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Deep Cut in Prices of our High Grade
!t' Ladies and Misses Low Cut Shoes, of
all colors. We are sacrificing at one "
i third less than their value.
..19. *l
i* WrIeekJy lessenger,
, A. M RT:\ INVILLE, - LA. t
11.,;IEt'R IIIENVYENU. - Proprietor.
J.AI/11I K BIKNVENU. - - Publisher.
4ic i:dt Journal of the Town of St. Martinville. 8
a,' ,~.ripl,(ou 1.,00 a year Invariably ia advane ce
SAvruRl),, Sept.. 9, 1905.
-- · - - - . -----;--- Ii
The Fever Again. a
Last Friday the Parish of 8Lt
Ilartin and Town of St. Martin
ville decided that the period of in
cubation had passed at Lafqette,
and there was no more danger of
the fever from the first case which
hdll appeared there on the 12th of
August. All were rejoicing be- rp
nIuse our neighbors were cousi- 01
ler freo from the fever, and all "
qularantine raised.
Saturday, however, to our sur- et
prise and sorrow, another case of ww
yellow fever was reported from that to
town, the patient being Charles n
Martin, a young man. as
The parish and town authorities th
the musnio evening re-established th
the quarantine against Lafayette WE
and guards were again placed on I
duty on the public roads of the
parish and the entrances to St. w,
Martiuville. on
No report has been made of this th
case as to positively establish its
origin, it may be from some infec
toed mosquito which escaped de
structiou from the fumigation, cl
autl which may be at large to Ims
selread the fever as long as it will si,
live or until it is killed, and as to
either its existence or its death is th
very doubtful, it will live in the ol
mind of the people, this uncertain
ty, which will be the cause of the o)
peopl)le holding quarantine longer ex
than is perhaps necessary, but all
still, under these conditions of lai
doubt and uncertainty, who can is
blaun uuinfected communities in ple
taking every precaution to guard bu
against the introduction of yellow op
fever within their limits. otl
The result in Bunkie and Alex
audria has been the same, cases of try
fever have appeared there long af- va
ter the first cases had died or the lar
patients cured and discharged and ttl
the places declared free from fe- pu
ver. go
With the mouqaito theory the tht
experts can diagnose a case of fe- obi
vet and can tell you when you are ,eel
cured, but they can never tell you Tih
when a comwunity is free from ry
the wostuito infection. tent
A towu infected with yellow fe- c
ver may not suffer many deaths, e
but tue introduction of the fever c
in a town is costly, the expenses a
that are necessary to keep it from t
- spreadling is great, the anxiety of
. some of the most timid people, I
the alarmists, add to the trouble, t
. and the destruction of the busi- t
- ness of the town infected to almost lq
complete. a
We should continue our vigi- f
slence until tle end of this month n
at least, if we can keep the fever fi
out of here until that time, we will c
' feel safe for this season. I
Three Jurors Cured d
of Mr. (;. W. Fowler of Hightower, Ala., a
. relates an experlnee be had while serving ti
on a petit jury in a murder case at Edw
I ardsville. country seat of Olebourne ti
county, Alabama. Hie says: "While there ti
I ate sine fresh meat and it gave me p
choleria morbus in a very severe form. I tl
[f was never more sick in moy life and sent
t to the drug store for a certain cholerl
mixture, but the druggist sent me a w
bottle of Chamberlain' Colic. Choleria tl
anld Diarrhoea Remedy instead, saying li
8 that he had what I sent for. but that tl
I this nmoticine was so much better he f
e would rather send it to me in the f6
I was in. I took one does of It sad was
better in live minutes. The second dose
e eured uoa entirely. Two fellow Jurors a(
were afflieted in the same manner and oi
one twenty live cent bottle cured the
a three of us." For sale by T. J. Labbe.
Our Schools. t
We note from the tone of an
edlitorial of the Valley-of-the-Teche
last week that there is some ten- hi
I sion among the people of that di
S)town in regard to) the opening of p
e the High School which will be in th
operation there shortly. us
We are really sorry to see the pr
3 opposition or competition which W,
r exist between the public schools co
L and the private onee, and particu
f larly the religious schools. There we
is no reason for this, there is room, th
a plenty of room for all the schools, ch
I but it is wrong for one school to an
oppose or to compete with the an
other. oi
The public schools should not of
try to get the pupils from the pri.
vat. schools, the idea of a vety Ch
large attendance does not improve
the efficiency of*the schools; the m
public schools should be made as He
goxod as it is possible to make o
them, but the best result is never nal
I obtained from an overcrowded hi
Sschool and overtaxed teachers. ouI
The public schools, nm the contra- we
ry should induce all who can to at ten
ttend the private schools, in redu- is.
