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More Funds Needed.
The Treasury of the Society of ertl
St. Michael is empty, and unless J.
more mousy is collected at once, plea
work in the cemetery will have to any
be suspended next week.
The work of leveling the ground
should be continued and the bad
grasses destroyed, which is now
well under way. (or
The best time to level the ground
is during the winter mouths when
there is no grass in the way and
wheu this work is done during the
winter the ground is packed hard
and in the Spring it is easy to
work the mowing machine.
It will take about three hundred
dollars per year to keep the work
of the cemetery going all the time,
and unless this amount is raised
every year, the work now com.
meunced and well advanced, will
have to be abandoned.
A Log On The Track
of the fast express means serious trou
ble ahead if not removed, so does loss of
appetite. It means lack of vitality, loss
of strength and nerve weakness. If ap
petite fails, take Electric Bitters quick
ly to overcome the cause by tonning up
the stomach and curing the indigestion.
Michael lleesheimer of Lincoln, Neb..
had been sick over three years, but six
bottles of Electric Bitters put him right
on his feet again. They have helped
thousand. 'They give pure blood, strong
nerves, good digestion. Only (J cenlts
at all druggists.
The ginnery of the St. Martins
Oil Works was put in operation
this week and will probably con
tinue for some time as more cot
ton was mwade this year than was
expected. We have heard reports
from several persons who have
made more than a thousand pounds
to the acre, which result will en
uourage our people to plant a
large cotilo crop the next season.
There was a collision of carriages
on Port street Monday night which
caused the death of a horse. Two
colored men going one against the
other, at about eight o'clock, pro
bably both under the influence of
liquor and goiug at a high speed,
met in collision, the shaft of one
penetrating the shoulder of the
horse of the other, causing instant
-The colored Ministers of the
Home Mission Baptist Chuoh will
hold a three day examination con
ference here on October 18, 19
and 20th. They have a long pro
gram and several of the Ministers
have been assigned special sub
jects for their sermons.
The Woodmen of the World are
gettuings things in shape for their
annual emoker which will take
place next week.
-A colored man named Evarus
Norbert had hie leg cut by a mow.
ing machine while cutting hay
Thursday and the doctors fear that
it will be necessary to amputate
the leg.
One second hand Singer sewing
machine in perfect order and with
all attachments.
J. A. D)orssy,
Phone 7 2.
Notice to Election Commis
The same commiesiones of elec.
tion who served at the last prima
ry election will again serve at the
election for Supreme Judeship on
Tuesday October 8th.
Derneville Thibodeaux,
Sick headache is.caused by a disorder
ed stomach. Take Clambem lalo's Tab
lets and eorrect that oand the beadache
will dlsppesar. 8old by all druggists.
The undersigned, wishes to announce
to his friends and to the public in gen- wol
eral, that he is now connected with the an
J. T. Lytal Co, Ltd., where he shall be wr.
pleased to serve them, when in need of rea
anything In their line. till
Respectfully, cud
Corporation Statement.
Corporation statem.nt month ending leptember
1. 1912. BT,
Receipts : PA
To Balance .................. $DS.06
To t orp. Tax ................... 2.OW
To Special Tuax ............ ......... I.0 e
To Drainage..................... r. a
To Market Revenue .............. tu.: of
To Fnes........ .................20 Z a. "J
To Interest and costs on taxes .... 2.0 d
To Freight and dray ............. .1.
1361.6O sit
Diebursemente-Salaries: to
By ('bief of Police ............ .... :. cil
By Assistant Police ..............5.00
By Kridge keeper............. 24.
By Market keeper............... 25. til
By Mayor ............. ... .......... .74.3 d
By :ecretary and Treasurer... ... 61.0
Total salariese 3.41 St
By Councilmen account............ 16. 0
y Corporation Cart ............. .41.U0
Maintenance and Repair Materials: o
By Duchamp Hardware Cou........14 01
ily Luchamnp & bLucret ...........lU Ti
Total maintenance and repair 21.24 1t
Maintenance and Lepair Expenses: i:
By J. (i. Durand . 15.u)
by ('h.aa. Fuselier . 7.00
Hy Eraste kBonin . 29.0
By Amedee Olivier G.. .L
By Joe. Brounsard . 6..1 eo
B) Armie Th'l'bodeaux . 2.1
By Vicknar P'riouux 7.10
B) Lsunce Breaux . 2LU.j
hy I'errmn Breanux . 21.1
B) Adrien Hebert . .1 U
bU tOctave truadry . 10. tl
by Albert Duon . 15.010
By John Lewis 14.50
By Ilalphen Laviollette . 1.U0
By Maurice Prioux . .Uo tl
By Maurice Bertrand ..
