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"A tape wpm agbtleeo feet Ion at
least cane on the scene after my taking two
CASCARETS. This I am sre has caused my
bad health for the peat three years. I am still
taking Cascarets, the only cathartic worthy of
notice by sensible people."
GSo. W. BowLs, Baird, Mass.
TRAE MRAD manel aR
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent, Taste Good. Po
Good. Never Sicken, Weaken. or Gripe. 10c. 2 Sic.e.
teikig Reesdy cuuip , C hiemp N Y fJ, ne w I ort. 1.
OUoTo.BAC iold sue Itnaranteed by all drug
Oists TO Cv A Tobco w abitg.
FRIDAY, July 8, 1898.
Ye editor spont last week in
Baton Rouse, and will be there tie
greater part of this, assisting his
Populist friends on several meas
ures of importance to them.
Any Person
Wishing to know the truth in re
gard to their health should not fail
to send for a valuable and new 64
page Booklet which will be sent
F.REE for a short time to those
who metion this paper. This book
is published by the celebrated phy
sicians and specialists-l)r. Hatha
way & Co., of 337 St. Charles St.
New Orleans, La., whom you
should address. Write to-day.
We learned, after it was too
late to arrange our business so as
we could attend, that we were ex- t
pected to meet with and address at
4th of July Barbecue at Basco's, in F
ward 8. We are sorry important t
business called us elsewhere, and
hope our friends had a good time (
calebrating the glorious 4th.
'Succeessful Physicians. e
We heartily recommend Dr. 1
Hathaway-& Co., of 337 St. Charles i
Street, New Orleans, La., as being t
perfectly reliable and remarkably h
successful in the treatment of
chronic diseases. They cure li
where others fail. They never em
ploy traveling doctors. Our read- '
ers if in need, of medical help t
should certainly write them, and
you will receive free of charge
their expert opinion of your case t
by return mail. They guarantee li
'their cures.
We regret to learn of the kill- a
ing of Mr. George Bonds of Derry, h
on the 22nd of June by his step- C
son, Mr. Ben Nicholls. The fatal '
shooting was the result of a quar
rel and was in doubtful self-de- h
br Xnbat and chidean.
The Ki Youl'avsAla Baght
Messrs. 8. D. Crump, J. R.
Weaver and W. H. Russell, mem- w
bers of the police Jury, were pleas- C
ant eallers at our office this *eek. 1
For Sale.
o. . N , S econd-hand Cooking'
weve, good as new, with all ves
.els aiid .fixtures. Large enough o1
" for any family but not for the City
Hotel. Call there and get it for
The Police Jory of the Parish ci
" met in reagular session this week. til
:: Wewilt publish their proceedings
;i lo i .e ir at iesse.
urth of July, the Nation's
A~1hi , pained off in Natchitoches it
Muietly ostof the busi
ioMm1 e were closed, and our al
~ VI.asasaios~r~ :thenisesles in dif- as
., .- ry
~:w os ~bIn
CHALER, LA., June B?9, 1898.
Ed. Populist :--Allah he praisedc
Our country is saved, i. e. ward
nine is saved from the dealing in
o bibulous potations in .a legiti
Smate(?) and legalized form, in
open daylight, sanctioned by a blue
paper, that costs two hundred
spread eagles, holding six hundred
feather tipped arrows in their tal
ons ; said blue paper is pasted on
p the lintel of the back door typify
ing a PASS-UNDER. Showing that
he who faces the sulphurous hull
t label of hades, or he who passes
under the lintel of the back door
shall be visited by the angel of
wrath with the direst evils and all
the plagues of perdition, and that
he shall pass sun JUG;UM of the
= fiercest taskmaster that holds sway
in all the land. We thank the
good people for their forethought,
in !good judgment and go(od sense in
.e directing the signs of the times in
is paths of peace and rectitude for
s- the next twelve months, by climii
minating the blue paper.
