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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, July 10, 1886, Image 1

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Soo00 JUSTICE TO ALL. st oo.
Iditorial Chips.
The Republican postal clerks who were
going to get up a boyeott on the postal
authorities seem to have been sittiag on
the limb when they sawed it o. a
It is admitted by McKinly, ot Ohio and
Read of Maine, the leaders of the Repub
licans in the House of Representatives,
that their party does not stand the ghost
of a show in electing a majority to the
next Congress.
The colored race owns six million acres
.f land in the South and is assesed upon
taxable property to the amount of nearly
one hundred millions of dollars. And
when they will have abandoned their ex
travagant ideas, drummed into them by
white men who use the as stepping
stones, and will sett down to copera
tioa with the good white people, it will
prove incaleulably beneicial to each and
the whole country.
Every bill brought orward that tended
tobeneftthe rahkeads, was adopted by
the legislature. But mt a d le bill In
the Interests of the people wa looked up
on favorably. Mr. Murphy, was right
when he smld, that this is "a railroad is
gilature, rsa, last an all the time."
Verily a beautiful set of representatives.
Local Lights.
Where is the wang of the wangle
Well, at last, old Sol is getting a
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Adams, are spen
dinga few days in town.
The general query, in town, is: "Are
you going on the excursion.
We erred last week in saying that Dr.
Betournay's wife survived him.
The nfant child of Mr. and Mrs. Er
est Beela, aged 8 days, died last Sun
Some people do not take very kindly
tothe idea of having their ageesment in
Figs sad peaches are o the market.
And vegetables of all kinads are not so
Several of our town lawyers were in at
tendance at the Supreme Court, at Ope
loues this week.
Now is the season when lawns are be
lag put in condition, inad croquet parties
are the order of the day.
The dramatic entertainments by the
amateurs of Breaux Bridge, takes place
in that town, tomorrow and the day after.
At the Catholic Church, last Monday,
Mr. Camille Boudreaux, of New Iberia
was married to Miss Lucle Balnl, of this
town. XMy their path through life be
strewn with flowers.
We call the special attention o ear
readers to the adveriseement of Mr. J.
A. Hitter, displayed in another columa.
Some people when they talk politics,
cam manage to let escape enough smper
luoum wind to run a wimd-mill at a live
ly rate.
Our young friend Je DeBlane, Is en
joying at home, s well earned rest from
his arduous labors on the Morgan
The erope in the Coteau seatm of this
perish are said b be maglloeent--I
fact it is said, they are the best-espe
clally corn.
Should the excursion prove a fnamelal
sucess, the projected Hell will soon be
erected. And, If built, it will be a or*
nament to the town.
The New Ibers Eaterprise might have
extended its encomiums much further
than still Judge Gates would not have
received his jult desserts.
The truck of Home H. C L. Co. No. 1
wasreceived, lat Wednesday, sad pI a
magnils et pee of work. The colored
boys mast be proud oet t.
The Lake Charles Commeral, hes
commeced its Lk. olme last satue
day. The Messenger wishes a eontined
prosperity to the Commer ial.
There were two sales made by the he
riff last Saturday. One being the plan
tatlon of Amos Hames and others, and
the other the contents of the tore of -
pries GOuldry.
Since our las report, tcrops, blessed
by favorable weather, hbve taken a big
start, and cotinue to grw ine. The
planters have checked the grass and
everything appears lonely all along he
Mr. James Simon, on of Judge Ed
ward Simon, successfull ped his e
amination before the Supreme Court, at
Opelouses, this week sad is now sa 'At
torney and Comsellorat law.
A very enjoyable lee-ream party was
given at the residence of Mr. Joh
rants, last Monday eveingl. The
youngfolks nladulged it a dame, and
the time passed off very plea tly la
A special receiverd yesteday brought
the pleasing latelgeme that the Sa
preme Court had armedthe deelsa tof
the lower court In the matter ad J.
Balphen vs. Galibes and kraem
Weeder what'll cme next?
We noeed nt the report of the co-
mencement exercises of the Louisnas
University, at Bsto Rouge, that .1T.
Ouilbesm, son of Dr. H. P. Gllbeas, to
Breaux Bridge, meved marked ditie
tlon, for his stadies sad coure.
It is said that a piece of gm campher
one-third the else of a egg, held over
a lamp or candle, taking eare that it doe
not ignite. that the smoke therefrom
wil soon llthe room and expel mo
quitoes. Do this at bed time and the
next morning there will not be one to
be found, though the windows have been
left open for the night. Try it.
The annual election of ofcere for the
Mutual Benevoleat Amsocation, last
Wednesday, resulted as follows: C. One
rimlere, Predsident; C. L. Laease, Vice
President; Louis J. Voorhies, Secretary;
Aug. Marast, Treasurer; Gab Gardemal,
Grand Marshall.
