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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, July 17, 1886, Image 1

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sI oo JUSTICE TO ALL. $s oo.
Is a Candidate.
It was iunderstood,l, amonlg his friends,
that in accepting the irovikional judge-
ship of th,' 21st. Judicial District, Mr.
Janles J. .l4outAll's iinteltilon was, and is,
to rolt,'st for the se'it at the' election fol
lowing 1i4 appoitment. In the alseance
of ai pellic avowal of his putrlise, the .lies
i.ng┬Ěr thought best tt w.tit a while Ie
fore exprssing its viw . Buit, inasmuich
as. our Ioeal c' ieitntmrary, publishedl, in
its last issue, what ran i, looked liupo as
an authoritative announcement, this pa
per places itw'lf in line with the gentle
uln'S friends and will from now on ad
vocate his claims to the judgeship. In
this parish, where he is so well and fa
vorably known, Mr. Mouton is very popu
lar, his qualities of head and heart are
such that makes him friends wherever he
is known. Learned in the law, firm in
his convictions, he will make a model
jiudge. His health, notwithstandlng as
sertions to the contrary is not poor; and
whell the time comes he will show
enough vim an energy to surprise those
who may now think his health is not
We trust our choice, and we believe of
the people of this parish, will meet the
favorable consideration of the voters of
Iberia, and that our able contemporaries
of that parish will unite with us in ad
vceating the election of our candidate.
Now that the ball is rolling let us all
keep it moving.
Nice Work.
The railroad property was assessed last
year at 5.5,000 per mile, this year it was
Increased to $7.000 ; but the hoard of
reviewers thought it was assessed too
low and raised the assessment to $10,000
per mile. Tuesday. Mr. Natill, repre
e.enting the railroad company appeared
before the board and compromised upon
a half rate asiessmnent, that is, 5,500
per mile. And Instead of increasing the
:asessment, they have reduced it of
85.O00--while they have increased the
assessment of all the other taxpayers.
You " tickle and I'll tickle," has
nothing to do with this-the people do
not want to be " tickle."
What will the people say of such ab
sureproceedings ?
Local Lights.
_ Fresh groceries just received at
R. Ijyer's.
$BL Beer on ice at 5 cts, a glass at
at B. Audibert's.
Wir Mr. A. M. Hebert has the lead in
the grocery line.
The colored boys had their bdutiful
truck christened last Sunday. e
Several glaring typographical errors I
were interspered in the matter of our
last issue.
As our force took in the excursion, the tl
customary amount of local items is short dl
in this issue.
The Board of Reviewers had a big job
- on its hands, but it was carried through
Quite a large crowd attended the ex
a, eursion from this place, and returned
highly pleased with their trip.
"The Str. New Iberla, of the Belt line,
the only through packet, was in our
port, last Sunday, with a fair freight we
are told.
Miss Louise Demahy, a charming
Il young lady of *ew Orleans, is spending
a few days in town, visiting her sister,
s Mrs. D. DeBlanc.
L- Our friend, Mr. John Ennis, has just
returned from the north where he has
I- been visiting relatives and old friends,
u for the last few weeks.
The contract for the keeping of the
- Bridge at this place, will be sold to-day
e on the brige, at 12 o'clock M., by Mr.
e Aug. Maralst, the Secretary of the Poliee
1 Jury.
We are informed that the two dramatic
entertainments, given by theamateurs of
Breaux Bridge, in that town, last Satur
day and Sunday, were successes, both
pleasurably and Ananeially.
The St. Martinaville Mutual Benevolent I
Association ought to, and no doubt does
e feel undr deep and lasting obligatioa
f to the papers, in the towns through I
which their excursion train passed, for
their generous aid.
By order of the Postmaster General,
on and after Monday July 26th., the fee 1
on money orders not exceedlng ve dol
larn will be 5 cents Instead of 8 as 1
at present.
Several ladies and gentle men of New
Iberia, took a trip to this town last 1
Wednesday, on board the steamer 8acl
charine, among whom was our friend
1Sidney J. Heard, who paid us an appre
elated visit.
Died at Loresaville, Thursday July
15th., at i p. m. Mrs. Numa P. Brous
aird. born Constance Drsand, at the age
of 0 years. Her fuer ral took plow yes
terday at Loresaville, and was largely
attended by her numerous Mbnds. She
leaves a child to mourn her prematured I
death. We extend our sympathy to the
A man named Douglas, was killed by
lightning at Longwood last Tuesday,
while taking shelter under a tree during t
a storm.
Hagh Mi Brooks, alias W. H. Lennm
Maxwell, convicted of the murder of t
Charles Arthur Preller, was senteneed ,
Wednesday morning, to be hanged on
Friday August 27th. 1886.
It is claimed by his frkds that Hlma.
E. J. Gay will be re-nominated for Con- a
gres. by acclamation in the Democratic e
convention for the Distriet.-8t. May a
BRevew. a
Adams Reed, who was severely wounded U
on the 2th., in a " duel " with his brto I
ther, Alphonse, is now considered out of
idanlger and on the road to recovery.- e
bpeitaioea ('ourier. e
b I There is considerable sickness in this i
i place and vicinity, generally malaria. On
the Boeu a number of the people are sick.
