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Lower coast gazette. [volume] (Pointe-a-la-Hache, La.) 1909-1925, May 16, 1914, Image 2

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Lower Coast Gazette
Published, Week!Y by
Tou LoIRwa CoAST GAZETrs Co.
Pointe-s.la-Hache, Louisiana.
-_O *has LJo S d.:
PlasemUrine iUish *vance Juw.
lak W tubiae a LJa.s Dwatraet.
TE[IMS:-1.O0 per Year in Advance.
,"aterd at the Ponte-a-.la-Hache Post
e as second Clas.a ki Maatter.
Posnt..a- laIac~ PQ- t
tax, $1.11
State of Louisiafna vs. Delinquent Tax tax, $3:50
Debtors of the Parish of Pla- erate vtte
By vire quemines. 9c.; inter
i By virtue;or the authority vested tain trac
Sin. me by the Constituuon and laws right bar
of the State of Louisiana, I will sell, mesurr.
at the principal front door of the by 40 ar
Court house in which the Civil Dis- the upp'
meict Court of said parish is held oretti, an
within the legal hours for judicial of C. RiP
tºalce, beginning at the hour of 11 LartiS
'clock a. m., on Saturday, the 20th parish t
:daty of June, 1914, and continuing on, acreage
each succeeding day until said sales eran tax,
are completed, all immovable prop terest an'
erty on which taxes are now due to of land,
the State of Louisiana and Parish of of the D
Plaquemines,' to enforce collection of 132 feet
taxes assessed in the year .913, to- bounded
geather with the interest thereon from of R. E.
the 81st day of December, 1913, at by lands
the rate df 10 per cent per annum Meyer
until paid, and all costs. i parish t
Brox, Jesse-State tax, 30c.; parish i -ereage
6taX, Sc.; levee tax, 60:.; acreage tax, tax. $18
`i=o.: road District No. 1 tax, _'O: $;1.80; Lr
CO federate veteran tax, 6c.; good $1: inte
.rua tax, 2c.; poll tax, $1; interest t-in tra
nd cost, $1.85. A certain tract of I left bar
lad situated on the left bank of the mcnsuri
ssssippi River and designated as pentg in
jehalf building at St. Sophie. ide by
aurns, Augustin A., now Lurence and on
]la--State tx, $1.25; parish Manich.
$1.50; leyee .tax, $2.50; acreage Millet
$1; Confederate veteran tax, parish t
S ood road tax, 7e.r Venice drain-' district
tax, ,$10.80; intrest and 'cost, veteran
A certain tract of. land, sit- :*oll ta:
on the right bankof the Mis- and cos
ppt vir; mnoosuring a6'n s " nd. s
boiunded on the upper. side by the
~ f J. Kiella. and. on the lower Las east
hy lands of Ed Morgan. quartrs
va ltorin P.. heirs - State range
larish tax, $1.20; levee tax, Mac
eg tax, $1; Confederate vet- le-St
tnZ $9.60: fini't· feder'q.
. , . .A certain tract of tax, 1
O'n the right bank of in
" River' measuring 1 1left bE
taish Gra.nt. hnurr!el on meaDi
S by la s of G. Miladin. line be
ti' de by lands. of 7.8 Pi
tee tx't, S1.4o; Mit
tax, $2.80; Se. r
. i; f i $2 .8 ,-: ' ,''..... $8.5: eri ' t
der 4o i ' $e:good terost
tax .-; pfir1; pull * ,i. j t x. of Ia
to t«. r of the
;of land. si ao  nrt d
of 'the 1 fa . I
an:nt front t hw y piasy
A~ "A4
t j
.4ye r _ '
F. C. hMe rs and below by lands of fRiver and. Sc
X. M. Whf at St. Sic
Lovrovich, Jerome, Mrs. - State Williams,
tax, 65a.; parish tax, 78c.; levee tax, tax, $3; pi
i.60; acreage tax, 60c.; Confederate $6; acreal
veteran tax, 13c.; good road taxi 4c.; bank, $6;
Venice arainage tax, $4.bO; baiauce, federate v
1912, 68e.; interest and cost, 2.20. tax, 15e;
A certain tract of land, situated, on certain tri
the right bank of the Mississippi left bank
iR'iver, measuring one-half arpent measuring
front by 40 arpents in depth, bounded pents in d
on the upper side by lands of J. side by In
3ubrig, and on the lower side by and on tk
. :ids of B. Martin. Hassel &
Lightell Estate, Abe, Mrs. -- State Washin
tax $1.75; parish tax, $2.10; levee 50c; pari
Stax, $3;50; acreage tax, '75.; Confed- acreage t.
