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-f _ _ -- -- -
" losing out at cost our entire line
of Summer Suits for Youths and
Men. - . . .
All new up to date clothing It I~
of its real value. Call and be con
vinced. - - - -.
Yours anxious to please,
F. H. Rh YMES,
Tike blr Grlwate.l
Watchmaker, ~ Jeweler
and Optician.
is St. Nardt Pmarsk,
.Has opened his shop In the ecntral Drus Store, and
Is prepared to do all kinds of
Watch, eloel and Jewelry Repairlng.
' ' Eyes Tested Free and Glasses Properly Fittea.
'#..: . . . . - - .- ..... . . . 
L. J. Gardemral
Nt. Marlrtirle
Dear Sir: Two years tgo T.h
'estate of the late Congressman
S-ott, of Erie, Pa, painted 24 Rol
hiug-Mill houses one coat Devoe
at a saving of ] 1 per cent for paint
(lead-and-oil was after the job).
'T!hat's how the tale reads. We
infer what really happened.
The buyer, as usoal, went by the
cost of paitit; got bids. Lead-and
'oil bid loot andi gtessed the quan
tity low; the saving was only 11
per cent.
Nobody seems to have thooght
,of this; the painting costs two or
three times as ranch as the paint.
How much lhu we save on the
painting? Dou't know.
The tale ends with this: We ot
ten refer inquirers to those houses,
for wey of Devoe.
That's a good-enongh story; bet
.obody knows what it is. Our on
ly dil>uoolty is, want of paint-intel
higenuce. Yours truly
F W Dsvos & Co
0O T. J. Labbe sells our paint.
-Good heavy cart and hartess
at a bargain L. F. Gary.
-Miss Anna Durio'of Arnaud
Ville is spending a few days here,
with her sister Mrs. Alcee Robin.
-Bin Pradeb a respected color
ed man of St. Martinville, died
last Sunday; his funeral being
very largely attended.
-Miss Gabrille Thomas open
ed her private school Monday
with twenty four pupils, which
makes hqn a good school.
-Misses Goldie Gardemal and
Alice Voorbhies spent several days
visiting in Arsaadville this week,
the guests of Miss Philo Durand.
-Mr. Claud Maitin returned
home last Friday after havian
spent two months in Hot SprinD
Ark., enjoying the pleasures of
that popular summer resort.
Why pay $1 and $1,25 for whis
key when ypu can boy L. F. Ga
ty's Private stock for only dOc.
Get yewa Ots, Smr Car s ad iay
fe. Iaseama's. Fis dsIvm7Iy
-M-r. Gueriniere Broussard has
teased the Fournet Ginnery and
will today open the market for
seed cotton. This will be good
miws to the plhnters as competi
tion among the buyers will have a
tendency of keeping the prices up
to the highest limit.
-See the add of K. Schwartz
& Co., for the special bargain in
Ladies and Misses Low Quarters
tndigestion nearly always disturbs
the sleep mere or rees and is often the
reane of insomnia. Many eases have
been permanently cured by Chamber
lain's Stouech and Liver Tlablets. For
sale by T. J. Labbe.
-We learn that several of the
scholars of the High School, par
tiuelarly those of the graduating
clnss, have induced Rev. H. B.
Harper to open a private school
until the opwning of the High
School which has been postponed,
probably until the beginning of
-For sale cheap, a good gentle
mare with entry and harneds, ap
ply to L. F. Gary.
-George Cummings, who lived
in Cypress Island, died last week.
Cummings was an old Confederate
Veteran, but he neglected himself
to such an extent, being a liqlor
fiend, that the Veterans did not
honor him by attending his funer
al, although we understand that
they contributed in defraying the
funeral expenses.
- Remember that when in need
of FEED, such as OATS, CORN,
HAY, and BRAN, that L. BIEN
VENU supplies the public at the
-The report made last week
tha the Sisters of Mercy had gone
to the Avondale detention camp
in order to come home, was erro
neons, the Sisters, we are reliably
informed will not go to the camp,
in view of this fact, they will pro
bably not come here until the
quarantine is raised, which will
be several weeks yet.
Fishing parties buy L. F. Ga
ry's wine and beer. For they say
it is the best in town.
-If your fire insurance policy
is to expire soon let me know
about it, talk the matter over with
you, P. A. Bienvena, Fire Inen
anc6 Agent.
Are You Engaged?
Engaged people should remem
ber, that, after marriage, many
quarrels canu be avoided, by keep.
ing their digestions in good oon
dition with Electric Bitters. 8.
