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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, April 17, 1886, Image 1

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A Vicious System.
The method of farm management, in
this perish, is radically defective : The
results prove it. Instead of making the
two ends meet. we see the ends from year
to year. getting further apart. And one
of the direct causes that tendIs to this
deplorable state of anime is the vicious
credit system. Fully two thirds of the
farmers before a single furrow is turned
in the iold are in consultation with the
local mrehant, arranging for the
amountof advances the latter is willing,
at a crushing price, to grant on a future
crop. A lien is then given on every
thing the poor firmer has, or may poes
sess, leluding the coming erop. And
the begins the working of the credit
system. All economy is thrown to the
d--not satisfed with only the meee
earlesof life. he buys anything, anud
everything simply because he has the
power to buy. In thecourse of time he
grows indiferent as to his obligatioes.
rl, o ceaurse, worbs as little as possible
or at least in a discouraging manner. At
theend of the season, before his crop is
even harvested, the merehant is reedy to
take in everything. Frequently the ae
eount is disputed, suit is brought ; and
then not even a ear of corn is left in the
crib. The same faree is played over and
ever as long as he can obtain credit;
and, if he is the owner of a patch of land
be is eventually turned out in the wide
world, without a thing to his name, save
a wife and six miserable babes. Such
a system should be speedily eliminated.
An Outrage.
When the people of this tonw and
usighberhood, willingly end cheerfully
se-MElsd means to induce the building
aof the braneh railroad with its terminus
here, they labored under the impression
thatsome slight regard would be paid
for their convenience. They recognized
the fact, through and quick transpor
tation would be beneficial to the indus
triesof the town:nd would contribute
te facilitate travel to and fro. Hence,
they were not slow In their endeavors to
seeure the benefits they believed would
accrue to them. How did the railroad
authorities meet this spirit? By an ap
parent studied effort to inaonvenieance
the traveling public. Passengers ta
king the trala here to meet the west
bound train are compelled to lay over at
Cade's Station fully three hours a place
that offers but slight attraction . Un
doubtedly this long wait works to the
,,etriment of this town, for it will
searcely be denied, that but for this
state of things, many from the country
would take this route. The ground of
complaint should be removed. Let the
people of this town place their grievan
ees before the railroad authorities, and
we hope, and believe, they will be made
to disappear.
Local Lights.
He is now Mayer Cha. Geritere.
We understand the Base Ball club is
about getting in trim.
No town of 2l)0 inhabitants enjoys
more quietness than ours.
We have been having all orts of
weather for the past two weeks.
The aser is diligently at work ta
king the assessment of the Parish.
The let where the engine homse stands
is now the property of Volunteer No L
St. Martlnaville can bet eof e as
the best organised fire departments in
the state.
At last the Pollee Jury has had the
"necesary reresat," near the Court
Hose rpaired.
Would you be surprised, reader, at the
eresc., inthe near future, of a new
aw mill and shingle mill in this
The eM maxim a feul and his mase
soon parted was elearly apparent me
day this week. Don't fear we'll tell no
tales sat ot achoe .
The pyoung edored mea, the projectors
td the e ook saed Ladder Cs, will en
the ak r2tnt give a Baser for the e
seat at thir ompany.
We'd be willing to wager that the Re
corder's oBlee is doing a fine busness,
right now. Time for the merchant's to
have their privileges recorded, you
It is to be hoped that the present town
council will devise means to secure the
tax payers views on the advisability of
having a new town charter. The pre
ent one, from its age. does not met the
requirements of the presentday.
end your address to Win. F. JohansO,
book seller. stationer and newsdealer,
308 Decatur street, New Orleans La.. and
be will send you his catalogue of the
best and cheapest books and standard
sheet musle in the world.
We have received this week, the Ladles
Home Journal, published in Philadelphia
at 50 eents a year, by the Curtis Publish
ing Company. The magasne Is filled
with a kin d literature and eng vings
th t specially commend it to the ladies.
We do not hesitate to reeemmeud it as
one of the bet.
On Monday the 12th. inst., the sad
news reached as of the death of Mary
Hayes, wife f our mteeme4 fellow eitl
sena John Ennls, after an illness of oe
day sd a hal Aged s ty three year.
The departed was exemplary in all the
relations of life. A ploosebrertlan, at
feetlonate wife, and a devoted mother.
To a surprising basness, she united a
sympathising heart and an open hand to
the poor and aleted irrespective of
color. abe leave a husband and daugb
ter to mourn their less, the suddennes
of the bereavement was a terrible shock,
and the sympathies of this community
are tendered the family in their asle
The Messeager was the
vitation to atI to be give isla
searvlile o the h. Inst. We an only I
wlih it the smaees attending their other
balls, knowlang by that that it will bean I
enjoyable af.air. The gentlemea com
prising the Commltee will pleas ac
ept our thanks for their kind remem
braee of as.
