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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, January 18, 1913, Image 2

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FRIDAY, JAN. 24th.
I: Aborn English
Grand Opera Company
SI11 Trovatore"
IO 00 AND ORCHESTRA . . . . . . .
" Splendid and Artistic Scenery Costumes
and Effects
i RIGHT PRICES: $2, $1.50 and 75c.
r~~~---- ~ ---. ,
The planters took advantage of
the few days of fair weather this ,
week, to put in some work in the a
field, the season is advancing adl r
nothing was done since the first
of the month on account of the t
wet condition.
If your children are subject to attacks
of oroup watch for the first sympton,.
hoarseness. Give Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy as soon as the child becomes
hoarse and the attach may be warded
off. For sale by all druggists.
Our streets and roads in some
places are so bad that they cannot
be repaired until they have a
chance to dry, there is no way of C
repairing mud holes except with
shells or some other hard mate- °
rial, which cannot be secured.
When you want a reliable medlicine l
for a cough or cold take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It can always be de
peuded upon and is pleasant and safe
ta take. For sale by all druggists.
To show the progressiveness of
some of our neighbors we have t
only to mention the fact that Jean
erette which has just completed a
system of concrete, or coment side- 3
walk is now having its Main street !
paved, read the following from the t
local paper :
"The street paving contractors
are making very good time despite t
the bad weather. They have al- t
most finished laying the drainage 1
pipes, have the curbing built from
the east end to the Moresi railroad
switch, and it is a fine job of ce
ment work. They are now laying
the conorete work for the street a
and the trolley line track. ihis
concrete is four inches thick, to ble
c.overed with two inches ,of ther
bitholithio mixture. The compa
ny has a large force of meni at
work and the pay roll of this labor t
cornes at au opportune time at I
this season of business depression;
it is of great help to the trade of
the town.-Jeanerette Herald.
Here Is a remedy that will cuei your
cold. Why waste time and money ex
perimenting when you can get a pielpa
ration that has won a world-wide repu
tation by its cures of this disease and
ean always be depended upon? It is d
known every-where as Chamberlain 's
Cough Remedy, and is a medicine of real
merit. For sale by all druggists.
Why is it that when a woman
says something mean about a man
she generally winds up her rtmark
by sying, "And the men are all
f Frightful P'olar Winds
blow with terntilie forci- at thie far north
e iand play havoc with the sIi n, t causing
ret, rlough or sore. chapp-i hailns and i
t lips, that need lIuncklen's .Annlta . aiio.
a to heal. It Iinake-s tile skkll soft andl W
s8111itlh. 'nlrival d for e.lni-sores, al,- do
bunts, boils. sores, iklers, iuts, bruise-,
annd piles. OniV 25 ceints at all druggitt
It at
s Last Wednesday. Messrs. John 7(
D. Walet and J. J. Burdiu, special a
representatives from Iberia and St. l
Martin Parishes, appeared before lii
t the Atchafalaya Levee Board in Y(
session at Baton Rouge and se- al
cured an appropriation of $270,- Y
, 000, payable in three annual in- f
stallments of $90,000 for the con- fir
struction of a levee from Port e'
Barre to some point in Bayou Y'
e Teche, between Jeanerette and tb
8 Charentou. The building of a le- a
vee along the East Bank of the Y'
Atch-faleya River which has been a'
in progrees for the past several W
f years, has reclaimed a vast area in y'
e the other Pariesbes to the detri. al
- ment of Iberia, St. Martin and St.
a Mary, large sections of which are
- yearly inunilated by the overflow
t waters from the River, although in(
e these three Parishes have, for a
many years, contributed their full W
a quota of taxes for the proper con- "
e trol of these waters. To remedy
Sthese evils, the Police Julies of Y
e Ileria and St. Martin sent Messrs in
n \Valet and Burdin to ask for relief fe
i fronm the Lsvee' Board. So well ti
. was the mission performed, that
g the appropriation secured will con
t struct the prlposed( levee and ren
d ier possibl , the cultivation of a
e large territory, comprising Mamo
'of the most fertile lands in the
SState, thereby enriching the own- t
t era andt, incidletly, adding mnuch
r to the public treasury.-- New ibe.
t ria Enterprise. n
; The Stock-holders of the Bank
iof St. Martinville held their an- Y
nual meeting at their banking I
house and re-elected the following
Board of I)irectors: R Martin, L. 2
J. (;ardemnal, J. B. Levert, W. H. 2
Cozine, Jas. J. Martinu, P. A. ien
d venu, Albert lienvenu. lhe same
8 day the new Board met and re
Selected the following officers : R.