erate vetcran tax, 5c.; good road tax, ,
9c.; interest and cost, $2.18. A cer- $1; road
Stain tract of land, situated on the $187. A
right bank of the Mississippi River, ated on tl
Sm.c.su.ring hce-fourth ar"e:ts front sippi Rive
by 40 arpcnts in depth, bbuded on by 100 f
Sthe uppcr side by lands of A. Am- s '"lot a
oretti, and on the lower side by lands parish tl
of 1 CE..Rigau5 praidx ta
I Lartigil, CcinmeftState tax, .5c.; fcdcrLte
Sparish tax, 90c.; levee tax, $1.50; tax..c
Sacreage tax, 25c.; Confederate vet- certain ti
Sterest and cost,, $1.93. A certain tract mn s
0 of land, situated on the right bank arpents
of the Mississippi River, measuring mlan r-~a'
mf i 132 feet front ly 40 arpents in depth. Lake i
tbounded on the upper side by iiis tilkin
Sof R. E. Pcrro. and on the lower s ie cearish t
it by lands of A. J. Monette. 1 ta~xt ate
n Meyer, Henry. B.-State tax, $9 A ein
parish tax, 510.80; levee tax, $18; ro2ei3
I -"reage tax. $5; road district No. 1 lnk of
x, itax 18; Confederate veteran tax, i
1.80; good road tax, 45c.: poll tax, 5.89-14
$1: interest and cost, $4.95. A ce range 1
C tin tract of land, situated on the
of left bank of the Mnisissippi River. .B aker
mc measuring 5 arpents front by 40 a- road dish
as pent in depth, bounded on the upper road
side by lands of A. and C. LeBlanc, federat
ce and on the lower side by lands of A. ttax, Sc;
gel Miller, Dobies S.--State tax, eo. loft bad
p, parish tax. $2.40; levee tax, $4; road 2nd des
Sdjstrct No. 1 tax, $4: Confederate 2o263
est, etevran tax, 40c.; good road tax, lOc.; range 1
i- oll tax, S1: road tax, $1; interest'
and cost, $2,50.- A certain tract of Bake
', nd. situated on the left bank of parish I
u1 the Mississiopi River. nd designatedax $
'as east one-half of the northwest one- acrea
quarter of section 25, township 18, eren ta
Srawge 17 east.
a, Machells, Mato, now Felix D. Hin- tract c
º e- ale--.Stcte tax. $2.50; parish tax, $31 bnk o
. }e~ e tvtax. $5; ncrenge tax, $36:.Con- g 4 '
Sfederate veteran tax, 50c.; good road in i; e
of tax, 13c.; interest and cost. $4.11; A C. Wo.'
' of , ta toard. ltuted on the M.k De'
o left 'bank of the Mississippi River, Bsk
measnrig 36.6 acres. by irregulTar tax.
din, line between sections 1. 2, 3. 4, 5, 6, etesti
o7, 8 end 9, township 2Q south, range inters
.9S ea. Fast At river. tank
.40; itell Etate, Ed.--State tax,
; 50c. prish tax, 60c.: levee t'x, $1; a des r
!irh, ig ia.O. 'tar. 1O.;-. Contfedera' vet
r2: e t.x. I: good rod tax, Cc.; in eetio
ood terast and cost. $1.7. A certain tract NW'4
" of l rd, situnted on the right, bank sesl
`' of the MisslsiD)i River, and desig- a
e n atsd as. on" buildir ant Triumph. scoah
Merrlck,. Williamn--Stte tax. $1.50: t
Spaish tai. $1.80: levee tax, $3; acre-i
OW 11 Oc.: Co, federate veteran 20a: ,
old; gld. 'road. tax, ae.; Inter
al r coit, $.12. .. A .certain, tract r9st,
t.~d . situated on the right bank sit
7 t.e'IMissiuspi rRiver, measuringt
Shf lpent front by 40 arpents ectia
n ,ir t .'bouned';on. 'the -upper side' e
y1br " ids of Dr. G. I A. R Hays, and al
' +irt1;t, "s :lott a .ltkvil e. & 'of - i
c p11 tait~ 41: Iu '"" teert , .ad.:e ot, et
Aa tairae·?fc;t-'nf on, ltm
`P3' ·
'~ ",,:.'
River and designated as 1 Building tion t.3, townf
at st. Sophie. east.