But in the midst of our j,'ys.
let not all think we have n. sor
ii rows, trials and tribulations.
l- While we have good (logs that
it guard and protect our roasting-ear
k patches from the depredations of
the Coon, and our chicken cool s
- from the stealthy approach of the
U. Mink and the Opossum, and our
" gardiens from the nocturnal visi
tations of 'Bred Rabbit;" and
o while our solons have thrown the
$ strong arm of the law around our
toothsome game, protecting it from t
a the youthful nimrods and the hir
n sute Esaus' fowling pieces; yet i
t there lurks in divers and sundry
d places in ward nine, a striped beast 1
e of huge proportions, that the dogs
molest not, for this beast cannot
enter into the chase, as he is bind ;
hence the dogs pass him by. Hie
s is not eaten for he cheweth not
r the cud, neither splitteth he the f
( hoof; he is not hunted for the so- t
eions offer no reward for his scalp. t
- Uncle Sam's boys have all gone i
- towar, and we are at the mercy of
the blind tiger, who shakes his
shaggy sides and sways his striped f
tail, and springs forth from his
lair, that he may devour the youth
of our land, terrifying the women 0
and children with his hideous e
howls along the classic shores of t
Cane river; because he feareth
naught until next October, as the ii
public hunter has called off the d
hunt, anti is engaged in seeking et
fairer fields and fresher flowers,
and more ponderous pelaces of pie I
that dwell in the beer brewing p
battlements of Wtashington. t
Look sharp tigers, or you will
he calling, "Rake Straw boys, h
rake straw,"
Editor Natchitoches Populist Ci
Dear Sir :-About a year ago tl
when you began to build locks in d
Cane river, I felt the importance eu
of such a move, but did not see b
how I was to help you. it
And when you began the discus
sion of the public roads I thought w
that you was right, and even got a]
out and ditched a mudhole or two w
in order to give practical incour-. h
agement to the move. P
But now that you have turned
your battery on agent, I can ex
claim lo, I am with you, even un- t
til you tget licked. For if there is
a class of men on earth who need ti
the condemnation of all honest
working people, it is the oily slick (
tongued agent who is prowling n
around like a roaring lion seeking
whom he may devour.
By the way, I want to ask is
you a question about that new r
constitution. Is there anything in m
it prohibiting a man sitting up ate to
at night and blowing a Cornett, h.
keeping his neighbors awake when gr
all honest people ought to be It
.And was there any provisions a
made for defeated Candidates af
ter elections? I think that all de
teasted candidatesr ought to be se-d
werely dealt with. It would make th
a man more careful about yielding in
to the kind solicitations of his 
friehds when they had never
thought of him. e
Yours agin Atents. to
(Alias) B. F. M. wi
The Vesavias sets like lightning
i espie ways, It didn't strike h
mI th~ Msme spot, chietly for
rtb~ r~ thatt the spot wasnit t
-Aaa bt : .
(onoVer, i i ' iVBcet and IU t! .
113 Bourbo Star Ca h
New Or SeS , f La
-- -- - - n~csdlt p -' w
The reahir. of t!i-i pi,' 1 r w1ili i·,
l pleased to learll th:tt Ihtri-e is at 'la-t
on0 u 'rea t I d (ises. t;at a(ieltc'e las
S been a!,e t:, !'lCi in iV i st.ages. tai(
( that (i Cat Irrh. It i' ('atar'h (ire is
rthe .nly l ,,- itiv. cure k1,,wn to tihe
medi.al frarnrity. Catarrh (ein1 a
c'Ollstitulltio ll:ll (ii.;eat ('. l'reiti',Se :a cea1
i titutional tI reatimet. JLJ' . ('attr;'h
Care is taken ihternally, a:'ting direet
0 ly upon the blood and nie,is urt'fc.'es
Sof the y;vstem, tierel)v dtstroving the
fouu dati) on f l' di.sea:.(,, tan, vig
1 the patient: .tcegth by luiijdie up tl"e
constitutit1il and assifitng natlr- iln O:
ing its work. The pro)protr- have a
t much fail ith in its euriatxe owl\r.l, I lt
they offer (One Ilutuired Uloi:t) :r :'
case that il. fail- to cure. Send, iit
t of testh n tfi:,s.
