, ex- .
(chac n, lt f iif 1 rttionm t he I)t Oii. t 'e1( e l
tral and ;nth .A n ,ri":. r,. l',iic.s will
here. ftieials i of t'he state (dl): t
minet arei watching the sitl ation very'
t5)olie of the ilm re rnlhial of the t
jeneIjis -A tneri'n ns are sauid to he in.e
kihd att the lillg ilnterilational to:1- to
fa ,or of a l .atiin-.A meri"nli allian q,',
a ainiist the United States. It is gen
smrally coen; s0-, hoi wever, that foun Cal
actiont of this nratutre is tnliiely.
The most that allr hoe rlu2ardi a1 at
probable is that the rfet)tblis inter
ested will give the' United States to
undlerstand diplomatically that the o
1 principles represnoted in the attltuder
of this government on the east coast
of Nicaraeza will not hel ace(pteld
Swillinaly as a part of the international
law of the Americans. It is hardly
likely that this protest, if made, will N
i become a part of the official proceed
ings of the confe rence. D
Brazilian Government Is Sending a
S Well-Known Specialist.
Washington, I). C.-The Brazil ian
Sministry of agriculture has naie ar- (
i rangements to send to the United t
e States a well-known specialist in eot
ton growing for the purpose of visit
Ing the Southern states t dy the til,"
methods of American cotton growers,'
and obtain a number of Anerican ex
)ierts to go to Brazil to further the in
terests of cotton cultivation in that
country, according to a report of t
! United States Vice-Consul-General J.
J. Slochta of Rio Janeiro. i
i It is intended to have these Amer- "
San experts travel thrughoue t the cot
ton growing sections of Brail aind an ct a
as inspectors and especially as in
s Jury Had Listened to Testimony Over
- Four Weeks. i
Kansas City. Mo.-"We, the jury, I
I- find that the flour seized was adul
"We, the jury, find that the flour
r.eized was misbranded."
*These two verdicts were returned
in the federal court here today by the
Sjury that for more than five weeks had
listened to testimony for and against
the charge of the government that 625
sacks of flour, bheached and sold bh,
the Lexington Mill & Elevator Com
pany of Lexington, Neb., and seized
by the goverrnment while in t.he pos
Ssession of the purchaser, a grocer at
iCastle, .Mo., were adulterated and
mishrande d. The government had
charged that the ilour was adulterat
ed, in that it was bleached hy the Al- I
sop l)rocess. which makes use of ni
trogen peroxide in bleaching flour.
Misbranding was charged in that the
flour seized was laleled a fancy pat
b ent and the government cottended it
. was not a fancy patent because it was
. not made from a first grade hard win
ter wheat.
Will Reform Topers.
o Columbia, S. C.-The city commis
sion has contracted with one of the
liquor cure institutions to treat at
the city's expense prisoners assigned
by the recorder in the ward titted up
for the purpose in the police station.
gh Drinks to Death for $1.
n- New York.-Peter Smith drank 17
r jiggers of whisky in sutcessiron, there
by win:ning a bht of $1. As he pock-k
s eted the money he fell to the floor un
h conscious and died soon after in r hos
Spita. 1
Poindexter Opposes Senator Piles of
Washilngton, an Old Friend of
the Ex-President.
Oyster Bay, N. Y.--T'heodolre lous
Veit madi,( it c(lar T.osw,a, , taot by
slire, t 'atl,'ln' ,'lil b hb l by illiphe' ti'I ,
sto S 'o'.:g that it a illits uof (o iI.sr'' t•
I't':-t'nllttLfl, that he '.ill support l4(.'pr,`
's ltative Mile's l'oit:dx.'t,'r in his tight of
toir a soiat in the I'tiited Stites: sui.n l \1
ate frol the slate of it ashin.lon. Ji
They'" had luncheon toatzther andtt a it
(otllerence at Saganore Hill, and .l,.
