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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, March 01, 1919, Image 3

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is the result of eutensive trials and ex- est. It will pull all farm implements
periments conducted by Mr. Henry Ford. and do the work generally done by
a,\lering a I eriod of many years. Be- horses on the farmi. In addition. by its
fore placing the tractor on the market. belt pulley the tractor will drive farm
every detail has been thoroughly tried machinery such as a thre-her. eosilage
out under actual farming conditions in cutter, sawmill. etc.. ote.. making the
various parts of thi acountryu andabroad. '"FORDSON" a truly universal tractor.
Experience has pointed to the small. I design and construction the "Ford
light tractor as being the one machine son 'takes a long step iu approaching
which will finBud all varying conditions the ideal tractor. The simplicity of its
satisfactorily. operation and constructioa will at once
in developing the "I*ORº)lON" Trac- appeal to the farmer.
tor, the aim has been to produce a small Special devices were perfecte1 t.o keep
tractor which will be low in first cost, out dust and dirt. All moving parts are
reliable, and albove all-efficient. enclosed andi thloroughly lubricateil.
Being small, light and eciouinical. The numlwr of lubricating points re
the "FOItI)SON" Tractor is adapted for quiring attention are very few and easi
use on small farms, as well as the larg- ly gotten at.
We demonstrate-write or phone
Phone 21. Lafayette, La.
348 Carondelet Street Corner Perdido
b Comfortable, Clean, Convenient .
Popular Prices
H. A. MICHAIL, Proprietor
Saturday March I
E Boston Blackie's Little Pal. -
Sunday March 2
I have formed a Gonnection with the Banker's Loan,
and Securities Company of New Orleans, La., and
can place long terms loans on improved and pro
Sductive farms. Amount unlimited. No advance
charges. Prompt service guaranteed.
Real Estate Agent,
SOffice Hotel Frederic Building New Iberia, La.
I now handle all the New Orleans papers,
Times-Picayune, States and Item, and will
be glad to take 'your subscription for any of
them. - L. Bienvenu, St. Martinville, La.
We do all kinds of Job Printin5
Amazing Figures Show Work of
Women in Louisiana, Missis
sippi and Alabama Preliminary
to Christmas Roll Call When
Every Person Is Expected to
Become Member.
NEW ORLEANS, LA.-Three mil
lion, seven hundred and sixty-five thou
sand, six hundred and ninety-seven ar
ticles, valued in material alone at $1,
000,000, were made in workrooms of
Red Cross chapters from January 1 to
September 30 in Louisiana, Mississippi
and Alabama.
The more than 3,500,000 articles in
elude surgical dressings, hospital gar
ments, knitted sweaters, socks and the
like and refugee garments. The exact
cost of the material Is $905,760.
Three hundred chapters in the three
states, composing the Gulf division.
American Red Cross, distributed the
material among their more than 2,000
workrooms in branches and auxlliaries.
The announcenlent of the figures
was made by the bureau of develop
ment of the Gult division, to show the
more than 6,000,000,000 persons in
Louisiana, Misssissippi and Alabama
Just how great an army of workers has
been assembled to provide for the com
forts and decencies of life for the thou
sands of soldiers of Dixie who are in
camp or have gone abroad to fight the
battles of democracy.
20,000 at Work in Chapters.
Calculating a very low minimum of
ten woman workers to an auxiliary,
although many have hundreds, the ar'
ticles were made by about 20,000-wom.
en-mothers, wives or sisters of sol
"Every one cannot knit or sew for
the Red Cross and the fighters of
democracy," the Gulf division an
nounces, "but every loyal American
will have a chance to become a mem
P ber of the American Red Cross during
the week of December 16 to 28. 'I sum
mon you to the comradeship' is the
word of President Wilson to every
American man, woman and child. En
p rolling In the Red Cross, by payment
of the dollar membership, is a great
p privilege.
