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The Lower Coast (azette
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.t M of St. Law.
5a eoI,,,i m
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* 10
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flat beo w line. :Ito 1
1 2 nt the wwth the1 {
,fiib. "r
Mi~~ Sidretad 1'
ý] 7 St J lf ý 1"I a ll a1I11 1~ 1i ýý.
~*~bf' qbbrth on that .Lia of the
an '""r Yeer boie s to
tga ofi the b ;nUser
t # tInt,,, ds i
r 11
x '3 3 v
n rI
explosion that almost rent the shbip ina
twain. ti
It wad the explosion of the boilers
struck by the cold water. A geyser of a
water shot upwafld from the'midship I
section, i-iaigled with fragments of t
reckage; that. showeredo dow. upon
the paseniers still cllgnag, to 'the .t
raifts forward and upon thoie strug
gling in the water.
The, pe Alo ~u d . troyeed the last .t
hope of Seer i floating unati succor
,taU*n rif a u sto he' shut- oitea
toweants 1iditlr tu e ated iat e
water rushed forward and the
of Irelad went' wtwiftlyrt o bteh .
carrying' down with her hundreds ofan
passengers who? stood on her salanitig
deck, their arms stretehed upward and
their )ajt cries choked in the engatitsn
Onel of the survivors, relating that
last tragic scene on the' decks of the
liner, said: "
"I 6s asl0eep, lie most of the pesf
pgerjs.h r"en th,# cb ,,sion. a l'"e.
xt'iser a a sickening L*uncbhug of
`"T =Eway along x p "dde:: o oiur
;ftiend ored Qtto et up:
p a sl• º g'. to rush f
fp 'v -4 t ri : r t. : hoseI
:.., r a , .k rte f,
bi te e~
age, were picked iup by the lifeboats
and carried on board the rescuing ves
Captain Kendall, dazed and unable
to give any coherent account of the
loss of his ship, was found clinging to
a broken spar.
J. W. Longley, rancher, of Canford,
B. C., went down with the ship, but
held his breath, and, coming to the
surface, found a piece of wreckage and
clung to it until picked up.
One of the survivors, in explaining
the quickness with which the Empress
of Ireland wept down, said:
"The collier, being only something
over 8,000 tons, did not reach up even
to the upper or topmost deck of our
hull. Her bow cut under the upper
deck and took a peeling off the side of G
our ship that alloyed the water to
rush into the lower decks. Then the
liner heeled over, Pnd even those in
the superstructure deck rooms had no
chance to save theisnedves. Hundreds
of them must have been dumped out
of their berths andi slammed against t(
the walls with stunning force." a
Scenes OA Shore. 11
Father Point, Quie., May 29.-"The n
Empress of Ireland passed and landed t
her pilot here at 1;80 this morning," 9
said an official of the Canadian Pa- 8
cifc. "There was abhaze at the time.
At 1:50 a. in., I wail awakened by an 1
"8. 0. S." ring oiln ny door bell end, I
rushing down, was ~ tormed by a Mar- t
coni operator that the Empress of Ire- I
land was sinking, having been struck I
by dome vessel. I undress I started c
to help. No othbr signal could be =
got from the doomed vessel. She had
no time to give another, as she sank I
ten minutes after being struck. z
"Mr. Whiteside, mnahager of the Mar
conl station, rendered effective serv
ifee by notifying the government
steamer Eureka, at Father sPoint
Iwharf, and the Lady Evelyn at Rai
mounskl wharf.
,Help Rushed to the Scene. 1
" , t J. B. Belanker of the Eureka I
inmei tely rushedito the scene and
Cap;tani Poulot,: wi the Lady Eve
1yn, follow-d later- . his ship being I
three milesr farther Y.
",Meanwhile d .aylIt, broke and
sannling the horioi with a telescope
I. saw `,th two ' nmeant steamers,
nine lifeboats and- ier in the vi- i
einity Ig here 14 there. Later
the Eurek art . t Father Point
.Ibar with 8 , rs and several
oor drowned alo several of
tsurvivor.s w b ien wounded.
