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'he Lower Coast Ciazcte.
Plucky New Orleans Girl
Quickly Avenges the
Death of Her Father,
Who Is Shot Down by
a "Black Hander." x
't;llitlll |q'"th,ri.' "o ' ,if :1 .;ill.! 1t :tIni i t
tlli l r (. firll a t t h " slo , ii. I
III th! ,l,':i t .s s a r':: .I Y n a t,
-J."(" n i la I, ~hlln ha s 1-ye:r-di "
l;tb a ,," -Lot aei k:i ! I the a s:s :a
,I1-ng her r\; ol (er, ve cht~ e t e t ,i,
Va :,'lla hai r,% h :,'A F,. r I,
\ , i, .irI.. I 'tjtIte k I1:::,1 .
wIas henliln . a r 1aetl' dI d hohi ly  if : t
,f , i I at ti. r ,il, .:n,l a- k, ,l
if ; i l nt(!r ls ' y ivt: the' St r o : t-. \1
sd, with t. he sbullet ., woundsa in Ic
re heart. t
1s M;taaz/lla f-,li Lo i v hi; ri,
Thlev i' ass fir edas iiih i a.;asii, hlulas
I! ha I recently. coni tiel ttais cssountry
th I l(N hulhl't r ofou t.he lark. oilani.
lo has tl1in t M\zelha had l rushed into
thin thore ast the first shot, aie, Idraw
raos, her revolofer, gave chase the
assns-ain, firilg alit hi ot as she rain.
W hen ilhe po(lice ( ,r''ived the girl
woas hendig over the dead holy hi
h,- father, we.-ping. The deal body
of h:s layer said the gutter out
side, with three bullet wounds near
the heart.
The assassin was identified as
Guiseppe Spenacehio. who is said to
hater recently collc to this country
fromel ano, on Sicily.
The killing of Spen rc thio makes
the fourth is Arber of the ested and Drlawsk Threeand
who has nmet with a v (lent deal h
wihin the past six months. The uccessiaron.
races, ongrave of whom wife, killed in the
mittedacona home and she o her at self
Rose or St. Rose plantatol, Di Chris
throa, ughi the heartni, and nowarmed wehio,
all of whom are said to he members
of the gang.
three piss Manzella ard was arrested and
later released and required to furnish
merely a nod threeinal ond,. on the
grtend that thille killing boreng the gravhe ap
pduarance of justifiable him hicide.
Youth Is Arrested and Draws Three
Revolvers in Succession.
Monroe.-Standing beaside the half
f:lle, grave of his wife, who had coni
mitted suicide by shooting herself
through the heart, and armed with
three pistols, thelip thiard, was ar
rested at Ouchta Cityould by Sheriff
Parker and three deputies. With
the funeral services completed and at
tendan broughts filling the grave, Sheriautom
Parker went uparres to Ward and intro
duced himself and tol him his front is
sion. "You will have to dig a hole
for me, too!" was Ward's reply, and
with itbank he reached for his hat with
one hand and a pistol with the other.
The officer quietly took the pistol
fro E him. He tried to draw the
second and then a Logthe third, each beingain.
acciden away beforn the Icouldsiana railwayng t
ntcompany's line. He was then handcuffed
whil. He wasorking on a log train and is
Lthse and buggyfourth of the Colema in brothers of
to meet deabank here three n an accident on aHe
Theis also wacdented occurred n Union parishJuly 13.for
horalling log. He died shMoorehousetly after
ne brother, who reside about four
mil. E. Coleman Killed Like Others .n
Wo rkin g on a Log Trat in Co.ch
Gordyce, Ark.-D. H. Reuther ofleman,
New Or livleans, who was visiting near
a sanitarium ngs, lexandft her purse, coIa., as
tahening $200 l cash, on the seatin an
accid not disover he Louisiana rauntilway the
company's ine. He was iCo naged
whilew Orleans.-g on a log train and isact
that the secretary of the treasury ofthers
the mnited Stdeates is pran accidg ecnt on a
the further faccident occurrthat the nted StaesJuly 13
Coupply of subsidiary coreakin on hand, traihe
mand wasill not be opInterated for an in
defllinite period, anHe died shon Jurtly af15 the
ore at the mint was reduced to 10m.
e. The body was brought here for the
men at other mints, they will be sepand
onated from ther, who reside serv according tour
that the secretary of the treasury of
e sperlntendent of the mint.