Williams, E. Wi. Heirs-State Davis, Ed
tax, $3; parish tax, $3.60; levee tax, parish. t.ax,
$6; acreage tax, $3; Plaq. Par. E. road district
bank, $6; acreage tax, $24.75; Con- federate vetel
federate veteran tax, 60c; good road tax, 17c; inte
tax, 15c; interest and cost, $4.11. A certain tract
certain tract of land, situated on the left bank of
left bank of. ithe 'Mississippi river, ".nd design
measuring 3 arpents front, by 40 ar- fractional s:
pents in depth, bounded on the upper township 18,
side by lands of Haspel & Davis Co., Deramee,
and on the lower side by lands of parish tax. $
HjI:sael & Davis Co. age tax, $3;
Washington, Dennis-State tax, acreage tax.
50c; parish tax, 60c; levee tax, $1; eran tax, 30(
acreage tax, 15:; Confederate veteran terest and 'o
t;x, 1Cc; good road tax, Sc; poll tax of land, sit
$1; road tax, $1; interest and cost, of the Miss
$1.87. A certain tract of land. situ- 3 arpents f
'ated on the right bank of the Missis- depth, bound
t sippi River, measuring 65 feet front. lands of W:
n by 100 feet in death, and designated sido by land
,S 'lot at Oakville." Ebling,
s Wilkinson, James-State tax, 25c; parish ta'..
pariah tax; 30c; levee tax, 50c; Con- rge tax, 15c
f.dcr",te veteran tax. 50c; good road $1; Confed
; tax. 2cL interest and cost. $1.82. A good road t
t certein tr',et of land. situated on the $?.P'. :A ci
rf Wt bank of the Mississippi River. ated o, the
:t m sri, .. 2 arpents front, by 40 sippi River.
k arpents in depth, and designated as site lots N
.lrr -n?. of Wo.od Park, north of at Dalcour.
ake Erie. Ferrier, C
Wilkinson. James-State tax, 50c; 40c: parish
! [.parish tax. 60c; levee tax, $1; Con- road distri
(federate veteran tax. 10c; good road federate vc
tax, 3c' interest and cost, $1.87. A tax. 3c; in
3; certain tr-ct of land on the rikit certain tray
1 hlnk of the Mississippi River. and left bank of
l(, r , ,ated as fractional sections 4- desinated
x, 58-9-14 and 20, township 18, south NW' :of
r. range 15. east. west of. River. poith 'fanp
he NON-RESIDENTS. Guichard
S .Baker, . C.-State tax, $1.70; 25-: paris
r' arish tax. $2.04; levee tax, $3.40; acreage ta
er road district No. 1 tax, $3.40; Con- txr. 50c: C
federate veteran tax. 34c; good road gtrod road
A. tax, Sc; interest and cost, $2.30. A $2.85. A
certain tract of land situated 'n the .nted on th
2: left bank of the Mississippi. River, ýinpi Rive
ad and designated as 670 acres, sections site lot N<
Ite 25.26.30-31-32 and 33. township 16, Grundell
.; range 16, and lots 28-30 and 34, town- 500; panr!
est hip 16, south range 15 east. road distr
of Baker. M. C.-State. tax, $2.50; erate vetel
of parish tax, $3: levee tax, $5; acreage 3c; intere
ted tax, $4.75; Plaq. Par. E., bank, $5; tain tract
ne- acreage tax, $39.19; Confederate vet- left bank
18, eran tax, 50c; good road tax, 13e; and desig
interest and cost, $4.80. A certain SWV, of
tin. tract of land, situated on the left of SE'4
$ bank of the Missisippi River. measur- range 17
'on Ing 4 v-4 arpents front, by 40 arpents Grunde
oad in depth, bounded above by lands of parish ta
A C. W: Fox and below Ly lands of D. district -
the M. Davis. veteran t
th MBaker, M. C.-State tax, $2: parish interest
r tax. $2.40; levee tax. $4; Confederate tract of
Srveteran tax. 40c: good road tax, 10c; hank of
n, 6 interest and cost. $2.20. A certain designate
tract of land. situated on the left section 2
thank of the Mississippi river, and section 21
, designated as N. W.%' of section 11. Gitteso
vet and N.E.K4 of section 11. SE1% of $1.25; p
in= 'section 11, NEB. the SE% and "o.r.r: to
Nact NW% and SWat of section 1. NW'h Confeder
,ank of section 2. SW% of section 2. NE'A road tax
esig and SE! of cection 2, township 18, A certai
b. scnh rana'e 15 east.. the left I
Baker, M. C.-State tax. $1; parish and desi
tax, ~ i.20; levee tpx, $2; acreage section I
teax 20c- Confederate veteran tax. of NW
n era O;20: ,pgol road ttx, Sc; interest and to-nshi;
tract cyst. $2.00'; eert-'n tract of land, Hiltz.
