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-r~~~~~ ~ ~ · - - _____ _------------------------ -- ----- - -- -- --*--------------* ': >.* ^ ' *" :*. *...' 'S *1^ ;'?'
Devoted to the Interests of the Lower Coast Atriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries and Commerce.
Over five million dollars 'ill be dis- A
tributed among the stor k and bond clar
holders of New Orleans this month. This
This is the annual dividends declared on mait
their securities. den
The United States Engineers will A
start work on the new Plaquemines for
levee this week expecting to have it stor
completed before the early spring rise mer
in the Mississippi. blan
The cotton firm of Dreuil & Co., on der
of the oldest cotton exporting house A
of New Orleans, filed a petition of the
Svoluntary bankruptcy in the United mis
K States District Tuesday morning. is t
Judge Joshua Baker, of the Criminal
SDistrict Court of New Orleans, was yea
H married at Pass Christian, Miss., to A
Mrs. Mary Monroe Vincent, sister of rea
Justice Frank Monroe of the State silk
SSupreme Court. unl
A boy twelve years old while playing fro
Indian with his little brother aged five t
S in New Orleans recently, shot and kiil- wa
ed the little fellow and the older broth- of
er, wno did the shooting, is held in New .P)r
Orleans in jail charged with murder. 1
Coach Frank Long, of Louisiana t-i6
State University, walked from Baton one
II Rouge to New Orleans in nineteen ren
Shours and five minutes. Leaving nur
Baton Rouge at midnight Monday Long all
Sreached New Orleans at Tuesday even- be
ing at 7:056.
Louis A. Veillon, a bar tender at the to
S'Green Tree saloon in New Orleans, lya
w hile aiding in the chasing of a high- wi
:wayman who had rifled the saloon
i register where he was employed, was
shot and killed by the fleeing thief who T
i made his escape by concealment along br
Sthe New Orleans river front. ed
The Commissioner of public safety ot ber
JNew Orleans, Mr. Harold Newman, ufa
,who was just recently elected, has been y i
-s tudying the methods of other cities
|' with rgard to the abating of the noise
i usiance and he expects tobe able oon
I.to put a stop to the hideous noises that I th
Sare Leard upon the struets of New Or- g
I'eon. ri.
(ommi.sioner Ricks of New Orleans lut
hi| signified his intention of donating I
$6) of his yearly.salary to thetAach- ti
Fv retir ment fund. This is a fund
d for ypensioning the ,."ed women liv
ec and herctofo4' it has been
pP principall 'rcm the .assess
.JMivevd he teachers. Mr. b
afoo is the frat df its kind
d gri
im capitalists have secured op- an
s on some 50000 acres of pine lands cce
SMississippi with a vfew of colonizing at
e tract with Belgians. Some time to
ago the immigration to these parts of
e Union was very steady but for the
t few years the immigrants that
ae come down this way are mostly b
ose who finding conditions not to their 72
ig in the north and east have sought
?southern plains of fertility and
r. Dowling, state health officer, has th
d up the Orleans Athletic Club at pc
B Orleans on account of lack of m
rmance to the sanitary laws of h;
astab.. The club officials went to pa
earnestly to renmedy the existent cc
itions but they seemed to overlook rei
a. iLat he who had closed the m
c muet be the one to vpen it. They ; sy
e orced to call off u very profitiable ti
at due to their own unrite:titnail
me very prominent ccmmissionl
chants of Ntw York have written t;
i t11in and direcitors of the Ljuib- 1,
Sate Univerity testifying to the In
- "tt of Louisiana cauiifiwer t
athe ulifower of California. bhis n
of encouragement is "powerfully"
ating and our farmers should feel -
trn appreciation of our farm s
keenly and they should endeavor e
w al of our farm products the lt
ave other people say so. c
l men now lie in the Jefferson i a
iuiI charged with white capping, j
ttbhe men are very promin-nt Ir-'.- i
if Westwego ind their arrest
aeid onsidcrable comment. One
Sccusedi. was arrcsted at his c
Scera ony ua.d brought toi
-ia charge if prouvn carri.s t
j. dc 0o deeiIs, ihe pen-,
ia atl A lid t the l.f'-tnt time
rte oi Jefferson are very1
twed. in Ithe earch for i"
Air. L tlh al.egcd white.
