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Lazy Liver
"q have been traoubled a great deal
With a torpid liver, which produces constipfr led
tta I found CASCARETS tobe all you claim nd
for them, and secured such relief the first trial. 11(1
that I purchased another Supply and was com*
pletely cured. Ishall only be too glad to ree- thoy
ommead Casearets whenever the opportunity
is presented." J. A. SMITH. homi
>ID Susquehanas Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. last1
CANDY outr
to hi
vUADS MARN *4510TIR 1 ii
at A
Pleasant. Palatable, otent. Taste Good. Do
Good, Never Sicen. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. 2c, 50o.
sels rs me cmwCu Y, C lcs, xetrl.., ew or s0 stre,
HO'TO'BC A oldd earanteed by all drb- mor
FRIDAY, December, 9, 19. 11
- - -- deal
Mr. John H. Henry of Henry- dau
ville, was in town Wednesday. and
Dressed Dolls, Sleeping, Mova- sad
ble, and all kinds at Mrs. A. Z. and
Lewis'. We
Mr. J. R. Mayben of Campti, J. F
W. Tucker of Clarence, and E. 1l. t.ri
Trichel of Trichel, were in town No,
Thursday on business.
Sheriff Freeman has urgod you La.
in both papers at his own expense, sull
to settle your taxes before costs tern
accrue, and if you fail to to it
don't blame him for the costs. I
It is circulated upon good an
thority that A. M. Deitrich is sell- nei
ing Holiday Goods 25 per cent ent
cheaper than can be bought else
where. Be
Dr. T. A. Moss and sons of
Winn, were in town Wednesday,
attracted here by some of the
"Ads" in the Populist, to do some fiel
Winter shopping. They went W'
away happy, having found prices ha
just as advertised in our paper. Vii
For Doll Carriages and Wagons, h
go to Paul L'herisson.
A sharp little blaze, enlivened Sr
our town Tuesday night about pr
11:30, and the residence of Fran- the
oes Sims, a colored woman living
In the lower part of town, was
completely destroyed. Frances was be
prudent enough to have it insured, be
however, and the loss is trifling.
Jo; Infants and Children.
lI Il[d You Have Aiwls Boug t fo
]oam* tte
Wagons, Carts and Christmas
Toyse, at Mrs. A. Z. Lewis'.
SSooeessfoulP hyscianis.
,We heartily recommend Dr.
Hathaway & C(o., of 331 St. Charles F
8 treet, New Orleans, La., as being V
pefpeetiy reliable and remarkably e
s esl in the treatment of
eoboo diseases. They cure
wh othere fail. They never em
ploy travelingp doctors. Our read- C
e If in need of medical held ti
ud certainly write them, and c
will receive free of charge d
o~inlon of your case
. They guarantee a
1 o .iFl North allom, Jr., t
4u Thureyday to continue this
Qouat. His many friends i:
IS ,yupatbi with hun in the
%f of  b te mother, a few days I
e have a larger and cheaper
of gooda than ever before, and
si 2s4o matter how ehesp
S4-y ab to bay. Bandle
_andy, Boys Wagons
anTy: Caps and San
'Pocket Knives,
Dekli Toiej t Oases, Va.
S* hs, la u lre variety of
Io. to numerous to men.
ojo. Bie s*a to se and price
teitoles Drg Cao., Ltd.
B's 8 A. Dowden of
,(4 K e thy of Ward
es lierewhile on
~i·: ba t= tmth~ in re'
%ht ttIto those
-h arleeSt.
Mr. R. S. ChIhh,'rs of '1';h.,
was one of the unfortunate jury
men who hired their horses car
ried back home Mondiay, only t n,,,,l
find about an hour afterward that l)eaf
they must hire themselves carried Eut
home or walk. lie says it's the intla
last time he'll submit to such an ti,"l.
outrage, and many others agree unle
with him, if they only knew how ,.,,
to help themselves.
1000 Dolls, from 5 cents to =:,
at A. M. Deitrich's. \\
Yre were pleased to see our c!ld tarr
friend G. D. Tessier out on the Cat:
streets this week, after severali
months wrestling with Rheumatics, -
Gout, etc.
For cheap Dolls and Toys, :go
to Paul L'herisson. '"
We are pained to chronicle the ail
death last Monday of the eldest to
daughter of Judge G. A. Kil'ore n (
and wife of Cane river. This is a
sad hereavement to the parents Fin
and their relatives and friends. .j
We sympathise with them.