',lindxler deparlted jublilant. tl
In iniorsing oitndtxtt'er for the sen- (l
Iat, l olt.el Roosevelt h'sA , hinms'li t
-, ar 1., in ,, psiron to I.i'hu ri H at. 11"'
lill! tr, secr('z',tatry oIl t.,e interior, \\huill .U
i't''sil'nt Tafta has s-o \\wat'!nuly d ','lld
,d, .: CI it is the o ly 1st,1(l I i' hI; s h
t ke l ,a ri: iretlyv or indi ,'tly on t
th, 11ailinh 'r-P'in hot c,,Intrge rsy.
Vlt. poi: lxter is opl(;sd to S,-, 1n.
tary' lialliin er and  ti 4 1) s to tins"at K
,ena tur }'ils of \\'Washill"'ton, hoh is
.se"inL: at hotl teint, anlld has S,(.' L
tury" iii ills user's su 'p ort.
\W'hile the 'en,-ral (,Minton is thIat
Coldonel lb tsv eV-It is 'f(elii:. his wa.i
as ri-airds his utltinmate attiltude to- C
ward the Taft administration, his d
stand is ( otlsidelred the most strikin s
indlication of his present frame of
mtin . Alil that he will fight hart.i c
for the conservationl llovetmelt which h
he inaultirated while in offie lihe
1lmadlf' !,aini to interviewers whlle n Mr. '
l oinldexter had gonie. a
------ li
Declare They Would Obey No White v
Judge Longer.
Pittslhtrg, 1'a.--Over 101) negroes
arraigned at the Center Avenue po
a lice station on tlhe charge of rioting E
nd uring Monday night's Johnson cele
bration in: the ill district, went on
a ramp tae in the court room during,
i the hearings. The eight police of
fit'rs in (harge of the Center Avenue
stlatio were unable to control the iino
gi'(tes whlen they rushed" Magi.;trate
Aii.; rin, declaring they want l a col
or','d jury to pass oni their (cases.
It T'lte podlice reser''ves arriv'ing, rushed (
the blacks into the jail corridor. Some I
.oif the prisoners were cltubA!d unmer
cifully. Thrs e of the riote'rs were
wotein waho had been jailed the i ight
- It eforc for fight ing. They, with the
t other :art ipa ints in the nlutiny, were
'remtand(led to jail on new charges, with
out hail.
The police officials, as a precaution,
S transferred all netro roundsmen who
had been stationed in the lwgro belt
er t heats elsewhere, the colored officers
having been unable to t.uell the fight
'Y, Ing Monday night.
l- White motormen annd conductors
during the late hours of the night
ur and the early morning refused to run
cars over the routes that led through
le the Wylie avenue quarters. All of
e the cars that ran throuigh the district
atiearlier at night were attacked.
eWife Was at His Side When Sentence
Was Pronounced.
at Kansas City, Mo.-l)r. B. C. HIyde,
ai convited o if having pIt oisoneled Colonel
ad Thomas Ht. Swop(o, the uillionaire phi
at- lanthropist, was sit enen' to life in:
l- prison tmnt at hardl labor by Judlge
t 1- Itlph S. Lat shaw in the criminal
ir. court here Tues lay.
'he ,h doctor and his wife, who has
at- stood by him failhfully, sat side hy
it side and held each other's hands.
's Judge Latshaw promptly overruled
commanded Dr. Hyde to siand up.
Curtiss Flies Over Sea.
seAtlnic City, N. J.-Glenn II. Cur
tits made an ei'ht-nlinute flight di
rectly over the ocean Tuesday. The
ed trip included a flight of about a aille
off shore and 1,300 feet above the
ocean. The successful flight was the
second one attetrpted, the first result
iag in a mishap that nearly sent Car
17 tiss into the ocean. XVhil> attempting
re- to make a t rnt front th' ,eaimh to
c'k-: go to sea an eddy eau'hc ttit'' platte
tn- and (droptid it. within ten fr.,t of tie
os- breaers. ('urtiss drove his machine
jon the beach.
Distinguished Jurist Dld! in th 3 Arms
of His Daug' to -\ ;., in HIS-t
Seventy-Sixth Year.
