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The Lower Coast Gazette.
V()OIU 1E II. ()INT'I\-\ - IA.\-l (' II, 1,A., SATA111 II)AAY, A '(i sT I1' , 19101. 11i~·Elt .i.
Exoosition Company Will Defray Ex
penses of the Legislature, Which
Will Meet This Month.
S h " ! : he lls.. " le t i, ,, I\ t ',i 1).
(ili' T', l ( ii'; i j l, ~J! 5l ).; iI 5I~ Ii lr, l ,
t , i, 1 i;,.r: i, e ti tll l e ofh r rt, it.
tfi .r t, o t'i, , l' ,e t ,i t''i; Ie .t. , i, 1
fhil ii ithl s l(e i !ft3a ",t 1"' tui Iit'l.
lli tlh r - Ilio l hei, tell i l o lt ie ii
tili ta to he I , v ha ll r' ai 1 v ar, Ii t
tili ui thle tax slll t bth et, erulj tintl
uion tllt . , ari h s out, i o1 u t - '1
ish if Ol lea 111 . ,sh ll reim, ain11 10 1 ril e ,h
am iunt rt adltlled l ii ll be ei 't',l I h i
(Irj i lat The. rime t hein flit`uat .,
tion( of the tax shall b, deteri1 ine'i1
__l llit ri"oi
Who Is Working Hard to Get the
Exposition for Louisiana.
This resolution was adopted at a le
genteral meeting of the executive con: to
mittete of the W\orld's Pananaa Expl, Iu
siti n Company, which was attended li'
by a large number of the directors tir
and other interested parties.
ThL( resolution was offered by Mr.
Charles Janvier, chairman of the Le
wav~ and (means conlinittee of the
exposition project, who submitted thie rel
document after mlaking a statenient Jo
to the effect that New Orleans nmns 1)u
no' only meet the $7,500,ooil chaallieni, Ih
of the San Francisco fair hotonmirs, thI
biut she must also be preparedl tto milp't g
tLe needs of an expense incident to (Ir
the holding of a world's fair such as e
Is Iroposed to coninlemorate; prop'trly
the completion and opening of tile Ev
Panama canal. I
Governor Sanders. who was prestlltt r
during the session, said: "I mnz (,lp- the
vin-ed that we cannot afford to g t,:
to congress with less than the 17,- 'r
500.000 pledged by our relpresentl- dlis
tives in congress, and I am l('(ually Ino
convincedi that if we go to congress
with that or a larger namounit, the BoI
exposition is ours. I shall thel'refore
aecedle to the request of the execu- ('al
tlvw committtee and call an extra ss- e pttl
sion of the legislature."
It is believed that the extra sos- has
slon will be convened about August rlrt
22. The session will last six dayvs, mtl
and the e'xpotnses, estimated at ah:aut
$6,f00, will be Iorne by the Exposti A
tio'l Company. L
Parish Is Building a Shell Road. vi
Houma.-This parish is bIuilling a fe
shell road up and dowtn layou Terre- Itt
bonne. The work is being done by in
nuperlntetlenti of Roads llys.ses at'
Adoue. The road is a continuation of
Mlain street and the work on the low- N
er end has been completd as far as r
the lower line of the Myrtle Grove rl
residence of RI. Rt. Harrow, and above has
the work has reached a point over a has
mile above Houma. The roads on larg
each side of Bayou Terrebonne above mat
Houma will be shelled. The shells the
are transported in barges in the Hayou
Terrebonne and wheeled onto the Dra
roads in wheelbarrows, the roads be-'
ing carefullly graded and lined off, boat
Man Wanted for Murder Is Arrested. Iraf
Hahnville.-Oscar Jackson, alias'l
Isalah Griffen, shot while resisting
arrest at .Moberly, La., on July 25, ir C
wanted at Polnte Coupee Parish for St
the murder of James Jones two years plea
ago. Griffen acknowledged that he of $
was wanted, but claims that he did iana
not commit the murder. give
The Hornet Sails for Bluefields. T
New Orleans.-The steam yacht TI
Hornet, formerly used as a gunboat bulk
In the United States navy, is now on plan
her way to Bluefields, loaded down tax
with a heavy cargo of guns, rifles, the 1
cartridges, two Colts rapid-fire can- set
nons and tons of provisions of all the
kinds, to be delivered to the Estrari. Pay
faction, now waging war against the gene
Madriz governmeunt. Word had no temt
sooner reached the vessel of the dis- bush
charge of Captain Thomas O. Moon, stree
master of the ship. than everything The
was gotten in ;:adiness to saiL for
Public Roads Must Be Protected.
