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. , an WAoCH V Asn
This is Number 56 Organization. Is Power F A o-----
of 3
Owned by the Rebel Lumberjacks of Dixie M An Injury to One i an Injur to A
:I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ - •- I* I, -- nli-iI l -amm ll'i ,- -- -
Down With the Sharkization of Labor!
Fakers Trying to Steal i. W. W. Name
To Fool You With!
Are Keegan and His "Union (?) Contract" Labor En
slavers Backing Bodine's Shark Nest ?
TIhe fol lowinig i'ireni r is livjing irsatlter~el in fiitll
I'ort of New (New leanl
A''IA N''I( '. 'l'ransplrt Woeirkerrs I wiirl No. 143!9, I.
IL. A. - Mewjrae'ri IlIrtsrmenlI~I ait)Te~i r slee t Woe rker's.
" t'nited we stand, divided w.e fall."
UKI)R(lFt ANDI) iAHHiOI M EN. ETC(.. aire w~arniedi
not toe join auIny I oniilr o.f Seaarin rin men. unl ess steh
IUnio,14 is legallyv eIIart rree Ind .Ifluii llII rergnigI ieel by :
The I nternational)I I gElslgshordIEmEI nS Asi4it iAaou, 'Ill,
jA11h4'flat Fi4ederationl oif I ablxlr, T'hle 1'radeIs wi1ll
laetbor (engres o (o aCandaa, will 'I'e(- I nternat iona
'Transport WClorkers Fedelraticon of tlhei Woerlel, andl is
a part, mtul liarlEl of the ;c iur;dL I .t 4 r MloE iICIeII of4
the Worldf.
Ev'ery mramn workriug in the Transpojrt IncInst rv, v. ho
i4 sirt at ll14rrrs'U r of a I NION afiliatPed withi lthe aIoIve
I NTEI NATI( ONAI, MOVEM EM'T is Iiherety invited
tie at. oliee joiny o r I rauif~eer into the 'SA IOR'S RS' ANI)
wil14l 51 blece 14 il 15114.4 withi thlie rea.I INTERNA
'I'(ItNA l M(IOVEM E NT. whose Ihooks ;are' T RCANS' -
TIllE WORLDIii. Uw n11ol~t lie fIaedE. Iiinto giving hut'l
gENII money intfo liesi' soi-ta;llr' I I'niens w ho a r.' in
nrality (,Illy I'flilil ItlnstErs nall NOT r'e'E'glltZiZI'El I h
toiy Iiittriiat hund I 'NI(INS.
11. aetli El rters: :t1 SmoiuthI St reet. New Ytirk, 11114
1-,ieitis 0ti all jirinieijeal po~rts o01 thei Atlaitit wlel114
(;arr? clfll?
Nev~ O(-rlats I'raI'aiiI 206f .Julia St reet. harry (;iEtlvl
If the SaINIvI einrellar is liet a lake, then thi e I. I,. A.
Is a fake., antI s(, IS thlie I)oedik and1141 oI it t('iiii (11 1'1i orIIi
let MI I"I'll Stil'l{:'iET. NEW Y)' I K.'' is hie'
IlKAI)QI \I 1 i1I'f i:li ti! of the notot'1. o1(1' I\a1.: ·I r
I,:,lu ,r- I'i1 1' \\ ;e.1' (, ' ·!. 111t . 11. '. 1 h0,s0' tl'I\' .I,' )lIll' ll'
1110' II li?, luit li'i i; , u · eInu I I' I 1i11,i! sot pii lriI hau111,1 i
I,' ii..n, so that it' thei I. 1. .\, has issullil a 4-11i1i14-1. toi
this 0*r,.ý I i' I/. ;, ,'.'ls u . lha; the gieiil Ieiruiti
'1111, B11114.4, .luiI i. it lls ilaeii~i I t~Ell luituathi til'ei n 41 -
tettijef nil eVEt'\ ~\10, kl( uiglit1 111111i t I thui 'iighe t 'II je 'iiil
alip-e ai louipi Anil "II I. s thei ;,luL that wtl
l l)1 e\i 00i'1;, th ir 101.)\i' 'uuu .r't'ii 10011 'i \ Iefi thin.,
tsaul L.ji ii a . 1"oI it iy.- s I a 110 uj1ati\, 1'
l liiIl~ly Ili \\ untul "I 1.11,;
t1,% hul1t, teln .r\1 1 I'I'I \. 1ii \uiMI' II
FAK51E uI \\1''1 Ilru. " It \11 n~r 11"\'lI1"hll >,
1i%41 "f atir ¶ ii i 1, ,..x ,'I ,t"";l iy' t 11,11114. .ha~t ýO iii! ii
Ui p. the I W'. \\' I Ili' , 'r !.1 1 1' t t r c". \\ ii x i t
.. '' : i It 1111,01.-Inu .101 I'i liii ' 'ihusuur. l~iit It
!Ill ' N ''I II' Iii lit N .'\IN1 l'l l. \ 'lii I THE ~ h
\I :'1'1!(11)5 .\\NI) I( lt ~ tIF '1I1I1': III'\l.N
i111~11, .01 Ill `.ith) shlaul: Iý~.hli, I\ I K 1,' 10!,,1\ " 1",I
t'ast ilie. Stingaree, Rlnei. .Jewfish Sehwartz, Olarfisi
Itek. British ('ionsuls & ('o., when they have to steal
an I. W. W. name to try to fanke you into submislion!
