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A SIX HOUR DAY. Organization A Is Power A FREE RACE.
Nil." , 11 ",blI i-,slr In . I~zll NIEW OIIIAN., I.O)I SIANA, "I'IIURSI)AY, EP'IIf' lIti R 4, 1913 3'l'rl C4,N(I" l ;E " Ni:MwR 3
I] \W ,,. .\ Nx"
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-Z L. ,OF
ý ýn-.E~ -. , ",,", ,
Bye Bye Ma Honey Ahm Gone!
Blackhanding Themselves?
"We are in receipt of a continunllica
tion from J. W. Martin, (;eneral Man
ager of the Ludington lumber ('om
pany which we publish in full:
"To the readers of the I)eltidder En
terprise and the good citizens of
Beauregard Parish.
I have thought perhaps you might
be interested in knowing the contents
of the suli-joined letter received by
me this day through thlle I nited
States Mail, and I feel safe in leIuaving
to the good juidgmenit and sense of
justice of the Iniiterprise realdhers andl
the good citizens of Ieanuregac;rd l'ar
ish, the proper classiic;at ihn of lhe
party who was the author of the fio
lowing letter, at the sanm t ine alolo,
gizing to them for even thul f:,r dr:g
ging from his kennel of eli- t.l
such a mangy cur.
Mr. J. W. Martin.
Respectfully, .1. W. MAr;T'IN'."
"I)eRider, la., Aug. 21st. 1913.
Dear Sir:- I take this method to
warn you about the way you a:re
treating some of the men of the
Union. Your whole mill \ ill bie on
the bum in less than thirty d:ays, even
to your tracks. IAnd you know that
your beloved negioes will be shlot up,
if they stay there. And you your
self might not live very long if you
stay here, it is not healthy for men of
your ambition in this part of Louis
One more word or two, the man Mr.
Martin your mill foreman, you advise
hiim to resign or he will surely (lie and
the next one Ibetter do better.
As ever,
Yoour most unexpected friend,
Skull and ('ross lBones.
I'. S. The Ilodge didn't have any
thing to 1o with this.
The aIwove is from that poor, dec re
hit ('c5se for a newspaper th:at belly
cratwls its way thru the 1'. S. Mails
udler the mnisnoner of "The Ie Iid
ller (Ia.) E';nterprise." .1. W. Martin
is "(;eiiral Maniager" of the mill at
I.dington, La., whichl was recently
taken over by the Long-elill nium
Ihas (litinguish(Il i:itelf by the most
s.amhele.s a ,In nºeleih('ss lpersec uti on"
of t he l'or(I..t aIndl lumber Workers,
its favorite "*argumelnt" having al
SV been4 tl he' ".water cure" aind
pIulnlpgunls. Y'(oul will note Mr. Mar
tin is, :as ui:ual, g. randstanding to the'
g"} 0l citizens" of I'auregard(, that
i.1 to the Jgang that has slugged, shot
arid ol'iit rl8',d L1'n14 iII every con 'eivla
the 1 1114'ilk tro1 baby mioiithis.
It Nl- thi- "god citizen" gang that
1 k l lh' oI In rk.,r (;aiies out of a sick
Iet., chang:el him with throwing dy
iimite into the hg plens at Merry
ville aunl I al kept him in jail now for
oIver t hree mnlolthsi and will try to rail
road hnim to the pen if lie wont "con
fess' it on .omne white manl. It was
this same gang that sent F elloworker
Lill ('loper to the Leesville jail for
18 days Ibecaue he resented the in
sults of one ef their stoolpigeons who
had gone to our picnic at Rosepine or,
(Continued on Page 4.)
Again do we stand upon thle brink
of an infernal bloody war. Two na
tions stand to-day with daggers
drawn and the workers of the two
nations who are to do the fighting
haven't the slightest quarrel in the
world. "The workers of all nations
are friendls, capitalists alone have di
ver'e interests."
I:oies I'Penrose, the most subservient
reactionary tool of Wall Street has
offered a resolution in the Senate cov
ering an appropriation to finance a
trip of governmental military murder
ers into Mexico. We shall await with
interest to see if ti e American people
are stupid enough to permit the finan
cial pirates of America and Europe to
sic them on to the struggling bond
slaves of Mexico. The prostituted
pIres's does not dare to print the truth
about Mexico. The oppression and
peonage of Mexican workers would
real like a page from Hell's ledger,
and the capitalist paper that would
print it would feel the iron heel of the
masters displeasure.
Workingmen, awake! For the sake
of dividends and profit you. are about
to Ibe plunged into a charnel house of
horror. Every blow delivered by you
%will I elp to rivet the chains upon your
conlrades of the workingclass. War is
hell, and if lioies Penrose and his ilk
want to go to hell, let them go, but if
you are men, stay right here and fight
the real enemy.-"The Socialist and
Labor Star."