Fancy Dolls. Photo Frames, Pie
Stre Books, and other Christmas w.a
n Novelties, at Mrs. A. Z. Lewis'.
Mr. W. C. Flynt of Hlomer,
La., was in town yesterday con
sulting the Land Office in the in- WI
it terest of the Bodcau Lumber Co. xo
Mr. J. \' . Adams of ward 2, E
was in town with several of his n
neighbors makihug U. S. homestead i
it entries this week. r!
Beaete 0The Kind You Hae Always Bau0 t
ie Sheriff J. H. Crawford of Winn
Ie field, passed through Natchitocles,
nt Wednesday. He will doubt l1.
es have company as he returns, as a
violator of the law seldom escapes
The treaty of peace between
ed Spain "ancd Uncle Sam does tn:t
Ut prevent A. M. Deitrich from 'sell
ing his Christmas Goods lower
than any body else.
aMr. G. J. Cook and family of ý'
Cane river, have moved into their
beautiful home on 2nd Street, in
front of the Methodist church.
Mr. James Beazely of Lotus
was in town this week.
Clothing ! Clothing !
We are yet selling onr Clothing
t for ten urld Boys at r dieulous low
price.·. Those who have bought
* of us, say that this is no newslpa
, per advertisement. You are invi
Sted to judge for yourselves.
is Capt. L. Caspari returned from
New Orleans last week after seve
ral days spent there on business.
. I make a specialty of the Far t
les Fuamed Steel Finish Photographs. y
ing Will be pleased to have each and.
bly every one cull and see my work.
re This is December, and nearly
Christmas in the city of Natchi
eld toches, the largest and best tralde
and center in the great, rich and pro
ge ductive parish of Natchitoches
s and six adjoining parishes, and
y~t the streets are empty and our
merchants idle a large part of
r., their time. Good crops have been
,s made all around us, crops that the
he world needs--yes oven our own
ay people need them-but there is no
money. Our merchants certainly
like these times, though, for they
have repeatedly voted for them,
r and even now when they are go
p ing to the wall, they manifest no
odle disposition to change.
moe And the money sharks chuckle
n- in glee at the blindness and the
Sstubborness of the people whom
Sof they are fleecing. And these
en- money sharks continue to rake in
their millions and pile them up.
d. The Times-Democrat of Monday
recounta the wealth of one of them
of and showps his income to be $20,
Yard 000,000 a year--enonugh to buy 6
o parishes like Natchitoches.
Fire Crackers, 2 packs for 5
cents at 4. M. Deitrich's.
t t* Mr.F. M. Bolton of ward 10,
W4 was smiling on his.friends here
first day of court.
o 0k A. L. Barnett, the well know
phyy Photographer of Alexandria, will
the be st the gormand. Bouse this
3s- $week and tihe week befre Christ
y mae. Now is your chance to gel
y oaie extra fine work.
,Y loe:l 1,i 1: :Itts'+", as thn-v cinr'o
reach the liscased p(ortion of the ear.
iT'lh(ere is only one way to cure 1)eafners.
andl that is by cstitutional remedies.
)ealftinSs is cantsd by an intlilarned eon
Wdtion of the mucous lining of the
Eusttachian T'ube. When this tube gets
intl:uned you have a rumbling sound or
inierfoct hearing. and when it is en
tirely closed lDeafness is the result. and
unless the infiaiunation can be taken out
1and this tuhle restorel to its normal
cond(iticn, hearing will 1e destroyedI
or('o"vr : ltnine e:ise' (liut of ten are ea''s- Met
, he c.t:irrh. which is ,,thino n but an
infiamed condie: in of the mucous sur- I e
ftaes. i
We will give One Iulnd're(! 1)ollnrs La
for aiv, case oi l) te,'ss (causeld hv ea
tarrh) that cannot be cured lby Iall's l
Catal.fh ('iure. t'nd or c ircul:u's, free.
F. J. _ HENI:Y & (:U.. Toledo, O. 1).
M- o 5,ld by, lrugzgists.; ;'5. 1
Jo -:rs. °. I'. lowell, LatiauIa!
Hiowell aflail P. W' ilson, from
10.r tltts. were in town) l:st h I
Friday evening. MItr. S. B. Olw
ell was rMl.ir-" the necessary p)ro'of
to s,(7f1'i!c it p215lifl for servicef' aits
a Confeder(,atŽ soldier, the other
gentleicen were his witnesses. The
Howells reside in this parish and
Wilson in DeSoto, near the line.
