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C:jhe Lower Coast oazette cng been
The Lower Coast Gazette Co. done at r
pointe-zla-lalache. Louisiana* es of rail
-:oI'FICIAL ORGAN OF:- valuable
Entered at the Pointe-.ala-ache Postoffice as oe may
Second Class Mail Matter. we may
___- story Iho
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 31914. fromn h
------cl---,I--- ground
The Mosquito. ground
';Tl3s much abused insect that administers so feeding
much.to our discomfort, is not as guilty of in- houses;
tentional injury to us as we are disposed to huma:ni
claim, Dr. Gorgas' effective work in clearing a ten. o
the Panama Canal Zone of mosquitoes set an ex- pear in
ample to all the world that ought to be followed frequet
wherever practicable. To apply his directions unless !
m the Lower Coast, where our lands lie low and The
where almost every ditch has more or less water dreds c
in it, we must formulate some plan of action in The pe
accordance with Dr. Gorgas experience if we add lat
have any hope to diminish this pest which does a limit,
is as much harm in our templers, and as much rass a
harm in the reputation of the country, as would kGeep tl
pay many times over for the relief that we thus di
4ould secure from mosquito attacks by a limited ! and by
amount of not very expensive effort. In the dry, b:
first place it is desirable that everyone should brcker
t~ave the houses wire screened with No. 18 mesh about
wire, that is wire with 18 meshes to the inch, rainWý
thus making the meshes so small that the mo;- pl, b;
quito cannot get through. The old No. 12 wire in tjis
could bepenetrated by the smaller mosquito and groun
- especially by the little gnats and some of the we fu
smaller beetles that make occasional invasions Let u
of ur: coast lands, With doors- and windows or nol
all screened. one can live in our. houses wit incret
practical comfort and without any distur:ianc r
' and llmost without the necessity of using mos- The
S:a though theo occasionally opened
a O; r ·:; ,ii~ d window screens, may let enough
7.: t make their exelusion by mos
qýiio ba= ars doubly offestiie, eradi
Tha . ;net ' iat to cnsid~ r is the fact that th
where there is b )y body pf water of sufficient 19th
.epth to support fis fUe, iftfishes be there Apres- by t
u bodiesi a t apt to. generate any Trap
i as the fish eat the wiggletails weel
~1 f theimos ito. Allrdinary pools of tern
F t- be drained where possible. Even nupd
middle of the publie road if a puddle of uncl
- hr iold. persist for a few hours mosquito ca"l
She laid thereon and if .it should per
. . re days, wiggletails would be was
u> with vary little delay, we cri
i comipg .fom any terli
o i ovrr sW t h quantity. $26.
.ddile or atin. can. or a $25.
j I ,or rsee or broken crockery 1.
tih al beo..e the nesting and
Swhereon their eggs
thet mosquio quickly .
4"ttl~ t~he mosqpitoesO d
_e al= i ty - S. 4
=== il
S¶6igh iF - oi'r ~ $
t ~ ~ ~ J r ~ i Wij
£ :::4t~ ;\tt~ ·r·. je'~·~
comparatively clean condition, whch after hay- Bnefits
ing been done for a month or so wll be found The advanl
to insure subsequent clearings of weeds to be roadshave
done at much reduced cost, yon record wrg
On the Lower Coast we have over ixty inch- over regretd
es of rainfall annually and we have hie most roads. Whe
valuable and fertile lands in the state oa Louis- cost of hauli
iana. To avail of these natural advintages more valuab
should be our earnest endeavor. If aroutd our itenlcy of
immediate buildings all the lands were cleaned the demand
up thoroughly within a distance of 50 or 100 conditions i
feet, we should find a very material abatement community
of the mosquito nuisance. In this connectrn Of the in,
we may say that one notable fact is that in twoi by the impi
story louses, or in cottages raised 6 or 8 feet bulletin of
fromkne ground,' the mosquito plague is far less ,"It is at
than when the houses are but slightly above the tion that,
ground level. The proximity of grass and weeds passed fror
which are the haunts of the mosquito and their bad roads I
feeding place' enables them to range in adjacent actcrizod m
houses at once and to attack there the suffering that no sgy
humanity whose cause we are now pleading. At rrct; imp
a ten.or 12 feet higher level the mosquitoes ap- quality o¬
pear in no such force as at the lower level and that good
frequently do not appear at all at higher levels prues the
unless attracted by lights. aution wit
The city of New Orleans is spending hun- and town!
dreds of thousands of dollars in rat proofing. of increa!
