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Tou the Voters of St. Martin, Iteria alid
Lafayette Parislet:
hAlieui you elected toe as your State
Senator four yai '+ ago I ttlie|ved you
expected tloe to %olk fil ),iII; to d.efel'l
the beh t iiitel ets of Ihlie 13th "enatrial
LDi.lrict and thl e Stalte; out jiit Lt Ire
withouIt pat iality to 1,1e ,I -et the will
of the wajaerly oL Lith UILr:Il; to ell
deicaor tL ploc ure tlhe elsaltltiellt oI I laws
for the aildvatceient of our lii ii let, the
Ini|liit of the tate, tihe welfale of ,iour
people, the enlllhanlcemet of our prolperl
ty atalue, the pr.per ity of our hust
andi dr.ielopmt,L of our e-uices; ainl
flr the Ilupteliel, t of (lur dulllcatioll
al, agricunltuial, eluimr cial, l aiiufall -
turing. good ruioads andl labui cuutlltti)l
and facilities. IIiportalt coustI|ctive
legislation of which I am the lauthol.
my record ii uIlefellle of gloodll teaauil .
n oppositioni to, oujectl liable bills.
and my efforts to laessenl the uiideris
and hardshliip of dlrastic IeglMlatlol
when ita paisag.e could not be prueln
ted.convince tlh t I did work vigoroiily
all the time; that I hadl tlihe god for
tune to form friuldshipi,. ill both h)oulle
of the liglgialatLiue hich helped fue will
success for }111; thilt I gainiul iiltahble
expererice iit Iei.slature procredure.
If )ol re-slect nin to tll Seiiinate, )onl1
Clif exprt el'l orIllite of l e IfIexI t titte,
becaueii l ,y expedrlliete, tlhie kllwl#dige
of Iegislative affairsl alc irreld aiid tlh
frilendships and 1ieiuIaitnlllCesI I haer.'
formed will ihelp lle to help you.
I reespeetfully solicit touir lote andv
lufluence. Vote for two. Vltit flor ilte
and one more. . Mark iniy Iallltu (X) o,
every ballot. 'Ihank yo'l
Silice rely.
SE . I.. SI .I)10 S .
- -- W.E.S.
No'uvenhmr 'i'. 1911;
1 take plliurel ili llhllllittillg il. till
quilIhltiel vlutera 111) ranlldltlary flor JIui
tice of tlhe Peace ill thl First \a1iid of
thie fadish of St.. Martin. ailbjct to tie
acliou of the Itleiicrantic l'i illiury to Ib,
held onI the 20hth daiy iof Januiary) 1.1211.
I wish Itol state that if I hav. the huts
or of being elicteld to sari o4iut1e. I will
fearlesnly 1and inparti ally dischargult 1 eiig
the duti.e inrclnsiiuhint oI Ii1. ·tkiilI
continiilly forl the lailnt,ltllitce of hlaw
and order, andi renderin g tile t re llir vr
service to the very best of lily knowledge r
and ability.
I respectftIllv' isoll'it youlr Vot.e iiand
support ill the cowing primarylii.
le'spleetful. y tubtlitttted,.
EI,. IER J. 1i1 A'llI 11'. c
Teams anld wagon ts des fll kindls
of haulingi aitll t ,l('tret w44 ,rrk. Soo
Ml. M.'lWu-igl.
I.St. MalrtiinvilIt . lt. S
Mules For Sale.
I have live AlI iall linilea for male 1 i
a' hti1 gagin lllriesl , lt
I.E K tii tNIN, a '
lDee. #. 24li:. St. M artiluvnlle. Ili. Il
No Hunting.
Nil hulllillg i p..ltllllted elllth th V \. t
tier. L)tllluaill Iand I iurand Ilull.t tiolln. itl
licc. i, l141111. St. lartilville. L.. tI
No Hunting. rt
iNticrl Ii hereby Kiveii that ilo huiIIIt
iIg OI pIlrmil i d LIoil the Illiili IlIlllntl
BUN)IN 1'u l:DI.III ER. " t
140', ti. 11t1.* ,t. .1 rtorti~l ell. i.:
JA.11ES 1). S.1ION,,
N( 4. V t I ltl.IC. E
Office near (iourt I loeise,
St. Martinville. lot.