"If the word is sent 'over there' to
p the millions of homeless, hungry men,
widows and orphans that 100,000,000
p Americans have Joined the Red Cross,
they will have renewed energy and
p still greater love for the Red Cross.
'For All Humanity' means our work is
P just beginning. This is a test of Amer.
p Tabulated Report issued.
Here Is the tabulated report on the
p articles of the Red Cross chapters In
the three states:
p Month. Surgical Hospital
Dressings. Garments.
P January ......... 88,732 26,800
February ....... 206,263 35,623
SMarch .......... 235,688 40.705
April ........... 484,956 44,762
P May ............ 594,296 37.801
June ........... 498,250 46,558
P July ............ 357,260 28,211
August ......... 194.401 34,305
September ...... 523,449. 15,864
• Total ........3.181,563 310.638
Value ......$139,267.98 $274.203.28
Month. Knitted Refugee
Articles. Clothing.
January ......... 16,963
February......... 42,777 6
MIarch ......... 27,294 206
April ............ 20,421 183
May ............ 20,279 138
June ............ 15.322 4.219
July ............ 12.930 8,563
August .......... 37,272 16,387
September . 3..... 5,398 20,138
Total ........228,656 44,840
Value ........$421.223 $51,065.84
Washington has Just announced In
teresting totals of workrooms through
out the country as follows from Janu
ary 1 to July 1:
Refugee garments ........ 490,120
Hospital suppliles ......... 7,123,621
SHospital garments ........ 10,786,489
Knitted articles ...,....,, 10,134,501
Burgical dressings ........ 192,748,107
Total ..................221.282.838
Estimated value ........$44,000,000
Office near Court Hfouse,
SSt. Martinville. La.
SList what you have for sale with
I me, especially real estate. The de
S: II :: 1 t' r good. LaizaireBienvenu
ireal estate and fire insurance agent
Internal Revenue Service Dis
trict of Louisiana
Dear Sir : t
The time for filing income tax
returns is now open, and the en
tire country is seeking information
as to just what liability is incurred
by persons, corporations and part- s
nerships under the new income t
tax law. In order to assist the 6
taxpayers of this State, I have ar
ranged an itinerary to cover at a
least one town in nearly every Pa
rish. An income tax representa
tive will be in St. Martin on March
11th to 15th, and he will help
every one desiring information in
order to complete their return.
Therefore, I would thank you to
give wide publicity as to the dates
this representative will be in your
Parish so that all taxpayers of the
Parish of St. Martin will be in a
position to seek his aid, if it is
Thanking you for usual courte
sy, I am,
No. 7 and 8, at Less Than
Cost Price. $T5.oo f. o. b
Broussard or Lafayette, La.,
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Broussard Vehicle & Im
pliments Co
Pho:ie 256 Fu2. Broussard.
Billeaud Motor Co
Phone 21 Lafayette, La.
Patriots Phury
Eatonbr3mel sad ,
Waste noabiý
Be Proud to be
a food saver
The Next Teachers Ex
Th' next examination for Teachesr'
I 'ertlflratae will bhe ld at the St. Mar- I
tinvillae igh School on March 31 and
aiil April I and 2 (whilte); ald April 3,
4, ald 5 (megro). Appiecants ahomuldi
report en the flrst day of the ezarmialn
tiom promptly at ninsc a. m.
F. O. Cilv a. SipEritesJidelit.
F*eb,. 20. 1919.
Ilooslogation ,'f al'hlelau
In thie maltter ofl the Smc'orr-eiio if
Maria Rwbert, wifen of
J. Alribiael I'omingue
Prolate No.
State of Loutsiana. ParilIm of St. Martis.
