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Monday and Tuesday 7th and 8th. "
The last and biggest bargains of the season. Inventory will be taken in
a few days, and much room needed for our large Fall stock coming from
the East and West.
We will mention a few of our many bargains:
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Do not fear the rush extra clerks will be employed for the oc
casion. Remember the days and dates.
he Weekly essenger,
A lIBNT RIKNVKNU. - Proprietor.
Ofical Journal of the Town of St. Martinville. t
SBherription $1.00 a year invariably iL advanee.
SATURDAY, AUG. 5, 1905.
is the saving from death, of the
baby girl of Geo. A. Eyler, Com
boerland, M. He writeb: "At the I
age of 11 months, our little girl I
was in declining health, with seri- 1
ous Throat Trouble, and two plhy
esicans gave her up. We were al
most in dospaiP when we risolved I
to try Dr. King's New Discovery I
for consumption, coughs and colds. a
The first bottle gave relief; after
taking four bottles she was cured, t
and is now in perfect health." Ne
ver fails to relieve and cure a cold t
or cough. At 1'. J. LABBE drug
store; 50c and $1,00 guarauted. A
trial bottle free.
Please Heed, Fellow-Citizens!
In answer to your questions:
These are the experiments which
have lead to the conclusion that a
certain, one kind of mosquito, is
the Only Transmitting agency of
yellow fever.
In what I say here I speak on
the authority of my own personal
ly conducted experiments. I know
of my own knowledge the facts I
state. o
The experiments were made du
ring two consecutive years in an
original home of yellow fever-
Vera Cruz. Men were' brought
from places where no yellow fever
ever existed. They had heeu exa
mined and found to be free from
any and all ailments.
They were taken to Vera Cruz
uader absolute and complete preo
cautions against the mosquito.
They were placed in rtwoms in
which no mostluitwos could have a
S lived or wre living then.
After two wotks of couutinual ox- i
emiaation, and absolute exclusion
;. at the mosquito, no sickness of any
kind had developed in thL' Iu,.
:;f ,;·-.·
Two mosquitoes, of the fever-tran
smitting kind which had been al
lowed to feed on a fatal case of I
yellow fever and which had tbeen
kept from that time on, for from i
twelve to sixteen days, in a wire- (
screened cage, were permitted to I
sting the men kept under observa- t
tion. These men were stricken a
three days and one bour after the I
mosquito bites, with typical yellow <
fever. The prevention of fatality I
of the disease in these instances
was due to time intervention and
extraordinary care. f
Over two summers I extended
these experiments and observa
I tions. There was absolutely no I
variation from* fact that this
striped-legged and blue-winged I
mosquito, which will be known to
the world in time as the "yellow <
fever mosquito," and which is now
scientifically known as, "stegom- I
yia fasciata," transmits yellow fe
Now. After A had developed
I yellow fever in two non-immunes
with the mosquitoes in the man
just described, I kept these yellow
fever sufferers in the same protec
ted room with six other men who
never had yellow fever and who
therefore mast have been suscep
tible to it. And after three weeks
_ not one of them developed the dis.
ease. These experiments, too,
were repeated variedly so that by
r no possibility could the outcome
vhave been chance or the disease
due to any other source of infec
tion than the mosquito.
Also. All mosquitoes I used for
i experimentation were reared and
bred fgom eggs and young larvae
a or wiggle-tails in glass jars in the
f laboratory. The freshly hatched
mosquitoes were consequently free
j from the disease for mosquitoes,
- thus reared, were continually fed,
v in order to keep them alive, on my
[ non-immune subjects. No subject
bitten by the freshly hatched mos
- quitoes ever became sick. A
j freshly hatched mosquito of that
- kind fed on a known and undoub
t ted case of yellow fever during the
r third and fourth day produced the
- disease in the same men in whom
he had failed to produce it four
teeu dlays before--that is, before
G having been fed on the yellow fe
ver sufferer.
Other varities of mosquitoes
(eighteen species) which prevail
ed at the same time in Vera Cruz
were reared and experimented with
in the same manner as just de
scribed for the fellow fever moe
quite without a single case prodau
ciug the fever.
