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sI oo JUSTICE TO ALL. •. s oo.
___ ..- -- .-  . ..... . ~___.
Why We Advocate the Elec
tion of James E. Eou
ton Esq.
Becausi he is an honest man;
Because he is profoundly versed in the
Because he will make an impartial
Because he is a man of ound and firm
Because his election will bring peace
in the distrlct;
Because litigants can depend on eases
being speedily tried;
Because, his election is demanded by
nearly every white, and a great many
colored tax payers, in this parish.
Because the beach wil be honored by
his occupancy of it;
Because we sncerely believe, he is the
most available man to down Mr. Fots
lieu; and
Because he is a gentleman with all
that the word implies.
We have other reasons, but these will
sumee to show that he is deserving of
the support of every Intellgent voter,
white or black, who places any value on
gBoer on ice at 5 cents a glass at
B. Audicert's.
The Unkindest Cut of All.
From the St. Bernard Bgle.
St. Martl parish has a bard of re
viewers which recently met and asees
sed tht portion of the orn railroad
within its limitations at 10,000 a mile
for the main line and $7',000 a mile for
the branch road. The day following a
NMr. Natill, one oaf e n employees,
interviewed these e men, ad a
redction was promply eeetedof $4,00
a mileon the main lie h an ad ,0 on
the branch. The Bevelle, whilst conme
ding that the eitisens of St. Martin will
no drumerty appreclate the ation of
reited the emtosl er t Mesers.
Natill and Krttaeehntt have however
failed to work the Iberia parish pollee
jury up to date.
Italics our. How do the members of
the Polleie Jury like the broad inainus
on that their action was influenced by
odler" How do they fancy the po
of the unenviable notoriety they
ave gained?
No one, that we are aware of, in this
sh, has, even for a moment, harbored
the thought that they received a masey
consideration in this, to us, inexpliei
ble matter. The most that is said, anad
believed, is that it was eitht grievous
error of judgment in placing he proper
value on the railroad property, or that
they were thoroughly fattered and eaoled,
by a master mind, to do what they did.
We have found none to exculpate them
entirely from blame. For, it cannot be
denied, that the equalising process
whereby the assessment on other proper
ty was raised, from the lists of the asses
sor, and whoee returns a she labor and
money expended, are very meagre, em
pled to Mr. Natili's slgal0euateprsemlma
of: you ticklde me and Ill tickle a,"
had a tendency to engender much eri
eism and hard feeling on the part of the
It is bat simple justice to say, right
here, that at the nest mornings semsli,
Measrs. Gillard and Outeoknet, no doubt
hearing of the storm of indignation their
action had raised, moved to reesomler
what they had dame, Wt the three others
voted against recaoderatiem.
The Mesenger advises each and emy
member, either individually or e
letively, to make a publisheds ta
meat ae to the reasons that impelle
theiraMto lin this matter, so as to idt
arm all eritleiem and dispell all des
that may be entertained by the public.
The Couing pomaign.
The Parish Doemoratie B~aeue oam
mittsse met last Mh eday and after
existing vaeasc , orgsaed th-o-ugh
ly, and is in shipshape rder for the
coming eleeteo. As now eosmluted
It is a body from which faithful wrt, to
the party, can be expected. One of their
a-s which is highly emmemaa bt and
appeals tothe good ns of 1 air-min
ded Demorate, is thee llg o a ss
meeting to pass upon-either to ratfy ar
reject-the appeantmet made a the
Cammittee. This is entirely Democra
tic. lair play and equlustle is a
foadamental principle of Democracy, a
fact recognised b the a mmittee.
The day sed fr the rmass meetig
is the IbAd instat, when we hope the
"old unterriled" will assemble in large
numbers in Breaux Bridge. It is Of the
utmost importanee that the Demorate
should carry this eletion end they must
put forward all their strength and em
ploy all legitimate m s r that
purpose. Therefore, let all good Deno
crate meten tatday, pertect a sold e6
ganiation, and be reeady or h tay.
Local ights.
g Beer on lee at 5 ci, a glass at
at B. Audlbert's.
The Mises Thomas gave san ice eam
party, last Tuesday at their beautiful
bomne, St. John plantation.
We call the attention of the Police Ju
ry, to the bridge leading to Mr. . W.
Bancker's place, which is in a very dan
gerous condition.
We believe there is a muntaipal ordl
asnce forbidding under penalty of a ine
bathing In a state of nudity in the bayou
which, f reports that reach our ears are
true, should be speedily enforced.
Old dame Rumor says that Cupid is
shooting o bhis darts, of late, with ap
palling recklesnmess, and which ds fair
to occasion several interviews with the
district clerk.
The ple-ae st Saturday, at Declouet's
Spring, given in honor of the visit of
several charming young ladies from the
city, who are sojourning in our midst,
was a pleasurable success.
In the glass ball shooting match, at
the tournament, in New Iberia last Sa
turday, Meers. L. J. Voorhies sad Paul
Bleavens of our town took part. Mr.
Voorbhes, captured the second prise, a
beautiful tea set, comprised of 60 pieces,
over which he is quite elated. Mr. Bien
rena also got a prise,
Miss Corine Gillard, thebesatiful and
charming dausghter of Mr. Leeso Gillard,
was married, last Saturday, in Breaux
Bridge, to Mr. M. Dupuls, an euterpri
sing young merchant of Rayne. The
Messenger tenders to the young eouple
i best wishes, and be that on their
voyage e theaf noe, an ripple
will mar the course of their barlk.
