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Lower coast gazette. (Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.) 1909-1925, July 30, 1910, Image 1

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,h- Lower Coast iazette.
\'(LIl II. I()INTI-A-LA-IA(IlE, LA., SATUI1)AY, JULY 30, 191U. . '11111 31.
il i . . .. . . . .. . . ... . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . ... . . .. . . . . .. . .~
Former Deck Hand Going to
United States Senate.
Napoleon Bonaparte Broward of Florl
da Who Has Been a Roustabout,
Sailor, Filibuster and Gov
ernor, a Fighter.
Jacks.,,nilll. -'la.--()n.' 1, the huts
pleturis,1 1" tiger, r In tit i. autbland
.t111 :1 1;,an 1, -tr1,y of who,,, life
,,ad,; Ilk,. a nov, l is Napnl o01 lIona
I l' rai ard, ,.x ,,v,.raior of Florida,
" ', r t . ,'1,t ated 'nitoild Statt.s
;! ,t T. it'."1'r~ 11 tt "- s,"llatrial
ir :. a if; !I, ,' 'n 'loridta.
\lMr. Irw;r!', i. a brilliant *xu' ilt,
^,f :,c.hbe,,,t ,, :t rn t r,.ly ',al l,", 1t ,'nE
!I thi, ,lia of -' lf li,;b, i m 'l,1 . 11, iIas
Ib ra in al)j ',t i. vry. his purl , " I'-+.
i!:g i n' rantl! "' :t cr;ti"ck . a .l
!- .-chnlil Wn i w racth' :t!ly I! y t
he, r,"~e to the high1 , t oii,'' in to
ci ninah1iw."lltlh aIl! Ty. ,'o h' is aitl.t tlf
, a,:,r ih,- I illel t. ,t!t's ,'ii ,te. it1 Is
a big man. ,.ar:ally and :, r,' i:t a ,.t
a.nl his hoi ,'esty arti ihnt'et'i? hiave
never been lut-rtiuoedil. If,- eon s'il'
c,. In polihi . as he, dii In civil life,
by s.her bulhli cutllr:wi ant pi'rt -
nh:tiitt and by k,..,ping his word,. lie
starils six ft.',t in hiiiht, weighs more
than 20it poundsT and is a horn ig:ht,"r.
E.: (;ut'vrior Iro arl hlrt altrao'tl1
polit!hal rothio hby his 1prloc't to rr
clahinl the Evl'rglal.'s of Ft'krila and
l;akIiilni Tt i into farnrnini latls. It
was this Issue whh'h t'arried hin into
th-- (411e of govern:or. 11,' has. t~o,,
dinn tratl,, that his sch,o,' is fas
ibhl. y ,,conv,.rting a part of the. Ev. r
ela,!,,s Into prductiv,, farms , an! this
ru i + liim Intiit lisely Ipiltar.
!;," fath r of the fi rt' r , senator
livid in a log house on tlh St. John's
rit'vr atl eke I out a hare living for
his nlt, ard children.li lnlrward's
parents diel when he was in his early
teens. When he was undeir 20 he
Napoleon B. Broward.
shipped on a lumber-laden schooner
bounil for Boston. There he was pald
off and lantled in the ,lead of winter.
Hit had never sen a snowstorm hu
fore, he was thinly clad and suiffered
terribly from the cohl. .An attack of
whooping cough laid him up and took
all his money. Nevertheless as soon
as he could crawl out he shiltp'd on
one of the winter fishing fleet bound
for the ';rand Banks. IIH endured
hardships without complaIning, dt, his
work with a smile, and thus won the
friendship of the men of the sea. Fol
lowing his work on the Banks he
worked his way back to Florila as a
sailor. Next we see him as a roust
about on a steamer on the St. John's
river. lie saved his money, bought a
part Interest in a steamboat and struck
out for himself. His splendid fighting
abilities were winning him notice, the
while his kindly disposition was win
ning him friends. He was elected
sheriff of Dural county, a position he
held nine years, and in which he made
a record which attractel attention to
him from all parts of the state.
