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(Formerly "The Lumberjack")
Education Fed m i
Organization .... Industrlal
ý ý Ih
Emancipation Democracy it
P'ublished W.ekly by National Industrial Union of Forest and Lumber
Workers, Soutihern District. t
Office of Publication:
335 Carondelet Street, New Orleans, La.
Yearly, United States ............................................ ...$1.00
Six Month,, United States .......................................... 60
Foreign. Yearly ............................................... ..... 1.50
Bundle Orders. 'Per Copy (in Ca('nada) ............................... .02%
Jlhndle Orders. Per ('(opy (in Unit.l Stati.s) ......................... .02
Bundles, Orders of 500 or Imore (Spot I 'al l' Per Copy ...............01%
Single upi ......................................................05
In seraflng nmoneuy for the paper ,ho not mix It with lionis lintended for
the orgatnizati l, ll thit e pIapr eaa rtse a jit part;i tei acount..
(ah l tist t ''- iialipaly all orders.
S( I:"T'l l; RN I STRICT.l ''.
D15trlet Ile:iIqtarters ............. 1194 Gould Avenue. Alexandria. LJoulttlana
Jay Hrlth .................................... Secretary Southern District
E.:XE(:TIVI'. il;oAIII- SUTI;'iltlN iIS'rltlTRICTr.
Fid L.ihman, i. ;. Sihaw, .; I. A -.hworth, i'. M. Collins, D). R. Gordon.
Your sulbsiription expires with the Issue niliuber oppolite your name on
wrapper. If you dio not w1.1h to missi a c pty you should renew your subscrip
tion at lea-t two week'; ibeforie tmpirllttin.
ileiiase notify u:i if y)i ido Inot. r'ce'lve your papers regularly.
]*.lt.t r il ., ~ ",' ,l t 1.1 .ti .1" .'~" l .I \l' .l 1 'll:, it the Po,t o)he', it . '"w I It leh'.n .
l..t.. m,,e re 1111 art .tl Augu',t .'I. 191'
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The I. W. W. Preamble
The working class till thel I'iii loyit IVig liiN have nothing in cornliOn.
Th.ere can lite Di iilea' Kii len:g at.. il'igir lii l wan it ais l tou dII allln g Dlil
lions of working polIeI. aIidl thei few, who lmaike tip hle Ili imployinlg class,
have all Ihe good Dhiing. otf lilt:.
lBetween thliesei two clashes L ti iggie li ii.t go on util the workers of tlhe
world organize as a cluils, take lpo ,.lh.ioii iof the eartlh aind the maclinery
of Jproluitliou, aiid alolislh thel wage syethr.
We find that thi, -',.te ring otf Ihlie Dunllagne'.it n of indilustries into fetwer
and fewer lhands miaker the trade, uiiios iiiunable to cope with ltie ever- grow
Irg 1,ower of thi el. liiloyhig ii lt.s. 'h11, traile, uIIlons lster IL stat of affairs
which allows olne hseD o wielkere I, hie pitted agaiissl iitllhr ,e' t iof wolrkels
in the ihams. Inlli tDry, thereb.y helpJlg d'l e;i t olil' aliiiitlhi ili wage' warn-. Miore
over, hl' trainl uniii is alii in riltpilllly lg iiiisDn l ii i.ihe,'il ili workters into lthi,
bi'ili'f Dha i1t .he .ol'k-l h; I A la 4 h i ill t e; ti ii i iiollillll wit ii Ihli rt eDptuL ylho le .
T'h11:.0. o'em lli nllls ali I,1" , i < ih n 't'l ;:i1' Iuth i011t4.1 4 ior IIslhe working 4-les
tihliil' onl y by ait ll l Rt 5 ii/.tli iii it h iIt..l- l I1,, 1 a way ti hat aill Its iielll el ,.
Ill aliy one' Iill Iy iii o i l ;n l A liDhil lD I , i i ri l' iary. iease, wilk whenever ait
strike oi r lo iikoit ile ili ;lei ,1 l I.ll i itio l I' it-elt, tliiui aliklig an injury to
',m ; s111 ti t ii y Ii, ;ill.