The people of the Parish of Plaquemines would ly econcl
add largely to their comfort if they would spend mvancmbed in
a limited amount of money in clearing away the sentially
grass and weeds from about the buildings and The adva
keep tham down to a sort of lawn mower level, words, a
thus destroying the rendezvous of the mosquito valueof
and by keeping such ditches dry as can be kept business
of value
dry, by the absolute prohibition of tin cans or that are
brcken crockery or any other water containers or impri
I about the buildings, by the screening of the I numericl
rainwater cisterns that furnish the family sup- inmprovce
ply, by screening all water intended for use and the impo
c in this way break up the bredding and feeding an incre
d rounds for the mosquito which now unhappily tire icul
we fourbish them in a very bountiful measure. Igoad rto
Let us all trythese remedies and see whether the ccst
or not the cost of them wiil be justified in our form of
increased comfort, to the s
_____ _ - -amount
The Citrus Canker, the New Orange I road ha
oess is
Disease. propert
- DITOR Lower Coast Gazette:-The fight in sessme
eradicating the Citrus Canker as outlined by pavemn
at the `'range Growers at the meeting held on the origina
nt 19th is on in earnest. The inspector appointed and mc
by the Experiment Station, Mr. H. A. Las- that ,
Ti'appes commenced work the beginning of the invests
s week, working up from Venice and he will sys- thaon.
of tematically cover the whole territory. There is onet c
,en nodoubt in the minds of the growers as to the served
of unquestioned success in completely eradicating inon
tito canker, provided the funds hold out. ed lOC
er- At the meeting.on the 19th, a subscription I Jones'
be was started and the following growers sub- ad a]
we -cribd,. Sam Henderson Jr. $25.00, J. B. Fas- prove
ny terlir~g $25.00; john Meyer $25,00; M. Childress for r
ity, 25.iQ; A. Commanider $25.00; H. W. Wilkins)n tract
r a $25.-00; F.C, C. Mevers $25.00; James Wi!kinsrn
er 10.03; W, J. Formento $10.00; J. W. Gaidry we
inad E. J. Coulon $25.00; R. S. Moore $25.00;
ggs I. PapWorth $10.00; Simon Leopold $25.00; Dr. ani
:ly , C. -uck $Io0.00; Miss A. M. Hart $5.00; W. same
C, MiCraw $0.00; Jos. Chalona $25.00: Theo. prcl
do . eayhi $5.00; Ben Becnel $10.00; S. E. Beecnel
r 00; John Finke $5.00; M. M. Wilford $1,0'9;
.i .tS. C. Quinette $5.00; Frankl, Le vy 5,OO; I.
"ts I .i.. ie Land Co,,pany $2.00 J; A Brrios here
"7 ": ;A.-G. .. .. pardon $10..Q.; (. ,C. Snell $JA). 9$); to b.
'i . P D~ Telood $50; B. $10.0; Dr.,- da
• " . . .... ......D r.
~~ *i
lower IE
~ ~ '
~a: rA
Benefits of Improved Roads. OF'FW
The advantages of improved . public PAi,
roads have been *epeatedly proved be- PIrcs~i:e
yond all argument. There is no case
on record where any community hasi coýv'=r;
ever regretted the improvement of its Lu::Ien C, ý.,
roads. When good roads reduce the pI
cost of hauling, adjacent land becomes I
more valuable; there is a corresponding
tendency of population to increase, and, E ;Tunt C. 3
in its turn, this tendency strengthen
the demand for more good roads; oý,i i.
conditions improve; and the life of ii:ei
community is influenced in many way3. M i re C
Of the increa:ed value of farm lan
by the improvement of public roads, a grEt 1+
bulletin of the U. S. Department o: e' ,
Agriculture says:
"It is a matter of common cbscrva
tion that, when any conmmunity has t
passed from a coail ion dom:r.ate by 1L.
