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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, November 11, 1916, Image 2

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Paying Oil Well Brought In
At Bayou Bouillon.
St. Martin Makes Another Stride As
An Oil Producer.
The bringing in of a paying oil the many visitors registered at the
well, by the Gulf Refining Co., and New Era hotel were: Mr. Padden,
Emerson and Sutton, at Bayou of the Standard, Mr. Garret of the
Boillon in Sec. 13 T. 9 8. R. 8 E., Gulf Refining Co., Mr. Shraeder
in St. Martin Parish, Louisiana, of the Producer's Oil Co., Mr.
on the lands of the Atchafalaya Moore of the Hardy Oil Co.
Oil and Mineral Co., puts St. Mar- The Gulf Refining Co., are about
tin Parish forward as an oil pro- to commence their second well,
ducing territory, with Anse La and several other wells are already
Butte on the Western boundary contracted for.
and Bayou Bouillon on the Eastern The Bayou Boillon oil well is on
limit of the Parish, together with the Atchafalaya River, with deep
the many known indications of oil water communication to Plaque.
existing between those two points, mine and the Mississippi, and in
assures beyond a doubt, further ex- fact all the water routes of the
tensive develoyment, and St. Mar- country. All who have visited the
tin promises to soon rank as a lead- field declare that there is no doubt
ing oil producer. that an extensive oil field has been
The large oil interests of the opened up, and predict a repeti
Unites States, were well represen- tion of the Caddo oil fields of
ted on the ground this week, among North Louisiana.
The election Tuesday here re
suited ilt the election of Judge Jas.
Simon by a handsome majority.
In the contest for Congress both .
sides are claiming a victory, and
it is difficult to get the official re
sult at the time went to press.
The amendments to the consti-; t,
tution were all carried in the state, an
except No. 5, relating to the ser- tUS'
vice of women oil school and char- tr_
itable boards. the
The election of President Wilson seo
is considered safe. tng
Mr. Emile Vuilleniot had no op.
position for district attorney and a,
elected. ma'
We will give an itemized report ta
next week concerning the Con- 'T,
gressional election. ais
- co
Sunday Nov. 12.
"The American Beauty"
The American Beauty is a beauti- ,
ful picture and is guaranteed to lea
please all :: thl
Admission: 5 and ioc bey
./ by
Mr. Jos. F. Ferran is spending st,
a few days in New Orleans. H,
Miss Lucie Bienvenu spent seve. t.
ral days in New Orleans this week. fei
Mr. Aid Mrs. John F. Franz are ed
spending a few days in New Or- cli
leans. all
Mr. Milton Theriot left for Sul. ri
pher this week to work in the mine
at that place. th
Mr. Lionel Bienvenu of Opelou- Co.
sas was doing business in St. Mar- th
tinville this week. fr
Mr. Vic Herard who had joined w,
the S. U. Arnay a few months ago. m
returned home this week. fr
-Mrs. Francis DeBlanc.of New bl
Iberia was here Wednesday to at.- cl
tend Pollingue -. DeLaloire mar
riage. nM
--Mr. St. Martin Fournet has! tb
opened a grocery in the Bienvenu s,
building, next to the Messenger p;
office. m
A number of young people en
joyed a nice house party at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Labbe
last Friday night. Refreshments
and cakes were served. . at
SMoldy aey and Blighted Grasses Prb p
1: able CaueC -Prop Precawtionw
Will Prevet This Diseae. ma
The disease of horses sd mules,
- blnd4taggers, so-called, is known by
a number of names, suck as meslnal- grE
Sti, cerebro-spinal mealangitle, and la- sh
ter, forage-poisoning, seems to be do
quite prevalent at the preseat time
throughout Louisiana, as well as
, some other of the states, and is caus- an
lag considerable lose amongst these en'
animals. tec
Unfortunately it is a very tal t
ailment when once it attacks the ani
mal, but on the other hand it is one on
that may be prevented if only owners tal
were a little more familiar with it.
Those who have had to do with the
disease have observed that climatic
conditions seem to play an important by
part in its occurrence, and it seems rem
most prevalent during seasons of sun- Th
shine and showers in the warm part tigi
of the year, which are favorable to rei
1 the development of vegetable life gen- an
erally, and to molds or fungi of dif
ferent kinds, which are also vegeta
ble in their nature.
Such climatic conditions as we have
spoken of seem to have been preva
o lent locally, at least, if not generally, th
throughout the state, and the animals ca
attacked are usually those that have its
C been grazing on good pastures, but do
where the grasses have been attacked ea
by some of the numerous fungi. Nu- co
merous investigations have been Cu
made to try to discover the actbal m
cause of this ailment, as it has been
thougbt possible that it might be of a
bacterial nature. However, nothing
absolutely definite has been arrived 1
ig at, so far, along this line of work. Ci
However, be this as it may. there I"
seems little question that the disease
- ias in some way associated with the
k. feeding of moldy grain, especially dur- L
iug the winter season, andeof blight
re ed grasses during the summer, under
'r- climatic conditions such as we have Y4
alluded to. as a complete change of
feed will usually stop the disease
1 right away.
ue And while the trouble may be with
the blighted grasses at the present
time, it may, later on. be with the
u- corn which has been grown during
xr-I the hot. showery weather, and fed
from the crib in a moldy state.
