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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, April 03, 1886, Image 1

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TIIM 31ffSY (j.ER.
Jadicial Adverlitement.
All those who may have, or are inter
ested in the publication of judicial ad
vertiset ents .re hereby rnformed th at
by act 49 of 1877 they are at liberty to
have the publication of such to appear in
the newspaper of their choice. The two
ections covering this assertion arc :
Sac. 16. That.......... where ahdertie
ments are required to be. made in judi
cial proceedings, or in the sale of proper
ty under judicial process. or in any other
legal pritceeding of whatsoever kind,they
lshall be published in any English news
paper printed in the parish where the
proceedilngs are carried on.
Sac. 17. Tih :t where there are two or
more newspapers published in the parish
tihe defendant or party invested by law
with the di:eetion of the proceedings
shall have the right of selecting the
newspaper in which the advertisement is
to be made, it applied for within three
days after notice of such proceedings, or
the seisure madle under the prosess,
should the dtef.ndant neglect to select,
the plaintiff shall have the right to do
so; and should neither plaintiff nor de
fendant select, now the party invested t y
law with the direction of the proceedings
the sheriff. constable, clerk, or other of
fleer charged by law with the carrying
oumt of the Proceeding, shall select
This law is clear and explicit. There
fore our friends can materially help us
by orderineg the publication of such no
tiees in the Messenger. And we shall
be thankful for all favors.
The great strike has ended. Apparent
ly it has resulted in a victory for the
Knights of Labor. It was a contest be
tween labor and a gigantic corporation.
and labor maintained its own. The
strike has been a costly one to the rail
road company. And it has demonstrated
a fact, which the people were not slow
to see, and that is, the great power of
the railroads, and the immensemischief,
it may inflict upon the public when the
time and occasion may make it an object
to do so. The people have learned that
the managers, whose honor is limited
only by their rapacity, could form a com
bination that would paralize the lndus
tries of the country. Hence is it no,
high time that these corporations be sur
rounded by the most stringent laws that
their power, for evil, be held within pro
per bound? Such legislation Is urgently
demanded. And the enactment of such
law., as will be force the aeceptation of
arbitration between capital and the re
presentative of labor is, a'so of urgent
necessity. Labor must have the same
rights, as capital it we want stability in
tranppo tation. Capital organizes for
proht, labor should be permitted to fore
association for self-protection. The la
borer is worthy of his time and this teet
most be recognized by capiltl, mm If
sneh recognition must be eamered b~
tie alt'nt stringent leglr'I . l
Leander Berry, Aged 30 Years,
The news of the death of Leander
Berry was a painful surprise to his rela
tions and many friends in this town.
Midnight, hale and hearty, a half our la
ter, dead, Truly, life is but a gust.
The writer knew Leander intimately.
Knew his sterling qualities of hand and
heart. Kind and generous; and self
sacrificing when others could be made
happy thereby. Genial and affable, he
had drawn around him a host of friends.
In him, it can be truly said, the elemeatm
were so combined as to make an upright
man, & true frie.
And so young to die. In the prime of
manhood when life heldso many attrac
tions. The laws of Death are indeed
A wife and four children in sore afllo
tion; an aged father and mother to de
plore a great loss; friends filled with re;
gret and sorrow.
Such is the will of God.
May lie assuage their grief.
A FxDam .
Local Lights.
Keep out of the "slings."
A heavy frost and iee Wednesg
Jane Pinckney, an old colored woeld
died Tuesday morning.
A civil term of the District Court 111
open next Monday.
The two lumber yards, judging byyhe
activity among the workmen, ma be
doing a land offlee business.
The steamer New Iberia, last Sunday,
laid over t couple of hours at this part,
repasng a hole in her hull.
Last Tuesday was a gloomy, disagres
bleday, thethermometer marking I; a
big contrast to the sultriness of te day
Someone said, In the presenoso the
Messenger. that there was enough 4ed
on hand to keep the cotton seed oil ll
in operation all slimmer.
The St. Martin Reveille, for aad AI
consideration of the sum of $1Wi00,pi
to the Police Jury, becomes, for
rent year, the official orgas o, ~bt
Mr. Joani Questy. an artist ethyon
works, will enlarge to any 'dasred size,
any mall piktm or pbegraph. M-r.
Questy is an satw, and guarantd all
his works.
Mr. Louis J" Voorhies having been
appointed teacher of the public school of
this town will open same on Monday
next, In the building where he lately
kept his store.
A noticeis posted in several places In
town signed by E. Woodly, chairman
anad A. D. Williams secretary, calllag on
the people to meet at St. Louis Hall this
P. M., to select a ticket to be voted for at
next Monday's Municipal election.
We witnessed a trial of a washing
wa-bhine the other day, of which our
young friends Felix and Eugene Olivier
are the agents, and pronouneelt, without
hesitation, a good thing.