T.' !illsh I1;'rt t .\:'trnh-v J. 13.
O lN',, r., in ;t ., '.' th,. 1,11d c, hi'.
L .I l 1:[:, dt 1 .n t ' i e fi ', ' tI ut t h , ,r .
.-e inn o f 1'.i ;, :'-'. ,-:rli .. f r', thr e pi -
O :1 ('ta i ,f t5h, .- ' e. ,: i.t - :(t; .) "I
t ri (- fir thit( \ tilt h :, of Il,. I~th ,
aNNY ai wart: thtn that he itlaw \\ill be
s.,tri<.tly enfor:',,d. I rinl h"' lit>:
)1 11' ()r t,\'(), oIl >inI*(' !t,1 init.~u(lI(
Ex tion of ri'ce rio;witn'', ; numi : -'r of it
ich rinati t plan- h;i, h,,n in ii , ,n
the Gi'r ;h. ;*1nd tII (''ltiot . tI l1( at"
is cal -1 ii t !h:It ith , ro:i,.-, will r'
",":',i"'!,ll (l'r( , '
Sb 'r0 ,n f t,, r n gtl triun i rle ;s.
t Trying to Regulate Milk Cans.
New ()r,:h t ; .- i Ir. t: Jn ! , Jg.,'
i ne :'t)'he f"'~1d (t Ini ;- Iner, hi;];
' x1 iih , hji, i eJilk ,t; - f;(o tl: hi -i
I t ta il 1 Ai ', i-'nt tll it, r iti' .t it itri ie .
ran- hwt .rnb redi (h( r«")ro entative:
, i "l t, ' Nt 1r\V" (1 ' ' ('~om p
, :Ih; ! I I r, I c ; tl! i i(« fR i (', li(; |iu "
ti 4 ;,))~ ar k ,.'i ,' hl llt to ,Ilal , \\'1
t if t' 1\ sh will it 'in ; t h : il ' ,liflv at l-t ,
i f t in is' u sll' it 'Iry. D. r ,J noI,' 1: 1-i
,' "( : lookuing int. the roil!, :Irnal,(,;:
S '! f ihl ' state lr'y It ollln ly. ' 1 , th I,'
]J,'l'es that ol'' .t thi ' ur,.i- " 's (t it,
l i e , i n t h e d i r t i n , .s ; o f t rl e ( 'an s it ,
w'hich the, m ilk. .- tran-tptrt,,, to ;t'.d
.r. fr~om \t-\t O1Iarlant .
S Baby Scared to Death by a Cow.
Up \.lui+,'.. I ri..h:,,nedl I,> th,, hawn.e
iof a iott , iA lie (o;inlit . 2 y,': ' .!,i.
\\;1ý :lll isl¢'it',l \\vitli :";p.i tlllT atnd (11,,i1
it 2i0 miuttr r its. 'hi- is - :ibalal\ the
first caste of it!hs kind int .\lui rs
'rhe ,;th\ \\:- s1, ted €n tho' ('l'oll'
(it .- iof tlthe loti"s . The ait-' w\;x
, p)enl wid,, ('lnom l[ flit. the 'W. which
\%i.-, m\':ilkinig ;alon -" ii,,. .id ,wtlk. to
push her It,"h t l in.idh, \V'henl the hahi
saw the animllal ho !oiei:iut, ,\' xi'oi I
-I t
and :,( r*eilnwd. Spasms olll!It.'ed :ind
in a few t\ inlilOs fl, i :t' y \} ts d'';tl.
Editor Goes to Chair of Mathematics. r
\\tshington. -. t 'l\ \\'. lit; . I,
lrint inial of the lli h school for 11
ytear's, arnd editor of the W\'ashiniti ,:
l'rogres., has acceltutied the ilrofesst,,'
ship of niltatheniatles with the S(tuth
vo'wett'rn Louisiana Indu t rial Ilntl.
t ,t , of aI.fayette. .N1r. Ilittle soldi
Ii'' \\'ashington Progriess to \l. t
lIamsey of (Church Point, who will
renwive hi.s family to \Va-lingtoltn ad
.. take.' active charge of the p:,pe'r.