Iniiti-li of f ,I ,,t i ,il. iii ' motto. "A fair aiiy't wage for ai fair day's
work," we Dlict ill 'illhe o,. ln iaur alle'r the riivoltut.ioniiy watlchword, "Albo
lituols of 11'1 war'. y11 o "l
IIt i- .l hi-totic ihlmiitn of the workling la -' Iito do away with capital
tits. The al rliy of l itlll I, lltll iili-t lbe olgainizedl, elot only for the eiverydaliy
uitrughi-'g with i;pijitstalii.. lit ;it i lii t a ;r'y oh plraiili¢t'tite when em-italihlallli
.hi;tll hatve Die.e, oete*ulh Dlotwn,. isy eig;nitiil;g iiolilDriially wi, i're forlroiig the
stiructrelll llf thi. ii1.w. m,,1,1y w.11h Ithe lhtll ,oI lith # , ,I
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I'I+lSl A \t l l ie
-., i Ilii-. i; I I~t , l,,lliL It 3 ; I iit:' i iili,,I l ii tl Ii,'11pi1 iil ;Ii el l~ C i C I~l i ~lLi.
ri bll i i,'*1, hlh0il jll,/ iii,* hiii .1 I hllhh1111i ' l t hi i'',* il.l -l i " II 1 IIlit l Pll, Du~l
II~ 1 , itI itll I l i -011 - l'1 I lhl I .1 I~l Ilhll j,, ( ll ..I~i I- Ij l h ,ll'i | 1 , lii D lt i[.ii' | tll iiiitt
,Ji Ii hi 1 ,li Il ,, I ,, ,ll I i A llt L
I hl , ,i I, ,1o iltl -.  h0 ,I,I , 11 , h i hi. Ii i~hii,' I , tei~il~~,l 'm i ill l o iia ii.liiil
Il"ll t i hI 1 il i I I- illl ll - - i -~ i i Illii -I -ii.' l' ll 0h. lii (l iil i I t lill~lt i il~l~li l
, | ili .11,i - hl l I 11110 l . i~ll ll* ll iill I 11 l li i li e151
11 11 ,l 1111 i ii 1i i l' 'i ti I I hit'' liii Il li.; lii Ii ii llli" Il Il liitltl. D'li iltllil
i ' l h,,il, Ish Iu , T I11 ii I ' 1" ' , I I , , I II ill I ItO lll iitll.lii, 111i0
I~ll I hill ,i l - ' I, h ill, , iIl ,ll l il ll ll ili II I Il Il l ll ll
*I I ,I, i t'il , $ l I ,, ll- I ih li I Ii + , iliIll -Ii iIl I lililii ~ li 1 1 i i- tie ( l i Diii l~lt] i ! l
1l,1i,,! II-l I h II , Ito ' I,, ,1 '! • hi ll* " IIll 11 ' II l.ti l lltl , 0litlt . le- il
t Il 5i l I , ii? - I, ' i I, ,I il llll II*ll LD I n1" 1 1 , Iti l Iii Ill-I tlii
I I ! l'. - I i lll i ,Il li11t * ,h l I,'' l ' I ,ii Il I It Itt ilit ' Ii I l l'Ilt it 1111 I
-ll - i i h ii , -' I - - I I , ill i, t , l li' li i
i ,,, ' |l i TI -'li - Ii • -l i - I-, ,,I i tl' i lIlt i11 1.i 1-r l ( h lij~-i,-;l i- i-it- cit
i. h , - ,I ,,i ,,Ili i l . 1 .,h 1 1 il i li ,,,itil/ .IllnI ri h ull u tiii t
511 ti~ i ,Iill ,,i lii t,,l I.I l~l I II', , Illilh lli ti-'hi it -iiil~li/t h i i l tlll~ll llil it
,I t I II,. ' i, i -li - I ' '1 itI .1 , I tt. i I ( illS hit ll • lit l tlii t e' St, !l ill ,I
i *1 i ~i , 1 I, I , ,I !, '1 , i , l -l, i h ii liltl ti I' - I; t h, lil a"1it
Il Ii l.' .IJ I , l~l A I' -it, , Ii -l' I- lul I l -lltiii t. ' )11. 1 13/S (
, , 0 i , ' ! 1 , ,' . . . I , i ' ll , , I I A I l l /, h 1t.