br ad roads to a condition which is char- . a.r
acterized by good road!, land values in ono a
that community advance. It is .;ºlin
t that no system of goad rcads can di- 3i \d
c rc~tc improve the soil f.rtility cr the iach
- quality of farms. It is cuaily true .h.'' a'
d that good roads can and do d.ir. ty imn- O. 0.
s prove the site value, or the value ,which ' , " ar:
accrues to a farm by virtue of its sit- th " d
uation with respect to markets, schools P.
and towns. In dealing with this matte: 7th 'A':: d
of increased farm values from a strict- th war.
d .ly econemic standpoint, it is worth re- :ii, w:rZ
id membering, that where fArms ýve ad- i :aci
vanced in value the adva ice is due es- I; thl \ar,
sentially to decreased hauling costs. O.
Td he advance in farm values in otl'et :a,'jei r
31, words, measures partly the increased ':.csFd r-i
to value of the farm as a plant for th- ,cr-cItry
zy business of farming. That incrernmnt ..e
of value which is due to those things J. C.
that are described as social advantages
S or improved social conditions has n)1 c Vr ,r
he numerical measure. When his road is 0.
ip- inprovcd the land owner appreciates god 2 Wai
Id. the improvement and frequently st.S , a
an increased value upon his lanJ. It is iacl
ail g difficult, however, to analyze the enr.- . ai
I tire increment of value which follows 7-,.
re. Igoad roads. There is no doubt that ,.:
her the cost of good roads is met by some . (
our form of taxation, which, in many in-, CtL i'a
stances, causes the land owners to add I :,n
to the selling price of their land that th ,:
amount which they estimate the good< !,
ige Iroad has cost them in taxes. This pro- 1t Z :G
cess is more distinctly observwd in city .
property transfers, w'here direct a.
b in sessments for sewers, ,idewalks, an.l .kh i:;
by 'pavements are invariably added to tae ,
the original cost of the property. The im
h portant point that is becrm.ing more
ted and more understood by land owners is .
Las- that good roads require a considerable,
the investment of capital, and furthermore
Sys- that such an investment-'is a paying
re i one. Here are a few instances of ac
tual conditions which have been ob- : d V.
the served in various parts of the ccnutry. lr.
sting "In Lee County, Va., a farmer own,- 4th
ed 100 acres between Ben Hur an-I 10
,tion IJonesville, which he offered to sell for'
$I.b00. In 1008 this road was improved,
ar.d although the farmer fought the im.- li 1
provement he has since refuse: $3,003 i 't: \"
res3 for his farm. Along this same road a t'
isMn tract of'1 acres was s.uposed to have '..
is n been sold for' ~S,'JO0. 'th purchases 0h
refused the contract, hcwever, and the
r owner threatened to sue him. After r
,00; the road .improvement, and without
;D r. any improvements upon the land, the .
; W. same farm was sold to thle original
heo. purchaser." t
LO; Venire. and
5.0 . I, the undersigned Clerk of Court, do
rrio' hereby ertify the within and following
to be a true and correct list of the ,,
names of the Grand and Petit Jurors 4t
drawn to serve for the October term of
, .O COCurt to,be begun and holden en Mon- 5di
i; day, Octobr 5th, 1914. . tl
"C Grand Juroer to serve week begin
E it Oetober 5tb,1914. Ward.r lI
1. Charles Cclombol 5i .
2. "Adolph Mairtin , i lits
nd, 3 6 Sabi. 'readaway T
4. HjaIg gelly
&. Pai! lBarroli . 4
SII-Gus Baul *
~ 12. aOnper I-ngle 4 PA
1. PDavid 1ober 8
ary. W. Fox Jr. 1 So
. i6i .GrLinein 1t
S11 ::.Eul Gravolet is
. ic.inine Dautrive - .
'19 auY tich ' 10
serve wteek t hadInz t
iiiisoi"- .i.
S .-.: "' 7;. a rd.
"A ' ' *. 17 ,
'-.. ,.. .
,B· . ,.te .
c' ,<
:~t~ ~t~4c:1
;T tt
;cs~ :i:Q f
PARIEH i'Fi i E .
PIrcsident c' the FPo;;.2 J:1¶.
:o6ý. sti ,fr ' o :e 'ci.ee Jury,
Lu::len . 1"- , to -a t i,-, L.