- cing the attendance of the public
s, schools the teachers, who are gen
r crally limited in number, will ib
se able to give more and better atten
n tion to their pupils.
f There is room in every commu
e, nity for the religious schools, par
P, ticularly, and we are of opinion
i- that if the private schools will give
it less of their attention to the public
schools and concentrate their ef
i- forts and energies to the improve
b ments of their schools, make them
r first class in every respect and
II charge a fair price for tuition they
would soon be popular and flou
rishing institutions, that would be
doing good work and the people
would soon appreciate the efforts
of such schools.
We believe the private schools
are wrong in trying to run oppxsi.
g tion or competition to free institu
e tions maintained by the state at
S the expense of the State. Let the
i poor children who cannot pay for
I their schools attend the public
schools which are doing a noble
work in educating the children of
a the masses, rich or poor, the pub
r lic schools are here to stay, and
t they will remain as long as this
free government last, and this is
for ever.
, On the other hands the private
s schools and particularly the religi
Sons schools are also a necessity.
and they will also find all the sup
port they need if they only follow
the line of progress and maintain
a standard of efficiency that is re
quired today of all schools.
If all the schools would work in
harmony, help one another in buil
ding up instead of running in op
position, they would soon realize
that each school would have their
usefulness, education would be
promoted and the, result in general
would be more satisfactory for all
We need the public schools and
we need the religious schools and
the people can and will idways
cheerfully support them all, they
are useful and needed institutions,
and they should mutually assist
one another in going up the road
of improvement and perfection.
Chambertaln'p Cough Resedy Aids
Medicines that aid nature are always
most effectual. Chamberlain's Cough
Rliemedy arts on this plan. It allays the I
cough, relieves the lungs, aids expect
oration, opens the ecretilons, and aids I
nature in restoring the systeoi to a
healthy condition. It is famous for its
cures over a large part of the civilized
world. Thousands have teetid.l to its
superior excellence. It counteracr any
tendency of a cold to result in pneuamo- (
nia. For sale by T. J. Laube. 1
Having leased the Fournel
Ginnery, I will to-day oper
the market for Cotton in the
seed, and will pay the highest
prices possible.
G ueriniere Broussard.
Town Council.
Regular meeting of the Town Council
held this 6th day of Sept1906.
The Council met this day in regular
session, His Honor Mayor Pournet presu:
ding, and a quorum present.
The minutes of the lastmeeting were
read and approved.
The Collector and Treasurer submit.
ted to the (ouncil his monthly state
ment as follows:
ntatement Ending Ass, I; 105
July 31 To Balanoe - -. 21.64
Aug. 1a To Tax collected - 1150
' Fine collected - - 3,15
. . . Market collected - 101
SBy Chief Fire dept 10i0
.... General Expense - 8.5
Paupers al - -. 7,75
Y Phone service - - 80
." . Grading, Plowlng diteklth 1561
" . . Lambermo - . - 8.5
" Bridge Keeper - 8,00
.. .. Mayo's alary - - 8,33
e" " ent e - . 8,00
Chief Police - . 50,00
-.. Ast " - 500
". Corp. (art - 50,00
. .. L . fGary as counelme 3.00
Freight and Dray 111.16
R " Ilpair ac - .
"ec and Tre - 15,39
( cleaning Market . - 7,08
" B a la n c e - . _ 3 0, 8 4 4
c ~s,ae,"2.3 8,o
8pecial Tax to pay Bonds sad Inteest:
July at To Balance - - 1,212.8
' Aug. 81 To Collections - - 9,5
I- tieboreements:
Aug. 31 ily le and Tres con .48
" Iy Ialance 22 1,1.53
1.21,01 1,01
On motion duly seconded the stae
II ment of the Collector and Treasurer is
c accepted and approved.
eOn motion duly seconded the eouncil
G. M. GARY, See. & 1'rea.
We How's This?
