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This is Number 52 Organization g Is Power , 53 " "--.
No. 53 ~. III fmpbe of
SAN ANTONIO, Texas Rebels report that the
last issues of THE VOICE showing up the dirty
work and persecutions of the "Law and Order"
mafia caused a stir in that community of consump
tive robbers. "Sheriff" Tobin is said to have had a
bad fit of hydrophobia and every manhunter in the
alleged civilized state of Texas swore THE VOICE
was a liar. By the time we get thru with these
hellions they will be shown up to all the world in
their true colors. They will yet learn that the rebel
press is a power to be reckoned with even by the
werewolves that infest the deserts of Texas. Here
is one form of juicy graft put over on the fool tax
payers of Texas by their guardians, the politicians.
Says one of the rebels: "The fee system keeps the
San Antonio jail full all the time. Some are put in
with.the most flimsy evidence ever put against a
man to keep him in jail. But, the Persecuting At
torney gets $25 for each indictment; $50 is the
most he gets for a conviction, from that on down;
$15 for a habeaus corpus proceeding. Here is an
example of how the taxpayers are flimflammed: A
salesman of "Blue Sky" had thirteen indictment
returned against him and one of these human
money grabbers (Lawyers) turned in fifteer ha
beaus corpuses, costing the county $16 oni each
case for the Persecuting Attorney, a', $,.5 each
case for the Judge. They sent to St. Louis for this
man and up to date this case has cost the county
$3,000, with no earthly chance of conviction. "It
is no wonder that all the "authorities" of Texas
are so strong for "law and order." There is noth
ing like raising a hue and cry against somebody
else when it is wished to distract attention. The
boys in San Antonio go to "trial" (?) Januarylst,
so now or never is the hour to aid them. Here is
from another letter: "Jesus Gonzalez who was con
victed in Cotulla, Texas, has been kept in his cell
for 5 to 6 days on a stretch, his jailors not even
opening the door and passing in his food on a
plate; all the light he sees is thru a hole 3 inches in
diameter. This isa savage twentieth century." It
surely is. General Sherman once said, "If I owned
Hell and Texas, I would rent Texas and live in
Hell," and Sherman knew what Hell was for he is
the same man who said, "War is hell," and proved
it. YOU, it is up to you rebels to save these vic
tims 'from the Huertaistas of Texas.
PHILADELPHIA, Pa., McKelvey, Loux and
Wilmont of the M. T. W. were to go up on Dec. 19
for "sentence" for assaulting some scabs. Here is
an account of Mc's. assault on a policeman: "Dur
ing the strike (of the Longshoremen and Boat
•ne,,) I was going down to one of the piers at the
foot of Reed St. I was met by a police sergeant
wl,) ;e name is Joseph Peoples, and who refused to
pt.ri'.t n .. to go further. After qu :.tioning his
right for awhile I was placed under arrest. When
in his hands he proceeded to manhandle me, which
caused me to fall to the ground face forward. All
this time he held me by the shoulder with his left
hand and, when I went to the ground, he very read
ily applied the blackjack. I for a time lay on the
ground unconscious, entirely at the mercy of the
thug. On recovering my senses I found myself ly
ing in the middle of the street at the end of a pile
of iron. I then made a request to be permitted to
sit up. This Peoples endeavored to deny. After the
first attempt to extricate myself from the position
he held me in, which was (he is a man over 6 feet
tall and weighs about 275 pounds) by keeping his
knee on my Ibaclk :ail. when I raised my head, he
would proceed to, ram it inito tl e ends of the iron
with the entire force of hii- hands W'hen I was
booked at the police statlion, the charge of "incit
ing to riot "was entered; later this was changed to
"assault and battery." I was convicte,! and son
tenced to 60 lays in jail." l'his is not the case the
boys were to go upl for sentence on thle 19th., hbut
these cases, are alouIt on a l;ar with tl e one de
scribed, But glory to the ' odI of ItloCls, here is
the way Mc. ends his letter: "()ur real crime is our
success in raising wagles ali making better condi
tions in general. The bosses want to bre.ak us. Tthe
men are organized and lighting to maintain the
I'nion. We will come out of this stronger than
ever. They, tihe bosses, started the ball rolling. We
will keel, it going and more and hbetter (rganiz:,
tions will result."
