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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, October 26, 1918, Image 1

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Ladies, Attention!
We wish to announce that we have received
and have in stock the
Latest and Snappiest styles
of Ladies and Misses Coats
and Suits. :
I. Se HWARTZ, Gent's Goods
Facts And Figures On The
Fire Loss.
The fre loss in the United
States will pay the National debt,
prior to the war, in four years.
The fire loss in the United
States will pay the cost of the Pa
nama Canal in two years.
The fire less in ten years
amounts to 77 per cent of the to
tal annual value of imported mer
The fire loss in ten years
amounts to 66 per cent of the an
nual value of exported merchan
90,000,000 people in the United
States use more mathes than 900,
000,000 in the rest of the world.
600,000 matches are scratched
every minute in the United
States. Each one is a possible
The fire loss for one year put in
silver dollars will make 5,577
Put in green backs it will make
131 square miles, and these placed
end to end will reach 27,422 miles.
The fire loss for one year placed
in pennies will reach 11 times
around the earth and then across
the United States.
These pennies placed in piles
will make 221,088 piles, 555 feet
high, or equal to the height of the
Washington Monument.
The Lafayette derrick here will
commence to receive stubble cane
on Monday Oct 28th. Those who
have contracts and others, are re
quested to arrange to commence
hauling on that day.
cades, La., Oct. 18, 1918.
J. R. Olivier,
St. Martinville, La.
Dear Doctor:
After reading over letters in the
Literary Digest of some of our
Soldier boys, I could no nothing
but decide to borrow some money
and take some more Liberty bonds,
so I enclose my application for
Yours truly,
Mrs. Arthur C. Viguerie, sister
of Mrs. F. O. Chavez, who lived in
Terrebonne, died of pneumoni
last week.
I have joined the American Pre
paredness League of Dentists and
have promised to extract teeth
tfree of charge, for all Class A 1
men who present themselves to me
for that service, now or at any
time before they leave for Camp.
J. R. Olivier, D. D. S.
Mr. D. Boucvalt was married to
Miss Elmire Broussard at the Ca
tholic Church here Sunday even
day, 20th inst., at six o'clock.
Mr. Victor Maraist has inform
ed us that his son, Robert Maraist,
who was a second Lieutenant and
now serving in the front line in
France, was recently commission.
ed a First Lieutenant, which will
be pleasing news to his many
friends here.
Do not throw your old stockings
away, ladies; it seems almost in
credible, to what use these appa
rently useless articles can be put.
Thousands upon thousands of worn
out stockings have been shipped
to the American Red Cross at New
York, and there (with the aid of
machines constructed for that very
purpose) converted into useful
garments. Anyone wbo burns or
otherwise destroys these or any
other article of clothing (no mat
ter what you think of its possible
usefulness) without first consult
ing some member of the Red
Cross, is committing a sin against
all humanity.
At 2 A. M , on Sunday October
27th., the clock will be tirned one
hour. This will mean that our
timepieces again will be in harmo
ny with the sun, for they were
turned forward one hour six
months ago in compliance with
the government's daylight-saving
-We wish to announce that we
have now in stock the latest and
snappiest styles of Ladies and
Misses coats and suits. Come and
see them. K. Schwartz.
- Friday of last week a negro
named Louis Jean Pierre who was
delirious with high fever, got out
of his bed and was found dead in
the street.
We do of Printing
Chairman of the Woman's Division of
the Council of National Defense.
Germany has outraged all that civill
sation has done for the world for thou
sands of years; in fact, it is beyond
question that the
- ' conduct of the
German nation
during this war
proves that the
kind of "Kultur"
which expresses
itself in the vio
lation of national
S treaties, ignores
: every rule of war,
: glories in the mu
tilation of inno
cent children, in
. the adsassination
and worse than
Dr. Anna H. Shaw. slavery of wom
en, and violates
every principle of honor, is malicious
and degrading.
If such a system were permitted to
conquer in this struggle, it would
wrest from the free people of the
world not alone their freedom and
their ideals of democratic Justice,
which, through generations of priva
tion, perseverence and indomitable
.will, they have wrung from the past,
but it would crush all the achieve
ments of peaceful industry, of educa
tion, and especially of spiritual aspira
tion, which are the hard-earned fruits
of these generations of world service.
Must Save Our Children.
We must save our children from the
debasing spirit of militarism, if Amer
ican men and women are ever again
to hope for the things they have cher
ished, and from which their ancestors
sought to escape when they defied the
tyranny of the domination of might
and gave to the world the democratic
ideals of justice and equality in the
immortal Declaration q Independence
to which our flag and 6ur country are
It is not enough that Germany shall
be defeated in battle or conquered by
hunger; she must be shown the truth,
that the world will no longer permit
any people to hold over-rated power
which threatens its peace or paralyzes
the processes of civilization.
"We Are Awake Now."