Clet Trouard a young man, was acel
dentally killed in New Iberia, Wednes
day evening, by his young friend Theo
dore Boudreau. Clet was formerly from
this town, and resided In New Iberia for
the last few years.
A ragged and not over clea specilmen
of humanity walked in at Mrs. CastillWs
Hotel and demanded, in the voice of a
tentor, the best room In the boose. And
without waiting for an answer be started
to take in the town, so be said. The last
heard of him he had been aceomodated
with the best room in the town lock-np.
Rev. Father Jan, In his sermon, last
Sunday, paid his respects, in very ex
pressive language, to that crowd who are
in the habit of congregating before the
Church doors during service, to discuss
passing events, thereby causing great
annoyance to the faithful in their de
votions. It is sincerely to he hboped that
the Rev. Father will continue his efforts
until this eustom is broken up.
The fect of the sinking of the Steamer
Mary Lewis, by striking an obstruction,
opposite the plantation of Steele a Clark
near Pattersonville, is, by this time pret
ty generally known, as, also, the explo
sion on the Stemer Buarmore, near the
same place. Two lives were lost by the
first accident, and tour persons were
severely scalded by the explosion. One
of the two by the Lewis sinking was Le
ander Berry, second engineer, who, it is
believed, was either taken with cramps
in the water, or, was struck senseless,
thnudrowanng. Young Berrywas raised
in this town, was well liked by everyone,
and had a large circle of friends who
will sincerely deplore his death. He
was married to Mis Fleming, and bad
four small children. He has been living
in New Iberia for the pest seven or eight
years. The Mesenger extends itsa beart
felt sympathy to the family in their great
A Few Chips.
Time and tide, and it may be added,
at this time, the tax collector waits for
a man.
Next Monday the Muniiepal eleetion
ea~es of, and the Messenger is still in
the dark as to "who are going to be,"
Those who take ao interest in the Let
terment of things ought to be the last to
find fault. Faetis, as you sow, so must
yeou resp.
Jay Gould the would-be atmerat has
gone down before the Knights of Lidhr.
This exemplifies the eternol ittings of
And now they want to send & A. Burke
to Congress to fill the late Judge Baha's
unexpired term. If the Messenger had
the power, he'd go there in double quick
When, on a mientaast of $k, the
capitalist demands as big lntereston Ave
times that amount, then just so long
will there be strikes.
The School Brd sbould, at once, ap
point a parish superintendent. one with
tact, judgment and beek-bonesufMleiently
str-o to make things hum.
Bickeringa, jealouslee, want of eiv e
pride,are some of the reamnms why this
town progress craw-bsh like. Thisstate
u.met appears harsh, but it is the solid
The election for Jugde of the Nine
teenth District, held Thurdlay in St Ms
ry sad Terrebonne, resulted in the return
of Hon. A C. Allen by 68 majorily. The
vote In detail is :
St Mary -Allen 22, Winhebeter 1061,
Gibson 50.
Terrelbone - Allen 5OS. Wiachester
166"' Gibson o81.
It appears there s some little talk to
set up Judge "Billy" Houato fill the
vacancy in the seesed .uiegmesnial
district. eing JiUmmys (of unasery
reputation) brother is suficient to euase
decent men to fight sy of him. For
that misfortane. shoull he have the
eourage sad gall to stand, he will hb
overwhelmlagly elected to stay at
By dint f pemsaes Diegeas Par
ker (editor Playme) has diseaered
the" mm fsr est Gomeerref iselaa.
Cunningham is his name-and by the
graee of Mcinery's rends at present
AttorneyGeneral of the State. Well to
se the expressive language of another :
They'll have a hell of a timn n gettlag
there." And as mote It be.
Over in Miseipp they have abolished
theIb s law, and an able ecotemporary
hopesthat our next legislature will do
likewise. We hope not; for, f it is done
there will be a famine in this parish.
Fully three=.ourtheof our small planters
depend po thelecal merehant for the
necessities of life, hoene, magine their
plight if the merchant should refine
thenm advances.
Breux Bridge Items.
Da-After prstrate illnes o' one
year, Miss Louisa Patio, daughter of Ar
cade Patin d Blis Guidry, at the age
of S2 years.
Our streets are being worked over un
der the umperintendence of our eielient
townsman N. Blaise.
The bad weather we have been expe
riemsengt tf s ls few dsys, is the
ause of binaem eltnl wry dull
The planters in our .rrensedings -
to berather late in their wrks, i w~r
sarprissd to see som Aelds witheet my .
plow work at all.
Dr. I. P. G mben is the elpman in
this perish, so far as we. knew, who
thinks it pays to raise "blooded stock."
That his efforts in this diseton will to
amply reanmerate is er fervent wish.

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