The frequent rains and excessive heat at
terward is perhaps the cause of the most
of it--St. Mary BReview.
"This is a railroad Legislature, first,
last and all the time," says the Hon. Mr.
r Murphy, a member from Now Orleans,
and he might have added, it is run on a
regular hoodlum combination narrow
lguage trae.-Lqfayette Adrertiser.
The crowd in attendance upon the
first communion exercqes at the Catho
lie church last Thursday was upwards of I
two thousand and far in access of all I
s former years. The number of communi
cants was one hundred and forty one,- I
A bbeille Mridilona
The Calcaslen Lumber Company has
procured railroad rates so low from here
to New Orleans, as to enable them to1
ship lumber to England. They are now I
filling an order, which is being shipped
this week, of 150 car loads. we exami- '
ned some of the lamber and it was fine,
indeed.--Labe Cmrles BEel .
The Democratic Review says : Unless
there is a change in our laws, it will not
be long before Louisiana will enjoy the
high distinction of being the only 8tate
In the Union, where keepers of gambling 1
hells and cross-roads grog-shops will not
be troubled by the laws that Interfere a
with their right to do so as they pleae.
From a private leter we learn that
the contractors now at work at the Sul
phur Mines are much pleased with all
the indications they meet while boring 1
the wells. Mr. Hitchcock, who has been
supperintending the operation, says he a
thinks this will prove a valuable oil *
eountry, and that a company will very
shortlyorganie and be at work to ob
tain oIL-Lakes Charles CommerelaL
The Governor has appointed James K. e
Mouton, Eq., judge of the erst. Judicial
District, vice Fred L Gates, resigned, to
fill said oae until his seeneeor is elee
ted and qualied. Mr. Mouton is a bril
iant and popular attorney of St. Mar
tinsville and his appointment meets with I
general approbation, and is said to be
satisfactory to all parties connected with i
the Gates-Fontelien imbrogUo. Indeed,
the Governor could not have made a bet
ter choce, and is safe to prediet that
Mr. Mouton will he the chole of both po
litical partiesto be his own successor at
the election to be soon ordered.-Lmsoi
siesa Standard.
Last night at 12 o'clock, the session of
the Legislature from which some over
sanguine people of this State expected so
much, expired, and both houses adjourn- e
edasnedie. Ina fewdays the members
will have returned to their humble he-'
mes to assume once more the role of pri- d
vate citizeas. Gad grant that a majority e
of them may coatinue in this role until a
summoned to a land where" boodle " is
maknown and the lobbyist never comes.
esoeratide Review. u
The belle of the south is the daughter li
of Gen. Gordon. Her beauty isaid to be b
extrauirinary. 14
We toincid' with the views of the Mon
roe Teleraph. Miscegination is now
t ruining our fair land. Our country is
becoming polluted. Something muot be
, done, and that soon, to suppress this
Salarming and heinous crime. Our youth
4, are fast drifting from the path of virtue.
. It is time for some one with courage and
r plack to act ; to at once take hold of this
hell inspired evil and eredicate it. It is
assuming a strong hold in this country
and it is surprising how few realize the
the fact, When spoken of, ignorance is
pleaded, but soon it will be mirifcent
among most respectable families, and
Sgreat surprisewill be expressed. We are
in favor of our Legislature taking hold
of this base evil and enacting a law to
imprison all guilty of misoeeg nation,
upon conviction, sending them to the
penitentiary for from two to five years.
This we believe to be the only meana. bj
which this fearful crime can be extirpa
ted.-Trinity Herald.
On Wednesday last the steamer Isabel
brought to this city from Bayou Lafour
che a large box coneigned to the boat's
agent, Mr. Ben F. Rivet. The dischar
ging book read" one corpe," with in
struction to have it reeshipped by the Ili
nois Central Railroad to Jackson, Miss.
The clerk, when asked by the agent how
long had the party been deed, replied:
"I suppose about fifteen or twenty years,
as you can listen for yourself; the box
must contain nothing but bones ; when
you move it you can hear them rattle."
The nerves of the agent were unstrung,
and his main purpose that day was to
escape the task of attending to the box.
Before t could be moved from the boat
a permit had to be obtained, and before
hauling it away the certfleate from the
last attending physican had to be pro
cured, as otherwise the pollee would op
pose removal. In some unexplained
manner the box was spirited away to the
Illinois Central depot, but the reeeiving
clerk refused to receive, unless ome
one aecompanied it and the proper eerti
fiestea exhibited. The box was then
hauled baek to the levee, but the boat
had gone. The uncanny freight was elo
sely watched unatil the Isabel returned.
When she arrived at her wharf the
agent jamped aboard to demand expla
nations, and the upshot of the affair was
very serlo-nomie, as the box was-found to
contain-a bath tub ! -City Item.
Samson Boland and George Solomon
were hanged at Donaldsonville, yester
day. They were baptised Thursday by a
colored minister, who was their spiritual
Dr. W. & Richy, a dentist formerly of
New Orleans, was cowhided in Baton
Rouge, Wedneaday night by Chief of Po
lies Hillen, for iasulting his step daugh
ter daring his abhance fto-n home. Well

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