P...~:h Trcasurer,
Jceep., 8.;;oie, Nero P. O.
Sh.e; riff.
I lrull C. , .evurs. Painte-a-la-Hache.
* Corclnr.
iik. 11. L.. allcvwe, Buula P. O.
a~ Cte;-k of Cod:t V
r;.eft A::..i: i, i'c: tc :l:-!!a'. fhe.
. Pic. i;e Jurors.
I :t ;a'.*-1. 5. 1.athrop, ..ag. 'rTurf
P.. D.
in rt. : are'--Adriin 1.c;.uld, Phaul'
kill •a .gherr S:.:::
. d ' . d-- . A. S-..ayct, Polut:i-a-la- R [
F liache. Bia lý,4aGTl
":h ".:' i: L--:h:;as Brtphy, Neptc:OcES !
. . O. rdIng. very
ch a \, ar: --.ýos. FB, Iard, Ve;n:ce P. 0. CQita e.I
it- ':t" . :. _ C. tirit :. t.. J- :-utts' De 'd jow suotre
w1s P. O.': 0olat
:tc'I l > t. 1. _i... ....... ... t ow s n
ict- Lth war.r1-John F:nk. nkmant.
e- h , :r - r. G. A. U. Ia! , tli1py ocei, ed.
0. fnot.reed to
ad- ,Jacl O. We wlll t
es- i6tWard-J . D.. Easertil, BuN-, I' ou.Wndt
st. 0,ttdg ory.
het :a,.h ,.r, of Public Educatlon, . t tr.
d P'csid vt-?. C. T)atmas, £uras P. G. i
th " c ;c.ary :nd Psith p.u;Trinion dent i Zx~ t,±.
nlt ..ef Public Edtication, '
rigs J. C. 81.:ascher.i. pd:ote-a-la::-:,:'!' i (.'S:"',
aEr Member!3 I
s1 i, i'~ W:ard--Jo . ii. MaI cr, DIaiour P.
ad is G.
iates I nd 'atd-,-'.' m. I) mond, Dllsir P. 0.
.Et.! ,... a: ---:i . i. iLr le, P ~intc-a-l.
'r-i ; a:ndard---. W. Dlesder'r.ler. Pilot_+
hat, r, ;rt ---: ieg Childroes, Triutph i
some sp o. Slity
Y -ýPin- 1L \Vard-Cir Giordano,. Jesuits' jgA1i PrJ
add I l:cn. P. O. 10..
that :th Wa:d--Trarn; GierdZwno. Jesuits
goo J.nd 'P O.
pr ai-, ai:-t 4,, -. W. Lem1cu, J*:nior P. ,----,
city O
n ctit th 11'Wa:'--Belj. BAllay. t GUC
ato t .,Lh ;aild--F. C. 'AYrmaa. Buras P.
to o. ie C,
loren , Justices of the Peac,.
.ers i, W& "
rabls ]'t "'.' r":--.. J. Rodriguez, Jr.
r iore .d "Vai -- y'. Mieyer, Bertrandville.
or urien l.opold., I'Phuc;
oaying P. O. .
S ld W:ard--iL .T. Icataelle, Pointe-a- i
utry. laache P. U.
r utow- 4tih . ar.i--"( e. c.. Cilsd:rn.ter, Pi
ir an- lot 'Towen. Sp
sell for' W. P. SttsEons, Port
roved. wads.
the irn- :.ah a:'a --,rret t Fcllon, Venle e.
S3,003 ,t: WVir l--C. 1f. Sarr3', Jesuits' Bend
oad i rt, 0.
tohv '.h: ' Ward-- Clen 1.'Ar:gue, Naomi P. P -
has te h :ari--. R. Orimshaw. Cltmornd
md the
After oth 5 rtl--L A.1 lons. Home Pl0.e
d, the P. O.
rig tnae .Lh W.rd- VCvi IHiRlgle.
origin l Const;.i s.
!.t Ward-A., M. "iller, Daloour P.
-d 2d.'ar.--Jt nm Orabb, Jr., Bertrand
vitll P. '.
ourt, do 1:.i1x Latrance, phenht P.
Bl!owing " . .
of th  yd W-ard--Erne1,t Ipdscn.