LOS ANGELES, Cal. Dec. 26th., according to
press dispatches, the unemployed gathered in try
plaza of Los Angeles to demand relief. The police
assaulted the assembly, injured hundreds of work
ers and killed one man. The City Council and
"Welfare Committee" exonerated the police, a"
usual. The starving asked for bread; they were
given cold steel and lead. Listen unto me, O ye
Councils and Committees, the day is when ye shall
answer for your crimes and your Masters with you
for even so did the French "Nobility" turn loose
the "wrath of oGd" upon themselves and on their
WHEATLAND, Cal. The beastial reign of ter
ror inaugurated by the hellions of the Hop Kings
and managed by the infamous Burns Detective
Agency will be flowrering into perfection when this
paper reaches you. With all the sickening mock
ery called a "trial under the law," the doomed me'!
will be brought into court during the first part of
January ,tiere to go thru the gastly farce gof a
"fair and impartial trial" at the hands of merciless
and vengful foes. One of the victims has already
been third-degreed into suicide, another into in
sanity, and still another to attempt to take his life,
and yet the Constitution of the U. S. "guar
antees" against all "unusual and barbarous punish
ments." Listen, Hiram Johnson and ALL you
damned "Reformers," YOU are but the Girondiscs
of the Social Revolution, you, too, shall have your
wild St. Just-you damned fat-bellied, smug- self
righteous Pharisees, the curse of Liberty be upon
Saboteurs! for every ounce of torture inflic
on the .victims of Wheatland, take you a tfe
gold out of the pockets of the Hcp Kings! In th
meantime, back the Defense Committee in every
way and by every means in your power.
CALUMET, Mich. President Moyer of the West
ern Federation of Miners was brutally slugged,
dragged thru the streets, shot in the shoulder and
then deported from Hancock by a mob of "Citieon
Leaguers" and Copper Mine Officers and hench
men. Moyer said that when the mob carried him
from the hotel to the station last night, Dec. 26thi:.,
James McNaughton, general manager and vice
president of the Calumet and Hecla mines, drove
up and said to him: "You get out of this country
forever. If you ever come back I'll hang you."
This was the REAL government speaking, just as
the despised I. W. W. has tried to tell it to Presi
dent Moyer, and this was the language it used to
him despite his mealy mouthed speeches thru out
the Strike Zone. We hope that President Moyer
will heed well the lesson and be less slow in the fu
ture to join in the hue and cry raised by the en,
mies of labor against the hated I. W. W., for, h.
hold, the Capitalist Class has proclaimed open war
upon the Working Class and death to every Union
tlat in any manner stands in its way. All Presi
dent Moyer's talk of being "fair" to the employers
cannot change this grim and bitter truth with
which the Preamble of the I. W. W. opens: "The
Working Cla.s and the Employing ('lass have
KANSAS CITY, Mo. A free speech fight is on
in this Middle Class Heaven and Working Class
Hell. An appeal for MEN and what financial help
thiat can be given has just been received from the
I. W. W. Committee. The chief of police is banking
on not enuf I. W. W.'s. answering the call in order
to carry thru his attempted suppression. Eighty
five mere are now in jail. None of the funds are be
ing used for lawyers, and will not be, says the Com
mittee. The men in jail are conducting the fight.
Sooner or later both Kansas City anld l)enver must
be conqluered or broke. The fight was brought on
by the arrest of five members of L,. i'. 61 and the
handing to them of 200(() days on tI'e Municipal
Farm for holding a meeting in behalf of the
Wheatlanl victims. The capitalists are class-con
SioL.s, alright, also THEY practice DIRECT AC
TI()N and SAI;O()TA(;E. Nuf sed. Address J. P
('annon, Secretary No. 61, 10(22 (;arfield Ave., Kan
'::. "ity, Mo.
Please communicate with Sectary of Local .15,
Vancouver, B13. C., at once.
this MUST be accomplished, with our "leaders" co
operation if possible, without it if not, for, for the
Working Class, it is UNIVERSAL UNITY OR
UNIVERSAL SLAVERY. This is no hour for bal
lotboxing. It is a time for all lovers of their Cla.s
in all REAL Labor Unions to take up the fight for
UNITY and to send out thru all North America
the call to all the workers to rise against this new
tyranny in a SOCIAL GENERAL STRIKE. Might
IS RIGHT, and so long as the workers refuse to
use the tremendous MIGHT that is theirs by the
very fact that they FEED, HOUSE, CLOTHE.
WARM and TRANSPORT all society in defense of
their assaulted fellow-workers and for the freedom
of their Class, just so long will they be forced to
endure the insults and outrages that are being
heaped upon them from one end of this Continent
to the other to-day by the pimps and gunmen of
the Capitalist Class. You men of Labor, you dare
not stand much longer with folded arms and watch
the annihilation of the Unions of your Class. You
are not MEN if you do not accept the challenge
if you do not answer the TERROR WITH THE
Fellow-workers and all slaves, stay away froip
Sweet-Home, La., Front. Local 275 on strike. The
strike was called to keep one of the Company's old
tricks off, trying to break the Solidarity and driv
ing the workers.