By t(,o. Hebert . ..U
By Anthony (Uidry 9.11
by Louts Bertrand 4.7 U
By L. N. hteweber dray . 4.1u II
By Willie Brock 9.2.
By (tati Lewis . .3 a
By Belizaire Wiltz dray . .0
Total maintenance and repair expenese 24L10U
AdministrationExpensee: ' a
) l Oflice rent . .00
By Telephone . .0
By Printing and stationer) 24A.3
By Mrs. A. V. Fleming 7.36 t
By U. L. Fournet. ice .O a
By Josephine Abbry. mattreees Iu1.
By P'. . BU. and Stamps .60
By Commissioners of Election 21.40
Drainage and Freight 71.28
B ) Bunin, teeding prisner 2.8s t
Total administration expenses 114.0 t
SSBundrie :
By Special Tax 2.'60 1
f Total Di)bursemente 744. I
By Balance 616.61
e 131.ti.1
Bidne) E. Delabouseaye. aec. and Tree.
Month ending Sept. 30. 1912
Receipts :
To Balance ................2198 04 1
To Tax ........... .......1....00
9 Disbursements:
By Sec. and Trea. Com ..n..... 1.19
.s By Balance..................2197.85
Sidney E. Delahoussaye.
Sec. and Trea.
ir Statement ending Sept. 30, 1912.
To Residence lampe.......57.50
To Commercial lampes.....42.25
To Inside lamps ..........10.0
I To Outaide lamp. .........17.00
r. To Meter renut...........179.95
To Water rent............104.75
To Water Fans...........33.00
To Electrical aupplies sold 20.25
S To Freight & dray refun. 120.53
To Balance, overdraft ....151 17
By Balanuee ...............7.05
By Chief Engineer ........65.tY )
By Aeistaut a ng ........50.00
By See and Tree ..........15.00
2. By Fireman .............30.00
By Telepbone............. 2.75
s- By Printing and stationery 5.00
By Freight and dray......353.48
By Fuel 011....*""-......186.00
c. General Expense :
By DIuchamp Hidw. Co .....10.27
By Duchamp & Duerest ...11.25
By F. M. Neveu .......... 1.00
Sidney E. Delahoussaye.
See. and Trea.
If in need of OATS and COBRN I
get it from Laizaire Bienvenu, be
be is eupplying the public in feed.
w -Adv.
Saves Leg Of Boy.
"It seemed that my 14-years old boy
would have to lose his leg, on acconut of
an ugly ulcer, caused by a bad bruise."
wrote D. F. Howard, Aquone, N. C. "All
remedies and doctors treatment failed
till we tried Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and I
cured him with one box." Cures burns.
boils, skin eruptions, piles. 25c at all
Promulgation of Election.
BE IT KNOWN that the Board of Su
pervisors of election in and for the Pa
rish of St. Martin. Louisiana, by virtue
of the authority vested in them vested
and in pursuance of law did on this 26th
day of September A. D. 1912, at the hour
of Eleven o'clock A. M. meet in open ses
sion and proceed to open, canvas the re
turns and declare the results of the spe
cial election called by the Mayor and
Town Council of the Town of St. Mar
tinville. Louisiana. un the thirteenth
day of August. 1912, for submitting to
the qualife.i tax payers of the Town of
St. Martiuville, Louisiana, tile proposi
tion to levy a special tax of three and
one half mill on the dollar per annum
on all taxable property situated in the
Town of St. Martinville. Louisiana, and
In aid of and for the benefit of the LOU- A
POWEK COMPANY, or so much of said A
three and one half mills as may be ue- Al
cessary to realize the sum of One Thou- A
sand Five Hundred Dollars each year A
for a period of teL years. beginning with A
the year 1914 and extending to and in- A
cluding the year l923 and to realize the A
slim of Fifteen Thousand Dollars and iI' A
the event that the said sum of Fifteen T
thousand Dollars be realized, collected A
and turned over before the expiration of
the ten years. then and in that event the G
said tax shall cease and terminate. u
This being the only pioposition voted $
upon, we proceeded to marke the follow t
inug complied statement as follows, of H
the results of said election
and did find that number of votes for
and against tile itopositiou submitted
L and the aseewsed valuation voted for and
against the proposition submitted were
as follows.