bank situated  the loft bank of the Mis- pajish t
b sissi pp River, designated as frac- road dis
iens tional S,4 of setten 34. SW'h of federate
section. 35, township 18, south range tax, c;
and6 east. "i
d . aker. M. C.-State. takt. .?; left .na
tract of asn ..itvusted .~ thehleft diatrlct
Sb~ank of the 1Tississipoi River, n.eas veteran
rt ring 1 1-2 arnents front, by 40 ar. interest
tin: pe5ts .in i dtrtl . 'boded above by trat o
lands of C, Ale.is, and below by lands bank a
of .T, Alexis~. desiga
Broderick, ArtBur: L.-State tax, section
re $5:p ris t. '$6:t levee tax. $10: 1? eds
atrad dlstrit No. 1 tax. $10; Confed- Hope
erate veteran tax, tl: good road tax, tax, S
S25e: faterest nd ost,. $4.37 A er. tax. $4
tI n tf~ct of: ln'hi; ituated on the $8.40;
ileft ':bank of ,tie :loasissipfi River. good .
and desiristed.. .S. . 8 of QWk $8.85.
S 8t8on s. to"'n'his' 1. south rnan eted 0
l 1-2 of See 81.214 of NZl4, sippi '
t a'l of fractloeni 'etio 4, trownship NV.
an ' h tax, sR o; .erv* te. ; ioa *2:
:terNo. side2; :itConfo dS ortith ati94 et 6.4 ):
.ie'a n v ,t A tax. 0:e, & i a ldtaz S.e; 1onf~
~·~s tracat of a t itu~ttie on the leftb b A ear
dP~wi of~E tkB' pl~ r :tiver.a d'sig- 'lie Lel
aid   'w t ;O s_ of section: 25, ard
~ o'> '
tion 33, township 16, soukrng 15 ship 16, ou
east.Kurtz, .
ea vit. Edwin C.-State tax, $3.30; ish tax,
parish tax, $3.96; leve tax, . $6.60; district
road district No. 1 tax, $6.60; Con- veteran x
federate veteran tax, 66c; good road interest n
tax, 17c; interest and cost, $4.82.' A tract of, la
certain tract of land, situated on the bank of; th
.left bank of 'the MissiqiPPi River, designatd W
and designated as 1323.38 acres, 17 S. W.o
"fractional sectionS 2.51 and 12, La. pIp
township 18, south range .1 east. tax, $25;
Deramee, C. F.-State tax, $1.50; trict No. i
parish tax. $1.80; levee tax, $3; acrei veteran ta
age tax, 8; $laq. Par. E. bank, $3; $12.60; int
reage tax, $24.75; Confederate vet- tain prope:
eran tax, 30c; good road tax, 8; in- ings, and a
erest and tax st, $3.53. A certain tract Lane, GC
rof land, situated on the left bank som--State
of the Missipsippi Rivei, measuring $10.80; lev
3 arpents front, by 40 arpents 'in $15; Plaq,
depth, bounded on the upper side by age tax,
Slands of W;: House. and on the.lower tax, $1.80
d sido by lands of E. C. Slattery. terest and
Ebling, Joseph-State tax, 50c; of land,
; parish tar. 60c; levee tax.; R1; acie- of the Mi
1- rgc tax, 15c; road district No. 1 tax. 15 arpent
d $1; Confederate. veteran tax, ;0ci depth, bot
A goa road tax, 3c; interest and cost, Mevers E
lI $?.01. A certain tract of land. situ- of Plaquel
r. ated oi the left bank l 'the 'Missis- Lyman,
10 sippi River. 'and designated as town- $220.75;
is site lots Nos. I and 2,4 :square 22, tax, $441,
of at Daour. . federate
Ferrietr, Catherine, Mrs.--State tax,. road tax,
c; 40c: parish tax. 48c; levee tax, 80; $52.62. 1
- road district No. 1 tax, 80c; Con- ated on
il federate veteran, tax.. ~8; good. road sissippi I
A tax. 3c; interest. nd cost.. $2.89. A 340 acres
lt certain tract of laid. siturte'l on the township
nd left bank of the Misssisilipi River and lots 1-2
4- desionated as, 10o aeres,rNW', of'the range 29
th NW'4 :of section 25, township .18 .: Laeuri
0o01th range 17 east. parish t
Guichard, Charles Ai.-tate tax, age tax,
V; 25 : parish tax.' 30: 'dve tax;. '50: 50c; goo
1; acreage tax.. 10e: road .Dist: No. 1 host, $3.
