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Regular monthly meeting ft the Town ior
Couheil. held at the Townl Ihall at St. I1e
Martinville, La.. this 7th day of January
A. D. 1913. ('
lon. Albert HienveInu. MaJor precsil- %
ing antl the following mnulthers present: .l
J. H. Lunchamp, L. J. Iamchamp. It. J. to
Guirard. P. J. Gary andi Dr. J. S. Martin.
Absent: None. 4t
The minutes of the previous meeting
were and apploved.
The following bills were approved and
ordered paid. Bmin Gbro. Co $1.10, Lai- fr
zaire Biemvenu $36.75. Geo. Greig & Co
$3.56. J. J. Burdiu & Bri $22.62. Allen .t
Tupper $107.33, Duchamp Hardware Co
$40.70. s
On motion of L. J. Duchamp duly sec
ounded by K. J. Guirard the following Or- .
dinaisce was put to a vote, viz: Voting y,
for its adoption J. 11. Duchamp, L. J. f
Duchamp. P. J. Gary. R. J. G(llraTd.
Voting agailst its adoptionm: J. . .Main tin. tl
A mnajority voting for its a.pLlom., the
same ib ilt'lat d adoptted; aniid rends thus:
An Ordinance providing for the p
Paving of Sidewalks and of the Curb t
ings onil certain designated streets andl
parts of streets in the Town of St. b
Martinville, Louisiana; prescribing p
the dimensions and materials to be
used; tihe condemnung of certain side
walks anld curbings; providing for l.
gal advertilnments for bids and for
letting of contracts to build and con
struct the said etidewalk.s andt curb
IuKg; providingt for the le¥vying iand
collecting of special taxes and hIeal
contrbutolluLs onm tihe real estate abut
ting the alue to defray tile costs of
such work and improvements; andml
prescribing and thiing the time when
this Ordinance shall become effective e
and in operation.
BE IT ORDAINED by the Mayor and
Town Council of the Town of St. Mar- C
tinville, Louisiana, in regular session
convened, that by virtue of and pursu
ant to the authority vested in us by law.
Act 147 of 1I'02 and Act 49 of 1912: All
Sidewalks anld Curbinge built of Lum
ber in anty form, on the Streets and parts
of Streets hlemiu set forth, are hereby
condemned anti ordered removed, anti
replaced witl Concrete Sidewalks and
Curbing as as hereinafter fully recited.
All other idtewalks.and Curbinugs on
said Streets and parts of Streets, built
of substance other than lumber, are also
specially condemned and ordered re
moved and replaced with concrete (ce
ment) pavei Sidewalks and Curbings.,
except su'ch sadewalks and curbings well
coustructetl of brick or cemeut which
may be allowed to remain by the Mayor
and Town Council of this Muuicipality;
provided that whenever the said layol
and Council may deem it iccessary thley
may condemu the said sidewalks anid
curblung thus allowed to remain, and t
to order their r-pair or construction ill
concrete paving (cement) anti under tile
specifications hereinafter provided for.
in all cases where iew sidewalks and
curbings are to be abuilt, or old ones lto
paired on amny of the said Streets or part
of Streets, the samme shall be built or re
paired with ceuielnt and concrete as
herelnafter set forth.
SECTflON T'I1lth.
Be it further Ordtlained &tc. That tihe
said Sidewalks and ('urbungs shall ie t
built antd repaired in good workmanilike I
maliner. accortlidig to plans aid specall I
eatioi's oil tile with thie Secretary of this~
Town Couinell which ilaii alnd ,p..ciica
tious are made part hereof for all pur
Be it furthur ordtlaimed amid eniIItatea &'.,
That thie Streets or sectionis thler-of in
thie Towu of St. Martinville, Lan.. upt, I
which said sidtlewalks andl curItimgll.. sall 4
hereafter be coestli utnetd, until further I
ordaloed,by this body. are hereby declar
ed to be the following, viz:
let -IMalu Street both sidtles from the
soutberu end or at ('anal up to P'orter s
street or property of Rousseau.
2nd--On St. Martin street, bath sides, I
from Berard street to 'Port street.
3rd-On Washlngton street. both sides
from Claiborue street to Bridtge street. f
4th-On Market street both sides fromn
Bridge street to Port street. a
5th--Ou Coluulbus street biotl sides
from Bridge street to Kailroad tAvlllmne.