\,. speaking of British (Consuls. Why should you
Irish wI'orkers, ecspceially., tic.k to the rotten private
lnliollS" of (;orge iodline, and ll avelhk Wilson
IIarve nIot you Irishlnii hIen' readling how the British
labor [faker aled Ipolitician, Ilavelock WVilson, usied
eve,.ry mni'ns at his hand to prevent the rank and
file. of English workers from going to the aid of the
Irish wotrke'rs in the' great and hbwsly strike now on {
an I )Iblin ? Will you he traitors not only to your
countnry but to your class? Wake up! Ask yourself
what 'tyou have gotten out of the so-called "Interna
tional I,ongslhore'mien's ANss.iiation" hut five year
"eont rets." .starvatlion and hell. WHO was it did
mer'e than the Shipping T'rust to destroy the once
greant, lightjing )Docnk and ('otlll t (tn Council of New Or
llans, WIHI() And now these' same Sharilets from
"5l Sºnlltit St." acre' ineW trying to work you aft r
;oIliing insult to inj.iury by steahling an I. W. W.
namen teo do it, witli! What a hlunch of suckers they
II'S'MT ta;ke, Y()I' for! WIHO) was it that sent Sea
i11i1 dowpl he.re iduring the' great war on1 the Fruit
'tru.st anld tried to fool honest mien into sabbhhing on
tIlir fe',llow-workers. WIl) ,ut the Shark nest at "51
Smth St." WHI() ,1IIuhln't spare enonugh money to
eent.''l.v hnry the' de.ad or to buy a pai'kage of tobacco
l'or Itlhe boys IIn jail at that time, 'I1IO, but "51
Sentllh St. !"'' Wnhy I icanllse they SAII) they were
I;i{IKE. WHO. t. thein plt up and is putting up the
e;ish tio swip lHrt the Kilpper and ithe Eel. in New Or
I'anns.? WIoI( Si, y. if Y()I' ain't a damlnfsol, steer
clear of the pirate ship Ilaenco-.Jlnko,. .Join a REAl,
I' NION. a I',in of 11EN. the N. I. I' of MARINE
'' RA NSl't )l WORKERS. I. W. W. lie a MAN
andl not SiAIRK AIliT.
THlE "''TRANI E NFER. " iI"'NO().
In their c'iretiahr to sullcke'rs the Kil)per and the EelI
iit' cen tetto "'' eco''n' aftiliated with the rdal INTER
NATION.1\, .110VE.\IENT whose hooks are TRANS
i"EIl IllE with every 1MA RI'I'IM E I'NION OF TIHE
\V IRI,I)." 'Th'ere is no't as workinginoan with a grain
ol' i'ese or 11an1 ounce' of i experience b)llt klno)Ws that
sttctlement is ;s F'AISE .\% II l11.. In this alleged!
lllternational .Mloviellren.t," it is we'll kniown, you
h;\ve et It ;at e'xtra INITIATION FEES every time
\, al'.s seelitne 1III" illl;Fginry mnhanlary line'. It Is one
,of' tihe' ver'? tlinigs tiht' I. W. W. is fighting. The
m , ,te, i, the 1i. W. W. is: "A. I' nion man once, a
I 1ni,,n non always. all the ime,. andu everywhere."