Martin, President; L. J. Garde.
mal, Vice-President; Albert Blien-u
venu, Cashier; M Ducrest, Assis-.
tant Cashier; P. A. Bienvenou,
Oats, Hay, Bran at L. Bienvenu.
At this season of the year th
Sunny South has always quite an
addition to its population in the
shape of the 'gentlemen of leisure'
who flock this way to avoid the
extreme wintry weather of the
northern states. These fellows
have a great antipathy to work,
and the heads of the household
should make it a duty to see that
a goodly pile of dry wood is kept
in the back yard, to which the
good housewife may direct the at
tention of the "Weary Willie,"
who knocks at her back door for a
handout. Work is almost as great
a cure for unnecessary evils as
water is for many diseases, and _
we believe that if rightly applied
will greatly alleviate this evil.
\We offer One Hundred Dollers Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by liall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. t
.1. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all f
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by his firum.
National Bank of Commerce,
Toledo, 0.
lhall's C'atarrh ('ure is taken internal
ly. acting directly upon tue blood and
iniI' iiinus surfaces of the system.
-enlad for testinoillalsi free.
F. .. I iENEY & CO.. Toledo. i
Soil by all Druggists.
lak. IHall's Familyv ills for lrlnstipatlor
I low Would You Like It?
Any man who wishes that he
was a woman should try it for a
Fasten a counterpaue and a blan
ket 'round your legs; bunokle a
strap around your waist so tight
you can't draw a full breath or eat
a hearty meal; have your hair all
loose and fluffy so it keeps tick
liug your ears and getting into
your eyes; wear high-heeled shoes
and gloves a size too small for
you; cover your face with a veil
full of spots that make you squint;
fix a huge hat on pins so that
every time the wind blows it pulls
your hair opt by the roots, and
I then without any pockets and with V
a three inch square of lace to blow
you nose with, and shorf sleeves,
and cpen work stockings, go for a
walk on a winter's day and enjoy
yourself. Oh, yes, you'd like it,
all right.--T. & P. Quarterly.
A hero In A Lighthouse.
For years J. S. Donahue. So. Haven,
Mich.. a civil war captain, as a light
house keeper, averted awful wrecks, but
r a queer fact is, he might have been a
wieck, himself, if Electric Bitters had
not prevented. "They cured me of kid
uney trouble and chills," lie writes, "after
I had taken other no called cures for
years. without benefit and they also im
proved muy sight. Now, at seventy, I am
feeling line." For dyepepsia, indiges
tion. all stomach, liver and kidney trou
bles, they're without equal. Try theim.
()iOnly 50 ,ts at all druggists.
'The 200 arpents plan
- tation of Wm. Berard,
next to St. John Refi
nery, east of the Ba
Syou, with all improve
ments thereon. Also
250 acres wood-land,
20 acres cane seed, one
pair American mule.
W ill sale on terms, for
additional information
Laizaire Bienvenu,
Real Estate Agent.
Bargain! Bargain!
Men, Youths A Boys Suits
Suits at Greatly Reduced Prices, We made a
deep Cut in the price on account of the unfa
vorable conditions prevailing and the fact that
we have a very Large Stock which we desire
to reduce and give Our Customers the bene
fit of Low Prices, many suits will go at
Suits selling
20 per cent
Gooad cbtee
Mrs. Rose Broussard g
SHas just received a Fine and Complete
stock of Millinery Novelties and invites
the public to come and look at the
beauties of millinery art.
....Manufacturers of....
And carry a large stock of
Long Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber Flooring, Siding and Dementlon
ri We do all kinds of eommerclal i
* eJobd Printino I
 And we do it well and promptly
~~~~6g~~ E*~66 *E*E*8~i~T

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