>- ter. 50c: Confederate veteran:tax, $; situated
ad riol road .tax, 2c%;..interst and lost. Mississil
A $2.95. A certaiin taet a f land. sit- arpent I
the :ited on the left bank'of,.the 'Missis bounded
er, inpi River, anid. designated .-s- town- and be'
ns site lot No. 12, squarq 6, at Dalour. Lacur
1 I, Grundell, Julia, Mrs,~-S. tax, parish I
n- 50c; parish tax, 60c;leve tAi, $1 age tax,
road. distrilt -No. 1 tax; $1;' Gmorfed' 50c; go
50; erate veteran tax, 10c;i toad.tax,. cost, $3
age 3c; interest and cost, $292 cer- situated
$5; tain tract of land. sitated on the Mississi
vet- left bank' of the Missssippi River, arpent
2e; and designated as- 100 dres, 'E of bounder
fain SW/. of..section 25...N% of, SW . ine. an
left of SE'A of section 25, ,townshipi 18, iacu'
;ur- range 17 east. parish
ants Grundell, ConradStte'tax, 0c;' age
of parish tax, 60c; levee tax. $1; road 50c; 'go
district No. 1 tax. $1; Confederate cost, $
veteran tax.. 10e good road tax,. Bc; situate
rish interest and cost. $2.02. A certain Missise
rate tract of land, situated ' i the left arpent
10c; hank of the .Mississippi River and bounde
tain designated as 100 acres. E. of:SE'4 vich, a
left section 25; S1 of SWK.. of "SE. Bannoi
and section 25. townshiD 18. range 17 est. Leo
11. Gitteson. Harry T.-State tax, ish ta?
$of 1.25; parish" tax, $1.504- levee tax, ate ve
and o".T0n: road district No. .1~ tax. $2.50: 13c:
W 1 Confederate veteran tax. 25e; good $737.21
FE'4 road tax. 7c: interest and cost $3.15. certir
18, A certain tacet of l'nd. situated on right
the left bhnk'of the Misisisppi River. ad dE
irish and desianp1td as:500" acres, .·Eof aind i
esection R. NW.h of se-tion . W% Ma.
tax. of NW4 of NW-:. of section 5,
and' township 17. rahuge 15. east. 1.e346.5
land, Hiltz, Louis J.-8t-t :ta, '$1.60; trict i
Mis- pjifsh taX.- $1.92; -le~rttax, $3.20; veter
frac- road district' :No.:.l tx~.$3.2;..:Con $8"66
4 of ederate veteran .,t, .y0d road ertsi
range tax, 8c; interis a co t, $2 2. A left "t
certain traet of l t: si atel o'n te e t tre s
M e. ; ltiu..ua:ult 'bf : thdý b te M pSi)p . veri a rtpen
re NEa '4 lan , 1a
SHse rin C.W.-tate to i, . r-I
!Wt' lhitnlct No. fI t, $t9 ;;(in! eenlrt .- i s
mess. veteran tat; 20kl' 0..i~ Ia; 5 tgotod
interes t adct 1 eA certaeein tI
SbytriLt .aof land, sit ioedn'n' .the left ters
lands bf ,kfth.MissisiP.! .River. ant
desigpate as tue 1 of N· V4 of tiiianl
t x, sectioi ; toiwn~pS " i, sdouth range OiR
$.10; '1 east. . C 
onted- Hopedale Develop'.tihts Cot-St~te lt.
'tax, tax, $8.20; parlul' taj, ..84 levee :
,the .40; Cofedt ' ' an"ta. 64e
River. odroad tiX•;1 ;r and 'cbst, I
rant. ated on .the .: lft bank f tl' isis
.Z4 sippi River. and i 'tad 'as fq iih
to'rshiP" Q 1, .a ~ 14 .....
,,ad *8.20: parish z: ;!i:<,l~vee tax,: 1.i
az Ie; Confederate V.•i ' 'tai 64i; goo. Io
ti " crtan tiae ,,ldwi ted Ofl tie
L tio n 2 5, ad de d"'t4P crE'. lpll' ofE!
