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When you visit New Orleans
Stop at the
Dauphine and Iberville Streets.
A. D. STEWART, Manager.
Th. Weekly Messnger,
School Board Official, Journal
Subscription $ ,oo a year in advance
SATURDAY, Oct. 26, 1918
Fire Prevention Day Pledges
I will not permit any accumula
tion of trash, excelsior or paper in
or about my premises.
I will not keep gasoline in my
house and will use it only in the
open air with greatest precaution.
I will keep children from play
ing with matches or fire.
If I smoke I will be careful that
the match used is out before it
leaves my hand and will be sure
that I will not throw cigarette or
cigar stubs or empty a pipe near
any material or building.
I will inspect the heating, cook
ing and lighting apparatus about
my premises and will cause to be !
remedied any defect that comes
within my notice.
How To Win
The way to win the war is for
every one of us to Work a little
harder at our present jobs. This
applies to all of us, whether rich
or poor, men or women.
Every idle hour helps the Kai
ser in his damnable attempt to en
slave the worhL Wherever we are,
or whatever we are doing, let us
do our work a little better.
Even if we are not on war work,
or helping the Government direct
ly, we can help release others for
such work by speeding up on our
own jobs.
Next Friday will be All Saints
day. one of the most observed by
Catholics. and it is to be hoped
that by that time the influenza
el)idenic will be over and the
church oln to servic'es.
Tours, Prnca.-"Every one her,
'tides a bike. ioIsdi. tke secre
rmles of the Young W.msan's Chris
tl. AsesoUatm" writs Mes Esthee
Ueshbt. secretary of the Hostess
Hsa.e bsr Amerleca Womer in Tours
Mime Se ht. who sMteded Syrseurs
Uaivey, sad waa asaisting in the
war work at Cheltesa, S. C., at the
tie Ir paMine to work it
tsm adds that Mrs. James S
. *dmwem t t the War Work
CI. ptesnted eek of the Hos
ter liee wieth a geed eld realikab
Asiericmende "bike."
"Auaameb aM aeeded for the t
may. ide.. saltm. er 'eesce
as we neow call it. Is expenesre. We
are always na~mg ol ont. O , Ws
s we do oar sager ~epv. nei
quemity we depend o o her souer. I
t power. and beabturl cple from l
oer bostess ahme to he foers. so -
el rooms at the fatorn. ad te
te reue pork me he Loere." sI
.  :_..._ .-,,:, . !Ila
Left For Army Friday
Friday morning nineteen of our
young boys left for Jackson Bar
racks, New Orleans. They are :
Clet Castille
s Antoine Latiolais
Luther Perkins
-Joseph Louviere
1 Wilmore Thibodeaux
- Gilman Broussard
Eddy Joe. Huval
Aurelien Dauphine
S Paul Borel
Anatole Landry
Joseph Edw. Webre
Emile Bourque
William Young
Alfred Domingue
Arthur Lagrande
Christaphe Richard
Wilmest Degueterre
Joseph D. Carline
Michel Simon
t The Red Cross is continuing the
e making of Soup for distribution
r to the sick, but we are pleased to
r say that the demand is decreasing,
which shows that the sick are get
Sting well and able to help them
tselves. There are very few new
e cases reported.
-We are glad to hear that Mr.
s Locke Gauthier is safe over sea. a
Mr. Louis Guirard of Crowley a
is here on a short visit to relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pollingue of N
Lafayette were visiting here Tues- 5
Mr. Ian Power of Port Arthur,
Texas, was here several days this t
week. u
r -Mr. L. .1. Gardemal made a
r business trip to New Orleans this a
week. C
Miss Lola (;authier is back from "
Lafayette where she had a bad at
tock of flu.
Mr. Andre A. Olivier of Brous a
O sard was here this week being sick
with influenza.
--Mr. J. B. Ferrau of New Or-. a
leansis was here several (lays this ti
weeking attending to business.