Town Extends Corporate Limits.
the Na.ipoueoni\ ille.--At ait nr..,t ing of H
the hoard of aldernen the iorltatit'I
limits of the town were extended ano I
hblock in ithe r'ar, c-'trt'ing theilt entil"'
a leh'ngth of the boundary line of the
On: town. This will bring into tvown a
nul umbher of -i'sidlen(es. An ordinanie( at
led pirohibiting anyone in town from let- .
lr ting minors gamble on his premises In
was adopted. tt
tor. --- te
he Legless Bootblack Shoots Ex.Convict. si
hi' Lafayelte.--As the result of a quillar
rel over a debt of $1 between John 1). S
I) Joseph, a legless boo black, and Edgar th
s l)ugas, an ex-convict, the former shot to
l Ihe latter five times ,t close range, dt
s lt'ree of the shots taking effect. 1 )-r
I gas sustained a flesh wound in the al
to breast and two in the leg, Hie will
a rel(over. Josepth was Irresed.
lv - t--- o
1t Every Store in Town Is Ransacked.
howa.--Every store in this town was 1
latni;lsaekid a few morn'itgs ago. Evt'tu
. the liostoffice was entered, htl nta
t ttempt to blow the safe in th, South
ern Pactific station failed. .Merchan- ed
dise, stamps and a nsmll amlIutlint e th
nmoney (0o1stiftuteil the plunder. ca
h Box and Crate Company Organized. pit
e Lake ('harles.-The charter of titf
('ahlasien Veneer lox & Clrate 'or G
. paony, capitalized at $2.5,0)0, has bee, Sc
rec(orde(l here. The incorporato:, or
g. have purchased machinery and se ter
et (red quarters. Seventy-five work
men will be employed.
Alleged Chicken Thief Arrested.
lIafayette.-Afttr Itiree weef;s o
successful i-hiiken st-aling, ]uriit-fg
which time he stole h3 fr'tni six dif
ferent people of this city. Sie Itieh
mlionll, a l:-year-old tiegro toy, got Io
in the toils of the law, ,then he was Io
arrested and placed in jail. p,
New Roller Mill for Plaquemine, ncr
Plaquemine.-A new nill of nine
rollers for the Wilbert's Myrtlh (r;'"v bth
Planting & .11anufacturing ('onmpany.
has been received. It is one of ile ["o
largest mills in the ttate, and wit! per
materially increave the capacity of na
the factory. pt
Drainage Proposition Is Submitted. ,an
White Castle.-At a meeting of the mo
board of mayor and aldermen, L. .l. the
Soniat submitted a proposition of the ato:
drainage of this city and vicin ty. and
Boxing in the gutters on Bowle street sibi
will be undertaken at once. rest
Gets 10 Years for Stealing $16. an
r St. Franclsville.-Simon ('hatmas stal
pleaded guilty to burglary and larceny
of $16 from the depot of the Louis- abo
I iana railway at Wilhelm, and was
given 10 years In the penitentiary. aw1
To Install a New Lighting Plant.
Thlbodaur.-This town will soon
build a new municipal electric light
plant. Rumor has it that no extra thr
tax will be levied, as wan done fot trot
the first f)lant, but that the town has in
set a sufficient amount aside from of
the collection of liquor licenses to Sect
pay for the improvement out of the depi
general fund. The storm last Sep- tour
teniber put the street arc lights out ot ser'
business, and since that time toe accc
street lights have been tncandescents. tee,
The town council will convene soon in 1
for the purpose of closing the deal gres
c t rminat,,d in Wil
the house and he ar
inol engagin it Uproar Following Shooting.
Wax,'d watrml an11
tc.oulsly ,sh(ts ranl, usli
i' owin tterins of the Friends of Vic
r 0smoke cloared away
"tnidle, who \wer' stall
tigmtrs and use Alarm.
hill l ed sprtba(]
i sore, rere lying on (
attof the io¢(l"e ina~n's fil
anr i hisrh rIr, Morris,
"i~l l tre l( d ;1 ili tli hi T ll' ;1'11'](, add
thtou i tihei h iiart. l h 1 1 1'
[.uither .1 I'o 'i n w a n
na. +.i';, 11il, S,:1 and It hut, wore~ ('of(ili'(l
11,11 '- I i *,'IT il1(ili+l'r' iils lv a o s
1loorwa1y bvith a 1a!
his hand,
Says He Did Not Off
I No Interest i f
naMulskogee, Okla.-
111'] th iro 'l~ l I llr.':i 'hi 13r
.11 ac1sed Vy Snlato t 1
ethaving offered hima
ci I 'ru,l (' 11::1' S llil IT 1Tl r+:1 H i. i , ll byl the
Lh'einfluence ligislationi ll l''lll s
the sale of Oklahol
took the stand befor
it slonal investigation
Ita- amon entered ag
sted in the McMurr', t ( t hll'1
,1also denied ovser off:iesi l 1lT
ll C. F. u;reager an "inth
e I He said he had k11 i [m o ll
for nine years, and]
lho'i 1y 11lSi o SS (1'
"1id von tell Senat
were roady to lpay hi1
The ho1 a 'h the i1 no11 Tis l w'lra
alled and there would TL 1
Sthat the money l T tlt'
icsash?" the w itnessti o
"I nkver made siori wl [ flit ih
eplied Hlamon.