F. J. ('HIINEY. & Co., !')e,!.. .
t iySubolt by :)rug, g .; 75c. ju,
A .dndray oLim-.
The ri;.:ht It, givern is d,.riv .l
from the. cousent of the peopl!. 1,1and
this trueismn has been writ(ten b
the framn-rs of the Cotnstitution into
its Bill of Lights, coupled with the
declanation that the legi mate (;Ut
of ail government is "to secure
justice to all, lpreserve peace and
I proote tilhe interest and happiness
of the people."
No one wwuild be h!wid cinoaugh to
maintain tlhat the Longi.letre c:; ,
unidertaku ht defeiat the ascertai n
Sed wishes otf :a (')lllllnnlity withot I
tramp])ling; udr ot thOt the most sa
cred of the inalienahbl rights iuoar-.
anteed by the organic law. But
it seems clear to us that, without
denying that that this is the parauount
theory upon which is filfunded the
system of; government ereeted over'
us, in arrogating to itself the obso
lute power to determine what the
popular :sentiment is, the legisla
tive body practically abrogates
and destroys the enjoyment by the
people of this indeteasible right to
have their will declared.
The Skelly bill, which has been
made the special order for Tuesday
next, proposes to withdraw the
city of New Orleans from the ope
rations of the more oppressive of
the' prohibitive clauses of the 3un-.
day Law, and this complicated ex
emnption has aroused much stub
born and unduly bitter opposition
in many quarters.
The question suggests itself
whether the people of New Orleans
are not the best judges of what
will promote their "interest and
happiness" upon mere questions of
public policy.
The Act of 1886 is a mere arbi
,rary restraint upoi the freedom of
the public and makes no pretence
to deal with ouy but economic ques
tions. Religious considerations are
necessarily disavowed since the
power of the General Assembly to
interfere cannot be rested on reli
gious grounds. T'he only theory
is to be defended is that in the ex
ercise of its sovereignty the State
maynt'onb e a (lay of public rest
to the end that the welfare and
happiness of the people may with
greater certainty be promoted.
Hobuon and His Men Exchanaged
Washington, July 6.-The war
department received a message
this morning from Gen, Shafer say
ing he wa's in receipt of a message
from Gen. Torral agreeing to the
exchange of lobson and his men
to be toade this morning. Gen.
Shafter says Hobson and his men
will be brmught to this country.
Some one has suggested that the
heavy rains, are caused by the "
heavy eaninonading iu the West
bdies. If so,' it is Inrting our
faiiners. Vorse than !t does the I
Spauid_.artiMonroe Builletin.
SAVE l enaor our neow 1 9f3 staulogne,
llnstrat4 d in colors, cong.i',i,89 ri
FOrgans. ItMEMBER we ar ' i).
only firm of actual m~uit'~turers o
I bbE F . ,selling exclusively to tnhe teuerd l
pLublic diecct at factory toat-- nu "
only farm where yoU get the Real Jxaet Valoe for your money. Thcre aro No ", U~lta, `;
Pealera' or Middlemen'm prolug added. rtffrPECIt[, OLFIERS NOW  tAIA. t
- ', tohrtu i r t V F-ou rcumtac. aean Orgns hipped on irt dy rial n o n b.iMro
under or p epclal warrant tor twentyflve years. No . .oney re ad . S
,... to nurud reod ar et re coe
E itNES.-or n, your nar TEI lS: No 1 tQisfaetircti , No 'a.,
any bank, theeditorof thispapn, or of any i; _,j.A j, V
of tbe umlUtode of patrons who bare per Wler Cu-P'artncerbsh I'pen ly
cbacwd miionsTW of dolIbrs worth of Istti * which an'y oCC 'u^or ifrth 'bt jn
mente from na daring neauiy 6years, CORNISH I i"o or O.r fur n',tLh
1 o ga t}onenwd reoam references, sent free. catalogue.
