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Official Journal. . JUSTICE TO ALL. -. t.oo Per Year, Invariably in Advance.
The Weekly Messenger.
Pubhshed Every Saturday.
Editor and Proprietor.
{Subscription $100 a year in advance.
MPACE. I iu 2 111 3 s 6 insll I y
o ,,,---1 I--
One idh... 1 51, 25I.1 tn3I .5(N 800
Two inche. 2 0I :1 5 450 S 00, 14 00
Three inches :3 HIt 43 5 ) L 1) Io00l 1800
Four inchhe 4 04( ) 30 6 i 0, 12 30 22:00
Five inches. )I)) i6 H 5 7 50I 1410( 2600
Six inches... li6)tH 7 0 8 0' 16001 3000
One column m 15001)1 2) 04i 2 00o 4500 75 00
Transient advertiseinants, '7 cents per
.ncb for first insertion; 30 cents for each
subsequent insertlon.
UOicial or 1t-al advertisements, SI per
Il inch for first insertion; ald 30 cents for
each subsequentl insertion.
[0Brief colmnmnications lponl subjects
of public interest solicited. No attention
will be given to anor.nymols letters.
Coasultation iu English, French and
N. I. Inquire at Labbe's Drugstore. 1
Office at residence, near Railroad depot. 4
dec 7 1 y ±T. MAIRTINVILLE, La. I
Diases of Women and Ohilnren.
Physician Surgeon and
Office: at A. Labbe & Son's drugstore.
mar 31'88 St. Martinville, La.
Attorney.at.Law and Notary Public.
Will practice and promptly attend to
collection of claims in St. Martin and
adjoining parishes. July 16, 1 y
Office at his residence
Calls promptly attended to. ,
Consultation at his office. ap 71 y t
Columbus Harrison,
Flue Family Groceries, Cigars, Tobacco,
Tinware, Hardware, Canned Goode
Fine Liquors and everything
kept in a irst class Family Grocery.
St, Martinville, Ira.
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
Main Street, New Iberia,La. e
The leading repair shop in the Attaka- (
All kinds of Meuograms and Badges t
DIlamond settings made to order and at k
seasonable rates. t
A full line of watches, clocks and jew- t
dry always on hand. 1
A select assortment of genuine Meaes- t
ecaum pipes, cigars and cigarette tubese
Russia leather cigar cases, flue tobacco t
pouches etc. kept in stock. t
My prices are moderate, give me a call e
56 to 64 Oaaondelet Street,
Cemtrally located near Cotton Ezehage. z
Large andR1 Airy Rooms .
Take the street ears at the depot and
the driver will put you out near the I
Motel. jan 14 1y t
Carpenter, Contractor and Builder i
Farniture repaired with care, and at a
Shop on Port Street.
St. Martinsville, La. I
This Institute offers superior advanta- I
as te Parents desirous of giving thier
childrui a solid and refined Education.
Terms of tuition, Music etc., moderate.
For particulars apply to
Sirik-' OF .1FRC, 1
A Pleasant Aftair.
Wednesday evening at the Castillo
House Sheriff Gab. Gardemal gave a din
ner in honor of the officers of the fburth
and fifth wards who on several occasions
had extended to him like courteeles. Be
side the officers of the wards mentioned
above all the officers of the first and third
wards of the parish and district were al
so invited. Judge Mouton was holding
court at New Iberia and could not he
present, but wrote to the Sheriff a court
eous letter giving his reasons for not be
lug present; Clerk of Court A. V. Fournet
also wrote the Sheriff of his inability to
attend, on account of previous enga
ment. Also Mr. Adolphe Bienveno jailer
F. T. Bienvenu and J. M. Fauries Deputy
Sheriffs, R. DeBlane, justiee of the peace
and C. H. Voorhibes town constable, ex
cused themselves, not being able to at
The guests present were: Dan. W.
Voorhies, justice of the pesee, first ward;
John Johnson, junstice of the peace, third
ward; J. N. Domengeaux and P. N. Abs
die justices of the peace fourth ward;
Ernest Naquin, justice of the peace fifth
ward; Alfred Fuseller and J. O. Halphen
Jr, constablee first ward; Adolphe Fuse
lier and Gustave Ledous, Constables
fourth ward; W. B. Kastin, Deputy Clerk
of Court; J. 0. Halphen, Sr., heif deputy
sheriff, and Felix Bienvenu, Numa Ba
bin, P. labin, J. A. Delhomme, Amede
Poleynard Chas. Goetsand A. H. Guilbean
deputy sheriffs.
