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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, April 17, 1886, Image 4

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SuCCession ale.
2 1st Judicial District Codtt.
Probate Docket No. 2521.
In tne matter of the Estate
of Dr. David l)eLaurgal.
vB virtue of :n order directed to ome
sheiriff f ofthe Parish of St. Martin by the
11,1norable the. 21.t. .Judicial Di-trice
Court for afo'resid : n 'ari-h dated (Itotlo'r
2nd. 1,': . and :d-:, in co.lloftriity to the
adItvicte :alol rcoulllll0l llendatiil- of f the flam
ily llwoetila dated Augu.lst .Ith. PI,. du
ly holmu!,g;.tedl. I will 'offer for e:tle at
lpublic ullltioull to the last and highest
hidlder at the front door of the c.'ollrt
ii ou-e. in the townof St. Martitnville 00I,
MAY A. D. D. 886.
Iwetwentl th legal lhotr-. oil the terlms
atuJ teonditiooi hereinafter ,tiplatted.
the following ds,.erilced proierty to
\ it:
I A tr:.et of land il itua:ted in the Pa
ri.-h of St. Martin. measuring ,one khu-o
dred andl sixteen and ($IlliO suplrtficiald
arnloats. tloIunIed fat the time of it= pur
lhO;Is') North a:ooli aost hby olnds of i. & B.
llerarl..South lbyv the tr:at -oe.tndl" d"e'
erilo.d and Ena t by Inud- formerly he
lonuiii.n to, the Estate of Ir..lJohn II.
2 .AnIother tr:act of land aljoining the
:a~ove tde.-rilt.d tra.ct lleaurinig sixtyl
tive and altNlJ SoUl)erllianl arlpents lIouln
ded North by thil tract fidrt aoove des.
,ritiwd We.-t by lands heloonging to R. 4
B. Bernrld, En.-t by lands torlnwrly Ie
llngingt- tohe Estate of I). Magill (now
the plantation of Messrs. Bush. Levert &
'Ihlolans) anlld South boy the tract lhereini
thirdly described.
3i Another tract of land adjoining
the tract hereint aboove .ecllondlyv dei.ri- i
bed. bounded North by said tract. West I
hy lands of R.& B. Bc.rird and South by
the tract herein fourthly des.ribed,
neasulring seve.nty eight and 22IItK sum
perieial arpjuts.
4 Another tract of hland nlwasuriug
forty asulwrlicial arpent.s lore or lema
olunded Noorth by the tract albove third
ly descriled South and E:at by lands for
alerlv bÂșieo.ring to the Estate. of )D.
)Magill an"'West by lanlds of R. & B. Be
Sa& lands to be sold in one lot on cre
dit. 'The three fourths of the price Mf
adjudintion to he paid in three equal
annual Instalnwents. purchasers to furnish
their notes to the order of the Natural
tutrix of the minors, with good security
to her oatisfactioon: said notes hearing
eight per cent per annum l4ntrest fromn
maturity; the property to remain spe
cially lmortgaged with vendoro privilege
until fanal payuent of said notes.
The other fourth of the price of adju
dication to hbe paid Cavh.
Sheriffs oflite. St. lartinsville. Parish
of St. Martin this 31st day of March
A. D). 188i6.
T. L. BROUS8ARI). Sheriff.
St. Martinsville, La.
This Institute offers supe
rior adva ies to Parents
desirous o 'ong their chil
dren a refined Edu
cation v
Terms of Tuition, Music Etc.
moderate. For particulars ap
ply to Sisters of Mercy.
S Notice to TIresslassers.
Trtspae-'ing on my latndl in I.'anse
L.aButlt, i.. froml t!his date. strict ly for
i'idden under penalty of the law.
Parieh ,of St. Martin March 27th. itM*t.
Get youir tiower seeds at
Martial LBienvenu.
Notiee i+ hereby given by the nnder
esignel that hlie will wake application at
.the Ilext .,ss )1l of the general a.seemhly
of the Sta.te of Louisiana for the passage
of a relief bill for amurnt due himn for
making a duplicate assesnment Ioll of
the parish of St Martin for thil year 1M3.
th. original -of h !hic was destroyed by
fire in the Sh.eriffs otfitee during the
Uoeut'i of May i3I1.
(,F ST. MARY, 19th. Judi
cial District Court.
No. 8111.
By virtue of a writ of Feri Faelas in
the above entithled and numbered suit
and to ie directed hb the lion. 19th Jn
dlcial Distri.t Court in and for-the Parish
of St. Mary. dated the 17th day of March
A. 1). 1886. I have seized and will pro
rIeed to sell at public auction to the last
land highest bidder at the Court Ioume
door in the town of St. MUartinville he
tween the legal hours on
OF MAY A. D. 1886.
It being th irst Saturday of said month
the following described property to
A traet of land in the paroh of St.
Martin being the NW W of S W v & S W
of S W t1 ' e33 E 4of See 32 T 13 8 R
12 E. Containil:g 4100 9jl00 acres, to
satisfy said above mentioned writ.
Terms eand Condition CASIi.