The State oloial journal, this week,
publishes the Governor's order of eleo
tbo, for the election of a Judge of the
Set. Judlieal District. The Sheriff has
received the order. The election is to
be held at the same time as the Congres
adonal election In November next.
Though no public announcement has
been made that we know of, still we are
reliably informed that Judge Simon, of
this place will be a candidate for Con
gees at the approaching election. We
shall have something to say on this sub
ject, shortly, perhaps in our next issue.
Antoine PFelix Olivier, son of the late
Felix Olivier, and of Theodora Leduux,
aged 19 years, died last Saturday night,
at the rqiden~e of his mother. He was
burled next day, a large neouree of
riends and aequanaames attending the
fueral. He was a promising young
man, full of emer, and his demise is
deplered. Our sympathy is e
to te family.
The management of the M. B. A.'s en
emnnlo feel quite elated over the fatter
ing prospects fora large attendane'on
their exeurdo of the 1th. Arrange
meats are ll pereted and we assure
those who intend going that nothing has
been left undone for their tpleasure anad
cemfort. Besides the enjoyable trip
they will witnes the elebraton of
French festival, which It is consdently
believed, wll surpass in splendor any of
ts predecessors. Let every body, who
ea, go.
James E. Moute, Kaq., who had been
appoiated, a week or o ago, by the Gov
ernor, Judge a the , l, . Judicial DIs
trict, composed' o the Pariss o Iberia
and St. Martin, qualled, before Judge
DeBlane. last Wednesday. This sp
poa ·met meet te enrtie approbation
of the people of this prish, and we trst
berwi be equally well pleased. Mr.
Mouton is well sad faverably knows
and wll make an enelent Judge. St.
Martin is atefl to the Governor for
this appointmet. Judge, we dll our
tle to ye.
The members of the Polee Jury siae g
as a oard Reviewers ave been in
seesion during the wek revising ead
eqalsing the assessment liss. Iteems
there wes a dtleey, from what was
ealculated upon e( about three hundred
thomsand dollars i the amount of the
total asessment. Itt thought that by
a just revision and making the burden
bear equally on athtte shortage wll
be overcome, We expected this, hence,
advised our reders, who owned proper
ty subject to taxation, to see about their
interests during this time. We under
stand, the Board has notifed those of
whom their saessmenthas been inores
ed, of its action.
Heresetes records Ia Babylonla eus
tom, whlehhe decares to be te wisest
he ba ever heard of. T was their
wife ametios, bJ which they managed to
Aid husband for all their y omuen.
The read beauty was pua m and
kenoked down to theb tbe
the next in the order o; nellnem -and
so on to the damsel who was equidstant
between beuty and iafnem, who was
given away tgratis. the lst plan
was put u and Iknocked down to the
mrt who w ld marry her for the
- s-t nlderaton-amt s till even
.re to IoolBy transoerang the sel
itil-lfavored th ars pai for the
air ea was madeto endow iness
ad the rich man's taste was the poor
men's in. The Babuyloan custom
-e modern countrle It teatd to a
air distribution ao the gifts of fertune.
Caught on the Fly.
A friend nla need is a fend to teed.
Aerak s a manwith a ad tarn at
mind. %
Itb asatire to tella fool to so his
awn judgment
iah can be cauht by arguent, but
r mnt warar int ato them
A sore m for eplemee is to
le yea havsgot to get up.
Anther otel hersr, as the m sMid
when the hankh was set be/em him.
Is taking graund ala a - an the
iame thing as throwlng mad at him.
I seems natural, dsm't It, that when
a man's busnem gets run dwn he wlab
C(Oseleace is the central statse an
the telephone wire between the heed and
The girl with ane, plump arm is the
reature who does nt mind th moaqul
tee all.
Jmst so l as woman retains her
maidenM name, her maiden aim Is to
ehaage It
Sman never losses mch time in in
terviewing a bee. He generally come
right down to the point
The ee is ome times caled the win
dow et the suel, ems mtly a blk eye
mt h a sta~eswladow.
De mn dat tells er that clthes dean
make do men, i d mno what lks to see
hew  pr's dresse. Fm d r se dit my
the dealan mlb e s tathat h_ls
he speam ameg It mnbem . Hew
woml t do q erganim an anti-alg.r
rench speakiag slub?
I- you rglrl beaten you at erequaet ts
year yet? One a ter easiest way to
make yourself solid, yng man, is to let
her win thetralght games
An Impeaounla s nldlvldu remarks
that f was the sme to him at sch-ol
as it is now. lHe was r ed the, ad
be has bee strappedt ever ase.
"r-r arb b d r-
Some people are  literal When
ro wesased what were the most con
spieuor feature at a ertain enter-
tain t, he Iameaially replied: "The

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