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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, February 08, 1919, Image 3

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is the result of entecnlve trials and ex- eat. t will pull all farm implements
perimente conducted by Mr. Henry Ford, and the work generally done by
covering a pcriod of many years. Be- hlorel the farm. In addition, by its
fore placing the tractor on the market. belt leoy tlhe tractor will drive farm
every detail has been thoroughly tried machinery such as a threlher. ensilage
out under actual farming conditions in cutter, sawmill, etc., ote.. making the
various parts of this country and abroad. iF;ORI)SON" a truly universal tractor.
Experience has pointed to the small, In design and counstruction the"Ford
light tractor as being the one machine son"takes a long step in approaching
which will God all varying conditions the ideal tractor. The simplicity of its
patisfactorily. operation and construction will at once
in developiug tihe "FILR~ON" Traee- appeal to the farmer.
tor, the aim has been to produce a small Special devices were perfected to keep
tractor which will he low in first cost, out dust and dirt. All moving parts are
reliable, anid above all-efliclent. enclosed and thoroughly lulricated.
Being small, light and economical, The number of lubricating polts re
the "FORUSON" Tractor Is adapted for quirinug attention are very few and easi
use on small farms, as well as the larg- ly gotten at.
We demonstrate-write or phone
Phone 21. Lafayette, La.
ili 348 Carondelet Street Corner Perdido
Comfortable, Clean, Convenient
Popular Prices
H. A. MICHAIL, Proprietor
Bienvenu Opera House 3
SSaturday February 8
"The House of Mirth"
Sunday February 9
"The Hollow of her
fEHand" E
I have formed a connection with the Banker's Loan
and Securities Company of New Orleans, La., and
can place long terms loans on improved and pro
ductive farms. Amount unlimited. No advance
charges. Prompt service guaranteed.
Real Estate Agent,
Office Hotel Frederic Building New lberia, La.
I now handle all the New Orleans papers,
Times-Picayune, States and Item, and will
be glad to take your subscription for any of
them. - L. Bienvenu, St. Martinville, La.
We do all kinds of Job Printing1
The Bride.groom found her lamp with light
And she too pure for dross of earthly blight.
To be Mary's child was her one delight.
For while on her bed of pain at night
She begged to be clothed in her veil of white
With ribbon blue and medal bright.
Cecile dear, beg the Sacred Heart to stay
God's wrathful hand
To cease this scourge throughout the land.
Many are unprepared to meet
With justice at His judgment seat.
Died Jan. 28th, 19119.
LHMCHMMM~~r-"-"--- ---- - --
Schools May Close On
The following is a copy of a let
ter sent the members of the school
board by the superintendent: -
That the excessively bad weath
er will cause all the farmers' work
to occur all at once is admitted,
and feeling that the help of their
boys may largely assist them in
their late planting, I recommend,
in view of this situation, the begin
ning with Saturday, March 1, that
we discontinue teaching school on
Saturdays. This will, of course,
curtail the length of the session
in actual number of days taught,
but the influenza epidemic and the
awful weather conditions have up.
set all expectations, and with these
facts, in mind, certainly the school
officials could not be held respon
sible for any shortening of the ses
sion. If the board should see fit
to accept my recommendation, the
change for the closing of the
schools would not be affected; the
country schools will close on June
10, 1919; the Breaux Bridge High
School on May 30, 1919, and the
St. Martinville School on June 6,
The adoption of my recommen
dation would, of course, rescind
the Board's previous action to have
school on Saturdays, and I, trust
you will indicate your decision be
TALK about smokes, Prince Albert
is geared to a joyhandout standard
that just lavishes smokehappiness an
every man game enough to make a bee line for a
tidy red tin and a jimmy pipe-old or new I
Get t straight that what you've hankered for in
pipe or cigarette makin's smokes youll find aplenty
in P. A. That's because P. A. has the quality
You can't any more make Prince Albert bite your
tongue or parch your throat than you can make a horse
drink when he's off the water ! Bite and parch are cut
out by our exclusive patented process
You just lay back like a regular fellow and puff to beat
the cards and wonder why in samhill you didn't nail a
section in the P. A. smokepasture longer than you care
to remember beck!
-hbce A5,t eo. ss wAsw te . - is eeld Tp- red beg.
msaeumsv t&pr J.A C epes Tombi Co. per leet Nt. C.
R. J. Rqmeld. Tobaceo Co., Wiawba-Slem, N. C.
low either for or against my re
comnimendat ion.
Very sincerely.
F. O. ('iA.vEz.
St. Valentine's l)ay--14th Feb.
ruary-is a festival which lovers
have observed, andl poets have sung
for over sixteen hundred years.
We quote one of the many exqui
site stanzas of a poem which
Charles, the Duke of Orleans, ad
dressed to his Valentine :
"Yet. since the solemn time allows
To choose the object of our vows,
Boldly I dare profess my flame
Proud to be yours by any name "
Town Council Proceedings.
Regular me'eting of the Mayor
and Town Council held at the
Town Hall at St. Martinville, La.,
this 5th day of Feb. A. D. 1919.
Hon. Albert Bienvenu Mayor
piesiding and the following mem.
bers present : Messrs J. H. Du
champ, R. J. Guirard, F. F. Four
net and A. C. (Gauthier.
Absent: Mr. W. J. Bienvenu.
The nunutes of the last meeting
were and approved.
Moved by Mr. J. H. Duchamp
seconded by Mr. F. F. Fournet and
unanimously carried that the May
or be and he is hereby authorized
to reduce and renew the obliga
tions of the Town with the Bank
of St. Martinville and the Comrn
mnercial Bank.
Moved by Mr. J. H. Duchamp
seconded bIy Mr. F. F. Fournet and
unanimously carried that the May.
er be and is htreby authorized to
advertise* for sale the St. Martin
ville Gravel Road Bonds.
T'here being no further businesee
before the Council upon notion of
Mr. R. .. (;uirard secondled by Mr.
F. F. Fournet the meeting ad
Albert Bienvenu. Mayor.
Sidntey E. I))elahoussaye, Secretary
No. 7 and 8. at Less Than
Cost Price. $'5.oo f. o. b.
Broussard or Lafayette, La..
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Broussard Vehicle & Im
pliments Co
Phone 256 Fo2. Broussard.
Billeaud Motor Co
Phone 21 Lafayette, La.
8100 REWARD 8loO
The readers of this paper will he please
to learn that tilere is at least oue dread
od disease that siensue has eenu able to
cure in all its stages and that is ceaarrh.
Catalrh being greatly lnnueseed by
conotititiionnI eounditions require, con
-t: .tt, elI troatmlent. Hall's Catarth
Medicine is taken ioterpally amd aste
thll II the Blohd on the Mucous Sulrfaces
of the System thereby destroyleg the
foundation of the lisease, givlng the
patient strenlgth by buildinlug up tlhe
constitution and assisting nature in do
lug its work. The proprietors have io
muich faith in its curative powers of
Hall's Catarga Medicnlue that thley offer
One Hlludred Dollars for anoy case that
it fails to cure. Sesnd for list of testl
moonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.
Toledo. Ohio. Sold by all DruLgglt. The
666 cures Headaches, Bilious
ness, Loss of Appetite, foul
breath or that tired aching
due to Malaria or Colds. It
removes the cause.
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