'1.'1 ol tllt(I:l+ "lll\i' 1 I 10 lll ,A1, Il',lslE rT ) IN'r.;itIto lil, S TRA
By RD) WINO. 81
How many of you Lumberjacks ever saw the Boss out Sunday
morning hunting up "TThe Voice Of The I'rophl" to see what new at
guns we have turned on his pocket book Did you hand him your s
"The Voice Of The Peoplct" Or do you try to keep him from know- E
ing you read "The Voice Of The People!" If you do let me say you S
haven't got grit enough in your make up to digest a grain of corn F
in a chicken's gizzard. Stop this cowardice and see that the Boss d
ILets every copy of "The Voice Of The People." Never give him a ir
rnornent's rest, let him feel the rebel's blows and hear the rebel's V
a'rv of revolt, day and night. Let him know that we neither ask Is
nor give quarter, but denmand a complete abolition of wage slavery. V
Mlake it Sa clear as the noonday sun, to his grced-cursed brain that tI
we are going to make useful members of snoiety of them and their si
prostitute gunmen or run them off the fIuce of the earth. " Th.k
I',ie º Of 'The Peollc" is our best fighting maiehine; it furnishes all the a
;usunition its Editor .'an load in its columns. Keep up this splendili p
fighting ma.chine arnI we know we shall win. But the time of vie
tory ilae.nds in the, rush we snake in ithe fight. Let us get "The
I'oc (Of The I'eople " ill every woirkrllian's home, especially let us see
that thlel Itoss gKlns 4,11a. Of course, he woullIn't subscribe; we havenm't
a'iviliz'ed him r enough, for that, yeat.. Itut ai he is so goo l io givl
ius a jol,, lone that k'eepls us tas, busy to get iito idle imnischie.fs, you
seao' we ire' irlibled to, I imll, th'inl supp,,se we settle this indebted a
i'5 isis with at sitilbscriptiouI to ' "The Voi'ce: Of 'I' : IePeople7'" Everyormi
1that. 'ai a1n1l will "''shoot.'" ) ''ients or $1.I15 doiwn the road to New
)'iasits salld hala'e it to, stop at ::15 (Caroulelet.lt street, with the' naJtlil'
.iand adlair'ess ,of the boss and hins giuni-toters, 4d, so, riand I'll vocill
for the Edlitor doingiai thei rcnt.
Los Angeles Electrical Workers Industrialize.
I() i' .1ai111' thea :t i. i nu mmbea'r aof ('lss conscious wa(ge silvi'ns secured t
'i rallla the (;enerl Ilfle'e a charter of organlizastion priviledging thenal
t', rlimeet uilder thlie btannellr of Indullstrial I 'liniia ilaind to be knowni
as Electrital Warkers Indlustrial I'niaon No,. 48X, Lots Angeles, Calif. I
As slave's w recogn.lizedl the 'effe"'lt aof (I'apitalilm up on us, poor
pa}a, l ,ong hi,urs, n. ,stlntll coplletition I',r tihel sale of ouir labor, long
pe'riodis of .11forllcr.edl idlhleness, inability to sclulre enough of the where
Sith li-all to prp'rlv miiarrv and raise It family and the only thilng
,offered.'I us for theli fiuture was when we be'ami too old to cornla'et
with the younge'r mllellubers of our cla.ss, if nliot killed beaforehandl, the
i'.ssile prot.e'tion of the poor farmia.
.liNaturally aftear a retaognilitio of thei etff'ect we werea' f,reaed tol
icrsider the likliihooI of 'el'viatiling the con,ditiomn. Among oalther
tliilngs caissrl~airadl wais the Capitalists' organiziation ill ioulr piart iilar
indluistry, ailll tlie saiimle einditol ihl.s h agood in all iindustries; we
f,,iis thaliat thle eaiajitalist ail d iot aaeclsirare divideniids ill the ille de
iarirt i luau ir the 'able deaialartnllaiit. r the swithlbalird, ope'rating, I
alilitiii, i l aintiitlaiail a ori r othear depajirtieialts ai individual organizationii
hilt in tIlh- oiil ii ild departlii ililnets lperatirui g s a il unlit, recoanlizinig tlhe
Iiit .rjlp.alrald.iia.. ,"f ac'iilJ oitf the cioni ineuiait., jlparts, anlld tlhat at. n tlimell waisi
Sillay art greater Ilia tie iaahole unit. 'lThel wel atre of E411h1 de|iila'jlrtill'it
is rc''.aog.l ized andlli Ithat, ill o,rl.der a miiiilailitilal i it suc'et'sfull unit, thil
fr llila Ii lila'ilhtal li sa ' "'i iill ri, If0 Jil, a Im ili t ' aile rlilltrll of Ill" M I T' ' 11
Ir a a aoiyla iz' . I.