6tb--Un (laiborne street both sidet I~
from St. ,Martin street to HWas.llugton II
street. v
7th--Ou Jefferoni street, both sides i
from St. Martin street to H,. iington -
h;!--( 1i,1 1larl;,t t tret. oln the South oi
ide from Hlain street to the Teche street. la
'r Northeastern corner of )uicrest pro- pi
lerty. ci
9th--I l IPort street both sides, front si
'olleg-, striet to MaHill street, asid from si
Hail street, on the Southern side of said 1I
-itreet to Teche street of the Northea~- ti
Lern crnelr of tile livi mgstoit property. a
10th Friom Catti-hi Alley to Market a
,treet. oul North sitde of the sti et. a
11th On Bridge street, both sides from A
(iraverard gate to Theatre street.
12thl -lu lih1amilton street, both si tes I
from Slain street to ('olumbus street. p
13th- lin 'Church street from Main a
street to College sti set both sides. N
14th -On 'linaud street fromi Bridge s
street to Burdin's gate both sides.
Be it further orlained &c., That the v
width of said sidewalks on all of said a
streets except that portion of Main street u
from Claiborne stret to Bridge street. A
shall Iie paved (I, four feet wide, anud
that paved Iportitn of Main street from t
c'lailorie street, Ihall be as indicatedl oil
said plain and specitication. so as to con- r
form as much as possible with the width
4f the present sidewalk. All wiik to
be approved by thi- Town Council after
personial inllupetion Iby the members
thereof before lilt same is accepted and
Certificates issued. No sidewalk shall
be less than (6) six feet, andt none paved
less than (4) four feet.
Be it further ordained that all bid
ders for work to be performemd or mate
rials furnished, or Mtlh, shall be requir
ied to deposit ai certilled check of one of
mour Iic 41 BHtnks, piayable to the Mawor
of St Martinville. li., ill the nlll iof it
least tenll p'l eoit f thie amtiuti tfuit of hiit
bid-saidl Iepi,sit t, Ibeo fol fitid to LhiI
Town of St. Martinville, if tihe bidder
whose bid is accepted fails or refused to -
execute a written contract and furnish
the bond required five days after duenl
notice by registeredl mail to Ills address
has been glven to him. In all cases
where bids are rejected, the certrfied
checks to be returned to their owners.
It is further ordained etc., that ten
full days after the publication of this
Ordinance anti within Ninety (90) days
from said publicatoun, the Mayor of St.
Martlnville. is hereby ordered and em
powered to advertise for sealed bids, dur
lug at least ten full days, for the bull
ding of said sidewalks or curbings, anti
for tile furnishings of tile materials
therefor, or for both, in the ofticial news
paper of this Corporation, and in any
other newspapers, which. In hi. discre
tien, lie may deem proper, which adver
tisemelnt shall contain specifications fo
work to be doe andtl of materials to be
furnished, and tile time in which tilhe
sail work shall be finlihed, and pay
ulenmt wade,--.lie date and tile ihour and
tihe place where s:,id bids -hall be first
opuendl. ill opeim eslaessi of this b ly, anlli
ill the presenllce t such bidders as may
choose to be pmeselit andi tihe Ipublic; saidl
bids to be tiled with the Secretary of thle
'Town C'oUlcll of thils Corploratiol, at
any tlime a:d up lit 12 o'clock sharp. oil
tile day lixed for their opening. Should l
no btlhd be offered, anmd if those offered be
all rejected, than tile Mayor is autho
rized to re advertise the same in man
nour as before stipulated.
Be It firtner ordained &c., That the
right to reject and accept any bid shall
be specially reserved; that the contract
lfr workmlanllhip and materials shall be
left to tlhe lowest resplnsible biddler ,
whi shall furlnish bolld to thle satisfac
tinli i-f tllis budly In thie slim of at least
'ifty (.-i) per celmt of the conitract bidi
for. aid siall cm'lllilet anld sign saidl,
conlltract, and fur:liah baltl bolnd, within
the timie Imereititafter stateld.
Hit it firther ordainedl c., That thme
timle limit to coilniite tile execution of
,aid contract shall Iie withinm tell onths
from the sIimIlIg of said colltract allmm
tile fllrniisliillg of said buond. For e ery
tue week of delay, the t'ontractor to for
felt One huludred idollars per week in fa
vor of tihe Corpuratln of St. Martivrllle
SEt-lrli)N TEN.
He it furthler odrained &c., lThat the
entire cost of thie building of said side
walks andt curbings and tlhe matslials
usedl tlherefor nshall le paid by tle owliers
of tile Real Estate alintting ,II said I
sidewalks, on a b:-n-s of their respective
fronltage of their property on saidl side
walks, and tile same shall lIe assessed
against each property owner and said
properties accordingly,--the sum so as- I
sesed agaiust eachl property owllel shalli
Ie dune and collectible thmusv: Tweuty
per cenlt of the amoulllt due by acth piro
perty owner, 4hall be paid ill cash, with- I
in ten days after thile accepitahic of said I
work. and the publication in the ollicial
oewspapers of this Corporation of the
ordinaice accepting said work, the ba
lance after the payment of the twen ty r
per cent, shall be represented by certifi- It
cates bearing per cent (6) yearly inter- is
est-which interest is payable annually, '
signed and issued by the Mayor of St.