Following this short explanation,
ed. we would urgently warn horse and n
o, mule owners to keep their animals
from grazing on long, luxuriant past
ures where there is any chance of
w blight or mold, and feed them on good,
it. cleean hay for the present.
r A large percentage of the eant
mals attacked die, and cures are
not to be depended upon. But
is the disease may be prevented by
eliminating the cause, that is, keeping
the animals away from the blighted
er pastures, and, later, cutting out the
moldy corn when fed from the crib.
W. H. Dalrymple,
Louisiana State Univerait*.
be -
ts See the new shepes armen hats
,at my store. 'w . Schwartz. i
A Chance To Sell.
The Louisiana State Board of
Agriculture and Immigration is
compiling a pamplet of lands for
sale in this State which will be of
fered to the homeseekers and the
investor, and desires a description
of any such property located in
Louisiana. Blanks to be filled aut
descriptive of the property will be
furnished on application to Justin
F. Denechaud Secretary of Immi
gration Division.
The phamplet must be in the
hands of the printer not later than
December let., therefore prompt
ness in furnishing a description
of any lands desired to be included
in the pamphlet is necessary.-St.
Francisville True Democrat.
Forget Your Aches
Stiff knees. aching limbs. lame back
make life a burden. If you suffer from
rheumatism. gout. lumbago, neuralgia,
get a bottle of Sluan's Liniment. the
universal remedy for pain. Easy to ap
tply; it penetrates without rubbing and
soothes the tender flesh. Cleaner and
more effective than mussy ointments or
f poultices. For strains or sprains, sore
muscles or wrenched ligaments result
ing from strenuous exercise. Sloan's Li
ulment gives quick reliee. Keep it on
hand for emergencies. At your drug
gist. 25c.
What Webster Said
American has proved that it is
practicable to elevate the mass of
mankind-the laboring or lower
class-to raise them to self-respect,
to make them competent to act a
" part in the great right and the
great duty of self-government; and
a she has proved that this may be
done by education and the diffu
sion of knowledge. She holds out
an example a thousand times more
m encouraging than ever was presen
ted before to those nine-tenths of
the human race who are born with
e out hereditary fortune or heridi
r tary rank.-Daniel Webster.
Cl ttrh Deafness Cannot Be Cared
et by local applications, as they cannot
as reach the di.eased portion of the ear.
e- There is only one way to cure catarrhal
t deafness, ad that is by a constitutional
to remedy.' ,tarrh Deafuees is caused by
nan inl condition of the mucous
Slininug of the Eustachian Tube. When
this tube is inflamed you have a rum
bling sound or imperfect hearins and
when it is entirely closed. Deafness is
the result. Unless the inflammation
Is can be reduced aud this tube restored to
v its normal condition, hearing will be
ut destroyed. Many cases of deafness are
ed caused by catarrh, which is an inflamed
fa- condition of the mucous surfaces. Hall's
en Catarrh Cure acts thru the blood on the
,al mucous surfaces of the system.
en We will give One Hundred Dollars for -
a any case of Catarrh Deafness that can
ed ,dtt be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
rk. Circulars free. All druggists. 75 cents.
Fe . J. I'heney & Co.. Toledo. O.
r- Lot and Stable on Hamilton street 5
t for sale $500 cash or $600 on 1 2 3
Syears term with interest, address 5
Abbeville, Louisiana.
Notice To Tax Payers.
Your Corporation Taxes for
1916 are now due and we are
now ready to collect same.
SSidney E. Delahoussaye, *
a Tax Collector.
y' Ac+,.NT FOR
Take subscription by the week. I
month and year.
Thanksgiving Proclamation
By Weodrow Wilson
The season is at hand in which it has
been our long respected custom as a
people to turn in praise and Thanks
giving to Almighty God for his man
ifold mercies and blessings to us as a
Nation. Now therefore, I, Wood
row Wilson, President of the United
States of America, do hereby designate
the last Thursday of November next
as a day of Thanksgiving and prayer,
and invite the people throughout the
land to cease from their wonted occu
pations and in their several homes and
places of worship render thanks' to
Almighty God.
" Whore You Most Your Friends"
MaEagrT Asst. Mager
Wholesale and Commission,
Rail Road Avenue,
With large resources makes loans
_ to its customers at eight per cent
~ discounts. - 4
Ptays 3 per cent interest on Savings Deposits 4
i and 4 per cent on Time Deposits. - - - -
SHas the facilities to accommodate its customers.
Your business is solicited.
mmmmmmmmmm.... mmmanunmana.

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