11 ;i1%\ . f,,'iii fr i11 I , \p4L'ri i . t Iilitl th fie old i filtI, III lifol l eilli t
e' h IIp ii, i li;41 la" Ithi ;iia s;ill a iali vinlhas iij'laii iil11 lllia'l ja l it al ill t 1ll lli il1 atll
,. ilat;ia 1 i1 ilr'.t 11; , ,a' ii4 ela'lara'e iliivi 'le a it utilia tit e ileI Oaliii liiaa o'lrlts
,,f sill l. ,th' i ,r i ,'I la rli iiil li i t a ir alar l.s , I alll lata l. iiiliist.ry. I1 li1s
i 111 11 I' ' 'll: iti Ii t e lhI rii. d iil aig de ai'111 i llt o II'' l1alY aiih il ilallhl.lls y
ais hl ,I ' ah.l"uit l, , iI.al.J' iu ii ,liaiislN 111 ;lryi' i,,liig alViia' 1a. wils J tl tiiaail
s111ai oatlua' oala t aa II.'ti s i ke w a fise is11a' Ia e la ll l.ti' a l lrtiie Ilt. ilh 1ill
Illf , i ,ti',lhe , l i . l (finvil li iIl f*WI MP W ali tii ' h, ; fil liil, Il ii.. ,. ll\ ., Hl i t llJ i l.
its 17i.!4" slllv s lie' tll t'rl ilwisal' 's wit rusii t l. e a1ae, illit 11 lg l. a, ' 0 iti ill ' ll
a dlill othir a rli a latilleilts."
'li. ,1'1.4 ia aa' .iil l ae ilaiii'º of h i IIlih lsr i a sl n litli i thiie lpasist tIo
S ','siii ' aili .ilta d" tla' 'te .l alah la', ''a'hl'-ralali- , ligliit l ai-lA I' e,. r _ iA
Illie 'lrai'ali i tsl, iilli e i'klters aa t' lila. l'ae'.ia'lil iin usti'ry iiiad thelai, w ih're
liaV iliI ara llil/.,i i la It is ailly iii Jillh, I i'aillaaa. il,.i Uii Hlaila, r'l e-rt,,all
. (! , , 1il 11' 1 ) I. 'Sl' ii ilai lllia lgll t ll , lll alieli.aillaJa t iaii aI hlfaa ill lila, a l
I. aI l, ti jil.it ,1 'ill' i ai o tut ( l' oit l i11tl' ll'. s iillg ' a el i.t~ g t il ll'. )a1'.el 1iiilv
Slt t aasll 'i'illi a ill, lle' I.?ii1p l ls ii.lia e., ititll(ila ,ul' e th e t * Il,. e , l."ll'. ival ii l
aIl-au iri s ill.. iT,, th e (,. llt ia ' , linll a a i sf , ftil.as. ir tlailr lia, aiital i 'r lillt l i' ill
I al t , II ga i l -I1 i.. r, 'l'iat i h) ,,ri 1 al i e i- a1 a 1 Ih iaia Iia-I i' l 'ar all iee ili
al il l'lill/a i .i i .l ,. hl l lus t sltl s te I ll tsi'l liI , 's I his iaiii
• i ' r ili / ll , 1 i' l\l' ,lllaallal tal f\a s ' ilal r- 1 a1 . ria lillsli h a ,,',all ,1s IlI'I
I llia l sti. iI al a i ,. giii to a . i l al -,t'a' li la i Il I i i l l trlilld .v 1',,ill
, l, , I lI, a i,,i al I. l i l t iii aaiIj, ii Iiaalii' ia ritl.i' , ll i II, ,I ,ii,i ' i, iil ra.. 'i l
Ih, ,I- l a 1,, ,J i l.a liii, lil a li.ahl, l iii i'.i l l I 'I la l ·i jl .i ,lliiiJ i ta il sa l I' ll
Aila Ii Illa . .lia l l s Illa ' ii rli aiaiai ll / 'I i l lla ai l ili i Lia i/ ll i a l l eail '
i ut J, ' lil , iii a , i l , i i I .lia 41a t ,aa ,is iiiaa