SJuror 4th Ward-James KIger.
term of John Zettwook.
On Mon-i 5gIt Ward--4Cr Jago, Venice P. O.
ith Ward-Aug. E. Sarpy.
'x Wa,'r.i- -Cletmi3Tt L'Artifgu, Jr., .
i kbegin- Naem P. O.
TWardl, I Wart--tos. roa~as, Jr., Disaond
ts V*are-2-t1fle M3artl,
9 1t0 Wfar,-Phlip Coganevlch.
4!.. ,TICT.
'.5 Dist.lot Judge;
8 R: rtmaet , Ljligle, Painte.a la-1iMhe.
 T'w S -natoi -.
-1 I ecretr--ZOSi avele ere P. 0i
- Dtrf""dt M e.
glnuing R ,o o Pi'lot Tow P.
A -ereta .4ry os .n.avo, Mee P. O.
" 1t Wa-"Al: ..e.d:Wl
"- -a:-co. i'r., . o
.Wlr b P.lot
. iTroep. 0. .
th wa -:,'. stad.lr, Vnie _P. e
0 -.O.
... . .. ' '' B |ad
It'o. .r.. . . ", " *
S,19 ...
Itb . B. Faterlt a P,
t~tt~:~i I:t·Pt .
14 4 ' H r' V t~ h " f ' v. .. ms .i };: y f
t " A ý'ý biý'i U i'ý f n:i :.' a " . - n 1X:i wJt I2*" f
"i ts.~~~~~ P'c'LA':t:lt JlLi !',fi, I 1".!1c". 1 illwsm'r'<:
"I \ý ' sh3 to n,:ltnnt ;,ngh::c;:F! 1: s t n 3 . tr'' ý '1 '.L. if-~ 1
t 't ýýan a+'.fIlix:;:?1i C' r ' '' :a 3 l ai td t Ir :St.di.z' ý
b1 l~ +1n:e you lu'i rh ie ¶h'i ksc l cud'c t pp't ýt Yt i t .'V yc" W 1' 3
t" li ° o u aW re :enxIo,.i':rrC~i' :`.. t.,i ~ewr do liet As'13ir t..o.;
,iýN ". ~ 1i"I Q ]j tyr > ns `/t o!. r (: .: .-o n" d ' rb :t T ': ^ C ; C:t ?r3 i 'S~
!2.'b v'I 3 Siei t lt t WT.* t` dl""' D jIlý:e' 'Tj ' . ]t i. Tii.t t0
/" y .L"1UI 1 tarr Y c-3' t3. Y 7i. `" v' n `:) Titttil~ilq J L "t '" MI6LJY l f
::cJ~n~c~~,tdrOfnA~i~2uur~ I\· -·~l~r0 ~ ~ r¾S~c:n;a!f~.''%½A
ý " ý ý*:: 7 ' C! u· crJ.
`t" "t ý{ N, c'..zu.1t ' LA .r 1 .'" or~ v i~~": is UW:' *..
*t~iEYC;~~ b~ '· 'I ·- G. *' * J.W. I r5 jC''(l-l 6 6'6.
ý. p v .ý+ sfncrc.vrr h l!e ." t 5'0 t·-4-tO7r_
'.ý ý.j' .t ,, ..r"4
! "' \ T ( ' " " .:(li l T . 1 Q.:i ? :,r. ; !1 . ',":, ;L{, 7 I:: t (f' h ': ·Z L
IY ' art'. .
,"'" 4-.;'t' . Et;
J~ ~ ~I t.ý t 7Cýýt;' a. -" a.,r)
rý y.( t t r "rc t:, r tLF t.ci t. . "'.N
F~ '1W was -.i
Ujt I gtsiI~l
~P Th ,wyaula' rt~?taU prC.? ~'tI!bo
f.Ca f 2, T iec2 o r G L 2 Y " '. n o t tI 1 i t" Ia' v - - ^ . i ' 'k~4 r::
A huudr~iT4 Uiusaid ~i d S ·;~~·; *.2.iP .4k ~u6' *2
tIi lODIO LitU' t y4ju1 ,,~, týp t.'