.are.a.... , r l pa tsrecab p e
out I tom' ast slteep. The urekal
o n b ita; nd thea Canadian Pacfic
' .agept, br: Webher. who was here, haY'
ft just got oft- the il-fated vessel with
the ;toti engaged all the cabs he
1`_ ouldAnd a tele.honed. for all pos
S,mil medical assistance. As the com
pany'u agent here, I advised all the.
urvivtrs tat thelt cables and teile
gra*h toh families would be paid
y yte C s ian Pacile railroad.
S"The.- ! rqvelyn passed into Re
ou lisifdboat4f a. fi, with some
S. rs and bodies. Among
.i ei..:of.the ill-fated r ht, ,who
isleked : p b- a lifeboat trom the
:dpe after the ship had gons
*i~ r $ * i6 Alosbt Naked.
r "tMot ot the suerrs wre almost
k dpt tiae cold, mornIng, with the
St pvtt Sat S5 degreis and. white
6:10. the forw a lan collier
ntts 6 8,ealladen, froa Sydney, N.
4i., m M;t3sl ee Slohg slowly.
"libeen smashed In
tttail t she wse the
Sastmupi the ,umpree:s
tac mSit i c a3 d to allow
ai 'iddt b aunder lher
ding she
sisome dead
uW the
Western Newspaper Unionews Iemrrle.
Baton Rouge.--A determined effort
to squelch the speech makers and the
senpationalists who consume hours of B
legislative' time at the outset of busi
ness is being made in the Legisla
ture. The movement will have the 5'
sympathy of the administration, it is d
said. The House, during the second 01
week, almost degenerated into an end- .
less squabble, delaying legislation of
prime importance. Sentiment against
that kind of time killing was growing it
Friday, and with a little organization fe
it can be turned into an effective ma
chine for the suppression of that b
rather costly unisance.
The two biggest problems this Legl- tt
lature has to solve it has not yet se
riously undertaken. a
The first is. to make the very mea- y
ger revenues of the next two years g
meet the needs of the State institu
tions and departments. To those who g
have given a little study to this prob.- l
lem it looks like the Legislature is lI
between a bond issue on one, hand a
and crippled State astivities on the p
other. v
The second problem is that of some L
reform of the State's fiscal system,_Mo :
as to better equalize the burden of tax, g
ation throughout the state, and at the a
saume time bring about an increase m o
the state's resources. The annual revs b
nues under the present scheme of
things are approximately $1,000,000 a
.year short of what is necessary to
properly maintain all of the govern
mental activities nov demnanded of the
state by its citisens. This estimate s
4ased :on a eertl calculation,
the destrabiit* toa boad lssue has
passed the IHo w ai, and, lis in a Ben
ate committee. S.ne r Blrrpw will
undertake its resu oni t at once. t
Gov. Hall s at work.ork'a plan of as
sessment. reform.
The Jam of ,bills adready introduced i
constitutes a menahe to most of the
importans legislation already on. the
I calendar and that yet to come. Seven, .
ty-five 'blls in theS~pate sad 208lins 1
the House. is the record. The flood
has surprised the" oldest imens of
the assembly. Anotheat 125 ean be
Sexpected this weelk, further loggng
the wheels, A move to 1 idl se eral1,
scores oi meauress and get, them off
the calendar i; to be ez0icted.:
TI ,photograph bill which is
i auto~= 4rs' ;icense ordinance, and
whl i 'has divided the -erw Orleans
rig" '.into two c apsn ; the racing
bill; thde Anti-Saloon hiSge's progrom
of law bnfoaoloient isgilIrtion; -the
threat of a prohiibtio fight, *ia a
SFscores teasus such asl
thes *lrEnilIsw
a legislativ *eek
/ Loul aina Legislature. .
the .of. Loiunel, to dfnul~lt
Send whie t
the s,14tiv t bet
end i bees
I i~ ene ni~iCf tib-1
ori"a0imes t
Will Favor any Feasible "'Lan for Con
solldation of Edrt' Interests.
Western NeWpaper Unk". IPrle.