4 I 'll '°l t , lii', ti au!ll i a hi , , ii e1 1 , il I'* '1 IV J, r " i "
ti i ai1 a, a1 I lal, as 1.a,,ii'i. I i, iaiata a al lIi ililas at
t l i . II ' i i ... , 'n l I .i I 19 ..... IIh IhJa 5 111 1 \ 1, 55 Ii i ,\ I l i ,
I'lla i t " \ I \ :Ii I \1'1 i , a a, a I la , ,ta thsa l tla
al , ,, lit ' i,i I1 o'lit , I I0, l,1i , l allia a I . I I I. , I al a a0 a;,, I alr ai, thi
i ii It i li t,, ;i .lillia, .i l, li., alaei t ri' ilJ I iiila il.. I. lii . aii lt. a t a i
ii ailiastail iaiae.li t ia.il, tlhat iiaathlltli Ilsi!t a I, I lia e al i tai, a it tla,
I i . .....a I lf ir tli , , , le, 'r \"a'i- I, 'i, t Ihl as all r i.la.a al I I lla
ala' I, la aill l iii- ,,ia l i, \l ,r ia- . ,h Ia )'ail a s a ,al ls a i0)il alira.,r
Il I l \ . h a h,'la lii. i a'- ,, ' , t. , tl ast ari tl slai. that a. r 1i , li u ilat las tii,
1 . ,\ i l ha-' t iii il w', . a ,,' tarsal tai asif', , il r 1s 1. a- ait' at, , at i ih
al, It i a-a- aait.al I a I ..i v alljil ,al,.iaai'iie ', . I,, i lii''- a si ii' ,,iia
A j I, . . I hs i l l i ,lai r i l ai a t j a il e at l' ia i a aim '. a ' ht l i t l. a ' lrI t , ith i l, e . ,
isa. rararala', .-. at' i.\i hE. I'l~EElI. (I )l,(l'. SIX. ,r stlhi.r ,alilftha:itioii.
knaoa jas SKIII. ,it'.
After having considered fully the aforestated situation we d r
mined that inasmuch as the capitalist class has been succesful, by recog
nizing that an injury to one is an injury to all of their elas, and by
a. full knowledge and exercise of SOLaDARITY of their class, in en
slaving the workers.
It would be more practical for the slaves to immitate them and form
an organization of THEIR CLASS,' understand and PRACTICE
solidarity in all things ever to remain mindful of the motto: "AN
FIGHIIT AS A CLASS. We found that an organization of our CLASS
did already exist and that all that hwas necessary for us to do was to
tally under the banlner of TilE INI)CSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE
WORLD and we were well on the road to emancipation. We are by the
law of society relegated to the ranks of the Industrial Workers of the
World whethe.r we so hlose or not in that we were workers in the indus
tries of thie worldl ard that we are diso.atenated andl REBELLIOUS
slaves seeking to remeldy thei situation, by FIGHII'rNG the capitalist
at every turn of the industrial road, a road, by the way, upon which
a million of our l.hss arc killed or injured each year, legally, in the
pursuit of profit.
