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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, February 15, 1919, Image 3

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is the resnlt of entenslve trials and ex
jperiPnots conducted by Mr. Henry Ford,
coverilg a period of many vears. Be
fore placing the tractor on the market.
every detail %as been thoroughly tried
out under actual farming conditions in
various parts of this countrv and abroad.
Ezper euce has pointed to the small,
light tractor as being the one machine
which will find all varying conditions
In developlung the "Fi)RDSON" Trac
tor, the aim has beenI to prNinlucI a tsmaUL
tractor which will be low in first cost,
reliable, and above all-efficlelt.
Belug small, light and econuomical,
th* "F()RI SON" Tractor is adapted for
ijie on small farms, as well as the larg
We demonstrate-write or phone
Phone 21. Lafayette, La.
348 Carondelet Street Corner Perdido
Comfortable, Clean, Convenient
Popular Prices
H. A. M ICHAEL, Proprietor
Bienvenu Opera House
Saturday Feb. 15
__ -- IN 3
Sunday Feb. 16
I have formed a connection with the Banker's Loan
and Securities Company of New Orleans, La., and
can place long terms loans on improved and pro
ductive farms. Amount unlimited. No advance
charges. Prompt service guaranteed.
Real Estate Agent,
SOffice Hotel Frederic Building New Iberia, La.
I now handle all the New Orleans papers,
Times-Picayune, States and Item, and will
be glad to take your subscription for any of
them. - L. Bienvenu, St. Martinville, La.
We do all kinds of Job Printing
.et. It will pull all farm Implements
and do the work generally done by
horses on the farm. In addition, by its
belt pulley the tractor will drive farm
machinery sucl as a thre-her. ensilage
cutter, sawmill. etc.. otc.. making the
"FORI)SON" a truly universal tractor.
In dealgn and construction the"Ford
sou"takes a long step in approaching
the ideal tractor. The simplicity of its
operation anid construction will at once
appeal to the farmer.
Special devices were perfected to kepp
olt dust and dirt. All moving parts are
eucltsed and thoroughly lubricated.
The numtber ef lubricating points re
quiring attention ars very few and easI
ly gotten at.
No. 7 and 8. at Less Than
Cost Price. $15.oo f. o. b.
Broussard or Lafayette, La.,
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Broussard Vehicle & Im
pliments Co
Phone 256 Fo2. Broussard.
Billeaud Motor Co
Phone 21 Lafayette, La.
Statement of the Corporation of
St. lrtlnville.
Month ending Jan. 31St. 1919.
Jan 1 By Balance ............ 1369.25
Corporation Tax . ............. 747.97
School Tax..................3...2.50
Special Water and Light tax ..... 531
Corp. Special Road Tax .........54.30
Improvement Tax ............ x. 4.30
Market Revenues................. 45.00
Fines... ............ ..........11.00
Licenses ................ .........50.00
Sundries-- Fund transfered...... 1.78
Expenditures by Salaries:
Mayor. ......................... I6.5
Chief of Police ............... 100.00
Market Keeper............... 25.00
Becretary and Treaarer ..... 255.37
(art Hire ................... 84.(68
Councilmen................. 43.30
By Maintenance and Repair Expenses:
Duohamp Hardware Co 73.70
A. G. Goulas 2.25
Teche (arage 8.15
Guirard Broe .20
A. L. Durand 3.85
Pierce (il Corporation 14.99
Fuel Oil 340.87
Maintenance and Repair Expenses:
Freight and Dray 42.12
Armand Clement 1.50
Paul Resweber 1.40
Lenoca Pelleriu 1.15
Arthur oilberts 2.00
Robert Hipolite 2.00
By Administration Expenses:
Cumberland Tel and Tel Co 4.85
P. J. Fleming 8.25
Homer J. LeBlanc 75.00
Laizaire Bienveun 41.50
Water and Light Special Tax 507.50
Improvement Tax 507.59
Special Tax 507.59
School Tax 304.48
By Balance 1475.92
Bills payable $10.400.00
Corporation Good Road Tax Statement
month ending Jan. 31. 1919.
Jan 1 To Balance 7116.94
Jan $1 By Taxes 584.10
Commission 26.71
By Balance S324.53
Corporation Special Water and Light tate.
ment mowth ending Jan. 31. 1919
Jan 1 To Halance 2051.6
Jan 31 By Taxes 514.3
Commission 2.71
By Balance 2559.25
I mpmrvement Tax Statement
month ending JaN. 31, 1919
Jan. 1 To Balance 800.42
Jan. 31 Taxes 534.30
('c,,,mission 20.71
A. M. Lockett & Co 11602
N. I. Foundry It achline .hop 98.:i
J. J. BunUrdin & Br, 112.74
Interest Contans 341.tk5
By Helance 527.50
Mleutil ending Jp. SI. 1919.
Jan 1 Ily IaIaaiuce .. * *....... . 41.54
To Outside. lights... *............ tI.i
To Meter ient.........***.... 2.7.
T, Water .................... t3.u0
To .Meaer lighti................ .. 7.
umalfries - Lubricating ecil sohl.. 1,.1
By Exauzliture Mauliiee.:
('hief Engi,e r ..... . 1u.4
Aseistant Eu1ngiur ........... 5..
Ilepair Ian ................. 4.,
tce and Trw ................. .UU
General Expeaenc:
Cumberlamnl Tel aid Tel (o ".O.,
Techle Garage <.')
iGeneral Elcrier: te'o 2.1
Electric Appliance Co 12.90
L)DcLhamp Hardware ('o o.5
By HBalance 301.74
Water and Light not collected 425 00
Warrants on handl 5.t,7
Fuel on hand " WOCO
Srutzv E. DLs.Anuytru. Secretary.