Baton Rouge.---G all made it
plain that there is ministration
bill and that the ~ istration as
such is not involved 'i y disagree. T
ment over the propose(:, nge in the
control of the state ed -r anal insti
tutii~ns. 0
State Superintenden; bj iducation
Harris, in his report to : . lature,
suggested a reorganize *v he edu
cational system, inch:l' 'g` State C
Board of Education, and the rol of fa
educational institutions. Re, enta- TI
tive Delos R. Johnson, chair i of th
the House Committee of Ed&.cation, m
subsequently took the matter up and (1
discussed It with the governor and
others. Several legisintors, 4nclud- ti,
ing members of both houses, also dis- re
cussed it with the governor. e
In these discussions the governor
informed them that he would favor a sl
feasible plan for consolidation of the m
educational institutions under one
board. He pointed out, however, that t
such a plan Would make it necessary is
to provide for a salaried board. He tt
expressed opposition to a board elect- tt
ed by parish superintendents and fa- tl
vored appointment of the board by the ai
govetnof. b
In discussions of the problem, the tl
governor pointed out that his position p,
is entirely neutral; that if the Legis- n
lature felt competent to undertake the
reform at this session and a feasible 6s
plan could be evolved he would fa- r4
vor it; and, on the other hand, if the ,
Legislature felt more time and study ,
should be given to the matter, a 'step p
should be taken In that direction, such f
as the appointment of a commission to 81
Investigate the problem and report
back In 1916.. "
Auto Turns Turtle, Seriously injuring t
Young Alexandria Woman., t
il lft tunte4 tt euleted r
in the serious injParyof'lo of its four
oceupants iear ' e ecompte last .t
week. Miss Cathleen Beuhler; daugh- 5
ter of iI, Buehler of this city, was hurt t
about the head and shoulderd,: Her t
condition is serious,' and phyrsiciahs a
have not yet been able to say whether .
she iUll recover. r
J :L Dama Rainey, who was with Miss a
Beuhler, sustained a ibroken collar
bone. It is not believed that he was
1 otherwi e hurt. :,"
I Meis Margaret BeDoubler, sister of the t
Sithijed U i yodng woman, and Jphn Ar- *
I rington, wIo was driving the car, were a
unhuart. '
The car was owned by Mr. Beuhler,
and the party was returning from iLe
compte at the time ofthe accident.
WinnWboro Wages-War on Qettle Tick.
Wihnnboro..-Over 5,000 fead of cat I
tie have s.aleady been dipped in the
' campaign hete against th cattle tick,
nad from indlc ions now the opposi
Stion to this meouroe is dying, and those
Swho fought it at the beginning are fall
ings in line and having their casttle dip
Sped. The goveriment furnishes the
vats while theprish furnishes the
solutlion, and pays a man to attend to
the atter And ,ea that the law lis
Saomplied.rith. Withti the space of the
'itext three montha this parish will be
tplaced beyond the quarantine pale,
and as spresult, those who have cattle
for sale will get at last 10 per cent
bettr prices
. Peins a for Retired Judges.a
' D*n i Rupfdesorementl of judges
i t L4. " it;t t courts and coTrts of a
Smodel som peawhen judgers sheall
i t age of seventy years
sa of hserved continsuotsy on
lthedSt rih rf t ist on than twenty
yearas parov iedfor in ann endient
to the Constitution by Representative.
~ .Carter o2 2apides notice of which was
given i the House. The amendment
(s modeled somewhat after the prq
v alvsis of the Constitution of the
: pited States in relation to the retire
ai at of ederal Mu dges.
ets Afte, r Tal t Idgers.
te 1tagiu-tRepresentative La
a e the~ eventh Ward, has given
fnatq of a bll that- he will Introduce
• the  usel requiring all foreigners
owidrn property in Louiisana to come
Sp this state and sign leases. The ob.
Ine ofJect t tisbill Mr. Labarre explain.
SOed, is to eable the assessors to get
if after ta dodgers and atop the practice
a. of foreign pioperty owners of incor.
SI poratang provisions in leases requiring
tenanit. to pay their taxes.
Insurance Companies Oppese Bill.
S' Bton Rouge.-Fire insurance com
•~  dolig business in Louislana
deibci ent representatives to Baton
iii ti~ to oppose the bill introduced by
i e lt5 tattiye Fohtenot of St. Lan
ndry, requii :the companies to pay
e, 1 j ciiot ofii tr premiums to the
n i4ierqat fite for the sup
lr pet ad: h&tce of local fire de.
i ie~t aThs. Thrwant to the House
aIpes o ioratious last week
.oi~~~e~r' ~UEOP~~
PAY OUT $25,000,000 ON
Wetern Newspaper Union News er vhe.