C OR N I8 H & CO, E tabibed nearly o0 ear.
S m ratil orAmeflesu Plano alid Orga... WASHINGTONN, Y Ji
..... .. ~~~-~- ~ --~-- . -------··- -- WAH- _ _._I~~llIiMI-- l~ri~ JTr
aftis t, M . h"' wih ,' lAa huno in
º F ,t aw? 1 k,i r, I.I (I i profsiu&3u'jdiras
::.-. ' .d d,e.c.r- ,ot. ":i.w aiad n·re
TI::ur ;jeputaion rest not of tb! chap, trfn!,
g.]r,:  r.tfrmn of .:rclhts( tei ti nony. biaton
a ma has of tee pa tnti, vijible local wit.
I aIt OL t th th.rli.. to p;:i rncins of bniaine
aniJ i cal st i.s the cowlomuty they dled3g a
Nco,-np SK: r o of tretameat andi utimato caro
y ta "iath',cy inoethiod," unabridg~d, and a.
iL.; re regilar gradA-ate in modisine from
s~ :o[ thY i re i rcairal cllot a in the world,
3c "di * jg'jtdlr:ic:j'tica itca dhtorent State
_oaC r, OO J 'ct th,;'o co;duot ut tur b'ine-s
.m i.. :""" proff ..,il b'~te s, rraoising not
;- :Iv whis th:' cat itrlfiti, and do not adopt
,, t:e:4 rivausime IZn!- t mino th hat m1
'Cke. .d ani o-a~lci'diate in offeriat fr* o
prt ,.i co, ciuej) m,dicins ,and C. O. D.fakoe
n wt:I,,, t1) oo doara from their unfor'
If a s~uf rer from asi wastLg disease, disardered
bl~oe, It3rvas Ctltap3o, oe loss of moantal rigor,
naoy or tniia dlhiaouiy, hydroceie, pimp;s,
plies, varicovele, rup
ture, unnatural di s
Scharges, str cture,
rocumaisems, catarrh,
tfeole wknene or any
d(tsea peaiuicr to your
.sex, It will ay yo to I
lnveIta te brie orlginal
SHathawaj method
Ths escret of the great
. -" sa!rint is ryurs for
the more asking. Why
twl en or addres DB.
S 77 St. Cbarloe Bt. 5a.
sonic Temple, New Or
S leaane, La.
aitreatment given
bo sending for symp
tom blank. io. 1, for
men; No.2, for women; No. 3, for skin diseaes;
No. 4, for caterrh. Frei, 64 page booklet, by
writing s and mentioning this sioper.
The electors of the Parish of
Natchitoches are hereby notified
that I will he at the foliowing pla
ces (on the d(ates set opi,)s1fte each)
either in person or by deputly, for
the purpose of registering voters
applying under section 5 of arti
cle 197 of the constitution of 1898:
Ward 4--Clarence, Monday, July
Ward 4---Campti, Tuesday, July
Vi ard 2--Goldona, Thursday, Ju
lv 21st.
Ward 2---St. John's Saturday, Ju
ly 23rd.
Ward 3--Grappe's Bluff, Monday,
July 25th.
Ward 5--Beulah, Wednesday, Ju
ly 27th.
Ward 5--Marth~aville, Monday,
. July 25th.
Ward 1--Murphy's Store, Fri(lay,
July 2tth.
Ward 7--Presley's, Monday, July
Ward 8--Marshall's Store, Wed
nesday, July 20th.
Ward 10--Cloutiurville, Saturday,
July 23rd.
Ward 10-Chopin, Friday, July
. 22nd.
Ward f--Robeline, Tuesday, July
2 0;th.