Interest in the Panama Expositio!
MLst Not Be Allowed to Lag.
N,1 ():a, iii it,' - l ~l u, i,': ,. l a ri
and of !.oulli-i:; ll;; II-! .'' ' )!' ;I Pl -
t11.' relax 1 I('] if t'ir i ll t -, i L I, 'lim -
ill . x; . .i; If i t s i : ! i l( It
,'1.' , t' ' ,1 r 1 ) p all I , i,.' - if I b lii
-111 .1'it i , 711111 ti!' i, ;I, f't'). " 11 ! l ,!
H I t'!I 1'! 111' \ ,, 1C.". 1 :'" ;( ' :1 l ) 1!11'1 1' !
( " lll ! ' h;il!i e 17, ).\,t . itmu
aits $ttt1t ,t' Io s.t t the *\t`to;si
S ''TiiI ion H o . T* nt ions of ti-l
l'1 wiltt 'l , pu: ret a i .ar0 n 1 tr1 e
(11 n ti n tl ,if ni l ,t willlp. fl 1 ,;\ i ,l
lis nitin sevlal ofi thinm ut mitn
(y. LI? er we to iV go to t i I gtverull
Tnini t for .0: 11 , llut e C11 atlit d''
hal 1 1oW. .ti ts at '  '. tly t "I, WN ll
1 I-(, ii (i \ l! hn isf fii ,n'hi i
b'T1 i orl ll :t') n,ti ia 1iE-- il tsi ta'-)
lit This ex , posit ion will b onll of t lhe
i0 great !s eIterprises i lf the a elill ll'a
a it will Ti ean t, , ll ri),tli stetit; i(it
Lou isitua, Wnithvoa cotisidemth.g tsi
"all uett for '1 l ir and , r!·aecanI not)li. "r ,
Soortutl t .evet tl elnt wtich it will.
tai 1 sate. Tll s Tis one of tEx t ppol
It it a wh ki, vortnie ihas brotthe laioS,
Saind it is trt to our hop' leto tiake
s' "T islerpos an wi'* ll be on ltl te of ,t -
o the most of it."e ' of t- e
i Standard Oil Company t1 Soend $100,i
g iaton It'ge' -Workill is ta gity
S 'ntflC l uttl 1 the ' ls(onl ot the il pOf 1he
lot iiing locksh Wlit hnithe S aii dario
0' ond tminty is to build at its refi
E et insig norltth, e of tis iy. The
coltractodrd e t forthis wot aveg 0 ar
tived itn thle city atd arrangetietlil
ate under way for beginding at ie a
conacrl s have aeten ln-t w hitwl
tual construction work ton te docks
The tdocks are to he modern and itt)
to-date floating docks, such as the
If city of Liverpool offers. The docks
1 and rer front, when completed, wilt
r represent an xpense of about $1t00,
000. The construction of the docks
will not in terrupt. thie shipping from
this port, but will facilitate it con
a s:terbly wthen the docks are com
- pleted. The steamer Lucas has just
loaded here for an other voyage to
e the Atlantic ports.
S Charbon Is Spreading Rapidly.