So that in tihe I. W. W. your earl is not in any
s~lce'ial I nion or BIranclh thereof, but yovnu are a imemi
her el' the LINE ll(; I'NIOIN, and so your car(l is
, in any lof" its I)epartteents. lThe' very thing
i'l-e Sha;irkis ire now trying i to lead yiou astray onil
fr., ''I~A.\NSFEIR. frotm I'niton to, I'nion, THEY
Irh.ve ;rI\ uel.s denile. and do, ntow deny. while FREE
'I I tN.SFI"EUS is and has always Ibeen a cardinal
I rinciple ef tihe I. W. W. Not only is an i1. W. W.
,,r,4I .i 't as gºol, ld as an', tley 'an offier to the REAL
I \ IIt NS (O 'I'l TE \WO(I,) for transfer purposes.
Ilat thee gr'eat YNI)II('.\I,IST I'NIONS, which are
r.l: ,ll% ,ni ining u' 'ntrol of li'the Worhl of Iabhor, will
;1te, let thIeie Ieee'Feh eini'ke'r thuan any other Alneri(an
;ar .\l. - I tllne English aidl Irish Syn-i,.alists will
Continue.d oe e 'niae. 4.
linging Appeal from Emerson.
This dreary morning as I am reading The Voice
I see an appeal for help to save Charlie Cline and
other Fellow-workers from the horror of a death upon
the gallows or, whieh is worse, a death in the black
damnable penitentiaries of Texas, the Kingdom of
the Timber Wolf, John Kirby. As I read, my mind
goes back to the time when so many of my co-workers
and myself spent in that Lake Charles hellhole.
I ennnot hold back the tears as I think of the posi
tion that 57 other fellow-workers and myself were in.
I shall never forget those 118 days spent in that hell
hole. I shall never forget the sorrows of your wives
and children, nor the tears that were shed, nor the
money that was given to bring about our release.
Charlie Cline was one anong the number of men
who did so much to bring about our freedom. He
worked night and clay for our freedom. Now the
time has come for us to measure back to him his just
What shall this he?! Silence anl let him be rail
roaled to a place worse than hell? I SAY NO, A
TIIOIUSANI) TIMES, NO! (et up and do your
duty! I would feel lower down than a Kirby or a
onmg if I did not raise my voice for him.
And I ask each of you to be MEN and send to his
your voices, too. I ask you to remember the 7th day
of July, 1912. Remember how long our guns were.
Remember some of them were shot in Beaumont,
Merryville, Singer and DeRidder, and every shot
P took affect in that damned gunman at Grabow
(Some guns, were they not?)
Rememember the lies that were told and even sworn
against us.
Remember we did all the killing, and that the Gal
lowAys and their imported gunmen went free.
Remember that the sane bunch of thieves and liars
that were after us are after Cline and his co-workers.
Remember the same lies will be sworn against them
that were sworn against us.
Remember they are just as innocent as you and 1
RIenmember that they will hang or be sent to the Hells
of Texas, just as you and I VWould have been hung
or sent to the Hells of Louisiana, had it not been for
such rebels like Charlie Cline, who helped with all
his might to cause the doors of that hellhole to swing
open for us to march through, free men.
Now, in conehiLion, I ask you: Where do YOU
stand ? Are YOI' going to return evil for gsxl T Anr
YOUI going to stand idly by and see the blood suckers
shell the Ibhlos of a MAN who has (lone so much for
you and yours? I say you are not! For the sake
of what he has done for you, if for nothing else, help
This message is to every Rebel; but especially for
the rebels who were in jail at tle timen I mention
above', and to their friends all ove*r East Texas and
West Louisiana. They are espe,ially indebted to
Charlie ('line for the good work he did for them.
Yours for victory. A. L. EMERSON.
$ IN $ GOD $ WE $ TRUST $S
I, God w'r trust-ihe God of Gold,
Tihe fiend Jchormah. hard and cold:
'iTh t rriless, supremer ('njus-
7lT'e (vod of Snla's.---in Ilire i tle rusi.