They wW msbs aye their future
The Lasdes of the pisoopal Church of
our tow, having organised a Aid So
clety for the purpose of Improving and
aisting their ehurch, cordially nvitbe
the asmistane od their well wab nla the
community. And request their presence
and co-operation at an entertalnment to
be given at Mr. E R. Knight's resldenM
on Thursday evening the 11th Inst.
Dancindg and refreshments 1W be the I
leading latures.
The Dramatic Clelif Breaux Bridge,
last Saturday gave a represmetation, be
Dore a large and appreciative adilete, I
selecting for the occasion a pretty
Freach comedletta In one act, whM b
was admirably rendered. The saene
was on shipboard-the scenery, the cos
tumes in fact all the appointments were I
carefully and with da judgment sp-es1i
didly studied and brought out In pleas
iag relief, giving the whole an aspectl]
of faithful portrayal to all the require
meats demanded by the play. We con
P ublate the young people on their me
e and hope it will act be long be
their freds will be invited to an
'Rooms Parish Democratic
Executive Committee.
keaes Brige La. Aug. Sae 188l
Asealy to the su lmied all:
l view of the eleete lately orderae
by Gv. S. D ew ry r Judge t this
Crit a4i the election at a Congmres
to succeed the Bo. J. y, we
the undersigned Presidet and Members
of the Demoerale masentav Committee
of St. Martin Parish, La., wishing to Sl
law the first prianciples of Demerasy and
believing that we have does our dstye
gsod party do unew ll a smse· nga
our ommittee to mest at henux Ihdge,
t Martin Parish La, on Aslugt ia l
for the purpess d r rganllsingaad ll
ng vasaenie nw existing ina as De
meera e >souln Committee.
(Orignaly sigud.)
Cbs. utekunst
S~e~ban 8mhith
Wm. Drals Tally
Armas Gillard.
Cypriea Guidry
Jules S. Brousseard
the Democratic Parish Ixeeutive Com
mitte emt at 11 o'clock A. . this day.
The presdent being absen, althingh
havi been notiied, Mr. Army eunard
was called to the chair ad Mr. T.L Bro
sard was appUinted Seeratey pmr ted.
The oll was lls ansd the ilewing
members saswered to their names vz:
Cyprln Guidry et 4th ward; W. D. Tll
f a. ward; Arma Gillard o 5th warud;
Jules 8. Brmuard member at large and
& Smith and Cbs. Osteknt dad ward
reprauted by proes duly red before
the members, all the aetl membsm be
Ing present eeept the predieMt, and a
quorem the Ceomittee p ree sed ill
the vaeaneies.
On motion ot Cypriem Guhry seeeme
by Mr. J. & aorearr and arried, Mr.
somneo Le·in s w re elected as ma
baher tem the 4th ward.
On maion d Mr. J.S. reasmrd, se
ea ne by CGulry a d saned, Mr. lb
Hl Berard w uaseti d to waremt the
rdt ward i plmesd Mr. Ales WIls, who
has inaued em th warld
On motho it Mr. W. D. Tally m ed
by Mr. C. Sulry and arriei, Mems. L
Marin Ad A . V. lemgwaredemue m
membarm to rpemet the it waur to
place e Mm. A. L Dor and Arther
-Dmeags e abrmer havig l the
pr and the latter haMvin rmm
os math it Mr. W. A alTy mee~ e
hrMr. J. . hmeri ISL Barris W.
a. m es e permanent tii -
Smermbry of the Commltte.
The memtberm eleed were ah t i .
their eleetoh and Ivine toeis pnrtielpes
lto the frther deliberatin this
mo t s aof MartIn se.ede
leu. an.d carried, It was resoed
a ui meeting or convemtion h the
Demeeratie party be mlled te mestea the
sdd Lms mnth a reaux Brie In
order r o ratify or wejet the new
tments made to ml valeme ea
Demecrtrsate Eueulewemineltte
further that the Y hereby ft
meeted to hav themE etBM
d the pris i alM by p
on moath i tes krord,memsrby
J. S& heseid le d, a eomitee
d two weas Mi b eing e J. S.
eseard ae Ci GIato maI
ages or. seems the
e of the ý a DO dtthemeMa
Ther being farther bsams beme
ms cn m ames moea dAoo C' l
- a1jeurnes mbjleet to all.
LT. Lh
Ti the Desareo Yetu lo dthe hoed
Agreably to a iemllatis adapted by
the Demeeratle kueamiv O mmfme, at
a meetlnsl heli the twns it beaus
buge, - the Sneetetat, as Iemma
tie voterm ere erdially Inv1ted s asmemi
" Bame mmetlag to be heli In the tai
theaxn brige ea
Sen&'r sus led. or Awetr mt.
to eiher matify or reject as aneds.
ments mame to iflvaaMies ae saMi eam
mitte at its eittlng t dat hebre mean
tmoned, and other bmsimm that may he
called up relating to the pending elas.
tion. C. A. Themas,
Smmey Nhi. nm. Es. C(m.

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