Martiuville, La.. payable in oue, two.
three alI four years from date of isnu
ance- which shall be within ten days '
after the contract is complied with and
accepted. Said certificate shall be re
rdeemable by the owners, at their option,
sooner than their respective maturity;
which said certificates shall name the
present owner, described the property
against which they are issued, and
which said certificate and assessment of
said property under this ordinance,
shall be duly recorded lu the Cit rk's and
Recorder's Office of the Parish of St.
Martin, La., and shall be secured by first
privilege and special mortgage on said
assessed property, having priority to all
other charges except taxes; said e rtii
eates shall be transferable carrying with
said tranlfer the lien and pri l g Of
the tranlfclt 'e at their fill val.e to the
conltractor I1I paVllyment of wl k t r
real lone and fUrnllilled 011 s..,d id
walks and curbings.
Those voting for: J. II. Duchamp, L.
.1. Iluchamp, i. J. (iuirard and P. J. Gary.
Those votllng againist: Ur. J. S. Martin.
IIDEWALKS ..ND t 'ltilNt
Specifications of material and labor to be used
in thte construction of ('ement rldewalks andi
curbing in the Town of It. Martinville, La.
When necessary to exc:avate or till in to get
proper level for ithe ocoucrete work the ground to
Is, turlanll hard, all excites of dirt belongs to
contraLctor t., fill up where tneeded.
ioncreto wirk fI hr c"nuit,.issrt l of tI:. frillos'.
tL l ,Iter. dalllll pl.i tll,ll - :
tI'l c'ail hr kr.i ,or g',t.le, niot ,erl' 1 IU in
thick btlrrel.
,wti it-iaiu c-alrre charl, scud -- Imirreir
.Ird cemenet qluality o t e approived b1 t'otuncil.
-- barrel
Samples of all materials to be used in said
work to be submitted to and accepted by the
Mlayor and (,uucil or any representative before
being used. All sanld and cement to be well
mixedl, turned orver S time,,then the whole sand,
cI ement and gravel or broken stone to be turned
over 3 times before using.
Concrete to be laid to uniform thickness of
1I O' inches and not over 4 feet square, with ex
pansion seems every 12 feet, on side walks 4
feet wide and every b feet on side walks over 4
feet wide,to be built with slope of '~ inch to the
foot towards ditch. The whole to be well tamp
ed. The cement to be composed of one and
onte-half barrels of clean, coarmt sharp uand to
d one barrel of Portland or other cement.
Hioth sand and cement to be thoroughly sifted
mixed dry before water is applied, after appli
cation of water cement must be laid within two
- hours and within six hours after concrete has
Iwen laid, it must be thoroughly troweled toa
surface with the slope of the concrete, work
when completed to w 4 inches thick.
All cement to be used to be first class, not le-ss
than 2 per cent of the cement by weight
-hall pas, through No. 10ts seive. Ilaving ll.i5ll
,ne-hes to the sluare.Tensile strength briluettes
iaulel of neat cement and sutficient water to
isake stiff Imnas, shall after setting one lday
in air and six in w.,t r develop tensile strenght
iof 125 lb, per sqiuare inch Muudnes. All ce
niment that cracks or checks when made into
cake. will be rejcctedl. rflme of setting (-, no ce
InUt-L that commeuces to set in 30 minutes will
we accepted.
All work to be ltrne in rt workuandlike mannlier.
All work to be accepted by the Mayor and t'oun
cil. Settlement to be made on completion of
the work, when the ct.utract is com
pleted andl acceptedl settlement to be made
therefor. All bids mu-t Ie nsealedw, accompa
nied with a certifiedlcheck of one of our local
Banks, for ten per cent of the bid. All certifiedl
checks of unsuccessful bidders will be returned
at once.