Lake ('harles.--Cattlemen of ('cl
casieu and Cameron parishes whoas
herds have been decimated by cha"
boan are indignant at the lack of in
terest alleged to have been displayed
dby the state authorities, it being as
serted that although the disease has
been creating havoc for iore than
two months not a single trepresenta
tive of the state government has vis
ited the territory involved to aid it
er xterminating the disease. Cattle are
adying by the hundreds, and what
makes the situation even more threat
enling is that the plague of niosquitoe
'E practically make it impossible for hut
mans to go out on the prairie to burir
In the carcasses of the dead stock. The
result is that the disease is spreading
n, despite the energetic work of the
l stockmen themselves.
in Louisianian Arrested In Seattle, Wash.
ly Seattle, Wash.-E. C. Sessions, a
td hotel clerk, was arrested here on In
Is formation received from Convent, La.,
rs charging embezzlement. The extent
a of the alleged defalcation was not
given, and Sessons declines to dis
3. cuss the affair. He Is being held
in pending the arrival of officers from
a Louisiana.
Man Falls From 8kiff and Drowns.
or Bayou Chicot.-Emlle Lacalle, liv
1 aing on the banks of Cocodria, about
Id one mile from Landry, was In a skiff
ur In the bayou when from some cause
he fell In the bayou and was
drowned. Dynamite had to be resort
h. ed to before his body was recovered.
of ---------_
at Coon Poisoner Takes Own Medicine.
n- Pine Pralrle.-E. D. Guillory, while
ad spreading poison in a field to destroy
he coons, accidentally drew the poison
bie Into his nostrils, rendering him un
conscious for some time.
Natural Gas Illuminates a Park.
ot Monroe.-Forsythe park is illumi
of nated by gaslight, the natural gas
II- coming from the salt water well. Ga:
to mains leading from the well, where
es the gas Is separated from the salt
us water, run around the natoilum and
hover the park. The regulation iron
in- posts, with globes and Welsbach
he burners, complete the equipment for
10 Illuminating purposes. Thlrty-ono
he thousand cubic feet of gas flow from
Ip the well daily, and it Is to utilize a
to fraction of this product that the
lamps have beea installed.
LIABILITIES $6,7000,000 - HAS $17,
000,000 ASSETS.
Only $950,000 of the Claims Are Not
Secured-Court Restrains Creditors
From Disposing of Securities.
Pitts:11g, P't.--Col. James ~ M. Gouf
fey, ,.at ii iai 1)uI lloe r i i ('oltlllit lee
I,;tIn for l'e4tsylv:lnia and ilm lti tll il
Iioaire oil man, has guone into the
`J" "is of a reely\er, appoillted late
Friday by Jtuid.;gt' Joseph M. Sw'earin
genI, ill Ite c() allllll)ll Ieas court of this
ounty. '1Th ' Iti(on w;as tak(en upo)) a
biill in ,lui s fi i led ;:y J.. 11. Galey.
John S. \\i;lard, wilo is familiar
wi:h ( 4l. (itl'y'le s affairs, was namt ed
' erlle hill all'eeg that Col. (nffey's
ilnle te l' ss is taol.) t $t,7,)ti'i, of
;a!hich aloit $ ),4,iUun is unsllst red;:
'h Lut t1i'. le'tindal lt hls noi ret ldy mioill Y
aitl wi it' h ) to icet t'h :l, lsa'm its ldue,
and that cn'itil l('creditors ale' treat
n to ai ii115 ISe li 'i'er ls and 4 t('1r
It is furth,'r ase-'r:d'(l that ('Col. C(Ufy
! . tas ., io f )o '' 1r ti 1an 41'.,lut;l, ai
' .,.' part u;' 'a iliH i. .),'I, o',f the .1.
\1. (;uff,'y '(' ' ,:)l; ' aitil tl 0 \\'et \'ir
Lila (,'4)4 l 'lily, two ('1:', 11 n ":l: ;):tliic
.hich o)\v n:7, ('< 4of 4e ' nin g noal
In \Vest \ Vi:;.iI a. "'hI'sa, ese preities
:i',' assset rt'd ' he worth at list $15,
,(,,.(,,0 , and the hill in equity mlain
,;!ills that the(y i (are estimated to O0 l
cain t vo lbillion tons of coal, which, N
aIt a p1' 'it of Olue cent per tonl, would
rcalizt, $2I1,0100. t0,, .