To the United States Congress
We, the undernigned citizens of the United States of Amer
ica, State of Louisiana, do hereby petition your Honorable Body
to investigate the Swamp Over-Flowed Land, and all other lands
in this State that are held by the Lumlber (Companies, which we
really believe belongs to the Government:
Cut the above out, paste it at the head of a sheet of paper,
get your neighbors to sign with you and mail same to John H. C.
Helton, Box 171, l)eltidder, La. I)o so to-day. There is no rea
tson why the Lumber Trust should not tell how it STOLE the for
ests of the South.
Y I :ifji-jIj-i-i- I--2-1-M"i"-I'+- t
Old Ireland's Workers
Send 45 Police Thugs to Hospitals.
The kept press of Aug. 31st. and
Sept. 1st. was filled with accounts of a
great struggle going on in I)ublin, Ire
land, between the striking Transport
and Tramway workers and the police
and Constables.
As usual, the trouble was brought
on by the readiness of police to do the
master's dirty work.
The fighting started when the po
lice arrested Fellow-Worker Larkin,
of the Transport Workers and then
prohibited a mass meeting called to
protest against this outrageous act,
because, forsooth they, the police (the
incarnation of violence) "feared vio
lence" would occur if the meeting was
held. But the meeting was held in
=a park belonging to the Transport
Workers. Then, when the workers
started on a parade, the blue-coated
law-thugs charged in on them, riding
down and clubbing men, women and
children mercilessly. The enraged
workers turned on the hellions or "or
der" and fighting spread all over the
city, as it seems that the "damned
foreigners" left in old Ireland don't
submit as tamely to legalized slugging
a5 do their "free-born American" de
At it is writing 365 peIrsons were
in the hospitals seriously wounded,
hut, thank whatever gods that be, 15
of them were police thugs; one man
was dead and one dying.
I:Even the kept press puts the blame
for the "rioting" on the police --where
it always belongs.
If the capitalist ('lass and it., iought
guniimen and "intellectuals" think for
a moment that they can smother
down in blood tl e great world-wide
;awakenling of the working class that
i. taking place the earth around, well
LE'T' 'I'llEM TINK IT. That's
tile way all aristocracies think. The
French "noblility" and ('Churchlmen
thought it clear up to the guillotine.
hIlt soc'iety is to-day like a great
boiler on which all safety valve- have
I,(een closed and then tl e fires under
kept white hot. Asa onseºiutnce,
plate after plate blows off and, then,
then lunatics in c'harg(e of the Hboiler
rush to the affected spot and try to
beat I,ack NATI RAI, forces into 'N"
NAT'IRAIL submission. All they
stucceed'( in doing, however, i. to pre
pare for greater and great expulsions.
And any one except a capitalist and
a gunman can hear the sca'ial boiler
cracking in all directions around the
earth to-day.
W%(oe unto those so "blind they will
not see, so deaf they will not hear!"
Woe unto capitalists and gunmen!
S Death to their system!
0 i • i •11 ýF'Ioººý 1 ii, i" •
Vancouver Mine War.
By W. C. Sandberg.
In the land where free Britishers
dwell and where they sing "Britians
never shall be slaves" we find that the
master class are not backward in per
petrating repetitions of the West Vir
ginia Paint and Cripple Creek out
rages comitted by the coal Barons on
the starving miners.
In order to give a clear exposition of
the present situation it Is necessary
to give a brief outline of the strike
froni its inception.
In September, 1912, the regular in
spections of the mines in Cumberlands
took place and the mines were found
to contain coal gas and according to
the law could not be operated, the
comittee that reported the mines to
contain gas was immediately dis
charged. The miners realizing that
their lives were pitted against the
profits of the Coal aBrons revolted
and as a protest decided to take a few
(lays rest.
When they returned to work they
were told that they could not resume
work without signing an individual
contract to last for two years and the
old conditions of working in con
demned mines, the miners in Cum
berland and Ladys.mith decided not
to go back to work until they got rec
ognition of their union and the dis
charged committee were reinstated.
:;00 special police were forwarded
to the scene to keep order. (?) You
know what kind of order the specials
keep, trylng any and every method of
brutality to coerce the strikers back
to work, which means to die off one by
one or wait until an explosion takes
place and Ie slaughtered by the
wholesale; rather than do that some
h.ave tolerated thi., pestilance, the
scum of the earth (the specials) and
others have taken to the hills; all win
ter long they have suffered privations.
In April, the I'. M. W. of A. decided
to call a general strike of all the coal
miners ,oni Vancouver Island, for the
first of May. The strike call went
out, d'every man excepting the Engin
eecrs and pump-men responded to the
call, including the Chinese Fellow
Thl'ei coal barons I ave canvassed
every city in ('anada, and the UInited
States, ;anld (even the British Isles for
scalt,; in their efforts they tricked 75
miners from the north of England;
they were told that there was no la
bor struggle going on where they
were going; at their arrival in Van
couver they were told of the true sit
uation, and every one of them proved
themselves to be MEN; they refused
to scab.
(Continued on Page 4.)

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