The exploit which made Broward fa
mous throughout the United States
and Cuba was his ability as a block
ade runner to Cuba. during the time
the insurgents were fighting the Span
lards there before the Spanish-Ameri
can war. In company with his brother
and a third partner Broward built a
stout, seagoing tug for salvage and
wrecking work off the Florida coast.
He was approached by Cuban agents
ant asked to run guns and munitions
into Cuba. The work was hazardous
in the extreme, but the pay was com
minsurate with the risk and Broward
became a filibuster. In all he made
eight trips from the Florida keys to
Cuba and his perilous adventures and
narrow escapes would make a novel
in themselves. He was chased by
Spanish gunboats, fought with sev
eral of theni and escaped capture and
death by a hair's breadth scores of
This Baby a "Strong Man."
Pembroke ('enter, Mass.-This town
has a marvel in bayhood in Thoman
Ii. l'ates. Jr., aged ten months and
weighis 2S pounds. Young Bates has
shown phenomenal strength. He de
lights in trapeze, swinging numberless
times in succession. His biggest
weight feat is lifting two flatirons
weighing 19 pounds. With the assist
ance of an iron through which the
flatirons are hung on young Bates per.
forms this feat, a wonderful achieve
ment for his age.
Your best friends "talk about you"
at times; don't aepect anything ela.
Mob Dragged Him at Heels of Fast
Horse-Poured Oil on Nude
Body and Touched Match.
[l.It. , ' 1 T xt . -Il\Ilry G ;, :tr\, i lie
g ro, , il, l:J#', to l t .', , I, :
da;tui.bttr ;tid latr'r l"it;ltid tt th
pl'j e 11ith1 a stt ;r and i ,il'd (, in
t;tabl' hin .M lt'I tIell, theti Ill itnto
the tO tlllitry, w'.; as (apt u r't] a 1. I '; ,
broT l ht to ti lit in tll ti , titnt,~tl t,,
dragged thrwttuh the .tret'"ts auitl
burlled at thI' stake on the ;1,liic
Fridal'y Inui tiu ht 2l: ;t) at' O'('lck illt '
int th o i tt. .\1s it .rs. l .:C u , a ;w ido,+,v.
T"'I' d aln i 'htsr sa:uw t t n ,,e andti
shot at hil., ntissitlg, and thi' nt to
.Neih' c ,l rs telephone'l d to c' snstable
Jim Mit'lhell. lie l all\ered thet call,
bit could find no one. A pair of
shoes and a hat were found enllath
a window. Mitc'hell the:: gut blood
houndis to mnalke a further searctIh.
Apparently while he was at ayt the
th'gro had returned with a sutit ttln.
The negro shot him frotn hlhind a
tree, hitting himt in the hack. Mitch.
ell fell front his horse and liv ld i, lly
a few tinuttes, butt told lefr' dy in tg
who did thoe killing.
Wor'd went out and all a'vailabtle at.
totmoiles were iput into tuse and citi.
zns lttirried to the stceno, lett'rtiin 'l
ont aventing the death of a faithfutI
officer, killed in the discharge of his
Sheriff D. C. Purkos, his d, etuti's
and 560 (Itiz('ns stlrround' d tte t liol.
They could not see the near ), ltult
closed in on the field ani.ut'n 11te act t
hint about half way across. Ile was
called on to surrender and rel'-.ild.
Two well aimed bullets front the of
flcers' pistols caused hint to sturrt'cndo'r.
A citizen throw a role ar.tnd hi i
i ne'k and he was quickly dracd.:dl to
the open. One of the automobliles
rushed to the city'. an!1 some one tirel
two shots as an indication that they
had him, and the crowd in town went
As soon as he was lrnlught to the
city and when the puhlii' s;uart' was
reached, another rto e Wtas th'ro vwn
around the public square, nude, he'
hind a horse In a dead run to a spot
where wood. coal oil, etc., were in
readiness. The match was al!plietd
and the negro burned.
Judge Deplores Sentiment Favor
ing Mob Law.