All these 1;tockI s and bonds are
4ledge( as toilateral and the receiver
ship was founl ti nec'(essary to prevent a
sa rilte' of thlis collateral. Theil order l
of court restrains all creditors from
disposing of the collateral securities or E
other assets of C'ol. (tuffey's pending
an adjustment of affairs. d
Texas Aroused Over Action of Finan. le
ciera on Cotton Lading. si
Denison, Texas.---News was received 13
here lFri,!ay to the effect that the cred- al
it instilttions of the East and of
Eurot' ,have dtle(li:wied to advance ally t
t Nor, onev o ( cotton bills of lading
and the news cre'ated( consternation
atong the' han krs and cotton grow- b
ers ,ft Nort h Texas.
'hie ation is said to be (due to the
f;4il't're of Kti ,tnintt. Yani('e\' ('O11)aiy
of lecatur. Aha.; Steele, Miller & ('oin- s
la hy of 4orinth Miss., and lur'ant &
('on pa:i of Albany, N. Y.
It was. further stated that the Texai
PIiankelrs' Association will mportunle
Gov. (t'1"mpdoll to 're,'om lend a special h
law mal:ing the railroads responsible
for Ithe, at's of agents an:t not depend s
uIpon teti question of general negll -
Aunt her proposed remedy is a change
ill tie anti trust statute of Texas to
enable the surety companies to cotm
bine for the purpose of writing insur
ance on bills of lad(ings.
Thirty-Four Are Excluded on Ground e
of Being Destitute.
Washington.--Acting Secretary Ca
ble of the department of commerce aind
labor has directed the admission to
this country of 48 of 8Z Russian He
brew immigrants, who in company
with others, came to thils country by
the steamr er Hanover, which arrived
at Galveston on June 23, in response
to advertisements of the Jewish im-1
migration information bureau.
The remaining thirty-four immi
grants will be excluded on the ground
that they are destitute and liable to d
become public charges because of their ii
physical condition, and many have a
large families.
i? - 1
The Route To Be Taken on European
Cruise of Uncle Sam's Ships. 8
Washington,-The detailed itinerary
of the European cruise of the Atlantic C
Sfleet, comprising sixteen battleships, t
torpedo boat destroyers and auxilia
ries, was announced by the navy de
partment Friday. The first of the ves
sels of the fleet will leave for the ren
t dezvous at a convenient point in the
Atlantic ocean October 26. The bat- t
tleships will arrive at Guantanarmo
Ifor the usual maneuvers after having
visited Vllleftranche, Naples, Gibraltar,
Toulon, Genoa, Phalerum Bay, Alexan- I
dria, Barcelona, Lisbon, Marseilles,
Ponta del Gada, Leghorn, Algiers and
Too Many Stepchildren.
Lesuer, Minn.-Martin O'Malley, a
wealthy farmer, is charged with the
murder of his two little stepdaughters
aged 5 and 3. A month ago O'Malley,
a widower with eight children, mar
ried Mrs. Berget, a widow with three
children, and not long after two of the
Berget children died. An autopsy
hs.owed arsenic in the children's
Would Violate All Precedent to Make
Him Chief Justice.
Knoxville, Tenn.---Judge Horace H.
Lurton, of the United States supreme
court expressed the opinion in a short
interview here that Gov. Hughes of
New York would probably not be ap
pointed chief justice of the United
States Supreme Court, citing the fact
that it would be against all precedent
for the President to appoint a man
chief justice who had already been ap
pointed to the bench.
/ \n w Yeo iowrah
'/7 Miar c1 t -r
1///I OfIT l ýý ( r
( NI
('pnprterht 1910.)