Senator C. C. Duson of Crowley who
happened to be in town on business, was
invited and was a very agreeable and en
tertaining guest, and was pleased to re
new acquaintance with a number of old
friends whom he had not seen fra num
ber of years.
The local praes was represented by H.
Van der Croyssen of the Breaux Bridge
Union, George 8111an of the Reveille,
Albert Bienvenu of the Messenger.
Several interesting toasts were made
and the feeling expressions of the spea
kers showed the friendship and cordiali
ty that exist among the ofcers of our
Some delightful sad much appreciated
sonags were sung which added greatly to
the frank and open gayety that prevail
The Sheriff was the recipient of the
good wishes of the convives for health
success and prosperity.
The dinner was a good one and reflects
credit on the caterer, Mr. Alphonse
We extend our sincere thanks to Sheriff
Gardeual for the courteous and grace
ful invitation tendered the Messenger.
Tne Lottery's Money.
Governor Nicholls should have accept
ed the $100,000 so kindly and generously
offered by the Louisiana State Lottery
Company to save the people from the
great danger that threatened them by
the high water of the Mississippi river,
knowing that the danger was imm inent,
that the parish treasuries were empty,
that the levees were weakening all a
long the line, that material to streng
then them was lacking and labor was
wanted, the citises who volunteered and
those who were compelled to work on
the levees to save the little they poassess
ed were exhausted, and help was needed
ie would have compromised himself
in no way in accepting this money which
was tendered to the people who needed it
very badly, and would have put the citi
ens of the state under no obligation to
the lottery.
The lottery, as said president M. A.
Dauphin, is an instltutoo recoganirled by
the laws of the state, and its charter
makee part of its eonstition, and it has,
therefore, as much right uas the cotton
exchange, beard of trade or any other
institution in the state to come to the
asriestance of the people In case of any
emergency, and their aid andd sestance
will always be thankfully resceived.
The people have cheerfully accepted
the money Governor Nlcblls refused and
have employed it to great advantage, and
that timely aid will no doabt eave their
property from destruction.
U.. Urews's burn aues.
Phydelass seommsd It
All deales keep it. 6.00 per bottle. Genuine
bera t:ademark and croreed redlitse ton wrarper.
Local News.
-Rev. Father Forges of Lafayette was
in town this week.
-There was a white frost Saturday
and Sunday morning.
-Some people are really too stupid to
live in a civilized community.
-The steamer Arthur Lambert passed
here Tuesday with three barges of coal
for the St. John plantation.
-Mr. L. S. Scott has sold the Welsh
Crescent to Col. H. S. D)oggett, and re
tires from the journalistic field.
-If you have any job to be done on the
bayou write to I. A. Bell, proprietor of
the steamer A. Durio, New Ihberia, La.
-The best and surest dye to color the
beard brown or black as may he desired, is
Buckingham's Dye for the Whiskers. It
never fails.
-The new race track at Breaux lridge
will be inangurated on Sunday the 30th
instant. Interesting races are on the
programme for that day.
-The Lake Charles Echo has passed
into the hands of Lake Charles Echo Pu
blishing Co, Mr. J. W. Bryan, the veteran
editor, retires to private life.
-The highest point reached by the
water in the bayou was on Monday
morning when it showed on the gauge 8
feet and 9-10ths. It is now falling.
-We have just received a fine line of
stationary, those in need of any printing
should do well to call at this office if
they want neat work and low prices.
-The rumor circulated here Saturday
last that Pointe Coupee levee was brok
en had created a general panic among
our people, but fortunately for them it
proved incorrect.
-The Louisiana State Lottery has do
nated the sum of $5),W(, for the protec
tion of the levees at New Orleans. The
city council has appropriated a like a
mount for the same purpose.
-The swampers this year say they
have as much water as they want, and
would not like to see a lake float as all
the small timber taken out of the low
swamps would be of very little value.
-The damage to the cane, plant and
stubble by the recent freeze is insignifi
cant. The effect, however, will retard
the crop several weeks. The corn crop
was almost a total loss and had to be re
-Large pesters are out announcing
the entertainment which will be given
under the auspices of Volunteer Fire Co.
No. I, and Vigilant Hook and Ladder Co.
No. I, on Saturday and Sudday, the 12th
and 13th instant.
-Extensive repairs are being made at
the saw mill of Messrs. Gueriniere
Broussard a Co, an extension is being
added to the main building, to make
room for new machinery which will
greatly increase the capacity of the mill.