Ward 7-Provencal, Wednesday,
July 97th.
Ward 9--Chaler, Thur~day, July
Ward 9-Natchez, Friday, July
Registrai of Voters, Parish of
. . a of ,'l . Marth! Hl1' .:--J.
I1' I L b- uos i- Hir: ' 1 i :
',. .-- ou ` r partitin. . ',o. a ýi : ( .
i-,!tlt (',ittt, parish ahi,
.;eg :i ~I4)m; (41 0 1 ,
41'i i1 ' l1 t':" t4 ,4 ,l" l·)e t ,: 1 4 o . l`"1
f *iI {"i: 'iU kn4 c; is -. : t4 ( ,
,,,d 'T-i3t s f. : 113 t, 'f larthC
u 'I' .l ; pari of ,o t oI''-12i 1.2 " .+t ; I t0, ;.
I .1 iiir 4": '.. 4 lI tl i t : hi
S14W4' ::'4 f. -41 2. id o! 30 1 t1 o 1.3`
( in'5ini ;, o : t
"l. :ll kno 9n ~ i if. (' 1 t, s;
.: ..: tSi . I t 1i l Ie: ' 4' ! toe.i.
to 12 in eablch of 2l.:.s No:.
iit .: ri '22 ; 3 to ,a ll' 10 to 12l.: , iock
,:. t i) b and th to 1, l: 1 ; .'cd 1pr to e6 al
I8 to l '. block t l 1 d I ug t he 12 i )i,
in bhu ks 12, 13. 1) l ; 7 to 1'd bla -t
1 - , 0 i to a2 u 1by
;r v eiz : 41 caib.
-loc , : KI 1 and 1?., ' hi):ºk 1r)" M nol'.
1 tI 1',i). I l t l, e in , f'; ath<. '1.
" 'i7 l and 4 to 1: lh,-ork C17 1 to lt.
SItio e 1. blocW k t44: 1 to 1 i hi;ive ia
ibntrI 4 " . 1 t. 4 in bloci ; 7 to l 10
block .4 1 :a I l 2t . l 1. k 6 ;t 1 to. 14,).
hlo:.k : 4b ;  6. 17 and 18, block 4 i : 1 to,
L~-i'c t ? 13 'to 19, M)a kl t7 .lf 9 to. 1.t
Te Is of Sale:
Tha tb1103 ' erihed property to be
st'a:hi t!) the lastb and highest bid
eth at its 6.1puanl, lu(ice as shown byt
p articela ht  taruin of the lots
he, in the orpisi on f the family
OtRIn. Weore overpstingted iy value,
a shown by the ,vroes voertba. shou, I
fJil to rigllu the praiseent onu the
ior:e ofa eitng s ,lts will be ias unei-y I
Atlatny, ''nt 43a.i!.
ately' re-oiiclur for s;l for cash, forwi
'ra hN. Boo to
that they willy bri nun. facturin
particular loot.
useiol1J. funitur lirct from the fai-S.
ry ane 24-6 to er cnt . loiivstrthan or
Weta , will save ed ay oe a ney.
Moneyf Bonds and Postafree. Sta .
Funiture' f arom factory to ire
Be~ingthe ouly extensive mtanutactu
rctfrm mkerto cred at home wtur
Tudomerois th enoriou h eseny st tond
ro the etailer. SntF 
Mr. Editor :--Please tell your readers
orhicatago, se A, showlin ourf high-grade
of Household furniture direct from to 50 er fac
ntory at 20 to 50 per centail lower than re-u.
tail prices, and will send any one a copy
of their catalogue free.
of hei ci~toge fee
;Tow Drleras, L,a
t , 41 '"r renow ed ne a .I lead.'.i :
.. . !. . . . irom s., made,
ý-. ;.:" )"i ii.. ..::: '.ll.-l l11'::1 ( '!:ti.
' . & in. rn c:4 I d.
-1 l  +: ,' t. t., a arded
. -,-o:t I;i' Con.. o tercial .?