J. AlCitellhIe Ih)emummgllle of the Pa
rich of St. Martin, Executor ol tile aflorl
said sruccceslo Ilin mfIled ll theU. sece of
tile Clerk mf Court of the l1th Judicial
District Court of tie State of Loeljsjua
lhoiling iarsilol ils and fIr tile Parish of
St. arllti a Final Talleiu of Clash~lca
tmellm amld distributiou of lue atforesaid
Notice is hmereby givesI tll the creditors
and heirs of caid Kstate. mnlm to all otliers
|wilmI it lmally (concsrm ,e emollw cause if
amm they have within meii clays from this
plblieatlon, why said tableau shomld not
b- homologated as prayeml for.
Clerk's oSee thi 0ith day of Fetb.
A. D. 1919.
I. BIENVENU. Dy.i'lerk.
We do all kinds of Printingl
-Tuesday next will be Mardi
Gras, and this year their will be
no carviual in New Orleans on ac
count of the war. Here we expect
to only see a few masks on the
streets as no balle have been an.
-One of our town girls recently
sent twenty-five cents for a receipt
to promote and preserve beauty.
She received the following reply:
"Mind your mother and stay home
at night."
Fifth Issue of Liberty Bonds
Wi Be Most Attractive
Investment of All, in the
Opinion of Finan
cial Experts
The fifth issue of Liberty bonds, rr
"Victory Bonds" as they will be called,
will offer the investor the most attrac
tive opportunity of any issue made
by the government, according to a
tentative agreement made by Seero
tary of the Treasury Carter Glass with
the ways and means committee of
the National House of Represeta
It is copsidered probable that the
bonds will pay a higher rate of inter
est than any of the previous issue-,
bu' they yill be issued for shorter
terms, maturing in from bne to five
The government does not wish to
assume.the obligation of a high ir
terest rate for a long period of year::,
but is willing to pay an attractive rats
during the present unsettled cond-
tions. It is expected that events will
so shape themselves in the next few
years that a holder of these short
term bonds, after drawing a good in
terest rate until they mature, will then
be able to "cash them In" and invert
the returns in business or in other
forms of securities at an advantage
ous time. For this reason it is ex
pected that the new bonds will find a
ready market.
Secretary Glass announces that an
intensive popular campaign for the
Victory loan will start not later than
April 21. It is not expected that any
definite statement as to interest tax ex
emptions or other details will be made
much in advance of that date, as con
ditions are constantly changing. But
that the new bonds wilt be made an at
tractive investment is considered cer
Secretary Makes Statement
An official statement issued by Se
retary Glass follows:
"The Victory Iiberty Loan campaign
will begin not later than Alpril 21. The
requirements of the treasury are im
perative and cannot be financed with
out such a campaign. The form and
terms of the securities to be issued
remain to be determined. Whether
they be bonds or notes, it is absolutely
essential that the widest possible
measure of distribution be realised.
This will necessitate a campaign of
the same character as that conducted
in the past through the existing LAb
erty Loan organisations. They have
pledged again their united support in
order that the Victory Liberty Loan
bonds or notes may be distributed as
widely as possible among the Ameri
can people."
This furnish.s the first ofaficial no
tice of the date of the campaign, and
disposes of the rumor that securities,
would be disposed of among the banks
Instead of being offered the general
Workers Are Busy
Reports received from chairmen nad
other members of the Liberty Loan or
ganizations all over the country and
especially in the Sixth Federal Re
serve D:strict, gives assurance that
the faithful workers in former cam.
paigns do not intend to quit until the
job is finished. Organization is be
ing perfected well in advance, aad
plans laid for a brief and effective
Four types of bonds are now be
lug considenred by the Treasuary DOe
partment, to suit varying tastes in in
vestments. Their principal teatares
One class of bonds at a low rats
of interest, possibly four per cent, and
exempt from all federal taxation; oe
at a comparatively high rate; posaui
bly five per cent, and subject to all
federal taxes; a third bearing a mod
erate rate of interest, perhaps 4%' per
cent, and exempt from normal intacome
taxi and a tourth class, exempt from
taxation up to a certain amount.
Victory is ours but the cost in
dollars is yet to be met. Have
you paid y our incoma ta?

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