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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, February 20, 1915, Image 3

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!)H eekly Messenger,
Subscription $ ,oo a year an advance
SATURDAY, IFEB. 20, 1915.
Bank of St. Martinville
Bellzaire R iltz
No. 11281
19th Judicial District Court,
Parish St. Martin. State of Louisiaan.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale
Issued out of the 19th Judicial District
Court, in and for the Parish of St. Mar
tin, State of Louisiana, in the above en
titled and numbered suit, dated this 10th
day of Feb. 1915.
I have seized and will proceed to sell
at public auction to the last and high
est bidder at the front door of the Court
House, between the legal sale hours in
the Town of St. Martinville on
Saturday March 27th, 1915,
the following mentioned and described
property. to-wit:
That certain town lot situated in the
Corporation of the Town of St. Martin
ville, St. Martin Parish. La., in the li0
vier addition containing 36-li0 super
Setal arpeuts. and being Lot No. 12 of
plat of survey anueied to said sale re
corded under No. 165t49 of the Records
f St. Martin Parish. said lot being
Bounded North by lot No. 13 of said plat
belongiog to J. J. Bnrdin. South by lot
No. 11 of said plat, belonging to Onesi
phore Wiltz, !ast by lot No. 9 of said
plat belonging to Celeste Neveu. West
by Theatre street, together with said lot
all the buildings and improvements
thereon situated and thereto belonging.
Seized to satisfy above writ.
Terms and conditions-cash.
Sheriffs office this 15th day of Feb.
A. D. 1915.
WADE 0. MARTIN. Sheriff.
In the matter of Victor Doiron and wife
Marie Celeste St. Julien.
Prorate )oeket No. 3650.
19th Judicial District Court.
State of Louisiana. Parish of St. Martin.
Whereas, Walter Doirou, of the Parish
of St. Martin. Louisiana. has fied his
pettieon in this office applying to be ap
pointed administrator of said above
mentioued and entitled succession.
Now Therefore Public Notice is hereby
given to all parties interested to show
suse, it any they have in writing.with
in ten days from this publication, why
said application should not be granted
and said apppiutment made as prayed
Witness the Honl. James Simon. Judge
of said Court, St. Martinville, La., this
4th.. day of Feb. A. D. 1915.
Dy. Clerk of Court, St. Martin Parish la.
Bauk of St. Martiuville.
Pierre Barras
No. 11271
19th Judicial District Court.
Parish of St. Martin. State of Louisiana,
By virtue of a writ of s-izure and sale
laued out of the 19th Judicial District
Court, In and for the Parish of St. Mar
tin, State of lAuisianu. in the above en
titled and numbered suit. dated this 20th
dray of Jia. 1915.
I have seized and will proceed to sell
at publio auction to the last and high
met bidder at the front door of the Courl
House. between the legal sale hours it
' the Town of St. Martinville on
Saturday, March 13th, 1915.
tbhe followinug mentioned and describe(
property, to wit:
That certatu tract of land with all the
buildingsu and improvemeunte thereot
and thereto belonging situated at ld1
Llbe in the Third ard of ith. Pat isl
of St. Martli. La.. containing Fort]
Arve (2 z 223) arpeuts in superticia
area. Bounded North and East by land
of Mrs. Aurelien Barras. South by Pub
lie Road and West by lands of ida.
Seized to satisfy above writ.
Terms and eonditiouF-cash.
SherifFs office this Sud day 'f Feb.
A. D. 1915.
WIAs 0. MAIrn, Sherlif
Agricultural Extension Work
In The Parish.
Supt. Chavez has just comple
ted the organization of the corn
and tomato club members having
doue so thru the principale of the
chooles. There are 209 members
in the Corn Club and 416 mem
bers in the Tomato Club. The
School Board appropriated money
for the Ipurchase of seed for the
members, and this seed is now be
ing distributed. Professors Brum
ield and Guilbeau are distribu
ting the seed in the upper part of
the parish, and Professors Chavez
and Edwards in the lower part of
the parish.
Information will be furnished
the club members by the State
and National Departments of
Agricu!ture, and they will be
assisted occasionally by the school
board's agriculturist, Mr. Guil
beau, who is not now required to
do any extension work outside of
his community.
Closed Season For Game
Birds Is On.
Closed season on all game birds,
game animals and the trapping of
for-bearing animals went into ef
fect Mardi Gras and Wednesday
morning word was sent from the
general offices of the Conservation
Commission to all conservation
agents scattered over the state to
institute a vigorous campaign to
apprehend all violators of the con
servation laws.
It is now unlawful to shoot or
trap wild geese, brant, ducks,
groeblcs, rails ( marsh hens or
mud hens,) coots (poole d'eau),
gallinules, woodoock (cherooks
and papabottes), tatlers, curlews,
plovers, quail doves, wild turkey.
Of the game animals squirrels and
deer are now under the protection
of the cloeed season and it is un
lawful to trap otter, mink, musk
rat, raccoon, askmuk, beaver and
Miss Helen Bienuvenu is spend
ing a few days in New Orleans.