Cairo, Ill.-"We find the defendants
not guilty." This was the verdict ren
dered in the mob case, ending the trial
of the twelve men charged with the
attack on the Alexander county jail
on the night of February 17 last.
The court r6omn was crowded when
the verdict was brought in, and after
it was read lJudge Dtunan addr,,sseo,
the crowd, stating that he founid an
unhealthy sentiment in Cairo, mtany
believing that mob violencte law Is
sometimnes justifiahle.
"That is wrong." ,he said, "tnrder
no circumstances does mob law tietttr
As soon as the defeIndalnts and jt.
rors left the court rooim there was an
exchange of congratulations, and then
the defendants piled into a big auto
mobile and pmaraded throutgh the
streets to celebrate their acquittal.
Statistics on the Amount of Our Ex
ports Issued.
Washington. D. C.-Cotton, copper,
Illuminating oil, wthat-these articles,
in the order named, formed the most
important articles exported from the
United States during the fiscal year
just closedl. The value of the cotton
exported was $450,o000, a; of the cop
per, $S3,500,000; of the illuminating
oil, $2,500,000O, and of the wheat, $47,
Other articles of export ranked In
value as follows: Flour, lard, tobacco,
lumber, upper leather, corn, bitumi
nous coal and lubricating oil. *
American Bar Association Meeting.
The American Bar Association will
meet in Chattanooga August 30-31 and
September 1. This is the first time
the American Bar Association has
ever ,held a meeting this far South.
It is a gathering in convention of the
most representative lawyers in Amer
lea, and a special effort is being maide
to induce lawyers throughout the
Southern States to be l)resenit and
make this one of the largest in the his
tory of the association. Thie Ttnnes
see Bar Association will hold their
business meeting on August 29, and
t'he other meetings wil lie held jointly
with the American Bar Association.
Snout Weevil There, But Not Destruct
ive to Cotton.
Atlanta, Ga.-There is no such thing
as the boll weevil in Georgia, reports
to the contrary notwithstanding. This
statement was made by E. L. Wor
sham,state entomologist, following the
receipt of alleged specimens of the
weevil from Wilkes county. On ex
amination Mr. Worsham found that
the specimen was of the snout weevil
species, a near relative of the boll
wevil, but not destructive to cotto!n
Two Cir I I EO C8:4
,/iiIl i?
Reaches Boiling Point When Hayne,
Bull Leader Is Accused of
Deserting His Folowing.
New Yark.-Thrc was a list tight
blt '.tc']ln 1I i a k li. i]a.lit , ti- N.w't"
( h ; :.. 'tll ll tl tl n c t 'ad'i ':', ' ,ltld .l 1u1:r
1.. I'lmiti lg, in l l:m 'ic u's \ e;i iin -'s
'l't I',he ht was The oullt'cm e ,fI tlht
f, hint rit eir - net I eo, s i .tst ha;
texi. l (1 "tl,, t' ' e l 1,h' b ll a ;: hear
hilli i ('11 t tich ' t ll i'Xc:iiia . ('. For
itc n'e:a the two ftctiolis have  i't'n
I. n 1lg i t Out1 o the ,!our, a\iih h I ,on rs
lic):-t entirely with the Patn- laine
I~i i :1 Scales (,coml inat ioni , ,it tlhe
-in, td tet'ling that iusl ly tXis!: oni l ex
('llUtn .gs hild (ut until the hears went
to thie departmenlllt of justice with coin
laints thatln the bull leadrs were vic
ltting tile She:nian anti-trust art.
T'is conmipla;iat was followed by the
illtin i 'lent olc Messrs. ]'atst , ltr\rac
anid ,(thers in ('!chalg s of welching o:n
t I: l art of their i sso(ciates. Tler e
have aiso teen (hargile that the conl
fidences which are supposed to exist
h\\ w' n lbro1 'ers a'wld liteits were v i)
Ilatd by at least one of the hearl
cliquc, and talk of what would hiaip'
peni to one me'mber shoull he (deciI
in the immiediatrefuture to visit hii
Sou l hern hoie.
