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Official Journal. ( JUSTICE TO ALL. E SI.oo Per Year, Invariably in Advancc.
VoL. V. ST. MMLIArlNVILLE, LA. SATL RDAv, MARCII 29th1. 1890. NO. 6.
m. m
The WVeckly Mecssenger.c
Pubhished Every saturday.
Editoir and l'Ptioprietor.
c~dubscrirtionl $! i) a 3 ear in ad ance.
sPA('E. 1 nI 2 1n ' L I 11 I y
(tne inch... I.u: 2t0, .:11 )i00 I(H S00
`waI iiche'. 2-041 . 3: f 4 ,0 , II 14 IN)
t'hree iucihes : to i 3:,o x it 110 ItN I IN)
'tour iwlchi. 400t , :I 1; 50I 1250 ! !.)2
Vivy* i:nhelIs. 3i) i i), 7i ) 14 IN0 2iM00
.ix inl i . ' 0 Gl :) 7 50 , ; Nli )i :111)00
y-leculie ,n 13:1 ln 20n0)t 211 t 1 0( 0 N (t
Transiient adlvrt iststtieittS, 5 centsl lpa i|r
.ach for first insertion; ,O cenlits for ei'li
Isubsequellnllt invlrlltioll.
Oltceial or lev.' advertisemlietlts, $1 1er r
1 inlch for first ilusertiol; alnd 0 centts for
each suisell ent illsrtion.
7?'Brief cntlllnnllic-at ioins upon stithjects
'of public intterest solicited. No attentiont
will he given r o a'nont, l olntoi letters.
1)R. C. lB. SANI)ERS,
(It(\liEOi I'.tTlIIttT.)
'IHYSICIA.N. Sl:IEt;IN &- .A'c'o('il1EUCI.
ConsnlltatIln in Etngliih. Frenlch alnd
N. B. Inqutire it Lahbe's Drugsttore.
ýtlIce at retsildenee, Ilear Railroadt depot.
-Jec 7 1 y 'T. V  .TIn.VIl.I.E. LA.
Diseases of Women and Chilnren.
1E. L. TII.LY,
Physician Surgeon and
Office: at A. Labbe a Son's drugahre.
r-ar 31'S8 St. Martinville, La.
'ttornev-at-Law and Notary Public.
Will practice andu pronmlttly attend to
loollectioi of claims in St. Martin and
adjoitinlg iparishes. July 16, 1 y
Si01'I'(EPAtI [lhT. I
Office at his resillelnce
Calls prompltly attende-d to.
Consultation at his otlkce. ap 71 y
Columbus Harrison,
E- - LERt IN -
_?ine Family rtroeeries. Cigars, Tobacco,
Tinware, Hardware, Cannted Gtlds
Fine I.iqtiors and everyllhing t
kept in a first class Family Grocery. n
St, Martinville, La.
Watchmaker and Jeweller,
Main Street, New Ibci ia,La. o
The leadint' repair s-hop in the Attaka
All kindsl of Moinogratlls and Radges It
lllamoud settings maIde ti tc rier and at
lea.sonaile rates. It
A full line of watclhes. clcks and jew- h
blry always on hald. t
A select asortmlent of genuine Meers- h
lhaeum pipe(s, cigars and cigarette tulles ri
Rinslia leather cigar cases, flue tobacco h
pomehes etc. kept in stock. d
My pHces are mIoderate, give me a call In
56 to 64 Oaaondelet Street,
,elitrally located near Cotton Exchage.
LIargo nil,1 Airy IRootis.
Take the street calrs at the tdepot and
he driver will put youi out near tlthe
Hotel. jan 14 1 o
Carpentei, ('Contractor andt Bliilder
'urntiture repairedt with care, and at
Slhop on Port Street,
Jali 18 ly Sr. MARTINVlIt., LA.
St. Martinsville, La.
This Institute offers superior adtvanta
t to Parents desirous of giving thier i3
tlldren a solid and relinled Eiducation.