But, as always, the I. W. W. got wise and beat
them to it. The job is tied up right, not a mum
working. So all workers help keep it so by staying
away untill we drive the boss into submission, and
make another step toward the GOLD.
Yours for victory,
By Covington Hall.
In Pennsylvania's valleys, where Carnegie's Home
stead stands,
We have seen our brothers falling 'neath the Scar
let Empire's l ands;
We have seen its drunken gunmen over baby bod
ies go,
In the dark streets of St. Louis the blood of women
We have seen it in Louisiana in the cloak of justice
To drink the blood of Emerson and the comrades
at his side;
In Calumet and Paterson we have felt its vip'rous
And on the plains of Texas seen our brothers done
to death.
Over West Virginia's mountains we have seen its
minions ride
'Till the swollen streams were crimson with the
rebel's red heart-tide;
And where California spreads her smiling gardens
to the sun,
We behold the blood of workmen thru the streets
in torrents run.
On the cliffs of Colorado, in the vales of Idaho,
We have seen the blood of comrades running red
across the snow;
We have seen our best and bravest, North and
South and West and East,
Hunted down and murdered by a Serpent and a
We benlold the hero, Ferrer, standing there beside
his grave
For the crime of urging freedom on the bondman
and the slave
We have heard his ringinrg message--we are an
swering his calls
We have girded on our armor 'till the Scarlet Em
pire falls!
If you do not get your bundle this week, and you
owe THE VOICE, it is because we cannot pay for
papers you don't pay for.
The ever memorable and blessed revoluMton
which swept a thousand years of villainy away nla
one swift tidal wave of blood-cm; a settlmet
of that hoary debt in the proportion of half drop
of blood for each hogshead of it that had been
presesd by slow tortures out of that people in the
dark stretch of ten centuries of wrong and shiae
and misery, the like of which was not to be mated
but in hell. There are two reigns of terror if we
would but remember it and consider it; the me
wrought murder in hot passion, the other in
heartliless cold blood; the one lasted mere months,
the other lasted a thousand years; the one infleted
death on 1,000 persons, the other upon 100,000,00I
but our shudders areall for the horrors of the
minor terror, so to speak, whereas, what is the ter
ror of swift death by the axe, compared with the
lifelong death from hunger, cold, insult, cruelty
and heartbreak? What is swift death by slow ire
at the stake? A city cemetery would contain the
coffins filled by that brief terror, which we have all
been so diligently taught to shiver and mour over
but all France could hardly contain the coffins filed
by that older and real terror which none of us has
been taught to see in its vastness or pity it de
Fellow-workers: Local No. 884 Construction
Workers of Sacramento, Cal., has beg to build
up the organization again, and we ask ALL mem
bers or any construction worker who had any eon
aeeties with this local, wih it was working emm
time ago up in Colfax, to communicate with Aady
Barber, Sec'y, 114 "I" St.
Here in Sacramento and vicinity is a good field
for Action in this line of work-let all live con
struction workers take notice and transfer
to the nearest local, if you are working anywhere
around here. A good many live workers have be
gun to build up this local.
Here is a good hall with two big stoves in it;
propaganda meetings are held every night, getting
big crowds--five and six hundred.
Say, old "Sac" seems to be waking up and itf we
keep it us, we will soon have Job Control around
For Local 334.
James H. Vandevort, Nils H. Hansson, Jas. Bny
len, Press Committee.
A few weeks ago the W. O. W. "dedicated" their
new hall or temple, or whatinhel they call it, here
in New Orleans. Under whose authority and by
what right it was done we do not know, but that
temple of "fraternity" was cleeaned up and pie
pared for the self "elect" by victims on the City's
Chaingang. When one considers that most of the
W. O. W's. are working men, and then considers
the fact that chaingang labor is one of the lowest
forms of robbery perpetrated on the workers by
the capitalist class, he no longer wonders why
Jesus wept-he must have had a vision of Y. I. C.
A-ized "charity" and W. O. W. "fraternalism."
"Charity" thy name is Fraud. "Fraternalism" thy
fame is Bunc.
Defense Funds Notice.
WHEATLAND: Send all funds for the defese
of the Wheatland Victims to, Andy Barber, Sec. I.
W. W. Locals, 114 "I" Street, Sacramento, Cal.
TEXAS VICTIMS: Send all funds to Victor
Cravello, Box 1E91, Los Angeles, Cal., Secretary
of the Rangel-Cline Defense Committee.
Ti e Portland, Oregon, locals will hold regular
propaganda meetings twice per week in the hall at
309 Davis St., during this winter. New stereopti
con installed. Good speakers needed for meetings
in hall and on the street. Everybody welcome.
Sec'y Portland Locals, I. W. W.

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