The feeling between the two fac
tiolis has row\\n w itl the close of the
old i'lottcn, months., whicb eind(s in Au
gust, and the se<rot service means of
olttaining market Information, eharac
t ristici of all ex,'hiicits has 'enonl de
ve'lcedli to the point that hoth sides
nolw have what is a v ry eilaborate
c coret service.
President Monon Railway Killed In
His Home.
(hicaa, Ill.-iSnicide or muirder?
Which shall be it' th last wiiio d writ -
I 'n in the story of the t"a'i' e.ilinw
ithat (:til e tile li'e of Ira G;. i n.ili,
pre's!dent of ithe !oino:l riailwa,, ourly'
\\V;.il-v1nsd;ry lmornling in his stncll e "
hoc act \innctln:? That lihe flell a
vlii th to the revolver of a house
breaker whom .tie lhd sirlcrised flore
ing the side door of his rosidence at
an early hour is the liositivo dclara
tion of his family and his friends.
Stroetliih is given this view of the
train dy hy the fact that Winnetka has
for weeks been infested with daring
Thec police are working on a theory
that Mr. Rawn hkilo:l himself. As a
casis Tor their suicide theory, the po
lice advance the following reasons:
They point to the fact that Mr.
lnvwni w-s operatinag Vice-president of
the Illinrois Central railroad at the
imie fraudulent car repalir contra'-ts
were it throtnh, and that recently
be had been drawn into the Illinois
Contral graft investigation as a chief
witness. They say that the action of
Mfr. Rhtwn's relatives in refusing to
aid the Chieao detective department
to search for the allo.e(l murderer
Leaves New Orleans for St. Louis
Via Mississippi.
New Orle at s, La.-The arrival here
of the United States mrnit,,r Aicphri
tite hetilis the taking of this vessel
npl the .lMississiptci river frim Neiw Or
locus to ,t. L uiils, tnider the dilte('tion
of the Missc culli St at, Naval Ite
sI'rvcs. a dlictaI'hnbent cuf wi ich is ex
jlci't d tc alrlie h,'erc Friday.
T'hlc Aitiphrtitle will ie l.at,.d as a
lpenlitllnenlt trraining shilc in the St.
Mills Sell 5,000 Bales.
Fall River, Mass.--It i-s stited that
Fall iOiv'er mills hav,' s1,ld lit I shilticed
to New York more 1 han c. ,il thalrcs of
coitton and that the '-ec-ti Ii.s fr-mn
thiese sales will exceed tc0,0i00. T is
move is unprecedented in the history
of the industry in this city, and only
an unusual combination of circum
stances could have made the disposal
of so large an amount possible. Sev
eral mills had purchased enough cot
ton to run t-heir plants to October or
November at a price which averaged
low in comparison with quotations.
Taxes for School Purposes Show That
Adequate School Accommo
dations Are Provided.
Waslhiton, DI). i.-A bultin pre
pared by P'rof. Eiwtrd C. El.iitt of
li, I 'ni\ r;sitr, iof W icons in t lan is.
sued tIy the UInihtI Strates cIlratt of
-:e u ii i( 1 , sF;ti\ , \\i'h sp e'ial r('ftrenc',el"'.
to ..'hodl tbuiilillni and sites i tale
So, th:
T'lhe most ohvitus evidence of the
xits~tin all grot th of puilic edu
c(;aritl is to bc fonrld in the numbtir'
of lt isiatrie it ,:.stutres ititendid to
]t)rovidt readier llmeans and largel' re
sourti 's f)or securing better and ade
(]nate mttaterial s('ht)ol ac'ommoudatiolls.
With f,'w exclptions, these measures
have t'eal incltuded aillOFr the heading
of local btnds and indebtedness.
The omissijn of legislation of a spe
cial and local character from the pres.
Snt classification dies ntot permit tde
tail,-d plesentation 'f the very larl'
niier of noasurets enacted in the
8outtHrn states anthorizing the levy.
in1,; of taxes or the c(ontraction of Il
ildeite ness y piarticular (com uillti
for the purpose of huilding anti
e-quipping new public schools.