1'a Try Us On Jlob Printing
sai as Needed To Pay Preduc
ers And Teach Maimed
Soldiers New Trades.
O..e in a while snemem asks:
"What's the seed to another Uberty
Lana now that the waVs over?'
Officials of the War Lean orgaahl
GMo I this diestoet have replied by
euttlilag somet of b perpoess low
whieb mnery wll be needed by the
Goverameat ost sprting.
it is shown that the amount raised
by the Fourth iberty Loan lasted
eely matil December Mrst. bxpeond
tres are using e now at the rate
of nearly two blUes dollars a month.
Thee wi be a gradual reduction el
treasury dibsemets as the war
debts are wiped out. The revenue
reU taxes wtil not be sufficleat to
pay all the bills, s the people wWN be
called upeo to provide te meaey by
subsrlblag to Govermeat bonds. The
ssue will be foter net more than l
bilUon dollars.
Pay Day at Meme.
Ts eaonrmous ewup of moear is
golag to pay off the amy of preduc
ors at home-the farmers, merchaats,
manufsacturers and ehs. Amseriem
had just begun to sght when the MRu
decided i was Ume to quit AIMed
leaders expected the war to last an
other year and the United States Gov.
eranmot was turning out shipe, arms,
ammualtlon and food wih a view to
overwhelming Oermany nest fall.
Treasury ofils have revealed that'
Amerioe would have had a toak at the
treat for every seventy4ve feet of the
.lie in 1919--thirty thousand tanks
We would have had ten tos of mus
tard gas ready for shipmeat for every
tea Germany could predue. Thou
sands of batteries of gums would have
been In action for every oe America
had in 1118. Everything else was be
ag produced ia proportles.
This glgantic preparatios brought
ea early end to the war and saved
thousands of lives. Victory Bonds will
pay for this work which had been eon ,
tre' t"' ?- argi wwas being delivered
when the armistice was slgned.
Army Being Demebilized.
There are other purposes for which
money is needed.
Part of our army of two mileon mes
must be kept in Warope until the pease'
treaty is simged. These soldiers mest
be fed, clothed sad elherwise man
taiaed. Then they must be brought
home. The slek and wounded must
be cared for la hopitals. The awmy
must be demebllsed. There are theou
sands of malmed soldiers, heroes of
the great war, who must be taught
self-supporting trades mad gives a
opportunity to earn their living.
This reconstuction work at hom.
must be carried on. The job must be
-alshed. The Amerlca people who I
furnished the money to wim the war
must supply it also to binag the naiMo
back to a pease basis.
Patriots Plena
Bqyless- Servlekss
Eatonly3meals ad
Waste unowth
ý16r w eealPcs
fully s ia ple fre
Be Proud to be
a food saver
I __
Starving, But Sunning Themselve
9un!ight is abut the only neceessy of 14N left to the adarvig popies
of Armenol. Syria. and ather dmtera countries whleh have been ravaged by
the Hun and the Turk.
Here are ome Seriam cilea emaciated, on the pe~t of deah trom
staratikn. sitting out In the sun. trylag to keep body and eal togaether with
the pltk lly small raolels allowed them bg lasflfcient relief funds. Addt
tin. fd or relieving tlese viettms a war and famine will be raised In
America by the Amesean Ceommittee for Relief In the Near heat, a misai
nmam of $30,O0,000 having been pledged to this work.
The Meek of February 3-10 has been wt 1y Southwestern campaign di.
reters for raising their quota of the $30,006,00.
Food Used to Maintain Body Tempers.
ture Cannot Add to Weight
of Animal.
Shelter and dry bedding are impor.
tent factors in finishing off hogs for
market, especially during these days of
costly feed, according to E. L. Jordan,
professor of animal industry, Louisiana
State University. If a large percent
age of food has to be used to maintail
the body temperature, thereissomucn
less available for increasing the ani
mal's weight. If the hogs are obliged
to lie in the mud during a period of
cold rains, it will be impossible for
them to consume enough food to main
tain the body temperature, and a loss
of fat already deposited in the body
will be the result. Certainly no think
ing farmer will fail to realize wh: t
this means, nor will he fail to provid
shelter and dry bedding for his hoi a
when he considers that the value ,f
these two factors may easily equ I
one-half that of the feed. In oth,
words, ten barrels of corn fed to fat.
tening hogs in dry, comfortable quarr
ters will produce as much, and fre
quently more, gain than twenty barrels
.fed in mud and filth.
to be
f od'
8100 REWARD Sloo
The readPers of this paper will be please
to learn that there is at least one dread.
ed disease that science has lbee'n able to
cure in all its stages and that Is catarrh.
Catarrh ieing greatly iufluened iy
constitutional conditions requires cocn
stiteutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Medicine is taken internally anad acts
thrl the Bloyl on the Mucou BSurfaces
of the System thereby destroying the
foundation of the dilsease, giving the
patient strengthl by building up the
coustltutiou and assisting nature its do
ing its work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powere of
Hall's Catarrh Medicine that they offer
One lHundred DIollars for any ease that
it fails to cure. Send for list of testi
moulals. Addrees 1'. J. CHBNEY & CO.
Toledo, Ohio. SlId by all Druggist. 75e
666 cures Headaches, Bilious
ness, Loss of Appetite, foul
breath or that tired aching
due to Malaria or Colds. It
I removes the cause.
List what you have for sale with
me, especially real estate. The de
mands are good. LaizaireBienvenu
renal estate and fire: insurnce agent

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