Chief Justice U. S. Supreme Cout.
.Miss ubry Francis, ( t' ' l .
Jints E. Freman, of 1. 1:f ;. ..1., i
To Jshief lust.o Spuller Ciot
third \ lk for lungthi gof sngice as
" ipr, .idin e justico in th, hiahst lri
J-is .1 Iof h- AFr e .:'icanill iaf m M n'mII'lit.
or1 Ie , :ity-tiVo y',ti ars he \,as T hiefi
ti 3111ii ( t'u Io!t' till( 'th I ut of frv t ' b
X , -h:1 n'e-1 ( i.dtt r 1 1' I'tte foh r hir'
S t -folr -.'.ur alul ('hi f .ll iu e 'l'ane:.
for t 'si( ,t ight y t virs.
Louisiana Family Was Ambushed on
Lonely Road. 10
t ni te, La.--A verdict of not guilty r
' was returned in the case of e ln Kin t
der of .1 . l ree'land, his wife andu n
S step-dau .ghtr, Mrs. . I, ' E;v'rett, in. ar
Ticlkfaw, in this parish. It wal th
('i charged that Kinchen indusid other th
r.1relant was first mortally wounded, lt
and his wife, and daugbhter, lleading l
for their lives, wete then 'ruthlessly 1t
shot down. M1hr Everett hors' in her t
arms a young bhby, which was left e
by the roadsile. It die shortly after.
e wards fronm the (,To.Ift of ox nsIre.l u
t Double Lynching Has Greatly Excited
Missouri Town.
n ('harlestot, Mo.--Ani exodls of the
Snegro poputilation of Charleston is li
f- progress, following the double lynch
e ing in which tohbert lilman ani
:- Sam Fields wi'e, hnan ed by an inft.
o e riated ios ftr the ind·i',,lr sof W illiam i
1- F ox, a 'Missis.p5 iC c itt y ' rlin s'ih.l. n tt
itt'nesligtatitnt of tit affair at the r.
0 qn(i'.t of (;sv tirn'ir H-tadlbv will be
Ie nidel by (hi' Jr"es nttii, itt rne'Y"
r- Sheriff (;Gtlp and his diit niis, whom t
,( he hastily swote it ifter teh,, lyn,'hing u
ttllrolts W('ise ihttade, wet1r ip sw'erhlesS
l against lii rsotwd whiih attaIcse',d thI
( ,)ny jail. No shotsi wEr tired oni
b. elster sile.
Texas Cotton Good.
I Austin, Texas.-The state agrxiul
tural deisartitent 's report of crop .oit
rs diilios shows that the cot ison eondi.
i tion is good all over the s ate, with
Sthe excelpion of a few lcalit iss where
the holl weevil is doing damlage. Tlhe
crop is in '25 per cent. to 75 per cent.
tetter condition than at this tiie last
year. The corn crols condilion dis
clined from 10 to 25 per ,cent. since
.Tune 1 in Central and Northwestern
Texas, and imtlroved 15 to 5i, ier cent.
in ither parts if the state. The fruit
crop is from 50 to 100 per cent. bet
Eter than in 199.
ce Colonel Mosby Retired.
"W ashingto,n I)...--',. ,Iohn S.
d Mosb)y of Virtgitiai, thii famrot- ('(i
l f 1drnt,, aTe .rill, )f C vhil \V r days,
hi has Inst his p,.it ii: a:; i . spec'ial at
. torney i thts ts'patt ', nt c o f jltLc~'P,
e after *iithi year: thi're. In tith. a!ss.'tio,
al of .,ttoi':is'y-i ': ral \ iVk'irs'.tt'.tI , nit
ex llaation i, I nC hial, at tihe dtlsart.
s t .tr (llt s) l ne , it t lninit manrit c ,' f so
h -, i- alt l cofI'er mnII tt. to mplj)'yen . i1
s.y i t I ls'. stij- i I, was ti.- tmtai:t rs's; :ton
md about 7:: vs-ar. of aL',, To hi0 ,l
friends ie appesl ars act lie te lttar
Horse Through Window.
di- 'n onnetts., In .--A blin h rsr,, he.