In fact, though, the latter tmea..s os
are in thmsel\ves a sign of the eneam"v
and enthusiasm with which the S.tith
is attacking its education probler.;
Big "Eddie" Green in New York to
Help Aunt Hetty.
New York.-To assume dir.ection of
is mother's bulsite.- affairs, l-:(iward
I lowland Hohitnson Green, latt e ly
of T'exas, is in irovn. lie is t!, Only
son of Mr's. lit'ty (Green, who ha:;
h e, n chllel the riChhest woman in
A Iita'ric(a.
t.Mrs. I r, n' is in her 75th year and
is ht:zinlinlg to feel the burden of hler
wealth atl1 the pri'<sirt' of (duiet iln
v(lved ci h er invest)o.itts in tnatvy
(icompaniehs. Mr. Gr een is 42 years of
age, has lived the life of an active
man of affairs and is thoroughly able
to take tup the threads of his iitoth
('tr's business. lie is president of the
Texas Midland ra ilroad, which has
been called adnmirablly a model to all
other lines, on ate'contt of its almost
perfect managen int.
Alleged Colored Girl Lowered Child
Into Old Well.
New Orleans. l.a.--Susplected of hav
ing lowered a white infant into an old
well, wherein was a nest of venomous
sntakes. Lucinda Richardson, an 11
year-old negress. is now heing search.
ed for hy the authorities in coneeo
tion with the death of little Louisa
Parr, a 19-nionths-old white child
whose swollen, fang-marked tlody was
fouind in a well in the rear of the shack
int which the negro family lived.
The last that was seen of the little
w'hite girl was when site 'rawled
throudgh a chi(cken hole into the negro
yard. She was mic ,udi shortly after
ward. Seatrch was instituted. Finally
the searching party iptnd a well in
the nleglro yad and an water nmoensin
snake Tawd i out. There were se'.
erial more stnkes in the well, and thes
were dispat chd. Then the hody of
the little child was found henea th the
Tu'face of the 2 feoot of water in the
hitle. The corpse was markel Ihy the
fat.1gs and was bdlly swolhn. The ar.
rest of the negi o t.tirl was oil'r(]irc1 :t
'once. but it was found that she left
twit hours before.
Is Dentist a Swindler?
l)etroil. Mich.-Charged with swin
dling a Brooklyn woman out of $1,t.
53te and several valuable Ionds, after
marrying her, Dr. Henry It. Keeler.
said once to have been a prominent
Gotham dentist, was arrested in De.
troit. In company with him a woman
is held at police headquarters, who,
it is alleged, posed as his sister and
assisted in getting the money. AM
cording to the police, the authoritie9
of America and Europe have been
searching the world over for the pair.
The doctor came here for neatment.
l'vervyorn knows how Intonserly eo
:.rvatt v the c'hin:ttl an i. N ,t!,i
.i,( rt of a ch:,ar.. t -lyin:: it', will gt
l nt('11 i ii. i llt his h 'ad, It, hft :; h
his rub rs alh :" 1w, cautious;l tirik, ri::g
Vit: i!nno\i ttinns, .lJohln 'hitanmt hl
lt i1 stil! jg:i cnltenttdtly ;aii u the
'hll fa .sh ni i paths. It is typical of
ithe ('hinose rural life that the f:tr,.rr
sh ul.! use th, pritnitiveo, ntllo 'int
o, (!ei plow that has bwiton in use,
Ith it country for Ihousalnls of years
--pr( ahly lv withit anr alter;ati(n tof
pat i rn. Such plows as thi se one
r'ay ;tlt:ays s,,e on the bunks of the
Yangt.-.-kiang river.
Mental Introspection.
In the morning lix thy purpose;
and at night examine thyslif, what
thou hast done, how thou has be
haved thyself in word, deed and
thought.-Thomlas a Kompis.
Good Aim.
Hoax-"So young (',!rox has taken
a wife. \What was her maide name?"
Joax--"Hler maiden aim setms to have
been to marry (olrox anld ,.=he proved
an unusually good shot for a worn
an."-Stray Stories.
Why Philanthropically Inclined Per
sons Soon Come to Abominate the
Professional Beggars.