' iTnhn, ei,. 15 years, ac- ,
ariat an killeu a.im.eli Mon
Siumnlta:: ieat his ;ati.er'zs
& . ou.t up the river and got
4 < .egunnia the Loat. SLI
t, tIe rt.l pd .L.ck to the
i lthfi gu'l, c;aught toLe we:p>cn
le and was i.rawiing it o
-wh n his foot ..QA e, a.id
ir a tght  on the ,il· ci Lt.i
d :cl.&tge the be., ' ..e
Pest Jan. g9th it:r n, -
- - -
jr L
A Jewish Rabbi of Cleveland has de- du
dared that bachelors are a menace. ,
This will be welcome news to the old :
maids who so long have borne the bur-j a/
den of the jester's jest. t'.:
A Boston minister who failed to pay red
for some gocds taken from several I
stores in Springfield claimed that his jhe
memory failed him and attributed this e- :
blankness to the use of headache pow- tu
ders. ,
An interesting fact is deducted from
the report of the United States Com- rai
missioner of Internal Revenue and that j ai
is that enough whiskey was consumed jý u
in the United States during the past ,c:
year to fill 326 glasses for each mar. I;c:
A trainload of silk worth $2.G000.000C no
reached New York some days ago. The [ T'
silk came from Tacoma, Wash., being 1
unloaded frcm a ship there which came De
from Yokoh.ma, Japan. The time i;e,
taken from Yokohama to New York dc
was nineteen days, which is somewhat ,
of a great speed record for the trans
Jportation of freight. tc;
The complexity of the "Dynamitu"
Strials at Indianopolis made it hard fcr
one to conjecture as to the verdict to be '
rendered in that notorious trial. The ,!i
number of the defendants, th.~i fact that ;:
all the verdicts, though separate, must a1
be rendered at the same time, the end- "rt
has list of couns l together with all c
that that implies makes this case even cc;
to those who have studied it a jamba- :t
lya of facts and fictions and a swamp dC
which it will take days for the jury to vc.
wvade through. cg
The United States Government has
brought suit against the Kellogg Toast
ed Cornflake Co., alleging violation of tc
the Sherman anti trust law. The num- '
ber of suits brought against the man
ufacturers of foods cf all hinds i rapid- ic;
ly increasing yet we do not hear of any vr
decrease in the -cri's about the highb I
cost of living. This method cf dissolv- L
ing if we iray judge from its cflcct in i ,
other similar diFsolution :.has i.erved to "1
aggravate the living probkilm .istead ofr i,
Lringing the qucstion neare" to a so-:
s lution.
President Wilson attended a c. lebra
tion at Staunton, V .., ::iS Lirthi:place,
given is hi honor, and while there re
Slivid in the house where le w. s born -
and whe:re Lii: father ived wh. le
was the minister attached to h.- Pros- .
byter:an church there. Owing to hay-i
'grippe Gov. Wfilon did rotl speak at i
length. But he was visibly alffcted as Li
Sare aii men, at the ::plendor and sin
Is cerity.of his reception. Huge bon fires c .
g at intervls crackled a fi.-ming w:e'come :.
-3 to the distinguashed son of Staunrcn.
The parcels poQt system wYill go intoI
e effect New Year day. Eleven pounds :
Sis the maximum weight to be carried I
r by this systcif. The size maximum is
r 172 inches in combined length and girth. ,
- No matter now handled as first, s'0c01nd I
or third class mail matter will be hand- i
led under the new system. No matter I
as that is of such a kind as will injure
at I potil employees or damage the equip- ;
, ment or other mail matter will be c
Df handled under this new system. Aill
to paci.ages without distinction as to their !
at contents provided they conform to the i
rk regulations before set down can be'l
e! mailed u;der this new parcels post I
y I system. The rate varies with the dis-i ,i
le tnrce and the size. -
ii n,
Forcigrn News.
In A general strike has br-en called on i :
n the Nn.tional Railways of Mexico. Thisi c
will se-rve to aggravatc the prcs -nt l
he mternal d;sordcrs of Me::xico and put'
3r that country beck on the shelf for c
Is many years to come. i
el Adrianople-in that one word and its "'
m 'gnificrnce is the gigantic obstacle |
o(.r cinfrontiitg the pro:noter3 of peace in 1
be the Brlkans. At this time however
! concessions are loc:ked for on both .sides
iand then, having scubidcd each other, I
on !and k:;o'ving thle lay of the land, thie
.« i thl peace commissior.ers will soon get I
L-' dc..-i to hard work.
neI Turkfy is said to have mnde rome
his cccni-sioniw. What thi-y arc ias nGt
to known. But the Allics are now both
^ :ered vy the pr:ccp.ct of European in
n-', t* rferncc. There is probabiy much
ne g.od rorsc': for tl:eir fcar. The un
ryhi;den :it.emrt cf Austria to control
•or seome prarts of the pec.be prograt::me is.
ito v: 'id r ::.;;. for the Allies to be a hlttle'
: ervcue as to the poss.bility of their
I r.cc'vin the full' reward of their la
sc- bor-:. -i
,'n- It is saia that Arch Duke Ferdinand.
,an cf At i:t wes intriguing for the es
, t,,i'ii.'l-g cf a Slav Empire in South
en, er.a Eur ; to <onrlst .'f Hurl:ary. De
-t h.ni:., lPcid i.:' the, E'.lken States.:
.- I, v:a.;, piI:'-ne. o separte f rHungrry
;h fromin AC tr:!, Th,. IhIvng;:ians bt:mrg a
di conttd and ill ,assc't, .'. Ah lcple
who h:ve :t:\eer beco:me rnecot.c: d to
.d b-ng foictrl:cd by A,,,'.ria :rnd who
\.y would grh.esl tt a!rcmet ;.ry cipportunity
.. eto Fe- a:te a 1,urelive ' :rcm - te r -lc
of the Au.:trian E::.c::. I tte' - re
s i- to i'.-v: ieb ' , !,"." g. L - t. I n
' '- the rurr of hii;e i-erjslt: i Slttts : rd
:;^ the Arch Duk,:. Bu-t h, ,t:. rtm of
:t-,o veracity is !ac' inf. A!!s s ~et in a very
t .Lr3tr.ic state. i "
- . " --, * .; .. :.