The number of votes cast in favor of
the propolition afosseald One hundred
and Twenty one (121).
Total amount in value of assessed pro
pertv voted in favor of the proposition,
as per the returns One hundred and Fif
teen Thousand Nine Ilinuded and Forty
lfive Dollars ($I115.945.00).
Total number of votes cast against the
( proposition as aforesaid six (6).
Total amount in assessed value of pro
st perty voted against the proposition sub
Smitted as aforesaid: Three Thousand
- Niuo Hundred Dollars ($3,900.00).
Majority in number of tax payers in
favor of the proposition (5).
Majority in value of assessed porperty
in favor of said proposition submitted as
Upon examination of the asseesaceut
rolls of the said town of St. Martinville,
Louisiana, the registration list and poll
tax list on file showutg the qualified vo
ters of the said Town it appearing that
the said proposition was duly and legal
ly carried by majority both in number
and amounts of all the duly qualified
a. tax payers of the said Town of St. Mar
tinville, Louisiana. as shown by inspec
tion examination and canvas of tile
sworn returns of tue Com
missioners and Clerk presiding at
said special election, we do accordingly
ratify said sworn returns of said elee
tlou and approve the same and declare
that said proposition has been duly and
legally carried both iu number of votes
and assessed valuation of property anud
we do accordiugly make public proclam
ation of the same.
Thus done and signed in open session
at St. Martinville. Louisiana, this 26th
day of September A. D. 1912.
A. DI. Roy,
Board of Supervlso:ns.
C. O. BRnpeSARiD.
Judge Reid who is a candidate
forthe Supreme Judyship,was here
here this week, meeting the voters.
We believe this parish will go al
most solid for Judge O'Neil.
I am buying cornm.
SLaizaire Bienvmenu.
Mrs. Rose Broussard a
Has just received a Fine and Complete ~
stock of Millinery Novelties and invites a
the public to come and look at the a
beauties of millinery art.
Southwestern Louisiana Industrial Institute,
- A. ']EiTT ý, IL .
With the 50 per cent. increase of appropriation allowed by
Legislature, will be a 100 per cent better school.
Among many other improvements it will now have:
A Two Years Course for Teachers Lu Howe Ecouoniee.
) A Two Years Course for Teachers in Agriculture and Farm Mechanics.
I A Professor of Biology and Bactr:ology.
Au additiuual Professor of Agricuirure anti Auinal Hlusbandry.
- A higher academic standard in its four years course.
r A Preceptor of Studies in the Boys' Doruitory.
I A Preceptress of Studies io the Girl's IDormi ioly.
A l)irector of Atilletics for b,)s; a ,thin r for girli.
A Swimmuing ool. A Poultry Farm. A Steam Laundry.
A Coumplete Sending and Iteceivilg Outfit iu WareJes Telegraphy.
Tu 'horough Practical Courses in Steuoglapy, ' elegraphy. Busilless.
tI A Librari an iand kcepu'r of study hour classes.
e Graduates of the Four Years courses are entitled to a First Grade Teackers' Certi
Licate. Or they way take high standing in Colleges. All expenses do not exrded
d $10 a year. Police Julies are authutollz d to appropriate as much as $'250 a year
. to senld students here. Twelve Sesioll opens Weduesday September 18, 1912.
,f Write for catalog and particulars.
I E. L. STEPHENS, President.
J. J. BURDIN & bRO.,
- ....Manufacturers of....
And carry a large stock of
Long Leal Yellow Pine Lumber Flooring, Siding and Dementiol
ter ... ............_ - ._
Typewriting paper cut any size desire OFFICE.
The Long Distance Telephone
SFoer Ratese apply t Local Managser
SmBorlAnd ELophone & TEolE raph o.
TeGet all the local news, subscribe for the Messenger

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