Another experiment was made
to see whether the disease could di
be produced by the introduction al
of the causative agent in a non- C
immune outside of the actual sting 13
of the "yellow fever mosquito." a
Infected mosquitoes of from six- nt
teen to nineteen day's infection, ,
mosquitoes which had produced ti
the disease by their string, were g
crushed, put in water and given u
to other non-immunes to drink.
No development followed. tl
1 assert unqualiliedly that if two a
sets of men, one hundred or one
thousand in each blHly, are taken
- all non-immunes- and put in
two wire-screeneed cages, and a
yellow fever mosquito which has
bitten a sufferer is put into oue of
these cages, as many men in that
cage as it bites are liable to have h
the yellow fever. If one man in
this cage have it and a little swarm
of yellow fever mosquitoes are set
free in that cage, it is desparately
likely that every man in the cage
will have it. If the other cage hbe
kept alongside of the infected olne;
if the two sets of men breathe the t
same air; if they interchange foodl
and water; if they touch each oth- t
era' hands, not one single ,i'ian in
the cage kept free from the mos
quitoes will catch the disease.
That has been so conclusively
proven that no sensible man can
acquaint himself with the facts of
the most carefully conducted ex
periments, and remain in the
slightest doubt as to the reason of
yellow fever's spread. If six do
zen acute cases of yellow fever
were taken into this city-into its
dirtiest slums-and each carefully
kept under screens so that our
I striped-legged yellow mosquitoes
Scould not get at them, there would
be no more danger of a spread in
the disease here, of the develop
A Warning to Mothers.
Too much care cannot be used with
small children during the hot weather
of the summer months to guard against
bowel trouoles. As a rule It is only ne
catsary to give 0 child a dose of castor
oil to correct any disorder of the bowels."
Do not use any substitute. but give the
old-fashioned caster oil, and see that it
is fresh, as rancid oil nauseats and has
has a tendency to gripe. If thist does
not cheek the bowels give Chamberlain's
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
and then a does of castor oil. and the 1
disease may be checked in its incipiency
and all danger avoided. The caster oil
and this remedy should Ite procured at
once and kept ready for instant use as
soon as the first indication of ally bowel -
trouble appears. This is the mnot sue
ceasful treatment known and may be re
lied upon with Implicit co-bdenuce even r
in cases of cholera infauturo. For sale r
by T. J. Labbe. t
ment of a single additional case,
than if these six dozen sufferers
were in the wilds of Africa.
The great problem before us
now is not, "How is yellow fever
The great problem is to wake
the people, the populace, under
stand and believe and know one
single fact-that the "yellow-fever
mosquito's" presence has beuen, is
and will be (as.long as we permit
it) the destruction and menace of
It took over a hundred years for
the people, the populace, to under
stand, to believe, to know that vac
cine is a scientific reality-and it
took over a half century before the
dread of small-pox was wiped away
by it.
Let us hope that in this day of
the printing press and the utiliza
tion of the lightning, it will not
take as long for man seize upon
the potent reality of a vastly im
portant fact. This yellow-fever
mosquitto does the business, 8st al
HARLEQUIN and fellow-citisens. f si
that there is not now a vestige of ti
doubt. It and it alone does it. ji
In Harlequin July 27. e
$Ioo REWARD, i0oo. ft
The readers of this paper will be plea- it
sed to learn that there. is at least one n
dreaded disease that science has been o
able to cure in all its stages alnd that is tl
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure i% thq on
ly positive cure now known to the Qdli.
cal fruternity. Catarrh being a consti
tutional disease, requires a constitution- I t
al treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is f
taken Internally, acting directly uponI
the blood and mucous of the disease, atnd
giving the patient strength by building
up the constitution and assisting nature
In doing its work. The proprietors have d
,o much faith in its curative powers I
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any case that it fails to cure.
Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CHIENKY & CO., Toledo. O.
Sold by all Druggists. I
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipatioon.
Thursday a large number of our
people were very much disappoin- I
teH to learn that the branch train I
had made no connection with the t
train on the main line, and we gut I
uno mail, express or freight. We got I
the information, though not from I
a positive source, that the train u
would be entirely discontinued.