T Th siuccessful bidder will be r-equired to fur
uih I,,ald of somue responsible Surety Company
i-qtlal to .0 I tr cent of tile amount of the bid
Samul work tri Idone, said bond to remain in
- fTre for 12 mouths alter the completion and
I'Lcceptail.ceo f sail work, under these specifica
tin,ns. i ai guaranty of the quality of the work
rhis cIintract and work therewith, as per fore
giintg erIqthcatlsu* andcl accomlranyiuni oI) of
SI)rditance callong fur the Ibuildling of said itle
wlks aild eurbings must be cimpletisl within
fIn nlirithe from ldate ,f signing ,f the contraet
anl furnishing of saiul bsInd, ir in defaultthlref
tire, routrtcftor ton fleit ~il0l per week to the
r'rleoration of St. Mariinville. La.
l)rive w-yr, ir waglonu crositincs trhall li ;
ilchl-etlhik If ,concrhe2 of irenlint. As a
rItc,,it, which rIhall Is brought ti ar evenl
-titi-Ihl surface anld markled ai- thie Mayor mtuy
- iiliicats. There shall Is srtiliciilit (i incltrs
fpiL, tiatlford lproer drainage to thle abutting
prrtlwrty, under dir-etirn of the Mayri. The
pipte ht Is- ttlbiject tro .Mayorrs aci-iptiuce ti lie
meal sirund 6 inch. piller. "iindl crutructor
to follw the levels indlicatld t) the Surveyor.
FIr all brick curbt. the lhstr qvuality rf hard brin
Sed brlk,. .erfrctl shaltl. pnrese untinlg a regu-r
I; lr smrrth s*urface shall b, usl.d, to Is. laiid Il
I rmnllt and lliortar Ulpus,id ,liof ine prart Portl
lanid alnl 3,if radr. Itrick ctrb shaIll be ,,
inch thick the top tr, be laid with brik,,s ,on the
1' ·l with uends to li' stlreet at all corners the
I pavement to wt ruudeil., the crirblung i turnu all
thiegutters rf the cross lstreet and Etivenienlt ti
f.hirw it around era as to filliw a l.roringation
,rf the propelrty linle and to sttanl the saime dis
tance friom the curbing as shrwn from the front
line. O)ne rlsWtt ls alLt all brick curbing 13
inches or lIr brick wide. The curbing to be
laid rnrst to lines and levels tlen cement to be
straight edge from inner level of curbing.
'he liuege of side walk under this bid is -
e.luare yard. (urbing - a inare feet.
Bids are asked for the construction thereon
rad the fnrni,hing of the materials thereof
l'he facilit) of transportation are Lth liail
Itoad and water, gravel from People Iland can
te delivered on banks off he Teche in town b)
barges. Such a as are ned at the Irlks now be
ing Luilt Iwtween St. Martiuville and New
Iberia. All bids must be delived to Sidney lhe
ahous*~a)e. Siecretary of the ('orltaration of St.
\lartinvill. on or bef.re 1' c'hlock on the
,lay of - 191 . mad are all subject to the
fight reserved to reject any or all bids.
On mottion of . .1. . GuiraiJt andI duly
•econded by J. II. IuchamIp that where
,ver ctrbiltga are ti ex Ptm of two and( a
half (2!) feet the exces, shall be paid
by the C(orporation of St. Martinville.
the above was voted upon and luaili
Iously carried.
There being no further busilpes before
the Council on motion of R. J. Guirard
and duly seconded the maeeiing adjour
See. and Trea.
Bargail! a Baraing! i
Men, Youths i Boys Suits
Suits at Greatly Reduced Prices, We made a
deep Cut in the price on account of the unfa
vorable conditions prevailing and the fact that
we have a very Large Stock which we desire
to reduce and give Our Customers the bene
fit of Low Prices, many suits will go at
Suits selling
20 per cent
Good Co ______
Mrs. Rose Broussard
 Has just received a Fine and Complete
stock of Millinery Novelties and invites
the public to come and look at the
beauties of millinery art.
J. J. BURDIN & sRO.,
....Manufacturers of....
And carry a large stock of
Leong Leaf Yellow Pine Lmlber Flooring, Sldiag ald Desention
St. Martinville, L.., Jan. 1913.
Sealed proposals will be received by the on
deraigned otficial of the Board of School Diree.
tors of the Parish of St. Martin from this date
until January o1st, 1919, at 4 p. m. for the fol.
Iil A newspaper or newspapers to print and
publish the minutes or prooeedingsof the Boad
Logtiher with all official notices that n.ay be m.
quired from time to time.
t2' A bank or banks, chartered under the
law. of the State of Lonisiana, or of the United
Staten, and domiciled in the Parish of St. Mar
tin., to become the Hoard's Fiscal Agency or De..
pouitory said proposal to be made in conformi-.
ty with the law bearing upon the subject.
The right is reserved to reject any or all bide.
All bide will be ope:ed at a special meeting of
the Board on February let, 191.
A. J. DUPUY. Secretary.
SALESMEN WANTED to look after
our interest in St. Martin and adjacent
counries. Salary or commisasion. Ad
dress THE HARVEY OIL CO., Cleve.
laud. O.

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