"l' t)id y ho ever m s111111 l l l t h
S Gore that Vice Prels
_' 1'ý ! li'i g ill irs l tllThe ii e tir n of tITi littl bi
lrilT' !i ton thO"~ e ly\- IlllgOn tht'grinarid. lai
ll(- u1;ill ofWilt' iitrhi'. 001115 fai) was thot awayo S
a;hSena )r Curtis, for rm
> or former Senator Th
111 terested I tn th Mc r th
rk "I niV'er ahid."
S Delicate ( Operation_ P(- - ic
' Philadelphia
Philadelp~hia, Aug.
Smost deli d er ate and dh
astions known to modher
il Nerfo ' tmed a st the in C
Hoswital, when a porte
Itcs a i.d shots ratset, outa-nane of ton afon-si
nea. the t'i anseiarent r. Woe th
Sthe eye, was trepd hiama e t
hball of a man emlahoye
tooke tho ee stand lil hefor'e 'e the Coges (e
Locomotive Works. ti
i hpermanently destroyed a n F
nea was uninGjured. th hof
piec the was transplan orte o a ot,
woman who had been
fancy. One of her eys
lemoved, and she could
U.the other, it being affe
atorum, the hornea ber
.and allsoe dely o)haque
etsible way in which her
riestored was to rema otacs 11 f
t and transplant somev rin og n '
stance in its place.
This was done by
Sabove des r hbed. Sheron en o
ily distinguish objec tr
eaway, and the surge
sight will gradually be
Forest Fires 8p
n Washington. -i)s e The i. on
Sthreate"nsd t o be one ofr Gore t
trous to the national fo
in the historye of athe nia on,
ofh the drouth conditioT
Secretary Wilson ofti
Sdepartment, who is in
(iotour of inspection of
aserves, has expressed
at ee, to incur a deflici a ene l e
Sin the appropriations
I gress to higt the fresder
Stsent ator $, for teraml
hot1 to "pat('l throtu the $;oir a 0 contacns? .,%
~ýt4 .7
Si'ý'T 7 Yý
(Copyrfrht. 1910.)
dy> MAN-VOTE 834 TO 549.
h', Wild Scenes of Disorder Follow When
,1, Cries of "Taft" Ring From Stal
Ig wart Side of the Hall.
ar- Iles Moines, l val. --After a dl:a:, of
tle bitter factional ctm(itr ,.t'UU , tI;tarl',d'
is by hisses and vat catlls to ' tni'ed
re titan',, senators ,in t x-mu sen
tr the' Iowa Rb'pulli';tan eo't nll ttiton camn+,
eh to a close \Vednes lav oily when thel
Sinsrl',nt leaders thre ,v open the'
1- throttle and sent the steam roller
ht over the insistent stalwart leaders,
Ie- I('rutshing with them the resolutionr bie
he- speaking an unqualilied indorsemntent
SI of P'rtesident Taft and the tariff law.xI
r. The t, I stalwarts, headod hb ex
'e ('ongressmnen Peter floph'rn and John t
L's F. Laet y, early opened a tight in the I
tlf convention with the sole urp)ose in t
1' view of securing an indors'.menit of
ot the national administration. In the
resolutions comnittee they fought for \
Sthis for three hoursn n vain. a1 onll
I I the floor of the conlvelntion dlematnded
a roll call of their minority report
puttiin the Jinsurgents on record. Ill
E the midst of this roll call M11ahasia
('ount-: respionded inl favor of the tnli
norit y resolutions 1wy raising a large
plicture of President Taft, while they
stood on their chairs and shouted. `
Wh \Vhen Webster county was called It
1 retaliated with a negative vote and E
received a maninmmoth picttire of Roose.