Mr. W. D1). Booty of Ward 8,
S was town Wednesdlay.
$50 in Gold!
SWill be PaId to any Man or Woman,
. It remaines for the celebratod firm of physicians
and sp'ciaiisat, Dr. Hathaway & Co., (Regular
Graduates Registored), to place a genuine bus:
ness propositloa before the public, which has
never been made iefore.
We agree to tre any person aflicted with any
C hronic disease a-nd ca a them, furnishing medi
cines and everything neceary for their case, or
forfeit $30.0) in tgo!d, providio the patient faith
fally follows trca:mnent and directionsa, and the
can _a- i euirlttl One.
`Thi~ c.;nr it pitn, and there is no catchto it;
r.d fu 't.:.ermor, tha offer is good antl hl:o mncr.y
t,,rfectly tial bkciase we are financialIy rcp;ca
sil Dr. Hathaway & Co.'s
" -pericnce during tohe
Iast 20years has proved
S'c._- the fact Vlt tlcy have
-cured thousandc of
.' , ease where other dol
, ,-,. ; tors thar faiki, rnd
.; ý% .?., this carrants them in
r-/ akirg this r -marka
I ± ' bth offer. All per.ons
,whoara effering from,
,. any chronic dis.-e,
','r. ?"'i%«:; iy :lave now an oTportu
 !_ nity to toss t1 treat
ment of the acknow
k9 ,, ,d+d Je.ilng phy.i
en r4 1 > ' andtp'eialtof
tIhs country, with an
osill:tc str :y of be
R` .:e _, ý in g cure,. Special di-.
seasVs, uchasca!atrh,
Sblood p,:aion.weakness
"of un- an-6 WDu 'e ,hich alfect the delcate or~its
rui: e~le 6e th f:, ct all kiinls, rheuitatisns,
to::f .., va, rcete, tupture, female trouble?,
of t ri ! li ' 'tel ', W nely11 arl u infl3 d(
py; "n-1 , '"" -~! oitam.:h ditiac lt:l, iiquer,
sir rooid,' 5e iaite, 0' ary c!'roal -
' jj.I, Oar t:;'. ent ,:an be taken at home
In: ,] r roc d!-':o:'s, or vo will pag riil
1 ... ,? an1. : a,! bitl ti- l ,.'ho preer to come.
t..r . j rc'¢-atr,-it, if we flt toenro. ,'e
I '. t a'. i eianat t:rd proessioaIl refer
; ,::. 3"' 1 L.',":'-: our busnxee on n :tricrty
'is a ,',ue ! ti pv-o:i,,.ing noethi' but what I
w  t:'initl le ) no t .t%,(Fl' in anyof the
'r e rt$et in 0I, :ee cure, fre2e:. ; r C.O.D.
f!a:.;3QcŽtt it a bV t ix tie? ena to be hon
.i 0t. o: .tir:te. Write us to-day; don'tde
l 0{' he.+v ears{-tall prtndt;-, lmnto.m D_,i,t<,
1 N . 1, * t,; ... . r. " , ',f -2c-,wc.5.:r:.; N'o. 3, '. e s" m (
oW Cramen; No. 4, tor catartri, and new Ai pa
to i . hih. w,' will aond Free to all who reell;
1tde:-,-. tra',tuck ;.uformation about their cond
€.tice. Cai c0, uddresHA & CO.,
Vi. ' St. Chnrl1e St., Meonio Temple,
4tontlon this paler. llew Orlew8, La,
ye- October 27th, 1898. '
The public is hereby warned not
to trade for the lease of my planta
at tion oti Cane river to E. M. Vallo
Is. ry. Said lease is dated Sept. 15,
md le',s, and is for five years, comn
mericing January 1st, 1899. Thei
. consideration agreed upon was not
given for said lease.
rly her
aide mark.
l'- [Attest:]
ad mark
our I. C. GILLEN.
Nov. 4.-30d.
g?eI ,manufacturers of
5 Dealers in Cypress
g Lumber, Shingles, YELLOW PINE LUIMIBER
Laths and Oak
Post, Sash Weights 1ICg O!,
Build Stairs, Mantles,
S opecial Work.
OFFICE, Yard and Factory, Telephone 89.
'I - ________________
Mr. C. H. Holbrooks of ward 5,
was a pleasant caler Wednesday.
Messrs. W. B. Pattison and W.
H. Massey of Ward 5, were gusests
of the City Hotel while serving
on the Grand Jury this week.
Do you need a' Heater or Cook
ing rtove, It so, call on us. Prices
are low.