Washington.-The Federal Supreme
Court decided the tap line cases in
favor of Louisiana and the tap lines.
The decision means much to parts of
the country other than Louisiana. It
means that the trunk line railroads of
the country must pay out at least
$25,000,000, which, until Associate Jus
tice Day read his opinion, there was
reason to believe they would be allow
ed to keep in their treasuries.
The trunk lines in Louisiana, Missis
sippi, Missouri, Texas and Arkansas
must pay over to the tap lines, owned
by the big lumbering interests of
those states, about $10,000,000, which
is the sum they have kept away from
the tap lines during the period since
the commission made its decision that
the tap lines are mere plant facilities
and, as to lumber and logs produced
by the lumber companies that own
them, common carriers entitled to
participate in the division of through
rates. .
It is considered a big victory for As
sistant Attorney General W. M. Bhe
row, for Senator-elect Broussard, ti
whose efforts are due the orders oa
which the cases were taken to the
courts, and to J.uther Walter, attorney
for Louisiana in the Shrpep~rt cas
still pending in the Suprepo i Court,
This decision nmkes it necgssary
for the commission to retrace thestas
it took in deciding that the short roads
built by big industrial corporatlps ,ia
the North, especially by ,th ...steel
trust, are hot oentitle to aniaurt of
Uth6iataq paid on freight pb duaed
by th4 t the owners of which ate
It means that the $15,000,000 whIch
t the trunk lines thatbhare asked for a
5 per cent advance in freight rates i
the territory north of the Ohio and fte_
tomac and east of the Mississipp i
I to retain by reason of the
decibion in the socalled In4dS'
railway case, will hSie to i*[email protected] l
I some other source
New Service to Tampio.,
New Orleans.-The an- mes .
that through t ilroad coetons now
are. open between New Orli eaha t
s Tampico, Mexico, was made Mfn[sp
by the passenger oiflals of thbqe Ne
Orleans, Texas and Mexico, and Ii!
i news will dobtless be received
some satisfaction by the scores ,o
refugees now In the city, who wet t .t
c. make a Quick return to the Tapa oalln
t- fields.
To Abollol Notlce hos,
SBaton Reuge-A movemsent rhas lmes
estarted in the House to abolis c thi
I rule requiring members to:Sitv aptiou
of a bill before they er ia~S~trtd[ucp
emeasurs The Senate %abantone .
Scustom of requiring notices of bllip:
Sthe last session; and the new rile d
5 the upper branch works sr o a t1~
0 some of the leaders tn the iow&
0 house wish to have it put In force :,
, that body.
t New Churoh at Oakdale.
Oakdale.-The. recently complete'
$3,000 SoutherD Methodist church was
formally opened Sunday. A m.aodet
s Sunday school to.operate In eonnection
Swith the church ya'alid opened. The
1 Sundaly scbool will be in charge of
s Superntendent O B. Rlcberts, with L
nW. Hughes; alstamt superlntondemte
_l" Baton Rouge Has a Fight.
e Baton Rouge.--Baton lioege has
s awakened to the fact that this city wil
t have a hard flight on its handsto prO.
Svent the removal of the State Capital
e to Alexandria. Alexandria will offr
. a new capitol fn that city and futniah
the state all the land that may be
needed for public buildings.
a Let Down Bar fpor Qffie Holders
w Baton Roug~4-*Representative Hart
e of Grant prpposes to let down the bars
s to all who wish to become candld~ts
e for offiee by removing the property
)qualifications now imposed by law.
n With that end In view he will press a
t bill that he has prepared repesting
e the act reqdiring osoeholders to own
ir property to the value of $250." Mr.
g Hart's bill permits any qualified votetr
with an education to hold oice.
No Photograph. Requlrement
a- Baton Rouse-The Davey bill to
a knock out the photograph requlrement
n of the Newman automobile drivers' I
y cense ordinance passed the 8eaate by
n- a vote of 26 to 6, with six senators ab
Sy snt. The negative votes all were meast
e by city senators,.
I. Mt. Herman.-One caur of potatoes
se conslsting of 500 bashels was shipped
k from this place,,Monday. This, is the
e. first potatoes sver hippedil trom her
liewwan uI basut ?Oceflntes bunshd I

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