$5: 0e o TtW 1 Ifl par
vetorli • narI *9 (8enfederat" veterai
1- 0e;
i~~i~F .'i~l
ship 16, outh range 15 east. rear of Oa
Kurt, . G.--State tax, $1.60; par- Robert,
ish tax, P92; levee tax, $$.20; road parish tax
district o. 1 tax, $3.20; Confederate road distri
veteran x, 32c; good road tax, 8c; federate v
interest nd cost, $3.30. A certain tax, 14c; i
tract ofi land, situated on the left ce itain tra
bank of the Mississippi River, and left bank
designated as 630 acres, all of section and desig'
17 S. W. of Bayou Terre-aux-Boeufs. to 47, ani
La. Ptp Company, Lessee-State 33, south o
tax, $250; levee tax, $500; road dis- 14, south
trict N. 1 tax, e500; Confederate fractional
veteran !tax, $50; good road tax, Bayou La
; 12.50; nterest and cost, $68.38. Cer- Rectang
t- tain property, described as 4 build- $117; par
i ings, and a paper mill, at Braithwaite. $234; acr
t Lane, George P., now C. A. Ran- veteran t
sk som--State tax, $9; parish tax, $5.85; inml
ig $10.80; levee tax, $18; acreage tax, certain ti
In $15; Plaq. Par. E. bank, $18; acre- right bar
)Y age tax, 132; Confederate veternra and desil
tax, $1.0; good road tax, 45t ; i- in towns
terest and cost, $13. A certain: tract 30 east,
c; of land, situated on the left bank 4, also
e- of the Mississippi River, measuring range 30
x. 15 arpents front, by 40 arpents in Slattei
; dep.th, bounded above by lands of B. parish to
t, Mevers Estate, and .below by lands age tax,
of Plaquemines Land Company. $2; acre,
is- Lyman, Guy V. W.-State tax, veteran
n- $220.75; parish tax, $264.90; levee interest
22, tax, $441.50; acreage tax, $15; Con- tract' o
federate veteran tax, $44.15; good bank of
x*. road tax, $11.04; interest and cost, uring 2
$; $52.62. A certain tract of land, situ- in depti
on ated on the right bank of the Mis- C. F. D
ad sissippi River, and designated as 88, A. B.
A 340 acres, certain sections of land in ..'Shell
township 21, south range 31 east, and State t
mda lots 1-2-3-4 in township 22, south ConfedE
the range 29-30-31 east. road 'ta
L8. Lacuria, Peter-State tax, $2.50; A certi
parish, tax, $3; levee tax, $5; acre- the left
tax, age tax, $1; Confederate veteran tax, and de:
,ic: 5Oc; good road tax, 13c; intere. and 10 and
: 1 ost, $3.37. A certain tract of laniid, 18 east
5; situated on the might bank of the Unrit,
est. )MisfsiSippi River, and measuring 1 -Stati
itti- rpent front, by 40 arpents in depth, $549;
515s bounded above by lands of J. Turlich, $42; r
w- and below by lands of N. Bazarine. Confed
your. Lacuria, Peter-State tax. $2.50; road t
tax, parish tax, $3; levee .tax, $5; acre- $152.3:
$1age tax, $1; Confederate veteran tax, ated c
ifed' 50c; good road tax, 13c; interest and 'sissipp
ta. cost, $3.37. A certain tract of land, front,
ce situated on the right bank of the ed aba
the Mississippi. River, and measuring 1 below
iver, arpent front, by 40 arpents in depth, Come.
A of bounded above by lands of N. Bazar- Upl
LW' ine. and below by lands of G. Metcalf. $1.20;
, 18, Lacuria, Peter-State tax. $2.50; $2.40;
parish tax, $3; levee tax, $5; acre.
road age tax, $1; Confederate veteran tax,
50c; good road tax, 13c; "interest and
erste cost, $3.37. A certain treet of land,
t.Sc; situated on the right bank of the
rtain Mississippi River, and measuring 1
left arpent front, by 40 arpents in depth,
and bounded above by lands of V. Visco
r., vich, and below by lands of M. E. C R
E. Bannon. hi P
bust. Leopold, H.-State tax. `2.5; par-*
tax, ish tax, $3; Ilvee tax, 5; Confeder
tax, ate veteran tax. 50c; good road tax,
$2.50: 13c: Jefferson-Plaq. drainage tax,
good $737.25; interest and cost, $40.17. A AUG
$3.15. certain tract of land. situated on the
ad on right bank of the Mississippi River,
River. Ii d designated as 983 acres, tract of
h iof land No.. 10. on Bayou Barataria.
W% Maxwell, Arthur--state tax, $175
on S. 95: parish, tax, $207.90' levee ktax,
t346.50; acreage tax,. $62: road dis
$1.60; trict No. 1 tax. $346.50; Confederate
$3.20; veteran tax, $34.65; good road tax,
Con- $8.66": interest and cost, $61.72. A
. road .certain tract of land situated( on the Pho
it. A left bank of.. the. Missisippi River. P.
n t li ieasuring: 62 arpents ,ont. by .4
ivr r rpefti in depth. bnd above
'Stlla pan tation. ....... · . • . ".,
.;od j3. 3 : f 'nari1: ':ta* ,$3.9.6; l evee"  x; _
i8erste$.00; Coidigd*tatEvrE 9 (*At t it6'; -;
o ; cod mrad tax, 17c; Vpace draina'e
etai . 114.00ibalance. 1912, $1.52; in
be:left terest v4l 'cost, $9.26. A certain
r t. and tr te of nd; , ituated 'bn 'the right
S1.of batik of the Mississippi River aihd
range dsignated as 1820 acres: parcel of
l nd fin Towns1iD 21, soith range 31
-,Stte east. west of River....