r velt. When ex-('ongressnlan Hlepburn
read the minority report he was pre
' vented from finishing by the hoots' and
At the last name the great coliseum
d tesounded with cheers. As they sub- it
s, ded ex-Congressman IA(-eey shouted. n
d "Why not Taft, too?' The speaker
shook his head and a volley of hisses it
o followed. it
1 The discord started in the morning (
I. sm*sion, when Senator A. B. Ciunntins
e as temporary chairman referred to li
1 the Relpublican party as that of Lin-ii
coin, Grant, Gartield, Blaine, MlcKin
e Icy and Roosevelt. 01
From this on the stalwarts stood
- a t army of protests. When the in- m
t surgents presented the name of Jona- 01
I ttan P. )ollivecr for permanent chair- '
nlan the stalwarts offered olpositioni tI
it .J. C. Mlaby of Alhia. Deliver was 11
named by a vote of s:3t to 51' ii
bcheme Would Have Defrauded In- tht
dians of $3,000,000. «"
Mtuskogee. Okla.-Investigation of
charges made in the I'nited States li
senate by Senator T. P. Gore that lie
And a menmber of the house 'of repre
sentatives had each bieen offered a he
bribe to foster a scheme w\hlereby the Id1
Indians of Oklahoma were to be de- ItO
prived of $S,.O0,oi)0 profits duno them as
through the sale of salt lands in this th
state begun here Thursday. The pa
charges made by Senator G(ore in the '0
senate on -tune 24. and which form the sa
basis of the present investigation, a
are: to
That 3. F. McMurray of McAlester, tl)
Okla., and his associates had obtained r
10,1)000) individual contracts with Chick- a
asaw and Choctaw Indians for the sale it
of 150,,o,0'acres of coal and asphalt te
lands, and estimated to be worth from
$30,000,000 to $60,000,0o0,o.
That a New York syndlicate already -
Was prepared to take over the land at
$3o0,000,00. sit
That when opposition to approving no
the contracts arose in congress, h se
(Senator Gore) was approached and g
was told that $25,000, or perhaps $50,- tri
00)), would be available to him, and no
that a like sum would be available O
to a memniber of the house of repre- I
sentatives if all opposition was re- ing
moved. Mi
Pythian Sisters March.
Milwaukee, Wis.-The subordinate h
lodge. of the Knights of Pythias' pa- the
rade Wednesday attracted as much at- gr
tention as did the uniform rank demn- hel
onstration Tuesday. Added interest wh
preaviled by reason of the Pythian reg
Sisters' participation in the formation. si
They were conveyed in prettily dec- sal
rated carriages and handsome floats. the
The entire body, twelve divisions. fan
headed by the Illinois and Ohio lodges, Bit
was in command of Chief Marshal lair
Thomas V. Daly. Rain interfered with net
the competitive drills, upt
hen Tried to Conceal Himsc!f-Refuse:
I- to Make Known His Plans of inves,
of r ittnlon, i, ,. 'l';e,()(d re Rooseoit
;''d s ; t T 'u tsuay a ;tlh, 2 11 wo)'. 'rs it
li'ld th ll vi ry ti t to o 1 ' 'enlio ,\l 1l" li:1
i'11, 'h lth ril"1i t'1 ,' 41 ;11 ret i 1 li Il 1 ,1l ;xt l1d
,e tali,"1 wtýith i.,t tI, wt)ho dii ti,k e l4 !
the :S 1 14y I e i'l: t 1'' :: t4!4' lin4sL iblthe i
tIa I o ith I rille. 1i , t;ali;t4d i t the nl)'oi
hr abouIT their hines. ,their chilhlre andr
t"'.S, ttlhir iiit .''r of livin,_. ill' talked ,ith
ie- th,.ir wiv,,, u their -hiblr ie a::d
nlit learned rtoin their own lips ho)w the?
a\\'. look at tll', lie c'limlb4,d to the top of
ex- a voal ibreae;ilr ;lll slipent half ;an hour
,hn thler', in tih' stitling coa( l dust, so that
lthe he liiiht see what the men who workt
in there ha\e to do.
of JI1 s' ent another half hour in a silk
the mill t, ing Wi ith the girl wotrkera. 1it
for i,,itetl the people inl their hoimes and
In saw how they lived, lie plodded two
Sd'n miles ih rough the dust, up hills and
o in all mIanlI'er of placs,. and he re
In turned to Stranton as eveninl was
a lra. ing neIr, bl '!;k w ih grime, but
lt smilijlg with dehlight at his experi.
rge CencCes.
it -
nd Bottom Seems to Have Dropped Out
54 Notwithstanding Boosting Efforts
Irn of Manufacturers.
nd New York.---lndications ipint to the
bottomn having fallen out of the auto
rlmobile Ibusiness. The11 niallfacturer's,
it is reported in trade cir('cls, are
illaking strenuous efforts to keep up I
a show of continiled prosperity, but }
es It is also said that they are not sell
ing their pro lht, but aire storing Ima.
ng thiii.< throll!lghout the cotiutry at their
Is varits t (ies to prevet t  he pill)1111
to lie realizing the true c.onditions of
in. the rinirker. ,
In- Seviral large conlernls are laying (
off men and ngitving all sorts of rta i
od sons for so doing exceplt the state- .