Miss Mary Richmond of the Phila
d',lphia society for organizing charity
abolninats professional beggars, and
has innum t rable stories in proof of
th worthlessness of these nimen.
Many of Miss lllehrotind's stories
have a humorous turn. Thus, receDnt
ly, she said:
"As an English gentleman was was walk
ing (:own a (u11.t street he heard a
raucous voie say:
"' 'harity: For the love of heaven,
The gentleman, a true philanthro
pist, turned and saw a thin and rag
god figure on whose breast hung a
card saying 'I am blind.' The gentle
man took a coin from his pocket and
dropped it into the blind beggar's
"But the coin was dropped from too
great a height, and it bounced out
again. It fell and rolled along the
pavement, the beggar in pursuit. Fi
tally it lodged in the gutter, whence
the blind man fished it out.
"The gentlemen said in a stern
"'Confound you; you are no more
blind than I am.'
"The beggar at these words looked
at the placard on his breast and gave
a start of surprise.
"'Right you are, boss,' he said.
'Blamed if they haven't put the wrong
card on nme. I'm deaf and dumb.'"
Topeka Capital.
Home Joys.
There is no place in the world ho
agreeable, these benign and translu
cent mornings, as at home, sitting in
a north room, with the windows wide
open, and the fresh air sweetened by
the sunshine, lifting the curtains and
strolling in like a spirit from the bet
ter world. It is a scene that has more
lovely dreams about it than ocean
beach, mounetain crest or trip on the
river, for it has no anxieties, no fore
bodinogs, no sense of fading glory. One
doesn't needi anything else to make
the experience happy-no friend, or
feast, or book, or glimipse of sea or
sky-only the tender grace of the
morning and its soft, cool hand on
his brow. It is the most beautiful gift
of the year, a chalice filled with wine
anti honey which makes one forget
his troubles andt remember only his
joys. Ano what is it called that does
all this? The spirit of contentmaent,
the serenest ruler of these warm and
fragrant days. iLet us bow to its gen
tle sway.-Columbus State Journal.
How a Boarding House Romance Be
gan Between Two Homeless Lodg
ers Who Had No Acquaintances.
Not until boarding houses cease to
exist will all their romances be writ
ten. Shabby romances, some of them
are, like that of the young woman who
got so tired of being called "poor
thing" because she received no invi
tations and had to eat all her meals
at the boarding house table that she
took to eating alone once in awhile at
a cheap restaurant; and then brazen
ly lying about the friends who had
invited her to dinner.
There was a young man in that
house who never went anywhere eith
er. The first night the girl stayed out
life's desolation nearly overpowered
him. "Even that poor little white
faced soul has made friends who want
her," he said. "Nobody wants me.
I'm no good on earth."
Then on rare occasions his place at
the table was vacant. "New friends?"
asked the landlady.
"Yes," lied the young man.
One night the man and the girl met
in a 25-cent restaurant. They blushed,
they fenced, they finally confessed.
"W'e're a pair of frauds," said the
girl. "It's awful to think that to
nlght when we go home we will have
to a*.vear that we have been dining with
"Well" said the young man, "ain't
Additional Capital
In an tstahlrslied Meniphlis business
to advertise and push the sale of a
patt.nted article used in every home.
113.952 sohl tn the past year. Manage
ment experienced and first class. For
full Information write John W. Farley,
AttOmet, Tena, Trurt 9uild;m, Memphis, Teall.
At Utica Col. Ronsevelt Will Make
First Political Speech, Defining H,i
_. .t ,r I lr i , N . Y .--a ' I ;:t ", l , I', -.
the fall 'e :t;, :i
" w ant 1i' t: i', ly mil ,.1 i l , I
I . iall taLe t no i art , i' l.il iI.ll'lni
anyrwl,ere," wa5 tle \ay t. : c_ X llr,' - I
lit t et it.