Le Secret d, Maitre Cornille.
Fra.cct Mamai, un vieux* joueur Ii
Sde fire, qui vicnt de temps en temps fa
ftlire la veill6e chez mci, en buvant
du vin cuit, m'a raconte l'autre soir lui
;i:n petit drame de village dont mon t,
S::culin 6te t6moin il y a quelque vingt
ans. Le r6cit du bonhomme m'a I
ti c'.:;!: ct je vois essayer de vous le
i rodiro tcl que je l'ai entendu. ial
SImaginez-vous pour un moment,
chers lecteurs, que vous etes assis a
; cdc:tnt un pot de vin tout parfume, et i
que c'cst un vieux joueur de fifre qui t
vcus parle.
S---'ctre pays, mon bon monsieur, n'a pr
Si'as tcujcurs 6t6 un endroit mort et d'a
t j anr rerom, comme il est aujourd'huil I:
I . itrc tomps, il s'y faisait un grand rc
w. cmm,.rce de meunerie, et, de dix Le.
I iuccs a la ronde, les gens des "mas" I a
3 nccus apportaient leur blW a moudre....
STout autour do village, les collines
SiC:v.\it ceuvertes de moulins a vent.
SDe droile et de gauche on voyait quae Vi
e ies ailk qui viraient au mistral par-i
c d cr'us les pins, des ribambelles de pO
t i'::; ;l;t; charg6s de sacs, montant f
i . v, Ic.;, 1, long des chemins; et :
tc;;te la sn:maine c'6tait plaisir d'en- j
, i ~ui:L r la hauteur le ruit des E.
. i'o!ct, le craquement de la toile et le
, "T.a hue!" des aidesmeuniers....Les mI
e inimnches, nious allions aux moulins, et
t ; :a bandes. L; haut, les meuniers ,,
;ti ,yaienLt le muscat. Les meunieres G
- taicnt lcllcs comme des reines, avec
I1 cu!s fichus de dentelles et leurs
n c;oi3 1'or. Mci, j'apportais mon fifre, cci
i- tt juzsqu' la noire nuit on dansait
p C. es farandolcs. Ces moulins-la voyez,l :,
o vo', fi:salent 'la joie et la richesse .
CI;: nolre pays. y
S:iý.al!ieurcusement, de Frangais de l,
o .rs eur,ý'nt I'id6e d'6tablir une mino- pa
t, trio A vapour sur la route de Taras- d
,:1.1. Tcut beau, tout nouveau! Les no
u. as plireitt l'habitude d'envoyer VI
- icurs 116s aux minotiers, et les pau-j
y vres moulius 'a vent rcst~rent sans .
h .i.raCe. Pendant quelque temps ils ic
- La)yir.Cit do lutter, mais la vapeur je
n i i l plu:u forte, et l'un aprts l'autre, tcl
o pelcaire!" ils furent tous obligss de
)f ILimer....0u ne vit plus venir les
3- .t l anscs....Les belles meuniresis
iLu:dirc-lt leurs croix d'or..:Plus de U
. I....-.,! pins do farandolc!....Le mis- I
,I :':.i .-.ic .t beau souffler, les ailes ,
e Icziale'nt iimmobiles.....Puis, un beau
n .-:r, a1. ccinatune fit jetcr toutes ces,,
;e L....uo a t:ac, et l'on scma a leur 1
s- ,. ic i i.. v1 i e t des oliviers.
i Di : h lvY^Xelien et continu.,
at- ai de virer couragcusement sur .sa .
asi utte, a la barbe des minotiers. i
n- 't'a;tt le. moulin de maitre Cornille, al
('! (.clui-l' meme oit nous sommes en t
S o . te
e 6.'.i e e faire la veillde en ce moment. i
to : 'ai;tre Cornille 6tait un vieux meu-i -
dsi n'icr, vivant depuis soixante ans dans
ed j la farine et enrag pour son 6tat. L'ln
isi ;..llation des minoteries l'avait rondu c
h, I cmmo fou. Pendant huit jours, on le y
ad' v;t Lo'.rir par le village, amettant le ui
di- irc:l'de autour de lui criant de toutes s
oer .-:.s c:; rs qtu on voulait empoisonner a
e i;a P;cvc:.ce avLc la farine des mino-e ri
lP':ris. "'al.e;, pas la-bas,' disait-il; a
be ( .cs brigauds-lh, pour faire le pain, seo
-il crvednt do I vapeur, quie' est une in-' h
ir e;nt:;on du d;iable, tandis que moi jo'
i :'aville avoc le mistral et la tramon- :,
bj tainc, qui sont la respiration du bon a
. Die;u...." Et il trouvait comme cela hi
i une foule de belles paroles a la loL- e
ilgo dei. noulins a vent, m'ais personne r
o:e lis icoutait. - i
Alors, de p1l rage, le vieux s'enfer
on :lea dans Eoi moulin et v6cut tout seul !
his comnme une ib6te farouche. II1 no vot-:
:nt lut pas miepo garder pros de lui pa e
3ut petite-fille Vivette, une enfant de s
for quinzo ans, gui, depuis la mort de ¾s
parents, n'avait plus que son "grantl"
its: au mcnde. L. pauvre petite fut obl. f
do e ugcier e^ vie et de se louer un seu
in partout dank les "mas" pour la mnI,.