I We offer One Hundred Dellars Ibwald
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarth Cores
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
e Cheney for the lost 15 years, and believe
B him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and flnancially able to car
s ry out any obligatioos made by his firm.
Waldiltg, Kinnsa & Marvie,
Wholesale Druggiset, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
t ly, acting directly upon the blood and
Smucouis surface. of the system.
r Send for testimonials free.
F. J. CIIENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills for eonstlpation.
SITORS, whlite, to work in Chicago. stea
dy employment for competent men.
Wages $19,50 per week, 54 hours. Plea
sant workrooms. None but eallent
trustworthy men need apply. Best re
ference required; give age, experience,
etc. Addrets BH" 3, care Lord & Thomas.
This is a medicine of great worth and
merit. Try it when you have a cough
or cold and you are certain to be pleased
with the quick relitf which it afords.
It ins plesant to take and eam always be
uleipeadedl upon. For sale by T. J. Labbe.
Water and Light Statement.
S latemnint Endilng Aug. 51, .
July t To Balane . . . 35,)
Aug. t1 To ight Ileveue -. 8315.
" " " WateHr erenue - - 2i
. ". Watr Yna Revenaes it,0
". Electric Sapplie -, I1,
" Fuel Oile sold , 3.3
" . Electric Yan . . 0
. Work - - - ,
." I Telephone servie . ai
" " Freight and Drur - lL
" The Bterling Oil Co IAd 115,
".. Exchange - . ,
. . Brick - -
" . Intorstte lect. Co 5,6
" Gieneral Expeese . ,8
. Repair . - 8,0
" "(h Ciet Enguame - see
" As.t - - 00
" Fireman ,e0o
SBee and Tre - SSe
" . Balance . . - 1I1
Liabilities as follows:
interstat Electrie Co Ltd . -
Wat Iers oiee i Oil Co . . *
L.C. Duchamp - - - 15,1
e. U. GAxt, Ue.
-We havo just received a stock
of small cards and envelops for
children's parties; we sell them,
printed, at 50 ote for 50 invitations.
Ape You
i Thrifty ?
aI p mers t6Ve me l earm hg,
i shs. Svings Bank ?
re 311-315s Ca st. .ew Oehml, ta._
The eAttacks dpainst trhen
at is impossibe. efor this
r keep from protesting sgaiot
i The Attacks Against the
ope --pborn Local School,
Va just like o-thos-Tee.
throgho It is impossible for this pa
who is American at heart, with
ti sense of justice in its make op,
n keep from protesting against
is wholly unjust attacks that are
ing atione against the-as yet:
opened--public school, a nm a
institution just like those exi
throughout the Naepblio.n it
the reason that the Patish he
Board has seen ith to take th-.
S chool out of the charge oftion
t nuns of the local convet and
- it under a faculty of nos-dea
s national teachers, as is aothi(
Sforby the laws of the Nation, it
pears that certain persons in
Stown have assumed that the
are being purposely injis callred
those who are iq accord, with-
d School Board's action.
It is anybody's privilege thonor
Ssrt her or himself as att
Am for the nuns and defend the
e zealostly as they please'
s their enemies; but, and es
as no one is attacking the s
we do ist see how it is called
. or right to assail the coming
foli school and the people who
thvor it and beemirch the honor
the teachers, who do npt ha
to be members of a Catholis i
Among the attack madin
against the pas blic school in -em
ble honoris in effect that it willd
morality and be oa breeding
for scandal. Very serios chlif,
likthose are, indeed; and i view,.t
the fact that the facully of
ere thus assailed are known iman
beenparish as ladies and gentleme
Christian faith and irrep
ble honor, and to have upheldl
high standard of moralitysin
I school and in private life, we
it, to say the least, jn-Chri
like and certainly unwarranted a
cthem arle hold them gwiltl condag
ha d school when they come
lBreax Bridge. pree who
serveat the name are a good erany
bteuten tako jen forom them uns, is
to whabut it is not for that p r
andschool forbecause their faculty will
the timhave shomewn themy alve
likely to use conviction inas
judioe in determining
course. :
FOR SALE--eoond hand
now Pianos, before bauying
me for prices. ,Tuning a·ed
pairinog, all work guaranteed. ,
W. Smidth, Lafayette, La.
244. Jai~r

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