lThis ann' a,:a t )f i t ' e x- l' "
deint goes i i o ev.lry ,'it. iia in
ti iual tight, e i e: to !t'e 1 ,'i r -:. l
of New York. In an ir i w t
e,. he was qloteld ats s.,i'ig ,.it "I
'hall pi'k ti, ;,vern,(i r f Nw Yorri
state." ' ut iunlaty he laid enl asis:;
an his inclinati an to let the il t lers d,
the nouiu:,ti:a. He will crntinue to
hold cu :tir) tct s with the .tate p)liti
cal liaders ;lni "soutndl si . illi:ent,' biut
as to pickin out candlllidatts, Inever, at
W\hon askhd if he had a calldidatt
In mind for thie overnlorshli;i, the ex
pre id nt maintained a sihynx-liko
"My hrother-in-law, ld oulass Rtobin
F in, alnd his gson, ly l,,lh \w", Tlho
doret Robinson, were down to st ntll.
.\l brther'-in taw is a lrai'iber ohf tie t
lVeriimer icounty grain) and is also a
mer her of 1 t 1' H collni le.' of the
grallae whi'h is arr'i'anine for the t
lraitl. pit nic tio 1 l h ohl at tI'lca at
tl t I end of Autuist. ;and h i. t:ne, ti
tend to e!1 tIe ('an)illiil e ' int1vi\ ioln
to speak at thl picnic and I acc'ited.'' F
Warfare With Buck Stove & Range
Company Ends.
Cincinnati, (hio.-A pteace pact of
mreat importance to organiztll lathor
nil, i to the co.lllitry as w il was ar'
rived at here htwent t officers (if tie
American Federation of alior on one
side and tnemhbers of the Stove Found
ers' National l)efense Association on
the other. The effect of the agree.
ment is to end the hitter warfare be.
tween the Fe" i.rati n of Labor ani the
Buck Store & i Range Company of St.
Whether the appeal of these men
from jail sclitente i s ilniiinued aup In
them for alleged violation of an in.
junction shall be fought to a finish in
the supreme court is said to rest now
with Attorney-General WVickersham.
Until the meeting of the officials of
the Buck Stove Company and labor of.
ficials in St. Louis, it will not he
known whether the company is to be
Conie a union shop.
Property Worth $7,679,380, While Cap.
ital is $27,000,000.
New Work.-A report of aplraisers I
showing that the assets and priperties
of tlhe ha tiln'Ulit Southern Steel ('olim.
pany, caliitalized at $27,i10,l, 0, are
rtthl $7.s;79,;:P.i was filed in the su. I
pairell! c oulrt.
Moreai has denounced the $27.ii0,
00i) reorgnization ilan as "iniqrtiittol i
secheie," anid ta.s asked tha t lie sti
aitide as franitduint and void,. iHe
claims that the stockholders were in
formned that the assets of the old comi
pany were worth i $27,i ti,i di, but the
retuort of W. M. I)renner and \V. W.
Shirling, the aplpra isers, proves the
The Whole Family Victims of Ex-Em.
ploye's Wrath.
Princeton, N. J,.-Entilio Bassi, an
Italian boy 2(, years old, who was ell
ployed hby Miss Rose Norton of this
pilie, is c.,nfined in the ( c ounty jail
uinder suls ion of having i)oisoited
Miss North. her unele, Mr. larler, E.
H. Newton and the cook of the Norton
Bassi, for disobeying orders, was
discharged by Miss Norton. The Ital.
inn lbee(ame wild with anger and ap
proaching her, threateied to get even
one way or another. Miss Noi'ton care
'ery little thought to the thrtiatIs and
later at dinner she spoke of lhe
threats made by B'.s<t. 'The dis.sert
consisted of blaicklerries and enr-i t.