Sold on easy monthly or yearly payments. .p
'i Let me put one on a Free Trial in your home .
Phone 32 at my expense .p
., -l
School Board Proceedings.
St. 1.attilville, La.. I)er. 4th. 1919.
At a lueetilg of the St. Martin Parish
iSchll,.il Hoaid held this tday thi follow
ing tnetubers wer. present: tulu. L. V.
I.Ibe. I'Psidetit; Mlessrs Fournet, Goa
NIIli ii, Ma.rtini. Ihelord. St. -i lmain.
Absenlt: Mr. Angelle.
'I- he uinute-s ,f the previous meeting
Swere appIovld ai lead.
1'lpl I mottos of .Ir. lai ties, Ntrcouded
I Is 1r. 'hiaipagie andili carried, the
walk leadiug to t the Atchafalaya School
r repaired.
'rThe petition of the patrons of the Ma
gellta School was received alld actiou
pill llmotiion of iMr. Martiln. seconded
I h Mr. St. lermain andl carried, the
Iolshq were orteredl to close for the
I 'lristmiais Ilolidays on Friiday, Dee. 19
Mdll to le-open oni Mondllay Janullllllary 5th.
U'ppon molultill of Mr. Ii'rmalii. recoir
hdedI by Mir. Chanlpagne anld carried, the
'lluperlllLt:-indellt was aulthorized to rant
the 42.4 acres of lald belongiing to the
slchool Hoard in Sec. Ill. T 9. S It (t E
for the year 192I) on shares. 1 3 of tlhe
crop to ble thel Board's portiont if cane.
ciorn (i cotton is planted awl I-5 should
rice hl, plantld.
Bidsl for thie Fiscal Agency were re
oeivedl as follows:
Bidl if the lalltraiz Bridge Hlauk.
Breaux li idge, La., D-ec. ;i. 191.
lo the Pr sitelst land Ileluhbtls of the
'it. lai tillt clool tlt,0 id.
hItar Slim:
Emlit'lll o Ilie l oulr statemliieit. As iper
lultr advertised liltl. we oiffer you 3 per
('llit ilt yourl deposits, awill we will Irldl
oull uottley at (3 perr c'lnt per annlumi.
Vers truly,
L. C. St. iGermailn. Cashier.
Bid of the Balik of St. St. lartlllille.
St. .%artin tllle. La., llt. 1, 1919.
Ito the Hllioiorahl Schtm iat oiladof St.
Mat tini Pl'arish. Lia., St. hlartinville, I.a.
liiieUlilank of St. Marttinlle of .
.Lirlnvlllv,, I.a.. dully autihoriz d by Ilts
tollarll of lil ecot., Hll eord lliig all tht
terllllls ad codittttitt of Act 5li S of 19112
,of the liae-ral A+ssnlly of lithle State til
I.itsiatta. attaching therei, a sworn
-tateitteit of its ro'ntil i lin olt tihe lirt
hbmit-s dlay iof the itlutth proevious ti
liiig this aIpplication, as the law spewi
tios, ttenlders it alppllcatiionm to beicome
your tiscal aglient for tihe term just atd
He offer to pay 4.01 per cenllt Vytrly
iterest ol mlonelly deposited by youlr
Hoard with us, aidl payahle semi all
inuially or mtltthly ats -Vii prefer, and
wheli legally althiriz dl toi trrow we
will lldil your Hoard iionliey at the sattme
rate fl ilnterest as yoiur average depo
.ita will bear.
'ItWhenever youtr board will ineed more
imioiey thltii thei aullitll!t otf your aver
age depiositsa the Batik . of St. Martin
ville will lenid yoiu mousy at 5.41 per
cent per year. *
iK :lºetfillly sllhu litteld.
Hanlk of St. Martiltlvile
L'er Robert lartin. Pres'
Hid of the l- lintilurcial anLk.
St. hiartitvllle, La.. liDe. 4. 1t11l0.