We could not ascertain whether
or not it was intended to stop only
the passenger and mail thain, or
also the freight train. It appears
- that some towns will not receive
mail, freight or passengers, and
will not allow the trains to stop,
and it is reported that in some
3 places the people have torn up the
railroad track to keep the train
from running. We can well
- enough dispense with the mail,
though it will entirely paralyze the
business of every town, and canse
-great inconviuience, it is nothing
to be compared to the stoppage of
freight train, as we doubt that our
stores have provisions to last more
r thban three weeks or a mouth, and
at the end of that time the people
will experience great hardship if
n tihe trains ate not allowed to run.
One McCormick binder, in
Sgood order, will sell for $50.
tLarge bay horse, quick, geni
tie not afraid of anything lady
,can drive with all saftey.
SOne" delivery wagon with
ixarness, in good order, will
s sell for $2o.
SA fine bar, made of oak,
· having fine glasses, nicely or
Snamented. Cost $225 will sell
Sfor j'oo. A real bargain.
a Apply to L. Bienve nu.
A little forethought may save you no
end f lltreouble. Anyone who makes it a
rule to keep Chamberlain'B Colic, Chole
ra ind Diarrhoea Remedy at band knows
thi to he a fast. For 'ual, at Labbe's
Are You
Thrifty ?
astron. aldng. Bank?
Tlke wit. hr er booklet.
*"Banklqg by Mail,"
We merme d.slts be S.S00
at p epar lat aei
Some of the towns in this Staes
I are really ridiculous not to say
I stupid in their quarantine regula.
f tions, they have lost their good
judgment and their reason, and
everything they see is yellow fever,
every thing they hear is yellow
fever, everything they touch has
fever, and they bear and see noth.
ing but yellow fever, sickness,
a missery, deaths and funeral a Bome
I of them art only satisfied when
they can see every where they eas
ok, a guard armed with a shbot
Snin, a revolver and a Bowie kUlfe
then they ftll they are protected
s from the itnvasion of the yellow
SooSe of the towns are quaram.
Sting their neighbors because they
e do not entertain the same ridicua
' lous fear, and establish shot gua
r quarantine. Whero is the neces"
city of quarantining our neighbom
when we know that they have eet.
Ilished intelligent but reasonable
I. quarantine.
It will not surprise us to hebo
r that sonme of the towns will este
I- blish a strict quarantine againd
SI he mtosquitoos and not allow thee"
e to outer their corporate limits as
t less they Ure armed with cleat
,t health certificates, or be morei.
L lessly shot down by the armed
n guard, some may eyenu go as fai
I. as to quarantiue against the brees
r that comes front the direction of
y New Orleans, while others mea
'r object to the hot sun that bsel
's breeding the mosquitoes.
e We are of opinion that good, i
d telligent work, properly dono, sad
P, reasouable quarantine regulationse
e properly carried out will do more
1e good than to try and raise the fear
n and prejl ice of the more timi
II ople whb generally create a pea
I, iE at tboejme that good courage
e oune and'eroic work is needed.
Is 'sake evsjy precaution against the
igtroductioQ of the disease in oe0
f town, spare no trouble or expense
br but remain within the bounds -1
re reaseen and judgment.
TThis fact is well known to druggib
everywhere. and nine out of ten wi
Sgive tlhir customers this prep t
when the best is askedl for. Etr.Ot
3. Witner. a promlt~ent druggRist of Japli
l Mo., in a circular to his eustomers, r2
"There is nothing on the market I .
way patent medieine whleh .es
Ch rla'slu Colie. Cholera and D&i'
hoes Remedy for bowels complalmte. WI
sell and recommend this pregprmtiS.
IFor sale by T... Labbe.
--We are informed that the P.
c, rish health authorities have ple
r- ced a guard at Cade to keep fre:
j1 gettiung from the ears at th-t
point, without the proper heseit
certificate, as we uuderstand tha.
- there was some abuse there.,
o -We have just received a stob
Sof small cards and euvelopes f-o
e children's parties;.wo sell thee,
printed, at 50 cts for 50 iuvitations

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