J, A. nDcournan & Son.
1,He's heavy Plow Shoes only 95e. per pair. IMen's nice Alpine lats, worth $1.50, to go at 750.
Ilanilton BrownI Men's 2.00 Shoes, to go at : ~Nice Child's Suits, only 70c,
Nice ladies Capes. only *-*. I)ouble Blankets, only 50e. a pair.
Ladie black Skirts, worth 1.50 to go at .00. ~Men's Untdershirts, extra heavy, only 235c.
NiceBlrown Cottoin, only 4e. per yard,. il1en:'s all wool Suits, worth $8.00, to go at $5,00.
Table O)ileltMhi to go at 15c. per yard. TOur line of Clothing is 5ouIlplete. We have a
lt('senie Plaidls and ('lic'ks, only 4e. per yard. Swell line of Men's PIants, from 75c, to $5.00,
Mcn's h:eavy Jeans Pants to go at 50c. per pair. len'i O (vershirts, only 25e.
See io I'r line of La.dies C apes, Dress Goods, Han dkerchiefs
Gl-oves, Nekwea" Coliars and Cu ls, they are up to date.
Yours to Serve,
Ct,1ov e r, Kranich & ":"° Everett and Kiingsburg, Pianos
E .L 4 _ - . L A .
N -EW 0 A - LA.
S rSend for onr ne w't 18 Ctalo
SSA V Er rt illustrated In colors, containing full
. decipin of aln ofud ino and r h fdescr ptiO ns oi ani our Pr ano anth
Organs. REMEMBER we are the
:,t _ lonly firm of acwtual manufacturers
i~ [ selling excluelvely to the general
a...n. public direct, at factory cost-the
Sou' I;rn where you get ihe leal Exact Valte for your moPer. There are No Aent
Ill ttla'rs' or Middlemen'l profits added, C SPECIAo O IAFYRS NOW READY.
02 ONto milt' t" .r ci~rtriumstatlte e-anos and Ora ss!pped On thirty days'trinlnyou r ownhome
uutnr ourr pitieal warrau for twenty-fivo years. No money req uiredln advaw.r Safodeliverty
tit h No._aatsicaan ,y,, TERIS: No ,atlsfatloi, No Pay.
Mr.," ~'21) " I5 p1FL'tCt F-Our btnk your bank Wijoulr u o".f our pop.
ý "" ý L easy l.;.'l:,tiu editorofthis pvt orp o t(,[ any Cl;:ýl lc o prtl atlne . tra tourDoPlya
3o te rtnltitudo oz patrons who L1to pur- t, olar bcyh artner hlJ easil y
ir ctn r,:l u1i:iat of dollars worth of fuetr- which a n e ali]' i s during nenrlS 60 Tetra u COltIBR Piano orOrgan fornott,
t. fTr 'T FAdIL TO rITI y AT OeE sto s.ab}e ne ryG Y a
fit COR NISH a Co., A,-,- aN, N,J.
,ct " ps; I sctotrr of AmericnPao 100 "lld
iNotice 0 o tihe Taapayer of
Satchitoches Parish.
I have now in'my poses~sonl the Ta
Ros 1.l andlI am now pr( p. Aret
to ircrt"eive al1l 1n1il"'ys and r,e,'ipt for !
,a " lie tax,'s on: all ,mov-able prop
Prty aro nlow due. and will blecome ,de
liniqucnt in 30 daYs from this date. and e
after that date I will have to send out g
collectors to enforce the collection of
these taxes, which will add an extra
cost to your taxes. I sincerly hope that s
you will conlc forward and pay your [
taxes and save for yoursclves this pen- c
altv, as well as a painful duty to myself. s
as ' do not want to see any one pay any
penalties. Read this and tell your s
,wighbotr to pay their taxes before the f
15th of November, 1t,). and sa all
penalties and costs for themselves.
I remain yours to command,
J. W. F't{EEM AN,
l Sherifft, and Tax ('Collector.
t Natchitoches, La., Oct. 14, 189$.--0t.
..- --- ------
SMr. Editor ;-Please tell your readers
that the Quiaker Valley Mauufacturing
Co., 319 and 321 South Canal Strcet,
Chicogo. sell a full line of high-grade
household furniture direct from the fac
tory at 20 to 50 per cent. lower than re
tail prices, and will send any one a copy
of their catalogue free.
For Rent.