Co- a7 Iciludea 3Erpert Aca
c O,'i1g ar.it Attudting, und'
i , a  : u;+ g er.e1. Ui her and"aai ;"
:lutpe rior t"; any roff er in the
F p _ :1 h. We,"1 ow?:n oucr coljleg
fciabieg ::-d 8I e unoequalled
ti ýr f, lml ties abrd ll unexecoeed-,':
ftc "lt}v.
Gr'::"!-',: hold I'ati) 'b positions all over the.:.
con:,r; . '.ructi'onall per'oual.
I ,7'v ::: ntrous bu'inw's ronnIrletion an4d
e I' ' -nyiv and repuaal,1" lkanoa n, we '41
r"r ' rviaanetage aldi4 students to
r"fti " o: e ?i ':^-.ectr : with Ar)'Il" C'ollege
rin : i:, ~,'<, :,, I.. it: : 1) :l.'9 -1i V l , : t .it K1 w i
tac v. : t lat.e.-t Ib .r:.i l fr: .-. -
SI'1 : , 'i:. at .inv tim . in,:GId', Atim
d ,n:, r. ,- In i ' a. 1,I l alP ru i!n ,,iaA,. Ali' M g
l,.arat.e i.. . i r. . . .n . .lld for chtalgmn 2.ue.
* A.resa GEO. SOULE & SONS.
i -I ," ".' -) * ) i.. -- ---:"
. l4. Y '': 1.;.. who,
pres-i- t(, 'l( the X :\ ;(;- Ton,
sui:dl Pa''1 '. Ion `lnid Street, mnar
the C,,ourthouise, will givi' y"ul the
Ici': :l :i icest shave in town.
IHir-c.utij,. in all th hlatest
styles ,lao iit to pi'rfcction. ('all on."
i A 'ED-T'itlii Oli"lY 'ND
. :utiv\- g-."ntlIc')n1 or la(li(,s to tra
cl for rs,' n-i4hl1',e e vtahblii't 'i hose ,i ,
'centr:al outalai, Montnlv i6..00 andln
- :es, 'ition stady." ] f'ren -ce
,i'i ".' - ` - l i't"i'(.t ' -l ; ' ' v " I : op nde
t!:;1, no, o m)! , )l f L,> :ij y } ") ] aIt. i .. :
a' ril 1. Ch: i. ",,, rIl a n 
t Do ya. . )r . xwra t o.1i ) do any"?
free :, !lr:r:e sc'ie.: .)In ,f , -Fa t
plea from 3e. pr roill u), all ?lw rotl-. k
of'ring.4 a:l 1, hm1;V it. 1 [, d111 W "
.PA.Y "I., T. We want an agent
fron ,:r,, - T.), booLk. No ,'apitat.
relui'd, Fl , .- aples or ) r'ulars -
ahir' :S. WOLF
747 753 Ninth Ave. N. . City'.
Ili Every County to Stupp)ly
the Great Popular D)eland forty;
A giý,l ' i WA R IlH IT,
Told in Picture
and Story.
Compiled and \Written by
O(F KAN As. ' ...
The m),st I.rilliantly written, most
pro1fufsely and :t-titica :ly illustrated,:a >
and (Il0, i4lltnsetv populalr ok on th e
sulject o: tb. wa'r with Spail,, Nearly
200 SUliiill ILLUSTRATIONS I'If) ii P0i
T0GIIU t03 r....:
TOR i , ,'
taken sp)ecially f,,r this great work,
Agents are roking r'0 to ,100 a week,
selling it. A veritabi l3 Iao ala for live
cau vassers. Aliy fr- disription,
terms and territory at 4)n1'e to
N. 0. THOMPSON IUBLIIS.ll. t'(t,
St. Louis, Mo., or INew York Ott.
Job work must be paid 'for when;
delivered. ' herv :s no c!Cept1on
to this rule. Lt h'l'e cash.

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