Mr. J. J. Fournet who was sick 0
here with intluenza, returned to sa
his home in Lafayette Monday,
having fully recovered. ti
- Men. just step in and take a if
look at our fall line suits, latest
styles. in five seam backs and form 11i
fitting back. Buy here and save '
money. K. Schwartz. of
- Some of our rice planters will at
lose sonice of their rice on account Lt
of the continuous rains. r
- Another heavy rain fell here th
Tuesday night, which came on u
the streets which were yet too wet tl
to be worked. iu
-Just received a complete" Fall ci
line of "Men Hate" in Velours, of
Khaki and other colors. Take a ab
look at our window. K. 8chwartz. St
For sale - House and lot. bouse has 2 t
sleeping rooms, dinning .and kitcheno, gi
lot, Ol00 $6500. Ilaaire Blovona. h
Special meeting of the Mayor and
Towln Council of the Town of St. Mar
tinville. Loulsiana, held at the Town
Hall. in the Town of St. Martinville.
Louisiana, on Friday Septemtber the
Thirteenth A. D. 1918. at 6 o'clock P. M.
Here presarnt: His Honor, Allbert Bien
venu. Mayor. presiding, and the follow
ing members present: ,
W. J. Bieuveno. Councilman.
F. F. Fournet, Councilman.
J. H. Duchamp, Councilman.
Robert Unirard. Councilman,
A. C. Gauthier, Councilman.
Absent: None.
The Mayor having explained the ob
ject of the meeting to be to comply with
Suoction 11 of the Resolution adopted
by the Mayor and Town Council of the
l'r own of St. Martinville. La., at their
r- aegular meeting held at the Town Hall.
in St. Martinvllie, Louisiana. on Tues
day the sixth day of August 1918 and
CLAIMiNG and promulgating the re
suit of the Special Election held in and
for the Town of St. Martinville, Lou
sianua, on September 12th, 1918, at the
Town Hall in the Town of St. Martin
ville, Louisiana. on the proposition to
authorize this Honorable Body to Levy,
assess and collect, above the regular and
other special taxes, under the Irevi
sione of trticle 232 of the Constitution
of the State of Louisiana, and the laws
sud statutes of the : tate of Louisiana,
on the same subject matter, an addi
tonaul speelal tax of live mills on the
Dollar of the assessed valuation of all
taxable aud assessed property, subject
to State taxation, withinu the limits of
the Town of St. Martinville. Louisiana,
for a term and period of ten (10) years
Seginniung say with the year Nineteen
hundred and eighteeu (1918) and then
enutlug and including the year ulueteru
hundred and twenty sevenll (1927) the
lproceeds of the said special tax to be
applied exclusively to the following
e works of permanent public improve
nlient to-wit :
o First: To the increasing of the capacity of
ithe Waterand Light Plant in tile Town of St.
Martinville. Louisiana. s, as to give contin.
Iuo servieoe.
Second: To the purchase of all necessary ap.
paratus, Machinery, and supplies for the same,
including all costs of building. constructing
anud erecting the same.
Third: To the repair and completion of the
Market House, the Water Maine and Eleetric
Wires and apparatus in the said Town.
Fourth: To the extension of the Water Meins
and Water Drainage conduite in the said Town.
proceeding to open the Ballot Box, exa
muine and Count the ballots lun uumber
and amount, and cauvass the returns,
and declare and promulgate the result
of the said Election.
NOW acting In couformity with the
f said Resolution above set fortl thile said
Mayor and Town Council of the Torwu
of St. Martinuville. Louisiana., Il open
session convetned at six o'clock P. M,
at the Town Hall, at St. Martinville,
s Louisiana, dfd proceed to open and did
open the said Ballot Box of the said
special election, did examline and count a
the said ballots lu number and amount,
and did, and by by these presents, de
clare and promulgate the result of the
said Special Election to be as follows:
Total number of legal votes cast in
favor of the said proposition to autho.
rise this Honorable body to Levy, assess
and collect said additional tax: 67.
Total inumober of legal votes cast
against the said propositiou to autho
rise this Honorable body to Levy. assess
and collect the said additional special
tax: 4.
