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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, August 16, 1902, Image 1

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J JUSTICE TO ALL. Subscription st,oo per year in advauce.
Our prescription depast- to
ment is intrusted to et- sto
p'ert pharmsaistl who .hit
have mastered the science 1
df drugs and give to the vi
,prepareibion of every me- of
•dicine a conscientious pe
card"ulaese and -attention.
kr Cme and skiR prevent tb
these mistakes Which are ~ c
always perilous to thespa- ~ st
tients fdr wbom the me- h,
1- . &icines are designed.
Pure, fresh drggs are our is
lips st standard prepara
tions, toiletal.d maenicsee it
articles. y
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SE A -Wau - t CEt5I8.
sAte Ce A ". S .YLE . IErNTas e
MAYS SINUNe . - - 5ca(YsW e
Alab WOII eURIenTe
It'Orders received for any kind of Bread,
F. T. GUILBJAU, Vice-dr5iesit M. DICTREST. Assist. Cebhier
a.ss a meral Ba]~sig nulae, lan. Imsy, akes ol4otliesr Bells Fe~rigs Ex
chasags, md pays hiablt.tt as depoe left oes ear.
obet Iartia, l B Levert, Albt. Bhavem,
r. T. GsT. bIvm W. I. O, H Osi.
The Proper Way to Travel.
Southern Pacific "out.
--- O AtTaIse.WNIw YoU n Wro co'10 CO
Box VstibaldL Perfot Trains.
Equipmmet The Best, Route The eQuickst
California, The West, New York, The East.
aa loet.. ij .amps ..s e*t ae me.ierse5hl~ as ssk ck.a ksI memias sess* I -
8 F. B. MoRs,, L. J. PARs,
SPB. * Trt. Mr~ . P. a T. A
I ProN Teal. I@.~s.
vCivilizaton or Savagelry?
"Last Thursday Pitchard 8hel
ten, aged ixteen, and lease Skel
ten, aged twenty-one, were brtaght
to this county and put to w*ok 0
the convict force. They are from
Madison coenty, having been co0
vioted of crrrying concealed weap
ons at the recent term of the S..
perier Comet."
The news item then tells bow
theee two boys attempted to ass
cape from the chain gang and were
shot down by the guards, Pitches C
being shot in the beek and dan
geroesly wounded. This etract
is from a leading paper in greast
southern state-a state whi&r
prides itself of its churches and
its Obristianity. Yet is the early
years of the twentieth century this
great people can Bid notthng bed
ter too with a onntry boy of
sixteen who "totes a pistol" than
to put him on the chain gang and
shoot him down when be tries to
eseape. It is a sham end dis
grace. The salvatien of this one
boy would more than compenate
for the expense of establishing and a
maintaining a well-managed refor- ta
4 matory for a decade. And seeh a
L reformatory we must bave is every I
state in the SBoth. if the Chris
tian people and the churches can
not reate sucnh sentiment a will
build them, then indeed has the .
salt lost its savor and is good for
not~igngbat to be east ot. end u
trodden under foot of men. At a
least every teacher begin to agi
tate this questio, and not eases
until children are no longer seat
to chain gangs with hardened cri
minals and shot down like dogs
when they try to escape.-Atlantic
Educational Journal.
Just Look At Her.
Whence came that sprightly step,
faultless skin, rich, rosy complex- t
ion, smiling face. She looks good,
feels good. Here's her secet 1
bhe uses Dr. King's New Itfe*
Pills. Resutt,-all organs metive,
digestion good, no headaches, so
chanee for "blues." Try thema
-yourself. Onlty 25 at T. J. Lab.
rba b1
Mr. 8. V. Martin, formerly of
8L Martinville, La., recently tre
moved to this city. Mr. Martib
is thoroughly familiar with the
topographieal conditions of south.
west Louisiana, and has maps and
charts of oil lands in Lafayette
and St. Martin parishes and out
Grand river and the Atchafalaya
river. He is seeking to induce lo
cal investors to investigate and sa
tisfy themselves of the great op
portnanties these seetions ober.
He was formerly surveyor of 8$
[.Martia.-Daily States
-Bay Crse al Calk After phaeslhs's
Treatmet fled Plled.
MY bey bwhem ter yews lds wtsake
with elle ald eremps In his itmes
I seat or the detl and be taletsa
e, s, but thehM tt msettlg
mworse. I Mg pave him helf I thies
fnt ef CbamkerWanla's Cheleas ad Dist
ber aemely, san la lt am hes ho
was deplatand sen ,o nrev--.r, 5t.
Wtklk's, Se Lab , Wi. aMr. Wilkians
is beetk-eper lr tee bell lake lAn
herCa Ler msle byTJ Lath.
'The Deep Wells for Irrigation.