In- ment that they are overstociked. Two i
a- or three of the ,augest factories ire.
;l (c'ntly c(losed entirely, ost ensibly for r
n the pul)rpose of taking inventory. hut t
as the workmein were not given any def. 1;
inite tirme at which to again report for 8
work, and it is not exp)ct.etd tIhat these
fS actorles will again he in operation
this year.
A well-klnown automobile agent of
n- this .ity said yesterday that all cars
wotuld untdouhtedly le selling at from
of25 per c(ent to 4() per cent less than
I presenit list- pirices within the next
two or three months. lie added: t
e "The trotuble with the auitomobile
ba hlsiness is that the farmers and I)oo
SIl pe of the smaller cities and towns
.i have not taken as kindly to the idea
Ias w;as rnticilpated. The farmers fln,r
is that the cost of keeping them in re- r
l, pair and operation is more than the
, cost of keeping horses to perform the h
~ same work, and while there was, for d
, a time, a tendency alllorig the farnuers f
to invest in the machines, the demand a
, for ears froni this class of Muyers has
d plractically stopped, and I venture to 9
< say we will not again sell to the farm. *h
o ers to any extert Iumtil lIrices are ma- ci
t terially reduced."
Champ Clark , Renominated. D
Montgomnery City, MIo.-For the
t ninth time, eight times without olpo
sition. Chamlp Clark, Democratic mnii- t
Snority leader in the house of repre- J
Ssentaives, was nominated for con- Y
d gress in the Ninth congressional dis- i
trict. Judge R. E. Roy of Troy was J
d nominiated hy the Republicans. MIr. b3
C Clark states that he will now give al- V(
miost his entire timn, to his piarty, try- T
ing to elect the ticket and redeem m
Missouri. In
Scent New Illinois Scandal.
e Springfield, Ill.-Three witnesses in
the legislative probe were before th es
grand jury and the state's attorney or
held conferences with four other mien a
who are supposed to have knowledtge in
Sregariing the bills before the forty- b3
sixth general assembly, and which are o
said to have met their defeat through 1f
the powerful influences of the now ba
fanmous "jackpot." State's Attorney kr
Burke said the fouindation had I)ei ta
1 lail for disclosures that will create th
1 new sensations in the Illinois piolitica) ih
upheaval. tic
A Friend of Dead Man Makes the Dis
cover,-Pistol Fo.nd Beside Body
of Woman.
'itnali,'ir . Dr. t,.ur l'e .M? r:'I v . ' !i
6 t's, ul . U: th t to ' 1; 11 l;,'I.: I ..
i.i ll I. ' titu a u 5 t': ;a t ' n:a ', 3.
th, duI tlr. .\ r,'' , \ ,.:'' 5: . !
I ' Il'h I ~lii~ , ! ; ll'-,':, t ;: ,  o
w atl'e (',' u T ir. \r:i ty o 8
j lw iu itf' , s lu , , '.1 .' ;13 '
1' l'l l ai oti , ,'l 't ,' o
T h l Is (oili ,, i' ? 1 1 l,.- t' s i i' 111 ;I o
ITh e c, v .!' l r.an >" 8ll' "%:I:.; .rXtHIII t;1T-. j-'
to ( niv " I. i S l l' t't'l. l iV t ll illt.n ir -3
tail~"', l
S 1)011. 1wili's ,' r ' i 't' l e I Ih\ S1'?;t;l'ti a i a a ;d:altti ,it" fill' ('01
l S ,fout 'wt thi ;Leid I But nt' Su f
IT is)I1iii tl fis I ' ' j II , i lw a ;I ii It
itfor Ti - da n ilily T i s iahl , t'l
ITIt a t€l . ylits iro ' i ' IITT ', Tti
'.1wT1 i, t 'ip s a o ' ol f l thu ,h,11 wasit
n .ia !n ' h I't i \i, a-:il.t friioin
T of i l 1 i :t s lii, a ' a, hte olii n ;nl ii fl
TIn' lia~timrs sHxed \ais n of i~wnir4 h
e" "11 i Or.i t' 'o h i; . li tl i T;, r iroti,. h l,
ae s i' t f 'm il' at iin tht er t In
intlo hlis ap art. n osi. tr. toil't was
to vt, hrv at neairriv , A. al;yt 1g
iid Southwest Section Leads, But not Suf.