A. Brown, of Bennettsville, 8, C.,
says: "For years my wife suffered
intensely from dyspepsia, com
plicated with a torpid liver until
she lost her strength and vigor,
and became a mere wreck of her
former shlf. Then she tried Elec
tric Bitter,s which helped her at
once, and finally made her entirely
well. She is now strong and heal
thy." T. J. Labbe druggist, sells
and guarantees them, at 5)c a bot
_ Board of Health.
vtlle. Sept. Ist IWG5.
A special meeting of the Board of
ealth of the Town of St. Martinville
held odb this day. All meembers being
present it was unanimously resolved
that the quaranline agalest theTown of
Lafayette, be raised.
It was further resolved upon motion
of Dr. Delaureal, that the day and night
guards be removed, and Pollee eonsider
sumeient to fully protect the Town
against any intruder.
It was further resolved on motion of
Mr. R.N. Resweber, that a ae of $25 be
imeposed on any person or persons enter
ing the limits of this CorPoration with
out due certifcates as required by law.
There being no further business be
fore the board. On motion of Mr. X E.
ohfier duly seconded, it was unaoi
liously resolved, that a vote of thanks to
the volunteer guards for their erlesent
and patriotle assistance to the board,
and that resolution te spread on the
Whereupon on motion duly seconaded
meeting adjourned.
G. M. GARY, Secretary.
St. Martinville. Sept. 2nd, 19(s
A new case of yellow fever having de
veloped in the Town of Lafayette. Dr.
DeMahy President of the Board caled a
meesing of said board to sssioe, this
day at 6 p. m.
The object of the meeting having been
sxphtaned by the chatr. On motion of
Mr. g.E. .uenlier it was unanmoeusly
reeols at quarantine be rs-establsh
ed agalRt the Town of Lafayette it was
also resolved. upon motton of Dr. De
laureal that four guards be placed at
the ptincipal inlet and outlet of the
Town. that said guard be required to
perform guard duty night and day, also
to close the Town gat e at 10 p. . every
alight, and to keep a light in the center
of said gates, that said guards,' be re
quired also to attend to the opening and
loelueag of the gates whenever required
for the ase of the traveling publHe, and
that said guards be paid at the rate of
$i0 per month for their services.
It was further resolved that no person
be allowed to enter the limits of the
Town without certifeates as required by
Tihee betin no moree busines to be
traneeted on metion duty seconded
meetsag adjourned.
G. M. GARY, Secretary.
We have notioed that Ella is a
persistent seeker of kgowledge
and there is no more effectual way
of obtaining it than by inquiring
of thoee who are capable of giving
it. Her reading futarnished her
with topies upoa.which she need
ed light. 8be wished to know of
Mr. Trump if she believed all
men are alike, stating thit she had
eeen such an aseortion by a lady
contributor to a paper in commeon
ting upou the treatment which
newly married wives receive from
their husbands; she says that thei
latter should be treated as man
not a man, begause men have no
individuality; they shboald be treat
ed a i see not as individscda.
8be makes him unasynipathetic
and wholly dalloas abput his wife's
troubles, and advises wives neveri
to take them to their husbands,
becauase they will get no sympa
thy. Mrs. Frump; those are novel
and very extreme views-not sup
ported by either reason or obser.
ration. We cannot believe that
ma approaches so near a brate as
that belief would make him some
beasts pomees a more diverse us
ture than the character she attri
bates to maU, for we find some of
the brate creation tractable, while
others are ill-natured and cross.
We can readily admit that such a
nature as she attributes to all men
is often seeu, but we are not will
ing to assent to the assertion that
there is no such thing as diversity
of character even as manifested by
husbands in the treatment of their
wives, nor are we willing to be.
tiese that they are insensible to
the blandishments and consideraset
attentions which women- know
so well when and how to bestow.
A man would be less than human
and marriage l,riugs far less feli
city than is generally thought if
the accusation brought by the
writer you refer to is correct.
We do not have to outrage rea
son and common sense to prove
man to be imperfecl; ele must
have had in minii liusbands in
England as portrabL l by some
writers who have see~n a }great deal
of home life there in which the
husband is represented is lacking
in sympathy, and whose ways at
home give some excuse for the
charge of a lack of individuality.
