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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, August 16, 1902, Image 2

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The eekly Messenger,
ALBERT BIENVENU. . Propriotor. WeI
LAIZAIRE BIENVENU. - - Manager. hay
- -- - Inc
Sunhcription $1.00 a year invariably in advance.
SATURDAY, AUG. 16, 1Q02.
i-i 1
Stcatinr The Oil Field. fire
The people of Breaux Bridge are ear
making a vigorous kick because
the people of Lafayette want to tbt
steal the Anse-la-Botte oil field for
from them. ter
There is not the least doubt, it he
is even a fact that the oil field of sll
Ansel-la-Hutto is in the parish of gii
St. Martin, and that in a direct
line, it is only two nmiles from Iu
Breaux Bridge and five miles co
from Lafayette, but we have no
not the least doubt. that Lafayette of
will succeed in stealing the oil th
field for the reasons that the peo
ple of that town are wide awake pa
and are developing more grogress, ar
activity and energy, and they are ra
making every effort to attract the he
attention of the world, while our pt
friends of Breaux Bridge are tak- wi
ing a nap, waiting for all the good er
things that will flow out of the oil fo
field to come to them. We are
afraid that the people of Breaux st
Bridge napped too long, that #La- te
fayette, with its train and hotel hi
facilities and the enterprise dis- ei
played by their people, have ta
ken possession of the oil field, and
at this late time, Breaux Bridge ,
will have a hard task to get it di
back if ever it succeeds in that. nI
Bresux Bridge, you are too slow, C
and you have lost the oild field by d
your own fault. si
Loolpgleasant, Please. I
PhotogTapher C. C. Harlan, of 0
Eaton, O., can do so now, though t
for years be couldn't, because he t
suffered untold agony from the a
worst form of indigestion. All
physicians and medicines failed to
help him till be tried Electric Bit
ters, which worked wonders for
him that he declares they are a 8
godsend to sufferers from dyspep
sia and stomach troubles. Unri
valed for diseases of the Stomach,
Liver and Kidneys, they build up
and give new life to the whole sys- t
tem. Try them. Only 50c. Gua
ranteed by T. J. Labbe druggist.
Audacious Negro.
Sunday night, at eight o'clock a
negro was seen in the house of
Roland Delacroix, colored, when
the family was taking supper the
negro was thought to be trying to
get into the wardrobe to steal the
money which Delacroix had re
ceived on Saturday evening, anSt
when diseqved made his escape
by jumping over the fence and
running away before helpl came.
The man was recognized to be a
black man with a heavy mustache,
black hat and black coat.
The officers were soon on the
spot, but no trace of the intruder
could be found.
Monday evening, at the same
hour, eight o'clock, the same man
camdthere again, kept hiding be
hind the cistern, and when Dela
erox's niece went in a back room
was grabbed, shooked severely had
her hair pulled and her clothes
tore, her cries brough assistance
but the intruder agaiu escaped oun
bandle the best makes of Portable
Engines and Boilers, Saw-Mill
outftits, Irrigating Pumps, Rice
Threshers and Binders, Mowers
ad takes. When in need give
them a call.
School Improvement.
President T. J. Labbe and Sept.
A. S. Wood of the Parish School ere
Board are circulating petitions to Su
have a special election in the First of
ward and in St. Martinville, to bal
have the people of the entire ward, ee
including St. Martinville, to vote wh
a two mill tax for four years, to it
enlarge and equip the high school
in this town, in order to make it a we
first class high school, with all the dc
modern equipment that is neces- e
s eary in a school of this kind. i
e We believe the people of both, an
o the ward and the town will vote th,
d for this tax, as a school as is con- be
templated, is a long-felt necessity
t here, and every one of our people tad
f should encourage this move and th
of give it their earnest support. sU
t The parish should also contri- vo
n bute towards the improvement st
s contemplated, as this school will 11
re not be open only to the children
c ,f the town and first ward, but to
il the children of the entire parish. g
r- Those who are taking an active
,e part in this laudable enterprise to
s, are meeting with all the encon
re ragement they could desire, and
ie have not the least doubt that the
ir people will vote for this tax which t
k- will be very light on the tax pay- 4
xl ers, as the limit is short, only G
oil four years.
re We are of opinion that we ft
sx should vote the tax and rush mat- I
a- ters in order to have a first class s
el high school in St Martinville as
is- early as possible. h
d $100 Reward, Sloo0
The readers of this paper will bq plea- C
ge sed to learn that there is at least one c
it dreaded disease that science has been 'J
able to cure in all its stages and that is
w, Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the on
ly positive cure unw knowu to the me
dical fraterlnity. Catarrh being a eou
stitutioual diseases, requires a constitu
tional treatment. Hall'' Catarrh Cure
is taken lnternally, acting directly up
on the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system, thereby detroying the founda
h tion of thqdisease. and givi;ng the pa
he tient strength by building uip the con
the stitutlon and aseistin g nature in doing
All its work, The proprietors have so much
faith in its curative powers, that they
to offer One Hundred Dollars for ay case
it- that it faidtf cure.
for F. J. Clenev & Co., Props.. Toledo, O
a Sold by druggists, price The.
ep- l fll'sT amil Pills are the best.
iri- The Oil Field.
ch, The oil field of St. Martin parish
uP is growing in public favor and at
ys- this time attracting the attention
ua- of the outside world.