Ternis of tuition, Music etc., moderate. tt
PIarticu!ars iapluy ht I
What \Ve CObject To.
Saturday last a correspondent who
signs Albus, too timid, or perhaps for
,other good reasons sails under an as
surned name, filled more than a corimn '
of the Revielle in answer to a short
paragraph wIchw appeared in the les- m
senger of the 15th instant., which he says
is an indirect slur against the board of fi
trustees, and goes at some length enu
ineratiug what amounts were collected
by said Ilard in taxes, licenses, Ones
AC., and that so many bridges were ft
built, the roads repaired, the brick cul- bi
verts repaired and a M90 feet culvert
built near the market house and a canal
r dug on Railroad avenue anti so on.
l e presume that the trustees are
elected to do what they have done, it is
their liounden duty toi have the tales b
and licenses collected, and to expend to
that money on improvements in the cor
lporation; there is nothing so extraordi- p
nary ill that. As to the canal near the cl
depot it was dug during the adminstra
tion of Mayor Fleming. The 590 feet cul
vert, the colossal work which is about 40 st
feet long and one foot square, 4 planks S.
nahted together and buried under d
inches of ground is a great thinlg to St
boast of. As to the repair of the brick gu
culverts it was done with the special tak wi
money which by the way is .) per cent
the amount of the corporation tax.
But we do not propose to go over what th
the pretsent board has done, we have nIo
thing to complain aoalt that, or you by
would birae heart of it before in these
colulins. Our objection to the board is wl
that they are not the choice of the Demo- cl
cratic party of this town Although we la.
to not doubt in the least the democracy
of the intlicidual members- -they were
chosen by the Regulators with clo.l ret
doors in secret conclave and not by call
ed demncratlc convention or lmats meet
iug as it should have been dlone, and gt
secure their election a largP number of bu
white, democrats were intihidated and
the election thereby changetl.
The correspondent of the Revielle asks 'tu
what we mean by Regulatot ! why, we abl
wean those individuals--the members li,
and officers of what lie cal!s the white fre
democratic clubs, composed f qgood ,rhite fr,
men and sound demo*rrats. We do not it
doubt that those clubs ire composed
mostly of "good white menl and sound spr
deRmK'rats' lilt i tey are merely instru- ilot
mental in t:he, lha:ds of the leaders whose loI
delnocracy. If we urist judge them by za
the proceedlings of thst great celnvenl- w
tion hehl at Breaux Bridlge sonic time poi
ago, is v.ry conditional and doubtful.
Those proceedinugs said: WIe till stIms!
hIy Ih D)oimt y so lon gl (as it ,rill not Ma
be in ctonf.i' trflh th, Jwrpnose of ouf r or,- of
gvntritlZion.u Is this soundl Democracy? the
It is conditiona! and doubtful deumeracy, ger
and this is what we object to. No secret prto
organization for us, but an open frank pea
and unconditional party for the people 'al
tantld by the peoIrle,, aild not by Ia few in -
secrent conclave for the benefit of a few wll
losses. The
The writer tries to impress luon the Jan
uindsi! of our people that the regulators tern
have done an iruuiense good to this con- -
munity, while we say the contrary, they in I
have demoralized our labor, they have day
uine-l the confidence of our town, and chli
have destroyed our comnierce. This i gro
due to regullator rule; go and ask the mat
nmerchants and business people how they bab
like Regulator Rule, and what good it At 1
has done tl'eru, and their answer will be stes
"they have killed the town." ileh
ly i
FRANK J. ('iIENEY I that hew
is the senior partneI inm of F. d
Cheney & 'Co., dollt in the City
tf Tolredo, Count te aforesaid,; d
anti that said tir the sumt of
INE III'NE I tEi ' for each anti
every c that cannot be not
cured by S C TARRan CURE.
Sworn me and subscrilbled in othe
ny prese lll th day of December, The
SAL Notary Public. trw
Hall's re is taken internal- mei
ly antd a - uponi the blood and gin
mucous the system. Send for
testimoni ur,
F. FY & CO., Toledtlo. (i.
I" sold AI. ;i cents. I
Local News.
o - Funny! Funny! Funny! was is rot?