The custom there of treating wives
more as servants than equals-as
beings whose wishes and tastes are
to be gratified only when in doing
so adds to their own. convenience
and pleasure, has existed so long
and been followed so universally
that this condition has impressed
itself upon men's character and
made them appear as void of indi
viduality. But in this Country no
inequality in domestic government
exists except when sometimes the
wife uearps supreme authority;
when the latter occurs the govern.
ment is usually despotic and the
former becomes the obedient sub.
ject Mr. Truth whbhas a good
emory and a keen appreciation
of both the sublime and ridiculous
related a true occurrence 'which
came under his observation many
years ago, which the kidd of gov.
ernment mentioned above brought
to his mind. A man whom we
will call Bill Marr was noted for
his droll and piquant remarks
formed one of s crowd assembled
at a country store where the topic
of married life constituted the
most interesting one touched. Af
ter the felicities and infelicities of
patrimony had been discussed un
til there seemed nothing left to be
said, some one turned to Marr,
who had as yet said nothing upon
the "subject," what have you to
say? he replied. "I tell you, mar
riage is either a heaven or a hell
nd I have found it a hell". A
borst of laughter followed this
candid and significant declaration
which brought no confession from I
any one else and the subject of'
married life was dropped. We
hope, continued Mr. Truth, that
no friends of ours have or will have 1
any cause to echo the opinion that i
Mr. Marr's experience created.
We have read the article which
suggested Ella's inquiry and tind
much therein to excite surprise;
it is assetted there that "no one
over twenty-five years old goes to
Europe unless be is forced ,togo.
He is a creature without corosi
ty". Whenever one reads such
assertions he is not certain, whe
ther the writer is in earnest or
jesting, for they are glaringly
falses-eontradicted by both rea
son and observation. In either
case it is a causne for wonder that
any npu  ~apable of advancing ori.
ginal ideas and expressing thenl
in choice language should wish to
give expression to them, for she
m ost know that suei views are not
held by intelligeSVpeople." She
has evidently no very exalted opi
nion of the male sex for abe tries
to poison the minds of bridea by
telling thein that men prefer the
companionship of their own sex to
that of their wives--that theme me
other reasons than the one "shbe
can't rough it" why, he does not
i. take his wife fishing. Evebn *i~t
a peace and love reign he gets a
i surfeit of home attractions sad
- endearments and wants to take a
i walk to where men do most con
r gregate to bear the news and gas.
r sip, for women do not- do all the
r goesiping; or if in the country he
wants to take a stroll occasionally
> in the fields to see the growing
t crops, and listen to the lowing
r herd and bleating lambs, she had
as well charge him with prefer.
i ring the company of the cattle and
sheep when he goes where they
are as to chaige him with prefer
ring the companionship of his sex
because he goes to the places they
Many of her opinions are too
puerile to honor with refutation.
Some of them are amusing as
showing to what absurdity preju
dice can carry the mind. We find
enough tiuth in some to hide the
falsehoods that lie concealed be
neath. The most repteheuble ,
trait in a husband and the most
conspicuous one she failed to menu
ticd except by implication-his
selfishness. He wants the most
comfortable rocker, he takes the
softest part of the bed; the hottest
biscuit, the coolest place' in sum.
mer and the Armeet in winter at
the table, he wants the first and
last drink of ice water, he takes
theripest seach and insists upon
puffing tobacco smoke from his
cigar or pipe at the risk of causing
his wife to lose her dinner. There
is only one thing the wife will have
-the last word. But even with
all these exhibitions of selfishness
all men are not alike. I would be
ashamed of myself if I coukl be
made to believe that I am like
so other men-like Mr. Ursa
for ce, whose charsactr yoi
heard commented upon a faw days
ago, I would go down into the be.
you and remain there until some
one lok me out Ella who had
not spoken for some time, replied,
you are unlike Mr. Urea in aoe
particular, he goes to church every
Sunday with his wife and I have
never seen you there at all We
do not know whether she gave at.
terance to that remark as a trebuke,
or as an illustration of the difer
ence in the character of the two
men, but Mr. Trnth did not take it
as a compliment as we can infer
from his answer. "I would prefer
to be Mr. Truth at home to Mr.
Uran at church. When I was a
boy going to school the pupils had
written in their copy-books fre
quently by the teachers' "'All are
not saints who go to church", that
aphorism is as true to-day as it was
when it was first written. "If you
love me keep my commandments"
is a sacred admonition which should
be heeded by every one who makes
an outward show of religion and if
he does not, he is a base hypocrite.
But I am digresming, besides I ne.
ver was fond of discussing sacred
to be eonliuued
Ouorar (radel~ ad Perdido Btrssa
American & European PilnL
All Kodern Imprbvement.
UWIU w v. D cPEAUDo. PUOrrou.
4, tlCY rrr

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