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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, October 09, 1886, Image 3

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liub sljh-h d E-,' e4 a::·',lav.
Editors and Proprietors.
r:-'.ub-cription 1 00 a year in advance.
r'. I .m 2 3 ni3nts! ;m 1 yr.
One. in, h... 1541' 2(N1) 2 i) 4 t(K 7 (N)
Two in, h,'s.. 22l 5 " 75: 2"5 6 )iK1 11100
'T'hree in-he-s 3;I(t 35 -I4) 710). 1200
Four inches 375i 4251 475' N.5i14K0
Five inches. 425 4 75' 525" l 00I 16100
six ilnctle.,i 25`' 5 5 tiT 112(N) 1500
nIInt clunn (t0 t ,(MW) 104K)115(K1 2500
Trannt aiv'ertia.iwants, '5 e.'tits per
inch fr tiert inertio; i50 cents f(ir each
;;ºhl at lrn illns'rllti .
fidi'ia: or le:al adverti.e tments. 01 per
1 in hu ftr first insertion; andl 50 cents for
d.'l 4nI)ut'hIcltt inl"t ion.
.''B.i.if ctlnulnluicatins upon sulbjects
of phl,i'" ilnterest s~.licit.'I. No attention
wil Ie give n to anonymous letters.
Raised From The Dead.
The, ('hicae;go Evening Journal to-day
puhlihes a ease of remarkable resusei
:ation front supposed death of a young
married woman named Mrs. Frazier, the
daughter of Mr. T. H. Stevens, who with
his family cainme here from New York to
live some years ago. On July 30 last,
Mrs. Frazier gave birth to a child, and
in August, after several day's illneee,was
pronounced dead by her attending physi
cians. Dr. Matk H. Lockerstein who
was also atteneling Mrs Frazier says: I
did everything I could think of to res
I 're respiration writhout effect. Ten
minute s must have elapsed though at
the time I was not in a position to watch
the passage of tithe, when it suddenly
struck me that I would like to try a hy
odermiio injection of nitro-glycerine. I
took up ten drops of it, and let the
corpse have the full benefit of it. The
first minute there was not a pulsation
but just a gasp that was all. I looked at
my watch anrd there were four such
gasps distributed over the first sixty sec
onds but that is not life. In the second
minute there were six respirations and
a slight heart pulse could be heard but
no pulse could be felt. n the third
minute it was eightdsn and upward, so
that it could not be counted. Her face
flucshel, her eyes bean to roll in their
socket. All the muscles relaxed from
the extrenme stiffness of death, all the
contraction of the limbs gradually relax
ed speculation came back to her eyes,
and she became conscious. In my opin
ion in all cases of shock or collapse this
thing ought to be tried before they are
given over for lost. There s nothing pe
culiar or sensational about it at all. The
only thing is I have been the first per
son to try it. If ever I have saved a life
it is this one.
An Exhilirating Drink.
How Absinthe Exalts a Man to Heaven
and Then Drops Him.
Absinthe is supposed to be made in
France and Switzerland and this suppo
sition is based upon the fact that "some
body et fil" appears amid a lot of French
on the label, with the name Paris and a
red seal with a French inscription orna
menting the cork Swiss absinthe is said
to be the best, but whether any of the
good kind ever goes to this country is
unknown. The absinthe is made by
'rounding up leaves of different speces
of wormwood and macerating them in
alcohol. After soaking the mixture
is distilled, a little anbse oil is added
rand the emerald liquor obtained is the
real abeinthe.
When tumerie and iuligo and blue ,i
triol enters into the c"mposit ion as it
does in adulierations, then it is really a
splendiddrink. Any man who would
drinik it would surely p,:t an enemy into
his mouth to steal away his brains, but
it would be only a very petty larceny af
ter all.
Its chief quality is that of exhilara
tion: It really resembles in its direct
action nothing so much as cocaine. Its
acts almost instantanrously. The liquid
as it passes down the oesodhagus seems
to smooth the kinks out of the backbone
on its way dowi:. It straightens the
drinker up. The eyes dilate and it
gives a feeling of strength to the mos
cis. It will be seen what a temporary
godsend it is to the man who after a
debanch, is afflicted with nervousness.
Powerful as a stimulant, it has its
culminates in a terrible reaction and
like every drug it is resorted to to cure
the evil it has caused and eventually en
slav, a the man or woman who toys with
it too freely. Of course all men do not
become slaves to it as all men do not be
come opium fiends who "hit" the pipe.
