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aº oo JUSTICE TO ALL. ;S oo.
The Boom is Still Booming.
The candidacy of Hon. James E. Mon
ton, for the district judgeship, is steadily
gaining strength and that to the extent
of safely permitting us to say that he i
St Martin's nearly unanimous choice.
Daily, friends,acquaintances and well
wishers, are seen wending their way to
the omece of Messrs. Mouton and Martin,
olering congratulations on his appoint
ment and prolering the wish that he will
be elected to the position at the approach
ing election.
These manifestatons of esteem mhat
be highly gratifying to the Judge and is
a convincing proof of the regard enter
tained for him.
St. Martin is showing up splendid foe
him. And it is to be hoped that Iberia
will look favorably upon his candidacy.
lie numbers many friende in that parish,
who, we doubt not, will view with pleas
ure Lih growing popularity.
Seine of the strongest Republican lead
ers recognize his worth and are among
his most ardent supporters.
With such good wishes and strong
Irceking, Judge Mouton, will be eleeted,
such. at least, is our firm belief and sin
tr, wilt,
No Better Place.
We do not, and never have, advised
men to come to this parish, landing here
utterly without means to help themsel
ves, though we hate known such men,
endowed with energy, and endomitable
perseverance, to accumulate a home and
a fair living. But we do advise men ol
fair means to come here, and say that na
where under God's footstool is there a
better country to make a living in and
lay by a littemoney for a rainy day, 11
industry and economy is praetled. In
no other country can a farmer live an
easier life, subject to no extremes od
the weather or othber ill.. Our is a real
State, and there Is roam within her bor
ders for many who come prepred witi
prudence and perseverance, to anrve ou
for themselves a good home. Nspeulaey, i
this the ease in this parish, where nature
has been so lavish of her blesengs. And
we want, especially, capital to develop
our unbounded resources--agricultural
horticultural, etc. This beautiful and
fertile section, combines every advantage
necessary for the estabHllment of manu
facturing enterprises.
Local Lights.
' lBeer on ice at 5 et. a glass at
ut H. .Ludihert'f.
W edzesday morning we had a pretty
heavy rain.
Several races were run on the race
'tractk last Sunday.
We are under renewed obligations :e
Hon E. J. Gay. for public doeumeant
sent the Messenger.
The New Iberia Farmer has positive
information that lion. Jos. A. Breux,
will not be a candidate for the Judge
Miss Sidonie Wilts, the charming
daughter of the late Governor Wilts, is
spending a few weeks In town, the guest
of Mr.and Mrs. W. B. Eastin.
Mr. Thiburse Delabousaye died in
this parish Wednesday, his funeral took
place from the Catholic Church in this
town, Thursday morning.
The report is published that the cotton
worms have made their appearnee in
North Louisiana. Up to now, none
have been seen hereabouts.
Dr. F. M. Thomas, who has been 'e
riously ill, is, we are happy to state, ra
pidly convalescing, and will probably be
out in the course of a few days.
Jailor Bertrand has had the jail tho
roughly cleaned up, neatly whitewashed
inside, so that now it looks as clean and
bright as a new dilver dollar.
Mr. Oscar Renelke, and his daughters
Misses Blanche, Berthe and Francine,
and Miss Isabella Vautler, of New Or
leans are on a visit to Mr. H. J. Dittman
and family.
From a gentleman from Brean Bridge
we bear that there is a very ugly mud
hole, in the public road near Isidore's
Hall, that need, the immediate atteantion
of the road overseer of that district.
The reoen4rains have caused complaint
among many of our planters. On that
account, in some parts of the parish a
small yield is looked for. However, as
a general thing, the prospects are not
gloomy for a good crop.
This week was really "social week."
Last Saturday, Miss Louise Duchamp
gave a charming dancing soiree to her
friends. Miss Kate Hartentertalned her
friends with an iee-cream party. And
last Tuesday Miss Mary Baumgardner,
gave her friends a dancing soiree.
A Republican meeting was held in
Breua Bridge last Sunday, by whose
call, and for what purpose we do not
know. But from rumors loating around
it seems thatex-Judge Fontellen was in
attendance. What impression his candi
dacy made upon his hearers, if the sub
ject was broached and we suppose it was
deponent saith not.
It is reported that Judge Edward
Simon, of St Martin parish, will be a
candidate for the nomination before the
Third Congressional Democratic Con
vention. How long has Judge Simon
been a Democratr-Lqfartte Advertiser
Jual 24th.
Always has been Mr. Advertiser.
We are told that twenty families, from
Iowa, will settle, this fall, in this parish,
on the tract fronting Bush and Levert
St. John Plantation. They are said
to be of the same worthy class that bave
made the .Jening's neighborhood, agar
den spot. Mauy such are desired in this
Joshua Thomas, Jack Paul, John and
Spring Jaes, and two of Lorenso Ran
dall's boys, all colored, are the names of
those arrested being complicated in the
Bayou Boutte war. They are in jail, ex
eept Joshua Thomas who has furnished
bond. The two lint are charged with
intent to murder and the four others are
charged with murder.