-Mr. Numa Landry; of Cypeas Island
was hurled here Monday.
t -The new race track of Breaux Bridge
- will be Inaugurated tomorrow.
-Miss Laurence Bienvenu retutned
from a visit to New Orleans Saturday
S Laredo Texas is experiencing a witer
a famine, and the loss in stock is said to
- be great.
-Mr. George Eastin left for Whlch
Monday, where he is employed in the
Crescent office.
- Mr. F. Rousseau is having the lum
ber hauled on his prolerly north of towd
to put up a brick yard.
-Work has commenced on the public
school building. Mr. A. V. Fleming has
charge of the construction.
- The Indian known throughout the
state of ('aliforna as Old Gabriel, died at
Salinas, ('al., last week aged 151 years.
-Bear in mindl that on Saturday and
Sunday the 1ath and 13th. of April, the
grand entertainment of the Firemen
will take place.
-The itching of the scalp, fallitng of
the hair, resulting in baldiness, are often
caused by dandru tff, which may be cure4
by using Hlall's lHair Renewer.
--A negro boy aged alout 10 years
while fishing at the ba;yo' aPimsit t)h
champ's ware hou-e Saturday evening
last, fell in the bayou aMld was drowned.
-- We are told that the few renmaining
regulators made an effort this week to
recruit the n embers who were disgusted
with the organization and quit, but we
do not believe that they met with any
great success. Poor thnlg, it dies hard,
but die it has to.
- All the elements which nature re
quires, to make the hair beautiful and
abundant, are supplied In Ayer's Ilair
\ igor. This preparation keeps the scalp
free from dandruff, prevents the hair
fr.om becoming dry and harsh, and makes
it flexible and glossy.
-The high water in this parish this
spring, at its highest point, was 4 feet 1 1
inches lower than 1884 and 8 feet 5 inches
lower than lS2, A crevasse in Morgan
za or any of the Pointe ('oupee levees I
would have caused the water to reach a
point even higher than 1Ml2.
The peolde of St. Mary, Iberia, St. I
Martin, St. Landry, ,and on the west hank
of the Lafourche, were much agitated
the .arly part of this week by the dan
gerous condition of Morgauza, but
prompt work was done and it now :ap
pears that the immunence crevasse at Pe
can G rove, North Louisiana, which is over
2,(NwM feet wide, is letting off so much
water that it relieves the country below.
The crevasse at Nita plantation, St.
James,is injuring a dozen sugar plan
ters.--Sugar Bowl.
-Some one was burning tall grasses
in the yard of Ju|lge J, O. Ilalphen Mon- s
day at about eleven o'clock when the r
chicken coop took fire and burned to the f
ground. The fire boys in this case have n
made a serious mistake which will pro- a
bably happen again with serious result. d
At the alarm they made a rush for the
steam engine and left the hand engine t
behind; the fire being too far for the u
steamer to be of any use, there being on- t
ly well and cstern water, and the hand
engine which could only be of service a
was in the engine house and the build- ii
ing was burning. TY8 first thing that
should be done in case of any fire is to r
proceed to the fire with the hand englns -
and check it as much as it is possible
until the steam engine can be made to
play a stream of water on the fire. It is
not to be supposed that the steamer will
ever be in time to save any small buildl
ings from burning, but it will prevent d
other adjoining buildings from burning. t
The fire must always and in all cases bse
fought with the hand engines, and we I
trust that Fire Co. No 1 will consider e
this and detail a certain number of its i
members to have charge of the hand en- t
gine. f
Our,. nlidi-t1on. I';io :ic- , 1)y peIopla, Mala
ria. Nerv sne(' .s, awl ;(,neraIl l.bility. Physt
'ianH- rCuuJInW''I l it. All ,I,.l r' .ll it. ;eallr:ne
hasuad latk ai J 3 : ,d :Ltd uu vawrspper.