New Orleans Grocer Black Hand Vic- S
tim-Police Find Weeping Girl
Over Dead Form of Father.
New Orleans, La.-Joseph Maanzel
la, an Italian proprietor of a saloon s
and grocery at St. Philip and ic(atl'r s
streets, fell a victim to the so-called p
"Black Hand Society" here Wednes- t
day, but his death was avenged a few a
seconds later, when his 17-year-old a
daughter shot and killed the assassin c
as he was attempting to escape. a
Mazella had recently received many ii
letters demanding money. They were s
signed "Black Hand Society." Short
ly before noon an Italian, apparently r
about 30 years of age, caled at the c
store and asked if any money was g
torthcoming. When orderd out, he r
shot Manzella in the breast. As Man- b
zella fell he drew his revolver and
fired at the assassin. but it has not c
been definitely established that the a
bullet found its marik. Young Jose- t
phine Manzella had -:'shed into the
store at the first shot, and, drawing a
her revolver, gave chase to the assas- i
sin, firing at him as she ran. i
When the police arrived, the girl
was bending over the dead body of f
her father, weeping. The dead body t
of his slayer lay in the gutter out- x
side with three bullet wounds near 1
the heart. c
The assassin was identified as Gul. a
seppe Spennazzio, who is said to have r
immigrated from Sicily recently. 1
Eight Indictments Against Cotton Men
Set Aside.
New York.-Indictments against 9
eight prominent cotton operators for
alleged conspiracy in restraint of
trade, found by the federal grand jury
last month, were dismissed.
Ex-Senator Spooner, counsel for the
bull leaders in cotton, had the indict- 4
ments declared defective and set
aside as a result of pleas of abate
ment, filed on July 5, each of thi de
fendants separately, claiming that the
indictments were not valid, on the
ground that the grand jury was not
legally convoked.
The federal grand jury which in
dicted Patten and the rest is push
ing its inquiry deeper into the sitlu
ation in the other old crop months,
July and August.
It is learned that sixty subpopenas I
have been issued for cotton brokers,
mill men and others, who may throw
light on the corner. Brown and Hayne:
apparently are running the campaign
in those positions without the co
operation of Patten, whose great for
tune .helped the bull leaders take over
340,000 bales on May contract, the
largest quantity ever tendered in one
month and valued at about $25,000.
Reports of the grand jury's plans
tend to restrict trading in cotton. So
far only about 45,000 bales have been
tendered on July contract and the July
deal as compared with that in May
has been unimportant.
Cincinnati Mecca for Robbers From
Various Cities.
Cincinnati, Ohio.-That Cincinnati
has been the "clearing house' for an
organized company of box car thieves
of 'New York, Philadelphia, Chicago
and other cities, who have made way
with thousands of dollars worth of val
uable merchandise, is the claim of
railroad officers who brought two men
into police court here, charging them
with receiving stolen goods.
Mrs. Morse Still Persistent.
Washington, D. C.-Mrs. Charles W.
Morse was a caller at the department
of justice Monday, where she had an
interview with James A. French, the
attorney in charge of pardons, in re
gard to the case of her husband, who
is now serving a term of imprisonment
in the penitentiary at Atlanta, Ga..
Mrs. Merse made inquiries touching
the forms to be followed in making
application for executive clemency.
She did not intimate when a formal
application for pardon might be ex
EMBEZZLES $500,000
Secretary Ropke Waives Examina.
tion-He Had a Clearing House
System of Fleecing Bank.
Louisville, Ky.-Admission that the
i shortage of August Rlopke, defaulting I
r secretary of the Fidelity Trust Conm
I pany, is very large was made at the
trust company offices late Tuesday
v afternoon. At the same time it 'as
i announced that the directors of the
1 company have pledged themselves to
an increase of $1,000,000 in the cap.
r ital stock if such increase is neces
a sary.
