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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, January 01, 1887, Image 4

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The Louisiana Lottery
Someof the papers of this state are
discussing the matter of whetber the
ouisaa State LotItery will die a matu
rl death by the expiration of Is cbar
erwill it have to be abolished by an
amendmcat to the Constituton. There
is a eblidish simplicity in the propos- t
Lion that the Lousaas Lottery ill
quaietly fold It arms, close its eyes and
expire with the last day of its chartered E
existence without a lively kicking and t
seming for a new lease of life beforer
that fatal day arrives. The lottery eam
to stay and it will stay until the order is
Issued from headquarters (the people)
commanding it to emigrate to some
other dise. And who will presume to
say that this order will ever go forth un
lees the matter b ever kept before the
people a live issue. The man who is
opposed to the agitation of this matter,
and who argues that it will die more
surely if let alone n a fried to the n
famous coneern and really wants its ex
istence continued. The truth of the
matter ls, the Louisiana Lottery will
have tobe killedlf it Is ever gotten rid
of. Its certa nnotto die a natural
death. It was sufiently powerful to
buy its way into the Cootituton of the
State and will be found able to buy a
new lease of lif when the time come I
for . Andl allowed to do busin u
Interupted until 186 it will bodily own
the Louisiana State government. The
only way to get rid of the eseer is to
elect a legislature that can be depeaded
on to takethe matter in hand and see
that the people have a hearing o the
subject. By no means let the agitation
of thesabjeeteease. Let Itbe the issue
or the next State campaig.--nrmto
Some etnraeos tha done by
ecals vested with Judleial funtiss.
There is a story a easea sa Louisna
parish where when the Suprem Courtdo
the State had refned to reverse a deci
sion which esomgned a crtminal to as
pital punshment, the polle jury of the
parish took up matter and annulling
all decree, set the man free, We do et
vouch for the story however. The flO
lowing ease some from Virginia: A
young girl named yler, i5 years of age
living near Grayson Sulphur Springs
Grayson ooUnty, was eagsged to marry
an Englishman named Badd, stepping
atthe Springs. The toim was afledor
the marrige and all preparetls made
when the girl changed her mlad t re
fused t marry him. The aglishman
applied to -Sqares Alley and rnest for
a warrant to rre the girL They s
se I and the girl was brought bdles
them r answer tethe charges prem ed
whatever they war. She rense to
comply, but the justices Intedts that she
mas keep her promise or o to priso.
The frightened girl daily eoasentedaad
the Ceremony was ulkly performed:
If thk oeolkller eould motho kbroght I
to requsltion to dispatch thee alleged
justles, the people shoeld have tried
the virtue of lynch law.-N.O. Picayune
Caloaiueu's Oil Well.
Mr. W. 8. Shafer, the clever gentle
ma in c harge of the oi well wat the Sl
phur mine, we In town last Tuesey
and ealled en t sheh B spoke very
encoeurglngly t the peespeto eof the
ol besme, sandisbhlpplag new on an
average at 100 barrls per month- a
tural low-which wth sbt
per arnd In the New Orleas m t,
wh It ishippl d to the Ctnsoidatd
Warehelse Company of that city. Mr. 8
Naes, the plllrnet et ais warUhee
an seemed pordatty sarprised at the
atur l lwao thisl dl,nsd slysl It L a
saperor lubricator and sm at a better
priem than any ether il Is the market
and that he could ad redy "al Sr lo
barls per math, it he could get It,
Lab Charles O&
Severely Ezjured.
Wears Informed by Mr. B. L Riddek
that D. H. Lyoas, Pres Hampton and Dr.
dgard Brown, all resident a agerly,
started out a few days ago to take a duck
hunt, and had not preeeded hr before
they met with a sriume accidedt, which
resultnedli Dr, Brown getig severely
hurt. It seems as they were ersing a
bridge It give way and fell with them,
and Dr. Brown's gun, whihe was being
carried In front of him beeame fouled.
and the hammers we r buried his
thigh, and in this precarious edltion
both barrels ei the gun we dibsehor
ed, the recoil making a gasly wound.
Fortunately the main artery ws not
dsdturbed, and at last mesate the ln
jured gentleman was ding welL-le
Charles Uce.
one et our proeslsal hu ters, wheo
Shas ljast r nse frema hst to clea- -
Slparish. lnfsrm ns that h bills i
two days and a half huting about surs
e ahday, M slpes, 3 prairie bers and
I ducks. He reallasi quite a handmem
sum from the sale i st gmaeb killed,
the greater part which b ships to
aNew-Orisa.or From S days h ing I
l lt suasohe netted 611, ilear de -
o psem -layae ginL
W We offer to our readers, and the
publi thegradestofer over made In
Sthis prish. We willfurnish the Mo- -
emonger and The Maysower, ot Yar
mouthport, Maas.,an eight page famiy
paper, for ao year, for 91.5.
