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Ti "lilLW EsEiliNlE.
S: oo JUSTICE TO ALL. $1 oo.
Why This Collapse.
When men meaid all ide at fair
play to desmnd to a degrading level, ap
preutiy only to further te prosecution
of an individual, does it not produee the
impreesion among fair-minded men that
some ignoble end is, or was, mught? And
when those who are suppole to uphold
the scales of justice and repreent the
people, undertake to mete out strict and
impartial Justlee in a matter of such se
riou import as the late impeachment
are ca they, (wishing todo right) throw
it aside as fancy dictates?
If Faontelle isa disturbing element to
the welfare of civil seiety? Society di
amds be be supprmed. If his conduct
a a Jdge, or citize, was or is repe
bmesible to a degree exactn puatb.
mat bhe should be Pnl ed. e shem d
have been tried : al the agals
him should have been too sifted.
If hewas glty. his mldos should
have been made to rebound upon him.
Bat if be is inneet, he should be allow
ad to walk abroad, kd erect, an upit
but injured man. e mandemanded t
his aeeusers and prosecutors "fuked
it was, Indeed, a inglorious i nt di
grFuIeh ending.
The St. artinsville Bene
volent Amessiatlon.
The sterling organ tion wheh forms
the headline ef this artiele was organi
e a littleover a year ago, and hsad
vaneed to a plane that is satisfaery to
its friends. Organiaed with a view to
benet fse members It bas adhered to that
object, sad s today, a sreg and pro
perous organizaton. To better facilitate
them latheir roodwork it has become
aeceeary to have a building for their
own use. Ceee#ymn arreagements
Save been made lth t ore rgan .
to run an exeurslai train, on the 13th
nst., from Wlrs to New Orleans,
stopping st a l the net pnee-s
of whlch will be devoted to the object
jast mentioned. Exmeorsnatswillpe
twodau d three nights In the eity
amplmt o tn tranac t budt, and,M
an attractona the 14th wll be held at
Spaalesh Fort, the French Festival, which
we are told will be celebrated on a seals
heretore antheaght of. Io amraaees
heron am tai on e 18th.
The Situation.
For a year past Bepublean papers
have endeavored to encourage the rank
and le ot their party by assuring them
that the result of the national election ot
1886 was aedental and that the gverM
met would again fall into Republica
ands iLn 88 The Republican press has
persistenUy asserted, and perhaps tried
to believe, that the people were disatis
-ed with the present administration aad
would take thefirst opportunity to ex
press their disapproval some Demo
crats even have feared that the polley of
the administralon would weaken the
party which placed it Ina power. Events
which have traslired during the past
year have proved that the fears of a few
timid Democrats and the anertions of
Republieans were groundless, and that
the predictions of tse latter are based on
aething mor'esebltantial than Republl
tea desires.
The few state eleetions held last year
showed that the Demoeratl party had
nowhere lt ground. In no instance
did the Republieans capture a state
whleh had cast its electoral vote for
Cleveland and Hendricks. The Demo
erats a the ed of 1886 were n posse
5ion of every state carried by them the
previous peer and there was no evidene
anywhere of a less et Democratice
strength. On the contrary, loss was
on the Republican side. only im
pot.an change was In Mi n, whew
udicial electin resulted in a Demeera
tie-Greenback fusion majority at B,00
the same combinatio having beq beat
en the previous year by about o.
Local Lights.
Keep cool, Audibert's Iee cold beer
will dolt.
The "Acadian Club," In the latest
Due to the incesant rains, the Techbe
is bankfull.
The Abbeville Meridlonal commenced
its P0th volume las Saturday. Siooses to
the Mdrldioal.
The members of Volunteer 1, gave
their engine a trial, last Thursday even
iag. "She worked."
Our thanks to Mr. R. 8. Cater, for the
basket or Irish potatoes presented to the
We believe the date fixed for the dra
mate entertainment, in reaux Bridge
Is the 11th Inst.
Hon. AlN. Voorlhes, spent a few days
intown, last week. Helet, by ral last
Sunday, for Baton Ronue.
Our friend C. Harrison Esq. Is havbng
the bulding recetly purchased by him
extensively repaired.
TM Messenger tenders its thanks to
the Mikado Social Club, for the nice
eake sent to this olee last Sunday.
At the samcsion sale of the Estate of
Mrs. Joe. Wilts, the property near the
bridge was bought by Mr. Pierre Pau
The Messenger aeknowlondgs resip
du Invitation to attend a grand bad
at Broasardvfle, on Sunday July 4th.
Our thanks to the managers.
There Is some talk of organising a
reading room and litterary club, by our
young men. We hope the talk willgrow
Into something substantlal.
A John Chinaman was seen in town
this week, a very unusal sight. Some
say, he a doctor, others ay that the
object of his visit t to start a laundry.
Th amet trtbul and inobtrueive man
in the community, will, in one week at
tar he becomes the owner of a setter dog,
dedveo into a talented sa ostest
lios ar. Nthing penrsonal this.
The ban, last Saturday, given by the
Mikado Social Club, was adecided sue
Bcas. N twithstandig the inclemen
of the weather a large number Of young
people were on bad, arod that they amu
sed themselves hugelygoes without say
ing. They were some thirty odd con
plees on the floor at one time. "When
shall we have another," is the general
The little negr boy who Is chbarged
with entering and stealing, on the Baue
ker plantation, at the alleged lstigatloa
of a negro man, was surrendered by his
bondsman, and last Monday was Icar
cerated In the parish prison.