Our new Judge, the Hon. James E.
Mouton, held court here on Monday to
examine some cases of persons who have
been conined in the jail and awaiting a
chance for release upon ball. The bshil
new before the court wa dispatched with
the promptness and urbanity of one who
knows what is required of his posi
tion and has the decidon of character
and nerve to make it command the res
pect due it.-New 1beria Befe~trpri Je
Among those who secured prises at
the Jenning's fair, Calcaszeu parish, re
cently held, were: G. A. Fournet, for
grapes; C. St. Germain, for grapes of
French Importation; L. Ledoux, far wa
termelon and musk melon. These gen
tlemen are natives of this perish, and
have been living in their new beoes on
ly for the past few years. Their energy
and enterprise, thus displayed, we are
glad to note, and doubt not they are do
ng well.
Tuesday morning the lowering clouds
prognosticated a storm. The rapidlyre
carring vivid lightning dashes appareat
ly in a mad freak overhead made the tl
mid think that the milemlum was at
band. It was not long before a heavy
rain began to fall. During the thunder
storm, lightning struck a pecan tree, in
the yard of Tbos. Asdbord, demolishing
it, glanced ef and struck a corner of the
hose doing considerable damage. A
horse hitched to a bggy asnd tied to
the rack before Mrs. Castillo's hotel, got
frightened by one of thbeavy clape of
thunder and broke the buggyinto smith
ereens. No further damage was done.
The members of the Dramatic club of
our sister-town Brenx Bridge, have de
cided on a worthy move. It is the or
ganisation of a tree reading room. They
have reeelved, last week, a lot of books,
and with the donations promised, they
will be able to open their room under
bright prospects. It is their intention
to give frequent ehtertaainmeets and with
the profts accruing invest in books pd
papers. That they will be S uceui
in their eaterprise, we have every hope
to believe, for they never undertake any
thing without carrying it to a sacessil
issue. The Messenger wishes them full
success, and woud be pleased t hear
from them oeasionnally as to the prospe
rity of thr* worthy efforts.
The Lafeyette Advertiser says:
Charbon is prevailing among the hor
ses and cattle In the prairies near Opel
ouss. Two colored men who had
been working disased stock were at
tacked, but have been nccessful]y tree
The Ballot Box.
Few in this State are aware, of the
character sustalued, the reewaplbllity
assumed, or the aaccountability entailed,
when they accept the trust f voters; he
wh-o aets In Ignorane of those quallfe
tioto Is fraud, his act s tfraudatm t and
the BaOst Box pus-oee with Irrespemi
hle votes, Involving rain, disgrace, sad
contempt, rin e the perih, disgraee of
the parish, before the United States, and
the contempt of that goverament to the
State, wherein that parish Isa part or
The fadation, upon which the nlsti
tutk.e of thisnatlon rats; the omenrva
tar of its character and Imrees; the sate
guard of t. ttlberties, is the haot Bd;
that arbiter of aete, "while" she emaai s
the eqglpoise eo the powers comprised in
the Divine problem, or the developement
of the intelleel, and moral, of ma, the
Star of Libery Bllume the Dome f the
Republic, or become.s a fale meteer,
with its osnegeeas. Mysteries. Ben;
 whose bosom revolves the deslnles, a
the aspiranat to her faver: Witaes hew
withaout eegquetry, thV fatdle shel hon
ors her favorites, and rejects as h-fa
vaed-: What asatdie, fare, hope lsng
desred await her verdaict, and when re
deed, what veoley of artitlesy, and r
joing over the length, and breadth to
thes ation, echoed over ts cilsed
werld. Ves oli, Va dei. The ma
ehmery a tlhs wgnera t is wrhes by
the agents of the people eleteld by th
vol of each ldividaalspporter, tor e
prements h pinles and desires a othe
Ieaes Involved, thereby, Uiplying hone
ty, abibility, and l eapablity, in these
agents to dharge the duties at their
several ases, reditable to themselvs,
seasetin homnsr, an the eMthlbep o
their constitusnts: toall of wbhich the a
ter, who the trustee, a th Ced gan
trusit, the national welfare; is responr
ble, he stands before the Br of Con
scleane, n the perermeane oa hs duty
with a higher scountanblity than ear
fell to the tof man, aadto eshemsaie
leSlf, he pst place prity of Poti
al ase. Abe. Policy. Lepallty to
eontry, above loyalty to party, pubai
good, bars idiMdual aggrnualaem t
he ecann diseerge the duties ot Ws
trust, In the Interest a private
emde. They are sthe prIaneIples a an
American atise, ilyal to the spiritt s
tousng into eistens. this rpuble,
fl ad trueto the vows that we
.dl ena ered up, a ad by a tes
le aesase to which we eaan redeem
and lumph, ar theispravly thetwe
menes -adrtuas latheis
Pmes Guie.
Unknown parties broke into the post
odose at New Iberia, last Mooday nigh
and cardls away a small amount o
change from the ash drawr, and saew
The steamer New Iberia f the kit
line, was destroyed by dre last Tuesday
morning, at Algiers.

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