Notice to the Public.
s. Dr. William Wall, th meet perfua
Is Root Deter knows, is now reiding I
at this town, In the bldlag bele gig to
i- J. F. Paune, adjoini Plr Jemks.
- Heinready to erve the public at any
Stime, specilaly tamilIess, which he will
Sserve by the year an reIesabie terms
t Call and ve him atrial.
a- Wa1h Salve cores mur Soresm C
A land Reumais paas. Pais re dollar
Sper boRtl when proerlbed.
NorTay Puauc:
na onesnea'e Genms lIn e.
or St. Martinsville, La,
r Notice To Tax Payers,
In T se netre that In seeerwae with
he et.n U U Ar. M the thral
,. l aseerdi Tax l usea In
ad this olre as as ra nthe o dise the
d: Clerk Cout o xr i e lx erader o
a. Mhrtgagees dtoh ufrhis 9t Mar
are mow due mad ollseoLs, and If
Sal as the law directs a or bere the
l e 31st de L eeber S L L 1 yes will be.
-s mO deoquen s and the amunst of
your saIM Taes will thou draw 1 per
cat interest per month freem N st t
December uil pamn erb a p osperty hea
amessed will be seieea s o ee rng
e- wa r. d bs O se Martinraille rlris
- ot lL Martl ntho 18 day st SOptnm
ry Sherl Mad sdle aTax COllector.
a Martial W mven,
Delber Is
, Dry Goo, SheeL Bshak aey ,m
- d oa amrth n emrlem.
H A peel t A Mes ALsey gOed. such
- as I eworsneserasme ad all
3k lad5 Otf ringa hr indies bob
, ibvery .ad Feed 3.11..
a Maim Street, St. MertirsdB, La.
edig #A&
l.. i -e
*-uIuIA COe.LL DtpE l UWiu
shI "I dU WSY
Dia ol s~' now ar-rr t..rl 4
.-rn m Pur uo Iacn
I. uIIm -CORO 0M. m k - en
r, *i. "mam t C mlm. y aisewea
Udiegetlbe VOW lbrwagt IA.Pwretedemdu
- o as - usi ammmI
Amm DmnsIAL i
r f
1 fti uses. iueU pntag
J. A. HI'TIl,
a -AND----
Firemen's Equipments.
s Marble work and Tombstones
- Carved.
apeI wrk m be Pice.
SModerate Prices.
Hathan Walten,
Dealer sla
Fine Family Groceries,
Liquors, Tobacco,
Cigars and
A Plantation Supplies.
All at moderate prices.
ii (Near erq sem)
I St. Martin Parish La.
Converr or MERuc,
St. Martinaville, La.
This Institute offers supe
rior advantages to Parents
desirous of giving their chil
dren a solid and refined Edu
Terms ofTuition,Music Etc.
moderate. For particulars ap
ply to Sisters of Mercy.
I Imlle Bb Im
10 oaems arin R I sr U ems
At 6 sfts a rak.
r All Kinds of Fruits Always
on Hand.
s An a s re Int *ae Mtirnm..
- Oysters will be served on
half shell and fried in style at
d all hours, at moderate prices.
Every purchaser of 25 cents
So cts. and one dallar's worth
of goods will be given a ticket
in the weekly drawing.
Call and see the induce
ments offered at
A. M. Hebert..
s. K.rU,.,.lj,.
Cigars, Tobacco, Tinware.
Hardware, Canned
Goods, Fine
and everything kept in a first
Family Grocery
east ii d hqasI Tee.
JOUBHn & uoI I,
aacmIrrTa sm WnE.wmamer oie
Wagon, CmAr Is aim mob an
sai regaIreL Bre Sdenlg Ute
Lwvery ad Feed Bela.
SI. wUmunlW Ix.
Takes this method of in
forming the public in gneral
and his friends in particular
that he has resumed business
at the old stand, and wil be
happy to serve them to the
best of his ability, and with
the best of everything in the
grocery line. Call and be
J. 1B. EIE,
Horfoger Bjj tier.
AeMth de , eal or et d
eiil argent.
im 4s rt, St. Imrtaualk.B
A fine Stock of Ladies'hats
and trimmings just received by
Mrs. M. Bienvenu.
w . swuae m a be~ e ao es ssi s
US LARSU ArS - Ouft -
o ma eer it au
MU.UWM ..s A3.i .. I -M. 5 106
I M ui s AiMO - A Wve MAYIV
11 v o on mefh i
Tiu . saIsINoIW I o
Pen.mM anr r ,l 1me ,.u.
FI b amslt ad se Y
t Fs e s opa lM YsP 
-ý- a1. I. - . us
usmflhY um.cosicoIpa*y

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