Ropke's shortage is placed by cur
Srent rumor at about $530,I,,0. His
e case was set for hearing before the
s grand jury October 5 and the prisoner
a returned to jail, in default of $2b,000
1 Although no statement could be se.
t cred on this point, it is said the pec.
e ulations began between ten and fif
teen years ago.
e The system emp;oyed by Ropke is
also as yet unexplained, although it
- is generally suipposed .he manipulated
indivdiual accounts.
1 It is also said he had authority
f from several depositors to check on
y their accounts, subject to the super.
t- vision of the trust company officials.
r A report was current Tuesday that he
checked on these accounts for large
I. amounts and intercepted the cheeks
e upon their return from the clearing
house, so that the officials of the
company would not see the checks.
He is said to have used the money
for his own account, and to have made
entries in the ledger to offset the
n amount taken.
The last statement of the Fidelity
t Trust Company showed a reserve and
r sinking fund, in round numbers, of
f $1,300,000. The capital .stock is $1,
y 000,000 par, and Monday sold on the
local exchange at 3.80. Tuesday it
e was offered at 3.55.
Georgia Congressman Would Have Lu
nacy Commission Appointed.
Atlanta, Ga.-Charging that Thos.
e E. Watson, twice Populist candidate
for president, is either a moral leper
or insane, Congressman Hardwick of
the Tenth Georgia district demand
1ed that a lunacy commission be ap
pointed to pass on the mental condi
s' tion of Watson.
Hardwick, in his prpevious cam
As paigns for congress, has been strng-.
s' ly supported by Watson. He, how.
W ever, fell out with Hardwick two years
f ago, when the latter refused to join
n Watson in the latter's desertlan of
D' Gov. Hoke Smith, when Smith was
r- opposed for a second term by Joe
.r Brown. Since then Watson hlas been
Le bitterly attacking Hardwick, allegng
le that the congressman Is a gambler
l. and a drunkard, and that he redu.
diates gambling debts. In an open
is letter Hardwick brands Watson as a
o "common liar," "w-uld-be charactel
n assassin" and "moral leper."
$10 Gold Certificate Is Being Clever.
ly Imitated.
S Washington, D. C.-Discovery of the
existence of a new counterfeit $10
m gold certificate has been announced
by John E. Wilkie, chief of the secret
iti service division of the treasury de
ta partment. The certificate is repre.
as sentative of the act of July 12, 1882,
;o series of 1901, and bears the check
ty letter "D," plate No. 150, the signa
Il- tures of W. T. Kernor, register of the
of treasury, and Lee McClung, treasurer
an of the United States.
m The silk fiber is imitated by red
and blue ink marks
Feed Peaches to Hogs
nt Galveston, Texsa.-Claims aggre
n gating $1,000,000 have been filed
e against the Texas railroads for fail
'e- ure to supply refrigerator cars to the
ho peach growers. As a result of inability
nt to secure cars, thousands of bushels
of peaches are being fed to the hogs.
ng The peaches ripen too rapidly for
ag shipment unless packed in refritera.
:y. tor cars and the railroads are over
al 1,000 cars short. Under instructions
z. from the railroad commission, grow
ers are tendering shipments.
Sweeps His Machine Up 1.600 Feet In
6 Minutes-Wil Probably Get
$5,000 Prize for His Efforts.
Atiatlntic ('it , N. J.- - ;l'nn i 'co rti:-,
sl i alp Aii Iitr'i , '':? Itc"' i l ii t lit i "
m ile Ili hll t ill t n i' a,] ri ;l',' .11ti n \i '.
li[i. iiti'u()(,!, tl e u)V :!,r 1" .111, h ,i|<i'ic' ' in
tics \as; in t' e air c ,:e m u, ntllid lhir'y!
lilmln es, alnd pi p. on, hl'on' t',\m'nl.,
oni i' t illtS anl d i', i stt i md d 'll on th
olll'Se, .ix i i:l e;l s :Illd six si'nnds t.