[he ig fri. ten.d l V th'. I,. Ix ,~i nn if a
Il ca. no'i , ian twiti , threw p - ',river
the out of the hli - y. fatallv inj't'rini him,
Stho lunged through it w',sh iv ' .' i ,te
lt* of M11rs. .- na lm=:,.r ":; f,.1 ,,: a
r I1 b'l itn w',i'h , ir l M -. r ' ;1, : ,er
ri lnn~ h:'r 've,r, '-it: \i' I tu ri
en. .eitll d'lr; the fral'' .. o'r: out
of th, house.
Reason for Misspelled and Poor
ly Printed Ads.
Me' cf Ecduratir.n in C:ty's Fo"eignl
Cu:rter P '... y r. e Sg,:s
R d '1 t H I'd Th,'r
Tr ie.
m7mtLL' PQLL'Jt
1 KP--' DON
01' ?HU- T OTI2.
([email protected]
Fr/2A bred
hA12 mrAiD LKE 1[
Pisf'sed Peer rn
Ifg uri e !
,. M,ý for Gent2
,Idianal ,li .-3oi st of the adver
t isilg :i s in thE. for, igi s-ctions of
th ,he y IPreselt Ilialiy u11111 orolSi
o'm.,s of husiness .,etllvitie.; They
re inartist!'t, in had taste, and seem
to dispilay a gnrous amount of Ig
noran' or cai letsIe(ss-but such is
1 not the case
Inv'esti ation has disclosed the fact
1 that those signs, at least most of
,r them, serve as business getters. They
are the imeliumls which bring and
(, hold the for igners tog(ther, and they
d. attract hun lrds of up-to-(date Amer
leans, who think those signs stand
l for just what lh'y want. The adver
tir lsing in the foreign districts, how
ft ever crude it may soeni, is in many
r r(-spectts more up to date than what is
used downtown. Many of the foreign
ers-anud mnany in the foreign districts
T are matured Americans-couhi lpre
pare or ordr as pretty signs as seen
d anywlere, hut this would spoil the
Imsiness tn thiose districts, and the old
signs are retained.
A man on \\est Washington street,
l)lacksmith hy trade, amo one who
looks e'' ry bit a foreigner, is well
I.duent,,l. 11' k:ows every word in
the English lhnguage adapted to his
trade aml do' s not have to stutter
when si.lling most any word called
for. lI writes a good hand and can
print thli cal't:l and small letters of
th,, alphath t almost as well as a grad
uate siin Ilailter. I ut his sign over
the dlir to th1 shop r iads:
o1l Another, almost as good, on the
a ont of the shop, says:
i llr--C0n
As soon a' these are noticed the on.
l k'.r will comment on the p ior spell
lag, first of all. Then in will take
into cinsideration th, art of sign ma
kihr and wnuder why in earth a man
should jumble the letters in that
fashlrn. With that ht- will 'ass on
aind forget thi- apparent igllnratnce or
iarelessiess displayed publicly until
bI - arrives at the In xt tstahilishlii ;nt,
which 'lhay i.:ive a siga sote:cthing
like th.i"
ml0BfERS SY wa
Tis1Y Ih Int 5"(.1m so crude. The
eottelr. 'ni mi at:id prI sat a golo
he- ;; s .ir I'. vid lv'tv soninhiiy
f a with r,;.! artistic ina.<tin('t hadl t,.,n
,,3 ,* t pl ,,'l to adve.:'i-' th,. w alt" of
i m , .0 ': , l,, r,- the sI-.lllng is the
hi f ';it.
. ';', ,'ti.( I in inl f'V(¢ V y w iy
icr h~t] ; -;i , (, eP : j,; l~tj :"(ca
':':t t}, :' ; itg: ict. [ Vid' i .~ a tl h'
' * ::.; , " ical iecisi ,, 1 .;1< , -oW
",u:t : :, ;:fs''!Y atuo Lc.. A\t,1'

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