i. At this present time there are
five companies boring wells, and
in the course of a short time many
more wells will be going down, as
ka we learned that Mr. James M.
of Lee, Jr., representing the South
ben ern Pacific Railroad Co., was here
the this week, and in company of Mr.
to olbert Martin, visited the several
the oil fields of this parish, and has
re- made contracts with Mr. Robert
o Martin, A. Domengeaux and seve
pral other persons, to bore for oil,
d and we uuderstanud that this com
pany is ready to accept any rea
Sa sonable proposition to explore this
he, entire parish, and with the con
tracts now held by them, we ex
the pect several drilling outfits will be
ader in this parish in quite a short
me We learn that contracts have al
Sso been made with other compa
be- nies in the swamp section of Ba
ela- you Pegeon, and that drilling
om there will commence in a short
had time.
thes A Sure Cure for Diarrhoea.
mee Coming ┬Ěs it does, nn the bmsiest s
o- son, when a man can least aord to los
time, a sure and quiek eare for diarr
hoes is very desirable. Anyone who has
given It a trial will tell you that the
CO. quickest, surest and most pleassant re
ble medy in mse for this disease is Chamber
ill lain's Colle, Cholers and Diarrhoes e
ice medy. There is no los of time when it
is used. asone or two doses of it will
cure any ordinary attack. It never fal,
give not even in the moseet severe and dalger
one eases. For sle by T. J. Labb.a
Our people are getting to be lov
ere of the national game, and last
Sunday re saw the largest crowd w
of people ever seen here at a base
ball game, and among those pre
sent were a large number of ladies
who seem to take a great deal of
interest in the game.
The game of last Sunday was
well advertised, and it was to be a
closely contested battle for victory
between our Seniors and our Ju
niors, both clubs were well backed
and the bets were pretty lively,
though the Juiinrs had more
The game did not give the spec
tators the excitement and pleasure
they expected, as it was, from the
start, a one sided affair, all in fa
vor of the Juniors, and the score
stood Juniors 23 rounds Seniors
11 rounds.
If the Seniors had a little more
practice they could play a good -
game, but they will require lots of C
that before they are in trim to
teckle the Juniors.
"For years I suffered such un
told misery from Bronchitis," wri
tes J. H. Johnson, of Broughton,
Ga., "that often I was unable to
work. Then, when everything else
failed, I was wholly cured by Dr.
King's New Discovery for Con
s sumption. My wife suffered in
' tensely from Asthma, till it cured
her, and all experience goes to
show it is the best Croup medi
. cine in the world." A trial will
e convince you it's unrivaled for
n Throat and Lung diseases. GuOa
ranteed bottles 50c and $1. Trial
bottles free at T. J. Labbe.
They Are The Champions.
p- The St. Martinville Juniors
Ie passed through here Sunday mor
' ning'en route to Abbeville but
" they failed to play at that place on
account of differences which could
,h not be settled amicably.
y The St. Martianville boys are
a chronic kickers and would take
the earth if allowed to do so.
New Iberia Iberian.
Our Juniors will not only kick,
but they will insist upon right and
justice, fair play and courteous
treatment, and when it comes to
base ball playing they stand ready
to whip any Junior club in the
re country, not excepting New Iberia,
ad Abbeville or any other place.
cy They are the champions and
as stand ready to meet any club of
1" Juniors from any place in the
b- state.
re - -
Ir. When you want a physic that is pild
-al and gentle, easy to take and certain to
as et. always use Chamberlain's Stomach
rt and Liver Tablets. For sale by T. J.
. Labbe.
ii, -The first of the rice planters
m- from this section who sent their
- rice to. New Orleans during the
past few days sold at 4, $4,15 and
M $.25 per barrel, which is consi
x- dered a golod price. Our planters
should be careful in not rushing
rrt all their crop on the New Orleans
market at the same time and flood
al- the market, which will surely
pa- bring the price down. From re
liable reports, we can safely put
lg the rice crop down as being short
on fully fifty per cent of last years'
_which means this year's crop
a. should bring good price, and if
esa our planters are wise, keep their
loa rice, or ship only in small lots,
a they will certainly get better pri
cee, as buyers and speculators will
r understand the real condition of
ber- the crop, being short of nearly
H* half of what it was last season.
a it In St. Martin parish, where the
rice is the finest in the whole
. country, the yield will be much
smaller than that of the vpast yea...
a full and complete line, for
Ladies, Men, and Children,
in all kind and sizes.
K. Schwartz & Co.
@ --.-- ---- -
Louae Voomaues. MAlf J. Voomni.
t Dealers In: BOLE A r n FOR
SAvedry Aricultural Implements.
General Plantation Supplies. (aar-Scott Tsawas g Machinery.
Up-to-date I eering Biaderen d Mowersa
Farmiture and Mattig, Fia Bros.. Wasons.
Wheelwrighit Material, Fletcher Composition Rooting,
o OuTlge and Saddlery. aO Insurance Co'.
OuI ott: "Good goods and fair dealings make
or 0 #tt. good customers. . . . . . .
e 'Phone 45.
odL. F. GARRY.
to Phone 65-3. L
1 ' 3ring Us jour 3ob Work,e
Dealers in
F We have received our car of new
ely crop Oats this Week.
*OP A Complete and Varried Assertent of the Famous
**. Men's PACEMAKER Shoes
nill Ias St. LouIs by
o'.' Roberts, Johnson & Rand
the Shle. Co.
"" For sale at J. B. FERRAN.

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