But it's a bad thing to become accus
tomed to.
Its use in the army and navy of
France is prohibited by law. It came in
notice at the time of the Algerian war
fro:m 1844 to 1847, when it was recom
mended for use by the soldiers in their
liquor as a preventive of fever. It de
veloped in a few years that it was rain
ing the army.
Observation by medieal men resulted
in discoveries that, deadly as it was
when pure, it was rendered even more as
by adulterations. Its use in the first
place impaired the digestive organeand
spoiled the appetite. As a necessary
consequence sleeplessness followed with
all the terrible torture that that implies.
The minds of the absinthe fiends became
deranged. They saw beautiful visions
such as it is alleged the hasheesh eaters
only know. They became exalted and
pitched to a high key, and then there
came the most terrible depression ending
often in suicide and oftener still in im
becility. Loees of brain and nerve pow
er, degeneration of the muscles and all
the moral perversions springing there
from were among its effects.--New York
Mail and Express.
g Beer on ice at 5 cents a glass at
B. Audibert's.
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letters remaining at the Post
Office at St. Martinsville fo the month
ended Sept 30th. 1886.
Aulore, J. H. Lewis, Fanny
Allen, Hiss M. (2) Martin, T..
Alexandre, C. Montis, E.
Butler, Miss A. E. Moire, L. M.
Broussard. R. Manke, A. F.
Breaux. Miss L. Narcier, Angella
Chirco, P. Olivier, Mrs A.
Daniels, W. B. Philip. Mary
Dillab, A. Roehon, mlaire
Hebert, C. Swam, B.
Jacquet, C. Theriot. Arthur
Jackson, M. B. A. J. Tomes Mrs. D.
Kelly F. Thibodean A. D.
Lamaire, J. Thibodeas, W.
Pieigreen, Mr. William Mrs L
Washington, Win. (2)
When calling for any of above letters
plase say "advertised."
Charles Brouesard P.M.
The Bustle.
If women were in reality fashioned in
the odd and eharasierletle style they pre
tend, they would be monumental incon
Nothing more ridleoleu'ea the face
of the could be devisd, mo*3g more ot
fensive to every eye of taste to every u-.
gestion of synmetry to every scbool o.
John Stetton's Chesnmt.
That last remark, said John Stetton,
reminds me of an incident. One day a
poor miserable tramp, with rags on his
back woe, born of starvation depicted on
his face threw himself on the lawn of a
friend of mineand in the desperation of
his hunger began to nibble at the short
blades of grass.
My friend gazed at him from an up
per window for a short time and then in
the fullness of his generous heart he ad
lreesed the tramp thus: Are you hungry
my poor man? Yes gasped the forlorn
wretebh. Then my friend with his heart
overflowing with the milk of human
kindness said consolingly: Come around
to the back yard where the grass is taller
-New York Star.
Beer on Ice
B. Audibert's.
A fine Stock of Ladies' hats
and trimmings just received by
Mrs. M. Bienvcnu.
St. Martinsville, La.
This Institute offers supe
rior advantages to Parents
desirous of giving their chil
dren a solid and refined Edu
Terms of Tuition, Music Etc.
moderate. For particulars ap
ply to Sisters of Mercy.
Informs the public tlht he
has constantly on hand,
of all Kinds, and guarantees
tI Boucauts, Barils a Si
rop etc. a des prix tres bas.
Charles Ronaud,
Fine Family Groceries,
Liquors, Tobacco,
Cigars &c.
A Fine Bar at 5 cents a drink.
Main street, aaoss
Journet and Regis' Shop.
St. Martinsville, La.
Get our prices for job work,
Land of first quality, impro
ved and unimproved, in lots
to suit purchasers, situated on
the Hills adjoining Cade's Sta
tion, St. Martin Parish La.
Good water and easy commu
nication. Terms easy.
For particulars address to
Robert Martin,
Lock Box No 8. St. MartLUsile, La.
Hathan Walters,
Dealer in
Fine Family Groceries,
Liquors, Tobacco,
Cigars and
Plantation Supplies.
All at moderate prices.
(Nest Key Stoem.)
St. Martin Parish La.
Horloger Bejovtier.
Ackatr do vieil or et do
RBe do Port, St. Martinnill,L .
Takes this method of in
forming the public in general
and his friends in particular
that he has resumed business
at the old stand, and wdl be
happy to serve them to the
best of his ability, and with
the best of everything in the
- grocery line. Call aud be

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