Total valuation of property for the [
said proposition to authorize the Hou- A
orable Body to levy, assess and collect P
said additieual special tax: $97.790,75. a
Total valuation of property against je
the said proposition to autlhorize thin P
Honorable Body to levv, assess and col- u
lect said additional special tax: 3.ObO.00 5
Now therefore thle majority in num- ft
her asld amount of tile property tax B
payers antl qualilfied electors of the Town ti
tof St. Martiinvil, Louisiana, entitled to tI
vote at said special election, and voting al
at said special election, having voted at st
the said special electiou iu favor of tile Ii
propositioun to authorize this Booorable L
Body to Levy. assess and collect, above I(1
the regular and other special taxes,,
under the provisious of Article 232 of as
the Colnstltutloo of the State of Louiel- y
anu, audt the laws of this State on the t
same subject matter, an additional spe- ta
cial tax of five (6) mills onU tlhe dollar lo
of the seessetd valuation of all the tax- pr
able antd assessed property subject ,to
State Taxation, withiu the limits of the tie
Town of St. Martiuvllle, Loulslana, for ,
a term sad period of ten (10) years, be- ,
ginlllftg say with the year nioneteen
hundred and eigbhtees (10918), sad Lthen p
ending and including the year nineteen
hundred and twenty seven (1927), the
proceeds of the said special tax to be
"I applied exclusilvely to the following
r- works of permanent public Improve
u mout to-wit:
F Virst: To the iuoreasing of the capacity of
a the Water and Lisht PLant in the Town of St.
Martinville. Lonisianan. so an to give contino.
one service.
Second: To the purchase of all nscssary ap
ratus, machinery and supplies for the same.
ineluding all costs of building, ooastrueting
and erecting the same.
Third: To the repair and oompletiun of the
Market House, the Water Maiss and Elotrli
Wire and apparatue in the said Town.
Fourth: To the extenslon of the Water Mains
- and Water Drainage conduits in the said Town.
h NOW THEREFORE. we the said Ma
yor and Town Ctouncil of the Town of
e St. Martinvlle, Louisiana, in open and
public session convened. this 13th day
of September, 1918, do hereby declare
said proposition submitted at mid spe
cial election duly carried, and thislion
orable Body duly authorised to levy,
asseees and collect thb said additional
d special tax aforesaid, under the terms of
tie Petition and Resolution ordering
Sesaid special election, adopted on the
sixth day of August A. D.. in regular
session convened.
There being no further busauees, on
motion duly seconded the meeting ad
Albert Blenvenu, Mayor
J. H. Uuchamp. Councilman
A. C. Gautbier. Councilman
W. J. Bieuveuu, Councilman
B. J. Guirard, Councilman
F. F. Fouruet, Councilman.
Sidney K. Delahoussaye, Secretary.
The following Ordinance was presen
ted by Mr. J. H. Duchamp and on mo
Lion of Mr. W. J. Bleuveuu. duly secon
ded by Mr. F. F. Fouruet wuas to a vote
and unanimously carried thusly:
YEAS: J. H. t)uchamp. A. C. tauthier. J. V.
Funruet. ltobert Guirard, and W. J. Bienvenu.
NAYS: None.
An Ordinance Levying and Assessing
an additional Special Tax of Five (6)
Mills on the Dollar of the a8seseed va
luation of all the taxable and assessed
property subject to State Taxation. wlih.
in the limits of the Town of St. Martin
ville, Leulaiana. for a term and period
of ten (10) years, beginning say with the
year Nineteen hundred and eighteen
(1918), and then ending and inuluding
the year Nineteen hundred and twenty
seven (1927). The proceeds of said spe
clal tax to be applied exclusively to the
following works of permanent public
improvement, to wit:
First: To the increasing of the capaecity of
Water and Light Plant in the Town of St. Mar.
tinville, Louisiana, so as to give oontinuous
second: To the purchase of all neeeary ap.
Laratusn machinery, and supplied for the same,
including all costs of buildinlg, constructing
and emrecting the same.
Third: To the repair and compuetion of the
Market House. the Water Mains and Electric
Wires and apparatus in the said Town.
Fourth: To the extention of the Water Maine
and Water drainage conduits of the said Town,
Under aiti by virtue of a Special elec
tiou held inll the aid Town of St. Mar
tiville. Louisiana, on Thursday the
Twelth day of September A. 1). 1918, un
der the provisions of Act No. 256 of the
General Assembly of the year 1910. ap
proved July 8th 1910, as amended by Act
No. 218 of the General Aseembly of thise
State of the year 191. approved July (
Ilth 1912, and Article 282 of tile Conueti
tution of the State of Louisalna.