-Ayer's Cathartic Pills are known to
be the safest, surest, and best purgative
medicine ever offered to the public.
They are mild yet certain in their effects,
give tone and strength to the stomach,
and keep the system in a perfectly heal
thy condition.
-We greatly admired the answer of
Mayor Shakespeare to the letter of Rev.
B. Garradine. We wonder if the Reve
rend gentlemen has no gamblers in his
congregation and if he objects to their
iems when the basket is passed in his
church, we guess not.
-The Republican menembers of the
ways and means committee, says a
special to the Item, have finally conclud
ed to make the duty on raw sugar front
16 Dutch standard down 35 per cent and
above 40 per cent according to value.
This is a cut of O50 per cent on some
grades and over on others, two and a
half times more than the Mills bill pro
posed, and is supposed to reduce the re
venue $*2i,000,000 to 2,O000,000. Con
gressmen Wilkinson, Colemani and Price
are straining every nerve to obtain bet
tar conditions, but it appears almost im
possible that t'ey will l,e :.hll t, .tem
the tidle.
-Several of our people were awaken
Tuesday night at about nine or halt past
nine o'elock by loud cries, and rushed in
the strets thinking it was fre, but it
was discovered that the cries came from
the Jail. The Jailer and other citlzens
went to the alil to see what was the mat
ter, and were informed by the prisoners
in the iron cells that some one was try
ing to break open the iron door of the
jail. No one was seen around the jail by
those who arrived there first. This looks
like a mystery.
-The Grand Lodge of Knights of Hon
or at its Session in New Orleans last
week elected the following officers for
the term of 1890-91:
D. T. Well of Clinton, La., grand dicta
tor; Simon Block of Baton Rouge, grand
vice dictator; P. W. Sherwood, of Algiers,
grand assistance dictator; Henry Tharp
of New Orleans, grand reporter; Joseph
L. de Merrit of New Orleans, grand trea
surer; Henry Walters. grand chaplain;
Ed. Denekamp of New Orleans, guide;
Edward W. Koifsky of New Orleans,
grand guardian; F. Zylita, grand senti
nel; J. J. Wax of Baton Rouge, L. Ben
tly of Donaldsonville and D. A. Calonge
of New Orleans, grand trustees; 8. L,
Henry, M. D., of New Orleans, sitting
past grand dictator; Colonel Geo. Soule
of New Orleans, supreme representative;
S. A. Calonge of New Orleans, alternate;
E. M. Hooper, M. D. of Wilson, state me
dical examiner.
Supreme Vice Dictator Samuel glotz,
Colonel George Soule as past supreme
dictator, and C. V. Halle as supreme
guide, installed the officers in their se
veral stations.
Waked Up Effectually.
A lethargic, dormant condition of the
liver is hardly to be overemne with dras
tie cathartics and nauseous ebolagogues.
A gender, plesanter sad for more efe*
tive means exists of arousing the orgaa
when somnolent. This is Hatetter's
Stomach Bitters, vonehed for by the me
dial, fraternity, tested by the publie for
many years. A resumption by the billia
ry organ of its secretive function, with
the activity attendant upon health, a
return to regularity of the bowel, and a
renewal of digestion, are te no less hap
py and certain results of using the Bit
ters systematieally. Its laxative effect
is never painful and drenching, its ten
dency being rather to perpetuate regu
larity than to produce a copious action,
Malaria, nervousaes, debility, kidney
troubles and neuralgia it subdues elee
The Lottery and the Governor.
Saturday the 15th. instant the Louisi
ana State Lottery Company, throught its
president, tendered Gov. Nicholls a cheek
for $100,000. to be applied to the levees
needing strengthening, to withstand
the tremendous pressure now made up
on them by the extraordinary high wa
ter in the river. The correspondence be
tween the Governor and the Lottery Com
pany is given below:
A Cusrx on $100,000.
New Orleans, March, 15, 1890.
To His Excellency, Francis T. Nicholls,
Governor of the State of Louisiana:
Governor-At a meeting of the board
of directors of the Louisiana 8tate Lot
tery Company, heM at their office this
day, it was resolved that the presldent of
the company be directed to forward to
you the sum of one hundered thousand
($100,0(00) dollars, to be used, in your
discretion to protect the people of Louis
lana against the inundation now appar
ently so imminent in consequence of the
threatenlong condition of theriver. Par
tieipating as they dolan the anxiety whlch
your Excelleney must feel at this elti
eal moment, the directors and members
of this corporaion feel eooident that
the money which they thus place in your
hands will be promptly and eefficiently
applied to the purpose for which it is In
In accordance with the resolution, I
therefore enclese the company's beek oa
the New Orleans National Bank for one
hundred theansnd ($10000) dollars.