~~~7e ~ f w ~tfl' I1L~O ( ~ cO ;, i (h
i "'o u ' t ' u d U L* r . p o fi ý . , i ^ . " ý : : 'f.. " 2C I . L 'i W r &" + u .." ; I t . -
-,u1I 0Wp ieuLR~%ociat~'..b
.,1 *asi tirf ý .' . Adorn¶'ea ~ A* S.T :L . -Alt .'2) ý' t s'* 't .3 l't *ltslcfl'Vi'. "1t '
yyMý. tS 1i is r..=*G j"*ic1tt yy r ý.quvvu . O'I atrn 4 ax tie V
1 ht' 1 .M I : ":! Ii V.w ti l .a. ýif»,y ;'F"' L''t , -.
f.~ ~~ iiv O m 2 B O "Z "jN hY w s "r
:.i :J: __k{ri ý... o
1} +~ý/ De mulat" ret Irt iiYYj. i-r -'' i :r t de . ctt
6G~ m ýtltl ibj tIS13Bt r:'t::+) Irtl. ;Ur .tkt to .. r:::: .;. -"... v .
s' jD $.P r9'n ;tiv A tt 3" 9 l
,.v` G "'a ýi ýý'i`L ý,, t.~. n ci.~N.. ti;
fiitr Tama tlt J ' G t ocrstg ?ftf "j not 04. t". r 'alrsa C"rj ps ""t
I' su aud (ý .i: ' Pal :ý f` l i8ti '!' ~.
ruunk'ts R 1111!'010 t!:d d inc4 !:r:nxV; ·ls.`lc; l r \ " .. ' r . B rcýs m \1.3 'Ul\O
aCtd . my 1Y F th'f, " ir nVU ý l la'l~C;t:." ý" i ',_,, .-=ý,ý"lfO~~L~h~r~c · f;"'rQ
t + ý ! :! A laF,.Iltit i" ""; ý." vs +;a ,r e c"n' r
no ij~rr t( m pt1 1 9L1' ic~r rý 3: "t l. Iýi· l:: a ^ .,Y uu v!l b 5A dnP1Yt1 bltnlO~'~~5
uai ti lx~l. L ' , 1`ht 'I r::ý "" toii y to 3be .vu G tarss C":{r i u jC
rdp( i;j fabric on lst o 4; Frt7tnY c') .~zarulcr rr~tdo lsrr n~a
a' i ol u ,lr l oial3 d r'Y l` f ý t. Y, : `..` 4; r "' -, *At* 0u. !1s U * . E" ýLL+ ~a
" !; "' .:3' :' C`L' ,+ tYrlj . " .- di r. S r a 5.)i·. :UB n
C L1CS ý$ Biii ~trt1Q L i t^. I.:PV Tj t!';!P9 i4 iZO a i O o 3 1'
n t E iýJ u a d+ M L C r II rt'? R h t*ý:r A 'Lylý ,a .. : : . ` '! e r S b 2 o r a 'si s ww
,: t ".[r 113 ty
We il tttbP l of v . Od8. ý
.;,- "ý :itvpr~liFa: tfihatritc E zrrci
I' au .nd L i.:. ;,ýt ý 'ia ! Ps iI rf ed ;
{tstio: "e?!Y t`1I a t{ rL 11. Wu hw. 't L"='" "`+, .:) :010;10 M i -Warr , i ;r ' Ell ": to
rt . " 3< f teetA'eP: fndO 1`r b"r :i" ri e .rar. a a~su, ýasrIsotcl, u. es La tT'y
Aug. H. FaIspoile~r & o,
,Wholsale Goces & m reporters
Wines and L quor .
P. 0. oxi322 Te i UcjtCrb sa
Phone sain 8€C. 421 TS. Fitrs ts.
P. O . Box 1.6.
New Orleans, Louisiana, U. q; A.
Spcii Attention Will B .3iven to Mail Orders.
SIDNEY -r-,GRON, Soiicite.
P A.:1 -A -tn arl
Phone TMain 462 .-s
The Open Day and Night House.
Biggest General Supply House in the
Snuth. Everything in Hardware, SC
Groceries. Full and Complete Line
of Game Traps, Paints, Loaded
Shells, Cutlery and Stoves. " Motor
Boat Specialties, Gas and Gasoline
Engines, Batteries, etc. Travelig
Reprsentative :- " ': ." :
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