Ot ficiently to Add to Representation.
it'll 1".t l1llli ) ' - I o ! ' \\t OX ti'; ..
Pil a ' oif't w [I lt' !',dl< tjt',.l a lit }lt'l'r( w ill ' ,
tl id Io s. hl p 1, -tlo ,t n ia .l , it lt ll I ,p1 1-i
I}) rllat'oi in ajly is i in tha a w llle h or
L Si So lthwe st ;is t ,tlilma red with tihe il
.' o ( tht' sesl io inl t r st'I !tio s as to get h'elol
of hdistl'bani('ie f pho a ptrof nt hatl;.res of
)ir politii.l po dw v ir. T'hdty point to r talrts
at for (eii,'s alid ('nltll i ni, Ii wld''ly s,;
wr i a'ate.d soti"ns of the ( iiuntry North,
Elst, M1iddle and fiir \ so.-t, showin:
ilk gains in population over t he tIreturnsi
lit of o thu r(oiiio of th 1 ta that w it) not.i
ed o1rnllti' at all biiadly with tho gaills
to in Texas and Oklaihomra. i
n(I It is trig(, a fw Texas and Oklah,
e-ma counties . ho"lwd gains of ilplwaird
' of ')'i per ( nt., buti Oklahmia' ; : .i
III! era l ,gein N.-1 S s very nll 'r, .
-f ate. while th ''e wee iti (.ou nti ' in i 'toex
as that reportt'd actual dtcreast.s In
population as an offset to those that
S showed very heavy gains.
Georgia Legislature Pays Little Notice
he to Compulsory Bill.
Savannah, Ga.-The chances for a
o compulsory educational bill to he
passed at the present session of the
ta1.f0ipp' es .. P '
SGeoroia legislure eodwindled almost to
I Inothing wthen for the second time the
tI houros refused to lai iit the special
e orhspr of lieiafe.is one day a ('lesk. SIiet -
Sporters of the rneasure say tghe -nd
or of ta e sessioed is tom lt. to get the
'bill otthiogt. This bill has beer n oi
of of the mio.st imllpor'anlt fatuairp. of the
session. hIs adveegates (icisl that
Stheice aore ,fea - hildrien of sthool atn e -
i. ill Ge0r)i'ah who ('!n iwither read not
- M- write. A newsTpOr REaT NaiS a.ahnst l
o illiteraiy has made Oce an lic . lhve
New issi throughout the stateW with Ah
r result that a inovemnna hi.'c fotart(do.
ohto keep thor weasmre atfore lhe leis- pe
nolatires in tha e futulne ntil it herfoer
era lal. had
Wil sePssBok
No Chance Will Be Given Him to Kill
Himself. '
n Sanl F;rannvi.so.--ln (.har' of ( al- it
estaili of s ed oass ives ho . tI. at'il iny,
throan h whose effot'. hio e\ts r ilt hi
earth, ,loseplh \\'nullilig, ai('m .s+, of
th iiitlrder of Alma Kellier of haostis- ty
ville, Ky., lrft for thte spls ff the ta
riane for whia e he will t-i rioin . i di
It is 1 'elie 0ed here sy eh i frt,1 tives -
who have asIti.sed in the chaso and ar- th
rest of \\e(ndling tht ,lt 'arney will tako g,
extlraordiinary precailtions. lti gllard D
his prisoner after sie reaidn tie aot'- r,
dary of Kentuliy, as it is r'od ort' l th1 ta
feeling there ruls high against the
acculsed mnlf ll
a Notwithstand~in.g his cho,rful air,
aWendling has been guarded closelyv in
,-his ceil for fear hie might attemipt sui
Divorced Wife of Col. J. J. Astor Ar.
rives on Oceanic.
New York.--Mr.s. Alva Willing As
.tor, who otbtained a (livoree from Pl (0.
-Johl ,Jacob Astor, came back to New
-York from ILondon on the O(:eanie,
-listed amnngl the passengers as .Mrs.
, John Astor. Sht, was met at th p Iior
.by M~r. l)obbhns, se,.retary for her di
-vorced husband, and her son. Vincent.