To the IlHooiil'hle Thei ShiililoM Htardl of
St. Miartini Parish. Lu.
lieitlemiiet i:
As pter llt r ald lo tisl c'all for bids
for the ti-scal agellc'y. ",e subllllmiIt ewiII
state-lltllut of thell ctolittitliol o ur banik
as shlowti bI lur blloks on lhotday the
tir-t of Dlecuiembeir, 19119. e agree toi
pay y. four d l nll e i-qullarter per centi
(I 1 , per 'cltit oil yltr daily balaice-
ald ilil lend yon at the rave rate of
iliteest ain ,iouliti equal tIo the aver
age dilitly halance, andil all lhalts above
that of average dally balalicel at the
rate (l per cent.
A C. Gatitlier. alshier.
1pon tUmltiollt tf Mr. Martiin. sectltidetl
iy Mr. i liord, auih cartiedl. the i id of o
hie Breaux Bridge Bank was arrepted
aol the bolonlt to be furtioheil by tihl
Bittk was flit-il hIy t$PO3 .
Upoti motillir of Mr. Cuhattipagmie, ase
oulded 1ly Mr Martin atld carnleol, Ithe
Board aijiiornteol.
H1. I.' Porraitll.Siretar'." i
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J. . liourdicer
'.. No. I10$l.
tllth Juill cial I)istrict ('co rt.
r" State of Loulisiana, Parish of St. Martin.
By virtue of a writ of Flrt Farcias
r iwued out of the Ittlh Jud icihl liitrict
(Court. ill and for tihe Parish of St. mlar
tin, State of Louisiana. in tihe abilie en
. tiled ani d ul ered sitilt, dated this ith
day of Nv. A. Dt. 1it1.
I hiavte seized aid will I iroie.,! lit I
Sat Publi" A tll li llto thli lIi t ao llli ll li
est bidder at tlOe flrot Idoir t f tiht (C il
House, hilwieen the hlegal Ile iit hi (il
it a. ill. to 4 p. ni.) ill thl T'own of St. MIar
1 t inville, ton
k Saturday Dlcc. 2i, 1919,
c the fillowing incclltioui, I 'ild ,hescrlblwd
i Iilpertyv. to-w.t:
t 1. rThat certaii tO) vi i t I tit, atedl iln
th. Town i is Bridle hridgeI. Ia . wTith
it tics ii firiveil lettst thereon, i. iludi d
north oir l bv i tihe proli ty of lIthe
Breaux Bridge licak aill iI. ltevoire,
e iout Iby proplrty of MN. rs. ArIni luirozs.
iardt. eit by Bayou iTi ihe aii we-t bit
Washitngton street.
2. tiat certain towni lot with in.
SproveIlent thereon situat. . I ti·r Iwci
f of Breaux Bridge. La.. bio i d ;il noc tih it
i Bridge -treet, south hy ipt. pry formleri
ly belonlgiig to Nmua liiniiieg.ihtlx inw
Grossmian. eat lby Washington street,
anid west Iby propr)y of Alani Poitier.
SSeiz7.ied tio salisfy above writ.
Ternai aid eiol iltions cash.
Sliiriff's iittlce, parih of i t . 1laril.i,
this 12IJlt day of No.i A I. i. 11!.
WIDa (. MArIIN. Sllrill.
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in Ladies Shoes See them
K I-"
Long Leaf Yellow Pine Lumber Flooring, Siding and Dementio
L .F- 4I.I. A\I 1 SEE I S AND) SA\ ShK IONKY :
, Proclamation of Election.
I' m-:u.li t ti ;,n m ..i nmm.ace f the . a)l r iani
It Tmwtu l 01.ull I i.,tI ',ll.It lm a meetiLg hield ni- Ih,,
I4th If omm . I , m rI r til:t. I. AItbert lieuv,,en ,
I la.,r 01 I.~ own I I St. . llarliuvdlle, I. nisa.