NeWar Burkere stati last Tueeday
mnra ag about 8 o'elock. a man named
Redolphe Sandos, was killed by a colored
mmn. The sause of the shooting seem
to bethat the deceased wanted to pre
vent the latter from putting up a fence
h land claimed by both. Sandu is the
same man that was convicted and soa
teaced to the penitlentiary in Iberia but
secured a new trial by appeal to the u
preme Court, and on second trial was
Kzerpta from published "preseediags
of the Scool Bard:"
"There belagsaeral applicants for the
teacheraship thlerof. f Freetown ad-l.
ored school,) the secretary was diree
ted toappear before a committee for ex
ainsttom, L. as.,
"A parish saperlatedemb t of schools,
whose duss .hall be tn vIst ea. s..ose
in the priu at leaet oeae a moth. or as
often as requird, and make mothly re
ports to the Presldent of the Board, was
ordered to be appointed, and a motion
at same, 3. . anight Secretary was ap
pointed at a salary of one hundred dol
lare payable quarterly. Said appoint
meat to take effect from and after date.
Our reporter, last week, was a witneas
to a pecullar Instance of bird ,agaiety.
A number of crows were In confab. A
venerable old fellow seemtobe presiding
and the rest sittlng side by side, like jc
ror a box. "This mst be a trial by
jury" thought the reporter. A deep
mouthed croaker seem to proclaim si
lonee. And then a chattering between
four and rve of them commeneed, pro
bably the counsel for and against the
prisoner. For a sorry looking specimen,
was sitting quietly in the midst of seve
ral fierce looking fellows; he was no
doubt the prisoner. After a prolonged
eseion-the venerable judge agem to
croak out something, it was perhaps the
charge to the jury ; soon thereafter
there was chbattering from a few, and all
at once there was a grand eborus by all.
And, after a few seconds, so help us Mo
se, itf the whole erowd did not pounce
o the poor prisoner and quiekly dis
patched him. Fact.
A Fow Chips.
Morrison Is gone elean daft la the tarif
They now call Cleveland the OarAeld
of the Democratlic party.
To do good to our enemie is to resem
ble the incense whose aroma perfumes
Sthe are by whleh it is cosamled.
He mut have been a most impudent
hypocrite who frst wrote : I am dear
sir, your most obedient sad devoted Fer
ant of civic pride
ingeaders indiaerenee; indiference is
next door to distur t breeds
lealousy; and a gains a
.oot hold, then chaos.
The speech eof Gladstoel Eaglish
parliament, shows that be fersem what
is coming unles Ireland Is granted her
-emand- for home rule. The preple at
this country have bsows their sympathy
har the eauses of Ireland by a esatribu
lonof eover 300;)A0 to hilt brnaell in his
praisewrthy endeavers.
The eleetons this month, have resml
led In everwhelnlag vetries for the
Republicans. They are now eatised
rhat they will go in eotrl eo the eat
Congress. Should't be erprised.
When a man goes u s treo a.d shab
sown the fruh , and smebedy eae gets
it, he is vry Ilbely to li ein dli
What was eomnelred, a hew peam age
only aAt abode fr atre, bshlhfr,Ma an
early dy to be thely siams a selssi
of people who. having the manm and
rees.sinlg the frtility o hed sell, will
yet make It a "bteemlng pard." We
ean that seetien kews the "Mar
mentean reglie" now being Aled with
pe- ifrm Iowa and ether narthera
The fearful and outrageous mardr ed
ineeasive men and a woman, by the
hired thugs eommisioned as Deputy
Sheriffs in KastSt. Louis, the other day
is a blot upon the law. Employed be
ause of their brutal instinets, these
men who were supposed to uphold the
law have frightfully violated its most
sacred principles. There is a terrible
reckooing in store for these human
The most al oMerver te wents
transpiring In Coupns eam t fail to
notise that the Thirdliet Le IiueLa
na is well and ably represeated in that
bouy by the lion. Gay. Though this
is his frat term, be hbe managed to
grasp all publie saain with a knowledge
of an adept in lesltie. Net a meas
re, affeeting the interests t the tate
is brought onbut he is found os the
right side battilag for the welfare ed his
State ef Loeladens-Parish t. Martln.
Auraus CasTIs)L Justee t the Peace
VS. Court 3rd. Ward.
Awnun Ca J-uI No. 7.
By virtue of a writ of Ser facles issued
in the above entitled cause by the on.
L. J. Blenveu, Justle of the Peace in
andforthe rd. Wardof the Parish of
St. Martin, state of LouiTsana, and to me
directed, I will offer for sale at public
suetion to the last and highest bidder at
my residence in said ward, on satrday
the let day of May, 1886, the following
described property to wit:
One ox.
J. N. BABIN, Constable.

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