Very respectfully,
l'r,,idlent lI. .'tat. Ittery C'o.
The Governor's Refusal.
New Orleans, March 15. 1890.
To M. A. Dauphin, Esq.. President
Loauisana State Lottery Co,, Sir -I have
received your communication of this date
enclosing the check of the Loaisiana
State Lottery Company for $10)0,100 for
levee purposes. On the eve of a session
of the Legislature, during which the re
newal or extension of your charter will
be acted upon--a question vitally affect.
Ing the interests of this State- - I have no
right to place the people under obliga.
tion to your comlpany In however small
a degree by my acceptance of a gratuity
fund. I herewith return your check.
Very respectfully,
FarxcIs T. NICaoLLs, Governor,
The Lottery's Reply.
New Orleans, Mareh 15, 1890.
To His Excellency, Gov. F. T. Nicholls,
New Orleans, La.
Your letter of this date is received,
wherein you refuse and return the check
for $100,000 which the Louisiana State
Lottery Company had handed to you, the
chief executive of the people of Louisi
aea, to be immediately applied to the
averting of the disastrous overflows with
whlch they are threatened, While I am
not disposed to question your Excellen
cy's free agency in acting as you do, I
cannot refrain from saying that the
Louisiana State Lottery Co., is as firmly
grounded In the constitution and laws
of Louisiana as any institution within
its borders. It is, therefore, as legiti
mately entitled to express its sympathy
with the people of Louisiana and to con
tribute to their relief as the Cotton Xx
ehange, the Board of Trade, or, be it re
speetfully said, the Governor of Louali
ana himself.
Permit me to say that your Excellen
ey's refusal to accept the contribution
tendered by this company is based on an
entirely unwarranted assumption of in
tentioas, which neither you nor any one
else has a right to attribute to it. The
company's tender of aid to the people of
the State was inspired by a recognition
of actual and pressing emergencies.
Your Excellency's fear that itf this offer
be acceepted by youea It will impose some
future and binding obligation on the pu
bile Implies the very uncomplimentary
inference that the people of Louisiana
are to be swayed in their decision of
questions of vital importance to their
Interests by small twº.efactions which
have no bearing on such questions. On
this point I Respectfully beg to dissent
from your Excellency's opinion.
Your Excelleney may be assured that
this company will not intermit its exer
tions to aid the people of the threatened
districts in their efforts to avert the cat
astrophe with which they are menaced.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
President La. State Lottery ('o.
A Few Plain Questions.
Do you want to get rid of that Head
ache that bothers you so nmuch? Do you
want to drive away that incipient ('atarh
that is settling itself in your head? )Do
you want to change that Sallow and
Blotchy Compleplon for a skin that is
oright and clear? Do you want to keep
your mind elear, your breath sweet, and
your blood pure? Then Pe-rn-na is the
thing you need. Now is the time of the
year when you need something that will
make your blood pure and keep you free
from those many Spring Complaints to
which all are so subject. Of course, if
your Catarrh has become Chronic, or the
Impurities in your blood have developed
into the Disease, then La-cu-pi-a should
be taken, and taken at once. Otherwise
Pe-ru-na is all that you need, supple
mented always, however, by plan-a-lin,
to keep the Bowels in good condition.
These three medicinese-Pe-ru-na, La-cu
pia and Man-a-linn-no household can
afford to be without. $1 a bottle. For
sale by T. J. Labbe.
High Water.
A break of 1,000 feet wide and io feet
deep, ocured at Pecan Grove levee, East
Carroll parish Moonla.
Work to eloee the Nita crevadse in St.
James par'sh is progressing satisfaHetory.
News of the Morganza levee which wu
reported in danger, is more favorable,
and with the *10,000 appropriated by the
River Commission to protect it. we have
every reason to believe it safe now.
The Sappington crevasse is still open
and the water is finding an outlet
through bayous Mlaaeton and R9oggy.
The National government has appro
priated S0,000 for the protection of the
The river is less threatening now and
we hope the greatest dangePr is ,ver.
The National ;Gov~erna,'!t ha u ma.l an
t her apprlo riaiiu ,f ' e ~' f. r 'ie
prtet.t i ,i of ,Juar 1,.-i,''.

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