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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, June 15, 1918, Image 1

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NN i mnun mam • I lmi n m u n • i n_ B m_ nmI , • l n n-l ,qIi p
We carry a full
line of Blue Serges
and other good
quality of summer
suits, can easily fit
you up. Come see
our goods before
Palm Beach and
other light goods
are also in stock.
Straw hats, all the
latest styles.
I. SHWARTZ, G'aent's Goods'
1The list of the new teachers for
next sesin i of the Public Schools
appear in tlhe proceedings of the
School I,,trld in this issue.
- w.s.s. - -
Miss May Barras entertained a
hlrge number of her friends Tues
day night. on the, plantation home.
All I who attentded enjoyed thei'
Ni..vts iluttnisely.
w.s.s. - -
w.s.s.- -
We a1. inforlnd that the fol
Ilini 3 yolii.r Iitn e have entered
thI I nitld St"ats service. will go
tI ' uhit , iio hat- 15th4., f,,r spe
vial work: All, i)u I )c rst, Edward
Il ;Is. C'. ,) Potter.
W.S.S. -
'h, (',Inc11il d Ntlitoinal De
f 'll.e, 111,q lstls thell Lu isia ,,a Statei
',Innc.il f I) fi - to, have the.
I'arsl l b ,ul I',Inlllt ity C ,ouncil's
;111 tin. \\,lmal;ins ( ,,iuillitIte' iIl'lke
0i:111 1 1,\ f,,1 ' an i lt 'propriate oh-l
'-,. t \an.I,. ,ft th,e l i",urilh 'f Jlulu
whio ti1l1 intl;d, I j 'v terl umIuiif er
(I . ... . ittil inl the S late.
trn tr y, l ti tit iII , thi l ' Ir',. :d4,nt
lr1' ; nl ,l,,prtunity,, toJ m anifest l ,
the F',urtilt It Ju.1 ly their loyalty to
tu I lilt S itt., hilt1 the cause
ftl lhi'i it s tighting.
TIll (1'airtmafin of all Parish ianld
(',tIlluniVy ',uncils ,of efense
hat\ In ,t uppl)ied with sug.gts
ti,, n ftir ;In appropriatet clebru.
tlul. iunilu ling a programll which
'll 1be adallpted to local conditions.
tid alil pIat'riotic citizens are urged
t, c1- IperatI, with the I'arish and
(',mntunitv ('aount ils in ., 5' ini
that this di.y is tiliilv ohbserved.
The \'omuan's ('on mlit te is espe.
cially reluestd tI 'k,. i; L , n 'tive
part in arraungin for tlhe celebra.
The Uncivil War.
As opposed to the civil war be
tween the states the present world
strife may be known as the uncivil
war. Never before has a belliger
ent nation been so uncivil as
marks the conduct of the German
empire. Never before has a na
tion calling itself civilized waged
ruthless war upon helpless women
and innocent children. Never be
fore has such hideous atrocities
been lih;tped upoi,, captives. Al
ways heretofore unfortified towns
an(l cities have been respected
(4ermany respects nothing. Truly
this is an uncivil war and Germany
least civil of all. - Texas Farm and
- w.s.s. -
-. . W.S.S.
. .---. W.S.S. - -
1)I 'RANI - 'ItLTZ.
Mr. Leonce Duraud, one of our
prominent planters was marriedl
Wednesdoy to Miss Louella W\iltz
of this parish, the ceremony - tak
ing place at the plantation ho)me
of the bride. Fat her Ieeters
officiating. The wedding was a
qlniet one on accounlt o(f both fain.
ilies being in deep mourning.
I EE:i;T -- LEB.LAN(.
Mr. (;aston Hebert of St. Mar
tinville was iniirrietl to Miss A.\to
unia LeBlanc of St. Martin parish
at the Breaux Bridge Catholic
Church Tuesday evening. MI r.
and Mrs. Hebert caune to St. Mar.
tinvilhl the same evening and will
make their homne here.