aui, hi.r-,bi) Kite umIm t tht,. iam cmumlalrmit) wials
Ssaid ordinam.c., a ,lpecial elhectiou -ill be held
in fhi. T.wn of St. ,iiaammill... L.mimmaiana. oI
Tiue :da) tihe tlh .-1a no .lIaumlar) m ri2..t for tihe
purpi, Iof shnllitli-mg toI the prm)iperi) tax t pai)
ern lilifietl udlmlr the l outiutlloan, ld niaw
ofI the hiate of Ht uilmina, ( to vte ait Sid ,.ec
ti m,. the fll .winlg pr Lpo .itin m, to-wit:
-" tIrl mitmI io nmi .\L. 1. ' ii tncur debt .on behalf
of nt. ifo thein tnumne , ' o "'wu f mtt. Mlrtii -
viille. Luuisiia.i, and i. tm.i raunsm to the aiiunt
of lcifn T' hoIs'ltanIld ý ...0,,(tU h oillhrs, to rill
i' Twlnt) l*tllr. r.rm hrllelllr date, and to bear
iuleresIt the raim.. t w i e :,. f r cent ter mu.
nom, I}tabl,+ .*mi-unuuallyl,-, h pr.ce'eds fronm
fhle i. If .-taidl I fnM d at Hoil h... htullm,-t, to II
u m it f or the pnr mle oftr. 'iut gliu ilmm m lto ip-R
illJinl Systeml of WateIrwork,* llelectric.
light pIlint.
"mr t.he inri,.e of hi ldh lg -aid eleh tit thet
INmlin. i Ila:C will h- ia, fN) lm. w-:.I t the 'owlk.
Ilull, -t. ~tti tiinvillel, Lom.a iinun, i m
At Sa lit. t pupi.illt4 all. m i w ill n iSevent
m't t aim [m hw k it . I r.. iand close t i fivei'ti , ,
-) iNem k p. fiI., arc'orlling lt law.
d ,tlie ii. ;Id-. he.m-m h) irem u that at i ' ,  cilck
I". mi.. n Wea-,ine,.,a) the fiurt tim, h lt) of. Jail i
mi. uW.b0 Iih, .ma),,rid t wu ammTm llmiw mm il of tlhe
m',wm of mm . ad -lartimlle, lui iaua, will niceet
,t ithimme aw n Ilh l at lt. i lMar itinville. I mi .aun a,
;td i| ..yell wqr 'lc , proceed h. open hillt" Inl
int lmoxai, examiine ai d conut tmhe Imll- tm. in
e'hm ciii.. i
ihn done and - igiiui fit it. m mli tinville, ,u
-iaua, uon this lth dath) doaflfmmbhtier 91t9..
. L IE rr H li k N V E N ', M a ,yr , a
1. fhill- u dersignal 4 ler k of thhe T' wl of tt.
!artmiu-ille, l>lsia UV, du hereb eArtif) shuat
le aIMve and fur.eguiug i s it truendl Correct
",p) of a ti lice't electinu. i..Sue I k.. itt, Ala
).,r. calli.g a .pI 'ial olectiuu to Ia. lhel iN Ihe
lawn of S1. larlinvill., lvuisia n. i, ll lhnth iih
.l00) ",f .lJ Nuary 1.2.1.
hu faith w'h.reof I have her*enl,> -Cf m) ufli -
rial ni ualurl. lOy anllhentlablth with the im
i,re- of n,. tficial sell, at it. Martienille, i
Loul-iana, on this the 4th day of Decemtmb>r 1919.
By mutual agrteement our G(ar
iages will be, closed on SunDtiys,
conmmencing Sun lay Decem"tber 7.
Francis Bienvenu .
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ness, Loss of Appetite, foul
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llomologation of Tableau
In tlhe matter of the Successain of
J. Klebert Melancol
Probate No. :)3i3
State of Louistiana. Parish of St. Martin.
S In.reas;
Louis W. Melalneou or the 'Parish
of Lafayette, Executor of the aforv
said sullCcesaloh has filed ill the office of
the Clerk of Court of the 19th Judicial
Dlstrilt Court of the State of Louisiana
holding arrsion inlland for the Parish of
St. Martin a Final Tableau of Classifea
tion and distributiop of the aforesaid
Notice is hereby given to the creditors
andl heirs of said lstate and to all othLer
whoi it may conlceran to show cause if
any they have within Itle days Ifri this
publicartani, wily said tableau shoulll Inot
ie hollologatedl as prayed for.
('lerk's ,oll1ce this 5th ay of Ier.
A. 1). 919u . -
I. BIVENV tNI. Dy. Clerk.
perunitlld on my plantalion in Ihe
1st uard. J. B. Delaloire.
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