Democratic Convention.
The democrats of this town are called
to meet in convention at Fournet hall
to-morrow evening at 7 o'clock for the
purpose of selecting five candidates for
trustees at the elect pn which dill be
held on .Monday the 72h of April !ext.
All those who are interested irt selec
ting a good board composed of our best
citizens should be pr!'sent and vote for
their choice and not let the convention
be ruled by the politicians.
Let our good peooie attend this con
vention and select their candidates, do
not leave it in the hands of politicians to
dbit for you, for you will get sorry for
it. Publi' officers must be selected by
the people; and not lD politicians.
A Few Plain [email protected]:
IDo you want to get rid of that Head
ache that bothers you so much? Do you
want to drive away that Incipient ('atarh
that is settl!rrg itself in your head? Do
you want to chlan*e that Sallow antd
Plotchy ('onplepion for a skin that is
aright and clear? Do you want to keep
your mind clear, your breath sweet, and
your blood pure? Theo Pe-ru-na is the
thing you need. Now is the time of the
year when you need something thit will
make ytmr blood pure and keep you fret
from tlihose many Spriºg Complaints to,
which all are so so subject. Of course, if
your Catarrh has become Chronic, or the
Inpurifles in your blood have developed'
into tho Disease, then La-cu-pi-a should
be taken, and taken at once. Oitherwise
Pe-rn-na is all that you need, supple
mlented always, however, by Man-a-lin,
to keep the Bowels in good Condition.
Thtse three medicines- Pe-ru-ha, La-cu
pi-a. and .Man-a-lin-uno honusehold can
affor1 to be without. $1 a bottle. For
sale by T. J. Labbe.
Buiding and Loan Associa
-- r
A branch of the Buildiig anti Loan
Association of Atlanta, Ga.; was organi- r
zed in this town Sunday PAst. At the r
first meeting nearly 2O shares were [
taken. t
The Officers of the banch are Robert i
Martin, president; A. 1. Fournet, vice- d
president; T. J. Labbe, secretary and I
trea*urer; Ralh4el DeBlane, Attorney. 3
The ibord of directors is conposed of t
alessre. James gimon, lEdward Sillan, t
H. P. Foturnet, L C. IDuchamp and Dan.
W. Voorlies.
All the books and papers to commence
business are expected shortly, and if the
organization is a good and solid one, b
and as represented, many of our citizens t
will take shares ib it and make a build
ing boom in this jlace which is greatly t
Sam Jones Kicks. e
The Pensacola Daily News of thl 21st
announces the "arrival of the great Sam
Jones. lie preaches a half hour in the r
Methodist ('ihrch and takes his depar- s
ture for New Orleans o01
The reverend (or rather irreverett,en- f
sationalist put in his half hour in punm
meling sinners, especially those who t
from within the pale of the church mis
appreciata true religion and by their c
acts bring the case they advocate into
In closing. he said: "Generosity is
true manhood, and stinginess is mean
ness; I had rather be a liberal gambler
thanl a stingy Methodist."
It is to be hoped that brother Jones
meant nothing personal to this locality
in his decidledly polntid allusion-as
teems poesible, as a marked copy of the
report has been sent to. Miyor Shakspeare. th
-City Item. of
DIED; el
At his rcsidence in this parish; Mr.
Wm. H. Thomas, a respectable etizen, f,
ieparted this life at 7:31 p. m. on Friday ,i
the e21st inst- He was buried at five
'clock Saturday evening from the Cath to
hic church, and his remains were follow- ,
Ed to their last resting place by a large ,
tnumber of friends and relatives. eesx
tend our heartfelt sympathies to the TI
Or you are all worn out, really good for nothing
it is ceieral '',Gilitv. l'r)
t wiii cure '-n, a, lttl , i L,.od reit. t. colCd
ir all dkaklra in nmdicinc.