Whatever may have been our error
in the past, however blind we may
have been, we are awake now.
Whatever mistakes we have made
in the past, however we may have
underestimated Germany's desire to
crush the democratic ideals of the
world, now that that purpose is known,
it must be overcome itf womanhood and
childhood are to be saved anywhere.
There can be reparation for these
deeds nowhere, either in this world
or in the world to come. The only
hope lies in such a conquest over the
spirit of Germany that it may learn
the truth ; that It may understand that
today, as in time past, the only foun
dation, security antd stability for any
people, Germany included, is in right
eousness; that above the roar of bat
tie, the shrieking of shells, the groans
of the dying and the cries of little
children, the prophets of old are call
ing in tones that the whole world and
Germany must heed, "What does it
profit a man? What does the law re
quire of them but to do justly, to love
mercy and to walk humbly with God?'"
"Spirit Regenerated."
It is not enough that the military
power of Germany be conquered, but
'the German spirit must be regenerated.
Her mind must be open to learn the
truth about her false ideals of military
power, and we, too, must learn that
our fight is not alone to save our coun
try, important as that La We have
more than our own safety to serve;
we must win peace, peace for ourselves
and peace of the whole world-for
without world peace there can be se
cured peace in no part of it,
No hunting and trespassing
allowed on our plantations in
the third ward, violators will
be prosecuted.
Preval Barras,
J. R. Barras.
President Wilson seems to have
rather definitely settled a much moot
ed question by his opposition to the
candidacy for re-election of Congress
man Slayden of Texas, which resulted
in that gentleman withdrawing from
the race. Mr. Slayden voted for both
the Conscription Bill and the Declara
tlon of War, but had a consistent anti
preparedness record and voted against
the Kahn Amendment substituting the
selective draft for the volunteer sys
tem in the Conscription Bill.
There has been much discussion as
to whether a Congressman's loyalty or
war record should be Judged actord
ing to the way he voted on the Dec
laration of War and has voted since,
or whether his opposition to ante-war
measures looking to the military eil
ciency of the country should be count
ed against him. President Wilson ap
pears to have answered the question.
In line with this viewpoint as to the
war fitness of a Congressman the Na
tional Security League's Congressional
Campaign' Committee has Just Issued a
chart giving the record of the vetes
of all the members of the House of
Representatives in the Sixty-fourth
and Sixty-fifth Congresses on the eight
principal preparedness and war mess
ares, from the McLemore Resolution
to the Kahn Amendment The Securi
ty League's committee analyses the
chart by individuals and by states. It
shows that of the 374 men who sat in
both Congresses only 47 voted right
on all eight measures; that 7 voted
wrong on all eight, 22 wrong on seven
of the measures, 30 wrong on six and
58 wrong on five.
North Dakota heads the bad record
list with a percentage of 79.16 wrong.
votes. Colorado is a close second with
a p'rcentnF o of 78.12.
'1hcse figures clearly indicate that
there is decided room for improvement
in the present constitution of Con
gress and make an unanswerable argu
ment for the support of the National
Security League's campaign for a 100
per cent. loyal Congress by all patriot
Ic citizens, irrespective of politics.
Just Received ONE 6AR
Fresh Dittlinger
Hydrated in 40 pounds bal and also
Rock in barrels.
Laizaire Bienvenu
Big Reliable Companies 4
MaAI~m mnL LLJ AMI A"I II l~lha Ili]
"Make the United States a One Lean
guage Nation" Is the watchword adopt.
ed by the National Security League fto
one of the great divisions of its work,
directed by a Committee on Foreign
Language and Foreign Press. This
committee is devoting its attention at
the present time toward obtaining the
elimination of the teaching of German
in the public schools of the country
and the discontinuance of newspapers
printed in German. The thought back
of this effort of the Security League,
however, as set forth by Col. Charles
E. Lydecker, president of the League,
in a recent interview goes far beyond
enemy alien considerations.
"It is the duty of every citisen t
know the English tongue," says Colo
nel Lydecker. "To refuse to learn it is
to fling defiance at the nation. To neg
lect to learn it is voluntarily to reson
unfit for the duties of American -lti
senship. We are justified in expecting
open and loyal conduct, and we claim
the right to insist upo4 this. Amerl
canisation really means education. If
we educate our people properly we
shall make true Americans of our dti
sens of whatever blood, Americans
wise in knowledge of the principles of
democracy and true in heart for fair
ness and generbalty between men.
Great patience has been exercised in
our efforts to coavince the foreigners.
In the case of those not now convinced
justice to the cause for which we fight
demands stronger measures. They
must be compelled to convince them
selves of the value and the Justice of
Ameriean ideas, and this requires a
knowledge of the English language."
All the arguments on that so fre
quently nebulous term "Americanisa
tion" would sofm to be summed up
here. What could be simpler or more
common-sensible than that a man to
fully appreciate America must knew
its language?

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