-Those (.ircumstanc'os revived the, rni
Smors that she might remarry her for
mer husband.
Will Use Pass Book.
Washington.--The an('int arnd long.
establishied pass book syvstem, used in
ordin-,y savinags linstitlulions, will be+
adopted for theo irolpo).d Iostall .sav
ings banks Vw]eni the" ar'e es,tabi had
Sby the l'nited Stait.s givoi'nmenot. Tho
, ommittell~e ofl officals thatl Un;.-i bHoon
perfe(.ting" the plans for the pos-tal
banks had linen c'ons.id+,ring what is
knlown ,'s theouon(OlJl S vteml for p)os
tall bank (d-posits, but has now dI,,ided
that, w\hil,: havin;4 some adtvantages,
that system 'igihlt produl(, (,omlli(,a.
tions that would he unvde-- .hlabe
LIE Don't Persecute
N'S your Bowels
Cut nmt cathsrti and rurativm,. The se inx
*-h-ara---unecesaryT. Iry
ody Puredrryeetaable. Ad
gedy ao ,the l, rrRE
4:rnate bilct CARTER
n,the the ddiate TTLE
n cmfmrane d
. he bw,l. IVER
cOare c- P ! LLS.
Sick Headache and a diatioa, u mllions know.
Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price
'- Genuine mut bear Signature
Southwestern Presbyterian
( m! . University .I1 rkvlle, .Te ,tl. I Tgr es
.l * t"I."pt In I nhed St a hend
S8 Purp, ( hr,-' t "culty ..ntl.iinanly .ttlents.Lo
O": Ou Don hta!lih . ,." t,, uvo t. 1a.lbIaewlddletr. Clacelle
Memphis Directory
I t' lb . ., a 'hntls . ,ha n.'-. . ,1:i tllUllrl}in Mater
tal r gi',l rlu';l, Ir nl Ir"u tlh d litna ('a-.tinFV,
1 ihh 1 at I i e.tVy l'att,,h \r , r tvk . k ntitling,
(,,'z,,.t, 1, it rl :,,f Mt,,ry kinl for .ii dMilr s,
I ,r, mi t I :tt.'.l l t 'll . \ rit,' t . Livermore Foundry
& 6 Machine Co. 290 Adams Ave. Memphis, Tenn.
s rFireplace Mantels
t ai. ,r w rite uuR tlor Bl r unrgaln
S'nvwI 'm i 31 AN'ITIC iA . I, '. Nt I
and 4iltA(4'T . w)v ,r 201) de.signe
Sn xll n tin t r slhw rantes
t R"l" ar" t.o lurK,'.t handlkrs of
ant·b ii n the Mutih.
W. J. Northeroes Mantel a
L 4-66 S. 241 St., Memphll
Sh Oh That Awful
Sm Gas
Did you hear It ? How embar.
I- rassing. These stomach noisesnmake
or you wish you could sink through
!, the floor. You imagine everyone
nl hears them. Keep a box of CAS
CARETS in your purse or pocket
" and take a part of one after eating.
It will relieve the stomach of gas. 8
CASCARETS 10c a box for a week's
treatment. Alldruggists. Biggest seller
In the world--million boxes a month.
! W. N. U., MEMPHIS, NO. 33-1910.
Landlady-I cannot accommodate
e you. I take in only single mn.
r Wigson-What makes you think
tI'm twins?
The Nurse's Opinion.
A nlrs( had beent called as a wit.
ness to prove the correctness of the
bill of a physician.
"let us get at the facts in the
case," said the lawyer, who was do
ing a cross-examlnation stunt. "Didn't
the doctor make several visits after
the patilnt was out of ldanger?"
"No, sir," answered the nurse. "I
considered the patient in danger as
long as the doctor continued his vis
119 Years Old When He Died.
Paddy Blake, who was born at 3al
lygireen, parish of Kilnnsoolagh, ('oun
ty Clare, Ireland, 119 years ago, has
died in the ('orofin Unnion hospital.
SPaddy had a clear memory of (cntst
- that happelrned a hundred years ago
i and was one of those who went to see
SDaniel ()'('Connell passing thruugh Ilhln
ratty IPlkv on his way to Ennis for
the great electlon of 1828.
No Trouble
A Saucer,
A little Cream,
right from the box.
Breakfast in a minute,
and you have a meal as
delightful as it is whole
Post Toasties are crisp
and flavoury--golden
brown, fluffy bits that al
most melt in the mouth.
"The Memory Lingers"
Battle Creek, Mich.

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