; levee :Morgain, P. H.-State tax, .10e;
1. tax, parish)itax.: 12c; levee tairx, 20e: Cori
i. S4c; federate veteran tax, 2e: rood roas
fd bost, ax. cle; Jefferson-Plaq. drainage tax,
4. sit- $8.18: interest and cost, $83.20. A
lii - 'SrtaiW tract of lendl. gituated on the
as 180 fight 'bhnr of'the MisSfssippi River,
lor n 9, and designated .rs 10.90 aeres,. 1, in.
.eSW% treast into lots.1213-144-16;, town
on 48, shit 14. south rante ~Z4eas*t.
Pieirre, Elendre W.'rta.---Stt* tax,
$ ta, 1.20: parish tax, l,44: levee -tax,
FtSx, 82.40: road district No1'l tax, $2.40
8.$6. Con: e erate veteran -tax, 24; gad
; W rod tarx, 6e; interest aind cost, $8.14;
8. A certain tract of lai. situated on
tedn the left bank ox the Mipissipp:i Rier
.lrer -nd deignated as '480 ~eacres. W " of
SE11' o SEk of 'Bee. 82, :townihip 15, south
ranth rtang Th east.*.
SPedersen, M. Co.-.'tate tax, $1.75;
, il$7.5; parishli tax, $21'0: levee tax. $3,50:
rreetstan : an tax, $t;"Plq. TPar,. E; ballk
? ertey tax, $3.50; acereage tat, $1650: road
fl distrit, No. 1 tax, $8.50; Confederate
bai veteran tax, 85e; good road taX,'9ey"=
S interest and cost; p.6;': A certain
Sl tryt @oYland idtuate4 onThe left baink
.4 4 of tbe Miruiisiiii Rivier, 'measuring
I Wk iarpent front'by '40 arpentatn depth,
S- bounded above .y laands o~ . TTreme,
and below by lIsdq.,f A Coratn,
,' Paan, ;B;-St 'taxx, ,s; par
tihist8in, Ose;lett tax, $tSt ,'aice
Sag tax, 15e; Corif~derate ~ ateran'tt'
61e; good road ' tax, 4: 'JeffetPrson.
Plaqg, draina~setax, $4.50; hiierest
r-and cot, 8.1." 'A dertain tract of
lend. sltuatd 'on' the iiht'bauik of
t:..M he Misisslappi River, in measuking 285
S.... et firort. bY 120 feet in 'deaih, aud.
-.I0.1i2,18.14.15, .square 22, : at
Ine Grove Realty-Co.-State tax,
parish tax $.6G; levee tax, .$6
ad,- agn ta; p dderate veteran
O : Qe;p . e:Jeffer:
laq. rat~h ,ii. $19.01; intir
ad coit, $4.82. A certain;itract
o d situated on the right balnk of
the sissippi River, and designated
S2 acres. bounded.on the neper
lanids of Geie A. Hero,
othe lower side' by lands of A.
rove Realty :Co.-State .tax,
fx, h t90e; levee tax. $1.50;
1;ic' Confederate veteran
o 1road tax; 4c; intereEt
.9..' A eeirtain tract of
i4. on 'the right bank of
R Ip iver;r measuring
.0: f t t. Iv '280 feet in delith,
S1 as lot at Oakville.