Elec'trical Workers Industriall I Uio-n No. 48" of Lant Angeles, Calif.,
extends to till wge' workl.ers in the ELE( I;('UI'AL INI)IDUSTRY a cor
Sial illVitatiot to i alltii I eur Illee'tings whether at ilembter or tiot. All
,tar Ineet liligK are oejI'rt, atelI we Imleet every Modll(ay ilight at (Calidonia
Haill, No. 119 S th Slrirs street. A full iinv.estigationl of our aims
;a11,1 the lh. iltlihy if lthe Industrial I tio,,nist is solicited. We WILL
have ftr te'lbet'rshi all e.ugaged' irl this indullstry without regard to
IAI' , 1'UIKEl), '0I,'4li) or SEX arId the, eral f thel year should see
its with a larg'e mielle'rslchil, 'Irafite'l froml tlhee ranks of the telephone
,erttior, te'hlegrahl oie.rator, str e.,t 'Ilrane, light and |power employes,
n1 t all ollhers igagi'e i lthe nian ctu :lt re of e'lechtrical goIods or
In order to lroe t, te lit rest lof the workiers that we are alive to
th Ite errsecuti,onl cf I,llr c.l;ss % hld at stri'eet mee.tinlg for the benefit of
thi. I'atersoi striker's List St a lalltly, andrl is I r'illlt the sec.retary was
,hile to seri the' stiai ol' j$:3.50) it the estrikers.
I l.mm. CoMITTrrrEE,
lios A i hge'les, ('alif , .1 ily Kc, 191:13.
The I. W. W. as a whole 'ire.trryitg to end it condition where mil
lions oft' wcrke'rs, and rule,d by a ce.titralize'd lbody of non-producers. We
want thie, workers, artl noti the eaipitalist iae'hine, to run affairs. Our
piurlpose' is to decenlt lral i.e poweI.r bult uaot neee'nssarily to decentralize
Intsiide of the I. W. W l.the more clear sighted meillemirs have besmn
lightinlg the ideta of statte, Seniialisntis because of its (enlltralistic" and
lure'aiuceratic teliienl'ies, but ill s, flighting. tlhe'se revcdilti tlLsts have not
I,.'ir oeill guard to kee.p the sltlee datligeTr from cireepiing into their inidst.
As the I. W. W. is ic.w c.',lsostrlii'tcel it coniitains all the: elements
eceIl'e'ssa..cry tol thile deveollii'pment ofi' a gre'tl autocratic maitthine beside which
lite exci'euitive board il e' the A. I". oif l. will appear punly by 'ociparison.
We haIIve it gen.erlll 'exe.t'ivie bctrel slrluposed to oversee the whole
t'rglllnizatioll, itille thiese. live aiert, together with the geniertal seeretary
treiiaisurer iidr thee, gencertal ot'ganiizle'r, imake ilp lihe goIverninag Tlcly.
'Those lhc Ifollow iafiu hcll t l veinsteil, l'l lilii organiiazitiota are
;c' tl'' 1Ihat tlel' clice ofl' geJic,.rall i,'rgi, ller is i ea i ,e;sSCry . 'I'h I s is Jcprove
Ib' I he fiact thit thlie gier..ll ,rg;TCiias.ri' ias 1 eiecY',r y'Lt iLe:e ,' ealeld upoi
te "M' l,'rl Vi'',' till %c rk ,f oergili/ rts ill flht liee . " At, ai ll l tl Ms tihe,
Iiulk ,'of orge'l izlig ,rck hi s l i Ii, ., ie Iby blecatl ,rganulliz,'rn l voluir
(i..(r WH'crk'etk i' eca ti . lllnllc ,' l th li. 'h ele'e.iet l lZlaiz titll idlet. 'rTlee
gcic itl ir.ga. ralzer is Inicl.eily tl er'gilelili/' atr Ih tg' ' Ilirll io'llhl f(ultill all
flhi ll' lllt ii ll , c1-1 % ,' tlie' lll vi 'll V i. . aii illy' clrei illg lc ,Wllg Ic c r.
tr . III 'ig e ealcllirll',erm l c l g nii l't c llil I',Ilitt is the; bulk of their work
.. h " il i. t i. . t ie i . ia  l s . it , ge'il' ritl e .'. il''tre ita er lte' iret!r. 1"i
. I'. IL i, e 'l Ii. cl. r1t W ' i e. c ti t oi c eli 'e i e' t oit ti cclmica illi e fjtir'e '. l,,
3,' i.t ri.. h iaI'.I 1i c i l rc' ll", tlr, ..ciclec 1I1 i'e iic e se l t'llr. e e ' i ll'e ,I i). llld . T 'le '
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