Three Stores. One on Melrose plan
tation, 25x40 feet, well-finished, good
building Shelves, Counters, etc. One
at Derry, 80x600shelved, countered and
good finish. A well assorted stock of
goods in this store will be sold at a bar
gain. A smaller store at Derry, suita
lle for conducting a small grocery and
cash business. These stores will have
privilege of furnishing plantations at
Apply to
Nov. s18--6t. Derry,
On the Texas & Pacific Railway, 2 sor
r:ilies east of Robertsville, Natchito- the
Ics pari: !) 1 acrse,, 8;0 in cultiva
tion on th)( he!:; of Provencal (Lake bes
being "made" land, it produces equal I
to Cana river bottoms. While the resi sty
idence is in the hills hard by, with fine, hiu
cold well water, 210 bearing fruit trees,
garden, truck patches, barn, stables, etc. -
Residence has 4 rooms and 2 galleries.
4 horses, wagon, 50 hogs, and full as
sortmient of farming tools and gear.
Household furniture, beds, sewing ma- of
chine, cooking stove, etc., for sale if de
Residence is in easy reach of 8 public ce(
schools, 2 churches and a good market lar
for all farm prodncts, lal
Iigh, dry, hea.thy location, called a
Doctor 8 times since 1872. pu
Best of re:sons given for selling, and set
a big bargain to the first cash purcha- el
ser. w
Call on or address
S, 1. DEN DY, yi
Provencal, La. se
Aug. 19.-till dec, 1st.
0. O. Hathorn vs. William Morse.
2nd Justice Court. Parish of Natchito- a
ches, State of Louisiana.
" Y virtue of a writ'of Fi. Fa. issued
I) by the Hou. 2nd Justice Court and
to ie directed in the above enti Land ti
numbered suit, I have seized and will b
offer for sale- at public auction t the
residence of Defendant, o'
Saturday, Dec. 10th, 1898, A
at 12 o'clock, mn,, the following real es- f;
tate, viz :
The South half of North west quarter t
and North half of South west quarter
Section 8, Township 13, Range 7, cou- t
taining 160 acres, more or less, with all C
the buildings and improvements thereon.
D And on Saturday, Nov, 19, 1898, I will
lJ offer for sale at the residence of Defenld
ant the following described movable
property, to-wit:
4500 pounds of seed cotton, more or
less. 150 bushels corn, more or less, and
one Two Horse Wagon, seized as the
property of defendent.
Terms of Sale:
Cash-subject to appraisement.
Oct. 28.-tds. Constable.
· ~--------~~---- ~---- ;;;i;;---;;;
urniture from factory to Eire
an- Being the only extensive manufactur
)od rers of furniture in the world selling di
)ne rect from maker to user, we save our
and customers the enormous expenses and
Sof profits cf the jobbers and retailer. Send
ar- for catalogue A, showing our full line
,ita- of Household Furniture, at 20 to 50 per
and cent. under retail value.
819 and 321 S. Canal St., Chicago.
Advertise in the LOUISIANA POP
y. "IAST.
preides over the FAMOUS Ton
sorial Parlors on 2nd Street, near
the Courthouse, will give you the
best and quickest shave in town.
IIair-cutting in all the latest
styles (lone to perfection. Call on
African Limbless Cotton.
I have for: sale several bushels
of the Gennine African Limbless
cotton seed, at the following pri
ces : $200.00, Two Hundred Dol
lars per bushel, $5.00, Five Dol
lars per pound. I also have them
put up in packages of 200 selected
seed at l2c. per package. 1 bush
el will plant 20 acres; :[ pound
will plant 1 acre, and one acre will
yield 4 bales and 90 bushels of.
Send your orders to me or my,
Marco, La.
Nov. 18, 1898.
I wish to call the attention of
the public to the fact that I have
bought and am now sOle owner
and possessor of all the Real Es
tate that foramerly belonetod to the
Addison heirs, inherited from their
father, Dr. J. D. Addison, being
in Natchitoches parish.
r All would be purchers, and par
- ties having business with'aid prop
erty, will call on or address me,
Shreveport, La., care Hunter Bros.
e Nov. 18-2t.
d t .50 YEARS' ,'
B- Cokopm"r &o.
Anyone sending a sketch and detari 'a 4
1 ltoiaortrl our opapn bw jlLn: M
nventlon Is probably U a
tions stritl ounU ookc
Sent r Oldtet nsct  s le 1
ýi- patents taken *u Xnn raJL1V ;.4
r eti notce. without oRaner
Read the Populist.
An advertisement in the Popu
1st brings business.

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