The Pollee Jury meets next Monday,
and will probably resolve into a Board
of Reviewers to pass upon the samses
ment lists. We again desire to call the
particular attentton of property-owners
to this matter.
Last Saturday, the Louisiana Farmer
commenced a new volume. The Far
mer is a good paper, and judging by Its
advertising columns is ddeg well. A
tact we are pleased to note, and may it
enjoy many more anniversaries, is our
sicere wish.
Friends In Thibodeaux wrote to the
managers of the M. B. A.'s emrion,
this week stating that they will want, at
least two eoahebes to acomodate the
nmber of the people that will take In
the Big Ex. Ampleroom will be provi
ded for all.
The crop, as ageneral thing are not
in as promislag a codition as could be
wished. The cotton crop will not be as
large as was anticipated some weeks
ago. Corn, to some places, promises
well, In others, it is a decided failure.
Cane, however bolds its own, though
somewha tbekwar
The regular election of ocers ot the
Mikado Social Club, was held last Sun
day, and resulted as follows: T. J. Lab
be, President, re-elected; R. Delabous
aye, Vice-President; J. G. rousard,
aoording asecretary; Eugene Olivier,
Finacial Secretary; B. L. Fournet,
Treasuer, re-elected.
Tbat the Hon. E.J. Gay will be his
own successor, appears, now, to be al
most certain. The Democratic party
recognises the fact be has proved an of
Solent representattive. Besides this Dis
trc being Republican, he has already
show s sblity to carry it. Nemes,
these fats being considerd goes a long
ias te assure him he nomination.
2b Pais Cline Briog-Our wide
awake eontemporary, the Messenger, has
taka up the qsion of a bridge aeres
colese Pote Claire and directed the at
tention of the Pollee Jury of St. Martn
to the aeesemy t unittes aise with
Ierilal erder to sseeeplich th W ek
needed wrk. Our llee Jury i now in
sehei as a Bard of Reviewers, and
could well consider the subject and hi
out the disposition so our neighbors in re
gard to the matter.-New Ibkeria Eer
priseJuges A.
"As matters now stand" as election
will be ordered by the Governor to
take place withia the sixty or ninety
days, and as Judge Gates comission
as provisional Judge expired with Fon
tellen's discharge, Gov. Meanery will
have to appoint another provisional
,Judge to Si the vacancy now existing
,up tothe time of election." The fur
a will soon Sy, saysthe New Iberi Enter
I pris to an artile on the lie tIpeach
mmat case.
The City Item, that steaneh straigbht
forward, trkctly ldependent evealnng
daily. has just entered the ninth year of
Its smcessful eareer. May its mcce
never grow less.
Mr. Montegut has appointed our frile:d
and fellow-parlIbsomer, Audubon Hil
liard Eq., to the position of assistant
aslhr In the U. 8S. Mint: Mr. Hilliard
will assume the functions of the ol-re
na few days. This appointment meets
the full approbation of the Democrsey
of St. Martin. The gentleman Is well
equipped for the position and we dare
say, will give full satisfaction. For this
act, Mr. Mostegut, has earned the rye
pect of the staunch old Democracy of
the parish, and they will noteon forget
this recogntlon of one of their strongest
There are matters, which we believe
very Important, demanding the atten
tion of the Poliee Jury, al which we
hope, at the regular meeting, newt Mon
day, will betaken Into serious conldera
tloa. Frt, the urgent necessity of hav
lag the bridge at Breaux ridge, put ti
rue traveling condition. Then the bull
dingof a bridge at Point Clare. We
have the belief of the New Iberia
aterpriseat ber will contribute for
ths purpose. And, we s pt, that that
Bo ppoint a conaerenca eemmittee to
w-t upon the town council, of this town
and ascertain the advisabilty of the two
Bodies cotrl uttnwith vle of hav
itg a bLrdge over np ]Lae.
The people of the town of Breaux
dge were considerably paed and
shoked last Satardey, when the news of
the death of Dr. Noe etournay was an
nounced. It seems that be had gone
to the shelving, in his drugtore. on
which was kept theviss of quinine sad
morphine, and, presumably, eok the
morphine bottle forte qulane,t whichb
he took an overdose, with htal conse
guemes. The doetor was, at the time of
his dath, about U years am age. He
was a native of Montreal and reelved
is diplooma in themedlcalcolles aethat
ciy. He haed bee rte l hispeofls
etn in Breas M forover thirty
years. He lesaves and two hil
drena b and girl, to menra is lass.
We extend to the fa asLI r I arielt
sympathy tn thwr prt Y veme lt.
UnaIldma Iott
List Of unelalmed ltters at the P6s
0Meo at St. lMartlsenil La., for the
meath ended Ji 30th I,1S.
useros Judie, Min. kNe.
Brown, Mlse B. urliise J. &.
ners, Andre Madisan. Mrs. elw
w J. Mithehll, Mrs.Iawsl
P. (S) Mazil, Jeseph
ara Mir r. S.
nsaupagn J. W. Merris, Jehn
Dand J. L meaR, Mrs. Flora
Harrs. La Watebee, Pegr
iwil h Ms y Tadv rte." T.
Ja Mrs. I (Aesim WaI, aptist .
hillarls lium- ane P.M.

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