List what you have for sale with
me, especially real estate. The ds.
mands are good. Laizai re Bienveul u
real eetatV and tire insurance agent.
Maohines Have Bcen Improved iI
Many Respects.
Great things are expected of the
farm tractor in the present food emer
g ncy, and it is safe to say that we
shall be absolutely dependent on the
gas tractor for a very large part of the
immediate peak load.
"The tractor has passed through a
marked refining process recently. In
anticipation, it would seem, of the In
creased demands shortly to be made
upon it, and it will answer satisfactor
ily all reasonable demands," says E.
B. Doran, assistant professor of agron.
onmy, L. S. U. "It is ready and wait
ing to be hitched to the plow or har
row or drill or binder. It has not al
ways been the case that gas engines
and gas tractors were so reliable. But
today just as we ride in our trusty
automobile and never give an anxious
thought to reaching our destination,
with the same confidence we can sit
in the comfortable seat of our equally
reliable friend, the tractor, and look
ahead with assurance to the steady
execution of the many jobs on the
farm which it is eo admirably fitted to
"No longer does the tractor pack
the ground with its heavy weight, nor
does it require such a large area In
which to turn as heretofore. No more
does it suck into its vitals dust-laden
air to grind and wear and cause use
less waste. It cleverly filters all the
air it breathes in one of several In.
genious ways. More and more fre
quently do we find the tractor with all
gears, pinions, etc., In fact, all moving
parts except the drive and steering
wheels, effectively protected from dust
and provided with abundant and post
tire lubrication. It is becoming more
business-like and smooth and trim in
appearance, and more confidence-win
ning. The tractor is the new found
hired man who doesn't complain of
long hours. The tractor is the new
ehampigt of the cause of more food."
-L. S. U. Press Bulletin.
Indications Point To Good Poultry
Prices Next Fall and Wieter.
A large number of Louisiana lias
mers were unable to commenee their
hatching early enough to procure the
desired number of chicks within the
regular hatching period, according to
John L. Prehn, Extension Poultry
Husbandman, U. S. Department of Ag
riculture, co-operating with L. S. U.
It is therefore advisable, says Mr.
Prehn, to make up for this shortage
by retaining all profitable hens under
two years old. It is essential to cull
out the drones or slackers among the
hens, but hold and care for the like y
layers. Records show that the plans
for the 1918 hatching season would
use about 19 per cent less eggs for
that purpose than rn 1917. Added to
thi; we have the' fact that most of the
commercial ha~-Ith r, s of the country
were unable to carrt out their plans
through inability, to make shipmen.s
because of expr.rcss congestion, etc. It
is ther, fore evident that this year's
production will he cc.nsiderably below
normal; and this in the face of greater
requirements assuref: a good price for
poultry daring thlb fall and winter
mont hs.
On March 1.. there was in this coun
try about 20 per cent less poultry
than at the same time last year. The
Government is urging that every farmn
in the country carry as many hens as
can be conventently handled, so those
farmers who must dispose of profitable
hens during the coming summer
elhould sell to other farmers who can
care for them. The only poultry that
a patriotic and thrifty farmer would
sell for market during the next six
months are old roosters, no longer re
quired for breeding purposes; surplus
young roosters, as fryers and bort
roasters, and hens which can not pos
sibly be made to do their bit in the
way of laying egs.4-J. L. Prehn, Ex
tension Poultry Husbandman, Isl
-an State University.
Give us your next Printing
CertainTeed Roofinog
is now recognized and used as the preferable type
of roofing for residences, office-building, stores,
warehouses, garages, farm-buildings, etc. It is
economical to buy, inexpensible to lay and cost
nothing to maintain. V
Guaranteed 15 years. Investigate it before you de
cide what roofing to use. : ..
Laizaire Bienvenu
- Big Reliable Companies i
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ed them by a weekly newspaper, they would take
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be profitable to both of them. :: :: ::
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cause the party who would like to have them, and
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Just a little ad. will do the work. :: ::
All kinds of repairs promptly
All kinds of Tires and Accesso
ries for Automobiles.
)-AAA I, 1~'

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