Sheriff's office this 27th day of March
A. D. 1886.
T. L. BROUSSARD. Sheriff.
No. 27i67.. Probate.. St. Martin .Pariah.
By virtue of an order and a comnls
slon from the Honorable the T ty
Firs Ju.dicial District Court, in ea lor
the Pariesh of St. Martin., in the State of
Louisiana. and to me directed. I will
offer for sale and will sell at Public
Auction, to the last and highest bidder,
at the Court House door, in the Town of
St. Martinsville, beginning at 10 o'clock
A. M.
OF MAY A. D. 1886.
the following described property be
longing to the Suecetsig of Charles
Ouerintere Sr.. deceased, viz :
iiART. 1st. . certaln town lot situated
iln the ('orswatiou of St. Martinsville.
lnllunded North by lot hereinafter des
crilwed. youth biyv ll:llniltoni street. E:lt
by lot of .rs. I-'uller and We-t by (.Cu
lulmlbin street. mlleasuring -- feet
frlonlt oni Columblltia street. together
therewith. all the buildings and imh
)rovenltlllllts theren:u erected.
Ant. 2nrd. Another town lot. with
dewelling houses and other imnprove
mtlents thereon situated it the Corpora
tion of St. Martinrville. tenslluring---
feet front on Columbia street, running be
tween lparallel lines to the property of
Mr-. Fuller by which it is bounded on
the East. South by lot first described.
West by ('olumbia street and Nortb by
lot herein thirdly described.
ART.3rd. Another tract of land si
tiuated in the ('orporation of St. Martins
ville. bounded North by Madison street.
.outh by lot secondly described. East
by lot of Mrs. E. W. Fuller and West
by Columbia street. with improvements
ART. 4th. The undivided half of a
certain tract of land situated in St. Mar
tin parish. at B:ayou ('hent; containing
in all six hundred and eighty 3611110 su
perfielal arpents. bounded No:rth by
Bayou Chene. South by land of P. C.
Bethell. last by those of N. Carlin. and
West by those of Theodule Carlin. also
the tntlivided half of all the improve
mentts uow thereon being.
Atr. 5th. A certain sugar plantation
sitnated in the Parish of It. Martin
Ineasuring one hundred supertickal ar
pents, bounded North by land of Mec
Farland & sanders. south by those of
Thomas heirs. east by land of Augtste
Marsist and west by Catahoula Lake.
with all tite buildings ant ittmprovenments
thereto belonging and thereon erected.
constisting of a sugar house, out buildings
and fences.
AltT. 6th. Another plantation situa
ted in the Parish of St Martint. Ileasu
rlhg fifteen arpents front. more or less,
by about forty arpents In depth, boun
ded on one side by lands heretofore be
longing to Joseph T. Bienvenu and o
the other by those of Placide Thibodeaux
this tract with all the Iuildings and im
provemnents thereon to be sold as a whole
or in lots to stilt purchasers, as per plat,
deposited at the office of Mouton & Mar
tin. attorneys at St. Martinville. and to
be exhibited on day of sale--improve
uwants consist of a good and substan
tial fence, fine dwelling house, good out
houses and cabins and a steam cotton
Aar. 7th. Another tract of land ai
tuated in the Parish of 81. Martin at Cy
press Islands "Anse Michand" measu
ring about three arpents front on Bayou
Capuein by a depth orforty arpents more
or less containing 120 superliciasarpents
bounded north by land of J. 8eLe and
south by those of Francois Chatlmagne.
Atrr. 8th. One lot of sawed lumber
now being on the lot corner of Madison
and Columbia streets.
ART. 9th. The balance due by Au
guoste Materne in suit No.-- of the
21st. Judicial District Court, amounting
to the sum of
AM. 101h. Ome set of silver spoons
and forks.
Arr. Ilth. A blacksmith shop with
tools. appuutenances, etc., now being on
lot belongli to Martial Bienvenu.
ART. 12th. One plaining mill and
building located on lot belongin to
Martial Bienvenu adjoining thesaw
Cash. Immovables: Half Cash on day
of sale, balance on a credit of one, two
and three years from day of sale, by
equal installments, with 8 per cent, per
annum interest, purchasers to furnish
their notes segured by vendor's lien and
mortgage, witn other usual clauses such
a, confession of judgment, waivor of ap
praisetent, stipulation of attorney's fees I
n case of suit and the like.
April 6th. 1886.
at TuE MESSENGER Office.
Bill Head,
Letter Heads,
Funeral Notices,
Wedding Cards,
Plantation Tickets,
Visting Cards,
Business Cards.
We have just received a
fine assortment of light tinted
cards of all siws.
All worlill be neatly and
promptly executed.
We guarantee entire satis
Martial Binvnu,
Delrw la
Dry, aseoSo, Shs. at., naesy Goos.,
nd ee Immlay Gersued
A peeaty ies ~ rmey goods, uk
a Flowers',eatbrMs,muan.nts and an
klnds a trnlimal nr laihakste,
Livery and Feed d811e.
mab stweet S. ~U mrtml ti.

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