In G(hI ', trust-th/r God iof Gre'd.
7'hr Nowrr of thIe' 'Potisorud e'd;:
Thie Kh'l throf Ih/ JHouse. of Lust-
Lore's murdtrer--i, 1im ,' c' trast.
ln Go(,d 'rc trusta--th God ,of blood.,
Of Hu'ord and ('ross rind Fir' u aid Flood:
Whlosn namne is DIath--wh-uosn HJart is dust
Lifv's .crucifir-in Hlim. ue' trust.
Ilasal 79). Calgary. Alberta. (Canada, has moved to
now hebadquarters at 431 Eighth Ave.. FEs,. All
workers weltlre. Addrei.s all communications tat
John Terrill, Financial Secretary No. 79.
Woodsmen, Attention!.
Fellow-workers and al slaves, stay away from
Sweet-Home, La., Frost. LealI 2756 a strike. The
strike was called to keep one of the Company's old
tricks off, trying to break the Solidarity and driv
ing the workers.
But, as always, the L W. W. W. got wise and beat
them to it. The job is tied up right, not a man
working. So all workers help keep it so by staying
away untill we drive the boss int-submission, and
make another step toward the GOLD.
Yours for victory,
I have not written to The Voice or any other paper
for some time, but I have been doing a lot of planing
and thinking. I have not made any public speeehes
since last August, but have been out to find job con
ditions by experience.
The workers lack education and that makes it look
like they are Backboneless. I have been up around
Sweet Home Front for over a -week and see a good
first-class fight between Sweet Home Lumber Com
pany (Dept. of the Saw Dust Ring) and the Forest
and Lumber Workers' Union 276, I. W. W.
The strike has been on for over a month and the
i-trikers are more determined than ever to win the
fight and the spirit of solidarity is stronger than ever
before. The Lumber Barons are trying ancient meth-'
ods to break the strike.
(Who said the Lumber Operators had brains? If
they have any, why don't they try some new methodst)
Burns or some other kind of professionals are on
the job, but they are so crude they are known by
even the donkeys up here in this neck of the woods.
We see up here the same old tricks we have seen
before during strikes. We see the same old gunmen
and suckers. O you poor suckers.
Are you not glad the I. W. W. strikes so you can
get a job, as you know that you cannot beg harv
enough to get one, when there is no strike on ? Does
not that tell you 'that the HBos oes niot hire you for
the. love he has for ydh f Do you not see the only
usee he has for you in as a scab, not as a nam 7
The union boys here have been studying Industrial
I'nionism and Solidarity and are determined to win.
They have not sent out any calls for aid, but they
know lwh1at Solidarity is, and their watch-word is
There are very few suckers at work, but sucksers
and guards.do not produce any profits, and scab
labor is dear at any price. Go to it, Sweet Home
Lumlber Company! You are the losers. The workers
have nothing to hlrs, and you are losing the profits
you made out of the IUnion boys' labor.
And. Oh! You weak and afraid decoys around the
other fronts, rget a little education and then you will
have a little backbone.
Start in by getting one year's sub to The Voice,
and send in for mane literature.
You say if Iocnal 275 wins you will follow suit.
COM E IN NOW. The sº'ner you comre the mxmner
youi are winniers, tAoo.
Le.t us make The Voice so hot the BIss will cuss it
all the time and keep the subs on the move all the
If you know any suekers anywhere, send their
tIan.es and addresses in and 25 cents for The Voice,
it you have to take up Ia ,ollNetionr to do it.
The strike is still on. KEEl' TIlE WORD
I e'Xl)ec''t .(ou will wenerhr why I have- not ee,'n
nIaking slsc.he-s and writing. Iave en hlvr et - hron
the job the o-nly lie te organie. I)o sRnething
,',urse-lf arld let the others know what I'ninismn is.
Yours for the gaisl. A. A. RI(ICE.
onpinious e,,t of the religious muddle of to-day. In
the days when Jesus the Carps'nter taught "the com
IIHaH peopleh, heard hilm gladly" and "the princes of
this world'" hated and rne,.itied him. N~owadays the
churlches are thromged by the ruling class and the bulk
of the corniniin lleple remain away. Was Jesus
wrong. or has the chlnurch twistdl his mresag.f--"H.
and L. Star."

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