1 ;,alty Co,--8tate tax,
'!6iEQc6II , ~t levee tax. $10;r
A z Csfederste veteran
ti a ) 4c ; intierest
the e nleasurrina
0 atrppnts in
egt eel of laid.,
rear of Oakville. Coni
Robert, Henry J.-State tax, $2.80; road
parish tax, $3.36; levee tax, $5.60; A c
road district No. 1 tax, $5.60; Con- the
federate veteran tax, 56z;; good road and
tax, 14c; interest and cost, $3.65. A the
certain tract of land, situated on the tion
left bank of the Mississippi River, east
and designated as 1122 acres, lots 1 H
to 47, and all that part of section Stat
33, south of Lake Lery, in township tax,
14, south range 14 east, and all of ic;
fractional sections 3-4-9, west of dra
Bayou LaMere. cost
Rectangle Ranche Co.-State tax, situ
- $117; parish tax, $140.40; levee tax, Mis
$234; acreage tax, $10; Confederate 45.(
veteran tax, $23.40; good road tax, 13
$5.85; interest and cost, $29.28. A sou
certain tract of land situated on the (
right bank of the Mississippi River, suc
a and designated as 46,080 acres, land dcl
L- in township 21, south range 29 and del
It 30 east, except lots Nos. 1, 2, 3 and pre
k 4, also 320 acres in township 21, flu
g range 30. of
n Slattery, Ed. L.-State tax, $1; an
I. parish tax, $1.20; levee tax, $2; acre- of
is age tax, $2; Plaq. Par. E. bank tax, sa
$2; acreage tax, $17.60; Confederate ar
x, veteran tax, 20c; good road tax, 5c; d
ec interest and cost, $4.05. A certain ti
n- tract' of land, situated on the left at
ad bank of the Mississippi River, meas- b;
st, uring 2 arpents front, by 40 arpents cc
;u- in depth, bounded above by lands of
is. C. F. Deramee, and below by land of S
8,- A. B. "Arnold.
in .'Shell Beach Construction Co.
nd State tax, $1.80; parish tax, $1.92;
ith Confederate veteran tax. 32c; good
road tax, 7c; interest and cost, $2.95. A
50; A certain tract of land situated on c
re- the left 'bank of the Mississippi River t
ax, and designated as 321 acres, secti6ns c
nd 10 and 11,. township 20, south range I
*id, 18 east.
the IUnited Railway & Trading Co. Ltd.
I --State tax, $457.50; parish tax, I
pth, $549; levee tax, $915; acreage tax,
ich, $42; road district No. 1 tax, $915;
ine. Confederate veteran tax, $91.50; good
.50; road tax, $22.85: interest and cbst,
re- $152.39. A certain tract of land situ.
tax, ated on the left bank of the Mis
and 'sissippi River, measuring 42 arpents
and, front, 'by 40 arpents in depth, bound
the ed :above by lands of W. Towne, and
g 1 below by lands of Mrs. F. and C.
pth, Corne.
zar- Uphoff, Emilie L., Mrs.-State tax,
calf. $1.20; parish tax, $1.44; levee tax,
.50; $2.40; road district No. 1 tax, $2.40;
Confederate veteran tax, 24c; 'goo4
road tax, 7c; interest and cost, $3.16.
A certain tract of land, situated on
the left bank of the Mississippi River,,
and designated as 480 acres, all of
the NW¾, the S? of fractional sec
tion 31, township 18, south range 17
Wall, W. W. and C. W. Kernan-
State tax, 253; parish tax, 30c; levee
tax, 50c; Confederate veteran tax,.
5c; good road tax, 2c; Jefferson-Plaq.
drainage tax, $34.26;; interest and
cost, $4.51. A certi;n tract of land
situated on the right bank of the
Mississippi River, and designated as
a 45i.G ac'es, 1-3 interest into lots 12
:, 13-14-15-16 and 26, township 14,
t south range 24 east.
e On the said day of sale I will sell
r, such portion of said property as each
d debtor will point out, and in case the
.d debtor will not point out sufficient
d property, I will at once and without
1, furthcr del.y, sell the least quantity
of said property of any debtor, which
1; any bidder will buy for the amount
e- of taxes. interest and costs due by
x, said debtor. The sale will be without
te appraise:ncnt for CASH in legal ten
c; der money of the United States and
in the property sold shall be redeemable
eft at any time for the space of one year.
as- by paying the price given, including
its costs with 20 per cent thereon.
of Sheriff and Ex-Officio Tax Collector
of the Parish of Plaqnltlwies.
92; TORS.
)od In conformity with Section 53 of
95. Act 170 of 1898, notice is hereby giv
on en to all parties holding mortgages
ver upon real estate located in the Parish
6ns of Plaquemines on which taxes for
age the year 1913 have not been paid,
that I will begin the sale of the same,
,td. at the Courthouse door on Saturday,
tax, the 20th day of June, 1914, and that
tax, a number of pieces of property so
)15; delinquent are now advertised in the
rood newspaper, in conformity with the
!bst, law, preparatory to such sales. ,The.
;itu- attention of mortgage creditors is,
Mis. especially called to these advertise
ents ments of Tax Sales, and they are
und- warned to take such steps prior to the
and sale as may be necessary to protect
j C. their rights.
tax, Sheriff and Ex-Offcio Tax Collector..
tax, m. 16-23-30. j. 6-13-20.
i- ý' .*ý ý. 1+,,(ý"'tt ,'' 3 t4 .max x aý ýýý'r, ý ýý i
1 k
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_ r ý saa
_ f
ý h
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