,er! son, los magnans ou lese .
ds vades. Et pourtant son gr
ir, lire .vait 1'ali do bien r'aimer, ce
tho' cnfant-la. II lui arrivait Souvent j
get! faire sos quatre lieucs a pieds pa Mle
! ,rand so.eil pour aller la voir u;
S'. mas" cl cdle travaillait, et qualn |i
me tait prus d'elle, il passait des heotL. i
; c.i-rcs I' la rcgarder on pleuran.
'" Dans lo pays on pensait que le vieu:
nc imounior, cn renvoyant Vivette avaiL
un- agi par avarice, et cela no lui faisait
trli lDs hcnnour do laisser sa petite ille ,
. is aindi trainer d'une ferme a i'autre, ex
ttlc pcsic aux brutalitbs des "babiles" et I
heir. to':.s les mis6res des jeunesses en7
la- c: it'ioni. On trouvait tres mal aus
lii cu'un homme du rcnom do maitrei
SCcrnillc, tt qul, jusque-la, s'etait res-:
and ,c. (cn dist maintcenant par lese
es" I::cs comme un vrai bohemien, pieds|
i-us, le Lonnet trou6, la taillole en lam
e- La;?::....Le fait est que le dlmanche,j
es. : o ncus le voyions entrer f la'
:r ;.:-E'o, noe s avens honte pour lui,
c' : .".s ar.:;tr!: l:s viuux; et Cornille Ie:
o - catnit ~. lizn qu'il n'osait plus venio
S ,...' ;'i l?. :an- d'oeuvre. Tou
:iy u s il r..titai au fond de l'eglise,
r1:,i :: c idu "Ldaiticr, avcc les pauvres.
. 1 ;:.. :'a v:I de maitre Cornille il yi
•r..-n ' i :'t ,cucl= cc ch:cse qui n'6tait pas
• ,d lc,'ir. Dc'us lonstempe personne. au
I, f vi!?ce, no lui icrtait lus do bl;, et
very l':':ti t $Ir a'cs de son minoulin allai
cnt tou;curs--le.tr train coamme devant.
Lea soir, on.rencontralt par les chem-I -
wi, lo vicux meunier ioussant devant tena
,ii son fnc charg6 se gros. sacs deo mou
furine. " ' E
--Bcinncs vspres, initre Cornille, ptla
lui criaicint les paysans; ca va done de
tcujn,urs, la mcunerier perZ
---Toujours, mes cnfints, r6pondait A
le vicux d'un air gaillh ,d, Dieu merci, la I
ce n'est pas l'ouvrjlge qui nous L. c
manque.' ; tc
Alors, si on lui -iemandait d'of -
diable pouvait venir  ant d'ouvrage, Ccr!
il se mettait un doigt sur les 16vres E
ct rýpondait gravemet: * va n
"Mlotus"! je' travaile pour l'ex- qui.
pocrtation....Jamais on :Wjen put tirer cQt
Quant N mcttre le Inez dans son yetu
imoulin, il n'y fallait pis songer. La irol
rLtite Vivetto elle-mnite n'y entrait ria:r
,.: ::qr'cn passait de'nt, on voy- DI:
I: la ports tou jours fei-e6, les gros- i.'u
Sailes tcujcurs en frbuvemecnt, le P
vioil ane boutant le gazn de la plate- A
o'm in, et un grand chbL maigre qui viec
pr -nait Io sclell sur lej tebord de la dcSi
fci-- tre et vous regardam d'un air m6- ! ot
cha nt. ", a
Tou:t ce!a sentait Il kYst re et fai
sail" lcanucup jaser le ir-nde Chacun ava
c-pliquait At sa facon secret do -,ai
maitre Cornillo, mais leli)ruit gin6ral i! y
cetait qu'il y avait dan' e moulin-lM m
c'r.cere plus do sacs d'ec quie de sacs E
C:C farine. s .
o o '1r :
A la Iwngue pourtan tout se de- trai
ccuviit; voiCi comment: I tan
. En faisant 6anser lia jl nes e avec i a
mncn firrc, je ,n'apercuis ` beau jour au
I(e 'ainr. de mcs garcoli et la petite * (
SVivctte r'etaient rendu 'ý'amour eux uiu
i'u. de 1 autre. Au founVe n'en fusi j ci
pas li.che, parce qu'apre stout le nom '
d.' Ccrnill tlait ,eu Anneur ches Coi
Sncus,.t puis cn joll peti't .assecau do' drci
r Vi- ctLt m'aurait fait pltairsa voir po.
t ro c c s ma imaison 'Sculenen t,' n
it ,, ncs amo'.'eux avia at souvent vc:
cccarion d'iLre ensem ~l e. voulous, 'in
r de po.r 'accidents, .rc r.' altaire
tcuto de suite, et je mo.i iusqu'au
Si:...i j.ouir o touchar d -'-.mots au .