t'e,lltl'- o l f .l s flgt Curt iss d
helig d'cilthat h fa eifthe tted tii the tio
ends of tie t wo and one-half mill
Inl tIh etarly evs onin l Curt'i-i. set a
new mark for quick t climbin i by
swith,,lein g his t lahine 1 .i Io .e' in
the air in livi ' minutes ale l li t y-one
.\t thl a nd of his flight Curtiss de'
iarled It hi t his ll iine wo rl'i d perf
ly. and vixpr, ,id his hoelif that ithi
in en:,ar , uy , -ii Ratuis, iin case (
falliw into the soil : go d rthe ifty'es0 itl
f running parlyO iinto the w illd to :iew e
in the cou ,rs', held hien back at loa.-I
lifte'-n '1les an holur.
oCurtiss' conttr enoed Monday
nieht, leaving Iorookins in possessivo
of the $5,,00 altitiule prize, won on
Saturday eveoning. w .!wn he made a
world's record of 6,1T- feet, and whlch de
will Cie Liven to him tomorrow. Thehe
nright avianor has not yet announced he
ewhether he will go after the fifty-mile
e or
3,622,000 Spindles at Spartanburg, . I
C., to Be Stopped. er
Spartanburg, S. C.-Reports show- ti
ins that 3,622,000 spindles out of the l
13,71100 spindles represented in the
South Carolina Cotton Manufacturers' H
Association will be stopped at least aH
e portion of the time in July and Au- fo
gust were presented at the meeting
of the association held here Tuesday
morning. Some of the mills repre
si ntel in the association are not now, ax
and never have been, in operation, t
thus making the curt ailment move
nlent plactically untlaninlous. H
It is estimated this will mean a re.
Stluction in output amounting to 2,5i0 K
000 pieces of cloth. A meieling of tike
ixecutive committee has been called
to consider further curtailment, to be
held in the latter part of August or
r- early in September.
Wheat Reduction Amounted to 21, n
g 000,000 Bushels.
Washington, D. C.-Exports of et
v wheat from the United States for the w
Stwelve months ended with June, 1910,
Le showed a reduction of about 21,000,- ti
000 blushels in quantity from the ex- hi
ports of the corresponding months of
. the previous year.
f Corn showed a reduction of about I
1,000,000 bushels for the same pe
t Meat and dairy products declined
in value of exports from $146,000,00)
in 1909 to $110,000 in 1910. st
SCotton, while showing a fall of half
a billion pounds in the quantity ex- m
Sported developed an Increase of thirty- l
two and two-thirds million dollars in
s. the value of exports.
- Gulf Coast Swarming With Insect
New Orleans, La.-T.he entire Gulf
coast of Louisiana and Mississippi is
s uffering from a plague of mosquitoes.
Mlllions of the pests are swarming
over that region, making life almost
unbearable to inhabitants. Many New
Orleans families who went to the coast
to spend the summer have returned tl
to this city and will spend the re
mainder of the season at home. ani
mals are being driven frantic by the
Smosquitoes and in some localities the
horses and mules are dying.
a Wild animals in the swamps of the
rivers and bayous have been forced to
flee mnany mles id an effort to outrun
the mosquitoes and in some instances
S deer have gone into the cities and
towns in their flight from the winged
r. pests. In the southwestern part of
Louisiana several large saw mile and
he factories have closed down because
10 ther employes have refused to stand
e the torture of fighting mosquitoes and
et trying to work at the same time. t
re. Germany Not Interfering. c
2, Germany has taken no stand in op- a
ck position to the United States in the I
Ia affairs of Central and South America. 1
he Germany has Issued no statement that t
en could be construed into antagonism of
the American governnunt in what
ed that government has done, Is doing. I
or may do in Nicaragua.
Huge Deal Pending.
