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The weekly messenger. (St. Martinsville [i.e. St. Martinville] La.) 1886-1948, April 19, 1919, Image 1

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SClimatic Prepared Paint,
$ $
100 Per Cent Pure
$ Sold Subject To Chemical Analysis
$ $
$ $
We ha e N()W\\ on display a full line
Of l)ol( ,E BRi SIili RS ( nA .. . _
Any I)odge Brothcrs c·(r owner wi'l tell you that
his repair cost are hardly worth mentioning.
'This fact, plus the all around relialility of the car
explains its reat popularity with men and women.
\Write or phonc
ro6 St P'eter Street New lberia, La.
"l'lC , n(C 24
.\rleric n duIaughboys bing encrtlr ih l i ,, I tcl , i ' J Eniih home
throuih te Rgon.y of th,' Army Y. .1. C. A. MIre than 1.54N1 of Uncle
Salu',n u-lijers and -auilors ,re thui, enlltc tainlll dring the Christmra.
holidays. 1
Big Church Fair on Easter Sunday April 20
Inslpecting cases of German helmets. The two civilians are, left, Frank
R. Wilson, director of publicity, and, right, L B. Franklin, director of the war
loun organization.
Workers in the approaching Victory
Loan campaign who render efficient
service in obtaining subscriptions to
the "finish the job loan." will be the
proud possessors of genuine Hun hel
mets, taken from captured German
prisoners or found on the battlefields
of France after their former owners
had no further use for headgear, it is
announced by the headquarters of the
Sixth Federal Reserve District at At
Three thousand five hundred of these
helmets, averaging eight to a county.
will arrive at the headquarters soon,
and will be distributed. The exact basis
upon which they will be awarded has
not yet been determined, but it will as
sure the real workers of a chance at
the souvenirs. Hun helmets will dec
orate many a home in the South soon.
In some instances they probably will
be converted into cuspidors.
Preparations for the Victory Loan
are going on rapidly, and the opening
day, April 21, probably will find a big
proportion of the state and county
quotas ready for immediate subscrip
tions. This will be especially so in
counties where the individual quota
system is being used. By this plan ev
ery resident of the county will be no
tified, before the opening day, of what
he is expected to subscribe. It is ex-I
Chocolate Furnished by Y. M. C. A.
Arrives Just When It
Is Needed.
With the American Armles In
Frarle..-'rnising the men of Com- J
pany I). One, liundr-ed and Ninth Ma- r
chine Gun battalion, Twenty-eighth
divisiln, Hloward it. Keister, a Y. M. r
('. A. ltan of l)unnelllon, Fla., tells
how, when without food, they sent
the sweet cho'olate which he secured
for therll to an isolated platoon, which
was under severe fire, across the
Vesle river at Fisnies.
It was during the heavy fighting
eastward froml C'liatelnu Ti'lerry that
the men of the One Hundred and
N inth .lnchine Gun hattalion got
ahead of their supplies, rind the sweet '
choeolnte iwhich' the Y. MI. C. A. man
aged to get to them was specially wel
The battnlion reached the Vesle
river on its advance. There the Ger
nima line held. Men were thrown
across the river by various units to
keep in contact with the enemy.
There was terrific fighting all along t,
the line. A platoon of Company D
was hurried over to help in holding
tihe narrow strip that had been taken
at great cost by the American soldiers.
It was surrounded on three sides by
the boche, who tried every means in
his power to dislodge them--gas,
shells. machline-gun fire and snipers. ,
It ras a dilficult matter to get food
S,v- r t., them, for men with supplies d
loI to cross the river, which was es
posed and under, heavy are,
y pected to have every citizen carry his
It own share of the quota, instead of let
i ting his more patriotic neighbors car
ry more than their share. Local com
e mittees will hear appeals from those
I- who consider their quota too high.
n In most instances, the same loyal
s worl:- w"'n ',"riod the former loans
a to success will form the committees on
s the Victory Loan. At recent state
e conferences they expressed confidence
in being able to put the job through,
and their enthusiasm is certain to car
p ry them to success.