SS n-1..i.....Ai l visug orcierL! ilr :ar
Ns 0.1t 1oir do iuihe maniil me re
0 , ut! lipssible de lui , ouvrirJ
" .a prite. Je lui expliqual s Taisons i
-: talt 1Iiu que mial, a tra le trou
a i,,i .*,.ruu; et tout Ie VbP q.ue je ha
* l';.,'1 yA availt co o d0 e ciat er
in magre qui Eoufflait co0rn diahle he
j.,., ^ £U-S -de wa tdte :",|U| " :jAe
c-* ,; ;' uiihoitme:nt U le rotourn
a er a ma flfite: que, si j'etais press i
Sdc maLier men garcon, je pouvais bien ,
aller chercher d es ills la mno-: all
. terle...Pensez quo le sang me montait g.
t. ctendro -e s mauvaises paroles; ,tl
mials j'cus tout de meme assez de no
- bagesse pour me contonir, ct, laissaint al)
,s vie-- fou -L a meitle, je revifis an
a'i concer aux ontants ma deconventi0.;.-|
lu Cos 1auvres agneaux ne pouvaient pas
le iy crcire; 113s m deiandbrent comime
le une gthceode monter tous deux en
si semble aui moulin, pour parler autt b
er au grahd-p.rc....Je n'eus pas le dou- u
oj~-iragj de refuser, et prrrt! voil mes er
1; i amcureux 'partis. .,
seI 'icut .iste conmme ils arrivaient'l1
l- haut, maltre Cornille venait.de sortir.
Jo La poito etait forme- a double tour; h
n- -.iis l1 vieux bonhwmme. en part
n ant avait laiss6 son dchelle de
a h'ior, et tout do suit l'idee vingt aux
c .eiants d'entrer pair la fenftre, voir
e ti.n pau co: qu'il y avait dans ce fameux
moulin.... ., S
r- Chos:e singuilre! la'chambre do la h
ul moulo ,talt vide....Pas un sac, pas un P
'- ain dV e lI6; .pas la moindre farme aux
a \ ur. ni ,ur les toiles d'araignee....On\neg
e sentait pas mCme cette bonne odeur
csiLaude de frmnen cra6 qui em
r" 'ia,..a( das les in6dulins....L' arbro de r
- u:oi-'ho .tait couvert do poussi6re, et t
!n i 5:'n, chat dormait,.dessus. .
aj La piece du Las avait le mmre air
Si.e mis-re et d'abandoi;..-t'n mauvais
- i!t, Qu'al.ires ,uenilles .u- morceau de
1a in :ur .utr moarene dI'escalier, ;t
Pa pu's dans coin trois ou quatre sa's
Sle - U.s d'c -cculaent 4$ gravats iet
iui da la terie lac#nche. ,-. .'\
-t C'.tait l1 lo secret de maitre .%r-l
i, ' ric. C'h tait ce pli~tras qu'il promej I
i ait le soir par les rout.s, pour sauver
': Ilicinnur du moultn et fare croi'e
ait- qu'on y falsait de la farine. - Pauvre
ait icullir! Pauvre' Cornillo! Depuit
lie iorgiStomps les minoters leur avaientj
ex- enlev6 I kur dcrni re pratilue. Les
et ailes viraient toujours, mais le meulo
eon tcurnait ' vide. :
us- Len unfants revinrcnt tout en larmes
tre! inme center ce qu'ils avaient vu. J'eus
ess-- le occur crev6 de le ,entendre.... Sans
les perdrte uno minute," jo courms choz les
eds voixins, je laur d(%a chose en deux
am- mcts, et gus coirvin.es qu'il fallait,
3he,. sr'hhere,,, prte'ihu-moulin Cornille
Sla 'tr't c qu'il.y avait do troment dans
lui, ks'n maons. EitfSt dit;, sitSfit fait. Tout
le c le vi ll-ge c ciltn. route, et nous ar
mnir *'i, - 15-hant avee ine procession
•ou- a'nes chrgfs de1bil,--dui vrai bl6,
ise, .;'* . .
. i nmcul:n "tait grand ouvert....De
il y vant la porte, maitre Cornille, assis
pas . .n Esac de platre pleurait, la tate
Yau dn as s mains: 11 venait de s'aperce
.'et -o' icn rentrant, lquo pendat son ab-.
llai1 sence en avait phn.trS chezlfi et sur
'ant. iris£on triste secret. - ..