Lexington,Ky.-The district board of I
e the Burley Tobacco Society, wits re- 1
resentatives present from sixty ar
lmore counties, convened hero Tues
Sday to consider, among other ques
Ity tians, the prospects for the saic of
the 1909 crop.
gs Sentiment seems strong for anther ,
or pool this year, despite the far' that I
not a pound of the 1909 crop ha' yet
er been sold, or even graded. Neiotla
fe tions are said to be progress:un feo
- the sale of ten million pounds to Inds e
pendent factories,
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Ca quickly be overcome by
Purely vegetable
°`` ad CARTE_
eiliou , IV ER
Head. PILLS.
a, and Indigestion. They do dthe duty
Small Pill. Small Doe,. Small Prie..'
Genuine mustbear Signatur
"Why, What's the matter, my ladr
"lBoo hoo! Ma sez I got to presi
dent when I grows up, an' I'd set my
heart on beln' a prize fighter. I3oo
She Lives In Bingvllle.
A south Missouri paper is carrying
this ad.: "Attractive woman, not a day
over thirty, would be pleased to corre
spond with eligible man. Not abso
lutely necessary that he should be
young. Would prefer one with prop
erty, but one with a good paying posi
tion would be satisfactory. The young
lady is of medium height, has brown
hair and gray eyes, not fat, although,
most decidedly, she is not skinny.
Her friends say she is a fine looking
woman. Object matrimony. Reason
for this advertisement, the young
woman lives in a little dinky town,
where the best catches are the boys
behind the counters in the dry goods
and clothing stores, and every one of
them is spoken for by the time he
is out of his short pants. Address
Hazel Eyes, Box 23, Bingville, Mo."
Kansas City Star.
The Stomach Hold.
Col. I1. N. Itenouf, at the "01
Guard" banquet at I)elmonico's, em
phasized the importance to an army
of a good commissariat.
"You have perhaps heard," he said,
"of the company of privates that a
patriotic lady entertained one Me
morial day to dinner.
"It was a good dinner, and at its
end a pretty maid servant entered
with a superb dessert.
"'Dess.rt, sergeant?' she said to
the stalwart young soldier at the
head of the table.
"'Desert?' the sergeant answered.
'When I can get eats like this for
nothin'? Nixie! Not me!'"
'"I thought you told me you had
something original in this libretto,"
said the manager, scornfully. "HIero
at the very outset you have a lot of
merry villagers singing, 'We are hap
py and gayl'
"You don't catch the idea at all,"
replied the poet, wearily. "The 'g' is
soft. It should be pronounced 'happy
and jay.'
Otherwise Hopeless.
"My daughter's voice is to be tried
"Have you fixed the jury?"-Cleve
land Leader.
Regarding the Morning Cup.
"Oh how hard it was to part with
coffee, but the continued trouble with
constipation and belching was such
that I finally brought myself to leave
it off.
"Then the question was, what should
we use for the morning drink? Tea
was worse for us than coffee; choco
late and cocoa were soon tired of;
milk was not liked very well, and hot
water we could not endure.
"About two years ago we struck
upon Postum and have never been
without it since.
"We have seven children. Our baby
now eighteen months old would not
take milk, so we tried Postum and
found she liked it and it agreed with
her perfectly. She is today, and has
been, one of the healthiest babies in
the State.
"I use about two-thirds Postum and
one-third milk and a teaspoon of sugar,
and put it into her bottle. If you could
have seen her eyes sparkle and hear
her say "good" today when I gave it
to her, you would believe me that
she likes it.
"If I was matron of an infants'
home, every child would be raised on
Postum. Many of my friends say,
'You are looking so well!' I reply, 'I
am well: I drink Postum. I have no
more trouble with constipation, and
know that I owe my good health to
God and Postum.'
"I am writing this letter because I
want to tell you how much good
Postum has done us, but if you knew
how I shrink from publicity, you
would not publish this letter, at least
not over my name."
Read the little book, "The Road to
Wellville,"ln pkgs. "There's a Reason."
Ever read the above lettert A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, ad tfull of humean

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