Some time sines, and on sveral
o oesions, we have spoken edite
Stinily of the deep wells in this
rish. Long before the salt water
. ame In our byoes, we dwelt on
Erdware, PF riture, hlturs,
Wago , moil, ime,
Ceaent, Pain*ts, Oils, ThDuges
Wall paper, Wheelwright,
Harne sEe Matti ,,u~
Rugs, Orockeryt, Ga line
angines, Fishing utensils ft
Southies t Ilusna hi tul slntuts,
L Lal haialt for** t HSdbed ftb a bollsome.Lt. u. Art.. eei . r
Do~tw. sere hrtb. cew W laradima ba us m i. kge.Of .r.eoft , *mime s. 4ain k trall
tksk rd tor "..ta rt eeYpll. . M A1I09.
D.h him...bbh Cnisb 3hoIutw @1 U*bln qM m t*N"
º Ib. ml leer sslu Cis . 4. ibs:·cr a kkOcw
I. Aw ur dOA1ew...
he~i~a fosr AdmIsi :li:1 ,s.,. ot.Ietss~lIashlrp s~a~1alis is er 1*Oul
-as ..Aa . n. basw-1hlels a adiaeu. sad asiesr is $ I r.t.lv.mis.1iNe~s...ttnte t~w.iaMA .e""trs mts." er 1aN
eIsrhd .w bhck banullsetltI tefsa I.bs wiab aS ýadui aqsoiwmet ash uaa,
scats. tree swabsi'tsr ss dai.ht; seibisM as wa ftrshisd 4L sdmia. .s.d *WAN
i MA UIII.I m ~laeuhude Ia;Ibed *drr ram (tsdskrc·.ws ks heirtaiia. em m he
t aLag1d 8 sad eeokl*. 4p*Is dMs ter bedr1. Yoad isS . rbe sd eIa e esIytt
'.*Uareaw .
ONlOh aOsl aO BOA" ui SV3D&A. Id13*N ft. *L
S Oki e usm aplpesais. PNt eledermir lem wells 1.
V. Le ROY, LSU, Lb
the subjeet a oae that put *e r
well far In advance of pumplbg s
hreo the beayou. t
The foundatln for oat temarks r
weret First, that there wee asub. t
tetraneam ke of -pure hubsh wa
ter below the rich soil of this pe. a
rish that is preatically inebsasti- I
ble. The depth is on au aerael
of two hundred feet, which is in
eostee grsl with a top aboe It It
of quiek send end still above of I
solid erth.. The gravel is of eh I
depth that the mreenmed piping I
sea be put dowa any desirable
depth to isuate a fll and osom
plete hulow without danger of ill- I
lug with sand. This amreebed I
ltegth below is put down hroms
forty to eighty feet, jest as the i
person feels inlined. The sewond i
comeidetation for the deep well i
ms the privat ownership and di- I
retly uader the control of the I
perena who wnts the water. It I
was thus part of the realty sad I
of the farm. The coet of cosstrao. I
tion was so mesh value in dollars
added to the realty and was a sub
stantial improvement that meant
enacal revenue.
The crop that the deep well bad
to Itanre it did within all reason.
able hope. And this crop is the
I bonasa to the fasmer favorably
losted in this pearish. With the
deep well there easo be with to
asomable uad timely labor any
blighted hope, or amy great lose
e from the pre.regalsite to the
growth or ripening of the atop
. In sbort it is mbfety and practical
Ssecurity in a tll harvest
The lesson of this year has been
I from a fall low of lmit watert from
,the Glfl into all the bayous sad
e. speelas y those which are lo.
r eted the big pumps. This yest
a the Vermillion, whieh has had it
raning order from early spring
some eight or ten pumps, some at
thea maosters s ( se and power,
had bed the eeot to ereate oat of
the Vaetmllion a strong eenst
reusmig up stream. This erresat
soot becsme so salty that pmam
leg had to seas, and white the
pumps are now all idle sad have
for a mooth the stream still sees
tinse salty as evr. It is a had
lesson sad ha cost the people
hundreds of thousabds of dollats,
beit it teaches only one thiug.
rat Deat WSLL.
Socs the advent of salt wate
I. oar bayous, and the stopplg of
the big pumps the people have
ben quick to tarn to the well idl
and many have been paut down,
some close to the Vermillion bet
so as to stilims the machinery of
the old pumps, and there is prato
tieal safety ln securing the crop
p st watered from the bayou. We
I make special mention of oat
neighbors, Vodlmer sad Hubser,
a who will sat their six hbadred
moreamls this way, with two tea
6 inch wells.
The only rice that will pay the
1 venture this year in Vermillion
will be from the deep wells. The
Slosw while it goes into the mlllions
r of dollsa crriMe the dear bought
Slesson, which in the end till be
the best thing evlr bappened to
the rie itsduOtty in Vormillion, is
a one which behad to oome and it did
s oCt come any too soon. The os
. nals which are dug will bot be
l lost. They will serve to take the
water when the bayous re fresh,
la nd the water of the wells dog
a right at the pumping plant when
d the salt water comes.
. We look upon the tins iadastry
it with more hope that ever, is fseet
is a ptoraetically saftie.

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