--Pauvre de mol! disait-il. Main
tenant, je n'ai plus qu'D mourir....Le A
moulin est deshonor6. dco
E't il angiotait A fendre l'fme ap- Vol
pj ant Eon moulin par toutes sortes prol
de noms, lui parlant comme a une chil
reriycnno veritable. Onc
A ce moment, les fines arrivent sur mil
!a plate-forme, et nous nous mettons can
a crier bien fort comme au beau ,ful
tc.mnps des meuniers: torl
- -OhM! du moulin!... Oh6! maitre
Et nous avious tous des larmes dans A
vant le porte et le beau grain roux to
qui. se repand par terre, de tous inst
cOte.... and
Maitre Cornille ouvrait de grands nor
yeux. 11 avait pris du ble dans le cou
Sro: de sa vielle main et 11 disait
Sriat et pleurant A la fois. tern
.C 'st du bl.!.... Seigneur Dieu!.... for
I)D ten bl(!.... Laissez-moi, que je re- son
SPuis, se tournant vers nous:
SAh! je savais bien que vous me re
i viendricz.... Tous ces minotiers sont
i dcs voleurs. he
- o'us voulions 1'emporter en triomphe cat
aiu village: onc
--.on, non, mes enfants; il faut cer
Savant tout lue que j'aille donner A firc
i anwer k mon moulin....Pensez done! bet
Si! yd ' ei longtomps qu 'il ne c'est rien tb
I mis os la dent!
SFt ncus avons tous des larmes dans
les yeux de voir le pauvre vieux. se the
'16imcner de lroite ot' de gauche, even- bei
trant les sacs, surveillant la meule, at
tantd·s que le grain s'ecrasait et quo wb
I ia fine poussirro de froment s'envolait Brg
r a plafond. air
* C'est une justice 4 nous rendre:i thi
Spai i'r uc ce jour-l~, jamais nous no W
Scii.mc le vieux: meunier manquer an
cj' icuvrge. Puis, un matin, maitre .
Corniille mourtt, et les ailes de notrei
o'i dcricr moulin cessirent de virer,
r jpo:r; tours cette fois.... Cornille a
;i :oirt,.pcrscnno no prit sa suite. Que e,
.t vcj :.z-vcus, monsieur!....tout , une l
! ren c monde, ot il fautcroire que co
e1'- tEmps des moulins A vent 6tait in
u I r. , .o:me cclui des coches, sur I m
ua .l i.ne, des Parlements et des wI
Li i quet.s ti grandca fleurs.
i' ----- - tfo
Welcome Changes.,
u 'Parming methods have changed, i
e haven't they?". "Yep," replied Farm
it er Corntossel; "now a man thinks to
e- he's unlucky itf .e ,has to 'borrow 1
e `money, on, hls i.,place. He-. used tot^
--Washington Star. th
Love. t!
Love is watchful, and, sleeping, re
0' slumbereth not. Though wearied, itI h
t is not tired; though pressed it is not hr
Sstraightened; though alarmed, it is !B
le not confounded, but as a lively flameO
at and burning torch, it forces its wayj
. upward and securely passeth through
all.-Thomas a'Kempis. a
as I
ie Duties That Enrich.
No matter how stirring our life be, o
.-. It will be a failure if you have never n
been awakened to the glory of the I
-u usual. There are no duties that so ib
es enrich as dull duties.-C. H. Morrison. i c
la Wise Willie. I C
ir. Uncle John-"Wlllie, if you could
i have your way, who would you rather 1
rt- be than anybody else?" Small .Wil- i
lie-"Just me-if I could always have
my way." .
Crow "Helped" in GOIu Game. •
ux An unusual golf story comes from
Scotland. Mrs. Barnett, i. American
la lady living at North nerrvick. while r
un playing on the course recently, had I
uxi her game considerably interfered with 1
n by a'persisteqtly. inqrpiitive crow. lhe I
had just ,ma- : a.:ateeo lsot .when the
ur crow ~tprred th? lIll, and, after flying
in-" with it for some' distance, drdpped it.
de The lady made two other shots, and
et the crow, to her amazement, twice re
Sturned and lifted the ball after sheli
.i 'had played it. ' '
ais .' '-' *'''
de i.et Cruel Answer.
,:'"Sees darling!" and Mrs. Justwed |
: freid 't for her husband's gaze three
mirrors arranged so as to give as
many reflections. "I can get a triple
L view o &. .l "Humph!" gurgled
Siena man, struggling 'with
n i o ,::. "iou seem to be ,quite V
r I self!"-Judge.
VNew t kw School. j
ui A number o'f discarded' politicians
enti '~o are going back to the law ought i
Les to get down that first great textbook,
ul written on Sinai, and brush up a little
0 n the moral law.-Albany (Kan.)
.. Capital. ' '
nes "' j. ^y . _ _ __ - - '*
n "us . DolJar Bills Lead All. i
s i There are miore one dollar bills in i
les circulation in 'this country than any
eux other denomination. The five-dollar
iit,! bill is next. in number. .
Lans Stick to Right Principles. :
'out I,The inan whose principles are right
. wil .suffer his setbacks, lose his
• si frie&s and have doubts, but in the
,on long rub he will win, and the victory, j
wbl6, hich is the result of principle, is a;
permanent one.
..De- . ..........-- -
5ssis Courage and Nerve.
tete Courage is the thing which enables
srce- a mah to packle a hard task vitEh
iab- Wase. Nerve is the thing which en.
surn- bles him to tackle it when he's
*. 'v cared to death-Dr. Push.
