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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, March 20, 1886, Image 1

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VOLMK I. ST. -ARTIsV ILLZ., LA., MARC 0h. 1o96. - m 4.
Our Mite.
This is about the time of year that the
press and the fanner feel themnselves
drawn together by mautual admiration.
and are as thick as Ibed-lhgs in a boar
dilng house. The former plrofuse in its
advice anld the latter charge in its nc
e ,ptamne. Hence. the Mes=enger, though
no bigger than a Inatnttn, feels its Im
portance as much as the next one, vo
lunteers this u┬║solleited counsel :
*nlmprimis.'" (this stands for firstly,)
sezlse upon everything that will aid your
work and advance your industries.
Secondly, dont cultivate your lands
with a view to get the amost out of them
without any reference to the future, on
ly to awake some fue morning to And
you are retrograding; but fertilize Intel
ligently to keep them in the highest
state of fertility for all time.
Thirdly, the old ruts are worn out
new ideas and methods must be adopted.
Fourthly, better tillage is necessary.
Fifthly and lastly, learn the economies
of the fanrm.
With this, you have the whole secret
of successful farming as demonstrated
by Mr. Turutan and others. We don't
charge anything for this advice, but if
you think it is worth the price of a years
subscription to this paper, we shall be
pleased to Inscribe your name in our
book. We have. in our note book seve
ral little gems similar to the above, that
we will give away during the current
Pluck and Animilation only
It is not more foolish to expect a four
wheeled vehicle to glide aler smoothly
on three wheels than It is to expeet aeom
muiaty tdollow in the wake of progres
when a eoterie of its people are ready at
all times, toerydown or belittle all worthy
egorts made to place t in the line of
prosperity. This unasmimilative spint
ofe whieh, we are to my, evidence is seen
right here -have but a partial coneep
tion of ievic pride, has tendered to des
troy the germs of prosperity In more
than one town. It Snot, as has been un
told times demonsrated, the location of
a community that makes its prosperity.
buiti is the pluk and pride of the people
living therein that make things hum.
We must-to slightly paraphrase the
views of an exchange-either rn a town
with vim or expect a general "doat-care
a-darn" all along the line. Run the town
for all it is worth, get up steam and
keep t up, or let nature take its eorse.
Do you want a prosperous town ? Then
do away, bury from sight all jealooees,
all spite : work for a common prosperity
and mutual benefit and before many
days have gone down in the gulp of time
you will be surprised at the results.
Get your flower seeds at
Martial Bienvenu.
The aunicipal Eleetiou.
Every qualified voter will soon be :able
to expree him preference for five mem.
bers to colstltate a Board of Trustees for
this town, to serve for the ensuing
It as the duly of every good eltIen to
vote at that election ; and before deposi
tiug his ,allot, to inforam himself what
measures aud men he ought as a geod ci
tiaes to support
While party polities should aet aeter
into the choice of g od men, we very
umeh fear tht smeh will ibe t aei at
east onoeside. Bat, we avlsee .e, it
th party with which yeou aflate.4d not
nominate good men, it is your besaden
dtty, if yeo value the general wee, end
wish to et an example of true mhMie
spirit lo vote against mesh.
Extra Meeting Vol. Fe -
Company No. Il.
Firemen's Hall March 10th. I
Non. Alphohse BlaNvenau r .i
A querau p t
O. motion, duly seconded, the
lng resolutions were unanlmoi a
dopted, via:
Be it resolved, That, we the s
of Vol. Fire Co No 1 of St.
do now express our high
and kind feelings for the ladles pea
tlemen who have so willingly gi os
their valuable and indispensable
ance both at the Basr and f e
March 4th. and 6th. 188. And to
those who sp liberally contributed the
sucess of said Basar and Ball, no th
standing the ineclemency of the a
Mr. Charles Guirrd, in a few
subsltted to the company the aL4 r
ofthe ladles of St Matisville give
n ameateur Theatrical entortmlaumte
the Ist.of May 186, for the beaWS of
the Fire Co. No I whleh ofer was pese
ted by the company.
On motion of Felix Blenvea duly
seconded sad voted it was ordere that
the Secretary request the Rsvelbs and
Msseager, of St. Martlnsville to plhs
these resolutions.
On motion, seconded and the
meeas adjorseL
B. MalTIa, AL?. BmIrVU
Secretary. PlFeiMat.
Local Lights.
Skating at the rink to-morrow eve
Mr. Atguste Guirard is relcli over
that sweet girl baby.
The Morgan City Free Press ad the
Review, are full of politic these days.
The Corporation authorities ase hay
ing the streets worked and repaired.