---Miss Elise Robert of Breaux
Bridge spent several days here
this week.
Mr. and'Mrs. A. G. Broussard
of Breaux Bridge were visiting
here this week.
Miss Alice Pepper of Jeauerette
is here visiting at the home of
Mrs. P. L. Fournet.
Miss Louise Greig of Arnaud
ville spent several days with rela
tives here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Fournet
made a trip to New Orleans and
Coviugton this week.
Mise Eve Bt. Mary of Loreau
ville is here, visiting at the home
of Mrs B. S Dessense.
-Mrs. Eddie Hermin;wvay of
Lake Charles is here visiting her
mother, Mrs. Gabriel Bulliard.
Mrs. David Ellender and Mrs.
Henry Ellender of Terrebonne
are here visiting their sister, Mrs.
F. O. Chavez.
-Mrs. Gaston Mesteyer of 1New
Iberia, spent several days here
this week with her father, Mr.
Dan DeBlanc.
-Mrs. Armand Clement visited
New Orleans on account of the
death of her sister, Miss Odile
Hienvenu this week.
-Mesresr. Lionel Fleming and
Carroll Simon, who are students
at the Tulaue, New Orleans, carms
home for the Carnival.
Mrs. Louie Ouidroz and Misses
Bertha Breaux, Marie Louise Guai.
droz and Benrietta Gauthreaux ol
Aruaodville, spent several day.
here this week.
Sweet Potatoes Command High
Mr. Editor : '1
I read Prof. F. T. Guilbean's
article and that of Mr. Chevis of
the Southwestern Bureau, aud I
hlave made some observation con
cerning farm products.
\While in Chicago a few weeks
ago, I wade it my business to in
quire the price retailers were get
ting in that city for sweet pota
toes, which was 6 oeuts per pound
or $J9 0 per barrel.
Sweet potatoes are shipped to
the Chicago market in hampers
from Delaware and New Jersey.
The hampers weigh 50 pounds,
the potatoes are of the same qua
lity and uniform in size. The
very large and smail potatoes are
not salable and are kept on the
farm for feeding stock and hogs.
If the producers will pack their
products in the right way, in qua
lity, size and package, and get in
the right market, they will always
,et good, paying prices for what
they grow.
The meeting Monday night de
.ided to proceed at once with the
recall of the Police Jurors of the
lirst ward.
-We learn that Mr. Robert J.
luirard has let the contract for a
new home on his large lot on the
east side.
-On Monday February 22nd.,
Washington birthday, there will
be no school in the public schools
of the parish.
There was a Teachers Institate
at Breaux Bridge last Saturday
and all the teachers from this end
were in attendanoe.
Mr. Auguste Guirard is having
large repairs made to his home,
which, when oompleted, will make
a good comfortable home.
-To-uight at the Opera House,
'T'he Seminary Girls', will present
a programme of unusual variety.
This is a guaranteed show.
The War Department has issu
ed a notice permitting the rice
planters to use the water from the
Teohe for rice irrigation. The
permit is for this year only.
We had a great big crowd here
Tuesday, and we were told that
many more would have beet with
us had it not been for the repor
ted bad condition of Terrace.
Mrs. D. E. I)ochamp returned
home Monday with her little girl,
Lena, whom she had taken to New
Orleans for an operation for ap
pendicitice. The little is perfect.
ly well now.
--iss Odile Bienvenu died in
New leans on Monday Feb. 15
and was buried on Tuesday Feb.
16th. Miss Bieuvenu was a nas
tiv, of St. Martinville, uand was 32
years of age.
eil oresea bsi nd. o -
Dr. King'sb
Diversitication means less ere
dit, mote cash busipes, and no ne
cessity for esling by the year.
THE COMMERCIAL BANK has recently install
ed an adding-subtracting machine to be used for
Ledger Posting. The machine was manufactured
by the Burroughs Adding Machine Co., of Detroit.
People who are not acquainted with the inside work
ing of a bank will not fully realize the great advan
tage of machine work over hand work in posting to
the ledger. In the first place, the Commercial Bank
will save at least twenty per cent in time by the ma
chine method. This saving means something to the
depositors of the Bank, for this time can be devoted
to the improvement of the already excellent service
which the Commercial Bank is now giving to its
If people only knew the opportunity which is offer
ed them by a weekly newspaper, they would take
advantage of it each week and tell their neighbors
about things which they have to sell which would
be profitable to both of them.
Every day there are bargains going to waste be
cause the party who would like to have them, and
who is looking for them does not know that they
are within his reach. :: :: :: ::
W- Just a little ad. will do the work.
akes Best Bred With eBst Plew
or Orders reoeived for any kinds of breed.
, FIRE makes every man think: "What company
Scarries my risk ?"'' The answer may determine the
lf property owner's whole future. A clean record .
; through one hundred and four years backs the state
SPOLICY means a prompt, cheerful payment of an
Shonest obligation :: :: ::
Agency EstaMblished In 1908.
We do all kinds of *ommnerlal
Job I Prlntin.
and we do It well and pro9pt/y

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