•K' . . .::.. ..* '
1 : ; · , " .* . . ' * ..* " ' - . - ~ ~ * " . ': /
One Word She Coud Say,
An earnest London slum worker re
cords her unremitting, patient en- mar
deavors to improve the accent and prol
vowel enunciation of her little usel
protege, Blanche,' for the sake of the of I
child's future destiny "on the styge." roul
Once, failing in all else, she tried a yen
mild dose of gentle ridicule. "You of t
can't say 'food,' can you, Blanche?"
she smiled, teasingly. "I can say
'fule!'" was the child's crushing re
Ex:amine Strange Personality. ,
A Frenchman, named Marguy, said the:
to possess the hide of an elephant,
instead of the. ordinary human stin,
and therefore believed to be an ab
normally constituted person, not ac
countable for his actions, ia t o ethe
medically examined at the : c" cf j dep
the French attorney general to da- fr
termine his responsibility xfor a t:"ft
for which he has been impriro:cd
some months.
-- the
Roman Method of Heating. frei
Like many other Roman houses pos
ithat hava been unearthed in England, cen
one recently brought to light was all
heated by a system called "hypo- latP
'caust." ..The entire basement was bu3
one big furnace, from which flues as- to
cended, built into the walls. A wood I pop
fire was kept in the basement, the fuel ec
being fed in fiom an outside annex, h.u
through an arch in the wall.
St'angc' Namts; J
Every clergyman can tell tales of er
'the strange names which he has la
been asked to bestow upon child'.en h
at the bapt!'Tmnl font; but the place lat
where that sort of thing .s rampant is jan
British Guinea. Nannie Bellona, John W
Pantaloon, and Frank Locust are
among Christian names imposed on
the offspring of native converts.
SWorse still are "Whisky Emmanuel"',
Sand "Seriatim ad Valorem." fr
i .. -ruE
S : afety in Friendship. it I
SAn intimate friendship' is at once wa
l a safeguard in recreation- and social if
Senjoyment, for a man thinks twice be- on
e fore he. plunges into - surroundings lut
i which he kiioWs his best friend would all
e condqmn. It is a stimulus, because
it in work or bu;ness, or even play, a
r man, :does not wlliinply lag .behind *
Swhile the friend Is forging ahead: In lot
Scommon endeavors for good causel, fij
ireligious or social or political, friend- ty
Sship is a powerful inducement to self. t
forgetting activity. th
-. i : ho
c, :" J F o or t !,, Re .I t . ..i.. :d 0
a' j One of'. a conllego rofessor, gottg a qU
S,0 his & ca. e acros. .o,.. of hi3 an
g,* Et-cit n e - hort ih' ?. r th i
!ot..r d'y, a:8d he . ; a y.ry b i..it w.
remnark. T-: had ju-.' ':.1n dow;n, *:u co
it know . a ,, '.hen i at . i'!ia how it
tf happened, he said, 'Ncvcr thia::.'" '- 1
is Budget. "
Si ha
' Girl's Dceintlion of Good Taste. "1i
1 n the Woman's Home Conpanion jlit
a a writer retorts his adventures with th
!!his niece B :h, who went to Boston Li
to get culture. Beth was 18 years
old, and after a visit at the art gallery,
er made this remark: "Well, of course
he'I don't know anybhing about critics, !r
so but I know What I'd like. I'd like a ri
1. i critie who would tell me which the
" things aro that nice people can keep.
on liking."
ld As 'to Dignity. a:
er If I am walking in the very eye of i
11- heaven and feeling it on me where I p
Ve go, there is no question for me of hu
man dignity.-Meredith.
Ma's Way. I
m Little Lola, aged five, upon being si
an ahown her twin brothers that had ar- tj
le rived th.e night before, said: "Well, a
ad I never saw such a woman as mamia It
ith Is for hunting up bargains."--Chicago |
lIO Daily News.
nag At Least Knew His Vaftle.
i A native, named Appu', of Kotahtna,
i Ceylon, -recently attacked his father
re and mother with a mallet while they I
were asleep, and nearly killed them. I
' 'The excute he subsequently gave
,was that he was disgusted with his
"miserable parents for having such a
row-down son."
ree '. * * „ * - '" - '
as ; iorscovereo Kare ulease.
ple During the ecihteenth century Dr. i
led 'Percival Pott of London, who was oneo i
ith of the best known physicians in that
tite period, discovered the disease of the
spine which he called "vertebral ca
ries," or decy of the backbone. The
treatment ultimately prescribed was
ans 'plenty of pure food, sunlight, fresh
pht air and sleeping outdoors all of the '
ok, time. ,
tle . .... •
n.) ,. New Idea for Saving Life.
SBirmingham, England, has a new1
style of life-saving apparatus for the ;
fire department. Entrapped persons
are rescued in a cage which is raised '
i and lowered to the widows of the
lia burning building -
;* |:-r- " .. . .
: ."," Paufs' Turn Next,
S The'man who robs Peter to pay
ight Paul generally intends to strike Paul
his for a larger loan later on.-Puck.
the _ -
Power of Kindness.
si . Marvelous is the power of kindness,
IThey will do most in life who are
Smost considerate. They may be'
I charged with sentimentalism by those
Ibles who do not understand the po wer of
,ithl human feeling, but they will be cred
:en- ited with philosophy by men who un
he's derstand the genius of tympathy.