Quee.r weather during the week, rea
der-a mixture of damp, waf, rain.
Mother tSnperior Mary Theresa Austin
Carroll, of the convent of Mercy, arri
ved In this town Thursday.
We are under obligatioas to Hon. I.
J. Gay. for public document seat to the
We were sorry to bhear that Mr. Knight
had clowsd his store; but, are consoled
by the fact that is is only tenmporary.
I)iat.-At New Iberia, La, We ines
day March 17th. t 4:30 o'clock a. m.
Mrs Augustin Ricrld, at the advanced
age of 80 years.
It is thought that as soon as the little
difference, now existing, shall have been
bridged over, the building of the pro
jected Hall, will not be delayed.
Mr. J. E. Mouton, Esq. and family af
ter asojourn of several weeks in the city
returned home last Monday. Mr. Mon
ton looLk greatly benefitted by his trip.
As will be seen by reference to the
proceedings of the frst meeting publish
In another column, we are soon to have
a trauck company. something very much
needed here.
The money order business tranaseted
at our post-ofce. three days following
of this week, amounted to very near a
sum of $9,000. Of this amount abount
$1300 went toNew Orleans.
We are told that aticket will be pre
sented to the voters of this orporation,
for their support at the approacbig elea
tion, which is confideatly believed, will
meet with general approbation.
Hens may be a little backward on eggs,
but they never fail to comeao the scratch
where fower beds are concerned. And
this is just about this is just about the
time of the season to keep an eye on
Mr. 8.B. Joyner has established a II
brary in this town. Mr. Alphonse One
rin has been appointed lbrarian, his of
fce will be at the Castillo Hotel. One
dollar is the price of subscription for two
It is Mr. alrris'sletion to have
thebulldlug, recently purchased by him
from Mr. Bost Kels. occupied by a
tleman from New Orleans, who will
pen there with a $10,000 stock of Dry
Goede, et.
Dino.-At Bresx Bris, La, eb. ith
Mrs. TwomuasMetou, born Anbase Hsb
at the age o4 years. The funeraltooeek
place on the Sth. and over 300 persons
attended. The deceased leaves a boy
and five girls to mourn her untimely
To judge by the ,smber of people ll
sinog the banks of the Teebe, with a pole
in one band and a drag line in the other,
weareboandtolafer'that "fish are bing
splendldly" there is lots o fun i It.
But, then, perhaps, in most instances, it
is a came of necmity-no tish, no dinner.
you know?
The Rayne Sigal is a mat, well put
up and well edited candidate for puble
favor. It is published ia the growing
towa of Rayne sad the lest lmem starts
with ewvry ladicatl of d uture pros
perity. First old horseoe we Lad we'll
express it to you Bros. Feller Addlen..
A lot of mangy dogs lnfess the asiles
of our Catholi Church every Sunday and
by their antike disturb the devotions of
the faithful, and are disgusting in other
respects. They are led by a bob-tailed
cur, wbiob ought to be landktr for enal
aisaeace. Steps should be taken at once
to abate the aussbee.
Holn. Mlehael Hahl, Representative
from the secoad district and the only
Republi a member in LouIslaa's Com
gresleoal delegation, died suddenly s
Washington, last Moday. An accoums
agree that he was a anof varied sad
great attalumets sad that his highest
ambitio was to serve faithflly his peo
ple. ils demise i sadly regretted.
Lust Friday P. M. Chas. emmo rd,
reeivwed from Washlatea a big bag o
assorted seeds. A soee as the fae was
khowm , they were disrie ted as fast as
a free leah at a barbeuer. Al those
who bave reeled oods will please note
the request prited on each package,
which reads "report (to this olee, if
you wish) as to earliness, hardiess,
yield and quality as soon as the seed
crops gathered, so that the reports from
every State uad Terriry can be compi
led and preserved for futur. ref remee."
We extract the following from the ap
propristles madeby the Police Jurye
It. Laadry.
To pay for the half eost of bridge at
Arnaudville to be built fiPly with the
parish of St. ]Marth, provided said parish
appropriated ua equal amount $800
(eight hdred doans.) sad Mesrs. C.
Clay, A. Dear sad L, M. Rogers were
appointed a eemittee to coder with
a ie committee from the parts of St.
Ma to sell the contraet aoording to
The members the m Hook and
Ladder Co. No. 1, are requested to meet
this evemlag.
ALmr Woomav President.
Fouxo Esmav.
I have in my possession a
brown mare, with a white spot
on her forehead, with a colt,
(a mule) one year old, bran
ded thus X^. The owiner
will please prove his proper ty
and pay msts.
Lezime Andress,
Lafayette, La.

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