Inadeq-cate Pi'r islon For T'he
lied Insane.
a The Insane Asylum at .I.ckson is a
the shaaineful nnouument of the inmpro idence
for and thriftlessness of fle State of Louisi
ana. The Aslunm, though well kept aand
managed, is snall anid ove· crowded.
e- Appeals for ail aission are inv\ariablyv re
fused. The indigent insa ie of the par
ishes are turned off, to Ibe', ,tilhd in the
ion local jails without proper cure alnd treat
ment; or worse, to be cast adrift among
on- their respective comunrllities, a tax on
do the kindneps aunl generosity of an un
to kind and unigeiei'ous public. There are
or few of the parishes wlhose jails are not
by tenanted by several or more mnindless
unfortunates; in New Orleans the police
jail is more of an asylu ' thaI prison,
alul in North Louisiana the situation is
ad- as bad.
ou It is not only buhrdensome on the par
Ar I ishes, but it is a terrible injustice to the
1)0 insane to be placed beyond the reach of
nd the medical and professional skill and
is attendanlce that may res'ore them to rent
Sson, or at least mitigate tle misery of
tid their lot.
he The remedy is to double the capacity
lie of the present institution, or, better, to
ill establislh another in the Northern or
\Western part of the State. Either play 
to is acceptable to the people. Let the Le
if gislature choose betweenn tlhem-only,
he let it choose and act withe'fl t dely.- St;
119 Mary Bariner.
e. Waked Up Effectually.
in, A lethargic, dormant condition of the
ni. liver is hardly to be overcomne with dras
f tic catlhartics and nauseous cholagognes.
t A gender, plesanl(e and for more effec
er tive mansis exists of arbHising the organ
when sonolent. This is Ilostetter's
Stomach Bitters, vouched for by the me
dical, fraternity, tested by the public for
nmahy jeats. A resumption by the billia
ry organ of its secretive function, with
in: the activity attet.dant npnn health, a
li- return to regularity of the bowels, and a
he renewal of digestion, are the no less hap
re py and Certain results of lusing the Bit
ters systematically. Its laxative effect
rt is never painful and drenching, its ten
e- dency being rather to perpetuate regu
ad larity than to produce a copious action,
y. Malaria, nervonsness, debility, kidney
of troubles and ncltralgis it subdues effec
n, tually.
- A State mas'at preserve iti self-re
!e spect first: and after that get everything
1e within reach. Thlis self respect is tlhe
e, barrier between Blair and the best por
as tion of the South. Threy are not panu
pers, down yonder. On the contrary
ly they are nightily prosperous and are
bound to be a very rich section of this
country in the near future. The enter
prises innumnerable whic Ihave been be
gt n are only seed corn and ina twenty or
n thirty years from now the people will
reap a heavy crep of dol'ars. To offer
r- such muscular, adventurous folk, settled
on the h{nnkA of the best river ill the
world and on land as rich as any to be
founnd, a miserable dole out of the publie
treasury to build sclhool houses withl is to
qluestion their honor and their business
rcapacity. They can build their own
school houses, educate their own popula
tion and need ask no odds of any one.
The Blair bllU is a stupid aflftir and
should have been buried under the snow
banks of NSw Iamnpshire instead of in
r trodueed fiu Congress.- N. Y. lerald.
Notice of Elcction.
S All qualified voters in tihe limits of
!* the C;orporatbon of St. Malrtinville, parishl
of Si. Martin, are hereby notiledl tlat an
election will be held in the town of St.
Martinvills, on the 7th day of April next,
A. DI. 181N1, it being the first Monday of
. said month, for the purpose of electing
Sfive trustees for the town of St. Martin
Y villis, for a term of one year.
S The poll will be open on that day at
the town hail in the town of St. Martin
Sville, from of 7 a. m. until u; p. n.
e under the supervision of the following
comnailissioners: A. R. French, C. A'
0 Thomas. and Louis E Laloire.
The election to be conductt dt and re
turns madtle according to law.
S St. Martinville, La., this 2;tla, day oC
aMarca lt i .
S .\. \. Fleminng. Retu, uing Ulti,-

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