Treasury department officials who
have sounded out the sentiment of the
whole country are confident that the
people are willing to lend to their
country for the purpose of finishing
t the job and paying the war bills. They
understand the gigantic work that is
still going on. and the necessity of
I bringing the boys back home; of giv
ing the wounded men that education
i and instruction which will enable them
to get a fresh start. The Government j
has still a big task before it, and the I
expenditures are still large. But they
are far smaller in money-to say noth
ing of more precious lives--than if the C
war had continued. So the term,
"Thanksgiving Loan," may well be ap
plied to this, the last of the govern.
ment's invitations to its people to lend
their money to their nation.
Church Fair
Saturday April 19 and Eas
ter Sunday April 2o., for the
purpose of raising funds for (
making necessary anrd urgent i
repairs to the Catholic church
of St. Martinville.
Attractions: Meals and re
freshments of all kinds will be
served from Saturday noon to
Easter Sunday night.
Mlusic by two bands. candy
wheel, Fancy Work, and Etc. L
Special Features: Court
bouillon and Gumbo by well I
known Creole culinary artists, n
Other attractions too nu
merous to mention, culmina
ting with a Play at Iienvenu's
Theatre at 8 P. M. b
Choice Cows For Sale S
Fifteen Choice- Cows for sale. W
Several recently fresh. Ad- t
dress Fiero's D)airy, Lafay
ette, La.
Bought Main Street Property.
Last Saturday Mr. Arnedee De
I murger bought the I)eMahy pro
perty, on Main street, at Sheriff's
sale for $3.060. It is one of the
good business locations in town and
the store on the property is now
occupied by .U r. Demurger.
Commercial Hotel Opened.
The Commercial Hotel, conduce
ted by tlhe Thomas Bros., made its
formal opening Sunday night last
by giving a dollar dinner, which
we are pleased to say was attended
by more than fifty persons. The
dinner was a splendid one and
served in the best of styles. We
hid occasion to visit the new hotel
and can say it is as fine a place as
caln e ld sire( l.
Town Council Bonds Sold.
Last Saturday the Town Coun
cil sold its $20.000 road bonds to
the Bank of Lafayette which was
r. represented here by its cashier,
a Mr. J. C Barry. The bonds were
3e sold on the same basis as those of
at the parish. In view of this fact
ts it is expected that actnal and ac
tive work on building the streets
a will commence.as soon as it will
h, be possible to secure the material.
Rice Pumps Started.
Ir Some of our rice planters star
s ted their pumps this week and now
, on we can expect them all to be in
I operation. The bayou is very
' high at this time and pumping is
, easy. No fear is entertained this
Lt year for water as the Teche has
e been dredged from Port Barre to
Leonville, and in the next few
e days. the highest part will be cut
which will permit a heavy flow to
come down.
Vegetables Take Place Of
Spring Tonics
Begin now to take a good spring
tonic regularly, but let it be in the
form of vegetables and fruits, ad
vises the garden specialist of the
Extension Division. Louisiana
State University. Less meat and
vegetables and fruit will do won
ders toward toning up the system
and relievin , that "tired feeling,"
which alreadfy is beginninning to take
hold of us.
Miss Ruby Picard, a sister ,of
Mrs. K. Schwartz, was married in
Onolashka, Wash., this week to
Dr. Ernest McCled. Mise Pi
card visitedl St. Martinvill,) fre
#luently and has many friends here.
who will Ibe pleasdl to hear of her
mart iage.
E L. Talbt, St. Martin Parish.
Returns ',n a carload of hogs ship
ped bly the agent show that they
brought 17 ('cents grToss weight.
Seventy-two head were shipll,
averaging 195 ponds. The cost
was a little more than one cent a
pound, uetting more than 16 cents
to the shipper. - Press Bulletin.
Big Fair Hastor Sunday

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