WHEREAS; at a speeial eleetiou held
mI abd for the rTown of St. Maurtiuvils
ILoulsaua. on Thursday September 12lb, t
A. DL. 118, according to Law, uuder the
provisions of Act No. 216 of 1910. as
amended by Act No, 219 of 1912. a sma
jorlty lu number and amouut of the pro- r
perty tax payere qualfl8ed as electore
under the Counstitutiou and Laws of this C
State rvotiug at said election, voted lu
favor or authorislug thisb Houorable t
Holy to levy, asese and collect an addl
tiuonai special tax of live (5) mills on 1
the Dollar of the wessedl valuatioo of v
all the taxable and aseeesl property c
subject to State Taxatlou, withlu lthe
limite of the Town ouf St. Martinville.
Loulesianua. for a term and period of teu
(10) yea-, beginiUlug say with the yar d
Nineteeu hundred and eighteen (1918) d
and then eudlug uand lucludluk the
year Niueteen hundred and tweuty ee
voeu (1927). The proceeds of said speelal
tax to be applied exclusively to the fol
lowlung works of permanent public Iam
provement, to-wit:
Virat: To the increaeing of the capacit of
he Water and Light Plant in the Town of it.
Martinvill luoisian, o as to lse continauous
Seoond: To the parchase v -
pere, muohiars and s W m
,n iloludia all uosts baildia oonstrstila had
1 erecting the rame.
Third. To the repair ad cuampletios of the
g Market Hous sad Water Main. ad Mictrie
Wires and appareatu in the amid Tows.
Foarth. To the eutesioo of the Water Maine
of and Water Drainage e lduits in the said Town.
. NOW THERB FORE. Be it ordained by
s. the Mayor and Town Council of the
Town of St. Martinville. Louisiana, In
speciaell ssion eono:ned:
. That an additlonal special tax of ave
S(6) mills on the Dollar of the assessed
valuatlop of all the taxable and assessed
, property, subject teotate taxation, with
i In the limits of the Town of 8t. Martin
ville Louisiana. for a period of ten (10)
Syears beginnln with the year Nineteen
. hundred sad eighteen (1918) and then
ending and Including the year Nineteen
hundred and twenty even (19871 be
and is hereby levied and aeessed or
dered carried on this Town Tax olls,
and collected aeording to law, the pro
eds of said Special Tax to be applied
exclusively to the following works of
permanent public improvement. to-wit:
i irst: To the iseseriag of the emtwelat of
the water and Light Plant is the Town of St.
Martinvdle. Loualimna, so as to gire omtianoes
e oond: To the parebahs of ma aeseeemr aup.
r savaems. m.ahinery asd applis fo the msamn
inoludina all cots of btilding, cmtrot
and erecting the same.
1 Third: To'the repair sad compltio of the
SMarket House, and ileetrie Wiem ,(id appea.
itu in said Town.
Fourth: To the esteasiom of the water maia.
and water drainage eopdaits ia said town.
Be it further ordalned by the Mayer
and Town Council of the Town of St.
Martinville, Louisana, in special see
slon convened that this Ordinanee takes
effect from and after Its promulgatloa.
Thus done, adopted and signed ln
open session at St. Martiville, Loisl
ana. this 13th day of September A. D.
8lDNatr K. DILAnouse8TI,
Lubricating Oil, Grease, Speelaltlet.
Paint. Part or whole time. Commis
sion bassia. Man with ear or rig pre
Cleveland. Ohio.
Hunting Notice.
No bunting and tresassing allowed
oun our plantation in the 3rd ward.
known as the tiilan plantation, vio
latore will be prosecuted.
Oct. 19. St. Martnlavill, La.
A THOUSAND. Apply to
O. DURAND, Keystone
Plantation, St. Martinville, La.
No Hunting and Trespassing allowed
on my plantation In the First Ward, all
violators will he proecuted.
Oct. 5.19~1. L. P. MOITy.
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Horses. It is so simple with a
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teed to you by your dealer, to give
satisfaction, or your money back.
Made by Old Kentucky Manu
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For sale by A. L. Durand,
St. Martinville, L ouisiana.
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