All pai'took of tIlie fiu:L. ,a d sn'ooi a lf r
were seized with violent and burning
An alar'm was wren and a d,,tor
called, liUi bi.fol' nwdieltl aid 'mld
respoid will i-xci'inilit pr v'ledi in
the hlouse hry tie di,,ory that in at
,liminlt ha.ild a, 'ii .aii to wi, out t111
work of the piisuir hr fire. The
house as n fir' inl thiO'( ih s ii het
lliii, ahd for a ti.e it loi:ed s if ih.
resi,! uni, v vudld b dhi- il .i ti . Fir-..
nuen .ari'd ii, hell!, via"::' o
tear'" ;h sii:t, ,hil- ol .r r. 'en
Money for Lynched Man.
lharrtoi buio', K :.. ai: ,,-' ,
of th isail (',: ] E1 i rii . -,
outii-sitl o i , .'i a }B i b: d .N . n
Jiliv S, Ti'>-day nuale fortw 'I:u;il
on the Licitig couinit 'uI ihiriti ,s fir
the $5.ii,. d:inali s aiithorii ,d h he
state to be paid Iv the tounity to the
estate of persons lynched.
Bohon siated that he would brin a
stiit In the federal court for $p0,,,t
against former Sheriff Lihke and his
Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
Baltimore, Md. -" For four years
my life wasa misery to lme. I sutfered
fromnt irr"ulari
ties, terrible drag.
I 'µ Aginsg seIlsations9,
,extreme nervous
ness, and that all
gone feeling in my
stomach. I had
given up hope of
ever being well
when I began to
take Lydia E.Pink.
, ham's Vegetable
Compound. Then
/ 1 felt as though
new life had been
given me, and I am recommnending it
to all my friends."--Mrs. W. S. Foa1. ,
2:207 W. Franklin St.. Baltimore, Md.
The most successful remedy in this
country for the cure of all forms of
female complaints is Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound. It has
stood the test of years and to-day is
more widely and successfully used than
any other female remedy. It has cured
thousands of women who have been
troubled with displacements, inflam
mation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, itr
regularities, periodic pains, backache,
that bearing-down feeling, flatulency,
indigestion, and nervous prostration,
after all other means had failed.
If you are suffering from any of these
ailments, don't give up hope until you
have given Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound a trial.
If you would like special advice
write to Mrs. Iiukhamu, Ly'nn,,
Mass., for it. She has guided
thoiusands to health, free of
Rastus-Playin' poker hands las'
night I accidentally threw five aces.
Sambo-What did do odders do?
Rastus-Threw me outer de win
An Easy Fit.
A num~i.r of years ago there lived
In northern New Ilamipshire a notori
aIs womni-h"lto'r. It was btfore the
lay of rt'adly-tmade clothing, andll want
ing a new suit, he was~ obliged to take
'he material to the village tailoress.
Sli, took his al'sliurllent s, anl when
she ('ut the 'oat, maude a libera! al
Slowa:nc' on eac;h seamin.
The man's dlislike of womel(n in gon
Pral Irp'rve!r.ted htis ha'vi~n a fitting.
-H, took the finished glrll'io' 't without
ltrying it ()on. It was llll('h too large,
3nd his di:gust was .appa'rnt in the
Inswetr he made to the friendly loafer
3n his first visit to the post office,
when he wore the despised article.
"(ot a new coat, Obled?" said the
"No, I hain't!" said O1od. "I've got
seven yards of,. cloth wraplped round
me."-Youth's ('oClpanion.
Silenced the Critic.
Charles Stunner, whem n in Lmdon,
gave a; really replly. At a dinner given
In his honor, he spoke of "the ashes"
1 of somei dead hero. "Ashes! What
Americ(an I.nglishi." rudely broke in
an Englishman' "dust you mean, Mr.
Sumner. We don't burn our dead In
Sthis country." 'Yet," instalntly re
plied MTr. Stumner, with a cuorteouzs
smile, "your plet tr'ay tells us that
li.v.'tl ill ouir ashes li\ve the'ir wontii'd
qfires.." 'Th, Amtrica n was not critli
(iz.l aFg;iin thait (vtning.
There's vitality, snap and "go"
In a breakfast of
and cream.
Because nature stores up
In wheat and barley
The Potassium Phosphate
SIn such form as to
Nourish brain and nerves.
The food expert who originated
Retained this valuable
Element in the food.
"There's a Reason"
' Read the famous little book,
"The Road to Wellvile,"
Found in Packages.
POSTUl c'ERn.\AL COM!I'ANV, Limited,
iattle Ltreek, IMlct!gan.

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