. Joseph Parker.
Adversity Makes Character.
A smooth sea never made a skilful
mariner, neither do uninterrupted .
prosperity and success qualify for
Usefulness and happiness. The storms
Sof adversity, like those of the ocean,
rouse the faculties, and excite the in
vention, prudence, skill and fortitude
of the voyager.-Maryatt.
When Money Talks.
"Pa, what does it mean when you
Bay that a man hasn't the courage of
his convictibns?" "That he has opin
ions, but isn't willing to bet money on
them."-Detroit Free Press.
Wants Commercial Value.
'A man would think a lot more of
the Ten Commandments if he could
Sdeposit them in the bank.-New York
Reduce Cost of Reading.
There are two clubs in New Yoer
that are doslned to reduce the cost of
fresh reading matter. One is com
posed of women who contribute 25
cents a month and have the use of
all the bes. magazines, vwhich ar6
later sent to a hospital. The other .
buys new books"for. the same prie6
to each mineer and the books are dis
Sposd of I lottery syster4, although
ca.cil rismlnbcr gets one. There arA
hundreds of ways to save mony.
Moon ?nd Volcanoes. .;
It is evident that if the earth's ini
ternal mass is liquid it must obey the
law that governs fluids. Scientists
have tried, therefore, to find some re
lationship between volcanic eruptions
Sand lunar .attractions. - Harper's
Non.Ructing Tinware.
If new tinware be rubbed over with
fresh lard and thoroughly heated in
Sthe oven before it is used, it will never
rust afterwards, no matter how much -
it is put into vcater. For stained' tin- ;
Sware borax produces the best results.
SIf a tea-pot or cofeepot is discolored
ion the inside, boil it in a strong so- .
lution of borax for a short time, and
all its brightness will return.
Much Likce Screcism. t
The ccro.:eted visitor Lad talked a:
Ilong time, antd small Jhn.ie was duly ;
.impessed W1th the breadt"» and.varie
ty of his riwledge. At l ist the ;
L taly "-ma,: the sentoentioui Fttemntit;
Sthat one-hdii the worid does not know
how the other halt Itves. 'Why- dqoqt
o:1 yi teach them?" was the in:'ci'
Squestion that made. the vsitor blulft  k
Sand his other listeners strugu;
scarcely nppresqed4 bekles -
''n 'Due Season.
S "Is love of country strong in youir.;
3 breast?" asked:the patriot. "Oil0y t:in ;
t warm weathe,;'" said tihe man with the
Scomfortable home in town. i
Mrs. Wayupp-"So they have just
had their first quarrel?" Mrs. Blase
'"Yes. After fifteen years of married
n life they hive just discovered that
h ithey belong to opposite chtrches."
n Lifoe. . *
' I Purblind Mossback. -" x
Si Notning so astonishes the man of
" routine formulas and precedents as -'
a Iuccess attending original methods.
* * Easier. '
"Now if I can get some acquaint
ance to Indorse my note--" "Bet
_ ;ter try some stranger."-Housto,; i;
I Post.
A La Mode.
""What was the chief food of the
woodchoppers in whose camp ayqu
ig spent your vacation?" "Pork anti ' p -
tatoes, served in the form of chops
i, and chips."-Christian Science Mo- ;
a itor. . :
8:o . _ . ' *
From "Old Slwash."
"We are more frivolous in our col
lege life than in our business," George '
a'Fitch said. "Still, college life has
r j made business what it is. Fraterni
Y ties are a clearinghouse for ability and
.ambition."-Kansas City Star.
a - Cheerful Men Succeed.
The men whom I have seen succeed~
,best in life have been cheerful and
hopeful men, who went about their
Sbusiness with a smile on their faces,
and took the changes of this mortal
iat life like men, facing rough and
;Qe smooth alike as it came.-Charles
g^ Kingsley. , ';,
• . .. . ': .: .'
,as Natrally Frightencd.. .
ish Decayed and funSold wood is also
:he "ox fire." On ore cccasio' somne of
this was u" 'd for a ( Ip ire, and
many of the broken fragments were
siattcred over the ground where the
men wcre sleephig. T'lh fiPo died uut
lw during the night and c: e :f Uthe :xrty
n awoke, and in. his fright woke the
e ;reet, who were; equally terrified; be-'t
the lieving 'that, they were lyIng among
live coals.
SHumility First. .
S We shall never be thc "light of the
pay world" except on condition of being
auli the. "salt of the earth." You have to
do the liumble, inconspicuous, silent
v'ark of checking cotruption by a pure
.- e::ample before you can aspire to do
the othei work raying out light into
ess, the darkness, abn so draying men to
are Christ hiimself.-Alexander McLaren.
be _ _ _
lose -
rof It Was on Foot.
red- "You say that there is a movement
un- on foot?" "Sure-did you expect it
y.- to !f' on horselback, or in an automo
ibile, or, perhaps, in an airship?"

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